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Author: StoneyPoint
Published: 02-Jan-11
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Yes, Tina wants him to do it...to undo her blouse, her top, and she wants to feel him all over her body...all over it...not just her boobs, but more then that.

* * * * * * *

The day their lips met, that moment out in the garage, just after she and Tim pulled in...was momentous. Absolutely and truly momentous. Her name is Tina and his, as stated, is Tim. They are nothing alike but in the same breath each wanted the exact same thing- Sex with one another. That is what they got.

Tim officially met Tina two years back in a meeting. He'd seen her once in a while previously but paid no mind seeing as their work never coincided, although he did pay attention off and on, seeing as he seemed to feel something for her and never exactly knew what that was.

There was Josh, Rafael, Sheila, and also Teddy. All of them were officials in one sector or another in government and assigned to the task force. It also included Tim and Tina. Tina was new to it all. Tim knew all the others but never knew Tina. Now about Tina.

Tina was only 29 at the time. The year was 2001. Tina was a nice woman, eager to please but also eager to get her thoughts recognized seeing as she was fresh on the job, but brilliant. They studied the case, a huge case, and everyone put in their two cents worth, including Tim and Tina of course.

She stood and headed to the front. We watched her. For some reason and he didn't know why, he studied her closely. What was it about this woman, this bright, pretty in many aspects, but definitively fuller figured woman which drew Tim towards her Something about her that first day in that meeting had Tim's eyes on her body, not her thoughts or words and ideas, had him looking at it- Her hair. Her eyes. Her facial structure. Her upper body, although he really couldn't see that too well. And yes, she was thick, but once she took off that jacket of hers, he saw her thick, curvy hips, and figure...and it all consumed his developing desire for some reason.

Wow, he thought once she was finished. Tina was a light skinned black woman. Tina carried a shape Tim never usually was that attracted to but today, that day...the day she stood up there in front of everyone...something...something about Tina "impressed" Tim a lot. Wow, he thought again. Who is she, he asked himself. He said nothing to nobody. He kept it all to himself. He asked no questions, made no comments, and all he did was listen and watch...and he wondered...what if

No. Never, he told himself. Never in a million years. I am not like that. But that evening, while driving home, Tina, again, popped up, and raced through his mind. Tim shook his head. He couldn't believe it. He pulled in. He parked his car. He sat there, thinking... He thought about the meeting. However, he started seeing Tina's face, and body again. Yes, that body of hers. Oh yes, that body...her body, her lips, her breasts...all of her, again.

It startled him. His cell rang. He jumped in his seat. It was Rafael and Sheila. They were going over a few things. He asked a few questions, including a few things she said, Tina mentioned. Tim answered the questions. He got out and rode up the elevator to his apartment on the third floor. People were across the hallway, moving out furniture. He went into his own place.

Six months had passed. He'd ran into her, Tina, a couple time, but officially only. Each time, to Tim, something about her...what she wore, how she spoke...that sort of thing sparked his engine, a little. "Why...why" he said to himself, aloud. His body seemed to ache for her "presence" and for some reason which he couldn't answer he wanted to be around her. "Huh" he said one night. "What is it...who is she" he asked himself.

He ran into her a week later. "Oh, hi Tim" she said happily. "I wanted to speak to you about a few things...I mean if we could sit and talk about that case" He nodded and told her yes, of course, and the two planned out a date, a week later, for meeting at lunch time. A week later came. She met him at the diner. She was there and seated and awaiting his arrival. He walked in, grabbed a lunch, and paid and sat.

Instantly, he felt something...something painfully exciting being there, across from Tina, and easily Tim could've jumped out of his seat and felt her up and kissed her for days, he thought. WHOA...WHOA, he told himself. I am not in any way, shape, or form attracted to this woman. I mean... I do not date black women. I don't find thick-like, curvy women like her...like Tina...attractive, he told himself, but something about this woman- Tina, had his insides doing cartwheels for her. Tim didn't realize it, yet, but he had feelings for her... Strong, powerful, and sexual feelings for this... Oh my god, he thought...beautiful woman who was a few years younger then him.

