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Beach Time

Author: Stoneypoint
Publish Date : Jun 20, 2010
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Man almost arrested for crimes. Ends up sexing up deputy sheriff. "He whipped her around and slapped the juiciest kiss on her lips while her close, to feel her boobs, and tight. Slowly her hands came around his back to try and pull him close as well. They both knew he needed a shower. She knew it very well but she'd give it to him in good time. First it was their great sloppy but very sexy kissing but soon enough, she thought, she'd be giving him lots and lots more"...

* * * * * * *

Standing not even four feet in front of them, there were two of them. Both pointing guns. The older guy had told him not to move a muscle. The woman, maybe four to five years younger tried hard to keep a solid look on her face. They were deputy sheriffs. They didn't know a thing about him. Didn't know one thing about the young 32 year old, but the older deputy sheriff didn't like the 32 year old at all. Of course he wouldn't. Man versus man always brings it out in you but as far as the nicely sized, well shaped figure of a woman...well this was another story.

Gino stood in front of them, smiling, and when the older guy took his eyes off him for only a couple seconds, Gino winked at her. She cocked her head offering him a crazy like gaze as if "What the hell does that mean" He smiled while the guns were pointed in his direction. "Marybeth" he said gruffly. "Go get Sheriff Watkins on the radio. Tell who we have. DO IT NOW" he yelled. She turned and walked to the truck.

Gino looked. No, Gino did almost more then that. He smiled and licked his lips. The older deputy sheriff looked at him, with his gun still pointed at him, but Gino was licking his lips. Gino was smiling at it. "Mmmmmm, nice piece of meat...ain't it" he said.

"Shut up" the older deputy said. "Keep your mouth shut. Now" he told Gino.

Standing on the beach, Gino's shoes and shirt were already off. Knowing the water was warm, he looked back at it. He turned and looked at Deputy Swanson. He looked up at the young and shapely deputy. She was calling it in but also saw her do something else. She waved, at him, and offered him one of her cute flirtatious smiles.

Huh What Wow. Did I see what I thought I saw He felt an auspicious and favorable shooting pain shoot through his thighs. Although she called it in, she was waving at him. Yes, she did but she thought he was handsome and cute and wild all in the same breath and she wanted some of "it," some of him soon. He knew and she definitely knew it too.

"Alright" Swanson said. "Stay here. Stay back some. Don't let him come too close. I gotta go check a few things out. I'll be right up there." He left.

"Wanna do it, huh" Gino told her.

She smiled with her gun still pointing at him. He winked back. "Do you ever use that I mean do you ever use that at home" he asked. She asked what he meant. "I mean do you ever use that...inside you, like a toy, like a dildo"

"What" she said.

But she had, many times, as opposed to dildos, vibrators, or other instruments and was impressed he'd think of it amongst other things. "Wow, really...you do You actually put that...down in yourself...deep...mmmmm...deep in your...mmmmm in your pussy Ooooooohh, now that is something" and he shook his head slowly "I'd love to see done."

"Really, you would" she asked.

He nodded. Now smiling, he nodded his head fully, but as far as you and I am concerned, right now I believe we're done here. I will show up. You can be guaranteed that. I am going to assure you of that. I hope you'll think of me when you use that gun like that" he said. "Because I want to watch the next time and I want to see it done. My mouth's already watering just thinking about it. Good bye" and he took off into the Gulf. He ran hard and began swimming fast. There wasn't a thing she could do and there wasn't a thing she wanted to do. She definitely wanted to show this man, yes THIS man, how she actually lies back on her bed and splits her legs, and after cleaning the gun, puts it deep inside her pussy to get off and have an orgasm.

"Marybeth" he yelled. "Marybeth...god damnit all" her partner yes yelled. "What the hell did you do What the hell's going on You let him get away from you" he screamed.

They watched and scrambled back and forth but she didn't care. She knew she'd see him sometime soon enough. She was happy even excited to have him with her some late afternoon. She'd love for the guy to lie in bed with her watching her do it to herself. God yes she would but she was a deputy sheriff first and foremost and she had to work under the guise she was concerned about Gino's disappearance into those waters. Neither saw him, ever. They called in search and rescue teams but nothing worked. Whoever Gino was he was good at disappearing. Whatever Gino did, he did it quite well. So when he dove into the deep waters, he hid himself well.

