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First Time in Forever - We got on the bed, and he kissed all over my body, from my lips to my thighs. Then he took my underwear off with his teeth.

He Was My Forbidden Fruit - Part 2 - I screamed his name as my orgasm took over, forcing my nails to dig deep into his back as my pussy contracted around his cock.

He Was My Forbidden Fruit - Part 1 - I adored this man who slept with so many prostitutes, but yet didn't have a clue about being intimate with a woman he loved.

Turquoise Moonlight - Turquoise Moonlight is an erotic story for my Lover, Him and The Turquoise Lady.

Summer Rain - One warm rainy summer night I finally get to fuck my lover.

Visiting My Girlfriend - Chapter 1 - Erotic story of having sex with my girlfriends mother while waiting for her to arrive home.

Lester Perverts His Mom - He wanted to fuck his mother forever, but nature would not allow that.

A Stormy Night With Aunt Myrtle - With this excitement, her pussy becomes more and more wet and it grips his cock tighter.

My Stepsister - True Story About Sex With My Virgin Stepsister - I rubbed my cock up and down her slit touching her clit and then I slowly pushed it in so only my head was in, she was very tight.

The Demon's Lovers - Chapter One - I took his penis in my mouth, not much of it, as I had a chance to drink more of his cum and was desperate for that chance.

Thanksgiving Means Giving of Yourself - I heard a yelp come from Wanda as she was forced over a table and a massive black cock was forced into her tiny hole.

Retro Halloween Party and a Bonus - I want you to fuck me first, then have my gangbang, then keep fucking until I have fucked as many guys as I can.

Polaroid Pictures - We got into a fun habit of taking dressed and undressed photos whenever we went on vacations and wanted more sexually explicit photos.

You Never Think Your Fantasy Will Actually Happen - Put a finger or two in my pussy and tease my clitoris and I am going to stroke your cock to get it hard.

A Really Big Black Cock - My friend is a semi professional basketball player, 6 foot 10 with a dick to match.

Reunited - Chuck Fisher buck naked and sucking my cock like a common whore, his cock hard as a railroad spike and standing straight up from his bush.

The Birthday Present - Today is my wife's Birthday and when I asked her what she wanted for a Birthday present, she said she wanted to have sex with an older, chubby man while I watched and took pictures.

My Best Halloween Ever - When I came out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, she was standing there naked.

Best Friends Sexual Adventure - My best friend lifts Shannon as he presses his cock against her Virgin pussy easing it in.

Late Work Night - She felt the head slide against her slit, then his considerable length slid effortlessly into her sex.

Hard to Believe - She was sucking the cock in her mouth as hard as she could as she squeezed his balls.

After The Divorce - She spread her legs wide revealing the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen.

The Years of Fucking My Father - By the time I had turned 18 and was a senior in high school my father had begun having sexual intercourse with me.

My Juicy Lucy - Her warm firm tits and her rock hard nipples pushed into my chest as the gap between us closed around my hardening cock.

Grandpa's Babysitting Weekend - I could last longer this time, so I piston fucked her pussy like she never had been fucked before.

The Nosy Neighbor - I slid a finger in my ass and slowly glided my hand over dick and balls very slowly.

My Daughter Gives Me a Gift for My Birthday - I started rubbing my cock head against my daughter's clit and pussy lips. As she moaned I kept circulating my mushroom dick head against her virginal pussy..

Fantasies of My Wife and I - My wife and I have shared many fantasies. A recurring one is my wife being a slut wife.

My First Time With My 19 Year Old Sister - I want to fuck her just every hole and pull her hair, slap her ass, but this is my baby sister, adopted or not I have been her biggest brother for 14 years.

Detroit Changes Our Lives - My wife had never talked to me like that during sex and my cock was beginning to swell watching this.

Brother and Sister - Kirsty thrust her hips up and my tongue entered between her lips and her perfect tasting juice ran onto my tongue flicking my tongue up and down her slit sucking on her big clit was sending her wild.

The Taking of a White Family - Part 1 - A white family travels to Uganda for work and finds much more.

The Taking of a White Family - Part 2 - Master Carama had already naked, his black cock becoming hard as he was walking towards my wife.

The Taking of a White Family - Part 3 - Luke struggled as his mouth was full of the dark meat, the soldier holding his hair as he began to forcibly fuck his face harder and faster.

A Spanking for the Soul - Edward placed one hand on the small of her back and the other lightly rubbed her lifted bottom.

The Illusionist - I am a not sure how or when but I realized that I was now laying back in the seat totally naked and my legs were spread playing with myself.

The Tennis Player's Injury - I had to be bold if I wanted to see this cock, to touch it and maybe even suck it and I did want to do that.

Office Politics - My cock pulsed, and I slid it out just in time to send jets of pure, white cum streaming across his buff shoulders and the small of his back.

Looking Back: Knowing Now Thinking About Then - My Mom had many boyfriends and I would wait until she would leave the light of the fire and when I would sneak away to watch the girls as they would kiss and get naked with everyone.

Furlong Four Play - Part 2 - The lads test Uncle Rob's sense of smell by blindfolding him and giving him a few things to sniff....

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