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Lavender Bay Dreamer


Author: Shields Templar
Contact: lavenderbaydreamer@gmail.com
Published: 12-Jun-14 Revised/Updated 13-Jun-14

The guys all start masturbating, in a bukakke ring. Soon cum is spurting all over her and she is drenched in it.

* * * * * * *

I've always been attracted to red-heads; as far back as I can remember, even as a kid in grade school when I had my first crush on Miss Grady, my teacher. Next there was young Debbie Watson, a class-mate.

This fascination was compounded when, upon my first sexual liaison with cute Brenda Stevenson, I found the girl was a true red-head! Yes, red-haired women have had a hold on me in more ways than one, as you will decipher upon reading these exploits.

Needless to say, the fascination has continued to this day. There is also a certain part of my anatomy which plays a "Big" part in everything.

Okay, so to the present -

I live in Sydney, Australia and it says on my business card that I'm a writer/video-grapher -which is a rather pretentious way of saying I'm UN-or under-employed a great deal of the time. When I'm "between Gigs" (Show-biz -eze, which sounds better than actually admitting unemployed), I look after a friend's apartment block, doing maintenance, managerial tasks-for which I get a free apartment in return. I'm still stuck on red-heads, and still in love with Pussy!

Being a writer means you're also a dreamer- well this was a dream of mine, and the story of how it all came true.

It all started when I entered a contest given by one of "Those" magazines. They wanted readers' stories - and, in my humble estimation, I came up with a doozy: it was an erotic thriller encapsulating all my sexual desires and fetishes - and had an exciting story on top of all that.

The prize was pictured posing in the nude with a variety of sex toys, a huge cucumber, and a "Come hither and fuck me" look on her fabulous face, - and yes, friends, she was a genuine red head.

So, I entered, figuring that if anyone had a chance amongst thousands, why shouldn't it be me I was-am- a writer after all, and if a writer can't come up with some outrageous sexploits, then what the hell am I doing being a writer Give it up and just remain a glorified janitor.

The model's story was that she couldn't find an understanding guy to go out with and who would accompany her to a sex club. She went on to say that she also had trouble with any potential dates when she came on strong describing her likes and expectations from them, sexually.

The article was very explicit, and along with her pictures, had me stopping a few times to massage my own ego, while reading it.

I remember thinking, "Yeah, sure-any guy that I know would kill or die just to get a sniff of that pussy!"

So, ergo the article had to be a come -on (CUM-ON) right She was probably a plant-some poor office worker who had ideas of getting into the business and agreed to this and was probably sucking or fucking the editor. Then they all put their pointed little heads together and came up with this story, right

Let me tell you, it's been done. So, the question - was this article/prize for real

Being the adventurous sort, not to mention having a way with words, I sat down and poured my heart out to this fantasy-woman. I put everything into that letter, telling her that if I ever had a girl like her, she'd never have to worry about her feeling or her desires, etc., I told her she was every man's wet dream come true, or at least this one's as far as I was concerned, and if there was any possible way we could meet, I could promise her she'd never regret it, and would be walking bandy-legged for months. Well, you get the idea. I knew it was all a come-on, but I was curious to see what kind of response I'd get as a reply -if at all any. Along with the letter, and my story I also included a picture of me - yeah, one of "those" kind. Well, it was one of "those" kinds of mags wasn't it And I reckoned, if I qualify with the written word, I might as well insure it with what ever other "talent" I possessed-which, is all of 91/2"! I told you there was a "Big" part of me that played a "Big" part in all of this and anyhow, I had been toying with the idea of placing an ad, so maybe this would do if it got approved and printed. I couldn't honestly say whether I expected a reply, or if I got one, whether it'd be another stock reply composed by the editorial staff -some kind of form letter -

"Dear Respondent, We are sorry to report..." etc., etc. Well, I didn't even get an acknowledgement, and so it had somewhat ceased to be the foremost thought in my head, and receded to the far recesses of what passes for my brain, and stayed there, every once in a while to be dragged forth as a fantasy when I wanted or needed the stimulation.

And so the time passed-if this was a movie maybe you'd see a calendar's pages flipping over, or a couple of scenes of different seasons-well, you get the picture.

Then it was summer and 110 in the shade-and you know where I was, don't you Up on the fucking roof in that no-fucking-shade- fucking- hot- sun laying down new, fucking tar-paper! I was dressed appropriately, though, in the de-rigueur Aussie-male "Stubby"-style shorts and sleeveless tee.

I nail-punched the last few inches of the sticky roll, and stood up kneading my back. Sweat rolled down into my eyes. Time for a break. A quick shower, then up to the pub for a counter lunch and a cold beer with my pals.

One the way up to the pub, I passed Pamela, the postal girl and waved.

"Wait up, Lee, here's a letter for you", she said, handing it to me. "Good news"

"Ah, probably just another rejection slip", I half-joked, shoving it in my shirt pocket.

"Working at writing or are you really Working" she asked,

"Working", I replied, jabbing my finger skyward. "Just off to the pub for a quick lunch, then back up on the bloody roof."

"What they say about Mad dogs and Englishmen, then" she laughed starting off.

"Not to mention stupid Bloody Aussies," I replied, waving.

Up at the pub a couple of mates were already a few beers ahead of me. I jostled my way through the noise and bustle of the lunch crowd and waved at Les behind the counter, catching his eye. I indicated at Stan, Pat and Dave, my mates, and Les nodded, as I stalled up against the bar.

Stan grabbed at my shirt pocket, "What's this, then Number 12"

Pat grabbed it from him. "You haven't even opened it," he said, "More like 12 times 12"

Stan, "Not another bloody rejection slip, is it mate I don't know how you keep it up."

Dave chimed in, "He doesn't have to keep it up-just as long as he keeps his reader's up"

Just then Les brought the beers and I chugged mine, as Pat ripped open the letter.

I wiped off my face, "Read it and weep"

Over the rim of my half-full pint, I could see Pat reading, then saw his eyes widening.

"He's done it!" He screamed, "SUNAVABITCH, HE DID IT!!!"

Suddenly the jostling and shoving normally associated with the lunch crowd got more so, as people jostled in to see what the commotion was all about.

Pat jumped up onto the bar, shouting for attention.

"Hey, listen up here, lads! We've got a CELEBRITY here among us."

He waved the letter in the air, and reached down, patting me on the head.

"Young Mr. Lee Personne here, has been toiling away lo, these past few years trying to sell a story of shall we say, "Dubious" content to one of those-shall we say again "Dubious" magazines, in the hope that any such, shall we say -"

At this point the crowd shouted, "DUBIOUS!!" and everyone erupted in laughter.

Pat waved everyone quiet. "Okay, okay-needless to say- he's sold a bloody story!"

Stan clapped me on the back, "Knowing him it should be a FUCKING story"

One of the waitresses started clapping, "Speech! Speech!"

So, to the claps and cheers of the revelers, and to my surprise, I said, somewhat sheepishly,

"Well, as me mates here said, it's been a while. Okay, drinks all 'round. Keep it down, right I want to make some profit out of this."

I grabbed a sandwich.

"Taking off, Lee" asked Les

"Yeah, gotta get back up on that bloody roof and do the tar-paper while I'm reasonably sober. Keep an eye on things, right This check's not cashed yet."

He smiled and waved me off.

I never got tired of the view of the sparkling harbour and the city skyline across Lavender Bay. There was the famous, iconic Sydney Opera House framed by the equally famous Harbour Bridge .A million dollar view. I was sweating buckets again.

I dropped down the ladder to the garden, and went round the side of the building where there was small, secluded section cut off from the street above and the garden area in back. Here's where the small maintenance shed was, behind a tall Hibiscus bush. I pulled my soaked shorts and T off. I'm not in any way an exhibitionist, but there's something about being outdoors, under the bluest of blue skies, naked, that adds to the feeling. Even though I was alone and isolated from view, I still looked around before opening the shed door, and when I did there she still was- my fantasy girl-the one I wrote to back then, still in that sexy pose, beckoning. Yeah, That Picture! Even though she hadn't replied she was still in my thoughts and handy.

"Ah, well- maybe one of these days," I mused as I turned on the garden hose, hosed myself off. Man that felt good- up and down and especially up between my legs and on the front. Well, that's all it took, and all of a sudden that "Big" part of me was all of 91/2" and stretching for 12".

Well, what to do-what to do

Well, you know what I did, don't you

I started massaging my engorged cock, right out there in front of her inviting smile, and gorgeous red-haired cunt, and before I knew it I shot a huge load which spurted out a good five to six inches. A gob even hit her picture, sticking on her luscious lips

Yeah, I couldn't believe it either. I reached out and wiped it off, and it slowly dripped off. I wiped myself off, pulled my shirt and shorts back on, turned around and... almost bumped into HER!

It's funny how the human mind works in times like that. If I'd been Bond, maybe I could've had a flippant comment, and you, the reader is probably saying, well you're a supposed writer, why didn't you come up with something

To be truthful, I was so flabbergasted; I remember staring at her and then looking at the picture up on the shed's inner wall, then back at her with my mouth agape, like a fish out of water.

"Uh...." Really smart, that.

"Nice Picture" She flashed a smile, and indicated her camera.

I looked in the shed. She couldn't have seen that, I assured myself- but closed the door as nonchalantly as I could, given the circumstances.


She indicated the views around. "The harbor-you're very lucky having all this to look at every day"

I was still standing there, gulping air, thinking of something to say. Meanwhile a thousand thoughts going around my feverish brain: like, how long had she been there

Then I was back on my feet, so to speak. "Oh, yeah- the view."

"I'm looking for the manager.-Lee" She said.

"You're looking at him," I answered. No flies on me.

I half-turned away, and did a quick check on my better half, and lo and behold, if he hadn't shrunk out of sight!

"Anything wrong" She pried.

"Ha, well... Just making sure nothing is." I flashed her smile, and remember thinking that if she had seen anything, well, this being free and easy Australia and Aussies in general being pretty liberal minded, then.... what's going to happen

Will she call the vice squad Here's this pervert jacking off in the middle of his garden. Then the thought came that as I was partially hidden, she must've been spying, so how would that sound at the inquest But, on to other matters.

"I'm Lee. How can I help you"

She held her hand out, long slim well-formed fingers. I took it, and was surprised at how well she gripped mine, like a man and not the usual wet-mop handshake of a woman.

"I'm Raquel Morrison" (She pronounced it like "Rock-ell')

"I bet you get called 'Rocky' a lot, don't you" I asked trying to keep the conversation light.

"As a matter of fact, yeah" She said, and I noticed she had a seductive voice to go with that great face and hair and yeah, a body made for a sex-fiend just like me. Just like me, hell. Made for me! She was giving me a sly know-it-all-smile.

"What" I asked.

"How'd you know that"

"What- that you'd be called 'Rocky'"


"Either that, or 'Red'", I answered. "And I figured you might be a bit sensitive of the latter, as I'm sure you've been called that all your life."

"Gawd, are you psychic or what"

"No, but I could go for being your 'sidekick'", I answered, hoping she'd get the play on words.

I turned the water off, and grabbed my own camera off the chair.

"Me, too." I said, indicating it.

"Oh, great", she said. "Maybe we can compare shots." Oh, yeah, right, I thought. Oh, YEAH!

"Well, how can I help you" I asked her again.

She reached into her pocket and brought out an envelope and a business card which she passed to me. It identified her as co-editor at "Dolly" magazine.

"You sent in a letter a couple of month's ago." she said. "Remember"

. She opened the manila envelope and withdrew the very magazine, opened it to the exact page with the very same picture and article.

And now she was standing in front of me, the very woman I'd fantasized about for months, and had written to and never heard anything from in return. What had it been - nearly six months Something like that...

"Remember this" she asked again, unembarrassed. I had to smile. I liked her forthrightness. And if she was going to be that direct, then I was willing and able to match her.

"Yes, I do. And I also recollect writing to let you know that there are considerate guys out there, and that this one in particular would consider you a Gift from God.

"But I never even got the courtesy of a reply from you guys. Not that I was really expecting anything, but..." I ended lamely.

"Well then, thanks for writing," she said, replacing the mag in the envelope, and it in turn back in her purse. "I'm here in person to award you your prize."

"Prize What prize"

She struck a pose, flashed a wicked grin, and exclaimed,"Tah-Da!"

Me, agape: "You're really the prize"

"As well as a night at a sex club, with a show, dinner and all the accoutrements, courtesy of the management and staff of the mag." I was surprised .I was also delighted, dumbstruck, and- happy- as -all-get-out.

"Wow!" was all I could muster. "I thought it all might've just been a come-on"

"Yeah, well- since the article got so many responses...we were swamped. And we decided to turn it into a competition, and we read and re-read all the responses, and decided to give the prize to what we considered the best response. It really took us all this time to whittle it down to the best. Everybody at the mag went through the letters - and some were outrageously gross, others sad, badly written, we got it all. But then we exchanged and recommended the ones we liked, so we all got to read them - I've already said that haven't I Well, it was done as democratically as possible."

"I didn't even think the story was legit, to tell you the truth."

"Then why did you respond"

That got me. I guess I'd hoped that maybe, just maybe it all was true. I told her so.

"You and about five thousand other guys."

"That many Really"

"Well, it seemed like it when we were reading through them. Most weren't well-written, and they had even worse reasons for meeting me. You know all the usual stuff that horny guys want to do to women.

To satisfy themselves- Nothing that really satisfies a girl. At least yours was well composed, and romantic - especially the poem. I think that nailed it for you. I know it did for me."

"Thanks", I smiled in reply.

"Where did you find the poem"

"It's an original - I wrote it."

She lowered her eyes, somewhat demurely, and whispered, "I thought so."

"Did you have the final say"

"Yes, the editor allowed me that, as I was laying my body on the line, if you'll pardon the pun, as they say."

"And it's quite a body, if I do say so myself" I replied. "And one helluva prize. And you're mine, right"

"Right! Oh and there's one more thing" She rummaged in her purse once again, and whipped out another smaller, business-size envelope. She handed it to me. "I'm also your new tenant."

I quickly scanned it - she was indeed the new resident in the vacancy that was across the hall from me, at the front/back end, with the same view as mine, out across the harbour.

"I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone, thought I'd drop in to meet you and see if I could store some stuff before I move in next week. I'm your new tenant in B"

And like that I just knew we were destined to be two. Two-gether.

"So you're the 'R. Morrison1 I've been warned about"

"Warned about" She looked at me gravely. "That sounds ominous."

"Wrong word," I apologized, then hurried on, "Told to be on the look out for and to offer every available assistance in the interim -How's that"

"Better," she said with a smile on her face that lit up everything around it, including me. Hell, it made me on fire.

I just knew that there'd be more than just a one-night prize.

"Well, unfortunately, the person living in "B" is still in there, so you won't be able to put anything in there, or see it, but there's plenty of room for storage in the garage, and also over there in the laundry room. I think you'll like it here, if I say so myself. I take pretty good care of the place, and the rest of the tenants are very nice people. There's only four more excluding me and the person you're replacing in "B". It's a very friendly atmosphere, and we all rely on each other to help."

"I'm sure I'll enjoy it, and I'm looking forward to moving in. When will that be I was told that Steve, the guy in "B" was going to move out this week, and then decided he'd wait till the end of the month."

You can't move in fast enough for me, I thought. Hell, move right in with me! Right now!!

