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Spick and Span Nude Cleaners


Author: Alex Carr
Published: 22-Apr-13

So she concluded that letting Henry share her sister with her was better than losing him, for he was a red blooded man and needed his gratification, something that was lacking with her of late, simply because he kept trying to force her to have anal sex with him.

* * * * * * *

Ricardo had a bit of the Italian about him, the eldest son of an Italian father and an English mother. He was very popular with the female fraternity wherever he went, his Adonis figure, which he kept well-trimmed by working out every day at the local gym and jogging every morning at first light in the suburbs. His charismatic personality made him the sort of guy hard to ignore in a crowd or most anywhere.

His morning jogging route took him around the boundaries of Truewood House, a large old typically seventeenth century pile, which was now owned by the National Trust, it's upkeep maintained by regular visitors, paying to see the wonderful display of antiquities the late Marquis and his predecessors had gathered through the centuries.

The gardens too, designed by Capability Brown of Victorian fame, were a treat to enjoy and when Ricardo did his run nearby, he imagined how it once was when the very rich gentry owned such huge mansions.

He was never slow to pick up a new money making idea, imagining himself being able to afford such luxury, and something struck his eye on the internet about a very profitable career without much outlay.

First look; it seemed boring but then he saw that this was a different project altogether, for it was a supply and demand venture with a difference -and Ricardo was happy to see just how well similar businesses were taking off, and just how many lonely women out there wanted some spice in their lives.

So what better than offering a cleaning service with a difference, a service which would supply an efficient spring clean of a house by a very likeable guy wearing his next to nothing's or, if preferred, nothing at all.

The mind boggled for Ricardo, but being part Italian his views were uninhibited and it was something that interested him, it was a job he could do that would both pleasure him and make him a wealthy man. And besides, he liked the idea of comforting lonely women, that was a nice and descent thing to do so he went for it!

Who would have thought just a few years ago, such a thing would ever have taken off in Britain Ricardo decided to name his new venture; Spick & Span house cleaners, although for the present he was a one man band But if it did take off he could employ another guy and later, maybe more. If they were up to it, for his demands for quality would be high, he had his reputation to preserve. They would have to be like him. Easy on the eye and with a loyal devotion to his vocation A willingness to serve, whatever that takes, and of course, a good physique to raise the women's interest.

His advertisement on his new web site proudly stated the cleaner would wear tight jeans, kinky briefs, G-strings or just his birthday suit, just to make it all the more joyful whilst he did the chores, that it was the clients' choice entirely. His advert concluded; "We spick and you span, discreetness and prudence go hand in hand" which could mean a thousand and one things, but he imagined any prospective client would get the right message.

By coincidence the Marchioness of Truewood was looking for a new male cleaner to replace one retired and she was talking about Ricardo's advert to her sister Henrietta; "I do think it would maybe better to get a younger person to do the job, old Henry was past his prime long ago and I could see he was puffing and panting."

Henrietta replied; "I think; looking at this advertisement, it could be you who ends up puffing and painting Melissa!"

"Whatever do you mean" the marchioness asked coyly..

"You are not that innocent surely Melissa, you know what this implies don't you"

"I know exactly dear Henrietta, why do you think I am interested"

There was a short pause, then: "You are still missing Henry aren't you, Melissa" Henrietta said with a knowing grin.

"I will be frank with you sister mine, I miss Henry for everything including his electric passion, I feel I shall be dried up before very long and I am only forty, Henry may have been twenty years my senior but he still had lots of stamina .I deserve some joy in my life - don't you see Henrietta, do you blame me for that"

Her sister thought awhile and then her face lightened up.

"Of course I don't blame you at all, you have no need to make excuses I think it is a super idea, but we have always been good sisters sharing most things huh"

"What are you saying Henrietta"

"Well perhaps - when you take on this new cleaner of yours, you might invite me around for tea, just so I can vet him, after all I wouldn't like my sister to be conned would I - and I would want to see he is doing a good job!"

"That is a fine excuse, Henrietta, I know you better than that. But of course you can come around on the proviso you scarper when I give the signal that something may be afoot."

Henrietta laughed out loud: "Scarper!, where on earth do you pick up such a word dearest sister"

"Maybe certain books I have been reading of late" she winked

"I know, you have been reading those naughty novels like 50 shades of grey haven't you"

"Well Henrietta, you seem to know all about them, have you been reading them too " "Haven't most women who search for some excitement in their dreary lives"

"Ah! so you have. They are really erotic though, but now I need something that a book cannot give. and that is where Spick and Span come in!"

