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My Wife and the Mechanic

Author: Thom M.
Publish Date : Feb 25, 2014
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Before he put her on the bed he slowly pulled the sexy see through panties down increasing his pleasure and her humiliation.

* * * * * * *

It all got out of hand.It was supposed to be just a little fun,but it all went wrong.Or did it

That's the question Charles asked himself.To begin with,CharlesDavis was a reasonably successful,reasonably average married man of fifty six.He and his wife Pam lived in an upper middle class white neighborhood. There were a few black families here and there,but not many.

Pam was four years younger than her husband,blond and few pounds heavier than she would have liked,although most men definitely found her attractive.She was rather tall woman,about 5ft9, with long shapely legs,nice and curvaceous.Her butt was firm and well rounded,a result of the pilates that she enjoyed every other day.She also attributed the fact that her 38c breasts had very little sag to them ,to her regimen of exercise.Making her more desirable was her fastidious grooming.Not that was addicted or anything but she liked to look good,so her nails were always just right and usually tipped with a pink color which she said matched her nipples.In short,she was a very classy looking lady.And that's the thing that drove Charles crazy.The couple had been married for many years,their one son grown and moved away.In all those years Charles had had a burning desire to see his wife have sex with another man.For a long time he thought he was the only man who felt that way and shamefully kept it to himself.As a result he never mentioned the subject to Pam,but couldn't help but wonder how she would have responded if he had.After all,she wasn't a prude.She'd proven that by being a willing bed partner just about any time Charles had wanted,sometimes even initiating it herself.She had also allowed him to indulge his passion for photographing her in scanty outfits and,from time to time,nude.It pleased Pam that her husband would usually take a stack of her pictures with him when he went out of town on business.He told her he would look at them in whatever motel he happened to be in at the time,that it kept him faithful to her and he would find release in masturbating over her photos.That was all well and good with Pam.

What she didn't know was that,on occasion,he would strike up a conversation with a fellow traveling business man at the hotel bar at the end of a business day,and steer the talk to women.

If the guy responded Charles would lead the conversation to the fact that he carried photos of his wife with him.Occasionally he would run into the kind of man he was looking for.A guy who was horny and couldn't wait to see some hot pics.They would go to Charles' room,have another drink or smoke a little weed,and Charles would break out the photos.As the guy got higher and more horny,sometimes the two would end up in bed.That was another thing Charles enjoyed.He was of a submissive nature and loved to suck cock,whether his partner reciprocated or not.In fact he rather preferred it when he was the only one doing the sucking.He supposed it was that streak in his makeup that led him to want to watch Pam with another man.

One day when he was home,Pam's car wouldn't start so he called a repair shop which offered mobile mechanics who would come to you and fix your car. When the two repairmen arrived,one was a white man of about sixty,balding,pudgy with tattoos up both hairy arms.The other was a black dude who appeared to be in his early thirties,with a powerful looking body.The pair lifted the hood on Pam's car and began their job.Soon the car was running and they took it for a test drive to see if anything else needed to be done.While they were gone Charles went into his tool shed at the end of the driveway to tinker with a project he was working on for relaxation. Soon the two mechanics returned with the car and pulled near the tool shed,once again lifting the hood to make more adjustments.It was a hot day,so Pam thoughtfully offered the two something cold to drink.As she went back in the house the men began making comments about her,unaware that her husband was in the shed and within earshot.Their comments were crude,the black guy saying things like...man I sure would like some of that fine looking pussy...his friend agreeing...yeah,her mouth sure would look good with my dick in it.Think her tits are real

Wonder if the carpet matches the drapes...i'd ride that bitch like a fucking merry go round.

The white guy said he bet she didn't shave her pussy....most chicks her age don't....said he liked a little hair around a cunt....black guy agreed...he'd love to know.

They kept talking about Pam for the next few minutes,until she came back out to ask if they wanted anything more to drink.They both said no,thanked her courteously for her kindness.

In the shed Charles couldn't believe his ears! All that hot talk about his wife was a major turn on for him.He had visions of Pam naked with the two men,fucking and sucking all they wanted.He pulled out his hard on and jacked off right there.About then the mechanics finished the work on the car and knocked on the door to tell Pam they were through.She thanked them and said she didn't know where her husband had gotten off to,but hang on and she would bring the credit card and pay them for their service.She did,and the men got into their truck and left.

Over the next few days,Charles couldn't get over the things he had heard.It was the biggest turn on he had in years.At last he devised a plan.He would take his car to their shop for an oil change and tire rotation and "accidentally" leave some nudie pictures of Pam in the car.

