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Author: StoneyPoint
Published: 16-Jan-11
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Valentines Day was coming up...in two days in fact. She knew they had made plans. He was coming over...to spend the night. The whole night in fact. Because of the plans, she agreed to, she stood naked in front of her mirror, and she questioned herself on what she should wear for the night.

* * * * * * *

She knew. She knew she wasn't gorgeous. Yes, okay, she was pretty in some ways, but in most she was above average. As she stood there looking at her image, she looked at her tits. She reached up and held the still pert "babies" as he named them. Okay, she kind of like the name and called them that as she bounced them with the palms of her hands. "Hi Babies" she said, a smile nearing her lips. "Feeling frisky tonight" She giggled as she held each in her hands. Finally the full smile appeared. "Yep, I will not mind it when he undresses me, but my question is... What should I wear, what should I put on to adorn you two"

She turned and turned, looking at the rest of her average figure, wondering to herself if he also appreciated her flat tummy, which was surrounded by a rather thick frame, and if so then what about her sweet pear shaped ass too. "Gosh, Jeremy...I wish...well I wish you would go for this" she added as she patted her cheeks. She went to her dresser and she opened the third one down. After having rearranged them last week, she knew she was ready for this upcoming night. She put it on. It fit perfectly but she still had questions. Would it look...delicious to him She turned and she turned and she studied herself. Yes, she liked it. It looked sweet. It highlighted her tits and her ass but would it leave any sort of impression on Taylor, she wondered

The phone rang, just after she removed it. "Hello" she said It was Taylor. "Oh...hi" she said, her heart beating slightly faster. "I was just thinking about you...about you know-"

"Honey...there's a problem. I can't come. Uhhhh...to be...honest...I have to go out of town that day and I can't make it back until Saturday" he told her, abruptly.

Sitting on her bed, naked, she was shocked. No...noooooo...didn't you tell them you had plans, she screamed to herself. She looked down at her boobs and her flat belly. He called out her name. "Yes. I heard you. But why Taylor...why" she said.

"It's...business. Sometimes it has to...come first, Ariel" he replied. "I want to be there, with you...god...you have no idea" he went on to add.

"Taylor...come tonight. Just us...just you and me. Heck...I'm sitting here, thinking about it, but I am sitting here and I am as naked as a jaybird. I want you. I really, really want you...so come over, tonight...now" she told him.


"Taylor Didn't you hear me I...am...naked. I want you" she said again.

"Uh...yeah...I uh heard you" he said from outside his boss' condominium. He was staring up at it. She was one of the finest and sexiest women he knew and she came on to him, literally. She had invited him up to her place, literally. She came on to him a number of times but this time, earlier that day, she "offered him an opportunity of a lifetime." That was to spend it with her, fulfill all her earthly and womanly pleasures, and "touch her heart" as well. "But I can't. I can't make it, until...Saturday." He tried to launch an explanation but was failing and he failed, terribly.

"That's bullshit" Ariel came back.

Silence as he sat in his car looking up at the condo.

"Uh, no it isn't honey. It isn't" he said again, still staring at the woman's condo. He went on to explain but was failing miserably. "I'm...sorry" he told her.

She forgave him. He said he loved her. He got out of his car, turned off his phone, and he threw it inside the car. He walked up. Meanwhile, Ariel sat on her bed, at her apartment, and held back her lonely cry. But not for long. Nope. Not for long. She broke out. She bawled. After 25 minutes, it finally stopped. She scooted up against her backboard. Still naked, she cupped her tits. "Babies...we have to do something...something, right"

She knew of only one person...one person and although she was not in love with him and although he was not an ugly geek or even a jerk she knew one thing. He would say yes to going out that evening although she wanted to spend it at home, romantically. She waited nonetheless. She was still hopeful. Maybe he would still be able to come over. Maybe that is but she knew she'd be left out on the doorstep if she didn't call Greg. Greg would say yes. He'd jump on the offer, regardless. Yes, she'd known Greg for years and although they'd been friends for many a year, they'd had a couple of non-romantic dates, and they had turned out okay. Finally, she smiled. Finally she gave in. She would call him later on...either that night or sometime tomorrow she told herself.