"Hello Ma'm - if that is what I call a marchioness" asked Ricardo on his arrival at the big house. He was thinking there was a lot of work to be done in such a large place and if he could get away with it just being a lone ranger.

Mellissa greeted him with elation and said that he must call her Melissa, that she was just an ordinary person like anyone else, that since her husband had died she had the opportunity to do away with old fashioned Victorian etiquette.

She enthusiastically asked if he'd like a coffee whilst they discussed his employment and he gladly accepted , noticing with ease that this woman who was a cultured person, who knew how to groom herself, had a great figure and a nice manner, which would make it easy for him to 'perform' and when she returned with a tray of coffee and biscuits, she had a sparkling glint her eyes ,and straight away he felt comfortable with her.

"It is so nice to meet you, what a wonderful service you perform for us dreary older women who want some livening up" she said without reservation - just to let him know what she was all about. . "Do you like chocolate digestives Ricardo I adore them. She dipped one into her coffee and slowly sucked the chocolate layering off and it was just something about the way she did that which raised a young guys libido. Those deep set eyes staring at him so alluringly said everything.

Immediately he said the right thing by replying that he didn't think she was a dreary woman old at all, in fact she looked very young and attractive. "I shall be honest with you though, I have only recently formed my new business and there is only me. In fact you are my very first client!"

"A virgin cleaner aye" She teased "I am sure you will be more than enough Ricardo" she said with a very suggestive reassuring smile.

"I was just thinking, as this is such a large house, it will be hard to manage in a day."

"Then, Ricardo, we shall have to fix it that you can work two days, or as long as it takes. I should like you monthly too, can you manage that all on your little own some. Of course you will need some play time, you know what they say about all work and no play"

"Thanks, Melissa I like that very much but I had better get on, where would you like me to start"

"My bedroom I think, a good dusting may be the order of the day and the windows need cleaning inside and then, maybe the balustrades on the small stairway leading to the bedroom. It used to be the servants quarters but they are long gone> I use it now. I will show you where the cleaning equipment is."

Immediately after he'd received his cleaning materials Ricardo removed his jacket and shirt, asking how she would like him, and he could see she was flushing.

She hesitated a little, looking him over with relish and then she suggested;

"Maybe just your underwear would be nice" and Ricardo sensed the electricity between them as he unzipped before her. She commented how good he looked in tight red boxer shorts. She was incensed by the sight of him and complimented him on his fine stature that she had almost forgotten how a man looked and it was so lovely to see a real one again in the flesh.

He just loved her sensuous smile and he didn't feel at all awkward being it was his first time and she his first client. It was almost like it was the most natural thing in the world and he was wondering why he had not realised before. Melissa was undoubtedly fused with the new thrill in her life.

Without further ado he started to go around the ceiling with a feather duster to remove the cobwebs, he was all of six foot tall and easily reached the corners, Melissa confessed she, like most women, hated spiders and said for him not to mind if she just sat on the side of the bed, that she wasn't spying on his work or anything like that. But it was simply a pleasure just to be there.

"That is fine" retuned Ricardo with a knowing look; " I enjoy the company anyway, I guess you miss your husband very much, I have seen pictures of him in the local history books."

They got on magnificently and Melissa was in ore of his wonderful body and watched intently as he moved in different ways to achieve his work.

"You are magnificent, Ricardo, if you only knew how wonderful and refreshed you make me feel."

"My pleasure is yours, just tell me what to do and I will be glad to please"

"Like being my servant aye Ricardo, I do like that, it sort of goes with us presently being in the former servants quarters."

He twisted his head, smiling down at her, she still perched on the edge of the bed and showing a good length of pleasing thigh wrapped in coffee colored stockings, he wondered if she wore suspenders, he loved the creases in her little black dress which always exited him, and all in all, he knew he wouldn't mind and hoped he would get the opportunity of deriving her in more ways than one. But she was the client and she had to call the tune, but he hoped it was one he liked.

"Beautiful!" she exclaimed as he bent a little to dust the lower corners, removing a chest of drawers to do so. "That does look so positively divine, Ricardo, you are lovely on the eye, would you, could you --"

She gulped -not finishing her sentence. But the way she was looking down at him sort of said it all. He sensed her wanting, put the duster down on the bedside table and grasped the waistband of his boxers, making a move as if to pull them down but waiting for a positive reaction..