But instead I told her, "Steve said he'd be out by the end of the week. Look, why don't I go get some shoes and pants on, and I'll help you move your stuff into storage, then when that's done; we can sit down and discuss your impending tenancy, okay" She smiled that lazy, killer-smile of hers and said, simply, "Okay"

I gestured her ahead of me, and she climbed up the steps to the street, and let me tell you what a fine-bodied woman she was indeed.

She had the lithe figure of a dancer, or at least one who keeps a regular routine in a gym or with some form of exercise, for those long gams were well- honed, and her buttocks clinched and relaxed as she took the steps two at a time. Above that fantastic butt were a slim waist and a flat stomach. A straight, well-formed back with straight shoulders held proud breasts that wouldn't hold a pencil put under them. I'm telling you a sex-maniac's dream. And that face: remember Fred Astaire singing "Funny Face" to Audrey Hepburn in the darkroom, in the film of the same name

That was the feeling I got when I looked at that fabulous face, and all the other parts of that fantastic package. Her ass was about two feet in front of me as we went up those stairs, and every inch of the way I was imagining my face up there between her cheeks probing that delightful part of her that I just knew would be like a sunset in Hawaii, or diving into Haleakala Crater during an eruption.

I led her down the corridor from the street into my apartment.

"Excuse me while I change. Make yourself at home. Grab a drink if you want." I gestured at the kitchen. "There's beer and non­alcoholic stuff in the fridge." She complied and wandered into the "front" room as I call it, as it faces over the garden at the back of the building, but affords a great view of the harbor, as did the bedroom, which was reached through the kitchen. I closed the thru-door and shucked off my shorts, pulled on Levis and a shirt, and some sturdy shoes.

I've always had sensitive feet, especially my toes, and have learned the hard way that when carrying stuff never, never do such without foot protection.

I came back out and she was standing sipping a beer and gazing out at that great view. She didn't hear me, and I was thoroughly taken with that pose, backlit as she was by the reflected light coming through the window. I looked around for my camera, and quickly focused and snapped a couple of shots.

That brought her out of her reverie. "What are you doing"

"I just had to get that pose. You were a thousand miles away."

"I was just appreciating what you've got here," she said gesturing around and finishing by facing out over the harbour.

"Well, you're gonna have it too, soon." I reminded her.

I took the beer from her and took a swig. She didn't complain. I tasted the faint taint of her lipstick, like a chaste kiss, the aftertaste of a sweet promise. I handed it back to her, and she finished it with gusto.

"Can't let the hired help get drunk," she teased. She pointed out the door. "Move, slave."

"Slave" I feigned surprised. "And you haven't even kissed me yet."

We went out and she pulled her car up to the driveway, and we unloaded her stuff and stored it in the garage above what eventually would be her space. It was secure as the garage was down near the garden, and the storage spaces had good bolts and locks on them.

I gave her the key, and we returned to my apartment where I typed up a note to leave on Steve's door informing him that his space, which he had never used anyway, was being used.

Then I got out her lease form and we went over the usual stuff, and she quickly perused them, and we acknowledged that it was the usual do's and don'ts and she said she'd like to give it to her lawyer, and that he'd check it and she was sure everything would be okay. That's how things are done in the land down-under.

The legalities over, I went into the kitchen and pulled another couple of beers from the fridge, handed her one.

"So you work for "Dolly" - have you always been in the writing biz, or did you model before that"

"I did some modeling ads", she replied.

"What kinda ads"

"Oh, you know - the usual- Women's wear, bathing suits, that kinda stuff."

"Under-wear Nudes"

"Sure", she dismissed the subject. "I started off and its all part of the scenario - most models and photogs have seen it all. They're quite professional about it all -either accept it as it is or you'll have to get into another profession. They don't make a big thing of seeing a bare boob or bum. I've seen more variations and sizes of privates than you could shake a stick at - Big, long, fat, thin, bare, shaved, plucked, plumed, and shaped. You name it, I've seen it." She shrugged, and indicated the picture of her in the mag article.

"Doing that was no big deal. Just part of the job"

"Well I hope for your sake that it's not a required part to keep your job." I said.

She looked at me, and her deep turquoise eyes took on a gelid quality that froze me on contact.

"What I do with this body is my business, and no one tells me. I have NEVER FUCKED anybody for a job or given any other sexual favor to male or female in return for anything on the job."

"Well, " I mumbled, trying to save grace, and make up for what I considered a gaffe, "I only meant that as far as I'm concerned you're a very attractive girl and any normal, red-blooded man would probably have a hard time being around you in your knickers." As I said it, I knew I had set up a classic punch line, and she capped it: "Any man would have a hard time being around me in my knickers" And with that we both exploded in laughter, in my case I had just swallowed and it came shooting out my mouth and nose, and I gagged. She howled with laughter, and I knew that her sense of humour was akin to mine. She put down her beer, and ran into the kitchen and came back with a towel and began patting me dry. And that's how it happened - the first kiss, that tentative time we all look forward to, yet somehow try to sidestep as we want it to be "right". The "right" place, the "right" mood, music, and atmosphere. So much goes into setting it up, that most of the time we are so wound up with trepidation we miss the opportunity or blow it. But now, everything seemed to jell - it was "right" for us - well, right for me anyway. She was patting my chest dry, and working her way down over my wet stomach and looked at the bulge that was stretching my Jeans and she hesitated, and I saw the tip of her pink tongue come out and lick her lips. I reached down with my hand and placed it under her chin, and ever so fucking slowly lifted that gorgeous face up to me. She followed, and literally swooned into my arms. I wrapped her in my embrace and held her tightly, then cupping her face; I lowered my lips to hers, and kissed her so ever so-fuckingly softly - a gentle caress, like an intro­duction sort of, teasingly, yet with a determination and promise of things to come. I swept her up into my arms and turned toward the bedroom, and she just looped her arms around my neck, and nuzzled my neck. I had taken no more than a couple of steps before she realized what was about to happen and reacted. She pulled away, letting her arms drop from around my neck, and wriggling free.

"Whoa, waitaminnit!" She said. I let her go, and she stood in front of me straightening herself. "I thought...." I started to say.

"Yeah, well...I...whew!" she stammered. We both were feeling a bit embarrassed.

"Maybe I overreacted," I offered, "But I thought.... Believe me I don't ....ahh, shit-I'm sorry."

"No, please," she said, reaching for and holding my hand. "I just don't feel ready yet. It's not that I'm a prude or anything, I know we were both overcome there, and I promise you I feel the way you do, and I'd like to, you seem like a nice gentle person, and....Gad! Listen to me..." She shook herself like a dog, ran her hands through her hair. She backed away then. "Listen, one of us has to think with a head other than that at the end of your penis. I'm not a prude. . . I already said that... I just want to get to know you a little better, okay" As frustrated as I felt, I too, felt it was a good decision. For more than anything, I really wanted this to work: I wanted her carnally, sure - but I also felt that she could be the one! As such, I wanted to do whatever I could to preserve and nurture the relationship.

"Sure," I said "I think you're probably right. We both need to back off a bit."

"Uh, huh"

"So, what d'you want to do... Meet like Gary Grant and Deborah Kerr did in' An Affair to Remember' Say next month at the top of Sydney Tower" I asked, half in jest.

She smiled, so at least she still thought I had a sense of humor, and so did she, I remember thinking.

"Well, seeing as how I should be living here by that time, I think that would be really going to extremes. Let's just see each other next week, okay..." That a bit tentatively from her.

"Okay" somewhat less tentatively from yours truly.


And now it was the day she was supposed to move in, and I was up on the roof again, touching up the spots I had missed last week.

Only this time, I had brought my camera up with me in its bag, so that I was prepared for any good shots that might present themselves. And what happened that afternoon up there on that hot roof is the stuff that fiction is made of. Hot doesn't do it justice, either. I know that what I am about to relate reeks of fantasy, and even the past few paragraphs tend to tug at the realm of probability. I mean how often does one get to meet a woman who advertises in a man's magazine I know a lot of guys' dream of just such a happenstance, and wish they could but how often does it actually happen I'm not talking about answering an ad, or placing one, and matching up that way. I'm talking about doing what I did, and actually meeting the gal. Okay, a kind of side-bar, here - you've been reading this exploit for quite a few pages now, and apart from some teasing there's been little mention of or description of sex, and that's what this story is supposed to be all about. Well, friends, that aspect of it is about to begin, and believe me, stick with it, for it is going to be good. And yes, it is with my favorite redhead, and others as you will see.

So, here I was again up on that hot, sticky roof and getting hotter and thirstier by the second.

Time for a beer. So I scooted back down, and as I descended the ladder, my eye caught a movement behind the curtained window of what was now Rocky's apartment. I was kind of surprised, as I had expected her to maybe contact me if she moved in. But that initial feeling of hurt was quickly dissipated when I made out what was happening.

As her apartment was next to mine, on the same level, we had virtually the same floor plan.

The afternoon sun shone in her window, and between the slight breezes blowing the curtains, I detected movement in the bedroom. I rummaged in my bag for my camera, and brought it up to my eye. It had automatic focus and a 300mm lens, so I was able to get a good view. And man, what a view it was: there Rocky was, spread eagled out on a low-back chair, masturbating. I nearly fell off the ladder! I quickly shot some. She was looking at a picture in her hand, concentrating on it as she brought herself off.

As she orgasmed, she let the picture fall from her hand, to concentrate on her cumming, and as she did, she brought her legs up, and squeezed her hand between her thighs, and gasped and shuddered. Then she lay there, spread-eagled again, limp and exhausted. I was limp and exhausted just from watching her.

All except one part of me, and that dear friends, was far from limp, let me tell you.

She languidly shoved herself up out of the chair, and wandered out of sight, and my attention focused back onto that picture lying on the floor.

I tried to focus my camera on it, but the angle it was lying at made seeing what the subject matter was difficult. As I was about to give up, she wandered in again with a towel, drying herself off. She draped it around her shoulders, and bent down and picked up the photo. She held it up in front of her and gazed longingly at it, then she kissed it, and laid it down on the chair.

This time the angle was perfect and I quickly focused and I finally saw the subject matter: It was me! Actually, a very prominent part of me! And you know which part-don't you

It was my cock, in all its glory with my fingers barely showing. So she had seen me jacking off that day in the garden, and had in fact taken pictures. I wondered just how many she's taken, and whether she'd actually got me cumming-I'd like to have some of those shots, myself. I really had to grab the ladder to prevent my falling off in shock. And of course, that's exactly what happened. In a movie script it would go like this:



Once again grabbing for support. The ladder teeters and he loses his balance, and the stepladder falls backward.








As he surfaces, splashing around.




My God, Lee-are you all right

Before he can answer, she's disappeared.

Lee swims to the edge and pulls himself out. He sees-



On the lawn-seemingly unharmed. He quickly scoops it up.

Just then Rocky comes running around.


What the hell just happened Are you all-right

Shakes himself.


Something got in my eye, just lost my balance.


Here, let me help...

She puts an arm around him, and he reacts with a grimace.


Okay, Mr. Macho-man, let's have a look...

She looks at his back.





Well, I hope it was worth it.


You'd never believe it.

So, that's how it'd be written in a script.

As it was, she helped me up to my flat and very efficiently administered to my wound.

Well now, this opened up all sorts of possibilities. She had pictures of me, and I had some of her, plus that article. And now she was here, in my apartment complex and we had (tentatively) indicated that we were interested in each other. What the hell was happening here, I remember thinking It all sounded too bizarre and the machinations of some sex nut on steroids. But it was happening!

Strange as it seemed, it was happening. What if she'd been sent by the magazine to do a "follow-up" expose on the erotic fantasies on your (not-so) average Aussie male Was this all a "set-up" A set-up for what, though Was she vice Again- why The questions buzzed around my head, and seemed to have no answers. The only facts were: she was here, she liked sex, she had indicated by word and gesture she liked me, she had just finished masturbating to my cock-picture. What did all that say

And how, you may ask, was I sure it was my cock Well, I have a slight discolouration on my cock-head that is quite distinguishable.

Nothing off-putting, just more a blemish, if you will, but- oh yeah, it was me all right in that picture, make no mistake.

So, it seemed to me that destiny had brought us together. Or our combined erotic fantasies. So what if she had bagged an assignment from the "Dolly" editorial staff. So what if this all was a grand expose on the erotic fantasies of Australia's male population, and they had actually read my letter, and decided to put her in the field to follow-up. If nothing else, I was due to get some good fucking, according to my way of thinking.

She was a genuine redhead, enjoyed sex, and was interested in me! And I was not going to impede that assignment in any way, shape or form.

So, the assignment was: Operation Redhead/"Dolly" and how to assist her without making it seem like too easy an assignment.

She was administering to my injury, as I said, and I had my arms up in the air.

As she came around to face me, she noticed the growing lump in my crotch. The tip of her tongue came out.

It was all too much! I suddenly brought my arms down around her, entrapping her, and kissed her deeply, passionately.

She responded in kind, but inadvertently touched the wound, causing me to wince in pain.

However her other hand was probing my front, and soon both her hands were pulling my pants down. My cock popped out long and hard. She wasted no time in servicing me



As she lovingly, longingly, slowly, rapidly, languidly, mouthed me. I was soon bucking, and pulled out to cum. And cum I did - loads of it- all over that gorgeous face. I hadn't cum like that in years, and it proved my long-held belief that good visual stimulation-i.e. a gorgeous partner- added to the excitement.

"My...GAWD..." I stammered, breathless. "Whew...!!!

"Yeah," she panted, and started to wipe the cum off. I reached out to stop her, and we entwined fingers and together, took turns licking my cum off. Then I licked it off her face, and my lips found hers and we exchanged deep, wet, passionate, cum-exchanging kisses.

It took some doing on my part, but I had to stop - there was something I had to do.

She looked at me inquisitively

"I've got something to confess," I said as I went to pick up the camera.

I manipulated the controls, turned it around and held it out for her to see the pic I had taken of her in the chair, masturbating.


"Just a minute" I interrupted, "Look at the next one. Whose cock is that you were jacking off, to"

"Oh, shit!" she said flatly, and then sheepishly, "Okay- you caught me."

Then she laughed, "So that's how you fell off the ladder!"

"Look", I said, "No -one's at fault here. We were enjoying each other voyeuristically .Me in a secluded spot-you in your room. It just proves we both enjoy the same activity-and each other."

"You're so right," she said in agreement. "I'm so sorry-at least now we can be open and honest about it."

"Well, I don't mind admitting I'm a bit of a fanatic-I just really enjoy jacking off. Guys being guys we do it at the drop of a hat"

"How often do you"

"Jack -off Whew- When ever I feel the urge"

"When did you start- were you very young" her interest fascinated me, for once again she was showing a defiant, curious-side of her-one which a lot, dare I say, most women wouldn't even dare to broach.

"Gad, I can't ever remember not doing it."

"Ever do it with other guys"

"When I was a kid naturally- as an adult it's usually been alone; once in a while a buddy and I have had a session."

I was wondering where this was going, but as we had decided to be as honest as possible, I was willing to take a chance and go along with her.

"Ever do blow-jobs"

"Yeah, been there, done that. Okay"

I wasn't sure now if that might be the breaking point, as she sucked on her thumb.

"So, what d'you consider yourself to be- hetero- gay-bi..."

"Rocky, honey, I've never really considered my status one way or the other. When I was a kid me and other kids would get together - one on one- or two or three and have a jack-off session. Then one of the kids, hell maybe it was even me- suggested we start sucking each other to see how it feels. So we did. Did we consider ourselves homos I certainly didn't-and I don't believe those kids did either. At that time we'd never heard of the word "Gay" or "Bi"-they were "Homo's" or "Fags" and the picture you had were of some wretched, unshaven guy in a trench-coat , running after little boys.