The phone rang again. Maybe it was Taylor. "Hi there" the voice said. She tried to figure out who it was. "It's Greg...how are you doing"

"Hey there...good...how about you" she came back, smiling at the now familiar voice. "Can you believe this I was going to call you actually." He asked why. "Well..." and she stalled, or paused, "because I suppose..." and she paused again. "I guess...I wanted to...ask you...something...to be honest." He asked what. She paused as she put on sweats and a t-shirt. "Well...I just found out...well...do you want to do something on Valentine's Day...I mean that night"

"Me...me and you...on Valentines Day Really...you mean it" Then he stopped himself and went on to add "Well, to be honest I don't even know why I am reacting like this. I was going to ask you the same thing. You know like dinner and whatever" he told her.

"I'd love it" she said. "A lot too."

"Here, sit down...show me what I did wrong" she said. She was dressed nicely but in its own way it easily could have been provocatively too. She smelled nice too. She stood right behind him as he sat at her computer. She watched as he went into it, looking at his frame, and gazing down at his shoulders as well. They were square and wide and to her his shoulders invited a lot of her company. "So...what are you doing now, Taylor"

He turned around and was about to stare into her face when he was met with his first roadblock- Her cleavage. Not overwhelming in appearance, it was still there, and at first he thought it was inviting him into a region he didn't belong. She smiled. She knew. She wanted. Seeing as she was as close as she was she quietly asked him again what the problem was. He answered, gulping as he did.

"Is everything alright" she asked.

Still at her computer, which in her case was a little more complex then most average home computers, he said yes that everything was fine. His eyes tried staying glued to her computer even though he wanted to turn around at stare at that cleavage, again. Although he was 28 and she was 41, she was "healthy" as hell, and she had a body which did not quit. A nice chest, great looking boobs, and a hell of a nice looking ass although she was wearing ass enhancing slacks he easily could make a few snide remarks about his boss' ass and might do it if he was with friends, but not today. Nope, he was with her, and at her home and the woman was dressed to kill that night.

"Great...so it's fixed She asked.

He nodded. He turned around again. Damn, there it was. Her cleavage. It was like it was calling out his name...and his loins as well. He gulped, again, and once he did he didn't even realize his eyes stayed focused on her tits. She smiled. He didn't even notice it. She then reached out, putting her hands on his shoulders, as if offering him support, but as she did she began rubbing them and squeezing them too. Mmmm, it felt good and he let her continue...too long.

"Feel nice did it Never get rubbed like that, do you" she asked.

"Uh...oh...uh no" he told her. It did feel good. He could sit there almost all night and let his boss rub his shoulders. In fact he felt like, if she was willing, he'd lie on the floor and let her do her thing. ""Yeah, I think I could do this all night" he said by accident.

"Me too" she chimed in.

Before he knew it though, her hands trailed down over his shoulders, and met with his chest. The feeling, the sensation heightened his awareness a little. He found himself closing his eyes as her fingers needled his chest. He seemed to relax. "Got a date for Valentines Day... Oh that's right...you have to go out of town, don't you"

Her fingers felt riveting as they continued along his upper body, along his pectorals. He loved how it felt to be seduced by her even though he didn't really realize that he was. She rubbed both arms, then back to his shoulders, but didn't spend much more time on them. She went back and rubbed that muscular, manly chest of his.

Mmmmm, she thought. I could do this all night long. I hope he can. "I should probably go" he told her out of nowhere although he loved how she was rubbing his shoulders and especially his chest. She asked him of he really wanted to leave. "Nah, I suppose I can stay for a little bit." She smiled as her hands pressed a little harder on his chest.

"I bet you work out, right So do I" she said.

"Yes. I do" he said. What she didn't know where he worked out at. She said she'd love to know where he worked out at. He had an extremely unique exercise facility at his parent's house, in their garage. He lived there to save money for a home soon. "Just a place" he answered after she asked.

"Here...take off your shirt...lie down on the floor and I'll rub your back" she said, softly.

He became so comfortable around her, all of a sudden that he did what she said. Her hands were warm and soft. The rubbed, or more to the point, caressed his back and muscles as he lay on her nicely carpeted floor taking it all in.

"I watched on TV a series about a particular massage therapy, Taylor. It was uhhh invigorating, I thought. I ordered the books and a tape about it too." She kept on rubbing his back as she spoke. "I loved it. I learned a lot. Men love it more then woman, too." She rubbed his back as if it was something religious and he lay on the floor allowing it to happen. He answered her. "Yeah...care to find out a little more I can show you...I mean if you want me to that is, and well...you'll love it."

He lay still. He didn't move. She continued to rub his almost triangular back. She could feel it, almost, all over her...if things worked out her way. He finally agreed. He took off his pants for her and before he knew it her hands were all over his body. As she rubbed it, she needled her knuckles into it, pleasuring him the only way she really knew how.