"Where the fuck did he go" she asked quietly not letting her older partner hear her.

After hearing this he smiled. Gino finally came up but behind some boulder only 25 feet from them. He'd been underwater some ten minutes. They never heard or saw him. He was good. He was very good at whatever he did. She liked this. She liked everything she had read and heard about the guy. She'd always wanted to meet him and now she had. And now she wanted him over. Not for dinner but for some "tasty treats" afterward. Oh yes, the "tasty treats of delight" she could offer him she had thought.

"What the fuck are you doing" he said.

The older and much crankier old deputy did nothing for her. He was no fun. He wasn't fun at all. But they were cops and cops weren't fun while on the job. Besides, how could she tell most men how she felt now "Too have those lips and that set of teeth...ooohh... That mouth inside between your legs" she murmured only to herself.

He came over. "What the fuck are you doing

"Nothing god damnit all" she barked. "What can we do" she said slamming him back with her words. He jumped back. She had the meanest looking growl he'd ever seen on her in years or ever for that matter. "What the fuck else do you want. I don't see you jumping in there and swimming around looking. Anyway, go fuck yourself!" she said.

Whoa now he backed off while she could believe she just said it herself but she had and she did all the while Gino slipped out, soaking wet, and wanting his shoes back but how would he get them back Only 40 some feet away from her he threw a small rock her way. The older cop didn't hear or see it. She did. It hit her foot. Gino was surprised it had and waited. She looked around not moving as a slow building smile came to rest on her cute lips.

"Hey...hey" she heard through the building breeze of the beach. No one else heard it. She looked over and saw a hand and a partial face. "My shoes" the partial face and hand indicated. She smiled again. No one saw anything yet.

Casually she picked up his shoes and strolled in Gino's direction. Nobody saw her. She looked around. Still no one saw her. She flipped them into the woods, strong and hard. They flew into the wooded area. He said thank you and he that he "loved" her. She said she knew that already. The two laughed, quietly.

"I'll see you very verrrrry soon" he told her.

"You bet your ass you will" she replied.

She walked away but as soon as she did she cut the smirk off her face. "Where the hell did those shoes go to" he said. She said she didn't know. "Well whatever...I suppose it don't matter now. It looks like he's disappeared" the older deputy told her.

Thank god...are we done for the day she wanted to ask. "Then let's head back" she said.

They headed back. In the office, she thought about him as she filed more paperwork and also thought about just going home for the night. She asked if they were done. Their boss said yes but to be back by eight in the morning. She didn't like that but she couldn't do anything about it. It was going on seven at night. She needed a shower. She wanted a bath. She wanted some dinner. But what she mostly wanted was- Her bed. Yes, her bed. And that's where she headed. Home. To that nice big and beautiful shower. She headed back to her small cottage of a house to her shower, her bath, and wanting nothing more then her bed. As she drove home she thought about the comforts of them all.

"Mmmmmm, I can feel it now" she said aloud.

Her windows were down. The town was quiet. He stood on the corner outside of town when he saw her coming. He didn't even know it was her. Not at first he didn't. She waited for the light to turn green. She waited, and hated, this light. It took sooooooo damn long to turn green. She looked behind herself. She looked left. She saw someone on her right but didn't pay attention. She looked around one more time as he approached the car. Wearing a smile on his face she didn't take notice. All she wanted was to remove all her clothing and all she wanted was a long cleansing shower. Finally it turned green.

Zoom. She tore clean away. He watched and headed in her direction but being on foot he couldn't keep up. He began walking in that general direction. Not from around the area, he put out his thumb. He began to hitchhike. He picked him up. The old man asked where Gino wanted to go. Gino hesitated.

"Well she's my cousin...second cousin actually... I don't rather know her address" he said to the old man but" and then he told him the woman's name.