"They" were "Out There Somewhere" and "Different" We were just a bunch of young guys doing what boys have done ever since the dawn of time-and will continue doing"

I nuzzled her. "I just like sex-and yes, I love masturbating but, I also absolutely love pussy, and the fact that yours has red hair is a very big turn-on for me, and I can't wait to get into it." I paused for emphasis, and then laid it on the line, so to speak -

"I want to do everything possible with you-explore all facets of Eros."

"We will, lover-and I promise you one hell of a night at the club."

"Which one is it" I asked.

"Ever hear of Missy Lee's 'Le Coq d'Or"

"The 'Golden Cock' Gawd! I thought that was impossible to get in."

"It is-membership is passed down-and it costs a fortune to join-and then only by invitation."

"Then, how...

"All I know is that our company's owner's family and Missy's family go w-a-a-a-yy back."

"Like I've always said-it's who you know that counts in this world."

"Or, who you blow" she said.


I picked her up in my arms and walked over to a big overstuffed armchair, and sat her down in it.

She didn't need any more instructions. She wriggled out of her jeans, and pulled up her shirt revealing beautiful, perky breasts; down below was that rusty thatch beckoning my already dripping cock, and salivating mouth.

I dropped down in front of her, and lifted her legs up and back, over her chest-bending her way back, so that her delicious cunt was now directly in front of my eager mouth and face.

"I want to look at you" I said, as I gazed in awe at utter paradise - a beautiful red-haired pussy, the color of golden-red cornfields. She was leaning way back in the chair facing me, proud breasts jutting out straight at me, even though she was on her back. If you put a pencil under those, it'd drop, that's how firm and luscious, they were. Her smooth skin flowed gently down into the slight pubic mound that I licked my lips over. As I dropped to my knees in supplication before that delicious dessert, she put one hand on my head, holding me back, while she covered her cunt with the other.

"What's this..." I stammered, "I thought you wanted this..."

"I do..." she admitted, haltingly," It's just..." She seemed somewhat embarrassed. She gave a long sigh.

Oh, Fuck! I thought, please, not now. Not another prick-tease, after all this. Please, God, she's so beautiful and I want her, so bad!

Another deep breath, then: "I'd better explain"

"That'd be nice." I grumbled noticing my cock beginning to lose interest.

"I have something unusual," She began, somewhat hesitatingly. Part of me wanted to yell at her in frustration, call her everything in the book for being such a tease, flip her over, and the-hell-with whatever-she-had-unusual, and fuck her and get it over with, then discuss it.

But my other head, the thinking one, finally got the message through, that this might be significant.

Still keeping that beautiful thatch covered, she sat on the edge of the bed in front of me. Whatever frustration and anger I had was now diminishing (along with my hard-on) she noticed, and reached for me.

"Don't worry, Darling," she purred. "You'll get what you want. I just want to make you aware of something."

"Okay, what I know you're not a man."

"You've got a right to be annoyed with me, and I should be the one apologizing. But it was nice you did. Most Aussie men wouldn't have. But, I know, you're not like most men, that's what I like about you. So...I want to be completely honest with you, especially in sex, because it's so important to me, and from what I've gathered, to you too. No, I am not a hermaphrodite, but you might consider what I have close to it. Do you know what an elongated clitoris is" As she spoke, she withdrew her hand away from that red-gold treasure trove, and I'll be damned if her clit didn't peek out, its beautiful little pink head free and clear of the springy bush surrounding it.

"Oh, GAWD! What have I done to deserve this" I cried as I gazed in respect at it. "It's beautiful...it's like a baby carrot... it's like a little cock." I was grappling for the correct words to express my appreciation, my admiration, and my pleasure.

"I can't wait to get my mouth around that!"

I was like a kid in a candy store. I didn't await her approval; I just dove right in, lifting her legs up, and burrowing my face deep in her cleft. I balanced her back on the edge of the bed, and shoved my tongue up, up, up, inside that indescribably delicious cunt.

I licked, sucked, tickled, probed, and kissed it. I rolled her slick slender clit around my tongue.

First softly, gently and lovingly. Then hard, and long. I stiffened my tongue and ran its tip from the bottom of her clit up along the tender shaft to its tip, almost akin to licking a cock from its balls to the head. For in essence, that's what I was doing to her. If her clit was any longer, it could indeed have been a small boy's cock. I looked at it, bright, shiny, and slick among the red-gold hairs, a good two inches in length, and as slim as my little finger. Nowhere as long or as thick as my own ass-buster, which was now stretching for ten inches, but I could see where an uneducated lout might not appreciate what that extra appendage could add to enjoyment and make an inappropriate comment. That was his loss- and my gain. And with the help of all the Gods, I intended to do what ever it took to keep this rare and beautiful treasure all to my eager little self. God, it was delicious; what a total turn-on! Pretty soon, she was writhing and bucking, pushing her slick, mashed muff back in my face, paroxysm of pleasure racking her body. Again, she pushed me away. Between gasps, she blurted, "Wa...watch...watch me...

And, Christ, another miracle: she actually spurted her juice out of her cunt! Her spasms were so powerful, and her flow so profuse, I thought at first, she was peeing.

I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue to catch some of the liquid. It was definitely cunt-juice. She could ejaculate!

She was a SQUIRTER! Would wonders never cease I lapped up that delicious, life-sustaining, youth-prolonging, precious elixir. I had died and gone to pussy-heaven as far as I was concerned. I had heard of such a phenomenon, of course, but had never thought in my wildest dreams (and I've had some pretty wild ones!) that I'd ever experience such in real life. But now I was living those dreams.

She spasmed four really hard ones, each spurting out of her like a hard short piss, spraying over my eager, open mouth and face. One actually hit my thorax, and caused me to gag, but I recovered quickly and buried my face in her snatch, licking it, rubbing my face in its slickness, breathing in its aroma, feeling its soft, lush growth. Like a bee to a flower's pollen. Only this flower resembled my favorite orchid: Rycholelica Digbyana, which actually does look like a beautiful dewy cunt. (Look it up if you don't believe me!)

Like the bee, I was gonna be trapped in its well-spring of fluids in its interior...but what a way to go...!

"Aaaarrrrggghhhh GAWWWDDDD!!" she groaned, still spasming, although

to a lesser degree now. Her little cock was still rigid, and she reached down to begin playing with it. I pulled back to observe and enjoy the show. "Oh, yeah, babe that looks great. Keep it up!" I urged as I looked around for my camera, grabbed it and clicked off a few shots.

No comment from her. Great! She was truly a guy's (wet) dream-girl

She arched her back and groaned with pleasure as she began cumming again. The seat cover underneath her buttocks was soaking, so prodigious was her flow. Her inner thighs were sleek with her fluids. I got a great shot of her clit, stretching proud and tall between the golden heather, a monument to the cave of pleasure it stood over.

I mean, God, could you believe it And it was all mine! I had to make long, hard, deep, slow, fast, wet, prolonged love to that exotic growth, again, and again, and again.

I quickly checked the exposure on the camera, and took a couple more beautiful close ups.

Now she spread her lips apart, and dipped a finger into the pink wet recesses of her pleasure pit.

"Stay in that position, hon. It's great for what I have in mind."

She just purred and smiled a sly know-it-all-smile. I licked my index finger, and dropped down in front of her again. I slowly inserted my finger in her little pucker hole. She flinched slightly, saying, "Do you think you'll fit"

"Do you mind" I countered, "I've got to get up your asshole. Keep playing with yourself, and together we'll get it to relax."

She smiled even more, and continued playing with herself, while I exchanged my finger for my tongue and probed and licked. I inserted my first and second finger into her cunt to get them well and truly slicked. I reinserted both dripping fingers back up her asshole, then back out again, as I replaced them once again with my tongue, all the while marveling at the view in front of me. I ran my tongue out and up into her snatch, gathering some of that rare and exquisite elixir to deposit it in her asshole as a lubricant. THREE fingers up that other hole, now! And suddenly it opened wide to me - I could actually see up inside it - dark, slick, but what a sight! I steadied myself, held my cock-head at the entrance, and pushed slowly in. She braced herself, lying back and spreading her legs, pushing herself forward. "I've never done this before" she said. Then suddenly I was sucked in like a vacuum, and all of my long, hard 9 1/2" were imbedded firmly in her glove soft, tight-fitting, warm asshole. I looked at her, amazed. She had the biggest, fucking, shit-eating grin on her face.

"Gotcha!" she giggled. Now I stood up, and looping her legs over my arms, spread her legs wide apart, and began my slow, deliberate driving. I let her legs slide down my arms and grabbing her ankles now, her body forming a "V". At this point, I wasn't aware of how truly flex­ible she was, but I was beginning to get an idea. I never saw any indication of pain in her countenance, nor did she ever wince or shift in anguish. "Gawd, what a fantastic, fuck", I blurted, "What a tight beautiful asshole!"

"Thought I couldn't take it, huh"

"Not sure...or if you were even approachable to anal. I'm no weenie"

"More like a Polish sausage!"

"Well, how d'you feel about butt-fucking"

"How d'you think I feel"

"In this position... Stuffed!" And we collapsed in giggles, and she wrapped her lithe, long legs around me and squeezed so hard, I couldn't draw a deep breath...

"My God, you're strong. I hope I don't ever give you an excuse to do that for real."

"Keep doing what you're doing and you'll have nothing to worry about, darling."

Her little "cock" was still erect, and my own Rambo slick and stiff with effort, as I plunged deep inside her rectum and my hands grabbed her firm buttocks.

"I'm...getting ready babe..." I panted, "Nearly..." and with that, I thrust my cock deep into her butt hole, lifting her buttocks up with my hands cupping those round, beautiful cheeks, driving my stiff rod up, up, up, into that delightfully tight, dark, vortex, shooting my molten liquid, like lava into the deep, close receptacle infusing her insides with a molten liquid conjured up by our own wondrous bonding.

It wasn't just my cum shooting up inside her special, precious hole, it was ours!

I'd never felt so close to a woman before. I attempted to explain it to her as we lay together afterward, entangled in each other.

"That is so special to me..." I began, not sure of how to go about explaining my feelings.

"I mean, I really appreciate your opening your butt to me. But it's more than just another" hole" to fuck.

To me...It's something else..." I finished rather lamely.

"Okay," I continued, as she looked at me askance, "Let me try again"

"Okay" she teased, and turned around, butt sticking up in the air.

I was beginning to see I'd have to watch my "P's" and "Q's" with this lady.

I smacked her butt, and even that elicited a joke response, as she pretended hot, wanton submission.

Finally I was able to get her quiet enough to try to get the explanation I was searching for originally.

"To me, butt-fucking is what it's all about. I feel that a cunt is for sucking, and a butt-hole is for fucking, and that when a woman allows a man to do that to her, she's allowing him access to her very soul. It's a distinct privilege. I mean, just about everybody can get up a snatch, but getting into a butt-hole is an advantage and joy, I'll always value."

She was the type of person, who knew how to accept a compliment, and pulled me to her, and kissed me deeply and passionately

"There's more where that came from, lover, and I know we've only begun to scratch the surface. I don't know about you, but you're just what I've needed for a long time."

"Well, I haven't exactly been the life of the party around here."

"So you've been sublimating too, huh" She grabbed my right hand and scrutinized the palm. "You must be a real pro; no calluses."

We both laughed at that.

"That's another thing I love about you", I said, "You're so open-minded about sex."

"I love it. I saw how people use it as a weapon against others they supposedly "love", and I swore at an early age that if I ever found someone who showed the slightest bit of interest in me, that I'd do my damdest to never use sex in that way. I mean, if it's the best thing between two people, how the fuck can they use it to hurt each other"

"Woman, where the hell have you been all my life"

"Oh, I grew up in Mudgee, spent years in Melbourne....'

I grabbed her and began smothering her with kisses. Then seriously, I said, "Well, as we both noted," I said, putting her hand on my cock, "I have a rather formidable weapon to contend with. The few women I've dated in the past could hardly take me up their cunts far less anally, so the matter would've probably freaked them out. They'd usually end up jacking me off.

"And", I continued, "Howcum you did, and didn't"

"Take you up the ass, and didn't freak about it"

"Something like that"

"Well, during my brief tenure as a wannabe ballet dancer, I saw too many of those boys back-stage. In and out of compromising positions. I got so used to seeing big cocks that when I saw my first "normal" sized one, I thought my date was abnormal, and ended up laughing in his face. God, what an embarrassment that was!"

"More for him than you." I interjected.

"Oh, the poor dear. Even after I tried explaining to him, he had the hardest time believing me and trying to get hard. I really had to help him."

"Then he had the hardest time, if what we've just had is any indication."

"You keep saying the nicest things." She stroked my penis, and leaned forward and down to lick it, drawing her tongue along its hardening length, and probing my urethral opening with the point of her hard tongue. She drew the head in and ran her tongue around it. Then she swallowed, and taking me out, smacked her lips loudly, smiling, "Mmmmm delicious!"

I stroked her face, ran my fingers over that face, the fine jaw line, and up to her ear, around and into her hair. I wanted to, needed to possess her very soul, her whole being.

I loved touching her, just being in her presence. I inhaled her scent, bathed in her glow. Was this how Bogey felt with Bacall Nick with Nora Charles Tracy with Hepburn Romeo with Juliette

She was slowly stroking me, keeping me half hard, molding me like play-dough, as we talked, and explored each others history.

"So he was your first" I queried.

"Yes, and he actually improved sexually and helped me appreciate it too. He was a bit confused about his own sexual identity as he came into the theatre right out of high school, so all the bally boys were hitting on him. When we got together we had a lot questions that needed answering, and we were both so curious that we seemed destined to find them out together."

"And did you," I probed.

"Yep, and so anal was just one of the things I got used to, and accept as part of a normal curious and healthy interplay."

"But, if he only had a normal-size cock..." I began.

"How'd I get used to something like the size of yours" She smiled.

"Part of our interplay included lessons on everything available in toys, so naturally, we used dildoes, and... they hurt a bit. Then he told me about a devise that widened gradually and the idea was to wear it inside for longer periods until I got used to it."

"A butt-plug" I asked again amazed at her honesty and curiosity.

"Most women would've run screaming away from any guy that asked them to try one of those." I laughed

"True," she concurred. "But by now, I figured I had invested a lot of time in my relationship with Kev, and I was still a bit naive, but curiosity was pounding at my door, and I was turned on! I just wanted to learn all I could, and I trusted him, and I loved him, or so I believed, so when we started doing all this stuff, the porno mags, the videos, the toys, I just lay back and let it happen."

"Didn't you ever feel put upon" I asked

"No never! I wanted to learn. I wanted to try everything. I remember reading an ad for a rare classic book that seemed to be an account of what I wanted to do, so I sent away for it. It was called," The Story of '0'"And then, "Emmanuelle" Have you ever read them"

"God, yes! You're right, both classics."

"So we read it together, and to the best of our ability, did what the heroine in the story did."

"Starting with the butt-plug"

"Right. And you know the story. Each day a bigger, wider and longer plug is inserted. Even I was amazed that I could take it. Or that I even wanted too. I guess it was a little bit of ego on my part too. I wanted to,-needed to-prove that I was the modern answer to "0" in my own right. I got so used to having a butt-plug up my ass and doing everyday things like walking around with my butt stuffed, that when it wasn't was when it felt odd."

All this talk was taking its toll on me, and now I stood, once again proud and tall-ready for action.

"Well," I said, "You've come to the right guy, if you want your butt fucked regularly."

