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The Next Door Neighbor


Author: Anon
Published: 12-Apr-14 Revised/Updated 11-Aug-17

The more we chatted, the more horny we both became, exploring possibilities that would enable Dan to sneak a peek at his charming neighbor lady...

* * * * * * *

I was online in a chat room when I came across something that I found provocative.

A man whose avatar was ukhubby said that he had a fantasy that his elderly next door neighbor was spying on his wife in an effort to see her undressed. This was just too interesting for me to pass , so I engaged him in a chat.

He said that indeed, he was becoming obsessed with the idea. That his neighbor watched his wife whenever they happened to be outside at the same time. And it made him horny.

The hubby's name was John, his wife was Andrea, and the neighbor was Dan.

I asked John if he had ever talked to Dan about it and he said no, that he was too embarrassed.

I asked how he envisioned his fantasy taking place. He didn't know but he said that Andrea would have to be unaware because she wasn't the kind of lady to allow another man to see her without clothing. That was one thing that made it so enticing. . . her modesty.

The more we chatted, the more horny we both became, exploring possibilities that would enable Dan to sneak a peek at his charming neighbor lady.

John described his wife to me and she sounded very attractive. Brunette, in her early forties, nice womanly figure and pretty face. John and I chatted for awhile then went offline. The more I thought about it, the more intrigued I became with the situation. The next night John and I had another chat. He had been thinking about it too. I asked if he could show me a picture of his wife, clothed of course. He brought one up. Andrea was very attractive. . . Hell, I would like to see her undressed too. I suggested that he simply approach Dan with the idea, but he was reluctant to do it face to face. Half way kidding, I said I would do it. To my surprise John seemed to consider the idea.

"That might work, " he said. So he gave me Dan's email address and, why not. . . I emailed the old man. My email said : Dan, you don't know me but I have been chatting with your next door neighbor, John. Seems he's a bit kinky. John has a desire for you to see his wife Andrea, undressed. He is too embarrassed to bring this up to you for fear you will think its too weird. He doesn't want to offend or embarrass you, but if you would be interested in getting a look at his wife's goodies, just tell him that you got this email. If not, just say nothing and the matter will not be mentioned again. Should be a good hornytime. I would take him up on it if I were you.

Of course Andrea knows nothing of this and it would have to be on the sneaky. Enjoy.

I went back online and told John I had done it. He was terrified but tremendously excited. We made plans as to how it could work. If Dan came to Andrea and John's bedroom window at night, John would rig the window shade or blinds so that his neighbor would have a good view.

I suggested that John tell Andrea that he would like to take some Polaroids of her. He said they had done that before but that Andrea would never go beyond her underwear or lingerie. And he was hopeful that Dancould see her in the altogether. Then why not ask her to change clothes for a variety of shots. That way Dancould watch her take off one outfit, and put on another. Which would mean, of course that she would be totally naked in the interim. John was excited at that idea. truth be told, so was I.

A couple of days went by and John was not in the chat room. Finally I saw that he was and contacted him. He told me that Dan had come up to him in the yard, mentioned my email, and told him he couldn't wait to get the chance to see Andrea. So a plan was set into motion. He told me that his wife had agreed to pose for him the next night. . . no nudity of course.

John sent me an email the next day. He told me that he had arranged the window shade so that anyone Standing outside would have a clear view of the bedroom. It was safe enough since no one could be observed there, so no worry about being discovered. Just before the arranged time John looked out of the window and there was Dan, in place and ready. John gave him a thumbs upand called his wife into the room, Polaroid loaded and set. Andrea had only agreed because with a Polaroid, there would be no negatives and no need to have any film developed, thus insuring that the saucy shots were in no danger of being seen by anyone else.

John took a couple of snaps with Andrea lifting her skirt and showing her panties. Then a couple in only her bra and panties. Knickers, he called them. Knowing that the neighbor was peeping in made John very horny. He asked Andrea to change into the lacy slip which was to be her next outfit. He knew that she would turn her back to him as she changed, which faced her to the window. He could barely breathe as his wife unhooked her bra and dropped it to the bed, then pulled her panties down and off, stepping out of them. All of which was giving Dan a great view of his neighbor's wife in the altogether. John knew that her lovely mature tits were on display as well as the sparse dark hair around her vagina. He hoped the old man wasn't missing a thing. When Andrea had donned the slip, John took a few more shots, then asked her for just one with nothing on. He had asked her many times before and she had always refused, but this time, with a sigh, she relented. She pulled the slip over her head and faced the camera stark naked, her hands provocatively clasped behind her head and one hip thrust to the side. She had a cheeky smile on her face. "Come on then, John. I'm not holding this pose forever. "John quickly took the photo and she grabbed a robe and put it on.

"Alright, then. I suppose all this has got you randy so let's have a quick drink then we'll pop back in here for a little. . . you know what. "

They went to the living room and he poured them some wine and sat on the couch next to his wife. Having Dan see her undressed was one thing, but fucking while he watched was something John wasn't ready for. So he started fooling around with Andrea right there and they ended up doing it right there. By the time they returned to the bedroom, Dan had gone home, probably with dick in hand by now, thinking of what he had seen.

The next day I was surprised to receive an email. . . not from John, but from Dan.

It read:

Thank you for getting all this started. I just want to let you know that last night I stood outside John's window and watched him take photos of his wife. It was splendid. She changed outfits and I got to see her in her bra and knickers, then she stripped stark naked and I got a good look at everything she's got. . . boobies, pussy and all.

Now here's the best part. Today John brought the pictures over here and told me I could borrow them for a while. His wife is at work and I guess he wanted to give me a chance to have a good wank while I looked at her. Of course as soon as he left, I uploaded them onto my computer. Now I can see them any time I want. I don't know if he didn't think of that or if he did, but anyway, I got them. And for getting this going in the first place, I am going to share them with you.

Then the photos appeared on my email. I was glad that it had all come together. Now Dan and I both had access to Andrea's risque pictures. And they were very nice. I thanked Dan in a return email and had another suggestion. Why not install a webcam secretly in their house hooked to Dan's computer, so he could turn it on whenever he chose. he wasn't aware that such a thing was possible, but researched it and found it was. He thanked me for the idea. Two days later I received another email from him.

I talked John into letting me put the webcam in the living room. What he doesn't know is that I can turn it on and off whether their computer is on or not. He also doesn't know that while I asked to use the loo, I hooked another one up in there. It is pointed at the bathtub. It's so small it will never be noticed, disguised beside a toothbrush holder. So now we will be able to watch his wife whenever she takes a bath. Of course, we can just ignore it when John does. Dont want to see that.

So that's how it came to pass that Dan and I now have the great pleasure of watching John's modest wife naked daily. And she has no idea that she is so much horny entertainment to two lecherous old buggers. And neither does John. . . although I think he just might enjoy the idea.

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