Brent & Tina on Shukat

Author: Bobjj123
Published: Apr 10, 2010
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In the shower, Tina kissed Brent with the deepest, most passionate kiss of his life as they moved together soaping and washing each other. Strangely, after that kiss, the two grew closer than they'd ever been even as their passions remained subdued. The touching and familiarization under the spray was washing away pieces of latent emotional baggage leaving the two free to come together in perfect harmony...

There is a part of America that many call the last frontier. Separated from Alaska itself are the Aleutian Islands stretching a thousand miles into the north pacific where a few hearty souls live in relative isolation. Some of the islands remain uninhabited while others support sheep and cattle ranches or fox farms.

A few remain under government control as nature preserved, parks or wildlife sanctuaries. On these island a single ranger guards the public interest and manages the islands resources.

It's a lonely job, generally held by a single man; it was not a place conducive to family life. The men who held these jobs were generally of a special breed who, by nature, could live and survive the lonely existence.

Such was not the case of Brent Hannon who was the ranger on Shukat Nature preserve, an island about 4 miles long and a mile wide, covered by rain forest and the home to an assortment of wildlife.

The comfortable cabin was well equipped with running water, a sanitary system, propane for cooking, refrigerator and lighting. A large fireplace provided warmth on the coldest days. For the occasional visitors there were four small wilderness cabins with beds and steel stoves for heat and cooking. The cabins were seldom used.

Brent had come to his job as ranger on Shukat Island from the Army where he had once been an aspiring military officer until scandal ruined his good name and ruined his career. Though completely innocent and finally exonerated the years of bad publicity had ruined his career and marriage, cost him his friends and driven him to start over.

Brent did well as the ranger there. . . The solitude had a healing effect on his emotional scars from his previous life. He grew to love the thick forest and the surrounding sea and the wildlife that lived there. He faced the challenge of the harsh weather eagerly and reveled in the winter storms with high winds and freezing rain or snow.

Mostly, He enjoyed life in his cabin where he read good books and made small crafts from local materials. Sometimes he cooked special meals such as might be found in only the finest restaurants. He was a happy man!

So it was in early January of his second year at his job as he was preparing his dinner. He observed the conditions in the darkness from his window and thought, "There's going to be some bad weather soon". The thought didn't particularly concern him. . . actually, he rather looked forward to it. Then, by the time he was ready to retire, he observed the hurricane force winds and the blowing sleet and heard the moans and cries of the winds as they swirled about his cabin. At bedtime, he added a couple of logs to his fireplace and adjusted the damper to control the heat before climbing under the big, down comforter on his bed. He slept!

Next morning, at his usual six thirty arising time, it was still dark outside and the storm continued with the ferocity of the night before. He reasoned the this storm might go on for days and there was no reason to get up yet.

When the sun offered some light through the thick clouds, it was already past ten-thirty and Brent decided to meet the day.

The next day, the storm continued as before and Brent marveled at the intensity of this storm. . .even in the Aleutians it was a big storm! Then, after two days the storm began to abate as a steady rain fell. On this third day, Brent had been confined to the cabin too long and dawned his woolen clothing and oilskins before proceeding on an inspection tour across the island.

As he crested the center to the island, the rain diminished to a drizzle and he stopped to survey the view around him. The deep blue sea surrounding the island was still turbulent from the recent storm and the forest was lush all around him. Then, his eye caught something. . .on the rocks at the shoreline. It was a boat and it was recently wrecked on the shoals of the island's stony point.

Seeing this tragedy, Brent ran the mile to scene of the wreck and arrived just in time to see a woman emerge from the vegetation near the shoreline. He called out and the woman stopped to face him.

As her approached her, he saw that she was unprepared for the weather, dressed in light clothing and soaked to the skin. She was shaking all over and as they met, she simply fell to the ground semi-conscious.

Brent immediately removed his oilskins and put them on the woman; then offered her some hot cocoa from his thermos before cutting a piece of sail from the wreck for a sled and bundled her on to it as he began the long tow back to his cabin.

