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The Heist

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Author: StoneyPoint
Published: 13-Jan-11
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Standing against the wall, her breast hang loosely as he began to gaze upon their beauty...

* * * * * * *

Late, it was obviously dark. Again he looked at his watch. 1:45 in the morning. He double checked every window and door. She had to be inside and sleeping. It was time. He pulled out his tools and went to work on the largest window. In a few seconds he was done. He popped it out and easily crawled inside. Looking around and listening as stretched, he went to work.

He went to the safe and easily unlocked it. Silence filled the house. Mark was a master at his trade. He loved his work and was good at it. He moved down the hall, not making a sound as he did. He heard her. He heard her silent breathing and smiled. This was easily. He looked inside her room. Isn't she cute, he told himself He stared at her for a moment.

With two hands together she looked as if she was actually praying that evening as they appeared tucked beneath her head and she lay on her side, sleeping. For whatever reason, he continued to stare at the off blond younger looking 28 year old. He smiled as he watched her.

Isn't she cute the 37 year old thought Mmmmmm, if only I had time...if only I had more time he said to himself. Suddenly the young lady stirred. All of a sudden and right in front of his eyes, her eyes seemed to move. Huh...what...is she...waking up He looked at his watch again. Just after two in the morning.

He looked up. God...damn... She's...and the sheets were off her. She'd woken up. He was standing right there in the doorway and backed up into the hallway so as to not be seen. He listened but had already seen her. The young woman was naked. She was not wearing anything at all up top. Not a thing, he realized. Nothing at all.

Great boobs. Not huge but hers were excitedly big enough and...and hers were freaking perky he discovered. Oh...fuck...god darn it all, he thought as his eyes closed and he began pinching his thighs together. This is wrong...all wrong. He knew she was pretty. He even knew she could appear sexy too. At the moment, to him, she was pretty.

He wanted to look. He wanted to look into her room again. He couldn't move. His back was against the wall in her hallway. Waiting. Waiting and wondering what was next. She was supposed to be sleeping wasn't she He wasn't informed of this. He never knew she woke up in the middle of the night. He had watched and studied this young and quite pretty woman. He'd followed her a lot more then most in fact. What she'd done. Where she went. What she even wore too as a matter of fact. Yes, she always wore nice clothes. All of the outfits she'd worn enhanced the physical virtues of her heavenly figure but now...well now...the woman...she was naked and he was in her home...to steel something. But she was naked.

Oh god, he told himself. This is all wrong. All wrong. She sat up. Her head hung from her shoulders. She felt it coming on. She had to pee. Her legs hung by the side of the bed. She sat there. No bathroom attached to her bedroom she had to walk out through her bedroom door, down the hallway, and then sit down and she'd then have to pee. But to do so, she'd have to walk by him...passed him. He knew this too.

He shuffled down the hallway, down into the bathroom. He didn't know she was going there too so he jumped into the shower and stood waiting. She came in and sat down. He heard her tinkle and smiled. This was going south. He had to hold the bag of stolen items still. He heard the toilet flush. He smiled, again. Finally. She got up and started...yes started to walk out.

"Oops...wait" he heard her say.

She walked back in. Turned on the light. He thought what the fuck He saw her head and hand. She was reaching in and trying to grab something. He was flat against the opposite wall. She reached further and found it. A book. He smiled. She said something and walked away, turning off the light as she did.

Nice boobs, he thought and smiled. Mmmmmm...wish I could...but he never allowed the idea to cross his mind. In her room and in her bed, she sat up, reading. Naked. What was she reading He had no idea. He was back in the bathroom, in her shower, waiting. Finally after ten minutes, he snuck out. He waited another couple seconds. He walked out of the bathroom. In the hallway he wanted to go. He heard her cry. Tears Is she crying What the heck Dumb book, he thought.

Then, out of nowhere, all of a sudden he heard something else. What the heck Huh, he thought...what...huh...what did she...what's she doing He listened more intently. Oh my...oh my freaking god! Is that what I...is that what I...think it is The young woman, after having cried just seconds earlier, was moaning. He was sure of it. His nature was to go up there and watch her do it to herself. Nooooo, he thought. Uh uhh...don't do it he thought again.

