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The Hand Jobs


Author: Max Barraclough
Contact: maxbarraclough@aol.com
Published: 22-Mar-16 Revised/Updated 19-Jul-17

Roni and I were young-thirty years old, maybe-when we visited friends and went skinny dipping in their pool. It wasn't the first time we'd all been naked together, the ice breaker happened years before when we stripped off at the beach one night after dark...

* * * * * * *

None of us were afraid to bare it all and everyone loved the feeling of swimming nude, so those nighttime pool parties had become something of a ritual. With their kids in bed, the yard dark enough for the neighbors not to see, once again, we ended up losing our suits.

After almost two hours in the pool, we had all drunk more than necessary to get a pleasant glow. Thanks to spending that time with two wet and naked women under the moonlight, when we stepped out of the water to dry off, both Ken and I had raging hard-ons. Of course the ladies noticed.

Roni couldn't help staring at Ken's huge cock. He made it obvious that he caught her looking.

"Something here that you're interested in, Veronica?"

She laughed. "Yes, you've got the biggest one I've ever seen."

Ken was six-four and had an appropriately long and thick shlong .

His wife, Joyce, a short and cuddly brunette with a pair of big round tits said, "Once he gets a woody like that, I have to give him a hand job to calm him down."

Ken smiled. "Can I have a hand job now, honey?"

Joyce laughed. "I gave you one yesterday." She surprised me with her next comment. "Maybe Roni will give you one. Less work for me."

Ken looked at Roni, raised his eyebrows, and grinned.

Ronni sighed, "Do you need a hand job, Kenny?" She spoke sweetly, without even glancing at me for approval.

Jerking him off would be a first, and I wondered if it was a serious offer.

"Ummm, Kenny likes hand jobs," he said like a big nitwit.

I felt my eyes pop as she wrapped her fingers around his meat and began giving him one of her fantastic hand jobs-three short, fast strokes, three long, slow strokes; three fast, three slow, all while fondling his balls. I stared at my shapely wife, her dark brown hair was wet, the cool breeze had made her nipples hard, and in the moonlight I could see Ken staring at her tits and neatly trimmed bush.

I loved watching her masturbate our friend and my cock kept growing and began to ache.

When Ken started to moan with pleasure, Roni quickened her pace.

"Feel good, Kenny?"

"Oh, yeah, I'm going to cum." He closed his eyes and tilted his head up, reveling in the intense pleasure.

Joyce and I watched them carefully. Standing close to me, she said, "He's loving this."

I looked down at her jugs. "Watching the show makes me feel pretty good, too."

"Go ahead, Kenny," Roni said, "Let it go. Cum for me."

He blasted out an explosion of spunk and groaned so loud I thought he'd wake the neighbors.

I wondered if Joyce had gotten as turned on as I did. I looked at her again and said, "I'm jealous and my boner needs attention."

She tilted her head and wrinkled up her nose, trying to look put-off, but I could tell she had gotten turned on by Roni and Ken's show. Her large nipples had gotten hard. "Okay, if I give you a hand job, you'd better buy me flowers."

I agreed immediately. A small cost for desperately needed sexual attention.

Joyce began jerking my wang and asked, "Does that feel good, baby?"

I nodded. "Mmmm, perfect. Squeeze my balls."

With each pair of back and forth strokes she pushed back my foreskin and then recovered the swollen head of my dick. "Ooo, look at you," she said, tugging on my scrotum. "You started off nice and hard, but the more I do, the thicker you get. Kenny's not the only one with a big dick around here."

"Ohhhhh," I moaned, "and my wife is not the only one who gives a great hand job. This feels so good. A little faster now. Oh, yeah, beautiful." I wanted to close my eyes and relax, but I couldn't stop watching her knockers bounce as she stroked my dick.

It didn't take me long. Her hand felt so good and my cock was so hot, I stretched and stood on my toes just before I came and then shot a load of jism that hit Joyce on the thigh.

"Oh, you bad boy," she said. "Look what you did. What are we going to do with you men?"

"Don't act shocked, we're standing here with two girls who seem pretty happy to be playing with our cocks."

Joyce giggled, sounding pleasantly drunk. "Now you owe us something."

"More than flowers?"

"Oh, yeah!"

Roni and Ken had taken their turn watching us.

"Joyce," Roni said, "I think our husbands are easy to please."

"This reminds me of High School. On a date, I'd give Kenny a hand job and he'd be happy for a week."

"My sweetie was never satisfied just getting a hand job. We did a few more things."

"Ohhh," Joyce said, "You never told me. Now, I want to hear all about it."

"Did my husband just promise to do something for you?"

"He did, and he owes meā€¦And Kenny owes you."

"Talking about sex turns me on. Let's go inside and I'll tell you all our kinky stories. We'll get nice and hot and the guys can pay off."

"Oh, good. I could use a big orgasm about now," Joyce said.

"You won't have any trouble collecting. How about Kenny, does he pay his debts?"

"Promise him another hand job someday. He'll be happy to pay off."

My heart was still pounding when the girls wrapped towels around their nude bodies and started walking to the house.

"You boys had better clean up before coming in," Roni whispered over her shoulder. "I don't think we're done with you yet.

Joyce laughed.

"What do you want from us, honey," Ken asked.

"What do you think, sweetums? Girls get horny, too."

Before we made it back into the house my dick was rock hard again and ready to go.

"Relax, Kenny. I'll just reach up and give you a hand job."

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