I pulled her into position, on her knees this time, beautiful ass stuck up in the air.

I rubbed my plumb-red cock head up along her crack, lubricating it by inserting it into her wet cunt, probing the slick depths of that beautiful moist pleasure pit, then out again, running the full length along the golden-rusty furrow up between her well rounded gorgeous cheeks to kiss that precious little brown hole with my own cock hole. I brought my hands up and grabbed her around her well-formed hips - my thumbs naturally finding and sinking into the two identical dimples indented on either side of her spine at the bottom curve above her buttocks. What a logical place for such pleasure grips to be on such a beautiful woman. I steadied myself for that long, slow delightful plunge into extasy.

"You are going to give me that beautiful stiff cock up my pussy sometime, aren't you" she asked over her shoulder.

"Oh, yeah, babe." I replied, "Don't you worry about that. You're gonna be walkin funny, but with the widest grin on your face. I just want some more of that fine sweet ass-hole."

I reached down, under her and played with her clit, and Man, did it ever feel like a small boy's cock. Slick and slim between my fingers. I marveled at how such a delightful find was all mine. I didn't know why or how, but I again thanked my lucky stars. She balanced herself and brought her hand up to cover mine. Inter­twining our fingers, we inserted them together into her moist depths and explored her hidden treasures: - her inner and outer lips, up to the very back of her cervix, in and out and all around. I brought our hands out and up in front of her face, inserting our slick fingers into her mouth where she licked and sucked her juices off. Then it was my turn and I replaced my fingers into her cunt and rubbed her beautiful proud clit between thumb and forefinger, collecting her precious overflow in the palm of my hand. Her flow was prodigious, and I brought the sweet elixir up to my face and breathed the heady aroma then lapped it like I was a man dying of thirst. And all the while, I was pumping my stiff cock in and up, up, up, that delicious, tight, form-fitting, cock-squeezing, pleasure hole. My cock was as hard and as long as one of those Maglite flash­lights, again, and it was trying to burst through her to invade the insides of her clit, to make it bigger and longer by fitting over my cock like a sheath. Now she moved, steadying herself as she wiggled forward. "Are you okay" I asked, concerned. "Yeah," she panted, "I just want to try something". And she edged over to the edge of the bed, and keeping me imbedded, dropped her hands and upper body off the bed. I grabbed her hips to steady her and myself. Now I was over her, penetrating her deeper than in the old style "Doggie" butt-fuck. I guess you could call this a "barrow" style. To get an even better control and balance, I moved first one hand then the other down to her knees and cupped them, as she once again steadied herself on stiffened arms on the floor. How I wished we had had a photographer to capture that position as I gazed at our frenzied reflections in the closet mirror.

Seeing "another couple" - the reflections going at it like gangbusters, added to the atmosphere, and it didn't take me long, as I began to gasp and gather myself for the final plunge. She, too, quivered in anticipation.

"I want to spray on you..." I gasped, pulling my throbbing cock out, and milking it.

"Oh, yes..." she gasped, "On my Butt..."

I guided my long, slick, hard cock, holding back the flow for a second as I positioned myself

Just in time, I guided the thick soup as it squirted out onto her beautiful well-formed buttocks, spurting over that special area that was now matted, smashed flat, rivulets of my dripping cum mixing with her own precious fluids. I was cumming a river. I just couldn't stop. A second, thinner stream squirted out over her lower back and a third albeit smaller load spurted from my still hard man-handler, adding to the mess already dribbling down over her butt and inner legs. Wanting to satisfy her vaginally, now I inserted my fingers and found her cunt to be very accessible, and easy to penetrate. My whole fist slipped in to the wrist. I twisted it around inside her, my knuckles kneading her cervix. She moaned and moved in extasy. Dribbles of my cum mingled with hers and dripped onto the bedspread.

It was like a midden now, and the room reeked of sweat and sex. That heady, sweet tang adding to the overall atmosphere of devil-may-care-let's -fuck fuck fuck! feeling. My cum, intermingled with her own flow, ran down her crack between her cheeks, onto her inside thighs that were now sleek with effort and pleasure. She reminded me of a fine mare after a run in the wilds, skin and fur a fine sheen. The muskiness added to the atmosphere, filling my nostrils and senses.

Her legs were balanced once again on the bed, and she leaned way over and down, bracing herself on the floor as I pushed my fist up her accommodating cunt.

"Are you all right" I asked, "I'm not hurt­ing you, am I"

"No...no...way..." she gasped, Then: a long-drawn out sigh and shudder as she gasped, "GAWWWWED....you are the ab...ab...absolute...best...bes...sss...ttt I've ever...ha...ha " she couldn't finish the sentence, just shook herself like that supposed filly, her whole body shivering like she was drying herself after that long hard ride. Then she began a long exhalation in between moans of pleasure. Shaking her head rapidly up and down then side to side, she rammed herself back and forth onto my fist.

"Don't!" I yelled in panic, "You'll damage yourself!"

But she was lost in extasy and deaf to my words pushing her wondrous cunt back and forth. I steadied her with my other hand on the small of her back as those well-formed buttocks slid back and forth like well-oiled pistons over my well-lubed fist. If her body had been in the throes of passion with her previous shak­ing, now it went into spasms. I hoped that was all it was. She was gasping and moaning with pleasure, her body and hips moving at a speed I could only assume were a result of her years of dancing and training.

All this action resulted in her moving inexorably forward, away from me and the bed, and I was struggling to keep up with her.

"Watch out for carpet burns" I said to caution her, but again, my words went unheeded in her gasps of pleasure. Finally it was too much for me to bear, and I grabbed her by the nape of her neck and pulled her to a stop. I pulled my hand out of her cunt and it made a sound like it was coming out of a can of oil. A thick "Thop"

She twisted around and gazed at me with lust-filled eyes, and kept spasming, her hips thrusting up at me. Her cunt lips were wide apart and swollen, her clit stretching proud and tall going for six inches as it peeked out of that luxuriate foliage surrounding the vortex of pleasure that was now slick and dripping with the results of her efforts. And then it happened: her juices gathered and formed and combining with the spasms once again shot out of her depths with explosive regularity. I quickly positioned myself and caught some of her fluids on my cock and belly, as I pounded my shaft using her juices to lubricate it, shooting my load and once again our fluids mixed and mingled and dripped and flowed and ran together in that pleasure patch between her legs.

Now she reached up for me, eyes half-closed, a smile of complete satiation on her face, hair tousled, and face sex-puffed. Both our bodies were covered with the sweet tang of effort, pleasure and passion. Remnants of my cum clung in globs to our crotch hairs, and a small glob leaked out my cock head and dripped a long string onto her belly. She giggled and wound it around her finger and sucked it into her mouth, the sliver hanging down from her lips, over her chin. God, what a sight! What an absolute turn-on!

She just flicked it in with the tip of her tongue and licked her lips making a smacking sound.

"Mmm, delicious!"

"There's plenty more where that came from" I said as I lay, bushed beside her.

I reached over to pet her pussy, and she grabbed my hand. "No more...just yet..."

I patted her hand. "I just wanted to pet your pussy, stroke it in appreciation."

"I couldn't handle it - I'm still too sensitive honey. Just let it be for a while, okay" She patted my hand and snuggled into my arm­pit, her hand dropping down and cupping my waning wang.

She held it gently, for like hers, it was almost too painful to touch. Still in the afterglow of our lovemaking she was concerned and giving enough to realize that a man delights in, indeed longs for, and needs that little extra touch of familiarity, reassurance, by holding my cock as well as my body. Thus ensnared, we allowed ourselves to be transported into the arms of Orpheus. Before she dropped off, she mumbled into my neck, "You still owe me some cock-time ... don't forget..., and as she dozed gave me a soft squeeze. As if I'd forget, I told myself.

That night was the beginning of my life. I have never been the type of man who takes anything or anyone for granted; I always or at least try to be very accommodating. To the point that most often I am the one who ends up being put out. Over the days and weeks following I found out that this was the same with her. This could have ended up being a competition over which one of us would be the most accommodating. It never even entered the equation.

We seemed to complement one another, knew what the other was even thinking. We even became able to complete the other's thoughts as she would start a sentence and I'd finish it or vice versa. When she hurt, I hurt. We were empathic. When we fucked the very physicality of the act aside - the cock-into-cunt fusion became the ultimate bonding and an entity was formed. We had been desperate bodies, each orbiting the other separately unaware that our ultimate destiny was in joining-bonding into a pulsing, vibrant oneness.

Synergized, symbiotic.

Being a writer, I should be able to express myself and these feelings in simpler terms; put down on paper the exact feelings I had about her, and the way I felt, yet somehow words really do fail me. It was like I had been dormant, and she was the catalyst necessary to awaken me. I attempted, in my tongue-tied way to verbalize this to her and she con­firmed that this too was the exact way she felt. There definitely was something about this relationship bigger than both of us (No pun intended)

We didn't need to sleep - it just seemed a natural thing to do. Lying cuddled like that, I was amazed that my cock still felt stimulated and I just knew it wouldn't take much to get it hard again and be ready to go. As she said, I owed her some "cock time" and I was looking to get*-ting into that golden treasure trove, to probe its slick, slippery depths with my special diviner that she was still gently gripping. Small exhal­ations escaped from her throat, and I gazed lovingly at her profile. Her tousled hair fell urchin-like over her eyes, and I gently brushed it aside. I bent down and softly kissed her eyelids and a slight smile curved her mouth. Her exhalations were shallow and relaxed and I laid my head gently next to her and breathed them in


We awoke early in the morning, and showered together. It was during this that I found she enjoyed another of my vices when she wanted to step out to take a pee. "Why" I aced. "It just goes down a drain. Besides," I added as I turned off the water, "It would go to waste." I settled down on the floor of the cubicle and she hesitated only a second as she lifted one leg and braced herself against the wall. She shook her head in disbelief, and then a small stream of her amber liquid trickled out and over me. It hit me on the chest and dribbled down to my crotch, the hot liquid pooling in my hair. My nostrils flared at the sharp odor of her urine, and my cock started its arousal. I adjusted myself better between her legs, so that my face could get its share of the golden shower that was now gushing out of her cunt.

She didn't need to be told what to do, she just reached down and pulled her lips apart and pissed a hard, hot stream of golden liquid into my mouth, splashing it over my face, chest and stomach. My cock revived like it was a cactus after a five year drought- Man, did that have an effect! I grabbed it and started jacking off and she spurted some more trying to slow the flow so she could help prolong my enjoyment.

The sight of her standing over me like that with her legs apart, aiming her stream on me, willingly, was such a turn-on. What isn't you're probably wondering.

The warm liquid, like ambrosia flowed over my pounding hand and down over my cockhead onto my balls and thighs. The smell of her urine added headiness to the atmosphere, and with her dying dribbles, I shot a wad that landed on her knee. We laughed at that, then we were clinging together our mouths and hands tearing at each other. My mouth found hers and we exchanged deep kisses. Then she backed off and placing her hands on my shoulders, made me sit back down on the floor again where she turned around and sat on my face enabling me to lap up every sweet drop of liquid in that delicious cunt. Cum or piss - I was in heaven and it was all a life-sustaining, youth-prolonging elixir as far as I was and am, concerned.

I just loved it. She began paroxysms, shuddering, pushing her moist, musty cunt down onto my face.

"Are you ready" I mumbled thru mouthfuls of muff pie.

"Almost...." she replied haltingly"... almost... yes...yes...ooohhh...yeessss!" and with that she collapsed on top of me still shuddering, but now with laughter, "are you content my darling" she murmured, again demonstrating another of her endearing qualities that made knowing and loving this woman such a pleasure. She always gave so much of herself. "I'm fine, thanks" and bathed her lips and face in kisses. We rose and quickly showered-.the real kind, this time.


If you haven't realized by now that I'm a very open-minded person sexually/ then you've not been very observant as this is a journal of those exploits with a very luscious, loverly, sexy, savvy and extremely willing lady. I just couldn't get her out of my mind. Ever mindful that she had promised me a night out at one of the city's best sex clubs, I was also constantly "on". I was like a dog in heat, a young boy constantly baying at the window of the older woman who initiated him. I very well could've been that very boy - even now recounting these episodes I'm hard again. And that's how it was during those great times with Rocky. And she too, seemed - no, was- just as turned on as me - with me. As I stated before, we were a duo, dependent upon each other, growing with each other, learning and loving from each other. As such it was always on my mind to try and come up with newer or other variations to add something to our practices. The chair I'd observed her on, and which was the catalyst for our sex-play, was prominent in my mind that afternoon as I did the chores around the place, and by evening I had form­ulated an idea which I put into play that very evening when we got together. The chair was a low-slung one with arms descending in a round, low curve from the back. Sort of like a smaller ver­sion of a Mama-San chair, which you could sit/lie back in. Well, Rocky used to lie back in that chair and spread her legs wide and masturbate (like she had done that day) for me to watch. Now we used that as part of our regular sex-play and let me tell you -it was such a turn-on seeing her that way. Man, what a terrific sight! She really got off on that: my watching her. She would tease her lips, rub her clit, open her lips fully and run her fingers or a dildo deep in and out. I really got off on that too. Well this night I added a little bit to our play. I placed a pillow under her butt to lift her up for better exposure, and soon it was soaking with her juicy flow. I started stroking my cock, and she shuddered, smiling with pleasure. . I reached for her hand and removed the dildo. Dropping to the floor in front of her, I replaced it with my tongue, lapping up her cunt juices and driving my tongue up deep inside that luscious well-spring, her special smell and taste filling my senses like a drug. Then I lifted her legs up wide over her head, still jamming my face and tongue up that well-juiced orifice of pleasure, her cunt- dripping and slick with her sweet elixir. She climaxed, spurting my face

"Turn around." I demanded. She looked at me, expectantly. "I want to try something with you."

"Something kinky, sounds like" I reached around and under another pillow and withdrew a long cord, I had stashed there earlier. When she saw it she giggled, "Yes, definitely kinky," But she did as I bid, and arranged her just so, comfortably, with her arms and boobs hanging over the back, and that fabulous ass and cunt stuck up in the air right in front of my face, as I jammed my face and tongue into and up and along that inviting furrow between her cheeks, and jammed it up her tight asshole. Gad, what a sight! She flinched, anticipating what was about to happen, "What'd' you have in mind" She gasped.

I'd decided to play the master in this mild form of bondage. I'm not into hurting or pain, but a little slap and tickle doesn't hurt. "Shut up, cunt!" I mild/roughly held her head down over the back of the chair.

"Don't talk. You're just an unworthy bitch, not deserving of anything but being fucked." I wasn't really sure of her reaction to this unannounced little diversion in our games, and if she balked, I was ready to immediately call it off.

All she did though was turn and look at me with a sense of wonder, and amusement on her face.

"Yes, master." was all she whispered in reply. "I'm an unworthy bitch, only deserving of being fucked.'"

"Where" I demanded. "Up... Up my ass!" she gasped, as I stuck a finger up that beautiful orifice.

"Tell me again...where" I pushed my finger deeper up her. "Beg", I demanded.

"Up my ass...master ..." she gasped." Please ..."

