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I Could Feel His Breath on My Lips - I rubbed my clit and came in few seconds, fuck I knew I felt horny but not this horny.

My Baptist Life - Part 1 - A true account of my early years in a loving Baptist home and the early life when I got married and lived under Pa and Grandpa's roof.

My Baptist Life - Part 2 - Get to your room girl and I will be calling later to use your belt, a spanking earned for not bringing it down with you.

My Baptist Life - Part 3 - I took her spanking belt from behind her door and sat again and Ella instinctively bowed over and I bent forward and kissed both of her bottom cheeks.

My Baptist Life - Part 4 - On the way home she saw an upturned wheel barrow on the side of the building site, she removed her dress and bent over it, thrusting her bottom and slit in the air.

The Baptist Meaning of Sunday - If it were the daughter she would have to be chaperoned by her mom, they lay her over a large cushion, bare her bottom.

1930s Style - DD Was No Different in the 1930s - She followed me back to my chair, placed her hands on the seat, arched her back and stuck up her bottom as high as it would go. Legs as wide as they would go to show her open pussy lips.

A Circus Life - He loved the power of the respect he demanded and received, which was only surpassed by his love of spanking a girl's bare bottom.

Papa Johns Pizza Palace - Show me your tits and pussy. I need to feel your tits to see if they are sore. I need to check your pussy for wetness.

A Very Hot Day at the Beach - He walked up to her and started rubbing the suntan lotion into her tits with his large hand each tit fit into.

My First Threesome After The Bar Scene - My hands slide to her front and grabbed both of her tits and commence to massaging them the moans get more frequent and louder now.

My First BJ - Steve calling me his horny slut fucking me so hard and fast, his hands grabbing at my tits, slapping my ass, fuck his cock felt good in me.

Friends with Great benefits - As her pussy muscles latched onto my cock, my balls tingled and let loose spraying my seed into her unprotected pussy.

Kay and I - When I came she had pulled my cock out of her pussy and let my cum fall all over her belly and lips, all the while still jerking me off.

Sharing a Hotel Room - I heard myself moan as it was such a rush having another married woman stroke my cock.

Lorna My BBW Girl - I stayed sucking on her clit for about 5 minutes, she came 2 times during that time.

Brother Helps Sister Get Over Tattoo Pain - I could feel the tattoo artist hand on top of my pussy, my shorts covering my modesty. His other hand holding the tattoo gun pushing into my flesh, my panties got damp.

Nurse and Her Daughter Fantasy - I placed the head of my cock on her pussy lips, she moaned giving me the ok, to spread her lips with my cock.

Indonesian Neighbour and The Massage Lady - I looked down at her, stepping back I removed my clothing, stepped up to her and she took my cock into her mouth.

My Sister-In-Law and Her Brother - Part 1 - Her thighs were spread to the limit I looked down at her legs in the air going around my shoulders so I could get a more perfect angle to ram my cock into her cunt hole.

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