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Louie's Treat


Author: Max Barraclough
Contact: maxbarraclough@aol.com
Published: 18-Mar-16


I don't know how many times I had caught Louie looking down Roni's blouse or up her skirt. In high school we were all on the swimming team and even at the beach we wore our team tank suits that were nothing more than flimsy nylon. When Roni walked out of the water, her hard nipples poked through the thin fabric like acorns under a cotton sheet. Louie would stare at her tits and his cock would get hard and show through his swimsuit.

* * * * * * *

My dick got hard when I looked at her, too, but she was my girlfriend and I figured I had more of a right to a boner. But the idea that she turned on another guy excited me, so I didn't say anything to Lou. Instead, I just let him look. I enjoyed watching him mentally stripping my girl.

My father had remarried and owned a house with a pool. He had also converted half his garage into a cabana where people could change before and after swimming. Sometimes after school or on the weekends, Roni and I would use the pool since my dad and his new wife rarely did.

One evening we got out of the water after deciding to go out for a pizza. Roni went through the side door of the garage and turned the lights on. I sat on a chair on the attached patio.

She stood in the doorway and gave me a mischievous smile. "Are you coming in to get changed?

I shrugged. "I'd better not. They're sitting at the kitchen window. If Maryann thought we were naked together, she'd have a fit. I'll wait."

"Okay," she said, "I'd like to see you naked, but I'll leave the door open so you can talk to me."

For the most part, she talked and I listened, but more important was from where I sat, I could see Roni's reflection in a glass-fronted cabinet near the doorway. I watched her strip off her wet swim suit, roll it up, and drop it in her beach bag. In the soft light of the cabana, I watched her towel off her nude body. My cock throbbed as she rubbed her tits and her beautiful dark triangle of thick curly pussy hair. When she finished, she wiggled into a pair of bikini undies, hooked up her bra, and then dressed in a blouse and shorts.

Roni came out and I took her place. I knew my father and his wife couldn't see me, so I stood in the doorway and dropped my trunks and showed Roni my hard cock. I also wanted to block her from seeing how the glass acted like a mirror, so the next time I watched her it would be totally candid. I had seen her nude plenty of times, but I liked the idea of being her secret voyeur.

I stroked my hard-on and said, "You make my dick hard when I look at you in that bathing suit."

She whispered," You have a beautiful cock. Or should I say handsome? If we park somewhere later, I'll play with it for you."

I stopped masturbating and smiled. "Can't wait.


A week later, we were in the pool again and Louie showed up.

"You guys want to go out tonight?" he asked.

I looked at Roni. She nodded. "Sure," I said. "Where do you want to go?"

"It's lasagna night at Borelli's"

"You got a date?"

"No, I figured I'd take you two."

"You buying," I asked.

"Course not."

"Okay. Give us a couple minutes to get changed. You want one of my old man's beers?"

"Who turns down a free beer?"

Roni and I stepped out of the pool and I thought I'd give Louie the show of a lifetime. I got two beers from the fridge in the cabana and maneuvered him to the chair with the best view of Roni stripping off her wet suit. When she went in to change, I sat across from Lou to watch his expression.

As usual, she left the door open and talked while she changed. Roni was great with small talk.

I couldn't see her from my chair, but when Louie looked toward the door after Roni first spoke, his expression was priceless. I thought she had already peeled off the wet suit and he must have had a perfect mirror image of her nude body. He squirmed in his seat and I knew his cock was getting hard. If I spoke, he never looked at me, but sipped his beer and couldn't take his eyes off the glass-fronted cabinet. After a few moments passed, I assumed Roni was toweling off her beautiful tits, rubbing them and letting them bounce. Then she would rub the luscious muff that covered her pussy.

Lou squeezed his legs together and I thought he might cum in his pants. But before he shot his load and embarrassed himself, Roni emerged from the cabana dressed and ready for Borelli's lasagna.

Louie's shoulders dropped a little. I smiled and drank a little beer. Then I walked into the cabana and took the place where Roni stood. I figured if Lou saw me changing, he'd think I didn't know about the mirror effect. I knew he'd never tell me what he saw, but that didn't matter. I knew - and it turned me on.