I withdrew my finger, and got the cord and wrapped it around her waist a couple of times, then drew the ends down and through her legs so it ran up between her legs and dug into her cunt lips, expanding and puffing them out for me to enjoy more. I then took the two ends of the cord and wrapped each around her ankles, and then around each leg of the chair to keep her legs spread in that position. Next I ran the cord under the chair to the back where her hands hung down, and I tied her hands to the back legs with the remaining length of cord. She was now completely open and vulner­able to my demands and carnality. AND SHE LOVED IT! In that position, she was all mine to do with as I pleased. But in order to keep things right between us, and before we really got into it, before breaking the fantasy, I wanted to make doubly sure she knew that I was looking out for her, and didn't want to put any demands on her that she might not want, I went around to gaze into her face and kissed her ever so gently. I traced a finger along that fabulous jaw-line, and bent down in front of her.

"Are you really willing to do this with me" I asked, "Because, I want to do every sexy, dirty thing I ever wanted to do to a woman, to you-with you."

"Darling, I enjoy everything we do together." She kissed me in response

. "I want to make sure. I don't want to do anything you might not want."

"It was nice of you to ask, though it wasn't necessary. Now stop worrying and hurry not to lose the mood."

That said, and secure in the knowledge that I was doing everything with her blessing, I resumed the role, and our sex games continued. As I said earlier, and as we'd discussed, she had read "The Story of '0'". And she had many sex toys.

I also had a few - the usual dildo, vibrator, etc. We had earlier toyed with cucumbers, up her snatch as well, so the play had used all the toys and probes -natural and artificial, that we could think of. That she was re­ceptive to such machinations and suggestions once again made me marvel at this wondrous creature and thank the many different Gods that brought her into my life.

Now, she was spread-eagled in front of me, that fabulous ass and beautiful red-haired cunt staring up at me as I contemplated the next few minutes.

My cock was straining, already dripping pre-cum from my uthera.

I went around to face her again, and rubbed my cock on her mouth. She licked it, and smacked her lips, running her tongue around her lips. She smiled. I left a trace of pre-cum along her cheek, and then returned to the object of my affection, stuck up the air in front of my hungry mouth. I reached for the dildo and inserted in into that fabulous cunt. In and out, and along the furrow, between her cheeks.

I ran it up to that other pucker hole then back down and in and out her pussy again.

Now I began using both hands on her with the dildo up her ass, while I manipulated her clit with the fingers of my other hand, and then dipping my hand deep into her cunt. Next I withdrew the dildo from her butt and I steadied her as I ran my cock up and down the furrow between her cheeks. I dipped it into her dripping pussy, getting it wet and slick. As I withdrew it, I was afforded a sight I'd never witnessed before: Both her holes were wide open now: Man, what a fantastic sight!

Her beautiful cunt and asshole open - those fantastic buttocks staring up at me. I steadied my self, and placed my ass-buster at the entrance of her pucker hole and gently pushed it in, and slowly, slickly my cock entered her tight, warm asshole. I got the vibrator now and toyed with it up her snatch, and felt the subtle vibrations through the wall of her snatch, adding to the already heady sensations. It didn't take long for her to have a couple of shattering climaxes, and I followed close behind, shoving deep up in her rectum with a force that pushed her further over the back of the chair. I withdrew and finished by cumming over her buttocks. I wiped my cock along her furrow between her cheeks, and continued using the dildo in her pussy. She was bucking in the chair, but I wanted to try something else before I untied her and I replaced the vibrator with my fist up her cunt. I wanted to see who'd yell "uncle" first. My fist delved deep into her - up to the very back of her fabulous cave, my knuckles kneading her cervix, as she writhed in pleasure. She moaned in extasy, as I leaned over her and drove my fist as deep as I could up into her, kneading, but gently - aware of, and conscious of not being too wild. Still trying to gauge that fine line between pleasure and pain, I looked at her, and she still had the look of satiation of pleasure on her face. Never did she flinch or move or in any way indicate displeasure. Still she pushed her fabulous cunt back and onto my plunging fist matching my kneading with a rotation and back plunging of those fabulous hips. I used my other hand up and under to feel for her clit, and man! it was rigid - for the entire world like a small boy's cock, stretching and slick between that beautiful thatch, standing proud and strong like a monument above that orifice of pleasure. I stroked it, masturbating her as I continued plunging my other fist deep in her. Soon she bucked and writhed, and - I'll be damned, gasping, she begged off. "Stop ....please Master ... enough ..." I immediately, gently with­drew both hands. I dropped to the floor, and quickly un-wrapped the cord. I helped her turn around in the chair, then swept her up in my arms, and like a child, lifted her into my arms and took her to bed, where I bathed her in kisses, and gently caressed her. She pushed against me, and gently laid me back as she turned around. Then she settled herself over my face, and pushed her wet, warm, juicy, musty cunt down on me grinding away. This was her "Revenge", and it had the appropriate results, with my cock again rising to the occasion.

She pulled my raging 91/2" into her wet mouth, and we satisfied each other in a fantastic 69

Afterwards, lying entangled in the soaking sheets and each others arms, I once again wondered at the Fates that brought us together. I'm not one to lose any sleep over the great, or even the mundane things in life, and apart from a few thoughts on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, am pretty much an up-front person who tries to go through life with as minimal fuss as possible, doing, what I can to improve existence and help my fellow man and woman without being intrusive or obnoxious. But I figured that somewhere, somehow, I must have done something right in a life of screwing-up to have Rocky with me now at this time in my life. Could I have had her earlier In some fashion, probably-maybe. And I wish I had, but the fates deemed that this was the right time, and who are we to argue I mentally gave thumbs up, and closed my eyes and thanked those fates for this goddess now dozing, satisfied in the crook of my arm. I gazed at her as small exhalations raised and lowered her fabulous tits, and a slight smile curved her beautiful face. I gently kissed her, and the smile widened, and Christ, it was so beautiful, that my heart ached, and my eyes misted in response.

She stretched, and I cursed my self for having waked her. I gently laid a hand on her. "I'm sorry," I said. "I didn't mean to wake you." She raised herself up, and shook her herself. "I'm awake, it's okay. God, that was fantastic! Where d'you come up with all these great ideas"

"Well, I'm first of all glad you don't think I'm a weirdo of some kind. I just have ideas of what I'd like to try, and thankfully you're a woman who responds in kind, and seems to have as insatiable a sexual appetite as I do. You said in your magazine article that you wanted to try everything and were looking for a guy with a wild imagination. I'm just trying to live up to your wildest expectations. How'm I doing" She began playing with my cock in response, and soon I was hard again. "I'll let you know, if anything is lagging" she said

What could I say "I'm in your hands." was all I could come up with, and a few seconds later -proved it with a load that filled her hand and ran over into my balls. She was wide-eyed at the amount, as was I. My cock head was huge and purple and pulsing as it disgorged its thick soup. She was whooping with delight. "I take that as an affirmative answer" she chuckled. I shifted down to pay attention to her cunt and asshole, as she continued to massage me, then sucked me into her beaut­iful mouth. Between mouthfuls we tried to continue our DEEP conversation.

She: "Mmmm...after that Golden Shower this morning, I hope you don't expect me to shit on you."

Me; "As much as I enjoy licking your gorgeous asshole, and want to enjoy other kinky ideas with you, corprophelia isn't one of them."

She: (Mumble, mumble...)"Corprophelia I thought that was corpse-fucking."

Me: "That's necrophilia - I'm not into that either."

She: "I thought that was Black Magic!"

Me: "That's necroMANCY."

She: "Never mix words with a wordsmith. Shut up and fuck me!'.'

Me: "Yes, Ma'am! Anally, vaginally, or orally"

And with that I shoved my hungry tongue up her delicious cunt. She responded in kind and we gave each other a fantastic 69. Her fluids were profuse, leaking out and slicking the insides of her thighs and my face. I ran my tongue up into her little crack and probed her precious bung hole. She responded in kind her little quick tongue darting into my asshole and out and down around my balls and back again. Not just once, but again and again, and lingering. She was the only woman who had ever responded to that in that way. Most would shift embarrassedly, and almost never reciprocate. Kiss a man's asshole My dear, it's enough that you get me to touch your genitals far less kiss them! Again I marveled at her, at the circumstances that brought us together, that all she meant to me, and was giving me and allowing me to enjoy with her, through her, and by her. If I haven't made myself completely clear on the matter by now, let me state unequivocally that I was madly, deeply, passionately, in love, lust and everything else with this gorgeous, unusual, vibrant, passionate, creature.

As this is mostly a chronicle of our sex life together, the reader will have to overlook these forays into other aspects of our time together, but this is what is referred to as exposition in the writing game: it allows insight into the characters and helps move the plot along by giving a little insight into their psyche.

The sexual part of my life was going well, but professionally I was in a kind of limbo. Sure, I was able to put food on the table and beer in the fridge, and I had very nice roof over my head-but my dream life was still unresolved.

There was still the matter of getting the script written, and presentable. As fast as I finished a page, Rocky was there printing it out and grabbing it to take away. I only hoped that whoever was directing this was a pro. The next couple of weeks kept me busy around the apartment building and writing, and Rocky at the studio coordinating everything. Little did I know what that included.... I was at my desk-top, writing. Rocky was on her cell-phone.

"That was the studio-Don asked if you'd like to come over and watch them put the opening sequence footage together."

"Who's Don"

"Don-the director," she said.

"Yeah, sounds great."

She turned back to the phone and confirmed.

Later that day we showed up at the studio and watched as they put the beginning footage together. I have to admit I was quite proud and excited to finally get to see my ideas appear visually up on a screen.

This is how it looked:




A low helicopter shot as it flies over the familiar-looking harbour. The view is of the Sydney Harbour Bridge framing the equally iconic and famous Opera House, both aglow with light and that of the sparkling buildings, reflected on the water. Now, THE CAMERA MOVES AWAY from this main Harbour area to a quieter section-some inner harbour area-still close to the city-and still close to the water's edge. Now we BEGIN TO HEAR the low murmuring of voices, interspersed with light laughter, soft music, the tinkling of glasses, and UNDERNEATH IT ALL-THE LAPPING OF WATER.

We are still traveling over the water-now showing some of the expensive and luxurious condos, and mansions that dominate these areas and line the expensive shores. Places Like Rose Bay, Elizabeth Bay, and this particular area-Lavender Bay. This is "The High End" of the social strata. The "Partying" sounds are louder now, and THE CAMERA SWOOPS DOWN AND AROUND to one particular building. It stands three or four stories over the water straddling the side of the hill. Now we see the line of limo's lining up, as the helicopter sweeps around to the other side of the building.



Proclaiming a private "wrap" party for just-finished adult-themed film; a screening and awards for adult-entertainment achievements.



Of actresses as well as several actors and a caption stating: "Photo Ops Available".



SLOWLY ZOOM IN ON The top floor as the partying sounds are overshadowed by the sounds of lapping water once again-then this sound rapidly becomes one of someone urinating



It is a beautifully-trimmed blond pussy, pissing furiously-that's what the sound is.



She's dressed in a great-looking Marilyn-type "Seven Year Itch" style dress



Checks herself, puts on lip-gloss; grabs everything and shoves it all back into a small bag. Something jams- she reaches in.





And she shoves everything back in, sweeps out of the room, leaving light on.



LONG AND SINEWY-like everything about her- as it reaches in an switches off the light.

OFF CAMERA there is the sound of partying going on in the MAIN AREA of the floor. Up here though, it is quieter. As she starts back toward the main area, she hears something.



Sharon's hand quietly opening it.



Two guys FUCKING THE HELL OUT OF A GIRL. SHE'S ON ALL FOURS-doggy - style; she's taking one guy in the rear-giving the other in front a blow job. They're OBLIVIOUS to anything else.



A bit shocked, but mostly intrigued...and she quietly closes the door, tip-toes down the corridor to:




It is as large as a tennis court and a GALA PARTY is underway. Elegant men and women-DRESSED TO THE NINES, sipping wine and munching away, served by well-mannered waiters and waitresses. Some soft cool jazz is played by a small group of musicians.

SUDDENLY, JARRINGLY this party atmosphere is interrupted by several hooded men with automatic weapons.








Points to a nearby woman.


You! Who's in charge here

The woman nervously looks around-points.





What...what d'you want..


What d'you think Your money, credit cards, cell phones, I-pads-jewelry- NOW PEOPLE! IN HERE-EVERYTHING!!

He indicates to his helper who unfolds a couple of large cloth bags.

The elegant, nervous man tries to dodge and run, but is quickly hit and collapses to the floor, bleeding, and out for the count.

He turns to a couple of his mates-points up the stairs. They Jump to it.




Slowly at first, then faster and faster, they strip themselves of their collective wealth, tossing rings, watches, necklaces, bracelets, phones, wallets, etc into the proffered bags.



As she quickly jumps back into the darkness of the corridor. She runs to the closed door, pushes it open.



The guys are now standing over the girl in a more threatening way. The guy in back has his back to Sharon and can't see her enter and has a BIG FUCKING KNIFE AT THE GIRL'S THROAT. The other guy is still busy getting a blow-job, so he doesn't see Sharon either.



And without hesitation she KICKS THE GUY IN FRONT RIGHT IN THE BALLS! At the same time she throws her purse at the guy in back, then quickly looks around, picks up a beer bottle and creams the guy! It's over that quickly! One guy is writhing on the floor in excruciating pain-the other out for the count! Sharon grabs the girl, who is still naked, and shaking with fright, shoves her toward the balcony.


Quick, girl-move!



I...uhh....my Clothes...ohh, shit...FUCK!! What...


C'mon girl - get your ass outa here.

She shoves the confused girl toward the balcony.



Below them -three stories to the cold, dark harbour water.



And the two guys are reviving, groggily getting up moving, heading toward....


Sharon grabs the girl-sweeps her off her feet over her hip and the balcony wall, them jumps over herself.







FUCKIT! I just bought this dress!

And on that we watch as the GIRL hits the water, to be followed a second later by SHARON.



And THE GUYS as they empty their guns after them.



And SHARON comes up first, spluttering. She looks around for the GIRL. Suddenly Bullets spit the water all around.

Sharon dives.



The GIRL is struggling-it's obvious she can't swim and is panicking. Sharon reaches her and pulls her up.

They BURST up through the surface, gasping for air. Sharon pulls the girl, toward shore.



And they turn and run back in, through the room, down the corridor and stairs to the main area, to the LEADER.


The girl got away....


What... You Bloody idiot! get after her!

He notices the other guy, limping.


What's with him


Another girl came in and kicked him in the balls.

The Leader's face says it all: where the hell did these idiots come from


I'll cut off BOTH of your balls if you don't get them!

They're outa there .The LEADER turns to his task at hand-getting the loot away...and...




Where a soaking and bedraggled SHARON and THE GIRL pull themselves up onto the dock.



What....what The hell just happened...


We haven't the time to figure that out. We've gotta get outa here and call for help.

She shoves her, pointing.


Run-get outa here...!

As if to emphasize the point the two gunmen appear, running down toward the dock.



As he attempts to intervene, only to be shot.



Naked, confused, frozen with fear.



Aiming at her. Then...



And his other cronies as they rush out of the building and scramble into a waiting car. He shouts at the other two.


Get back here...get in...Get in...C'mon MOVE IT!

C'mon leave 'em!



And she suddenly snaps out of her state. Realizes what's about to happen-is happening! She staggers off, being pulled by Sharon...toward...



As the car lights silhouette them from behind, they run TOWARD US, as the hoods are shooting at them.



She pushes Shannon away, fishes in her purse, pulls out the little gun.


Gets a bullet in the chest. As she falls, Sharon fires, but the gun doesn't fire. She jumps out of the way, into another alleyway.



It tries to brake, and swerve after her, but hits the curb, and suddenly it's air-born, flying through the air, flipping over, and crashing down.



She's astounded



And...amazingly the leader and another hood stagger out. The Leader still has his gun, and its a lot BIGGER than Sharon's.