He put his plan into action,arranging the pictures very carefully so he would be able to tell if they had been disturbed.Sure enough the same two mechanics set about working on his car so while he tried to appear as though everything was normal,He was actually a nervous wreck as he sat in the customer's waiting area and pretended to concentrate on a magazine.After what seemed like an eternity,the service manager came and told him he was good to go.Charles slid his card,paid the bill and tremblingly got in the car and left.He couldn't wait to see if the photos had been disturbed so he pulled into the parking lot of a convenience store and opened the glove box.

It was immediately obvious that the envelope had been opened! The pictures were nowhere near the order he had arranged them in.Some were even upside down!Yes,those two horny mechanics had definitely looked at his wife's bare body.He only wished he could have been a fly on the wall while they did.As he continued to sort through the pictures he realized.....SOME OF THEM WERE MISSING!

They had taken about six or seven...Charles tried to remember which ones.He recalled some definitely raunchy ones which were no longer there.Some even had oil smudges on them,further proof that Pam had been ogled by the two horny men.

Charles tried to think of what to do.He could hardly go back and say...hey there are some naked photos of my wife that are missing.So he figured he'd just let it be,After all,it was kind of hot that the pair had them.Charles pictured them taking them home to ogle while they jacked off.He got off on that.It was good fodder for whipping off or thinking about the next time he fucked his wife.Which he was decidedly anxious to do with all the excitement this excursion had provided.

Of course he said nothing to Pam.She would have been mortified to think some strange men had seen her private photos.So Charles kept it to himself and just enjoyed thinking about it.After all,no harm had been done and it was all over now.That's what he thought. And he was right for the next six months.In the interim Pam's constituents at work had convinced her to run for city council in the next election.She had been active in local politics for some time and seemed a likely candidate.As a result there were soon posters of her around town,ads in the paper and on tv,and interviews in the media.Suddenly Pam had a high profile.

Among the people who recognized her were the two mechanics who had stolen the dirty pictures of her.

"Hey,Cecil,did you see who's in the news"

The older white man grinned at his black young friend,"Yeah...can you believe it We got pussy pictures of a mover and shaker."

Josh,the black man,said " I been thinking about something.What do you think them people would pay to keep everybody from getting a look at them"

Cecil scratched the wiry stubble on his chin."Josh,you may be on to something.What do you think we ought a do" "Tell you what...when we knock off here,come up to my place and we'll make a plan".

All day,Josh tossed around ideas in his head.He remembered working on her car....and of course working on her husband's car as well.He'd never forget finding those hot pictures of that older white married woman.It had always been a fantasy of his to have such a woman at his beck and call.That's one reason he had jerked off to Pam's image so many times over the past six months.

As for Cecil,it was a dream come true.In his history was two arrests for domestic battery when he slapped his ex girlfriend Ethel around.She wasn't the best looking broad around but at least she could have sucked his dick more often.He also had a reputation as a bar brawler,usually because he came on to some guy's wife.Cecil had a definite fetish.He wanted to fuck married women.The idea of getting laid by another man's wife was his major turn on.Especially if the chick was reluctant.He loved the idea of humiliating the wife...and the husband as well for that matter,taking great pleasure in making them do as he told them.It's no surprise he was on record as a registered sex predator.He and Josh talked about their desires often.Josh had always wanted to fuck an older,classy white lady.He too had the desire to dominate a woman...give her no choice but to cooperate in her surrender.

The more he thought about,the more he realized that they had a solid chance at blackmailing the couple.They didn't seem to have enough money to make that worthwhile.But something even more tantalizing was in view.It seemed that the two hoodlums might have a chance to get some of that high class pussy.

Later,at Josh's dingy one bedroom apartment they drank some beers and hatched the plan.

They would go through the husband first.Once he realized that he and his wife were vulnerable,he could bring his wife in line.In essence,he would make her realize the hopelessness of the situation.Of course she would give him hell for being careless with those extremely personal photos,but in the end she would accept the fact that she had no choice but to submit.

The next day Cecil called Charles,pretending to be a prospective client and requesting a meeting.He said it would be impossible to get there before seven in the evening,and would Charles be ok with staying a little late for him.Cecil didn't want anybody else around when he and Josh walked in.Charles agreed and the meeting was set.

At a few minutes after seven the duo knocked on the door of the office and Charles opened it.