Besides his back, her knuckles, and her fingers, angled down around his waist, and soon down his legs, especially his strong muscular thighs. Mmmmm yeah...his thighs...his cock... Oh yeah, his cock...soon to be mine, she thought. Yeah...if only I could...ohhh if only he'd let me slay that, she told herself.

"Taylor...I have to tell you... You sure have a nice physique" she said in a compliment.

Thanks, he thought before saying it, and you do too. "Yeah, thanks...I think you do too."

Silence. "You do, really" she said finally. "Mine...this body...my figure" she lied.

Before he knew it she talked him into telling her to take off her shirt. He wanted to look at her now. Hell, her top was off. Her tits could be seen a lot better. Hell, we could do a one nighter, he told himself. He felt her hands, her fingers, and her knuckles all over his body as she talked away...delighted he had complimented his boss' figure.

Before he knew it, she leaned over and with her top off she kissed him on the cheek. He was surprised and he turned over and sat up. He looked at not only her, but her boobs too. "Wow" he said and closed his eyes, looking away for a moment. "I don't know about you but" and he opened them "isn't this all wrong... I mean you and me, like this"

"I don't think so. I mean we're both grown adults. I feel...or I think I feel a mutual attraction towards you" she said wearing a half playful grin on her lips. "I think you fine me attractive and I know I think you're attractive and a woman...at my age...has to pick and choose her...her battles. I don't know about you, but that's...that can be tough."

"What do you want" he said, not saying from me or anything else.

She was surprised by his question. She shrugged but looked at his body as she did. In a solemn tone as she looked at him, and his body too, she said she'd love to have sex, once again. "It's been...so long" she said even though she was married. He interrupted her and said so too as in a question. "Yes, but you don't understand. It isn't what you think" she told him. "Marriage isn't always like that."

"So...you want me to fuck you. That's it Okay" he agreed. "I will fuck you."

"Nooooo, Taylor... No. I want a man, much like yourself...I want a man to make love with me. Make love to me and my body, will you" she told him.

He gave in. He would. Did that also mean kiss her lips too

Meanwhile... "Hey...want to get together tonight" Greg said to Ariel. She hesitated but said yes anyway. It was the night before Valentines Day. "Great...what time" he asked. She told him and they agreed. She rushed home. After spending nearly an hour on her appearance, he arrived and rang the doorbell. She hoped she looked good. She opened the door. He was as excited as a cat in a burning house. He took one look and thought- Gorgeous as ever. "Wow, Ariel... Wow...you look...incredible tonight.

The compliment fueled her fire although it hadn't come from Taylor, it was still a great compliment to her and she swiftly invited him inside. Screw dinner plans...let's have wine...and then let's get down to it... Talk, intimacy, and then... She could feel it. The burning thunder all over. In her heart, in her chest, down into her belly...it rung out. Even her thighs cried out. Oh lord, Greg...take me. Let's...have...sex tonight. Forget everything else. Let's do it.

They talked. He was behaving like a perfect gentleman. No come-ons. None whatsoever. Come on Greg...make an advance of some sort. Heck, I'll play along this one time. Come on...please...please, she kept telling herself, but he didn't.

"Greg" she began, cutting off their conversation regarding the old days "I have a question, a proposal more to the point." He looked at her and listened, waited. "See, I initially had plans for tomorrow, and for whatever reason they broke off." Her face showed signs of frustration. Her body kept recalling all the feelings she had throughout it. It grew and grew. She wanted someone to not only hold her but hold her all night long. She wanted someone to take her and undress her and once he did, make slow and plausible love to it, until she cried out, numerous times due to orgasms out of her control. "Well regardless...and you won't understand it all but regardless, Greg...I need someone, like you, to do something for me. This is a huge request."

"Well anything...anything for you, Ariel. I mean it too...anything at all."

He had no idea what was coming. "I need...a man, Greg. I need...love to Nth degree... No stopping...all the way. I've been..." and her eyes closed as the arousing thunder grew all over her "planning something but it all fell through. I mean I'm not like this, normally. I'm not some slut. I'm not but women have feelings. Women have...just like men I guess...needs. I'm burning up. I...I need a man and seeing as...as we're together Greg" and she paused and looked down and whispered "a man to be with me...tonight."