And, he stars shooting at her.



Ducking out of the way.



She desperately looks around for some form of defense.

Digs In her handbag.





Where the second hood is still struggling.





As he realizes his dilemma.





His face is a mask of hatred. He has only one thing on his mind-get his target.



Just as much hatred there. Then...



As she determinedly flicks it on.


She holds it out a second to make sure the hoods can see what she's about to do.





As they register what's about to happen. Then...



As she flips the lighter at the gas.



Fry in Hell, you Muther-fuckers!

Now up on the screen appears a title:


I was so enthralled that when Don shouted, And as that leaped up at us on the screen, Don screamed, "GREAT! GOOD...CUT IT THERE!"

He turned to us- "Well, what d'you think"

I was too enthralled with the whole thing to respond. Rocky nudged me, "Well..."

"I'm just really overwhelmed by the whole thing... man..." I really was at a bit of a loss for words.

"It came out way better than I ever expected. You've made some changes."

"Sorry, but we had to make a grabber for the beginning" he explained

I turned to the actresses who were there with us, watching.

"You girls were great," As lame as it sounded, it was all I could come up with.

They nodded and smiled their appreciation.

"What happens next" I asked

"I'm still working on that."

D'you think my peeing was all-right Asked Sharon

"Honey, with a pussy like yours, the men'll be lapping that up-believe me!

That stuff's like elixir to us piss-lovers". Don laughed

"What about me..' said Shannon, "Doesn't my pussy deserve any thanks, too After all I was the one getting it both ways"

"You both deserve awards for jobs well-done. You can pee on me any time". Don replied, voicing my own carnal, kinky thoughts.

"Why, Don-I didn't know you cared." she said, to which Shannon added, slyly, "Or indulged."

Don licked his lips and made lip-smacking sounds as he replied, "Mmmm....slurp, slurp."

The girls both laughed, and slapped him on the shoulder.

"What about the credits" asked the editor

"We'll do that later-from this point." said Don


After that interesting break, it was back to work for me- the "REAL" type- around the apartments, and grounds which took a good couple of days, as I had put all that aside to concentrate on my "Dream Job" so it was time to pay the Piper, as they say. Which brings up a moot point- why does one have to Pay the "Piper"- and who the Hell is the "Piper" anyway

And now, once again Rocky was with me in the office space on the phone again, as I sat pounding out new pages.

She hung up with a snap, ran to me, and gave me a big hug. I could see she was really excited.

"Guess what...


"Remember I told you about my friend, Lisa Well, she's back from Thailand."

"Well, good...I guess"

"She's the person I told you about who went to get a procedure."

"Oh, yeah, something about plastic surgery"

She answered a bit evasively.

"Well, it was a bit more than that."

"So, you gonna tell me, or what"

"She'll be here in a few minutes, so you'll get to meet her and see for yourself. Boy, are you in for a big surprise."

"I don't know about all this. Why are you evading the question"

"Will you trust me on this If I told you, it'd spoil it."

"For who-you or me"

"You must know by now, I'd never do anything mean or dispirited toward you-when I said you'll be surprised, I meant in a good, fun way. Yes, she had some plastic surgery done-for want of a better word-but it was very special, and I really want her to tell what happened."

The door bell rang, and. Rocky ran to the door, opening it.

Standing there was Lisa- a good-looking blonde, in her early 30's, with big fashionable glasses.

Rocky grabbed her and they exchanged a hug. Then Rocky pulled her in

"Lee, this is my best gal-pal, Lisa. Lisa, this is Lee."

"Hi lee, it's a pleasure. I've heard a lot about you."

"Oh, jeez, what has she been telling you"

"Oh, nothing you won't be able to live up to."

"I understand you've been traveling" I said

"Oh, give her a chance to relax." said Rocky, grabbing Lisa and pulling her over to the couch.

Sits her down.

"Want a beer"

"Yeah, that's fine, thanks." she replied, and Rocky started to get up...

"Sit there, I'll get them." I said and went into the kitchen, as the girls sat and chat, catching up.

I returned with the proffered goods and plopped them down on the coffee table.

Rocky looked at Lisa.

"Okay-the floor is yours."

Lisa opened a satchel, pulled out a lap top and opened it up.

We looked at some pictures of a good looking man in his 30's-clothed, and nude- tallish, slim and I recognized that it was Lisa.

As if to emphasize the point she said, "Well, this was me before".

I smiled, "Well, good for you. I like your boobs."

I looked at Rocky, quizzically.

She exchanged a sly look with Lisa "Oh, that's not all." She pushed Lisa, "Go on, don't be shy-show him.

I wanna see too!"

Lisa stood up, and started disrobing- and like I said - a great pair of breasts.

Then she removed her skirt and-


"My God!"

Rocky clapped her hands in excitement and glee.

"Wow! Even better than I expected!!"

I scrambled to get closer "How the hell... Is it real..."

We were both scrambling to get closer to see.

To better accommodate us, Lisa spread-eagled herself on the couch, where Rocky and I closely examined the merchandise

Rocky was grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat "I told you he'd be interested."

"Interested's not the word," I said, "More like-fascinated...how...can I touch you"

"Be my guest." Lisa replied. It was obvious she'd been through this before, and wasn't in the least perturbed by it.

I gently felt and stroked her genitals, then inserted my finger up inside her pussy. Her cock was now stiff as a rod. Lisa began moving, and moaning with pleasure. Rocky now joined in, by giving her a blow-job.

Soon all three of us were enjoying each other in a variety of ways:

I began fucking Lisa from behind, while Rocky continued giving her a b/j licking Lisa and me.

Lisa fucked Rocky, while I jacked off watching them both. Then Lisa went down on me

Soon the configuration changed again, and Lisa was fucking ROCKY while I sucked them both, although I was a bit hesitant with Lisa's cock, and I hoped it didn't show.

Afterwards, we talked about it.

"I didn't think it'd be so real. It's amazing." I said

"Yeah, I'm quite pleased," Lisa replied, taking a sip of beer

"So, do you have any feeling" asked Rocky

"Yeah, but not what you think-I'm aware of the sensation, and a little feeling."

"I thought they used the penis to reform the vagina." I said

"The doctor who did me has revolutionized the industry. Laser surgery-less scarring, smaller incision, and only removes the balls, leaving the penis if requested-which, as you see I did."

I couldn't help asking, "But you can't cum No balls-no semen"

"No, but that's a small price to pay, for all the other rewards'.

"How was the hole formed for the vagina" Rocky asked, voicing the very question that was on my mind.

"There's a small opening in the pubic bone from which the testes form, and the balls drop through when a boy reaches puberty, it's that hole the doctor used. As a matter of fact, Sumo wrestlers actually practice an exotic art of massaging their balls and reinserting them back up behind the pubic bone for protection during fights, did you know that"


"Yep, that was just one amazing fact that I found quite intriguing."

She turned to me, and asked boldly

"Lee, I noticed you were a bit hesitant in reciprocating. You're not Bi" So she had noticed my hesitancy.

"I never really thought about it. I played with myself and other guys as a kid-still jack-off, as Rocky'll tell you- but I've been hetero all my adult life. But I gotta admit you are very enticing, and it was very erotic. If you'll give me another chance ..." I left the rest unsaid

"Well, being with you both appeals to me very much." she let me off the hook

"I'll say! That was great, huh, Lee" said Rocky, standing up and stretching.

"I gotta say it was. We'd discussed doing it with another couple, but this way's even kinkier."

"Yeah, and I've got two cocks, now." Rocky remarked, to which I countered, "I've got two cunts."

Lisa topped us both, when she said, "...And I've got the best of both worlds"

Then it was "THE NIGHT" -

We dressed elegantly-I rented a tux, Rocky was in a beautiful sheath-like kimono-style dress with a long slit up the thigh and, Lisa wore a good-looking pant-suit.

Just as we exited the building a limo pulled up. The chauffeur jumped out and opened the door for us.

He was professional, courteous, and efficient. He tipped his head as he introduced himself.

"Good evening, folks -On behalf of Missy Lee and Le Coq d'Or, I'd like to welcome you. My name is Benson. Please help yourselves to refreshments -it'll take about forty-five minutes"

With that he closed us off, and we settled in. Rocky started to tell us about the place.

"It's out in the country-a huge estate that ensures complete privacy. Been in the same family since the first-fleeters. There's a rumor that when Captain Bligh was Governor, he was a member. It's also very exclusive-and expensive-annual membership is upward of $50,000 per annum. And that's just for starters. Any potential member is thoroughly screened and has to have the approval of several different standing members, besides the qualifier."

Before long we were out of the city and traversing out to the country. Over all this, Rocky continued filling Lisa and me in on what the evening will bring.

"It's based on the old and notorious "Hell-Fire" Clubs of the 18th century in England which were, like this, very private, secure and discreet. They catered to members' every wish. They were meeting places of "People of Quality" who wished to take part in immoral acts."

I interrupted, feigning shock "We're going to take part in immoral acts"

Lisa just smiled

In my mind's eye I envisioned VARIOUS SCENES/PICTURES of Different Hellfire Clubs, as over these depictions Rocky's voice continued explaining the history and characteristics to us.

"One owner/operator, Sir Francis Dashwood, had a family home outside London in the country, called Medmenham Abbey. Upon moving in, Dashwood had numerous, expensive works done on the buildings. It was at this time that a stained-glass window was installed with the motto, "Fais ce que tu voudrais" above the doorway, which means 'Do what thou wilt'.

Underneath The Abbey, Dashwood had a series of caves carved out from an existing one, all decorated with mythological themes, pornographic drawings and figurines, phallic symbols, and other such items of a sexual nature.

I said, "Sounds like The Grotto at Hef's place. Think there's caves where we're going"

Rocky pointed out the window, "Well, we'll soon find out. We're almost there."

The limo pulled up at a large wrought-iron gate, which opened automatically. We swept up a long driveway toward....A grand estate atop a hill. I t looked just like "Tara", right out of "Gone with the Wind"


The Limo dropped us off, and we were greeted effusively by the foot-man. Not doorman, but a genuine, authentically-dressed foot -man right out of the '80's - the eighteen-eighties.

He opened the huge thick wooden doors with polished brass handles and stained glass partitions. Above was the motto elaborated etched in wrought iron "FAIS CE QUE TU VOUDRAIS"

Other well-dressed gentlemen and their equally beautifully- coiffed ladies entered the house with us. Once inside, I saw that you didn't have to be so dressed, as other

people had on regular daily wear such as suits, which I guess was the house rules - you had to be dressed like a gentleman or lady even if you weren't one!

The first thing that greeted us upon entering was a humungous portrait on the facing wall of the entrance hallway. A devil ravishing a beautiful maiden- he was behind her, his tail down between his legs, snaking between hers and up into her snatch, while his thick, long, engorged cock was thrusting up her asshole.

A cute waitress dressed in an abbreviated French Maid's costume weaved between us as we were stacked in the foyer, and passed out drinks., and hors-devoirs Another followed asking if we'd like plastic coveralls.

Not wanting to appear a rube, yet curious, I pulled Rocky aside.

"What gives" I indicated the last girl, and then noticed that neither she nor her champers-offering companion had anything on under their brief costumes. And they had fine butts.

"It's to protect people near the stage from bodily fluids." Rocky said. "With this show, it's really up close and personal and in your face. If you don't like such, then...." she left the sentence unfinished and indicated the plastic sheets, which only a couple of people had grabbed.

"Won't we need any" I probed.

"We won't be getting that close." .

We were ushered in then and a beautiful hostess came over to greet us.

"Hi, Rocky. Welcome. Glad you could make the show."

Rocky turned to me and introduced us.

"This is Missy Leigh, the proprietress. Missy this is Lee." Proficiently, Missy checked her reservations list.

"First time, Mr. Personne Welcome and I promise you it'll be a night you'll be relating to your grandson."

She extended her hand in greeting, and once again it was the handshake of a man. Firm, yet delicate like her.
Without looking, she half-turned and reached out her fingers at awaiting usherette, who had miraculously appeared with a tray of tall, cold flute glasses filled with what could only be champers..

"Please allow me to show you around"

Missy Lee was a slim, smallish, good-looking Oriental, lady. Hard to tell her age, but I estimated her to be in her late 30's to mid 40's. She had the shiny black hair, swept up in a fashionable style with a knot and a long pony-tail, hanging down her back. Her skin was a tawny shade and she was dressed in a long, tight cheongsam type dress with a long slash up the side which exposed a well shaped leg and thigh. The back of the dress was very low cut, which exposed her shoulders and back, cut waaay down to just above her butt, exposing a killer Chinese Dragon -type tattoo which started on her shoulder and curled down to those beautiful, adorable, dimpled buttocks.

She guided us out into the garden where trees and topiary was wrapped in fairy-lights, adding to the already giddy atmosphere.

She told me all about the club.

"It's based on the old "Hell-Fire" Clubs of the 18th Century in England. I'm sure Rocky must've informed you"

I nodded in response, sipping my drink I looked at Rocky who was also taking this all in.

"We have nearly 20 acres, out here in the country, where we are isolated and private-so we don't cause any problems with parking or noise, traffic or crowding. No rowdy or raucous behavior - ergo no publicity or untoward concern from the outside. We offer security, privacy, safety and pleasure in all forms. In essence Lee, this is "Fantasy Sex Island" where you can live out your wildest sexual fantasies with no recriminations, and with willing and eager partners.

Everyone who is employed here-and I use that particular description and not "works" - does so at their choice. I provide full-coverage health insurance with no deductibles, above-average wages, a nice working environment, and many other perks that the average citizen envies."

"I'm already envious", I agreed.

She smiled in acknowledgement.

"Our membership includes several prominent surgeons, G.P's, urologists, and gynecologists, so medically we are covered 24/7-at a very good rate. The performers are checked weekly to ensure their health - as well as others. I wouldn't have it otherwise.

Lee, there will always be whores, and whore-houses, brothels and sex clubs to service and relieve one's basic urges; but a reclusive, private, secure Shangri-La, like my establishment, will and indeed has, outlast them all. In a sense we are like a Masonic Lodge- secretive, yet acknowledged - with members in academics,politics,medicine,sports,entertainment,law,manufacturing, and science- just about every facet of society.

We don't advertise- we don't need to, for either staff or members."

"I don't wonder", was all I could come up with. "What about membership" I asked

"We are not cheap, as you might imagine. As I mentioned we don't need to advertise, as those "in the know" know how to contact us. Memberships are passed down or along by families- and when someone new joins it's usually by referral-and even then their credentials are very carefully scrutinized," she looked at me.

"As well as their bank account", she continued before I could say anything.

By now we had returned to the foyer.

"Don't feel embarrassed," she went on. "Cost is a very important factor nowadays-and in a way the fees here do help keep us exclusive. Our annual membership is $50,000.00 plus initiation fee. While everyone is welcome to apply, it's usually the initiation and annual costs that keep them away."

By now we were back at the foyer entrance.

The same cute usherette was there, and opened the tall French doors to let us back in, with a welcoming smile.

"Amber, please show my special guests to their table" She turned to us in parting,
"Please enjoy yourselves, and let me know, personally, if you have any special requirements"

With that she excused herself, and we followed Amber into the room.

Did I say room It was like the interior of an old style art deco ballroom cum night club. You know the type. You expect to see Fred and Ginger dancing elegantly up and down some glistening curved stairway with the orchestra discretely ensconced underneath it. The seating was stadium style - not a blocked or bad view in the whole place. And it was intimate.