She seemed in a daze, eyes half open and her cheeks more flushed than ever. Then she spoke with a divine whisper saying she would simply love that. She watched him intently as he teasingly wiggled his boxer shorts down ward, down to his knees and over his feet, moving slightly with his side towards her so that she could just get an inkling of his masculinity.

It was all so exciting, thrilling and electric and Melissa was giving off a sensual sound that showed her craving for that special something she has missed so very much in her life, and now it was there before her, in a wonderfully delightful stance.

"Beautiful!" she said again - and again, and again.

Then she curled her legs and feet up on the bed and took a horizontal prostrate position. Ricardo felt right about what he was doing and simply loved to be admired that way, especially by an educated woman who was clearly geared up for wonderful things to come, and he would be there for her, taking some time off from his cleaning chores, simply to comfort her in the most delightful and erotic way, he looked forward to going further and he knew she did too. Everything about her said so.

"It has been so frightfully long Ricardo, and I will be quite frank with you, I have missed the warmth of a man beside me, to hold and to cherish and everything. I aspire from a very passionate family of which I know many of my ancestors joyfully enjoyed the love of many. It is in the blood I cannot deny that and I have, for the last six years, since my husband died, become like a veritable dried up pea that needs replenishing. Can you do that for me Ricardo, can you include that in your itinerary. Do give this poor neglected woman a good dusting and renovating, I will reward you well for your complete discretion at all times, for it has to be only between us and, if you are willing, my dear sister with whom I share almost everything, but there is an exception, because, as much as I love my sister sweetly, she can just to look and not touch, that is my prerogative you see, agreed"

Ricardo did not reply at once, but continued cleaning the banisters and she followed, going past him down the stairs, then turning and looking up, exiting herself tremendously by his stance, the shimmering and shaking and all of his stimulating credentials ,as he busied himself stepping backwards down the staircase as he maneuvered his feather duster between each rail support, presenting himself in a very compromising position.

Replying to her question he said it would be his pleasure and as he stepped down to the last step but one, Melissa could not stop herself from touching her 'hunk of masculinity' for the very first time.

It was all too much to resist and his rear presented a gorgeous curve which stimulated her whole being and the only way to resolve that was to stroke and finger touch. Ricardo froze and stopped what he was doing to be whatever she wanted him to be.

He rested both arms on the downward sloping stair rail and felt the eagerness in her shivering fingers as she squeezed and nudged him there, feeling the texture so warm and supple as he teasingly wiggled for her pleasure.

"Ricardo, you just don't know how wonderful this makes me feel, you are perfect in every way. Hmm, you feel so nice and lovely to touch."

She was in her element and no mistake, he enticed her to explore some more, opening his thighs provocatively with one foot still placed on the third step up, his credentials beautifully hung and accessible for her pleasure to do with as she will.

Running her index finger between the crevice of his hind she held her breath as instinctively it reached the sensitive part just behind his balls, then she spread her right hand enough to cup them gently so she could enjoy the sublime virility of this heavenly Adonis, closely watching all the time as she squeezed a little, watching them bunch and roll with her massage.

"They are beautiful Ricardo. I have missed the smell and taste of a man so very much so I do hope you will excuse me for being so greedy"

"Be my guest Melissa, you have a really nice touch."

"We can have lots of fun aye, Ricardo I have a lot to make up for loss time."

Then she enjoyed that which she had missed so very much, the rising of cock, his ripe pink penis looking like a hundred dollars of sheer heaven. Watching it grow to her touch to full erection as she continued also to massage his firm balls.

Again the throat sounds were there, joyous sounds which heralded the thrill to be shared by two consenting adults in a very special way, he just stood there for as much time as she wanted to enjoy him, she perched herself on the bottom step and arranged herself so her head was immediately underneath those delightful parts she adored and relished so much.

She shivered with absolute delight and ecstasy as she took the feather duster from his hand and stroked his credentials so tantalizingly and she heard him moan as she really thoroughly teased his all with the feather duster , stroking the curves of his hind and the curve of his spine simultaneously.

She whimpered as he moaned and watched his erection grow to the hilt and begin to jerk upwards each time she deliciously squeezed his balls.