When I stepped out of my trunks, my cock was as hard as a tree trunk and stuck straight out from my loins. I struggled to tuck it into my briefs.

After the restaurant, I dropped Louie off at his car and we found a secluded spot to park. Roni opened a few buttons of her blouse so I could see her cleavage.

Before we started to make out, I offered a thought. "I think Louie would like to see you naked."

"He'd like to see any girl naked."

"Yeah, but especially you. He's always trying to look up your skirt or he's staring at your nipples at the beach. He likes you."

"That's silly." She frowned. "And I can't do anything about my nipples getting hard from the cool water."

"It's not silly and don't worry about your nipples. They're beautiful when they're hard. Looking at you makes my dick hard."

"Do you get hard when Louie looks at my nipples?"

"Oh, yeah. It turns me on when anyone looks at you. You know that."

"Maybe I should let Louie see a little more of me."

"I'm interested. How would you do that?"

"I'll think about it. And we can figure something out."

"I'd like that."

"I know. I'll bet you're hard now."

"Of course I am. And I'd love a hand job."

"Well then, open your pants and show me your cock."

I had my pants and shorts down in seconds and Roni began one of her slow sensual handjob. After I moaned with pleasure a few times, she pushed my foreskin back and bent over to take my cock in her mouth. She sucked on me hummed with pleasure herself, giving my swollen dickhead an erotic tingle. Then she licked all around my sex gland until I was about to explode.

"Get a tissue, sweetie, I'm ready to come."

"Oh, baby, I can swallow you. Would you like to see me swallow your cum?"

"Anything. Anything, but I'm going to do it now. Oh, squeeze my balls and make me cum."

Roni covered my cock with her moth and moved her head up and down quickly, all while massaging my scrotum. Only seconds later I shot my load into her willing mouth. I heard her swallow and moan, then take a tissue and wipe a tiny dribble of spunk from her lips.

"Oh, yeah," I said, totally exhausted. "Oh, God, that felt good. And you're so beautiful when I watch you sucking me off. Damn, but I love you."

She kissed me on the cheek. "I love you too, baby, and want to make you happy." She smiled mischievously. "Playing with your cock makes me happy, too."

She held my spent dick gently and I moaned again. "When you make me cum, it feels like I just ran a hundred yards in less than ten seconds. I'm exhausted, but you can play with my cock as much as you want."

"Right now, I want you to make me cum. I'm jealous. I'm going to take my panties off and you're going to give my kitty some attention."

"I'd love to, but let's get your bra off so I can play with your nipples while diddle your pussy."

Roni had her panties off in a flash and I unbuttoned her blouse and popped her bra hooks open. I licked her silver dollar sized nipples until they became as hard as acorns and went from tan to brick red. My hand slid between her thighs, found her furry beaver, and parted the lips. Her cunt was as wet and soft as a fresh clam. I drew tiny gentle circles over her clit with my middle finger. She moaned and whimpered like a little girl.

"Oh, baby, put your finger into me. Let me touch my clit while you finger me. Oh, yeah, go in deep. Move your finger around. Oh, fuck me with your finger. Oh, yeah. Faster. Faster."

As I finger fucked her as fast as I could, she massaged her clitoris even faster.

"Oh, God. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Oh, oh, oh."

Roni shuddered with orgasm and shot a stream of love juice onto my hand.

"Oh, God," she gasped. "Oh, that felt so good. Oh, I must be such a mess, but I don't care. Oh, that felt good."

I kissed her mouth. "Shush, sweetie. I'll clean you. I'll make your pussy nice and clean."

I took a couple of the tissues that we keep around for just such an occasion and gently wiped her hot, wet slot. "There you go. Nice and dry again. You'll smell like sex until you get home, but you'll be comfortable."

"Comfortable? I'm so relaxed, I could fall asleep right now."

"I'll stay awake and drive you home, but I'd better cover up my cock and button my pants."

She giggled at that. "Oh, I wish we were married with our own place so you could fuck me every day."