He was shocked. He was stunned. A date with Ariel again for the very first time in four years Him and her, together...intimately, he asked himself. "You...you want me to...to make love to...you...Ariel"

She nodded and looked into his eyes. She took his hands and held them for a couple minutes. She closed her eyes for a moment and then opened them, nodding she did want to make love with him that night. He asked again but to assure him of what she really wanted she lifted both his hands up, placing each on her tits. Looking into his soft eyes, she pressed his hands against her breasts. She nodded while gazing into his eyes.

"Yes I do" she confirmed. "Make...love to me will you"

He looked into her eyes not sure it was the right thing to do. In his estimation it was only a friendly date and nothing else but what convinced him was a weird sensation which began coursing through his body. Yes...that was the one. That one. It was heading for his loins. He felt it in his fingertips. He felt it in his chest. Yeah, he also felt it in his belly too. Oh god...not...oh shit, and his eyes closed for a second as his hands remained pressed against her titties, and all of a sudden he knew. This was good. This was right. With that he removed his hands off her boobs. He looked into the old friends eyes. He smiled and tenderly graced her cheek with one of the hands.

"Alright...I'll make love with you...if you really want me to" he told her and caressed the side of her arm and scooted even closer. She stood up out of no where and took his hand. "Where are we going" he asked. She told him.

She was all over him. Her hands moved quickly. Not wanting the feelings to explode, he tried, hard, to force it away, but she was good. Really, really good. Her lips moved across not only his chest, but his neck and even across his lips. She was explosive as she careened across Taylor's body. Seeing as he was already undressed she forced his hands on hers and before he knew it, he was almost unwillingly undressing her. He didn't mean to but it seemed natural and as she unfolded before him he discovered his boss' body was incredibly amazing. For someone who was over 40, her body, and her face too looked only a few years older then him. How was it possible

"Enjoying yourself, Taylor" she asked as they progressed.

He could not say no. It was too exciting and he was hard and horny for a body like hers was way too much to ignore that night. Before he knew it he was letting her lead one of his hands down her stomach and all the way in between her thighs. Incredible. Yes. Very, very amazing. She moved about. He seemed to follow. Yes. She seemed to love it too. Yes as she moaned and cooed and eased all over him, she could feel that boner jabbing her occasionally, and she knew...she knew she was more then ready.

"Want to eat me out, honey" she asked.

Eat her out...her pussy, he thought. God...I...oh shit, fuck...god the woman is...sexy. "Sure...I mean yes" he said and she laid down and undid her slacks and before he knew it his mouth and his tongue were up and inside her legs. She even shaved, he thought. Smooth and clean as a whistle he told himself as his tongue went at her. All over her pussy, he ate her out, and turned her on as she seemed to cry out in a charming cooing of catcalls as she held his body close as she could. "You have a great..." what do I call it, he wondered...a pussy, a vagina...what He didn't know but said "pussy."

"Really sweetheart...ohhhhh you're perfect too...mmmmmm" she replied.

And even before she knew it, she came. Right after that, seeing as he was hornier then a dog, he jumped up, and practically and romantically began kissing his boss on her lips. Whoa, she wasn't expecting that but it sure was good. He liked her, she thought. That's sweet. That's great and so she kissed him back. The kissing lasted a few minutes but before he knew it, her hand, moved slowly downward, and ended up inside his boxers.

"Uh...whoa...whoa" he said unexpectedly feeling her hand on his cock.

"What...you don't like me doing this"

Heck yes, he told himself as her hand squeezed and stroked his manliness. He flipped. Lying on his back, she stroked it and watched his face as she did. She loved it. He loved it too. This was not good. This was awesome, to say the least.

And...before he knew it, her head disappeared, down between his legs. Her lips started it all. She was sucking on the tip of it and swallowing it...all the way down into her throat as she gulped a number of times while sucking him off. She continued her work up.

Meanwhile... "Mmmmmm, that's nice" she said once he kissed her lips. She opened her eyes and looked at her old, old friend. She looked into his eyes and she smiled. He smiled back. He asked if she wanted to keep on kissing. "Sure why not" she told him. Their arms and hands enveloped one another and lips pressed against the others, kissing softly and holding lovingly...something new was burning inside each of them. Again they stopped after a few minutes. She smiled again. "Uh, I liked that...a lot...did you" she said.

"Yeah. I mean kissing you, for me, well...it's marvelous" he said.

She thought about it and without saying a word, she looked down. She undid her blouse. For Greg and not Taylor, she pulled it back for his eyes. She looked up and smiled. Yes, she thought, they're for you tonight. Take them, hold them...make love to them tonight she wanted to say as his eyes stayed glued to them once she undid her top.