It was all very wonderful for Melissa and not so bad for Ricardo either, as this lady let free all her inhibitions and did what she had fantasized to do in her wildest dreams All the time she was telling him that, and how wonderful that at last those dreams were coming true.

"You are making a very lonely woman so very happy, Ricardo, You are a real pleasure to touch, the warmth of you body brings back so many happy and wonderful memories when my dear husband was alive and able."

Ricardo was well palpitating and she felt his urge was leading to a well needed climax, as she remembered when she often masturbated her late husband, but it was nothing as good as this, for one thing he could never get this strong and anyway this was the feel of young cock with which she craved to be so greedy and if he wanted to cum in his present stance that would be lovely.

"Ricardo, you know if you want to, I won't mind at all, in fact I would rather like it so you can just let yourself go if you want"

She wanted to see just how strong Ricardo could climax. It would be a wonderful prelim to their imminent fuck, she wanted that and how! But she also wanted to enjoy and excel in the wonderful art of foreplay Now the complete feel of cock in hand, was hard as a rock as she massaged it firmly; first in one hand and then the other. It made her feel so wanted again that she could please a man, and she wanted the intimacy to grow so that when she eventually got him in her bed he would perform again and again, because he was going to discover just how passionate a woman she was.

She loved to experience the moment as Ricardo built up to the beautiful eruption; and just the feel of him sent her into a frenzy as she found the perfect way he wanted her to jerk him off, and when he came it was like a volcano spurting into space - but she couldn't resist the taste of him, teasing the head between her lips as she gently sucked his cream. But that wasn't enough, she wanted full oral then, he was still coming in plenty and she just chilled and enjoyed the moment with all that pent up desire that had at last been freed with this glorious creature

She sucked him dry with full intent and felt his cream warmly slide into her throat, She squeezed his balls gently to make him cum more and enthusiastically licked all the residue from his still throbbing cock.

"That was utterly beautiful, Ricardo, I so enjoy being with you."

He was sitting on the lower stair now.- taking in the aftermath of having been with a woman so passionate and complete, and although he had not yet felt her fuck, she assured him he would in good time, that would be the crescendo of their new relationship and she invited him to return the following day to clean the lounge.

She look radiantly happy and as he left. She smothered him with warm kisses and he took in her expensive perfume, at the same time she gave him an envelope with fifty pounds inside and he knew he would return the following day, the money was good of course but so was she. He felt numb and gratified but dreamed of what it would be like to fuck a woman of such culture and obvious sexual needs. He felt confident he could give her all she needed in that direction. He was amazed at the way she simply sucked him up like she was feeding off him, and that was a very special experience - seeing her enjoy that so very much and take him to the helm.

As he left Samantha gave him another warm squeeze as she offered her lips and tongue to him, and he felt in her deep French kiss the joy of what they had shared.

"Tomorrow" she whispered. "Make it early I shall be waiting." and when he reached his car such was her passion that he just had to masturbate. But seeing the bulge in his jeans before he closed the door, she ran over, jumped in beside him and gave him a new surging massage to finish him off.

When he went to bed that night he was full mast again thinking of Melissa. And as he saw to himself he imagined the fuck of her.

The same evening Melissa's sister was around visiting her, dying to know how she got on.

"You waste no time, Henrietta - you have always been like a dog with a bone and I can tell you won't let go until I tell you."

"Okay, was he good, Melissa and did he suffice"

"How do you mean, suffice" Melissa was teasing her sister and knew exactly the reason for her intrepid questioning..

"He was let me say; right for the job in hand."

"Come on, Melissa, out with it, I am dying to know."

"Know what"

"Good heavens, you are hard work this evening, tell me"

"Well he was a good cleaner and did his job well, I got him feather dusting my bedroom and the banisters."

"Is that all he feather dusted" her sister grinned.

Henrietta was silent for a while but not for long.

"You can recommend him then Melissa."

"I can, In every way."

"In every way"

"What do you want sister mine, an affidavit"

"More or less,-yes!" Henrietta announced in no uncertain terms. "Did he strip; did he do what it said in the advert"

"He did and he was divine."


"I won't keep you in suspense any longer Henrietta, Ricardo was divine and extremely pleasing. I have made arrangements for him to come again tomorrow morning.".

"Well then I think it would be polite to ask me around huh to vet this new guy in your life"

Melissa agreed that would be fine. She told her sister just how it was, that he was heaven to touch, his strong masculinity was perfectly wondrous, and she told her how she was unable to resist that more intimate touch and what it led to.