"I'd love to fuck you every day. Maybe more than once a day. I guess we should get married. Someday we'll get caught having sex in the car."

"Would you be embarrassed?"

"No, but I'll be the person who caught us would be jealous as soon as he saw how beautiful you are."

"I wouldn't be embarrassed either. I like making love to you. It doesn't matter where."

"It's those end results that make me happy."

"Some people like to be watched having sex. Did you ever think about that?"

"I don't know about fucking in front of a crowd, but I wouldn't mind if some Peeping Tom watched us."

"If we knew someone was watching, we could put on a real show."

"That's very kinky. And exciting. I wonder how we could engineer that?"

"Another sexy thing we have to think about."

"Just talking about it makes me hard."

"I know. Remember how you dried off my wet kitty?"

I nodded. Uh-huh."

"She's not dry anymore."

Part 2: The Open Window

Roni's mother was working from two to ten at her department store. So, we had until 10:30 to screw on a proper bed rather than crowding our hormone spiked young bodies into the back seat of a car.

We had just fucked to rock and roll music for more than an hour. Roni opened both windows in her bedroom, trying to catch a cross breeze and cool off our sweating bodies. She lay on her tummy and I was on my left side, rubbing her luscious ass. My dick was already semi-hard again, but I wondered if I could make a repeat performance.

"I feel like a nymphomaniac," she said."

"I think you just like a lot of sex."

"I hope we never get tired of doing this."

"I'm exhausted now, but could do it all over again right now," I lied.

"I mean I hope we never get bored with sex."

"I know. And I think the little kinky things we've been doing will keep sex interesting. We just have to do the things we fantasize about."

She gave me a sleepy, sexy smile. "So far it's been working. But once we get married and have real jobs, we've got to forget everything else at five o'clock and think sex."

Roni turned to face me. Her dark brown hair was tousled and her tits were pushed together offering a lovely cleavage. I stared at her nipples and my semi got a bit harder.

"You don't think we'll ever want to swap spouses like some people do, do you?" she asked with a frown.

"I've never thought about doing that. I love sex with you and although I like to think about some other guys seeing that naked body of yours, I don't want to watch somebody else fuck you."

She kissed me and took hold of my cock. "And I only want to get fucked by you."

Roni began to slowly stroke my dick and I felt myself getting harder.

"Did I tell you about the erotic dream I had where I watched you give some guy a handjob? I woke up with a foot long boner."

She giggled. "A foot long?"

"Well, that's half true, but no matter. It was hot."

She wrinkled her nose. "Well, a handjob isn't real sex. Do I know the person I masturbated?"

"I'm not sure it was anyone real, just some guy. But man, did you do some job of jerking him off."

"You're getting bigger and bigger while you're telling me this."

"I said it was an erotic dream."

She picked up the pace, sliding her hand up and down my shaft quicker.

"Tell me about this man. Was he very big?"

"Not a giant, but he had a pretty big cock."

"Did I look like I was enjoying myself?"

"Oh yeah. You were having a good time."

"I'll have to think about this. Do you want me to give someone a handjob?"

"If the opportunity presents itself, would you mind?"

"I might do that for you as long as you watch."

"Let's keep this in mind and wait for the right time."

She smiled. "Okay. Do you want me to jerk you off now? Or should I roll over and let you fuck me again?

"Let's talk. My cock needs a little more rest."

"If we keep talking about kinky sex and I keep rubbing your cock, it will be all over for you. Do not cum on my sheets, baby."

"Okay. Stop stroking my partner and talk dirty a little longer."

She was smiling like a little girl who just got a new puppy. "Good. Let's talk about what you'd like to see me do."

"Ready for that nude beach?"

"Oh, that's easy. We can do that, but I meant how you want me to show Louie more than just hard nipples through my wet bathing suit."

"Have you thought about that?"

"Some, but I couldn't dream up anything that would look accidental and believable."

