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Illustrated Sex Stories with Erotic Nude Pictures

Girl wearing bikini illustrationThese illustrated sexual erotic stories contain themed XXX nude and sexy adult pictures of women and men that match the stories plot. The archive of illustrated erotic stories listed below includes the use of sexy pictures, images, nude illustrations, and in some cases, adult video clips to help enhance the porn story plot and sexually arouse you, the reader.

Our illustrated stories include; sexually explicit subjects, sensuous erotica, bondage, dominance and submission, love and romance, sadomasochism, tabboo sex, sexual fantasies, true life stories, and wanton tales of lust.

Note: We have had to remove illustrations and photo's from the stories due to copyright reasons. We will no longer be accepting images, including photos, drawings, or illustrations, with any story submissions. Thanks for your understanding.

List of Illustrated Stories
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1 - Snowbirds That Loved to Watch - I was working at a RV park and the same older couple would pull next to my motor home each year, I was 48 they were 68 years old.
2 - Jake and the Whore with No Name - Jake gets a great blowjob from an unknown hooker with huge tits.
3 - Sophie's Afternoon Dogging Session - I stopped walking, bent over a little to show him my cunt as well as my ass, wiggled my butt a little and asked him if he wanted a piece of it.
4 - The Beauty Vs Semen Study - He tried to imagine what her tits looked like, what kind of panties she was wearing, if her crotch was completely waxed or if she kept a little strip of hair above her slit.
5 - Retro Halloween Party and a Bonus - I want you to fuck me first, then have my gangbang, then keep fucking until I have fucked as many guys as I can.
6 - Polaroid Pictures - We got into a fun habit of taking dressed and undressed photos whenever we went on vacations and wanted more sexually explicit photos.
7 - The Birthday Present - Today is my wife's Birthday and when I asked her what she wanted for a Birthday present, she said she wanted to have sex with an older, chubby man while I watched and took pictures.
8 - My Best Halloween Ever - When I came out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, she was standing there naked.
9 - A Good Wife - Don reversed his hand, touched my open labia, and slipped his fingers into my saturated vagina - first one finger, then two.
10 - Fucking Lara On the Hood of the Car - She bent down, took his sex in her mouth and, closing her eyes to shut the surroundings away, started to suck him.
11 - Gisele Becomes a Blowin' Cougar - Jason got harder and harder and the length of his penis had already nearly doubled now.
12 - The Hand Jobs - I loved watching her masturbate our friend and my cock kept growing and began to ache.
13 - Louie's Treat - My cock throbbed as she rubbed her tits and her beautiful dark triangle of thick curly pussy hair..
14 - The End of a Long Hard Shift - This is a very short story. But it is a real story, YES, real story, that is to help you look at and understand the supplied two pictures.
15 - Fourteen and More Maids A Milking - In 2008 I went to one of my first Clothed Female Nude Male (CFNM) parties.
16 - My Wife's 1970 Art Film - Extraordinary xxx sting results when film students and a professor conspire on how to most effectively use my wife.
17 - A Legendary Fuck - er - She was told that a group of 14 male residents had banded together and were funding a private fuck show to be done at a local club.
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NOTE: We are always looking for more Illustrated Stories to publish. If this is the type of erotic literature that you write, or would like to try your hand at writing, see our story submission page for more details.

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