Henrietta said she was pleased for her, it would be good for her after missing all the good things she shared with Henry.

She noticed her sister looked warm and happy, her face flushed like she hadn't seen in a long time since Henry was alive.

"Well you shared him too. Sister mine" Melissa said.

Never much was said about that. It was accepted and Melissa was quite happy with the arrangement on the condition that Henry promised to keep it in the family.

He was highly sexed she knew that, it sort or ran in the gentry and was almost an accepted thing that` a husband should have his concubine to play with.

He sister fitted the part well enough. But to this day Henrietta was unaware that Henry always gave her a detailed account at bedtime which juiced up their sex life. She watched him looking intently at Henrietta as she rode Gipsy, her beloved stallion in the paddock. How he went to her after she'd finished with her mount and disappeared into the summer house where she would mount him.

It was all about seeing Henrietta in her riding breeches and how she bounced in perfect rhythm with Gipsy's cantor.

`He'd confessed she was the perfect fuck after a hard ride on Gypsy and he reaped the benefit when their kiss was deep and penetrating, the perfect French kiss he said and after that, stripping off her breeches and searing the nostrils in the nectar of her fresh body sweat, she continued the bouncing, mounted on him as she helped him deeply penetrate her wholesome pussy to a resounding fuck, then she'd move upwards until her fresh fucked primed pussy smothered him, and then she'd start the bouncing all over again.

She also knew about the times she was eager to mount him bare backed, and he was her stallion, and how she embellished his hind with a good use of the crop. She'd seen the resulting marks on his backside.

But age catches up with us all and such was the case with Henry.

And after those escapades with her sister, Henry was no longer able to sustain the good long face sitting she loved and enjoyed so very much; it was in integral part of their love life as was Henrietta who spurred him on to heavenly sensations as she so very much enjoyed his deep oral manifestations.

But the poor man was fighting a lung disorder and was no longer able to hold his breath long enough to give his wife that to which she had become accustomed and sadly the sex died a death and soon after so did Henry.

But now the sadness had faded and she had a brand new your guy to do the honours, and already she had sampled the goods.

"If life is worth living, it needs constant replenishment, sister mine" she told Henrietta whom she knew for a fact, when brought on by the bounce of Gypsy's mount, she often disappeared highly charged into the summer house quite alone - and with a pair of binoculars she had spied on her, seeing through the window just what she was doing. Imagination is a wonderful thing but never quite like the reality so she knew her sister missed Henry too

But you will have to make your own arrangements Henrietta, I want that to be known, because whilst he is here he is mine, you can be there to watch but I don't like threesomes, never have and you know that, remember when Henry suggested that If I was bisexual there would have been no problem I guess, so that's is the agreement right"

"Well it is jolly nice of you to allow that, Melissa and I am bursting with the thought of having a nice new toy boy in our lives."

"But remember, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, he is booked, right"

"Okay Melissa, you are the eldest, but he'll need a rest day after being with you that's for sure, so I will try for Fridays. Don't you think this is all rather bizarre - I can't get my head around it yet, but I guess we move with the times. After all, when one sees online that semen cocktails are the in thing. I don't think I could cope with that, I like to know where my semen comes from."

"I absolutely agree and Ricardo's is perfect!"

"You mean you have already ..."

"I have" Melissa interrupted. "I told you he is so irresistible - he is everything I crave for."

"Can't wait to see him in the morning then Melissa, are you sure you don't mind me booking him"

"Unfortunately Henrietta I cannot possess him that is his job after all. I just know being with him makes me realise how we have been graced with the wonderful experiences sex can bring into our lives, that we should cherish it whilst we can."

"We are sisters, Melissa and we think alike and I agree. It was so wonderful with Henry and you know how much I love you for understanding that I loved him too. Have you bonded with Ricardo"

"You are so old fashioned, Henrietta, fucked you mean!" Melissa smiled in a way her sister knew she hadn't.

"But I am sure it will be wonderful Henrietta. One step at a time, okay"

"He is beautifully bestowed I can see that just looking at his picture on his advertisement."

"You mean the one with the red boxers shorts Henrietta"

"Mmm! Gorgeous."

"Wait 'till you see what's beneath them."


The next day was clear and there was not a cloud in the sky as Melissa took her morning stroll along the river bank with her King Charles Spaniel, Jippo.

