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Virtual Reality (VR) Pornography - Using a headset like the Oculus Rift or Playstation VR allows you to become an active part of virtual sexual experiences.

My First Wank With Cumshot - I knew about wanking but although I could get a hard-on I was not able to produce spunk - no matter how long I rubbed my cock.

The Long Weekend Trip to Visit Friends - Rick by now had run his hands up her sides and under her blouse reaching her tits massaging them through her bra.

The Adventures of Jack and Dianne - Dianne pulled off her night gown, knelt down beside me and took my cock into her mouth.

Consequences - Chapter 3 - He squeezed my nipples and tits so hard I began to weep, but Sir knew they were not tears of pain, but joy.

Who is Don Brown? - Boys and girls were bare bottom spanked at the front of class for the smallest of misdemeanours in school, its just what happened.

Two Sides, One Story - Reaching beneath you I feel your split dry pussy, the St. Andrews Cross gives no thought to modesty of the female body.

Which Implement Will I Choose - Laying over a couple of pillows with my bottom pointed high in the air just waiting for the sound of his implement resonating through the room from the bareness of my rounded posterior.

The Alarm - The girls will then stand you up and remove your skirt, pants and blouse, you will be braless, and take you towards the ceiling hook in the main corridor.

Moving on (A True Story) - I began to lose control of her and one day when she said she loved me deeply but was no longer in love with me, it hurt me so badly, maybe the worst i had ever been hurt.

Heidi - Each smack added to the glow that was already beginning to appear on her ass cheeks and they deepened in colour until having a cherry red blush.

Too Much - Too Little or Too Late? - Her excitement showing as her slender lips parted, again his large hand cupped her pussy as his other hand placed the first slap on her bottom.

Always Me - You will always service all our guests before they leave, male and female and failure to swallow the entire male cum will result in you being tied to the whipping post and whipped thoroughly.

The Best Wife and Mother In Law Ever - Sally finished herself off in about the same time it took me to cum when my wife jacked me off the first time.

Morning Delight - He nibbled her clit and rolled it between his tongue and teeth, it was too much, she asked to cum and Sir nodded.

Love You Daddy - Daddy rubbed my sore pussy and his finger kept opening my lips, he said it was so he could get a little wetness and rub it on my sore lips.

Easter Eggs - jo jo soon felt the pain in her bottom turn into a gushing cum, a feeling she only got when Daddy looked after her.

Getting to Know My Future In-laws - When Maggie finally pulled the cucumber out of her twat, her pussy hole was about four inches open.

The Sierra Report - She started sucking up and down his shaft, and stroked at the same time. Than she slowly stopped and removed her boots, pants, and panties.

The Slave Boy - The slave was laid on her back, on a hard mattress with a slightly raised area, which fit under her bottom or pussy, depending on the area to be penetrated.

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