Only ten rows. A quick mental count came up with just about a hundred seats. So in order to make a profit, there had to be side sales - of products, personnel, food and of course the sale of tickets to the shows themselves. Also Rocky told me beforehand, that this club was very exclusive and very private. Also, as previously noted - VERY, VERY EXPENSIVE: And members were really screened. ..A rough tally of people here tonight was around 200. By my reckoning that alone was $2 Million Bucks! Back to the room: it was really like a Theatre-in-the-round with a postage stamp size stage - reminiscent of a small arena with the seats all around and above the staging area. The first row was right at stage level with the performers above, towering over the audience. The second and third rows level with the performers' eye level, the fourth and fifth above looking slightly down. The rest were above.

All in all, very well laid out and accommodating to the paying customer.

Donna Summer's rendition of "Love to Love You, Baby" was playing in the background, and some of the audience giggling and the girls going along with her faking orgasms.

It is like right out of one of those old Fred and Ginger musicals of the '30's-you know- all art deco, silver and mirrors, black and white. The stage is enveloped by two long, sweeping stairs that come down on either side of the room. The stairs sectioned off every fourth step down to a tier-like stadium seating, so every table in the room has a great unobstructed view of the stage. There is a small, discrete orchestra-pit ensconced underneath the stairs.

It is round and rotates. There are eight poles and dancers gyrating on and around them with other girls parading around on stage, either totally nude or scantily-clad. Most are shaved, but some are nicely trimmed and two or three really stand out with full bushes between their legs. There are some guy dancers as well, lithe muscular bodies. One bushy girl swings up onto a pole and swings around, legs spread wide open for all to see, and there is wild, enthusiastic applause from men.

Another dancer on stage goes to the edge of the stage, and spreads to let a couple look up close as she fingers herself. The guy and girl exchange a grin and the guy pulls out his wallet and gives the girl a twenty. She rolls it around her finger, and then covers it with a condom, and very slowly and sensuously inserts it in the dancer's pussy, to the delight of her male companion. Meanwhile in the center of the stage was one very supple girl, who begins bending backwards. Another dancer places a large dildo on its base behind her.

She bends back further and further until she captures it in her mouth, and rises back up to raucous applause, as guys now surround her, and she flips over, balancing herself in a headstand, legs spread, forming a "Y". The guys all start masturbating, in a bukakke ring. Soon cum is spurting all over her and she is drenched in it.

Her pussy is drenched in spurts of dripping cum, and her face and body all dripping gobs of cum, as all the guys jack off on her.

. We didn't have long to wait for the performance to start, as the lights faded and the music swelled, then dipped as the V.O. announcer greeted us and introduced the show, and performers. The first part of it was a very well thought out magic show-cum-Grand Guignol theatre-style act, with "Jackie", introduced as the "world's foremost practitioner of the exotic and erotic art of "MagiSex", along with Andre her creation"

The room went dark, and our attention focused on the stage, as a laboratory-style set appeared with all the makings of a Frankenstein movie. You know, the zapping lights, the weird-looking assistant, only this one was a gnome-like dwarf dressed only in leather straps and boots, his cock visibly hanging between his legs. He shuffled over to where a covered body lay on a table, and pulled the sheet off revealing the corpse. This was Andre. Jackie came on the scene - and let me tell you she was a little doll! Think of all the best of those little Olympic gymnasts Dominic Moceanu, Nadia Comaneci and Kerry Struggs and put them together: she was a petite, eye-poppingly, lip-smackingly delightful little package. The off-stage announcer said," Ladies and Gentlemen, Jackie, the Giant Killer" What he meant by that we were all about to find out, in spades. The act was similar to any number of such magic shows where the magician cuts off the assistant's head, moves it and the body apart, puts them together - you know the routine. Well, this act had a different angle or cut, shall we say If you've guessed what Jackie cut off you've been a good reader and know where this story is going, and how it works: yep, she cuts off his weenie, and replaces it with another. And man, was this one a whopper! I've seen some big ones in my time, and I have told you my own is quite formidable, but this one was all of 11" or 12 inches. The audience gasped, and as Jackie raises the 'dead', that's not all that rises. Andre magically resurrects and struts around the stage with his raging and by God, real! - Twelve-incher, and the audience went berserk! The women nearest the stage and the men, all leaned in closer and reached to feel, pull, probe, stroke and otherwise get positive proof of this marvelous transformation. I must admit I too was intrigued. Could it be real Or was it all part of a very-well-designed illusion

If so, it was something worthy of a David Copperfield, and designed by some very astute and knowledgeable (not to say) cunning craftsperson. Having been a writer, and around the film and TV biz, I knew of the prosthesis made and available - along with how damn life-like they could be. So, was this just one of those things Something made up as a prop - a strap-on, albeit huge one Body-molded and fitted with flesh-colored straps, or some new-fangled suction-type of substance that allowed it to fit over the existing cock and stay in place, with no observable means of support After all magicians and actors are always using well-made props. We were only ten feet away from the stage, and it looked real to me. I chanced a look at Rocky - she was mesmerized. That was the right word. The rest of us were too, especially the women- Yes, the audience and I among them were mesmerized as I said. A word coined in respect and a tribute to that other showman/artiste/trickster/con-man of eons past after which the phenomenon is named, Josef Mesmer. Now a raunchy sax musical theme started playing, and Jackie reappears dancing seductively all around along with several other sexily clad, and, need I say it, gorgeous -dancers. To an Africanized-tom-tom beat, the scientific props and set disappeared to be replaced by a scene right out of Dali via the backwoods swamp. Wispy waves of stage lighting and effects-smoke wafted over the stage, as rocks, and several mounds appeared and the set was sur­rounded by large obelisk-like stones, reminiscent of an altar or Stonehenge. Now Andre - the Giant - and his cock wasn't the only thing big about him - he must've been 6'8" or 9" tall - moved over to a large slab and draped himself over/on it, lying down on his back. He draped himself over it, and if I hadn't seen it for myself, I wouldn't have believed it described to me: his whole body except his raging hard-on was like wet spaghetti - draped, limp on the rock slap. It reminded me of Dali's "Melting Watches" painting. And yet there was that huge, magnificent, l-o-o-ong hard cock sticking up straight like an obelisk. Now the music beat slowed, and the dancers all surrounded André as the light once again dimmed and a sharp spotlight highlighted that unreal organ. As our attention focused on his most formidable attribute, the music started a slow rhythmic pulsing, and I'll be damned if Andie's cock didn't take up the beat!

Now, one by one the dancers musically pay allegiance to this pounding, pulsating flesh-organ, bowing in submission before it, and playfully touching, and caressing it. Four of the girls dance around to pick up and hold his feet and hands, stretching them apart, and if were possible, I'd swear that cock grew another three inches!

The other girls now began to masturbate him, and their hands barely got around that monster. But they took turns, in rhythm, and never lost a stroke. I looked down at my own pulsating groin, and felt Rocky's nails did deep into my leg as she breathed heavily. The room was silent, except for some whimpers, and an occasional raucous laugh or hoot of excitement. Building to a crescendo, the tempo quietened as the girls now begin to lick and kiss that monster, making oral love to it, two and three at a time, with the hands-and-feet holders now also joining in. And he still hadn't come! What musculature, what con­trol! Now the girls started straddling him, standing over that giant rod, and slowly lowering themselves down onto it. Man, I thought, that must be like taking a tree branch up their cunts. I swear his cock was as long and as thick as my arm from my elbow to wrist. Those gals were a sight to behold as they quickly wrapped their bodies over him, lowered themselves up and down on that pole, then whipped off and the next gal did the same, all in time and keeping to the musical beat, and never missing a beat as the tempo fastened and they did also, quickening their pace a well-choreographed acrobatic accomplishment highlighting their dancing and gymnastic prowess, and Andres great self control. The audience was breathless with anticipation, the room beginning to reek of sweat and the smell of sex. We could see the efforts the girls were putting into their performance; their hair was matted, and the insides of their thighs were slick with fluids, their faces flush with excitement. And still he just lay there! That amazing cock still hard and glistening as girl after girl whipped her legs over it, inserted it, and whipped it out, for the next girl to continue. It was like a game of musical chairs - only this was musical cock - see who'll make it come.

A round, spinning, glittering orb - the kind one associates with dance halls of the 30's and 40's - descended slowly over the centre of the stage, rotating slowly. Four corner spots clicked on, their rays hitting it and reflecting off the globe, enhancing the effect - dazzling -as the orb spun and its scintillating reflections cast a million cascading lights, washing over and around us...the room was filled with diamond sparkles... and now a rod, or it could've just been a rope of some kind descended down from the centre bottom of this orb, and Jackie reappeared and attached a leather harness under her arms and legs. Thus supported, like on a swing, she began to rotate with the orb, spreading her legs to show that beautiful little pussy to we lathering males in the audience. I looked around and saw that even the females were enjoying the show. I felt under Rocky's dress, and her knickers were soaking. The girl next to Rocky had already started to give her partner a hand job, his hard cock exposed and bursting out of his unzipped fly. I looked around, and it seemed this was common, as men and women were enjoying either themselves or each other in a variety of ways; some discreetly, most just letting it all hang out. I pulled Rocky's hand over my own hard-on, and she released it, and began jacking me off. The girl on my left saw this and smiled. On stage, the girl dancers were now joined by a handful of males, and dumb me, I finally realized that the cast were the waiters/waitresses/ footman/ hostesses/ bar persons from the "legit" area of the club. They were all dressed or undressed if you like, in leather breeches, straps, etc. All naked with the leather enhancing such. The guys formed a dance line along the edge of the stage, and began masturbating to the rhythm. "Watch this", said Rocky. As the orb continued to spin Jackie in her swing, Andre positioned himself behind and under her, and she slowly began to lower herself onto his monstrous cock. Jackie reached down, and spread her legs further to reveal what was going to happen. She spread her cunt-lips with her hands, as the giant's cock entered her. Here was the ultimate representation of force, I thought, like trying to push a polish sausage through a straw. But nature has a way of dealing with such oddities: here was this giant man, all of nearly seven foot with the biggest cock I'd ever seen, eleven or twelve inches long, at least 3" thick, with knotted veins like cord stand out on it, straining to get up the sweetest, tightest, little pussy of a little girl who stood all of 4'8". Slowly, inexorably that monster went in, and there was not the slightest note of pain or panic on her sweet, urchin like face. The room erupted in applause, and looking around, I saw a few guys spurting into their companion's hands, or onto their own. Now Jackie began to rotate on the giant cock, her legs and pussy still spread to give us the best possible view.

"Man," I said to Rocky, "That guy has fantastic control."

"Not for much longer," laughed Rocky. "You'll soon see why Jackie is called the 'Giant Killer'"

By now the guys on stage had begun cumming, shooting their loads into the audience. Some people, mostly women in the first row, were laughing and receptive, a couple of the girls even rubbing their hair, while the use of plastic by others was employed.

"See what I mean," said Rocky. The thought occurred to me that those sitting in the first row, had to know and/or want such action, well, to each their own, I reckoned. I knew that some women loved cum-showers, and welcomed such action. I was curious about Rocky, doing such, and thought it could be a turn on, but a part of me realized I wanted all of her for myself, and if we participated in such I wanted to be the instigator, and know the guys who'd be helping me shower her.

Now, Andre withdraws his cock, and approaches the edge of the stage.

In the background, the orb slows to a stop and the girl dancers surround Jackie and begin administering to her.

But the main action is on Andre as the announcer dares any willing person in the audience to try deep-throating the monster in front of them. If anyone can they will get $100.

Now the guys on stage begin cumming, shooting their loads Now, Andre withdraws his cock, and approaches the edge of the stage.

In the background, the orb slows to a stop and the girl dancers surround Jackie and begin administering to her. Much to my surprise, Lisa who was sitting behind us, jumped up and ran down.

The audience were all clapping in unison, egging her on, willing her, wanting her to be the one to end this champ's holding back.

But it is not to be. As much as she seems to enjoy her participation, as well as Andre himself obviously loving it, her mouth and throat and licking doesn't bring him off, and the prize goes unclaimed.

To the crowd's applause and yells and whoops of delight, she returns to her seat.

Rocky and I leaned over, and gave her a congratulatory high-five.

On stage the dancers are paired up now, girl-boy, boy-boy-girl-girl and getting into all kind of compromising, gymnastic, fucking positions.

Two couples do a standing 69, the girls legs wrapped around the guys necks, and their lips around the cocks as they waltz around the stage. Then the focus was again on Jackie and Andre

Andre steps back, and reaches for Jackie who's coming up behind him. Together they dance around each other, arms and legs entwining, as he effortlessly helps her back into position in the leather harness swing, and again stepping behind her, uses his large hands to spread those delicious lithe legs wide apart, to show the viewers, that beautiful, little pussy.

She's now doing the splits-completely wide-spread.

Supported only by the straps around her ankles, and Andre behind her.

Now he manipulates his rock-hard man-handler into position between her legs, and for the entire world it looked like she had grown a cock that almost came up to her fabulous little tits. A cute little 4'6" doll, with a huge cock, sticking up from that delightful little thatch between her legs.

The audience was howling with laughter and applauding enthusiastically. By now my cock was absolutely bursting, and Rocky's breathing heavily, jacking me off.

As she watches and gives a knowing smile, and winked at me "This is for you, love. This is an evening we'll both enjoy and remember."

I didn't know what to say, and before I could respond, God, another delightful surprise as Lisa leaned over and went down on me. I didn't know what to do-I was surprised, delighted, confused all at once, and just like that I was cumming into her beautiful mouth, when all of a sudden, she pulled away, and ROCKY took over.

Up on stage, Andre swings Jackie aloft, and then pulls her down, in effect holding her out toward the audience, like a sacrificial offering.

The audience applauds and amid raucous laughter and whoops of delight, a chant starts up.

"Anal! Anal! Up the ass! Butt-fuck her! Up the ass, Up the ass!

As they chant and clap in unison, keeping up the tempo.

Then there comes an audible pause, as the music stops and a stunned silence takes over, as Andre positions his target in front of himself, and flips Jackie over, holding her legs spread apart, his hands on her ankles, her body supported by the flying harness she's strapped into. She's like a "Y" figure, and her arms stretch out in front/below her to support her body on the stage floor.

Now the audiences rapt attention was focused on Andre inserting that tree branch into that sweet tight, little pucker hole, and slowly, agonizingly pushing it up and in, in, in.

Now, impaled on that monster, Jackie flips backward, coming off the floor with her hands, and lays back on Andre's cock, looking like she's leaning back onto a chair, with her legs still spread, to show that, yes, it is indeed all the way up that tight, beautiful little receptacle behind her, and not the equally tasteful little pussy in front.

The audience, me included, went absolutely berserk! Applause, wild, raucous chanting, yells of admiration, you name it.

The Dodgers have won the World Series, The boxing underdog had K-O'd the champ, the kid had won the soap-box derby race- put any kind of wild exaggeration you like on the comparison and that's how the audience felt, at this accomplishment.

But it still isn't over. Unbelievably, he still hasn't ejaculated. As if to assert this, now the audience begins egging on Jackie to accomplish what seems an impossible task.

From various audience members came shouts and taunts "FINISH HIM! DO HIM!! BRING HIM TO HIS KNEES!!"

All sorts of raucous taunts and dares directed towards her.

Up on the stage, Jackie, merely smiles and reversing her position on that huge cock, begins pumping her marvelous little asshole over it like a precision machine, her legs wound around his waist, and her arms around his neck. She pumps up and down like that for several minutes, and now the giant begins to tremble, his legs weakening, and at last buckling.