It was dark when he reached his cabin and he quickly carried the woman inside. There, after stoking the fire in the fireplace, he removed the woman's clothing and dressed her in some of his dry clothing before putting her under the big down comforter on his bed.

As he had worked, the woman seemed to object when he removed her clothing, thought her words were rather incoherent. She had requested a bathroom trip twice and seemed annoyed when Brent stayed with her during her bodily functions. Then, once dressed in Brent's heavy woolen underwear she seemed content to be placed in the bed. She slept almost immediately.

As soon as the castaway woman was stable, Brent contacted his headquarters and reported the situation along with a request for medical assistance.

As He made dinner later, Brent thought about getting her evacuated from the island. The wind had already risen and another storm was on the way. No seaplane or boat would be coming for a few days and the woman could need medical attention sooner. It was no small concern of his that he was going to be the doctor, nurse and care-giver; jobs for which he felt totally inadequate!

It was near morning and the wind had risen to hurricane force again when Brent heard the woman cry out. He arose from his makeshift bed in his lounge chair and went to her.

With flashlight in hand, he addressed the thoroughly frightened woman. "It's OK! You're safe here and we're going to get you back to civilization as soon as we can. In the mean time I'm going to try to get you well!" he said.

The woman lay in the bed looking into the light and trying to get a view of the man holding it. "You're the guy who brought me here aren't you" she asked.

"That's me. Sorry but there's only me on Shukat island. . . also as few bears, of course."

"Did you see my boat"

"I did and I'm afraid it's history by now."

"Did you save anything"

"I saved you."

The woman said nothing after that as Brent said, "I want you to go to the bathroom and take a hot shower and clean yourself. Take your time and enjoy the warm water. I'm going to stoke the fire and warm the cabin while I make you something to eat."

Then, as the woman moved towards the bathroom, she turned and spoke, "In case you want me, just call. I'm Tina!"

"Tina, I'm Brent!"

"OK Brent, I'm off to the shower."

Then, as Brent went about stoking the fire and starting breakfast, he thought about Tina. She was not only a beautiful woman, as he'd ascertained last night when he undressed her and put her in dry clothes but she seemed to have a pleasant disposition. Suddenly he felt a feeling that was rare for him these days - lust!

Some minutes later, Brent heard an anguished call from Tina, "I need help!" He ran to the bathroom and found Tina sitting in the tub with her arms folded across her to hide her nudity as she said, I'm too weak. can't stand up. You'll have to help me!"

Hearing this, he quickly brought a chair from the kitchen and placed it close to the tub; then, he reached into the tub and lifted Tina out on to the chair where he handed her a towel and turned away to preserve her modesty.

Half an hour later, Tina emerged from the bathroom pushing the chair in front of her for support. She moved to where Brent was preparing breakfast and seeing the pancakes he was preparing, she said simply, "I'm hungry.

Later, after consuming the bacon, eggs and pancakes with maple syrup, Brent and Tina sat at the table making small talk. When Tina picked up the grocery tie wire off the table and tied her hair back into a ponytail Brent was observing. The long, blond hair seemed to set perfectly with her ruddy weather-beaten features, fair complexion and blue eyes. She definitely looked sexy and again he felt a surge of lust.

Three cups of coffee later, Tina reported that she had to visit the bathroom and this time, Brent walked her to the door before leaving her to handle the toilet part. As she stepped out of the bathroom, he helped her to the bed where he had installed clean sheets. There, under the covers, Tina flashed him a broad smile and again he felt the fuzzy feeling of lust.

As she slept again. Brent collected her wet clothing that she'd arrived in and took it to his washtub where he proceeded to wash them; then, hang them to dry in his loft. Her deck shoes were beyond saving and he placed them with the trash.

Meanwhile, in the bed, Tina was thinking about Brent! He seemed a pleasant sort and had made no improper advances or crude moves even as he had observed her nude. Still, she'd seen his covert glances and recognized the lust in his eyes. He was definitely interested in her . . . Still, being alone for so long on this island, he might find any woman interesting!