"Oh...god yes...yes...mmmmm" he heard again and again.

Was she fingering her pussy Was she, he asked himself. He listened. She cooed and moaned and he tried picturing what it was she was doing to herself. Her boobs, her pussy, and what else he wondered...what else Suddenly he felt himself growing excited too. All of a sudden, he felt a tingling, down inside his legs. Oh fuck...not...now, he thought. His hand crawled down. He felt his dangling cock. Oh shit...no...not now, he told himself. His eyes closed as he listened to her uttering those sweet words of desire in every breath but at the same time his hand...his precious thief hands caressed his own manhood. This is...ohhhhhh freaking god...noooo.

"OHHHH GOD YES" he heard her call out. "I WANT...YOU" she said louder. "TAKE THESE...TAKE THEM...HOLD THEM...DO IT TO THEM" he heard her cry out. "YES...UHHHH YES...OH AHHH...OHHH...MMMMMM, JUST LIKE THAT. YES LIKE THAT. DO ME BABY...DO ME. DO ME...SUCK ON ME...EVERYWHERE BABY" he heard.

His eyes, still closed, wanted to do her body all over. His belly hurt. His thighs ached too. He felt his cock grow, painfully, and he wished...he wished and he wanted her to feel him grow. He desired her warm tender hands. He desired her soft eyes on him too. He desired those expressions he'd seen daily as well. Her smile. Yes, her smile, to him, was eternal as eternal could be. Fuck...fuck...this is all...wrong, but...god I...

"COME...BE WITH ME" he heard her say again.

Huh, what... It's as if she...knows. And it was. It was as if she knew he was around the corner. How could she, he asked himself. How...how...he was a pro. No one ever knew. It had been reported. It had been written about more then enough times. Nobody but nobody knew who he was so how could she know How, he asked himself.

She stood up. She wanted sex, badly. No, she wanted a man to be with her...somebody who would love her, forever. This book, which she'd read twice already, had led her to some of her greatest orgasms she could ever recall. "Oh how I wish I had someone to...to do all this with" he heard her say more quietly. "Ohhh how...I wish...god...to be with a nice and gentle lover. A man...a real man" she went on to say.

He grew hungrier. He had to leave. Had to, he told himself, but this cute younger woman was pleading for the love of a man, and he was right there, in her home. Go to her. Go on, go to her, and tell her why you are there. Don't lie. Be honest. Be sweet. Be truthful. Just be yourself, he thought. He put down the bag. He opened his eyes. He set his frame of mind. Do it...do it... Just do it, he kept saying. And as he thought it he also thought of her naked, curvy figure, and those sweet and perky boobs, too.

He did it. She was sitting there on her bed. Her back was to his. He swallowed, hard. Her hair hung down past her bare shoulders. With a slight tan, he thought she looked great. God, look at her body. As it rolled downward, he watched it "tumble" and as it did it turned inwards just before those hips of hers. God, she has great hips...and look...look at that...ass she's has. Oh...fuck yes...god, what a great looking ass.

He wanted to say hello. He wanted to walk up, begin undressing himself like she knew he would, and he wanted to crawl up and onto her bed and simply begin kissing her shoulders, but he didn't of course.

In the doorway he did it. "Hi...how are you" she heard. And as soon as she heard the voice she jumped and screamed, loudly. She jumped to the floor, falling back against a nearby wall as he went on to say "Please...please don't be scared." He looked as innocent as any man or good looking older man could. Standing against the wall, her breast hang loosely as he began to gaze upon their beauty, and greatness in his opinion too. She didn't even cover them up, yet as she stared at him. This...stranger was a handsome looking fellow, she thought. But why was he in her house at that time of night. She stood there, topless, as her boobs presented an inviting welcome to an unknown gentleman, she asked herself. He was getting ready to explain himself but first had to clear his thoughts.

