My Best Halloween Ever

Published: Oct 18, 2016
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It was getting near the end of October and still no word from our friends who always hosted a great Halloween party every year. Each time they had a party, there was a different theme.

This happened a long time ago, 1982 to be exact.

It was getting near the end of October and still no word from our friends who always hosted a great Halloween party every year. Each time they had a party, there was a different theme. A couple of years before, it had been "Roman" and of course everybody had worn togas. Last year, it had been "The Wild West" and everybody had their Cowboys and Indians stuff on. Halloween this year fell on a Saturday so who knows what they could come up with for a theme.

With only a week to go, the phone rang and it was Jody, letting us know that the theme for this year's party was "Famous Couples". Carol and I talked about it all day. We thought of Fred & Wilma Flintstone, Popeye & Olive, Caesar & Cleopatra, and all kinds of other couples, but none of them seemed unique enough. We thought of a few more that we rejected as being "b0000rrrrinnnng!" we had run so many names at each other by Monday we were starting to get on each other's nerves.

We didn't talk about it at all until Thursday evening when I quietly asked her if she had any more ideas about costumes. I expected her to blow up and yell at me for not suggesting any more ideas. Instead, she just said,"Don't worry about it, It's taken care of."

I said,"Really?"

She said, "Yes, I've almost got them done."

I said, "That's great. Who are we going as?"

She said, "I'm not telling. You'll have to wait until they're done. I don't want anybody finding out who we're going as until we get to the party."

I said, "What do you mean "Nobody finding out?"

She said, "You might accidentally tell Willy or Sam when you go out for beers tomorrow night, so it's a secret for now."

The next night when I got home from the bar, I asked her to show me the costumes but she told me I had to wait until they were finished tomorrow.

Saturday I got up and ran some errands then washed the car and had lunch. I then went to look for Carol and found her doing laundry. I said the costumes must be done by now. She said they were done. I asked if I could see them. She said, "No, you'll have to wait until we get ready to go to the party."

I said, "What if they don't fit?"

Author and his wife dressed as Adam and Eve
Author and his wife dressed as Adam and Eve
She said, "Don't worry, they'll fit." I asked again why I couldn't see them. She said, "Because I want it to be as big a surprise to you as it will be for everybody at the party the first time you see them.The rest of the afternoon I kept wondering what the Hell she was planning.

After dinner, the goblins started ringing the doorbell looking for goodies. Even that didn't take my mind off the costume thing. After the last trick-or-Treater had left I went looking for Carol. I found her doing laundry. I asked if I could see the costumes now. She said, "I'm going for my shower now and then you can have yours. When you're done you can have your costume. When I came out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, she was standing there naked. She picked up two bags off the dresser and handed one to me. I asked what it was. She said, "It's your costume." I opened the bag and pulled out a piece of green cloth sewn up in the shape of a leaf. It had very thin strings attached to it.

I turned to ask her what the....and she already had hers on. I was speechless for a moment, then i said, "YOU'VE GOT TO BE RIDDING!" "NOPE!" "REALLY?" "REALLY!" I said, "Holy Fuck, you mean "Yup, we're going as Adam and Eve!" I said, "NO FUCKIN' WAY!"

She said,"Oh yes we are. You always wanted to win the "Best Costume" prize, so this year we're going to win it."

"But going to the party naked?"

"We're not going naked, we've got our leafs."

I said, "What about your tits?" She said, "All the pics I see of A & E her tits are bare so mine will be too." I looked at her and said I could see it was useless to argue so we might as well get going.

She said, "Don't worry, we'll all wind up naked in the hot tub anyway." We put on our long overcoats, got in the car and drove the 5 miles to the party. We parked in the back, went through the back gate,up the back stairs, ditched our coats and rang the doorbell. I heard Willy yell, "Somebody get the back door!" Jody opened the door, let out a scream and everybody in the house came to see what was going on.

Willy said, "I guess we know who wins "BEST COSTUME" now let's party!!!" Great night!!!!

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