When he saw the two,he gasped in surprise.Of course he recognized them at once.He would never forget the many times he had made love to Pam while thinking of these crude dirty minded men ogling his wife's bareassed pictures.How many times had he pretended in his mind that he was one of them,fucking his voluptuous wife.When he did his orgasms were shattering.

Now here they actually were!His stomach tightened and could hardly get his breath.

Cecil said,"Remember us We fixed a couple of cars for you...you and your pretty wife that is."

Charles stammered "Oh sure. I remember.How are you,guys"

Josh grinned and reached in his jacket pocket and took out a well worn envelope,which he handed to Charles."We came to return something we found in your car. I believe these are yours."

Charles took the envelope with shaking hands.Inside he saw the photos that had been removed from his car.Of course,Josh and Cecil had no way of knowing that Charles had set it up.

"Oh my god,"said Charles." I thought there were some missing.You guys have seen these" "Oh,yeah.Have we ever," said Cecil. "Many,many times.That's a fine looking lady you're married to,Charlie." Charles tried to speak,but just found himself stuttering,at a loss for what to say.

He could have saved himself the trouble because Cecil continued,"We see Miss Pam is comin up in the world.Gonna be on the fuckin city council...you must be so proud of her."

"Yes,yes I am ...but..." "But what,CharlieShe might not do so good in the election if them pictures get seen by the wrong people.Matter of fact, I bet she'd just have a fit if they came out."

All this time Josh was enjoying watching his friend toy with the nervous business man.

"Wha-what do you want" Charles squeaked out. Josh spoke up,"What do think,man"

Charles said,"Look,we don't have any money if that's what you're after."

"Yeah,that's what we figured.So I guess we'll have get something else,"Cecil said with an evil grin." I know...why don't we just find out if your wife looks as good in person as she does in them hot pictures" Cecil said. "In other words...we want some of your wife's pussy. I can't make it plainer than that.Yessir,me and Josh here want to fuck the city council lady." They both laughed as Charles choked out.."But..but..I ..you "

"This here is the bottom line,Chuck.You're gonna go home and tell Pammy that the two mechanics that came to your house and lifted her hood...are gonna do it again.And if she ain't a real good girl,everybody in town is gonna see just what she looks like butt ass NEKKID." Charles felt his face going red.These two guys were saying should things about his WIFE.

He should have been leaping to her defense but he couldn't help feeling incredibly weak,terrified and turned on at the same time.He didn't even try to hang on to the photos as Cecil took them out of his hand and waved them in his face."As long as we got these," he said leeringly,"we got your ass right where we want you.You and your wife.Now what's it gonna be,buddy boy You got the picture Heh,heh...no pun intended." Josh grabbed Charles by the front of his shirt and pulled the frightened man toward him."You don't want to give us no shit,man.We could whip yo ass right here and now...and what in the fuck could you do about it Not a fuckin thing,that's what. so like Cecil said...what's it gonna be"

"What do you want me to say"

"Just say you gonna set it up so we get what we want.We gonna call yo house tomorrow night.By then you better be done talked yo wife into some sense."

With that they turned and left the office,leaving Charles shaking in his boots.A wild thought crossed his mind."Those two could have made me kneel down And suck them off...I couldn't have done a thing to stop them." A strange metallic taste came to his mouth.It tasted like slavery. He knew then what he had to do....and his cock was hard.

But how was he supposed to tell Pam all this.He couldn't just go home and say "Guess who stopped by the office today,honey.Remember those two mechanics that came out here and fixed your car Well, they wanna come over and fuck your eyes out.Better wear something sexy.They'll be here soon.What's for dinner"

No...that wouldn't do at all.But basically that was it.On his drive home he tried to think how to handle it.When he reached his house he was no closer to the answer.

Pam was wearing jeans and a tee shirt.Charles looked at her with different eyes now.He was seeing what those two pushy bastards were seeing,a mature,classy woman.A good looking woman for sure,blessed with an unusually enticing body and a definitely come hither face.

He decided to get right to it. "Let's have drink baby. I need to tell you something."

She fixed two highballs and joined her husband on the couch."What's up"

"We have a problem." She tilted her head and looked at him"You sound serious.What's the matter"

Charles took a long pull on the scotch,cleared his throat and started talking.

" I fucked up Pam.Remember when I took my car to be serviced"


"Well,I had some of your pictures in the car.i forgot they were there,"he lied.

She looked at him with an "Oh,no" expression on her face.

"To make a long story short...some of them were stolen."