Then, her thoughts turned to her own situation. The divorce had been disastrous as her worthless husband had stolen their considerable savings in the divorce settlement and had been squandering those savings as fast as he could. When he'd bought the 39-foot ketch it'd been too much. Then when he'd left for Mexico with is current girl friend, it'd been too much and she'd simply loaded in a few supplies and sailed away in his boat.

Knowing it'd be weeks before he discovered the boat was missing, she'd be far away before they started looking for it. . . She headed north, hoping to cross the Pacific as quickly as possible. There were people looking for her by now. Somebody'd piece together that it was her and the boat missing and come looking.

On the other hand, they'd have no idea where to look. . .it was a big ocean and she might be anywhere. She was probably safe here on the island but there'd be people looking in all the port towns and cities. Perhaps she could convince Brent to allow her to remain.

Then, she slept again!

The day passed and it was nearly four o'clock in the afternoon when Tina awoke. Feeling much stronger, she arose from the bed and walked to the window where she could look out at the continuing ferocity of the storm. When she sensed Brent approaching, she turned and embraced him as she spoke, Thank You!" with her eyes and body as well as her mouth, "I owe you my life."

As the day continued, Tina coaxed Brent to tell his life story first and how he happened to be on the island. He explained that he's arrived filled with bitterness and how he'd worked through it to find happiness in his solitary life. "Don't you ever miss being around people" she asked.

"Sometimes I do."

"What do you do about it"

"I occupy my mind with work. . .there's always work to do here." "Don't you ever feel the need of a woman."

Brent hesitated and Tina knew she'd struck on his weakness. "You know, I'd like very much to stay on this island for a while! There are people looking for me and I'd rather not be found."

She then proceeded to tell her story and how she'd stolen the boat and came to be shipwrecked on the island. Brent listened with some slight amusement. He saw the hate and lack of confidence and distrust in her that he'd come to Shukat to dispel a few years sooner.

As he considered her situation, he felt another surge of lust pass through him and realized that she was indeed getting to him. . . he started to speak.

"I could make it worth your while. I'd be willing to make you a very happy man. . . ." she said.

Brent's mind was working fast as he considered her proposal. It was possible as a number of the rangers had wives, or significant others, on their station. Not two hours had passed when Brent reported that Tina Flaxon was legally a resident of the island. Tina Bronowski had disappeared from the face of the earth.

Then, as they prepared for bed, Tina said, "You know this doesn't have to be a working arrangement. I really have feelings for you, you know"

"So, You wanta' keep on your woolies and we just cuddle a bit tonight"

"If that's OK with you!"

"I think it'd be better that way, don't you"

Her eyes spoke a silent thank you as the gaslights dimmed and flickered out.

Over the next few days, Brent and Tina found themselves flirting and touching frequently. With this new element in his life, Brent felt a gradual reawakening of parts of himself that he'd forgotten and life became so much more fun.

Tina, on the other hand, was still encumbered with her emotional baggage and for her any sex would be of an animal nature . . .a kind of recreation that brought satisfaction . . . not unlike masturbation! As she toyed with Brent she felt nothing save a responsibility to please him.

A week passed; then two as the two human inhabitants of Shukat island grew closer and more intimate. Neither seemed to push towards any coitus and were apparently content with as close friendship.

Then, it was Tina that had experienced a night of wild, erotic dreams even as they seemed to be overshadowed by deep hate and discontent, who needed the support of another human. . . Brent was not only the only alternative but he was probably the best she'd ever known. He seemed to understand her problems and he was sexy too.

It was after they returned from a walking tour of the island that day and were in high spirits. Tina spoke, "I think it's about time that we consummated our relationship, don't you"

"I've been waiting for you to say when!"

"Do you want to"

"Yes! More than anything in the world."

"How about right after my shower"

"Why don't we save hot water and shower together"

Their eyes met and were in perfect agreement as they began stripping off clothes and heading for the shower.

