Student Teacher Conference Carmens Revenge

Author: Rowdy
Published: Apr 18, 2008
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I thought about Carmen all night when I got home from the party. That demur little bitch really had me fooled. Shy and reserved my ass...she was a fuck-monster. The little whore had repeatedly cheated on her husband with a bunch of different guys. She had played me like a fiddle, not that I minded being played.

I thought about Carmen all night when I got home from the party. That demur little bitch really had me fooled. Shy and reserved my ass...she was a fuck-monster. The little whore had repeatedly cheated on her husband with a bunch of different guys. She had played me like a fiddle, not that I minded being played. After all, she had given me a good fuck and promised to put-out in the future. After we finished last night she told me that she would be coming to my house the next night and that she "hoped I could satisfy her." This smart-assed little bitch was going to be satisfied alright...and in a way I doubt she had experienced before.

I didn't have a lot of time to pull all the elements of my plan together so I had to get started. My plan was simple...Carmen was going to be drugged...and then gang-banged by as many guys as I could get to cooperate. Now I ask you, how hard do you think it was going to be to get a half-dozen or so guys to stop by and fuck this little whore If you said "not hard at all" you are absolutely correct. In fact, in short order I had 12 guys lined up, all wanting to fuck Carmen. This was going to be a lot of fun!! Carmen calls me at about noon and says that her husband has the duty and will be going it around 1900. She plans to be at my place by 1930. I'll have all the guys in place by 1900 and we'll let the party start rolling.

All the guys show up, eager as hell. I put them in a back bedroom and tell them to keep cool until I come to get them. True to her work Carmen is knocking on my door at 19:30. I open it to let her in and she looks HOTT!! My cock is instantly hard...and she notices it. She is wearing a very short and tight jean skirt, white blouse, and lacey little bra. She has on shear nylons...this shit drives me crazy. Carmen wears this perfume that will make a cock hard across is fantastic. I shut the door and push her against the wall. I shove my tongue into her mouth and start to caress her little tits. Then I move my hand up her skirt and start rubbing her clit. She moans and says "easy big boy, we've got all night." I though to have no idea what your in for.

I take her to the couch and get her comfortable. I go and fix a couple of drinks for us. Carmen's drink has just enough of a "Mickey" to put her down long enough for me to get her into the bedroom, undress her, and then secure her to the bed so she can begin to pull this long hard train that is waiting for her. I sit down with her and we sip our drinks while I play with her tits. She says, "I think you made this a little strong...I feel dizzy." I tell her not to worry it will pass. Within a few minutes Carmen is passed out on the couch. I carry her to a spare bedroom and get her undressed. I can't help but remember what she said to me last night as I was ramming my cock into her before we were so rudely interrupted. She said, "please don't cum inside me, I'm married, you can cum on my ass." Well tonight my dear you are going to have a large number of men cumming in that precious little pussy. And about cumming ON you ass...on no dear...we will be cumming IN your ass.

Carmen is completely nude and secured to the bed. I cover her with a blanket, and then I go to get the rest of the guys. Imagine what she'll think when she wakes up in a few minutes and sees a dozen hard cocks staring at her!! The guys all gather around her and I remove the blanket. Every cock in the room is now fully erect. Since I set this all up I have the first fuck. I get into bed with her and start sucking her tits and playing with her pussy. She starts moaning and begins to wake up. She realizes that she is tied to the bed...and then she realizes how many men are looking at her while they stroke their ever expanding cocks. Then, once again, the little bitch surprises me. She looks at the dozen men in the room and their hard cocks and says, "hi boys, are all those for me" Shit, I damn near came right then. This hot little whore was going to pull this train and get gang-banged of her own free will. I was sort of looking forward to forcing her to pull the train, but what the hell this was going to be fun too. I untie her arms and legs and she immediately reaches for a couple of hard cocks. I pull her off the bed and have her kneel in on the floor. We all form a circle around her. She starts stroking and sucking all out cocks. I start fucking the hell out of her mouth and ask her, "do you think you can swallow all this cum" Her response is, "NO PROBLEM". So I let her have the first load...and she swallows it all. When I pull out another cock eagerly fills her mouth. This continues until all 12 of us have cum in her mouth. By the time guy number 12 has filled her mouth with cum some of the rest of us are ready to go again. I sit down in a small chair and pull her on top of me. She guides my cock into her tight wet pussy. It slides in without any resistance. I feel her being pushed down on top of me by one of the other guys. He stands behind her and starts pushing his cock into her ass hole. The guy just plows into her. He decided not to put it in a little at a time...he just made a couple of quick hard thrusts and he was in. He did not last long...he unloaded in her ass in just a minute or so. When he pulled out someone else entered her now gapping ass hole. I kept fucking her tight little pussy and was enjoying watching the show. Then some guy came and stood at her head. Without missing a beat Carmen had him in her mouth. So now I was fucking her pussy, someone else was in her ass, and now she was giving a blow job. The guys just kept coming at her. They were cumming in her ass and mouth. Some couldn't wait and they jacked-off and came in her hair or on her back. I finally came in her pussy. We put her on her back and took turns fucking her some more. We stood around her jacking-off and cumming on her face and tits. She looked like hell, covered in hot sticky cum. She would actually scoop it up in her had and eat it!!!