"What! What do you mean..who stole them"

He gulped,"It was those two mechanics."

"What two mechanicsWhat are you talking about"

"The guys who came here and fixed your car."

"Charles,that was months ago."

"Yeah,I know.See I discovered the pictures were gone,at least I wasn't sure I even had all of them there,so I didn't know for sure..." He realized he was floundering.But Pam was beginning to get the idea.

"So why is all this coming to light now And why do you think they got the photos"

"Because they came to my office tonight and told me they did.They showed them to me."

"You mean they've had them all this timeMy god,they have been looking at me nude Jesus!

Charles, I can't afford to have those pictures shown! Not only would it ruin my chances in the election but the public humiliation would kill me."

Charles shook his head." I know, I know."

She took a big slug of her drink. "They want money to give them back to us Is that it"

Charles sighed," They know we don't have any significant money.They...Er..they want..um..something else."

Pam looked at him in horror and disbelief as the light dawned.

"Oh my god! you don't mean....no that can't be."

" I'm afraid it is.They are demanding to...to..you know ...with you..um..to have....you know..sex..with you."

Tears sprang to her blue eyes."Charles...what the hell are we gonna doShit! I 'm not about to do something like that with a couple of low life thugs.What can we do"

Charles stared at his empty glass."Pam...I just don't know," he said dejectedly.

"Well, we've got to think of something! Howcan we get those damned awful pictures backHow could you have let this happenCharles,goddammit,you got me into this mess,now get me the hell out!"

" I've been wracking my brain trying to think of a way out. I even thought of hiring somebody to fucking kill the bastards! But then what Who knows where the photos might turn up,then I'm on the hook for murder.Hell, there's the motive.Might as well just walk in to the police and confess. Besides, it costs a lot of Money to get somebody killed."

Pam looked at him."Don't be ridiculous.For god's sake...we can't kill anybody."

She got up and fixed herself another drink...this one tall and straight.

She paced around the room,wringing her hands.

"What a damned mess! What the fuck are we gonna do.Charles,this is serious!"

Charles could not help picturing his wife in the hands of Cecil.What fun that old fucker would have putting Pam through her paces.And what about the black guy he'd heard that black men were notorious for king sized dongs.

"God,what a pervert I am,"he thought to himself."Here is my wife,panic stricken about being threatened to make herself available to two horny local yokels,and I can't help getting a hard on just considering it."

Pam turned to him. "What if we hired a couple of prostitutes for these guys I mean,if what they want is sex,they would probably be satisfied with some younger,more sexy girl than an old woman like me.What do you think"

Charles pretended to consider it,then said,shaking his head," I think from what they said to me that they don't consider you an old woman.One of them said he..Er..well..you know...jerked off every day to your pictures. I think he's obsessed with you."

"My god...reallyWell that's kind of flattering in a totally weird way...but still.What if I just withdraw from the city council race"

" I don't believe that would make any difference to them They'd just put you on the Internet and say that's why you dropped out...that would be even worse."

Pam downed another slug of scotch.She was getting buzzed pretty good now and starting to slur her words just a little.Charles thought it was about the right time,so he said"Look,honey.Even if we have to go along with them,it's just for one time.Then they'll let us have those stupid photos back and be out of our hair for good".Then he shook his head and tried to conjure up a tear."Why was I so damned stupid and careless It's all my fault.Pam, I'm so sorry to put you in a fix like this."

For good measure he wiped his eyes.Pam came to him and hugged him.

"Don't feel that way,dear. I know you would do anything for me...you always have."

He said nothing,but put his arms around her."Sweetheart, I...I..just don't see any way out of this."

"Are you sure that it would only be once is that what they said"

"Yes," Charles lied,sensing that Pam might actually be considering it."Just the once and all this would be behind us."

Pam sighed in resignation."How about you,Charles Could you stand itCould you ever look at me the same way again"

"Of course. I love you.Nothing will ever change that."

"Just the once...."she mused."When do we have to tell them"

"They said they'd let us sleep on it and call tomorrow."

" I don't know...I mean one of them is such a slob,and the other...is..you know...a ..a..negro. My god, I've never even ..you know..touched ..or even danced with a negro."

"If I were you I don't think I'd call him a negro.They seem not to like that word much these days."

Pam looked at her husband resignedly.

"When they call,tell them I'll do it."

Charles felt his cock spring to life,threatening to cause his pants to rise.He shifted his position to hide it as he answered his wife."Alright, I guess we really have no choice."

"God help me," Pam moaned.