"I've been thinking, too. How about this? Louie has been going out with Gail a few times. I'll invite them to go out on my father's boat. He hasn't been using it much. I'll tell Louie to meet us here and then we'll pick up Gail on the way to the marina. But, before we leave, I'll tell him about the little tree that died over the winter and how your mother asked me to dig it out. Easy job. It would only take ten or fifteen minutes with him pulling on the tree while I cut into the roots. While we're doing that, you can undress and put on your swimsuit in front of your bedroom window. He could get a good look at your body…if that's okay with you."

"When we talk like this you remind me of a horse with an erection I saw once. This thing of yours just keeps getting bigger and bigger."

"I know. That idea turns me on."

"If I let Louie see me nude, do you promise to get this big again?"

"All we'd have to do is talk about it. I'll remember watching you standing there nude and how he looked at you. You bet. Guaranteed. My dick will grow as big as you want." I raised my eyebrows twice and tried to look lecherous. "Then you can do anything you want with my great big wang."

She took my hand and put it between her legs. Her thick pubic bush felt silky. I moved my fingers around and she wiggled her ass for me.

"My stallion," she said. "But that tree is at least thirty feet away from my window. Are you sure He'll be able to see me?"

"I know he will."

"And how do you know that?"

"Because I watched you once."


"Yeah. The second time we went out. Remember? We got in late and your mother was already asleep. We were afraid to wake her, so I left and started walking home. But on my way out of the yard, I turned and looked at your window. The shade was up; you turned on the light and started stripping off your clothes. I watched you get naked and put on a nightie."

"You never told me." She squeezed my cock…hard.

"It was nice. I figured if you didn't know I might see you nude again some time."

"Hello. I'm nude now. You see me nude all the time. We fuck on a regular basis."

"That was different. I felt like a Peeping Tom. It was exciting. Someone might have caught me."

She raised her eyebrows in mock surprise. "You're a voyeur."

"Yes, ma'am. Guilty."

She began gently stroking my dick again and gave me a smile that lit up the room. "Did you like what you saw?"

"That was the first time I saw you nude. I loved it."

"So, what did you do?"

"After you put the lights out, I walked home as quickly as I could. Then I went into the bathroom, closed my eyes and thought about seeing your beautiful tits and took matters into my own hand."

Roni kissed me passionately on the lips. "You masturbate thinking about me, not some naked movie star?"

"I do."

"That's so sweet. I'm flattered. Would you ever do that again?"

"I would. If you weren't there to do it for me."

"If I asked, would you do it and let me watch?"

"I'd like for you to ask. You could ask right now. if I don't do it soon, I'll explode. Or you could do it for me."

She laughed and flipped onto her back. "No handjob for you, cowboy. I want that big piece of beef inside my tight little pussy. I'm spreading my legs and you're gonna saddle up."


A week later, we were alone again in Roni's bedroom, but I had my clothes on and she was still in a nightgown and robe.

"Louis said he'll be here at nine o'clock," I said. "Do you have something in mind to do when we go outside to deal with the tree?"

She tilted her head and shrugged. "I think so."

"You still okay with this?"

"I'm a little nervous, but I know how much this turns you on. Honestly, the idea gets me hot, too. I'll do something that looks real."

I kissed her. "That's my girl." Your mother going in early today?"

"She starts at nine, so she'll leave about twenty minutes before. We'll be alone - well, except for Louie."

"Good. Only ten minutes to go."

Roni took off her robe as Louie pulled up at 9:05.

I hugged her. "Okay, sweetie, give us five minutes and then start your show."

She took a deep breath. "Okay. Wish me luck, I've got butterflies."

I smiled. "Good luck. Remember to turn on the lights so he can see you."

She nodded. "I'll remember."

I kissed her.

She shook her head. "Oh, the things I do for you."

"I know. You're the best."

I met Louie in the driveway. He was wearing a pair of cut off jeans and a T-shirt.

"Roni's running a little late. She's getting into her suit, but I need a hand for five minutes. Her mother asked me to dig out the tree she planted and died. Easy job if you twist while I dig."

"You got a shovel?"

"Around by the tree."

When we got to the spot, I spoke a little louder than necessary so Roni could hear that we were in place. I watched the lights go on in her bedroom. The shade was already up and the sheer curtains were drawn to the sides.