Indeed, she was as frightened as anyone might be. How in the hell did he get into her house in the first place What in the hell was he doing there He could read her face. "I'm here to...well I'm here for two reasons" he told her and still had to clear his mind. He closed his eyes, again, and looked down at the floor. She stood still by the wall. She was still naked as well and hadn't moved as of yet. As of yet, she still hadn't covered up what to him appeared as one very, very nice figure. "May I say...you have a nice figure but it isn't why I really came here, Sandi."

"Uh...then...uh...why uh did you uh come here" she asked.

Her nipples grew cold. They hardened and he noticed. She hadn't. Mmmmm, great nipples she thought... I wish my mouth was on them. God, I wish I was all over her for that matter. "I am not here or wasn't here for anything...well except one thing that is."

She told him to take it except she forgot about the one item he already had. Still naked, he finally told her to relax and sit down on her bed, although he had already told himself he could make love to her body all night long. Finally she sat down and covered up her sweet looking figure. But it was too late. He now wanted her. He now had to convince her he did too.

"I meant what I told you" he said.

"Huh...about what" she asked.

"About you...about your figure and how attractive you are, it is."

It threw her off. She never would've expected a compliment from a stranger let alone a thief and to get one now, at this stage of the morning, it appeared strange. He stared into her eyes which made her feel more uncomfortable. Why was he doing that...looking at me, she thought Why...why, she asked herself again.

"What do you want from me" she asked. Sex...well if you want...sex and...and that is it then" and her eyes closed and she swallowed too "come and get it. Do it to me. Get it over with. I will let you. I will let you kiss me, pet me, and all...and I mean fuck me too if that means you will...leave afterward."

Out of nowhere, after hearing her words, grew hungry...hungry with desire. Yes, he'd have sex with her but he'd do it like a real man should... He'd first have foreplay and then make love to her, and not just her body. He was not that type of man. He never forced a woman down on his cock and wasn't about to start doing that tonight.

"Sooo" she asked. "Are...we going to...do this" as she dropped the sheets off her body. "I'm ready if you are." She half expected the normal. First, he'd feel her boobs. Then she'd toil with his limpness, putting it into her mouth eventually, and then once hard she knew what was next. He'd want her cunt. He'd want his cock inside it.

Pushing, plowing, and fucking her crazily she could almost feel that magnificence as her insides accepted his toiling excursions but eventually led her to what she'd want- an orgasm. And then he'd be done as long as he came too. Once that was finished, he leave, and she'd be done with him and his needs. That's all it was. It was sex and nothing more. "You going to...sit down" she said. "Come on over. Sit down here" she said as she patted the mattress next to her.

He walked slowly, carefully as he watched her beauty give out more and more of the details of her physique before he even sat down beside her. She anxiously awaited his arrival at her bed. She grew nervous too. She didn't know him but she knew she invited this good looking, slightly older and also a handsome gentleman to sit down beside her on the bed. Now what, she wondered...what will he do

He slowly sat beside her. He knew what he was going to do and he looked her all over as he absorbed all her beauty while sitting. This guy, she thought, was weird and different. Yes, his eyes had looked at her tits, and it wasn't knew at all, but he...he seemed to gaze upon them as if hers were...grandiose or majestic or something along those lines. She never thought so. They are only...tits...like any other woman's boobs.

"You have...um...well if I can...you have very...beautiful breasts... "Honestly I mean that too."

She seemed to blush. No guy had ever said that to her before. No one. To her it was a nice compliment. Say more, she thought. Heck, compliment my ass, my slender body... Heck even my hips...whatever you want, she thought. For the very first time, she smiled. He loved it too. She actually smiled. He smiled in return. She actually loved his smile. It was warm and it was...am I actually thinking this I really love his smile. It's an affectionate smile. Ooooooohh, god yes...I actually like it she thought as she smiled inside. He watched her eyes. God he liked her eyes too. He stared at them as she looked at him and he realized they were off and running. They were already getting along with each other. This was good...very good, he thought.

"May I" he asked.

