Robin Hoe Hero - 1

Author: Mac016
Published: May 2, 2016
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It all started when Robin posted this picture in his faceb**k status, one night:

As we all know, the famous social media platform is used for people of all kinds to connect and share content; Robin was just one of the millions of them. But what made him decide to share this photo and its story on faceb**k was going to launch something of a magnitude that he never could have forseen coming.

He was the kind of guy that othe rmen considered lucky; somehow, his timing very often allowed him to be at the right place at the right time. This is again what happenned one day when a woman he knew (and hated) left her purse unattended in a service station waiting room; she was pretentious, nasty,a real snob and all in all what you would call a total bitch. So when she left without her purse for a couple of minutes, he couldn't help himself but look into it, open her wallet, take out as much cash as he could, put the purse back, grabbed a magasine and casually whistled until she came back. He then left the room and quietly took off.

He didn't need this money; he was making enough to live well and even to put some aside for a rainy day; he didn't have any responsability to speak of either, so money was not the issue. No, he just took it to punish her for an attitude that he perceived as unnecessarily nasty, bold and even degrading towards whoever she saw fit to blast, put down or annoy. This being said, though, he still wasn't completely satisfied; he was thinking, trying to figure out a way to take this little adventure a bit further... when it came to him: "I'm going to use this money to make two people happy: a hooker, and me!" he thought. This way, the bitch would indirectly have given money to a prostitute, and the sexual service would be his reward for allowing the transaction. "I guess this makes me a Robin Hoe Hero", he thought, laughing at his own pun.

So he did just that: he called a local hooker, got a blowjob from her in an underground parking, had a friend take a picture of the event and he posted it, along with its story, on faceb**k, calling himself Robin Hoe Hero. He didn't specify the bitch's name; he was more after her attitude than after herself.

It was rather late at night when he shared it but reactions immediately started to come in; his buddies liked it to no limit, of course; others, hypocrites and virgin-mary-wannabies included, told him off; some even reported the picture but, since he took it off an hour or two later, nothing happenned (faceb**k is too big and slow to do anything immediate in cases like this). The positive comments he got, however, made him think of a better way to share this photo - and, who knows, maybe other ones later on too.

He created a secret group, to which he invited only his friends who had liked the picture and its story, and posted it again. This way, no hypocrit or idiot could report it. He kept getting likes and comments. One of his buddies wrote: "This is such a good idea! I too will become a "Robin Hoe Hero". It's about time that at least three or four bitches I know do some good to people they despise." Others agreed accordingly and the whole movement took off from there.

Practically on a daily basis, he would get requests to share photos with the group; he hesitated at first but finally agreed, making just a few simple rules: no need to identify the bitch, or the whore, do it in a place that would make it more interesting than a bedroom, only one photo per story and telling that story was a must; no minors and other stupid behaviours, etc... Any member could recommand new members, but only contributers would be kept.

In just a week, the group already had over one hundred contributing members and, without knowing what was happenning to them, more and more "bitches" were "losing money" in all kinds of ways, hookers were getting more than usual and men were having a hell of a good time, free of charge.

To be continued...

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