I have no idea how many times she got fucked or sucked someone off. We just kept going at her over and over...dozens of times. And she just kept taking us. She was passed out one time when I mounted her. So fucking what...I fucked her anyway and shot a big load deep into that precious "MARRIED" pussy. The guys began to filter out and go home. We had really put it to Carmen. This would be one fuck she would NEVER forget. I think we ruined her for her husband for a while...she was all torn up.

I let her sleep for a while because I knew she needed it. When she woke up I was in living room watching TV. She came into the living room and she looked like hell. She had dried cum all over her. Her make-up that was so neatly applied when she got here was all smeared. She still had cum running out of her pussy and down her legs. But even though she looked so rough she had a look of contentment like I've never seen before. She came over to me and kissed me. It may be weird, but seeing her in the condition really turned me on. I didn't even mind that I was kissing a mouth that had just given a couple dozen blow jobs and eaten a quart of other men's cum. She sat down beside me and never said a word. I started massaging her shoulders and back. Then I took her into the shower and we took a long hot shower. I washed all the dry off of her. I washed her hot little pussy and tits. I even washed her ass and made sure we hadn't done too much damage. After all, I hadn't got to fuck her ass...and I sure as hell wanted to. When I had her all cleaned up I took her to the whirlpool and we took a nice long soak.

Sometime during the soak my cock got hard again. Even I have a heart. I couldn't ask this poor girl to put out again now...not after what we just put her through. But SHE noticed the erect cock beside her. She snuggled up close and kissed me while she reached for my cock. She started to stroke it while she kissed me. Then she said, "you're the only one that hasn't fucked my in the ass, go ahead and take me now." This was a special young woman. She had just been gang-banged for several hours by 12 men. I had personally fucked her mouth, fucked her pussy, and even fucked her little tits. She had even given me a hand-job. I only had one stop remaining on an around the world adventure...and she knew it. Now she was offering the final destination to me. What a woman!!

So, I had her kneel on the seat in the hot tub and I got behind her. I gently pushed my cock into her ass hole. She turned her head and said, "baby don't be so gentle, I know what you want, go ahead and take it." Again I say, WHAT A WOMAN!! I started fucking the hell out of her ass, ramming as deep and hard as I could. She reached between her legs and started working her clit. She was shouting, "fuck me baby...make us both cum!!" And we did...and it was INTENSE!! I held my cock in her ass for a few minutes. When I finally pulled we went to the bed and went to sleep.

When we woke the sun was up. OH was 11:00...her husband got home several hours ago. She checked her cell phone and he had called several times...and left several angry messages. She didn't seem to be upset. I said, "are you going to catch hell because you aren't home" She just looked at me and smiled. She said, "when I get home he'll be mad as hell and maybe even slap me." "He'll know I've been out getting fucked. He won't know by how many guys." This shit actually gets him off, she said. He'll yell me at and toss me around...which turns me on, she went on to say. And then I'll get hold of his cock and he'll start to mellow. Then we'll make out and I'll give him a good fuck...and all will be well again. I'm going to suck you off before I when he kisses me he'll be eating your cum by proxy. That's my revenge. And the little bitch sucked me off in record time. Then she got up and went home.

I sure hope I see her again soon. This is quite likely the best piece of ass I've ever had. I think next time I'll try to get Carmen and her friend Kelly to do me...that should be fun. I have to work with Kelly this weekend...just the two of us. Maybe I can work this into conversation. Man the two of them would be GREAT!!

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