He answered her questions. He smiled more then usual. He felt, afterward, he went overboard in accommodating her needs, and he didn't even realize it, yet. "Ohhh thank you...thank you so very much" she told him in a voice he thought was to die for. Her eyes sparkled too. Her smile and especially her lips as well as her demeanor in general fascinated him. He thought but wasn't sure of it that he wanted her as he drove home that night. All he thought about that evening was being around her, with her, and eventually he thought about...undressing her, making unadulterated love to this oddly sexy woman.

Tim was horny, for her, he finally realized.

The next day, he met up with almost all of that team, excluding for the moment, Tina, but he knew, and he told them all that she had to be apart of it. "We need to meet. Somehow and somewhere...here, my place, or a hotel...we need to meet and go over this. I don't want it to be here...I'm tired of this place so let's either do it at my place or a hotel" he told them all. He called her personally. Let her know the details and he clue her in on a final decision where they'd meet. She was open to "anything." Something about the way she said "anything" sparked him all over. He smiled to himself.

"We're going to meet at my place, next Friday, at about 10:00 in the morning" he told her. "Will that work for you" Please say yes. Please say yes, he told himself. She was quiet as she looked up her schedule. Finally, she came back to him and said yes. "Great. See you next week then."

It was almost...almost all business. Lunch was brought in. He even rented a larger table to work at. With everyone seated, Tina coincidentally sat next to Tim. He liked the seating arrangement, a lot. It felt great she was right by him. Tina looked and smelled and handled herself appropriately and she also was not in any way the center of his attention that morning. Still, their shoulders and their legs occasionally bumped into each other, by accident.

The day went well. Things were accomplished. And all in all, he knew, by the end of the day, that he was ready...ready to jump in the sack with Tina... The curvaceous and very pretty and very sweet younger woman. Ohhhhhhh yes...he was ready, he told himself, but now the question was...was she ready...or did she even know it, he asked himself.

They left. All of them but Tina. She was kind enough to hang back and help clean up. Tim loved it. He so wanted to tell her. He so wanted to corner her and put his hands around her, show her how much she meant to him lately and he so wanted to press his body against hers...and kiss those lips, for starters. He felt it, for the very first time. That surging power shot through him, from almost every angle, and drove down to one specific location- his cock. It almost pained him as his body allowed the craving, the yearning for her suddenly as she helped out and moved about him. He so wanted to corner her and tell her what he felt for her.

"Well, I guess I'll go now" she said. "You have a great place here." She paused and looked around. "You know...I was promoted a few months back and have been looking for a place like this." He thought about it. The place across the hallway is empty. Tell her. "I wish I could find something...like this" she added. Me too...me too... God, you have no idea... Stay the night. Let me show you...stay with me tonight. "Tim...Tim, is everything okay" he heard her say, sweetly. He felt her hand on his arm. It felt good. He looked down at it. Her hand, his arm...control yourself...control your emotions, he told himself. He told her he was fine but it did not sound like it at all. "Well okay, see you soon...see you around" She left but left her jacket, by accident.

It smelled of her, all over. He loved it and held it for a long time as he smelled her "soul" in it, over it. Days passed and in those days, a few things of personal importance as well as professional occurred. He called her the next day and told her about her jacket. He had meetings, more then he cared to work on, and had to close them too. People were starting to look at that apartment, lots of people in fact, across the hallway. He'd look through the peephole to see who was visiting it.

He thought about it. He thought about it a lot. He really, really wanted to see her, face to face and body to body, a lot. Finally, he made the call. "Tina, hi...it's Tim. How are you" She was surprised to heart from him like this and out of the blue. Why was he calling her, she wondered, although she said she was fine. She smiled and said great. "Hey I'm wondering...are you...still in the market for a new...place"

"Yes...oh yes, sure... I mean, I have been looking" she replied.