"Uhhhhh...you uh...you have uh nice breasts, Ariel" he said.

"Really, you think so" she said and he said yes, with a smile, and she told him to feel them and make love to her breasts. So he did.

"OH BABY...BABY" she screamed. "SQUEEZE THEM HARDER...HARDER BABY HARDER!" So he did as "ordered and squeezed the living hell out of her boobs. Full and vital, he held on to them. Full and healthy, he squeezed them with lust filling his loins. God, this was great he thought as his arms came from behind the woman's back and he reached around her simply to do it to her luscious boobs. "Fuck...yeah Taylor...oh yeah baby" she said as her hands reached back behind her to pull his ass into hers. His stiffness, against her bare back was incredible, and how he touched those boobs of hers was also tremendous, she told herself. "KEEP...KEEP DOING IT...THAT WAY. YEAH...OHHHHH...JUST...JUST LIKE THAT HONEY" she screamed passionately.

Pulling her into him, he did it as she requested, but meanwhile another party was doing it too...across town. Lying on her bed, Greg and Ariel were halfway to being undressed, and these two were going at one another hot and heavy. He was on top. She had brought him down on her like that. With that, he was kissing her hungry lips, madly. They rolled. They kissed. They rolled more and more. Man, this was good. Wow this was great. Or so she thought. She didn't know about him but he could kiss and she wanted it all at that point.

She stopped. "Wanna do it" she said, smiling.

The look on his face said it all. As in...have sex Heck yes. She knew that answer and again she smiled. So did Greg. Seconds passed and both were nude. She looked down to see his erection. Already, she wondered Wow and due to the fact he was already hard, she took hold of it, and started stroking his cock. Gently, softly, and almost lovingly she stroked it....down, up....down, up....and she watched his reactions as she stroked the hard, erect beauty so far that evening.

"Ready...I know I am. Go on. Go on in me" she told him.

"OHHHH FUCK ME...FUCK ME NOW TAYLOR" his boss screamed out and with that he slipped in down inside the messy hole. "OHHHHHHH" he heard her say, pleasurably. "THAT...IS SOOOOOOO GOOD BABY. OH GOD...OH GOD...UH...OOOOHH YEAH HONEY...YOU FEEL AWESOME INSIDE." He pushed harder. He pushed and pumped faster. At that point he so wanted to please her that it was the only thing left. Fuck her hard and fuck her until she came, he figured so that was what he intended to do.

'OH MY GOD...OH...MY GOD" she cried out. "OH FUCK...YEAH... DON'T STOP" she clamored as she pushed up into him while he pushed down into her. Holding her blanket while he thrust himself down into her glorious, wet hole she cried louder and louder for him to continue. The look on her and the tightness of her body said it all. Before he knew it...she came. She leaked liquid "white gold." It streamed down her thighs. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh Greg...honey...baby... Ohhhhhhh thank you... Thank...you very...much" she said conceding that he got her to orgasm. She pulled at his body. She brought him flat down against hers. She kissed all around his lips and when he had a second, he looked up smiling. "I...love you...thank you."

"You are welcome" he said even though he never came. He wished he could have but that night, that event was never about him. They lay there. She held him firmly, lovingly. He listened to her breathe. It was sweet. He petted her chest and boobs. She loved how it felt as she held him closely. "I shouldn't say this" he said "but I could easily fall back in love with you."

She didn't respond but she did caress his body. She still held a flower for Taylor even though he was across town banging on his boss' cherry. "I do have a boyfriend. You know that don't you" she finally said, breaking the silence.

"Yeah, I figured" he told her.

"Well...we'll see...okay" she added.

"Ohhhhhh god, honey...honey" she said numerous times in between deep breaths of air. God...you...you and that heady cock of yours... They, you are incredible baby. Just incredible" she went on to say. "Come back another night and do this with me" she asked.

"I don't know. Uh we'll see, okay" he said answering her as he thought about the love of his life. "I mean...I do have a girlfriend, you know."

"So sweetheart...I have a husband...but you're much, much better then he is. You're so" and she stopped to search for the right words. Smiling she went on to say "You are soooo full of life, honey!" She rubbed his chest and hard nipples as she added "He isn't even close. And I loved doing this tonight with you... I think I could do it again...what about you" Then she took hold of his spent cock; started stroking it, lightly. She leaned in and kissed him as she faintly tangled with his limpness.

She still smelled great...and that playfulness he felt... Oh fuck...he was going to get hard again...and soon too.

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