It was as though the new episode that had come into her life had restored her faith. This woman who virtually had everything money could buy, a wonderful mansion with acres of beautiful countryside and the river Dart meandering through it.

But all that could not give her the gratification of the deep passion she still felt within, It was like all at once that passion, pent up for so long, making her life so gloomy and uninteresting, was all changing with the appearance of Ricardo.

But she knew full well that this was not to be an ongoing relationship to restore all that had been lost when Henry was alive. But it was something, the something she needed to hang onto. She would not expect too much of Ricardo in the emotional sense, that would be fruitless because after all, he was simply an employee. But it was an outlet for that severe passion that had been craving for fulfillment.

Her aim was not to let it all out, the way she felt. But sexually there had to be no holds barred. All those trapped longings which had become stagnant needed to be set free without inhibition, and sweet Ricardo allowed her to be simply herself, the true human being that was Melissa, no longer the Marchioness. Just Melissa and she had all the passion longing to bud again and flower.

She aimed to enjoy that passion with Ricardo like never before. Because he was right for her, She fancied the macho and yearned for what his masculinity had to offer, there would be no strings attached, she would make that clear, in case he thought she wanted a full commitment and he didn't.

She'd pay him well for his services and would arrange a direct debit to his account so there would be no embarrassment talking about money issues.

He was that important to her, this new wonderful human being in her life that happened to be all male, and how! He was lovely, he was adorable and he was everything she wanted right now, right down to those kinky red boxer shorts which looked so enticing on him and his gorgeous heavenly love tool she wanted to enjoy to the full. She was in the prime of her life for heaven's sake - why waste all that by just fantasizing about what it might be like if she was with an imaginary male her mind had conjured up, surmising he had all the elements she desired

Ricardo was for real, No fantasies any more. No unreal masturbations pretending she was enjoying it. At last she had rediscovered herself already with Ricardo, and rekindled what a real sexual encounter was all about. Nothing would stop her now from taking every opportunity to let herself go completely - to unwind all those pent up carnal desires. She yearned to hold him in her arms, to caress and kiss him and feel the pulse of his heart beating against her breast, she wanted to kiss him, lick and taste him all over, she wanted to eat him. Such were her desires that needed to be quenched in a way she had never known, even with Henry because of the then Victorian limitations of how a cultured woman should behave, that sex is the prerogative of the male.

Now it was anything goes, women were free and since the pill the world was their oyster, at last women were no longer chattels to their men folk and no longer reliable on them as the breadwinner, Henry had used her as his chattel sure enough, but usually in those very refined sexual games - now called roll play - and she readily submitted to those delightful episodes, because she knew it was only for the entirety of the night before he bedded her with a wonderfully stimulated and primed sustenance he steeped deeply inside her womanhood, and she sort of enjoyed being the old fashioned Victorian style chattel maid for him.

It was all she knew then. She was learning all the time, It was all a new adventure being a marchioness and gradually her sex buds grew and grew and she realized just how deep and strong her passion was, she had loved Henry with all her heart, she had been one lucky woman sure enough and although the sharing of her beloved with her sister was difficult at first, she soon realized it was for their mutual benefit, just as their marriage wanted some new gusto, it was becoming more of the same and like they were making love by numbers.

She'd had even reached the stage that she'd be staring at the ceiling. Waiting for him to finish with her and as soon as he did, unlike in the early days when he would want more and more and anally too, she roll over and pretend she was asleep.

So she concluded that letting Henry share her sister with her was better than losing him, for he was a red blooded man and needed his gratification, something that was lacking with her of late, simply because he kept trying to force her to have anal sex with him.

He could do that with Henrietta, she adored it, she told her so; "It is not all that bad when you get used to it" she said try to reassure Mellissa. "I fact I have grown to really enjoy it, and he does do it very nicely."

But she could never do it; it seemed repugnant at the time. But maybe now, with Ricardo Well somehow her repugnance had gone and she felt she would not mind at all, in for a penny, in for a pound, as her father used to say. Sex is for pleasure, for adventure and sheer gluttony in the enjoyment of each other - so long as the mind and the body were willing then why not Yes she'd go for that. Wow! Life really was changing for the best and it was wonderful

She made back to the house and enjoyed an early shower, then breakfast. Ricardo was coming at nine. Just an hour to go, Already she began to feel the pangs of her sexuality - when the doorbell echoed through the house she thought it may have been Ricardo early. But of course it was her dear sister Henrietta.