She didn't get much sleep that night,but Charles drifted off dreaming of his voluptuous blonde wife in the arms of the lecherous pair of blackmailers.He was glad the light was off.Pam couldn't see him smiling.

After an anxious day of waiting Charles and Pam were having a drink together.It seemed they were doing more of that since the blackmail began.They both jumped when the phone rang.

Charles snatched it up on the first ring."Hello.."

"Hey,Charlie,I bet you been waiting for me to call,ain't you Well,I promised I would,so here it is.Josh is right here with me...says to tell you and your sexy little wife hello.Especially your wife.

You...not so much." Cecil laughed at his own joke and Charles heard Josh join in.

Charles said nothing.

"So,what's the deal do we start spreading the pictures around or what."

"No..no.Don't do that,please.We talked it over.We'll do as you wish."

"Hey,Josh...Chuck says we got a deal.We gone be tappin some of that prime pussy real soon."

"Goddam! Man,set it up,my dick is hard from thinking about it."

Charles was glad Pam couldn't hear both ends of the conversation.

Cecil continued,"Here's what you're gonna do.You know that new Marriott hotel place in CatlowYou and the misses are gonna go there tomorrow night and rent a suite for the night."

"Catlow is sixty miles from here.Why go there"

"Well,if you'd rather take a chance that somebody sees something,it don't make a shit to me,but I figured we'd all be more comfortable outta town."

"Yeah,that makes sense,"Charles agreed."So what do we do"

"You and Pam both go to the desk and sign in.Use your real names and pay for the suite with your credit card.After you do,tell the clerk that two gentlemen will be joining the two of you,and when they come to ask what suite you're in,they are to be given the number and told how to get there." Charles was thinking that the idea was that the desk clerk would think it was odd that a black man and a seedy looking old white man would be joining such an attractive,obviously upper class couple.That might come in handy for Cecil and Josh later if anything funky happened and they had to claim their get together was consensual.Charles had to hand it to them.They made good plans.

"Alright. I understand.Look,Pam is concerned about something...this is definitely a one time deal,right I mean you will give us the pictures back then,won't you"

"Sure,sure," Cecil lied,winking at Josh."If we have a good time and your wife is a good little girl...cooperates with us..sure,we'll give you all those hot photos back.Can't say I won't miss 'em though."

"Okay.Anything else"

"Yeah.You know the pictures of Pammy in that silky little short robeThe one where she's wearing them see through panties underneath I want her to be wearing that.And be sure that she's got on them stockings and them high heels she's wearing in the pictures.Got that"

"Yes, I understand."

"Good.See you there tomorrow night at nine thirty.Be ready.And oh...Your wife can have two...count 'em..two drinks.No more. I don't want her too drunk to know exactly what's happening."

"Alright.Nine thirty."

The line went dead.

The weather was clear but cold as the couple drove to Catlow the next day.They found the hotel and registered as directed at 8pm and went to the suite.It was comfortable and set out with a living type room which adjoined to a bedroom with a king size bed and the bath was large and well furnished.Charles unpacked the booze and they both had a shot of vodka.Charles was careful of Cecil's admonition not to allow Pam to get wasted...though she would have preferred to.Pam went into the bathroom where she showered,fixed her blonde hair in an updo as in the photos Cecil had wanted.When she had finished applying her makeup,she came out wearing the light blue robe.It came just a few inches below her hips,right to the top of the thigh high stockings.Charles knew that all she had on under the robe was a pair of panties so sheer that her caramel colored pubic hair was clearly discernible.She looked delectable.Too damn delectable,she was afraid.Just as Charles was telling her how sexy she was,there was a knock at the door.This was it.The blackmailers were here.

"Oh,Jesus,"breathed Pam . She panicked and quickly retreated to the bedroom,closing the door behind her.

Charles opened the door.Cecil and Josh were standing there grinning like jackasses.Charles smelled bourbon.Without an invitation the two came in,pulling their jackets off and tossing them on the floor.Both men wore khaki pants which looked as though they had worn them to work.Cecil was wearing a striped work shirt with his name over the pocket.There was a pack of cigarettes and a lighter stashed in there.His arms were hairy and covered with tattoos,mostly just dark inky figures.Josh had on a sweatshirt emblazoned with the name of some rap group Charles had never heard of.Cecil laid a paper bag next to his discarded jacket and turned to Charles.

"Ok,Charlie boy.We are here.Let the joy begin.Where is Mrs.Pamela Davis,candidate for city council" he said snidely.