The audience goes wild, chanting, and clapping in unison once again, as she begins her descent, pulling that long, thick monster out, and reaching for it, she starts jacking him off - Faster and faster she pounds that still rigid monster.

Then there is a hushed silence as an audible sigh escapes Andre's lips, as....




He directs his cock all over her face and body, still continuing to spurt. Amazingly she is covered in his yogurt-like cum.

Her face and boobs are drenched in it.

Jackie still milking him, and even now he still has a profusive flow, with smaller spurts, still rigid, and the thick, yogurt-like liquid coating his huge cock, and flowing along its length into Jackie's hand, down over his large balls and down his leg.

He now fully buckles, first down onto one leg, then the other, kneeling on the floor, and finally in submission, hangs his head, and at long last, his weapon, in supplication to this wondrous little, lithe witch who vanquished the giant.

If the last few minutes of applause were loud and raucous, the place now literally explodes with enthusiasm. People on their feet, applauding, shouting, leaning forward to touch, thank or otherwise offer their praise.

Rocky and I among them, and I turned to Rocky, and embraced her, kissing her beautiful, pert little face, those full, expectant lips, and hugging her. "How can I ever repay you for this"

She only said, "This is all part of what your prize was."

I swept her into my arms, and kissed her deeply, passionately. I felt a nudge, and turned...

"Hey, what about me"

I looked quizzically at her, and then to Rocky, who just shrugs, smiling, knowingly.

I responded by grabbing her and giving her one.

Our tongues probed and played and her hand felt for my cock, so I pushed my hips into hers and ground my hard cock into her responsive hand. Rocky was behind and pressed her body into mine and reached around to cup my cock along with Lisa, pressing their hands together on me...

During this we began following the rest of the audience out. In the foyer, Missy Leigh and a couple of hostesses guided us and a few others away from the throng and out into a small garden area

The trees and plants were all decorated with those great little fairy lights, adding to the atmosphere. A sumptuous buffet was laid out on tables and in the middle a fountain spills Champaign into a large punch bowl, and waiters and waitresses passed around with trays of appetizers and glasses of the liquid. We paused, and help ourselves to proffered wares. During this Rocky continued talking, Lisa hugs me, and squeezes Rocky's arm, and said "I told you he'd be receptive-what man wouldn't like two women"

Just then, Missy came up with Jackie and Andre.

"I don't believe you've met yet."

Introductions were made, hugs and kisses exchanged. Andre was introduced as "Andy" to my surprise.

"Andy" I said

"Yeah, plain ol' Andy-from Melbourne", he replied, somewhat sheepishly I thought...

We all had a good laugh all laugh at that. Then Missy approached me,

"So, Lee, what do you think of our little set-up"

"Do you mean your establishment, or what's set-up here" I answered, indicating the group.

"What can say-I'm speechless, but looking forward to it. Gad, what a party this is gonna be! Thanks."

She did that wonderful little bow "You're most welcome. Please continue to enjoy the rest of the evening and the grounds. Now, if you'll excuse me."

. Jackie had wandered off by herself, and I went after her. Her back was to me, and I allowed my eyes to slowly drift over her marvelous, compact little body, lingering on that tight, little, fabulous butt.

If there is such a thing as telepathy or the "Mulga Wire" as it's known as in Aboriginal terms here in Australia, then it must have been working in my case, because I was putting out some wild thoughts and desires in her direction, and I'll be damned if she didn't turn around to face me just as I was about to tap her on the shoulder.

She looked at me directly, and extended her hand. "Hi, I'm Jacqueline."

I took her hand and shook it. "So, you're Lee!" she continued, "I've been hearing a lot of rumors about you!"

"All lies, I swear," I blurted. "Oh, I hope not", she replied, "If they are, I'll be so very disappointed."

And with that statement, I just knew we were going to get along fine. I guided her over to a nearby chaise and we sat next to each other.

"I've just gotta know how the hell you take that monster cock up your little ass like that."

"Well, you know at first it wasn't easy, but with practice and lots of lubricant, we did it. Of course you can't see it from where you sit, but we always give Andy's cock a good layer of lubricant and my butt-hole is filled with the stuff. I'm more used to it than I was originally, but it's still the biggest I've ever seen or had. I'm sure you noticed I wasn't able to fully take him up my snatch."

"Well, I'm very impressed anyhow, and I agree, he's the biggest I've ever seen."

"You're not too bad yourself, I've been told."

"So, Rocky's been talking to you, huh Then I guess you know what I'd like to do to you."

"That goes without question. I'm looking forward to it, along with the rest of the mix we'll be having"

"Have you met Lisa yet" I asked

"Oh, we go way back. I got to know her at college, just after she'd changed and needed a friend. We got into a lot of real deep shit-sex, psychology, religion, you name it. I don't know if we ever worked out the world's problems, but we sure worked our own out, and helped each other." Then she changed the tack: "How d'you feel about it, Lee Are you bi"

"I never really thought about it. I'm open minded enough I believe, not to be offended by a guys overture, and I've gotta admit I've played with guys as a kid, exploring my own sexuality, but as an adult I've always been hetero. But then again, when we met the other night and getting access to a body like that with both organs makes me hard all over again just thinking about it."

I gazed longingly at her, "Yours too, by the way."

She gave a mock bow, "Why, thank you sir. Flattery'll get you everything".

"So, how'd you get into this business" I asked

"Well, in college I was a gymnastics/physical ed. major. I'd always been into gymnastics, even as a kid. But then at a big competition I slipped off the balance bar, and cracked my tail bone and pelvis. Found out I'd never have kids - no biggie - but what really got me was being unable to regain my balance. It left me half an inch shorter on my left leg. Not much, and hardly noticeable, but enough to cancel any future plans I had in mind for gymnastics."

"Well, I never suspected. You don't seem to have any noticeable limp'.'

"Believe me, Lee; it took years of practice and many agonizing hours of therapy which I still do, to get me back on my feet and somewhat normal in my gait. Plus of course, I have this." She dipped down and removed a shoe. I could see that inside it had a built in arch.

"Another illusion" I said. "To go along with all the rest you presented on stage tonight. A fantastic show, you are a great performer."

I was as curious as all get out to find out how she cut Andy's cock off and reattached it, but knew I'd never find out as magicians are very tight-lipped about their illusions.

"Well," she continued, "After college, and the accident, I had to find something else I enjoyed doing which didn't take a lot out of me or require a lot of training. Andy and I had become an item, and we

read that Missy was looking for an act and we put ours together and - voila! That's it in a nut-shell."

"I have one question about your act that maybe I shouldn't ask about, but I'm real curious about Andy's staying power. How the fuck does he do it"

She giggled. "I thought you were going to ask about how I cut his cock off and replaced it. That's the first thing most people want to know. "

"Well, that too, I gotta admit, but I reckoned that'd be a trade secret, and you're not about to reveal that. But as far as Andy's staying power, that's gotta be some kind of mental/physical thing. Is it" I probed.

"Well, it's a bit of both," she replied. "He's really into physical/mental discipline - I don't understand all of it, but we investigated several different sexual practices and exercises over the years, and he really got into Tantric Indian stuff. I tried it for a bit too, after the accident, and when we decided to do our act. It really helped with positions and such. Kinda like yoga, that's why we're both so flexible."

"I noticed, I noticed," I said, "And I like...I like!"

We laughed, and she continued, "Anyway, he continued with his practicing, and we also found another exercise which was easier and one in which I could take an interest and help with, when we were in bed or just fooling around. I'd massage his p.b. under his balls."

"His what"

"It's behind your balls, between the balls and anus, called the wait a minute- I'll get it right - the " she pronounced it as precisely as she could, screwing up that pretty little face in the effort of memorizing the name - "It's the pyoo-bo-cock-se-gee-yoo-us!"

She beamed with pride at saying it.

"What the hell is that" I asked, astonished

"Well, apparently, it's the guys "G" spot, and when it's massaged regularly, and the guy squeezes his anus like he's stopping a pee, with enough repetitions, and practice over a long time, a guy can control his cumming, and the amount of his cumming."

"Wow!" was all I could muster, in amazement.

"Yeah, well I helped him, and in quite a short time, with his dis­cipline and practice, three-four, six times a day, we did it - he had it mastered in no time. But ya gotta stay on a regimented program, so while its fun, it'd be better with someone to massage your balls than trying it alone all the time."

"Amen to that," I said and raised my glass. "I'll be talking to Rocky about it, you can bet."

"Did I hear my name" Rocky said, and slid her hand down over my butt, to pat it.

She was with André and Lisa "We thought we might get outa here, and see what the night brings. Okay"

I was in a daze almost.

"Sounds good to me"

"We'll cut through the caves", said Andy, leading the way

"There really are caves, here" I almost gulped.

"Oh, yeah. Did quite a job on 'em too. C'mon" replied Andy. We followed him out further into the garden proper as he led us to the cave entrance.

Lighting was dim, but adequate, as we followed Andy, who had to dip his head every so often.

Then we came to a split in the trail. Here was a Grotto/pool area on the left with a small waterfall, and a rocky pool, from which wisps of steam are rising. A few couples are playing and splashing around-all naked. Two girls are 69-ing each other. A guy is getting a blow-job, and another couple is fucking.

To the right was A B/D DUNGEON. There are a couple of scantily-clad bitches, punishing their prisoners.

Lisa said, "To each his own".

Then, we continued on, to yet another area, this one being medium-sized with a divider, which I realized was a "Glory-hole" area, where cocks, butts and pussies protruded from the various cut-outs available, where several people of both sexes were satisfying themselves and their respective urges.

Next came A BIGGER CAVERN with several beds, mattresses, couches, chairs where people are enjoying themselves in every way possible.

We went to Jackie and Andre's place, and it was as if we had all been waiting to do this, and were ready willing and able. There were no embarrassed flubs, or excuses. It was as if we were destined, just, as Rocky and I had been, to be the five of us: Rocky and Jackie and Andre and Lisa and Lee. We left a trail of clothes scattered all over the place, and found ourselves in their bedroom with one of the largest beds I've ever seen: to say it was king-size was to down-size it. With his height, I knew Andy needed something bigger than most, but this thing was like two king-sizers put together, which in fact it was, plus some extra padding and building he'd done to make it sturdier and longer and wider. The room was large also, and of course there were mirrors everywhere, including the ceiling. We wasted no time in getting down to fun, as Jackie and Lisa started kissing and fondling, and Andy and Rocky and I settled down into a threesome with Andy's huge cock penetrating Rocky's pussy , and bringing a whimper from her lips. I played with myself, enjoying the sights before me, then threw my leg over Rocky, and fucked her up the ass. The feel of Andy's huge cock through the tight skin between her ass and pussy, gave me an additional thrill, and together we fucked Rocky until I came in a rush. I quickly pulled out, and jacked off onto her butt and also onto Andy's balls. Now Rocky pulled herself up and onto that huge thing, and rammed herself up and down on it like a piston. I looked at Lisa and Jackie and they too were fascinated, watching as Rocky pumped herself up and down frantically on top of that monster. I saw Jackie motion to Lisa, and they went out of the room for a few minutes only to re-appear with some towels and wash cloths. Lisa came over to me, and gently washed my cock and balls, and got me all hard again. Jackie came up behind me and started fondling me between my legs and fingered my butt and balls, while I played with Lisa's pussy and cock. Rocky was now on her knees in front of Andy, sucking him off and playing with his balls

As if planned by some great cosmic director, we all shifted into a configuration that confirmed our combined consciousness and longing. Lisa suddenly lay back and pulled Jackie and me down with her. Jackie and she wound up in a sixty-nine position with Jackie on top, and her beautiful little asshole and pussy facing me. What to do, what to do Well, you guessed it, as I had lusted after those little holes all night, at last I placed my raging hard-on in place and pushed into her tight, beautiful little pucker-hole, while Lisa still lapped at her pussy. Rocky now assisted as she placed her hands on either side of Jackie's butt and spread her cheeks and helped guide my cock in. She beamed at me, "Having a good time, Hon"

I leaned across, and kissed her, "The best, thanks." Then she too was swept up in the emotion and writhing of several sexually -oriented personalities as we separated and rejoined in another wild positioning with Lisa now being fucked by Andy and sucked by Rocky while Jackie paid homage to my cock by magically clamping and releasing her butt muscles, massaging my cock with that majestic, tight, magnificent hole, her little, lithe, beautiful body bent in supplication before me, hands now on the floor, off the bed, and my penetrating her ass in the "barrow" style that I'd only done to Rocky not that long ago. That Jackie was indeed lithe was evident in the way she moved to accommodate me and milk me for all she was worth. I was deep up inside her, the head of my raging hard-on bumping up against the inside of her pussy, and once again I wondered at the physicality of such a delightfully compact love machine taking not only my 91/2" but being able to handle all of Andy's massive cock. She whimpered and told me to hold still, and she began pumping her hips back and forth on my hard cock, her hips and small body driving back and forth like a piston. Man, what a sight, what an absolutely grand feeling! Next to me on the bed, the love of my life was being fucked by Lisa, as she now played and sucked on Andy's huge cock. Andy pulled his cock out of her mouth, and gushed a stream of hot jism over her face, and tits. I knew she must have loved it, for we had discussed this several times, and I knew she enjoyed it when we indulged, so I smiled and reached over and held her hand. Lisa was not to be ignored the fun either, as she maneuvered herself into position to get some of Andy's ample shower herself, and his profuse shower caught her on the face and lips also, showering her glasses with thick globs, which dribbled down onto her face and lips. Rocky shifted her position, and together they licked and sucked his cock and balls. I reached over and started playing with Rocky's cunt, and yes, her "little" clit was standing proud and tall, as was Lisa's, although, technically it still was a penis, and it too was straight and hard, and seeking attention. Her pussy, while in all appearance like a "real" one, lacked the essential secretions so I learned that the use of lubes and the like was necessary, but apart from that, this wonder of nature (and man) was an active, enjoyable, fuck-able, attractive and integral part of our partying. I couldn't hold on much longer, and patting Jackie, I withdrew and spilled my ample flow onto those delightful little buttocks, and even shot a wad up onto her back, between her shoulder blades. Rocky grabbed my cock and massaged it, milking it for all its worth, as did Lisa. Andy finished off by wiping his monster up along Rocky's cleft, and we all collapsed, exhausted, satiated, into each other's arms.

Over the weeks and months since that initial encounter, our friendship and mixings have grown and I am amazed and delighted at the way I have been opened up to the many other delights that up until then I had only heard of and thought about and hoped for. This life style may not be for everyone, and indeed, I even had my own doubts about trying it. But with the fortunate intervention and assistance from a caring and sen­sitive lover, and subsequently friends with the same outlook and feelings I was, (and we were) able to form a lasting bond and friendship which, personally speaking I look forward to enjoying for years to come. Or should that be "Cum..." The poem I sent to Rocky that turned the tide in my favor follows:


"Be there a Lady,

Fair of Face -

With wit and charm,

Style & grace

Cool and svelte, yet

Down to Earth

A sense of Wonder,

A sense of Mirth.

No "Attitude", but

If you're the Girl-

I'll worship You,

Adore You- And wish you no ill-

You know who You are-

For our eyes have met

And our Aura's touched,

as we passed on the street:

Wondering, Hoping, that

there might be more than

Just that one brief caress of Love's sweet Promise.

Blessed by The Muse,

I am by Trade,

A Scribe :

A Writer-a purveyor

Of words and ideals,

Reaching for the Stars-

One foot in Hell,

And a Slave to Passion!



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