"Well maybe I might have a place you'd be interested in" he went on to say. "I guess the question is...affordability." She confirmed that point. He told her about the place across the hall. He told her roughly what it would probably cost. She didn't respond either way to that which surprised him, but he didn't worry about it. This way, if she liked it, they could be close to each other, his libido told him. He smiled. "Want to look at it then"

She said yes. They'd known each other for close to two years. Slightly. As time went on their relationship, so to speak, grew also. Tina like him. More then she realized too. Tim was always nice, always professional, and always...always accommodating towards her she realized. Tina liked that, initially. Then she grew to love it. Especially that day, several weeks back, when they all met at his apartment, which of course she became fond of as well. Plus all that "accidental" touching which occurred. She liked how their shoulders and their legs, especially, hit each other. It was rather arousing, as she thought of it later on, that their bodies bumped into one another that often.

She smiled once off the phone. His voice. His face. Ohhh and that body too she told herself. She sat down, again, on her couch. She allowed herself to hear his voice ringing in her ear. Soft spoken, he was...so nice to her. Handsome too, she allowed herself to picture him and her, alone. He faced her. They looked at each other, softly. He is so kind. He is so sweet, she thought. She pictures him some more. Looking at one another he reaches out for her. She lets him take hold of her, softly, almost romantically too, and before either one knows it, Tim is kissing her...lovingly, intimately.

Before she knows it, he is undoing his shirt, for her. Before she knows it, he's removing it so she can see his pectorals, his upper body, and he's telling her to caress his chest and upper body...almost pleading with her to make love with him. She sees herself reaching for his body, his chest, and as she looks into his eyes, deeply, her fingers and her hand touch him and his chest. He smiles. He closes his eyes. He moves closer...and closer and Tim looks down at her chest, her breasts, and then looks into her eyes.

Yes, Tina wants him to do it...to undo her blouse, her top, and she wants to feel him all over her body...all over it...not just her boobs, but more then that. A powerful surging energy forces its way throughout Tina as she pictures this. Alone, on her couch, and thinking about all that she's thought of, her hand moves about her tits, slowly. It moves downwardly. Moving, sculpting pathways over her breasts, and she begins to create a feeling, a blissful appreciative moment within her which says to take her in his arms and make love to her body...all over her.

Her hand is between her legs. She's been rubbing it, intimately, for some time now. It feels...uplifting and that arousing power grows and soars from every point within and before Tina knows it, she is quietly crying out for him to be there, now... She wants him now after all this time without him.

"OHHHH TIM...TIM...I WANT YOU" she cried out as she rubs her pussy harder and harder and more rapidly.

Before Tina knows it, she is almost naked. With only her bra and panties on, her hand reaches inside her bra. She rubs each one. She plays with her fat and solid nipples. Now they are hard. She sees his face but wishes for him to be there, on her...on top of her and making wondrous, never-ending love to her body.

The bra comes off. Oh she wishes his mouth and his lips were on them. Oh she wishes he was all over her body, kissing her everywhere, making love to her, and doing things men never do to a woman. "I want you...I so want you Timmy" she calls out in the heat of the moment on her couch.

Her fingers escape her and dive inside. Her pussy grows wetter as she toils with it, making herself get closer, and closer, to that ultimate goal- She wants to orgasm with or without him there. Regardless, she is happy. Regardless, she is in a state of arousal, so intense, that she will soon have that orgasm she's been thinking about for many weeks now. She feels herself. Her fingers plunge inside. They travel and tinker and all of a sudden she arises, off her couch, crying out loud, and before she knows it... Tina has had her orgasm as she so wished to have.


And then the woman drops and relaxes, and she lays there sprawled out on her couch, naked, so wanting him there with her. If he only knew, she thought...if he only knew. She breathed hard. She lay trying to catch her breath. Her body is tired as she sees him, beside her, and he caresses her as she breathes heavily. Tina smiles as she pictures her lover in her thoughts.

"I wish I could call him" she says.

"I should call her" he told himself almost at the same time even though they were across town from one another. "I wonder if she'd say yes. Or would she blow me off, turn me down seeing as we work with one another." He held his cell phone in his hand, thinking about her...thinking about calling her almost at the same time she was saying to herself she wished she could call him when she lay naked, on her couch.

If only he knew. If only he knew...