"You are early, I wonder why"

It was a silly question really and when Henrietta giggled like a school girl she knew exactly why.

"I have never seen you in such a tight alluring dress, Henrietta"

"Well, I need to give a good impression else he may not accept my invitation for his employ at the cottage."

The cottage was all part of the estate; formerly the gatehouse and Henrietta rented it from her sister.

"As long as you keep to your end of the bargain I am happy with your being here, Henrietta."

As Melissa made morning coffee she was impressed by her younger sister's allure, Her hair was back combed and her slim body looked good in her tight fitting floral dress with a beautifully frontage which exposed just enough of her well defined bosom to be interesting.

She felt she would have to watch out for competition but was quite happy with how she looked herself. Ricardo had already complimented her on how good she looked and anyway, he was in her employ for the day..

Ricardo arrived and all was well with the world, as far as the two sisters were concerned, They watched in ore as he arose from his red Volkswagen car looking scrumptious in tight fitting leathers. Just the way they exchanged glances as he came up to the opened door said it all and then Melissa, arms held out wide, greeted him with a very wet and long compulsive kiss.

"Shall I welcome him Melissa"

"Hands off, I told you he is mine for the day, you can look but no touching." She introduced him to her sister who was standing there gawping like she was in a world of her own..

"Hello, please to know you, Henrietta, I can see the likeness"

Henrietta sort of held out her hand to feel his touch and eagerly grasped it to some extent that he found it hard to take away.

He smiled and Melisa announced with some trepidation that her sister was always like that.

"I can see I will have to watch my P's and Q's then" he said with a mischievous glance.

Asking what Melissa would like him to do this morning she showed him the lounge

"Alright if I leave my leathers in the hall." he asked and of course it was. Melissa announced there was coffee in the lounge and Henrietta was there to take his leathers and hang them up in the hallway, saying she adored the smell of leather, especially having been worn by such a heart-warming guy."

She escorted him onto the lounge and indicated where he should sit as Melissa scoffed at her, reminding her politely that she must not intrude.

"But doesn't he look divine in tight brush jeans" Henrietta whispered looking very flushed.

Ricardo finished his coffee, showing a warm smile and said he had better be getting on with his work and promptly removing his polo neck shirt. Henrietta was dumb for words, her expression said it all. But Mellissa openly said; "down girl!". as he so adequately undid his jeans, lowered them and revealed a pair of silk blue boxers shorts that looked enticingly good on him.

"I hope you don't mind" he said teasingly. "It is rather hot in here."

"In more ways than one" Melissa said taking in and enjoying what she was seeing to the ultimate, and Henrietta hungrily looking on.

As Ricardo started to float his feather duster around the ceiling the women quietly watched enjoying the way he moved.

"What a delight" Melissa whispered and they were in a world of their own sure enough

"Do you enjoy your work, Ricardo" Henrietta asked.

He glanced around, swinging his hips and said it was the best thing that had happened to him in years.

"Us too, especially for Melissa" gushed Henrietta. "She is a different person already." and when she had a moment alone with Ricardo, when Melissa took the coffee tray into the kitchen Henrietta gushed just what a difference he had made on her sister already. "She is like a new woman and I am so glad for her. You see, she has been suffering depression for some time but despite what her doctor prescribed, I believe the only prescription that will work is you!"

"Then I am glad, primarily of course I am basically a cleaner but I like to please in other ways."

"You do, and what a good cover, the cleaning idea I mean. Woman who have longed for the presence of a guy like you, women who are lonely and without excitement in their lives - can feel free to innocently employ a cleaner without undue embarrassment"

"Well yes, of course"Ricardo replied. "That is basically what I am and I will do the job efficiently, and if it is only the cleaning that's wanted, I am flexible."

"Very flexible" Melissa remarked teasingly glancing down to his lunch box., and saying out loud how good that was. As he re-entered the room

"You are one naughty lady" Ricardo laughed, "but you are my kinda lady"

"Thank you"

"It gets so hot dusting, mind if I take these off now ladies"

He grasped the waistband of his boxer shorts and Melisa said; " yes please, we would like that!"

He moved wonderfully not showing his all at once but when he did, waving his feather duster in the air, the women looked in ore as, with just a touch with the duster, Ricardo gently teased his crotch and soon his erection was upright and received an admiring clap from his audience.