"Ohhhhhhh Deputy Swanson" the old man. "Yes, yes...yes she's a nice and might I add...a fine looking lady. We all think she needs a husband" as Gino told himself he wasn't looking to marry her but the man never thought it about Gino either. He was just making conversation. "Yes we all love her... Okay, we all like her a lot. She's a very nice young lady. She'll be happy to see her second cousin. Here. She's right up the road. Umm the address..." and he gave Gino her address.

He walked up towards her home. He stopped short. She was just getting out of her car. Fine... fine body he thought and what a nice woman too Yes she is he told himself smiling. She looked out and saw this man. The man was gazing towards her. She didn't move. He didn't move. They stared at one another, smiling. She neither went towards her house nor towards him. She liked the guy way too much already as it was. Finally she spoke up.

"Need a shower, sweetheart" He looked her way, studying her shapeliness, all over, until she added "Ohhhhhhh come on in. We'll figure something out now won't we" He walked towards her and she began to turn towards her front door. And as she walked inside he was following right behind her as his hand patted her tightly shaped ass. "Mmmmm, you do that all the time do you" she asked.

"Only to those I really, really enjoy being around."

"But you don't even know me" she told him knowing this relationship was going to be "interesting" if not adventurous to say the least. "You know you're on our most wanted list at the moment...right"

"Yep, I do" he came back.

He whipped her around and slapped the juiciest kiss on her lips while her close, to feel her boobs, and tight. Slowly her hands came around his back to try and pull him close as well. They both knew he needed a shower. She knew it very well but she'd give it to him in good time. First it was their great sloppy but very sexy kissing but soon enough, she thought, she'd be giving him lots and lots more.

"Need a shower do you" she asked as she looked him deep into his eyes.

"Yep, may I" he said.

"Of course but I have a question."

"What's that" he said.

"Would you mind, at all, if I joined you"

"I'd hope you would" he told her.

They seem to stand still. Neither knowing where to begin but she figured it out quickly as her belt and gun came off dropping to the floor. It was something she never did. Usually she perched it on a nearby desk. Usually she undid her clothes and placed them on the bed. And usually if not every night, she didn't have guests in her home. But tonight she did it front of him. And when she did, he smiled as he offered her another kiss, and wink.

He couldn't wait to see her beautiful hard breasts. He couldn't wait to see the succulent pert but round triumphant succulence awaiting his eyes as she fix her eyes on his eyes and face. The second button came undone. That's when she told him to remove his clothes, and he did. Before he knew it, both were either shirtless or had their shirts undone. He could see the beautiful deep lines bordered by her breasts and kept in check by her brassiere. She was slender. She was taut. She was definitely curvy and shapely all over. She saw his mouth form a shape. A smile convened on his lips and she liked the smile too.

"Want to see a little more I guess" she said.

He nodded as he began undoing his belt. She removed her uniform top. She watched his expression. Ooooooohh he likes me a lot. In fact he loves my figure she thought. I want him. Oh how I want him, she told herself. She closed her eyes as she imagined their bodies smack dab against one another in her shower. Mmmmmm ooooooohh god yes...him and me and hot soapy water rushing down our bodies. His hands feeling my body, my breasts...my...my...ohhh he can have all of me, she told herself. Mmmmmm, I want him. I want him sooooooo much.

He could see something in her eyes. He leaned in. He kissed her lips and she took them in hers. They held close. Their lips were at one another forever, kissing and offering so much tongue, it had him feeling as if he was going to become hard soon.

"Ohhhhhh" he cried out.

"What's wrong sweetheart" she said.

"Uh umm, ohhh it's just that...that you turn me on. Let's get that shower, okay"

She walked him thru the one story house and he stood waiting while she turned on the shower. She, with her back turned to him removed her bra, and with her back still turned to him removed her shoes and pants, and her underwear too.

He watched and shook his head. Her ass. It was gorgeous as was her whole form. Those hips. They were amazing. And from what he'd seen her boobs were perfect. They were perfect as perfect could be. She somehow stepped in and stuck out her hand. He stepped in also. Her back was too him but it never stopped him. He put his hands around her and pulled her close and she absolutely loved how she felt against his body. Her eyes closed. And she nestled the back of her head in against his chest.