Monday came and went. Same as Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Friday finally came. It had been very long week. He'd thought about Tina but only a little, sorry to say. On the other hand, Tina had thought about him, a lot. In the shower, in the tub, on her couch, and in her bed...as well as even when she was on the road...Tina was happily and gladly thinking about her "potential" lover. Yeah, right, sure...her lover No way, but it was still a lot of fun to finger herself or play with one of her vibrators and imagine she was with him all those times.

Her heart beat heavily for the likes of him and all the time in fact. Unbeknownst to him, Tina began desiring his presence more and more and more. All the time in fact. She wanted it all to happen, the orgasms, by way of him in fact. She wanted intimacy by way of Tim. She wanted ravenous kissing, lovemaking by way of him and nobody else. She wanted sex...with him and him alone and no one but nobody else.

"Oh god Tim, if you only knew what my thoughts were" she said one night, alone.

But across town, there he was, after all his work was finished, thinking about her...his fantasy...his potential lover. He picked up his cell phone, again. He so wanted to call her. Tim so wanted to invite her over and feel her out, see how she might feel about starting up a relationship with him, and seeing if she had any...any interest at all in dating or being with him, personally or intimately at all.

He decided why not. He got a recording and hung up instead. He put down the phone and turned on the TV. An hour later it rang. Tim jumped for it. It could've been anyone, including work, or even Tina.

"Tim, hi...it's Tina. Did you um call earlier" she said.

"Oh hi Tina... Yes...yes I did." He paused to collect his thoughts. She called out his name hoping to hear god news. "I was wondering... Would you like to uh... Well, um, would you like to see that apartment and even...well um go to...dinner afterward"

"I'D LOVE TO" she said enthusiastically.

He saw the smile. He felt it through the phone. He so wanted her at that point and almost told her too. They arranged it, that afternoon, the next day, and when she arrived, he was waiting for her. It surprised her. Management showed her around while he stayed back. But Tim studied her closely...very, very closely in fact, and while he did his hormones beckoned her to be with him...that evening.

"Can I uh say something Tina" he finally forced himself to tell her and she said yes. "I uh don't know how to uh put this...correctly but I feel like...I don't know...I feel like" and he looked down at the carpet "I have to...I should...like it's my duty."

"Yes" she answered in a hopeful tone. She waited.

"Sit down, will you...if you don't mind that is." They were in his apartment at that point. She agreed without fanfare as she smiled. They looked at each other here and there. He remained silent for several seconds. "For whatever reason...I can't seem to put my finger on it either...I seem to find you...what's the word... I don't know..." and he shook his head to make a point. She listened. Smiled too as she waited. "God, I don't know...sexy Is that a correct description I mean it too. I mean...you're very, very pretty. You have a great figure too. And for months and months...all I've ever wanted...was to tell you how much...I've wanted to be with you and in every way possible. There I said it."

She sat stunned. Although Tina played with herself and although she produced orgasms by inducing them all on her own and yes, she truly wanted him too... Tina wasn't one to truly solicit herself for unadulterated sex, like she thought she was. God no way but she knew one thing for sure and that was that she wanted him and she'd do it almost totally.

Her body surged, suddenly, with an unknown like desire. Her face felt hot too. Her belly urged her to tell him how she'd played and played with herself, imagining him as the other person involved, but Tina clammed up all of a sudden. Oh, she liked Tim and she liked Tim a lot... Yes, a lot, but Tina wasn't about to start something she wasn't sure could be "finished."

"I'm...sorry. I...shouldn't have...said that" he told her.

"Uh, no...it's alright" she came back.

They stared at each other. Her mind and her body were telling her "Go for it! He wants you and he wants you badly, Tina." But she didn't say it. And he felt bad...real bad too.

"I assume at this point...dinner is...off" he said.

She nodded, but smiled, and as she did she told herself don't be an idiot. Jump at it. Go for it. God darn it all...he's good looking... He's downright sexy even. Oh god, Tina... Go for it... Tell him. TELL HIM YOU IDIOT!