"Pam's in the other room."

"Well,let's get her out here."

Charles tapped lightly on the bedroom door,then opened it slightly and said "Pam...the..uh..uh..the..they are here.Better come on in." The door opened and Pam entered the room.She had covered herself with one of the big terry cloth robes from the hotel.She looked straight at the two blackmailers."You men ought to be ashamed of yourselves.What gives you the right to try to inflict yourself on an unwilling womanDon't you have mothers or sisters or wives of your own" Both men were startled by her attack and speechless for a moment.Pam continued,"Now why don't we forget all this nonsense.Just give me back those photos you stole and nothing more will happen.We'll just forget it and have no action taken against you." Cecil stepped up close,causing the woman to flinch,taking a step back "Let me lay this out for you baby.There ain't no friggin action you can have taken against us.You call the cops and say we're blackmailing you...we say no,we was invited.Ask the desk clerk.This society lady decided she wanted to go slumming with a couple of rough guys like me and Josh here.She even sends us some naked pictures of herself to show us the goods.See,here they are....Sure,Pammy.I know you won't call the cops.You won't say shit to nobody.Face it honey.You are fucked.And you are about to be."Pam looked at her husband."Charles..help me." "He can't help you.As a matter of fact if you don't do everything I say, I'm gonna let Josh snap a few of Chuck's fingers.You wanta hear em pop"Tears began to stream down Pam's cheeks as she finally realized just how trapped she and Charles were.Her husband was no match physically for either of these street toughs,let alone both of them.And she couldn't even scream for help.Her shoulders dropping in utter defeat,she buried her face in her hands and cried,sobbing" Oh no...please...what have we gotten into...Ohmigod." Sensing her capitulation,Cecil said "Now get back in that bathroom,stop that cryin,and fix your makeup again. I want you lookin hot when you come backin here.And lose that fuckin robe. I want you dressed like I told you." As Pam turned for the door,Cecil said "One more thing.If I'd had a sister looked like you, I'd have fucked her too." The frightened woman went Into the bathroom and made herself stop crying.She reapplied her cosmetics until it was just right.Reluctantly,she slipped the terry cloth robe from her shoulders and laid in on a chair.

Taking a deep breath,Pam steeled herself and walked into room with the three men,acutely aware of how she was dressed.Undressed was more like it,she thought.

Cecil gave a low whistle as he gazed at the woman before him.He was delighted that she had dressed exactly to his specifications.His eyes traveled down her body to the high heeled shoes then slowly back up again,enjoying the stockings ,the tops of which were barely hidden by the short blue robe,which draped appealingly over her body.Pam felt as though Cecil was stripping her with his eyes,a look of undisguised lust on his face.She also noticed the young black man,standing slightly back,but giving her a definite once over.

"You probably don't remember me and Josh,but we sure remember you."

" I do remember you both. I think I remember bringing you both a cold drink. Is this how you repay a kindness"

"Yeah,we'll...sorry about that,Pammy.But if you weren't so fuckin hot we wouldn't have needed anything cold." Both intruders laughed at the weak rejoinder.

Without another word,Cecil and Josh moved to the couch and sat down next to each other.

Cecil motioned Pam to stand in front of them.She did.

"Are you wearin them see through panties like in the picture"he asked.

Blushing,Pam nodded her head.

"Let's see,"he said.

Knowing she had no choice,Pam forced herself to lift the robe to her waist.Indeed,there were the transparent panties,revealing her scarcely covered bush to the two.She only held it up for a second,then quickly allowed the robe to conceal her modesty again.

Cecil sent Josh and Charles to the mini bar to make some drinks. he patted the couch beside him and told Pam to sit down.Once she did,he immediately put his arm around her possessively and pulled her close to him.Then he took her face in his hand,turned her lips to him and kissed her on the mouth.She instinctively started to pull away,then submitted,not really responding but tolerating the kiss.Cecil pushed his tongue into her mouth and kissed her deeply for a full thirty seconds. "You don't know how long I've wanted to do that" he said,nuzzling her neck.

Pam said nothing.As Josh and Charles looked,Cecil let his hand drop to Pam's legs and began sliding it suggestively up her stockinged thighs.Then he moved his hand to her cleavage and traced the soft cleft between her tits with his forefinger.He kissed her again and put his arms around her,rubbing her back as low as he could reach.Next he found the sash of her robe and ever so slowly untied it.Pam moaned in humiliation as the mechanic opened her robe and exposed her naked tits,the delicate nipples standing at attention.He took a good long look before he started tracing the pink tips with his fingertips,causing Pam to shiver.Charles wondered if it was from revulsion or...was his wife actually getting into the enforced aspect of the foreplay

He knew he was. Cecil cupped her breasts ,rubbed them,squeezed them and fondled them thoroughly,taking first one nipple,then the other,between his lips,licking and kissing them.

