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Gisele Becomes a Blowin' Cougar


Author: Mac016
Published: 14-Apr-16 Revised/Updated 03-Nov-17

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Gisele was a bit nervous but she certainly could manage it. It was just about time to leave so she just went out the door and went to the chosen location for her "challenge". She had chosen to wear a tight and relatively short blue dress and had gathered her frizzy redish hair behind her head; the cleavage showed enough to entice, but nothing to get arrested for. The thirthy something woman that she was couldn't have been better arranged for this kind of adventure. When Blanche, who was already there, looked at her from head to toe she smiled and simply stated "You're the perfect cougar! And I'm ready too", she said while showing the cell phone that would take the picture. It made her feel good. It was her first experience with the "Blowin' cougars" and she wanted to make it a good one.

* * * * * * *

Nonetherless, she got more nervous once in front of the school. It was VERY dary, and what precisely compelled her to do this was exactly provoquing doubts and questions in her head, now: "what if we get caught?" certainly was the main one. There were hundreds of teenagers all over this school! Sure they were all in class right now, but what if one of them was late? What if a teacher or even the director happenned to pass by? What if the janitor showed up in the area with a broom, or something else? What if, what if, what if...

Blanche sensed it and reassured her. "We all have done this and let me tell you: the feeling you'll get afterwards will be ten times worth the worries you may have right now." She smiled and insisted: "Trust me!"

Gisele simply smiled back, taking a deep breath. She didn't have to worry too long, though. They heard a calm male's voice calling from the back: "Gisele?" She turned around, looked at the young man and asked in return "Are you Jason?" He smiled and replied "Yes, I am." He was in his very early twenties, no more than twenty-two for sure! She introduced Blanche and before they could say anything else he simply tapped her on the shoulder, saying "Let's go. It's time." The three of them entered the school by the students entrance; it had been "jammed" slightly open with a small stone, as was previously arranged. So far, so good. When Gisele let out a short, nervous sigh, Blanche knew that her adrenalin was pumping up and she said "You so won't regret this!" All she got in return was a very stiff smile.

Jason took them in a staircase and as soon as the door closed behind them, she felt a sense of release, almost a sense of security. The went up a few stairs and stopped by the window: perfect split level spot and Blanche would not even have to use the flash. Without any further ceremony, Jason unzipped his pants, fished his sex out and let it hang down for Gisele to proceed.

She took a look at it, looked at Blanche with a little smile, got down on her knees, took it on one hand and put it in her mouth. No fuss no fluff. She proceeded to suck on it; that part was rather familiar to her, but doing this in a staircase of a public high school was SOOOOOO new. She kept sucking and sucking and sucking, making little noises that echoed in the staircase. Jason got harder and harder and the length of his penis had already nearly doubled now. Stiffer and stiffer too, he was obviously enjoying Gisele's mouth.

Blanche croutched down to be at eye level with her new "Blowin' cougar" friend and took a couple of pictures. She got back up once they were taken, just to look more natural if anyone ever came abruptly along.

As she kept sucking him, Jason's breathing started to shift from normal and silent to heavyier and somewhat louder. It got faster and faster too and all three of them knew what it meant. He was looking down at Gisele's head, enthousiastically coming and going on his long shaft of manly meat and he finally felt it: he was about to blow in her mouth and it surely happenned! He discharged, and discharged, and discharged all he had right in Gisele's mouth, trying to be as quiet as possible; she kept swallowing as it bursted all over her tongue, in her cheeks and even in her throat, but she kept the noises and the thick liquid well in check. After a few more head strokes on his mellowing sex, Jason took it back, shoved it in his pants and rezipped. Blanche hugged Gisele and had a very complicite laugh; Gisele was all smiles and laughed too, wiping the corner of one eye and a corner of her mouth. She quickly replaced her dress and the three of them went out the school with the same discretion as they had went in, without leaving behind a single drop of evidence.

Jason went his way and Blanche took Gisele for a drink, then to her place. They chose the best picture, cleaned it of its location data, logged onto Gisele's faceb**k account, went on the "Blowin' cougars" secret group and posted the photo. As one of the "Blowin' cougars" herself, Blanche put out the caption "Say hello to a new blowin' cougar, girls!" They shared a few more laughs and went each their ways.

After a bit of shopping and a manicure, Gisele went home feeling good about doing this, about overcoming her fear and taking her sexual experience to another level but she also wondered if it would really make a difference for the other girls, or anyone else, for that matter. Becoming a "Blowin' cougar" mattered to her in this regard, though, and she was satisfied with this alone.

Once in her comfy clothes, she logged on her faceb**k account and went straight for the secret group for curiosity. And that's when she got the shock! In just a couple of hours, over seven hundred people had liked her initiation picture and well over six hundred posted compliments. She sat back, trying to assess what it all meant, feeling good about herself and the success of her "challenge". She kept looking at the numbers with an exulerant mind - never ever had she gotten so much attention on faceb**k.

She smiled to herself and thought: "This is GREAT! This is so not over! I HAVE to redo this!!"

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