"Um...Tim" she said without thinking. He turned and said what. "Um" and she paused. "I have a confession...to make to be honest, actually." She felt it for the very first time. Pangs of "enlightenment" shot through her. He was the one. She wanted him to know it too as she headed for the doorway, but stopped short of it. Looking at him, bursting all over with arousing hormonal desire within...he had to know. He just had to at that point, she told herself. "I'm a prude, kind of. I mean...I'm not one to go out and...well I don't have sex with every man I meet and deal with, Tim." She gulped and thought about how she wanted to tell him her thoughts and feelings. "But...Tim...the truth is..." and she looked straight at him when she said "I have wanted to...so wanted you" and her body, the pangs, and tingling soared throughout her, "forever!"

Tim was stunned at her confession. He too was highly aroused by her confession. He wanted to lunge at her and take her in his arms and kiss her mightily as he could, if she'd let him that is. He had to tell her everything at some point he told himself...but what should he do now, he asked himself.

"Um Tina...can we sit for a second"

She moved to the couch as he studied her figure while it swayed left to right. That ass of hers...he so wanted to hold it and squeeze it until it bled with thunderous appreciation, and then some. Her sexy wide hips turned him on too. And then there were her tits...

He sat beside her. Smelling her, again, she watched as he settled into his couch beside her. "I like you. At first, for so many months...the first year or so...I didn't know why. I'm not...well I don't... God, how do I tell you this" She said to simply tell her. "Okay, I don't usually find black women to my liking...but you...you...ohhh gosh...wow Tina" and he looked down as he thought about it "something about you and something about how you handle yourself in...general Well let me say this...all of you, all of what you do... It simply stirs me up, wildly."

He looked at her and then added. "I become...hornier then ever when I've been around you. Does that make any sense at all"

What he'd told her registered with her and she started feeling all those feelings she produced when in her bedroom, on her couch, or in her bathroom and she thought about him. Because of him, she was able to register emotions and feelings and heightened expressions she'd never shared with anyone. But now...now was the time to tell it all to him. It was time.

"Tim...truth is...my body and I...we...I need you... I have to have you" she said. "However...there's more to it. Just listen, okay" and he said yes. "You also turn me on as if we were a wildfire in California...and out of control. Every day, every night..." and she paused and quieted down... "I'll be laying on the couch or in my bed or even take a shower or a bath for that matter." She smiled, softly and touched his hand. "You, Tim... You're in every wild fantasy I've ever had in my life since I started here a couple years back. Can...you...believe that"

He stared at her but as he did he grew anxiously hornier and hornier as he did. He loved what he'd heard out of her mouth. At that very moment, he so wanted to touch her even if it was simply to feel her wrist or her cheek. It no longer mattered. Then he said it.

"I've got a lot of respect or want to show you I do and I'd do anything at all to be with you...in a shower, here, or in...in my bedroom. No, a shower...you and I, together, as we held one another... Just showing each other... OHHHH WOW...TINA...YOU... YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW-"

"Yes I do. I do, I think. I like the idea about taking a shower with one another. I like that a lot, Tim...okay. Let's...let's do that. I'd love to be held in your arms, felt by you...all over, and kissed by you...all afternoon...okay"

She smiled and touched his arm and then his hand and she stood up. He followed and he took her to the bathroom where he turned it on. They stood in the bathroom, unchanged. Looking at each other, both were too excited, and bit too horny to know better for the moment, until he made the first move. He turned and turned on the shower and then turned back to her, smiling. She smiled timidly and then excitedly not sure what or how to feel about their first time with each other. So, without asking, or saying anything, he did it. He leaned in and he kissed her lips for the first time. She let it happen.

Unromantic, he kissed her again and this time he put his hands around her. He pulled away and looked at her. "Don't you like that" he asked. She said yes. She liked it but in truth, she told herself she wanted him to take her down and go for it...go for her crazily although she didn't tell him that yet. She felt it, again. The trappings of that hormonal surge which bolted throughout her all those days when she was alone, she wanted him to know, to feel it, and to tell her he had similar feelings too. He kissed her again.

They stood facing one another. "Can we uh go inside...get undressed...and go in and be with each other there" she asked. He said yes. Tim burned for her but did not want to overstep the boundaries, whatever they were of course. Looking at her, he began undoing his shirt. She undid hers too, but more slowly then him as he watched and as he waited to see her lumbering bosoms appear. It hung open. Her blouse. He saw her boobs, finally, and all he wanted was to reach in and feel them. But he wanted to make sure she was pleasured by it too. "Do you...like my...boobs" she asked.

