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Fucking Lara On the Hood of the Car


Author: Mac016
Published: 21-Apr-16 Revised/Updated 15-Jul-17

She partially bent over, laying on him, pulling her legs apart to give him better access to her slit...

* * * * * * *

Lara had just finished doing her make up; she did a little touch up on her lips, backed away from the miror and took a look at her hair. Everything was the way she liked it; she looked attractive and sexy, especially in her short, tight little red dress and her high heel shoes. She grabbed her purse and left the room. She barely looked at her husband, who was slouching on the couch, watching tv, and she threw a "I don't know at what time I'll be back, so don't wait for me..." in the living room as she grabbed her keys and went out their house. He kept watching tv without even saying a word.

The instructions she got stipulated: "MacReed street, behind the X-club". She knew that club; it wasn't very far from where she lived and since she had a bit of time on her hands she first went window shopping for a bit. When it was just about time for her rendez-vous she hopped in her car and drove to the designated location. She parked her vehicule, got out and started to walk.

There were people flocking in, going in the club. She was walking towards it, her heavy tits bouncing all over under her dress since she wasn't wearing a bra, when she spotted him, sitting against his car. She went straight to him. They didn't say anything, just looking at each other. He staired at her from head to toe and said: "You're so perfect." He took her by one arm and pulled her to him. He barely looked around before he put his big, warm, manly hands inside the top of her dress, touching her tits, pressing and fondling them. She didn't object, of course, since that's what their rendez-vous was about, but she kept throwing looks around, worrying that they might draw some unwanted attention. He tried to put her at ease and said: "Don't worry; in no time others will be doing that too..."

He slid his left hand between her legs, lifting up her dress just enough and proceeded to gently massage her sex. She wasn't wearing panties either, so it was flesh against flesh right away. She partially bent over, laying on him, pulling her legs apart to give him better access to her slit. She felt his warm hand carressing her cunt and one or two fingers feeling her juicy hole. She was rather nervous about the setting of this rendez-vous but he was having the fun he asked for and he wasn't going to stop now.

The flow of people had reached and passed it's peak; they were still there, both laying against his car, when he pushed her a little and unzipped his pants. He took his dick out and, as if she didn't know what he wanted, he told her "Suck me." She looked at him intensely, then around; hesitatingly, she first took his penis in her hand when he said "The longer we take, the more difficult it's gonna get". He was right; at some point, people would start flooding out of the club again and they might be "interrupted". So she bent down, took his sex in her mouth and, closing her eyes to shut the surroundings away, started to suck him. He instantly let out a sigh of pleasure. He was looking at her head going up and down on him and it made him harder to consider that they were doing this on a street side, in a public place. Anyone going by would have seen her naked bum roundly sticking out of her dress while she was giving him a blowjob. He got longer and harder and bigger in no time; she could hardly take his huge knob in her mouth anymore, although she kept at it.

When he had had enough he pushed her head away from his long rod, grabbed her by the waste and threw her against his car. He pulled her dress up some more and, in a single move took her legs and pushed them up in the air, leaving her no other choice than to fall on her back on the hood. It took her by surprise and she let out a tiny little girl's cry. She asked him "Are you serious? This is crazy!" His reply was to simply push his long and hard sex into her.

He went easy at first, coming and going slowly in her cunt but as the pleasure took them both over the rythm got faster and faster. The more he was fucking her and the more he could see that she was surrending to the moment. When he saw her spread her legs wide open and hold them that way, he knew that she was also enjoying this wild public fuck.

He kept pushing his huge knob faster and faster into her and they both enjoyed the increase in heat. He could smell her sex juice on his own and it added to his satisfaction. Anyone going by would have seen a couple fucking like wild animals on a car hood. He fucked her, and fucked her, and fucked her, making her legs swing up in the air. She was now letting out tiny screams of pleasure against her will; it was just too intense to completely silence them.

Anyone going by would have seen a couple fucking like wild animals on a car hood
Anyone going by would have seen a couple fucking like wild animals on a car hood

When he no longer could hold it he let himself go and came in her again and again and again; this time, it was him who could barely keep it silent. He filled her up with all he had and made sure he was as deep inside her as he could possibly be. They stayed "connected" that way until his pleasure started to fade off. He pulled out and as soon as he did this, she brought her legs down and went to get off the car hood when he pulled her back on it, legs up again, saying "Stay like this until the cum runs out on the car; I want to show it to my wife, tomorrow." She looked at him with a certain disgust on her face but did it anyway. He was still enjoying the sight of her wide spread legs and, as much as the semi-darkness allowed him to do so, looked patiently at his sperm, coming out of her cunt in thick and irregular blobs, heavily dripping on his black hood.

They parted the way they had met, quietly, without speaking. She went home and had a shower; her husband was gone. He came in when she was just getting to bed; he had just bought a newspaper and had it in his hand. He took a shower too and slid into bed beside her. They met in the middle; he took her under his shoulder and she laid her head on his chest. Carressing her hair, he asked, with a smirk on his face: "How was your evening?" She said: "Short but good, actually. I got fucked in public by a stranger, on the hood of his car. It was his birthday." He replied: "Hum! Lucky guy!" She raised her head up, kissed him and said: "Happy birthday, lucky guy." Thank you", he said. They both turned over and fell asleep.

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