In the shower, Tina kissed Brent with the deepest, most passionate kiss of his life as they moved together soaping and washing each other. Strangely, after that kiss, the two grew closer than they'd ever been even as their passions remained subdued. The touching and familiarization under the spray was washing away pieces of latent emotional baggage leaving the two free to come together in perfect harmony.

Tina spoke, "I really want you. I want you to do me good. . ."

"You're beautiful! Only a fool would not want you."

"You will make it good though, won't you"

"I'll give it my very best."

With that they raced to the big bed and under the down comforter where they drew closer and cuddled for warmth. Then, as their nest under the covers grew warm and cozy, Brent began to caress her nipples; first with his fingers and then with his lips. Then, he ministered to her entire small but perfectly formed breasts as his hands roved over her labia in a series of feather light touches. He moved slowly, enjoying the responses he was getting from Tina.

Then, as he moved slowly, tracing a trail of wet slobber across her belly and down to the soft flesh of her inner thigh she reached down to grasp his head as if to defend herself but as his mouth moved up over her labia and his thumbs spread the pubes to give his mouth full access to her vestibule she held it firmly. Ash she pulled his head into her Brent licked and tongued upwards towards her now exposed clit.

"OH! OH! Oh! oh!. . .Oh yes! Just like that." Tina cried out.

Brent found that he'd remembered his technique from his past. . .he'd been quite good at satisfying women orally! Now, he reveled in driving Tina's passions with his ministrations.

"Come up and do me now! I want you in me. Please!. . ." Tina spoke as she pulled his head away from her groin, "Quick! I want to feel you go in. . . ."

As he moved up and over her, Brent was determined to do her well. . . to please her and give her the confidence she needed to overcome her emotional baggage. As he positioned himself between her splayed knees and hips, he felt Tina's hand guiding his cock into her vagina. Their eyes met in agreement.

Then, Tina felt Brent's hard gristle enter her well prepared vagina and slide to her very depths. It'd been over a year since she'd felt a cock in her and she rejoiced in the delicate feelings that emanated from her pussy. Then, she felt it. . .Brents cock was pushing against her cervix and he still hadn't gotten fully embedded.

Then, Brent began the coital rhythm of sex and Tina met him thrust for thrust. They worked together, each working to excite the other to an even higher level of passion. They were both excellent lovers and together they derived much pleasure. For the first few minutes of their coitus, they worked calmly and rationally; then, as their passions grew, they increased their tempo and pushed each other to excel.

As the tempo increased they quit the small talk that was designed to entice and their thrusts became deeper and harder and their actions more violent. They fucked in silence now - each lost in their own world of sexual delight. Then, Tina began to drive harder and push herself as she cried, "I'm gonna' do it! I'm gonna' have a big one. . .!" and she did as her orgasm burst forth!

Brent, on observing Tina approach her peak, felt his own peak approaching. He cried out, "I've got to pull out. . no protection! I'm gonna' cum," and moved back to discharge his considerable load on to Tina's belly.

Then, he grabbed his undershirt from beside the bed and wiped his load of semen off her belly and flung it away as he lowered himself on to her and allowed the Afterglow to overtake them.

As they kissed and enjoyed their incredible intimacy, Tina suddenly grew serious as she said, "Thank you!"

"For what"

"For being the man you are and for understanding a nutcake like me."

"It was my pleasure madam. We must do this again some time."

"Seriously, I can no longer do what we did simply as payment for my stay here. I'm afraid I've fallen for you and we need to talk."

"Talk about what I never considered what we did payment for anything! I came here a couple of years ago to heal just as you're trying to do right now. . .

"Do you have feelings for me"

"Lady, I've had feelings for you since the day you arrived."

Beginning that night, Brent no longer slept in the upright chair but shared the big bed with Tina.

Together, they continue to perform ranger duties on Shukat, Island as the years pass. They love each other and the work they do. . .

Brent & Tina on Shukat by Bobjj123

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