She didn't know what he meant but said yes since he had asked nicely. He looked into her eyes. She appeared ready and so one hand reached behind her, to the small of her back. The other, behind her head, and held her lovingly or so she thought. It felt nice. He held her warmly. He was holding her...lovingly. She really like it so far but hadn't let on, too much, that she did. He brought her closer...and closer...and before she knew it, their lips touched one another's.


He stopped and looked into her eyes. He smiled when he did. "I really liked that. Did you" he asked. She looked at the uninvited stranger and soon smiled. Yes she did and for that matter, he smells good too, she thought. "Care to do that again" He asked. Se probably nodded too anxiously as a smile soon crept up on her lips. "Me too" he told her as both hands took hold of her body in almost the exact same spots.

He found her arms creeping around him. This...was good...almost too good to be true. Wow, he was getting a lot for his dollar that night. A heist and sex too. They kissed a lot. Before he knew it, she was dragging him down...down to lay on the bed. Before he knew it, she was pulling at him as they kissed more heavily, but before he knew it his hands crept up on her tits. He soon found himself feeling one and then the other, and she let him do as he pleased as he felt her tremendous boobs in his hand. He pulled away, slightly, and once he did he eased down her neck. He kissed it here and there and she let him too. She let him do lots of stud he never expected. As he kissed her neck, his hands kept pace on her boobs, rubbing them lovingly and gently and never squeezing them too hard. She was allowing him the pleasure but he figured she must be loving it all too. God, she was terrific. The night was terrific. To steal what he had and then to have sex with this woman to him was a miracle. He continued without a word to her.

Before she knew it, she let him kiss down her neck, and follow a course towards her breasts. She found herself thrusting them forward and almost wanting his mouth on them. She did as he back arose off the mattress. He sucked on her boobs. He kissed them too. Her nipples, which were already hard, started getting licked and nibbled on him. He wasn't even doing anything with anything else. He played and teased and aroused her by making love to her two beautiful and wonderful breasts.

"Mmmmm...ooooohh...that feels wonderful" she said, wanting to call him by his first name and not knowing it. "Don't stop...please...don't stop" she added.

So he didn't. He went on...and on...and on...holding them, faintly squeezing and playing with them as he kissed and sucked them to no end. Her chest rose occasionally and as it did, he'd reach underneath, and pull her forward into his mouth and tongue. She loved it. Becoming hornier was a blessing as she moaned and cried out at a louder tone, which rung out throughout her home.

Suddenly, without word, he was done...with her tits and with that he began kissing the rest of her- To the sides, down her body, and down her belly he kissed her slowly and more lovingly then she had ever had love made to her...and he did it all to her, for her. God, the guy was as incredible as any man could be, she thought...absolutely incredible.

He stopped. Still fully dressed he realized he was but she was undoubtedly fully naked. He was on his knees but knelt up. He looked at her and as he did, he smiled and shook his head. "God, you are gorgeous. I wish you knew that." Cautiously or with great uncertainty, she said thank you, but quietly too. "Regardless, I do mean that. I could explain what I mean...if you wanted me too."

"Pardon" she said.

He went on, without really being asked, and starting with her hair and then her eyes and downward...he went through it all...all of her that is as his fingers trailed through almost every aspect of her and her body. God this woman was excellent and he wanted to say so too. She smiled and smile more and more as he expressed himself, detailing what he so loved about her, including her hips and legs.

"Wow...do you really mean that" she said.

Yes he did and when he smiled and he nodded yes, he leaned down and hugged her naked body in his arms. She loved being held, like that, at three in the morning, and in the middle of the week. Never in her life that she could ever recall had she had sex, like this. This...this was awesome. The guy was awesome too. On top of that, he was a good looking guy who...well forget about the idea he broke into her home and now was making love to her...she told herself to forget about that. Having sex, this kind of sex, and with this man...whoever he was...was incredible to her.