I picked up the shovel and stepped it into the dirt. After three cuts, I looked at Louie who was paying no attention to what I was doing.

"A little help here, Louis? Twist the tree for me."


He was focused on the house.

I looked at him from the corner of my eye. "Will you…?"

"Holy shit!" he said, a little too loud.

"I turned toward the house. "What are you looking at?" Then I whispered, "Oh, wow."

Roni was standing in front of the window turned to the side and totally nude. Her tits looked delicious in profile.

"Damn," Lou said. "She's fucking naked. Holy fuck!"

"Jeez." I played along, acting surprised.

As we watched, Roni picked up a squeeze bottle of suntan lotion and began rubbing it over her arms. That done, and with another palm full of lotion, she began slowly and seductively rubbing it onto her tits, spending plenty of time at her nipples.

"You see that?" Lou asked. "She's putting Coppertone on her tits. Holy shit! You think she plans to go topless?"

"I don't know, but this is better than looking at Playboy."

"You ain't shittin'; this is live. Holy fuck!"

Roni's bedroom window is next to the door to her closet. When she put down the Coppertone, she bent over. I wasn't sure what she was doing, but in only a brief moment, she stepped onto a stool and looked for something on the top shelf in the closet. That put her almost a foot and a half higher than before.

"I can't fucking believe this!" Louie said. "She stepped up on something and now we can see her fucking bush. Will you look at that fucking muff? I love it. What a beaver shot!"

"Quiet, she'll hear you."

"Goddamn, she's a piece of ass."

"Yeah, she is," I said.

"I love her bush."

"You said that."

After getting her swimsuit off the shelf, Roni stepped off the stool and began wiggling into it. Her hips swayed right and then left. Her tits jiggled with the motion of her ass. Finally, she hiked up both straps, covered her boobs, and stepped away from the window.

"I can't fucking believe this!" Lou said. "She was totally nude, again."

"Will you shut up. I don't want her or the whole fucking neighborhood to hear you."

"Okay, okay."

I got close to him and whispered, "What do you mean again? You've seen her nude before?"

He shrugged and looked like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. "Uh, yeah, just once, by accident. It was the time I met you guys at your old man's house. You'd been in the pool. Roni got dressed in the garage. She left the door open and I saw her reflection in a glass cabinet door. It wasn't my fault."

I nodded trying not to seem too pleased to hear his story. "Okay, sounds like an accident. Not your fault."

"Just an accident, I swear. You're not pissed, are you?"

"No, I'm okay." I wasn't pissed, but I could feel a wonderful tingling sensation in my cock.


"Yeah, no sweat."

"But I gotta tell you, I'm about ready to cum in my pants. Goddamn, that was something."

I gave him a half smile and offhandedly said, "Yeah, she looks good with her clothes off."

"You've seen her before, haven't you? Are you doing that?"

I tried to look shocked. "That's a very personal question."

"Come on, are you two fucking? If I was doing somebody, I'd tell you."

"Yeah, but that's you."

"Shit. Come on, if you're fucking her, I'll give you a six-pack if you tell me about it."

"A six-pack is only costs a buck and a quarter."

"Okay, okay, I'll give you a case."

"How do you know I won't lie?"

"You'd lie and say you weren't fucking her."

"Okay, for a case. What do you want to know?"

"You heard me, are you fucking her?"

"We have a couple times."

Holy shit. Is it good?"

"Oh, yeah. Very nice."

"How many times?"

"A few."

"More than three?"

"Yeah, more than that."

"You lucky fuck. Roni is a piece of ass."

"You've said that."

"Anything else?"

"Like what?"

"Does she give head?"

"She has no objections to oral sex. In fact, she seems to like it…a lot."

"She gives you blowjobs. I can't fucking believe it! But I can picture her going down on you, you lucky bastard."

"Why am I a bastard?"

"Because you're getting fucked and sucked and I'm not. What else do you do?"

"She likes me to go down on her."

"Oh, man, you're eating her pussy. You're getting your face down into the beautiful curly muff. Holy fuck."

"Don't get unglued on me, Louis."

"You got any nude pictures of her?"

