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Student Teacher Conference

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Author: Rowdy
Published: 17-Apr-08 Revised/Updated 18-Apr-08
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She opened that sweet mouth and accepted my tongue again. This time I got inside her blouse while I kissed her. She was rubbing her body against my cock and it felt good. I was about to bust and I slipped my hand inside her pants and panties and started fingering her clit.

* * * * * * *

At one point in my life I taught classes at a local community college. I had a full-time job and just did the teaching thing for fun and some extra money. I never imagined that I would meet someone like Carmen. The people that attended my classes were generally a rough-and-tumble bunch that I needed a whip and chair to control. That's what drew my interest to Carmen initially. She was as quiet as a church mouse. She was short and thin and had no figure to speak of. In fact, she had NO figure at all. This is not normally the type of girl that catches my attention but she also had incredibly beautiful eyes and her lips were MOST inviting. She was also very shy and reserved. This combination made her (for me anyway) like kryptonite is to Superman.

Unfortunately for me I have a thread of moral fiber. Now it is a thin, wispy thread that always seems to be about to break...but somehow I managed to keep it intact with regard to my students. So I kept my lust in check while the class was going on. After the end of class I thought I'd never see her again, but fortune smiled on me. One of the other students in the class landed a job at the facility I worked at (this one had some unique talents as well). She told Carmen that we were hiring and the next thing I knew she was working with us. I have to tell you, Carmen was married...that damn moral fiber was still strangling me. We worked together for about a year and then the business "suddenly" closed. Ya right!!! Like they didn't know it was coming...that's another story.

The last day the place was open they decided to have a party at midnight...when we would be officially out-of-business. I got invited to the party but decided not to go. Shortly before midnight the gang called me at home and told me to get my ass down there. I basically blew it off and went to bed. They called back a little later and insisted again that I come to the party...I said OK...I lied. About 2 A.M. they called again...they were hammered!! They told me that if I didn't come down in the next 30 minutes they would come to my house and raise hell until I got up and went with them. And I have to tell you, those crazy bastards would have done just that. So I went to the party.

When I got there they were all shit faced. Carmen was there which surprised me. What happened next blew my socks off. When she saw me she came running up to me, threw her arms around me and proceeded to shove her tongue down my throat. This created quite a stir and more then a few cat-calls. This was all that the single weak moral fiber could take...I responded in true male fashion and pushed my tongue down her throat. My cock was as hard as a rock instantly...she knew it because it was poking her in the belly. Anyone else that looked (and they all did) couldn't help but notice it too. We al decided to move the party across the street.

Carmen stuck to me like glue. I couldn't keep my hands off her and she didn't seem to mind. Now I had only two things on my mind: How the hell I could get out of this crowd and keep Carmen's dignity intact, and all the evil things I had in store for her. Fortunately the party broke up pretty quickly and I held Carmen's arm so she couldn't leave with her friends. After everyone was gone I moved to the front door and locked it. I leaned my back against the door and pulled Carmen to me and kissed her. She opened that sweet mouth and accepted my tongue again. This time I got inside her blouse while I kissed her. She was rubbing her body against my cock and it felt good. I was about to bust and I slipped my hand inside her pants and panties and started fingering her clit. She pulled away. This was going to get interesting. I kept kissing her and started to suck her small perky little tits. I made a second go at her pussy and she let me have it just a little longer before she stopped me. What a fucking tease! She made no effort to stop the kissing or keep me away from her tits but that pussy seemed off-limits.

I kept up the full frontal assault and kept getting her more and more excited. I began moving her toward the bathroom. There were people sleeping in the house and I didn't want to be surprised. I got her in the bathroom and kept up the assault...weakening her resistance. Finally I bent her over the counter and pulled her pants down. Mine were down in a flash and I had pushed my cock inside her. I was ramming deep thrusts into her and she said, "please don't cum inside me...I'm married...you can cum on my ass." I thought, OK. While I was pounding her there was a knock at the front door. Someone called out, "Carmen, are you OK" She responded that she was and they left. Unfortunately this deflated the bubble and wasted all the effort I had expended to get her here. She said she had to leave to meet her friends. I'm not a rapist so what could I do With our pants still down around our ankles I pushed her against a wall. I shoved my tongue back down her throat and started fingering her clit...this bitch was going to remember this fuck. My hope was she would put out in the future. I worked her clit faster and faster until she came. She got weak and I had to hold her up.

I helped her to her knees. Standing in front of her my cock was right at mouth level. I turned her head to face my cock. She looked up at me and she KNEW she HAD to suck that cock. She told me she had never done this before...never sucked a man off...never eaten any cum. I pushed my cock against her lips. Those MOST inviting lips. I said "suck it Carmen." She said "please don't cum in my mouth...you can cum on my face." I responded with, "Carmen, while that sounds like a nice idea I AM going to cum in your beautiful mouth and you ARE going to eat my cum...all of it...so don't pull away." I pushed my cock more forcefully at her mouth and she slowly opened it and accepted my cock. She truly was a novice but she at least tried. I took her head in my hands and started to fuck her mouth. She put her hands on my hips to keep me from going too deep...like that would help. I fucked her mouth faster and harder until I was about to bust. I told her "I'm going cum DO NOT PULL AWAY." I unloaded a huge load and she started swallowing as fast as she could. I'll say one thing for her, she didn't miss a drop. I think she was bullshitting me about having never sucked a cock. No one could take it like she did the first time out of the gate.

We had both had an intense orgasm. We got dressed and prepared to leave the bathroom. I wondered if those guys trying to sleep caught any of this action. I hope they had. As we were walking out I took her by the arm and stopped her. I told her "this isn't over, I want to fuck that tight little pussy again...and I want to plant a big load inside you this time." She turned to face me. The look on her face was one that I had never seen before. It was almost like she was another person. She looked me right in eyes and stuck her hand down my pants and grabbed my cock. You're right, this isn't over she said. I have to go home and kiss my husband with a mouth that has just eaten your cum. And he will want to fuck me and he'll be putting his cock in where you've already been tonight. So you know what I'm going to do I'm going to deeply kiss him and then I'm going to suck him off too. And then I'll let him fuck me. You should see me when I'm on my back, my legs spread around a man. It's impressive. And all the time I'll be fantasying about you. No, this isn't over by a damn side. Don't think for a minute that you're the first stud that's done this to me. I seem to attract this shit. Each time I cheat on my husband but I can't help it...I need the cock. I try so hard to be good...but I always seem to fuck up. I just hope you can keep me satisfied. We'll find out because I'm coming to your house tomorrow night for a good hard fuck. And if you don't deliver there will be hell to pay.

Well I'll be damn!! That was a response I never expected to hear. Keep her satisfied, Shit. This hot sassy little bitch has no idea what is in store for her. I don't know what got into this girl...but I'll ride her till she throws me!!

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