"Divine!" said Melissa, "It is yesterday all over again.

"And you would like yesterday all over again Melissa" Ricardo asked.

"And more" Melissa replied " You are a morsel not to be neglected.

Ricardo laughed: "I have not heard it called that before, tell me girls, what you would like me to do with it, maybe tie the feather duster to it and dust off the lower parts of the room"

And he did too. The sisters had no need to respond. What a big teaser he was and the way he moved was very sumptuous. He knew just how to jerk it, move it and .as he closed near to them, kneeling to dust the bottom of the settee on which they sat, he removed the duster handle and presented the full works to the enhanced sisters. Melissa scorned Henrietta for even attempting to touch, reminding her of their agreement but just to press her head into Ricardo's manly chest was wonderful.

He stretched out his hands, encircled her head and allowed her to chill, breathing in her perfume as Henrietta looked on.. As her head moved down to him and she began to suck him, he gave Henrietta wink, brushed her cheek and her lips, placed a finger over his lips in a way he hoped she would understand, she was glad she took up lip reading because she understood precisely that he would visit her tomorrow and she was happy.

It was hard watching when the temptation was so demanding, the temptation to touch his magnificence so boldly, to feel the hardness of man again and the outcome of all that. He was divine and no doubt about it Melissa had come up trumps.

Veering her head away, her cheeks were rosy red, her eyes half closed. She lifted her right hand to bunch him, the way she had done the day before, feeling the joy of his fullness and the touch of his presence which was so lovely.

No words were needed as Melissa opened her mouth and took his fullness deep inside again, first just feeling its warmth and taste upon her tongue, then closing her mouth around it, starting slowly, very slowly and deliberately, to suck it to the hilt.

Poor Henrietta watched in envy and Ricardo could not help notice he hand had disappeared up her skirt and she was doing something. Again, with Melissa indulged in the deep fretful sucking of his cock he whispered that he would do that for her tomorrow, and she closed her eyes and concentrated on how that would be, longing to enjoy him like her sister was now doing. Opening her gusset to give Ricardo a quick glimpse to what she was doing. He nodded in approval saying again without sound; "tomorrow!" and she responded with an eager nod.

For Ricardo this new venture was getting better all the while and what Melissa was doing to him with those lips of hers was so sensual and wonderful; then the gentle touch of her fingers teasing his length was really a turn on, and watching Henrietta playing with herself he had the strong urge to oral Melissa, to return the favor and suck her. Better still they could suck each other and when he eased her away from his throbbing cock, prompting her into a sixty nine position on the thick pile carpet, he beneath and she on top, he lifted her skirts and saw she was bare, and very, very wet - she felt the almost forgotten thrill of sitting on her guy and they soon reached a wonderfully synchronized mutual oral splendor, the grunting and moaning, the sexual sounds announcing that now all they both wanted was that wonderful climax to fulfill their bonding.

Henrietta wowed as her sister turned from her sucking position, moved into the fucking position and easily swallowed his whole into her with a resounding 'Yes!" and soon they were fucking like teenagers, she lifting and lowering herself in such a way that when he plunged into her it was deep and gorgeous.

All the time Melissa was in her element, grunting and groaning and announcing just how good he felt inside, sometimes just to stop so she could take in the throb of his fuck inside her. She yelled she was open for business again after such a long time and Ricardo took her fuck deep and strong, then he took her anally, no messing, she steeped over the edge of the settee so he could get a real deep penetration of her, and that felt so good lodged between those wonderful adorable tight cheeks, she yelling for him not to stop, He felt as good up her ass as inside her pussy and she showed him how much she enjoyed that, by moving her hips this way and that, the feel of his balls bouncing against her thighs was so lovely ad still Henrietta looked on - hoping tomorrow would soon come.

Although she was so envious she was equally as delighted her dear sister had found the sure cure for her depression`, and who would have thought it would have been a house cleaner to achieve that

For Melissa it was the real feel of cock again, and not the element of a fantasy, it was real and it was wonderful and she realized just how much she had missed the fuck of a man inside her and she was going to enjoy it to the full and all that came afterwards.

She was alive and with a guy she adored. She was in her element and her femininity was delightfully restored and she was a woman again!

And come tomorrow, it would be her sisters turn.

Spick &Span cleaners were on the up!

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