After a little more of this,he suddenly stood up and took off his pants,then slid down his boxer shorts and stepped out of them ,revealing his fiercely erect cock,protruding from a thick growth of dark pubic hair.Charles thought he would be classified as a bear or silver daddy,as some men are referred to on Internet porn sites.That inflamed him as that was the type which turned him on.

"Look what you did,Pammy.You got me all hard from playin with your titties.What are you gonna do about it" Pam looked at his prick but said nothing.

"Alright, I'll tell you what you're gonna do.You're gonna start by giving the head of my dick some nice sweet kisses.Then you're gonna lick and suck around it like it the best ice cream cone you ever had.Then,honey,you're gonna take it between them pretty lips and suck it good." He grasped Pam's head and pulled her closer to his stiff cock.

"No..no..please.Not like this.Don't make me do that in front of my husband."

"Hear that,Chuck Your hot wife don't want you watching while she sucks me off.Afraid you'll want her to do you later,probably.Well,okay little lady.You and me will just go get on that king size bed and you can blow me in privacy." "Hey..how about me"Josh asked.

"Aw,man don't worry.There'll be plenty left for you.Hell,I don't want sloppy seconds after you stick that big old rod of yours in her nice tight pussy." Josh laughed,"You know it motherfucker.Alright take yo time.I'll baby sit the old man here.Make sure he stays put."

Cecil pulled Pam up from the couch and slipped the robe off her shoulders,dropping it to the floor.He stood behind her and made her reach up behind her and touch his face.This pose left her totally open and vulnerable.Both Josh and Charles were getting boners,Charles desperately trying to hide his.Cecil reached around and ran his hands all over Pam's body,again playing with her bare breasts just as he wanted to.His right hand crept down the squirming blonde's stomach and he slid his fingers into the waist band of the sheer panties until they were exploring the light pussy curls at Pam's crotch.Out of the corner of his eye Charles saw Josh take a picture of the action with his phone,but was afraid to say anything .

"If you gentlemen will excuse us Chuck's wife and me are heading for the bedroom,where she's gonna give me all the pussy I want.Ain't that right,honey" When Pam didn't answer immediately,Cecil pinched a nipple.She jumped at the pain and quickly said "Yes..yes."

"Yes,what,bitch...say it."

" I'm going to give you..all..al the...pussy you want " the mortified woman whispered.

Cecil chuckled in triumph.He walked Pam to the bedroom,openly groping her ass as they went.Then the door was closed.Charles felt cheated.Since all this started he had fantasized watching his wife having to give sexual favors to Cecil and Josh.Now he wasn't going to get to see it.Shit,shit,shit.

Now Charles was alone with the black man.Josh looked at him and sipped his drink. "You saw me takin some pictures of all that didn't you" Charles nodded."You know y'all ain't about to get them pussy pictures of your wife back too,don'cha" Charles said "We're not" "No way bro.In fact I'm sure we gonna be takin a lot more ourselves.Do you see that you and your wife belong to Cecil now...and me,of course...you get that,right" Charles gulped drily,but said nothing.He knew Josh was right.The thought was terrifying but excruciatingly thrilling.Josh was watching him keenly."You know,Cecil...he don't get into no queer shit.Anybody suck his dick gonna be a female.Me...I spent enough time in the joint to appreciate a good blow job,no matter where it come from." With that,he peeled off his sweatshirt,revealing a strong upper body even though he had an obvious beer belly.Charles watched as he unzipped his pants,pulled them down and stepped out of themAs Charles' gaze moved to The black man's crotch,he felt his own penis,already somewhat engorged from watching the interplay between Cecil and his wife,swelling rapidly.Josh noticed it too. " I think you just might be getting off on some of this shit.Why don't you come over here and get me in the mood to fuck your wife."