"Not yet. I don't have a Polaroid and I'd probably get locked up for pornography if I took a film to the drug store to get developed."

"If you take any, will you show me?"

"For another case of beer?"

"You show me nude pictures of Roni and I'll give you a case of quarts."

"If I find a place to get pictures developed, I'll let you know."

"There's got to be some place in the city that'll print uncensored pictures."

"Find one and let me know."

"I'll find one and you can show me."


He nodded thoughtfully. "You prick. You're fucking Roni."


"You did get pissed because I saw her nude…twice."

"No. It just happened. Accidents. Why should I get mad? I don't blame you. It's something I'd like to see."

"Yeah, I guess. But you two are a couple. Other guys shouldn't be seeing her nude."

I shrugged. "Yeah, but we're not married."

"Shit, I can't believe you don't care."

"I'm okay with it. If I were you, I'd look at her. I'll bet she made your dick hard."

"Hard. She's fucking hot. Honest, I almost came in my pants."

"Listen we'd better get this tree out and meet Roni in the house."

In a few more minutes the tree was out, lying on the lawn.

"Ready?" I asked.

Louie nodded.

"Your cock back to normal size?'

He smiled.

"Do you think that every time you see her you'll think about today?

"When we're on the boat, I'll dream about what it would be like to watch her swimming nude."

"That would be nice. We haven't done that yet. I'll dream about that myself. By the way, are you fucking Gail?"

"You kidding? We make out, but I squeezed her tit once and she slapped my hand."

"She likes you. Be nice to her. You two will be having sex in no time and then you can tell me about it."


Later that day, after dropping off Louie and Gail, Roni and I were sitting in my used '54 Dodge talking.

"This is the first chance I had to ask," she said, "what did you think? Did I do okay?"

"You should be an actress. That was quite a show. You put a lot of thought into the script. Real Hollywood stuff."

"So, it was good for you?"

"Great for me. Were you nervous?"

"At first, but then I just went with my idea. I felt kind of hot once I got into it. Did everything look real?"

"You bet. Louie said he almost came in his pants."

"Oh, my. You talked about me?"

"I sort of caught him looking and he tried to explain himself."

"What did he say?"

"He kept claiming it was an accident, but I couldn't shut him up. He kept telling me how hot you are."

"He said that?"

"He said you have beautiful tits and went nuts when you rubbed lotion on your nipples."

"Well, if you like to watch me touch my boobs, I figured he would."

"He did and he almost lost it when you stepped on that stool and showed us your bush."

She punched my arm. "Don't call it my bush. I don't like that word."

"Sorry. What should I say?"

"Well, I don't like bush or beaver. I'm not a furry little animal. And never call it my cunt. That's an ugly word. I don't like twat or snatch, either."

"What's left?"

"I guess I like kitty best. How about you?"

"Kitty is nice," I said.

"Nobody says vagina except in biology or health class. Most girls refer to it as a pussy. Pussy is okay, too."

"I like kitty and pussy. How about love flower? I've heard that one."

She thought for a moment. "I guess, but kitty and pussy are better."

"I love your pussy."

"I know. What do you want me to call you?"

"Anything you want."

"Penis is a horrible word. I don't really like dick, but I say it. You do, too. Johnson is stupid. Who was Johnson anyway? Some guy hung like a race horse?"

I laughed. "I've never met Johnson."

"I like cock best. Girls should call a man's thing his cock. I like asking you if I should suck your cock. Do you like that?"

"I like you to say it and to suck it."

She hit me again. "Your cock is very nice. I like to look at it. I love to touch it and suck it."

Roni talking about my dick had given me a raging hard-on. "Can we go park somewhere so I can show you my cock?"

"Yes, we can. Why is it that we most often do oral sex in the car?"

"Just lucky I guess. Anyway, I'd love to see you put my cock in your mouth."

"I know you would. But Since I stripped down so your buddy could see me nude and you'd get turned on, I want payback. You do me first. I want you to lick my clit until I explode. After that, I'll suck your cock. And I'll bet if I talk dirty to you, your dick will get bigger than Johnson's race horse."

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