Do I like your boobs...if you only knew how much, he thought. "Oh yes...god yes... They are gorgeous, Tina." She smiled at that remark. She told him to feel them and he did and as he did, she removed her slacks. Although her body was thick and delicious as hell, it showed him all the curves he dreamt about throughout the time he'd thought about her. "You're so beautiful Tina" he said.

"Hold me" she said. He took her body in his arms and held it, smelling her as he did, and they didn't move for a bit. Warmth built up. So did the passion. He pulled her closer. She pulled closer too. Tightly against each other, finally it was agreed, without either one saying another word, to undress themselves and get inside and enjoy the trappings of that shower. Before either knew it, they were naked, and inside the warmth of the spray of the shower. "Mmmmmm, this...this is perfect...especially with you" she said and she turned and looked at Tim and smiled.

They finally kissed. And they kissed hard as their naked bodies found ways to snuggle and cuddle and curve around and against one another. Before too long, he was hard, and also impressive. She felt the erect cock as it pushed in against her soft, curvy, but thick physique. She pulled at him, wanting to feel its warping power up against her frame. He felt her pulling up against him.

It felt great. Power surged into his mighty erection and as that arousal grew throughout his body, as his hormones surged forward, he heard himself say- Kiss her breasts and make love to her body...everywhere.

He kissed her passionately, as they held on to each other firmly and closely, and as his hard thick cock pushed in against her mighty thickness...he began feeling her elsewhere. He felt her boobs. His hands behaved as if they pulsated and caressed her all over. Tina loved it too. Tim rubbed her back but underneath the warm spray he quickly went down and held her ass...her mighty apple shaped ass...and he squeezed with a loving power.

"Oh...ohhh...mmmmmmm" she called out. "I could let you do that...all night, if you like it so much."

He said he did and squeezed her ass some more. He stopped. Looking at her he asked her if she wanted to simply go and lay down...fool around...see what happens. She smiled and kissed his lips. Then the palm of her hand wrapped itself around his hard cock. Stroking it turned him on. Almost too much in fact. He so wanted to cum all over her that he pulled her hand off it and held it.

"Okay, let's go...you um can play around there if you'd like" and he winked at her as she leaned up and into him, kissing his lips romantically.

In bed, dried off, and lying beside one another, he played freely, with her succulent dark brown boobs. She loved it. He leaned in over her and sucked on them as well as kissed them and also played with her wild thick nipples. Ten on down to her light skinned tummy, on down around her thighs, and finally he spread them apart, which she was more then happy to allow happen. He kissed and toyed with her thighs. She let it flow.

Feeling his lips, his fingers, and his mouth saunter only heightened her desire to finally cum and for him and him alone. "Tim, honey" she started to say "you have no idea how long I've waited for this moment, this time...you and I...together...to happen." He kissed her pussy. He licked it too. He fingered inside, and out, and he aroused her and brought Tina closer and closer to what she wished to experience with him. "I've done this, with myself, a lot...can you believe that...and guess what... Each time...you were there" she went on to tell him. "Each time...you were with me."

"OHHH OHHHH MY...OH GOD, TIM. DON'T...OH GOD DON'T STOP...YES, OH YES" she screamed with pure delight emanating throughout her. She rose and fell, many times, as he fingered her pussy. She cried out, and grabbed hold of him as poked at her hole and kissed all around it too, making her cum, joyfully. Finally, she came for the third time. It oozed down between her thighs. She felt it and reached down and scooped it up. Smiling, she took it and put it on his nose. "Keep some... I want you to remember me forever."

He laughed and crawled up her body. He mounted her and she saw his erection. "Here...this is for you too" and Tim jacked off and it sprayed all over...everywhere. Before Tina realized it, she was covered in his white warmth.

He dropped down beside her and kissed her lips. "Want to stay the night"

He pulled her closer. "I'd love to" she said and kissed him on his lips.

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