He sat back on the couch with his thighs spread wide,a huge bulge snaking up under his briefs.Mesmerized,Charles crossed the room and dropped to his knees in front of the almost naked man.Josh raised his ass slightly and slid his underwear down his legs and kicked them aside.Charles was facing the biggest cock he had ever seen in person.There may have been some bigger on the Internet,but this one was mere inches from his face. it was a full nine inches,with a slight upward curve,surrounded by a growth of tight black curls close to the skin.His balls were tight up against his scrotum,a sure sign of arousal.Charles was helpless to resist.This was a dream come true.Without even being asked,he leaned forward and licked the tip.Hearing Josh moan with pleasure spurred him on.He opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around the big black dick and sucked it greedily.Josh said"Look at me".When Charles obeyed,Josh snapped a picture!Oh sweet Jesus,thought Charles.He almost fainted with passion and fear.

Josh had him continue sucking him for a few minutes,then pulled his dick out of Charles' mouth with an embarrassing pop."That's enough of that for now.I don't want to lose my load before I bone your old lady.Til then you can entertain me.Take off your clothes,get some music goin on that radio and dance for me."

Totally embarrassed,Charles obeyed.Josh laughed when he saw Charles' five inch cock standing at stiff attention."Man I just knew you was a fairy.Come on,nancy boy and wiggle that white ass for me.And I want you to keep doin it when Cecil and your wife come back in."

Charles could not imagine the shock on Pam's face when she saw her husband dancing lewdly for the amusement of a pushy negro.Especially with a raging hard on.It was definitely a night for firsts.

Behind the closed door of the bedroom,Cecil was having the time of his life! things could not possibly be any more perfect.Here he was with a beautiful woman completely at his mercy.To top it off she was several rungs above him on the social ladder,but he had the power to pull her down.Which he fully intended to do.What more could he wantPamela Davis was a classy,respectable prim and proper married woman.And the best part was that she LOATHED him....but had to obey his every whim.Damn,that was hot.

Before he put her on the bed,he slowly pulled the sexy see through panties down,inch by inch,increasing his pleasure and her humiliation.She knew better than to offer resistance so she just stood and took it,feeling the flimsy material sliding downward over the thigh high stockings.

"Damn,"said Cecil "what a pretty pussy you have Pammy."

He took the panties off." I think I'll just keep these for a souvenir.You don't mind,do you"

The defeated woman just looked down and made no reply. Cecil smacked her hard on her bare bottom,causing her to gasp and jerk away.The mechanic pulled her face right up to his."When I speak to you..you better fuckin answer me...and you better do it right.First you say 'Yes,Master Cecil.' and I mean every time.Get it,you always call me Master Cecil...specially in front of your husband. I want him to know that you may be his wife...but you're my sex slave.You understand " "Yes..Master...Cecil" the miserable wife replied.

He laid her on the bed and grasped her ankles,pulling them wide apart,then lay down between her legs taking a long luxurious look at the pussy he was about to use.He slid his hand up Pam's inner thighs until he reached the lips of her vagina,then insinuated his finger between them.Pam moaned and clenched her fists in frustration as he continued toying with her most intimate region.

After a long time he slid up beside her,kissing her again.

"Kiss me back,bitch.Make it hot.Don't hold nothin back". Pam parted her lips and allowed his tongue into her mouth,forcing herself to return the kiss with a show of passion.Cecil rubbed her pussy,feeling her getting wet finally.Then he mounted her and Pam felt his cock slide into her. With groans of lust,Cecil began slowly and completely fucking his blonde conquest.

He kept at it,slowing down just before he reached the point of no return.He wanted this fucking to last a long time.But he couldn't control it forever,and soon Pam felt him tense,thrust himself deep into her and reach an orgasm.She couldn't help but think how glad she was that she had a hysterectomy years ago.At least that's one worry she wouldn't have.Cecil of course did not know that.Nor did he particularly care.That wasn't his concern.As long as he got good pussy from her,he thought no further.

It took a while for his breathing to return to normal,and he continued to caress her naked body.

"Did you enjoy givin me some of your nice tight married pussy,slut"

Pam knew what she had better answer."Yes,Master Cecil....I enjoyed..it."

"Enjoyed what"

"I enjoyed giving you my nice ..t..tight..mar...ma...married pussy,Master Cecil."

"Well that's good honey...cause you're gonna be doin a lot of that."

Pam sighed in resignation.

"Well, I bet ole Josh is getting real anxious for a little bit too.Hope you're ready cause that nigger's hung like goddam horse." Pam shuddered.

He allowed Pam to go into the bathroom and clean up and to once again reapply her makeup.Then,Cecil nude and Pam in only heels and hose,they opened the door.

They both gasped at the sight before them.

Pam's jaw dropped and Cecil guffawed,"Jesus on a bicycle! would you look at that!"

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