His hands snuggled in around her body as he pulled her close and felt her all over. He felt her stomach. He felt her sides. But finally he felt them. He felt them each. He cooed as he tenderized them both of course in the most romantic manner. Then he aimed for her nipples. Caressing each, he reached behind herself as she searched for his hardening cock and as he felt the second nipple, she had found it.

"Mmmmmm, god I like this" she told him as her fingertips careened over it.

"I do too" he told her.

"I bet you do" she told him.

He turned her around, and with his hardened cock pocketing itself into her muscle like belly, they kissed and they kissed and they kissed. And then they washed and rinsed up, but in a very playful manner. Both were hungry but both were hungrier for the bedroom. Both were very hungry for the bedroom, but he cut off and ran over to pick up her gun.

"It has to be oiled all over before I can do that" she told him.

"I know" the naked and still cock hard Gino told her. "Marybeth, right" he said.

"Yep, Marybeth... You like the name"

"Marybeth, I love it."

"Good because I hope you use it more then this night" she came back.

"Me too" he added. "And besides...with a personality and a figure like yours...who wouldn't"

"I like it" she said.

He emptied the chambers of the gun and handed it to her but she never got to the point she wanted to be because his fingers were already all over the three quarters shaved pussy and she was squirming left and right as she tried maintaining some civility between him, her, and...and well... "Ohhhhhhh let's just use one of these" she told him.

"No, I gotta better idea" he cut in.

"What" she said.

He pulled her legs back and she fell into the pillows as his head disappeared in between her legs. His cock pulsated madly as his mouth and tongue dipped and twisted around her and inside her pussy. Before she knew it she was squirming and shrieking crazily. Before she even knew it, he had her having an orgasm as her body came apart magnificently in orgasmic slides. She came at least twice as her ass and her back practically flew off towards the ceiling. She loved how he could do it. She wanted more and more as he maintained civility of his own needs. And now, after giving her two orgasms orally, she wanted more and more and more.

She wanted his cock inside her.

"Yeah, finally" he said

"OH GOD YES...YES...FUCK YES GINO" she told him.

And so it was. Breathlessly, he slipped inside her. She took it with grace and pleasure. It felt wonderful. She told him, and he hoped she meant it, it felt like the greatest thing god ever made on man. It was even better then his brain. And before he knew it, she was all over his body. Fucking him either from being on the bottom or on top her squeals filled not only the room, but her home. It was glorious. He was, they were outstanding.

Her body swiveled in each direction as her bulging nipples on her round pert tits danced a spectacular dance. She was amazing to him. They were amazing to each other as she demanded more and more then he could have ever imagined and finally... Yes finally it happened- He came. He came for her and on her in a most glorious manner.

Cuming and spraying it came hard. It splattered her heavily and all she wanted to do was take it all over her. As it came, she spread it over her tits. As it came she massaged it across her belly and boobs and upwards on her face, then down between her legs. She loved his cum and she loved having sex with Gino. And Gino loved having sex with her.

Once done they collapsed. She fell on him and her cum stained body splashed all over him. They lay breathing hard, their hands and arms crossing each others body. Her cute short hair was even splattered with his cum.

"You know what" she said quietly.

"What" he asked.

"Sometimes...just some days...I sometimes wish I...I had a cock."

"Yeah...why" he said.

"Then I could do that to a guy, or a girl I guess."

Then there was a bit of silence before he asked "You like girls in that way"

"Sure, doesn't everyone" she said.

"No but it be interesting to see" he said.

"Want to see it some night would you" she said.

"Yeah, I suppose I would like to watch."

"Well if you'd like to hang around town...I guess... No, I know a few young ladies like me who'd be interested in showing you how two girls get it on."

And all the while she was thinking as was he could he be included in all of that

"You know" she began. "I should handcuff you. Now wouldn't that be a fun time. Possible convict, handcuffed, and then I get to have sex with him. Then I get to turn you in afterward. Hmmm, nah...I don't want to do that. See tomorrow's my day off and I want to enjoy my day off. What about you"

He came across her and put his hands around the cum stained woman and he began kissing her all night long and not letting her get up to do anything because one, he liked her a lot, and two, he didn't want to go to jail, but mostly because he liked her way too much.

"You know what else" she said. He asked what. "You're too good a lover to lock up."

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