She was alive. She was freer then she'd ever felt with this guy who had been...loving her body like no other man ever had. And while he did, while she felt more alive then she ever had she also felt the crashing thunder within her. Not just a blowing desire, this started consuming her everywhere. It roared. In her arms, down to her belly, and deep inside her thighs something...howled, madly, all over her. Pangs shot through her forcing her to pull at his shirt, and his body. She needed this. She needed him. Not only the kissing and not only how he kissed and even sucked on her all over, she needed more. A lot, lot more, and knowing she did she had to...she had to cry out for it.

KISS MY...HOLD THEM AND KISS THEM...MY THIGHS! OH...GOD...SQUEEZE MY THIGHS... IN HERE BABY...IN HERE" she cried out as she reached for his hands and forced them down inside her legs. She pressed them hard against her thighs. Her chest welled up with desire. Her legs tightened up, wanting sexual gratification like never before. She squeezed this unknown mans hands firmly against her thighs and knew they were right there...almost by her pussy. She no longer cared. Not at all. Orgasm...she had to cum tonight...and he was the one. "Do it to me" she said a little more softly. "Do me...do me...ohhhhhhhh just get it...over with...do me" she crooned.

He looked into her face. Her eyes were closed. She was breathing oddly now. He was into this all the way. He too was horny and with that, hearing her words, and how she had said them he squeezed her thighs firmly. They felt like silk. They felt like some exotic and unknown fruit he'd never heard of. Either way, this sexy gorgeous creature was a stir, and he was her lover for the night. He was her giver of all sexual pleasure. So he did what she had asked and even begged for.

He knelt upright and undid his pants and he didn't even lick the younger pretty woman out. He took hold of his semi-hard cock and he placed it against her lips- Her pussy's lips. With that, she assisted.

She spread apart her legs and let him in. He pushed. He pushed harder and further. Ohhh god did she feel...sexy. She felt wet and warm and soft and inviting and with that, she let him in. With that, he went all the way in. He pushed and he pulled and he pushed and he pulled and as he did, she pushed and she pushed even more. This, to him, was good, but it was also good to her too.

"Oh god, mister...you...your cock...ohhhhhhh...my god, you feel...great. Don't...don't stop, yet. Just fuck me...fuck me...oh ugh ohhh ahhhhhh" she said. "Oh yeah, fuck me...fuck me more" as her hands reached out to grab hold of anything such as a pillow or a sheet or something. The power, the energy thes two felt, to her, was incredibly overwhelming. He could fill her, forever she thought as he filled her pussy with his cock. She hung on to those sheets as he fucked her harder then she'd been fucked in ages, or so she thought, but either way...this was phenomenal. She cried out. She got louder and louder as she did. Her panting grew heavier and she came. She came hard too. His cock remained inside afterward, fucking her crazily although no, he hadn't come yet himself. "Did...you come, honey" she asked not realizing she called the unknown lover honey.

"No...would you like it if I did" his soft smooth male voice asked.

"God, yes...oh yes...I want it. I want your come" she told him.

As she lay on her back, exasperated from having sex that early mid week morning, she watched the unknown lover jack off before her. His cock was a nice cock. She watched as he stroked himself. It was pleasurable, to say the very least. She soon stroked his legs as he jacked off and soon came on her boobs. A large puddle formed around them.

"God, that's a nice feeling" he said "when I cum like that."

"Yeah...come here she said, wiping up his come and swallowing it in her mouth. "Mmmmm, stay the night will you" she said, knowing she wanted a body to hold.

He nicely said no but added he'd be back if he was welcome. She smiled and although she was a little disappointed, after kissing and also feeling him all over her body, she could not get him to stay the rest of the night, beside her and holding her, he said "I'll be back...if you'll have me that is."

She said she'd love it if he'd come back. "But...why are you here in the first place and what's your name anyway"

"I'll tell you when I return." With that, he leaned over, and leaned in and placed a sumptuous kiss on her lips. "This is because I unexpectedly had the greatest time of my life with you tonight and I'd love to do this again with you, if you'll allow it. Good night beautiful" and he pulled up his pants and disappeared, leaving the stolen item by her bedroom door. She'd find it soon enough.

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