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Retro Halloween Party and a Bonus


Author: Grey Wolf
Published: 25-Nov-16

I didn't look too bad for a 68 year old with long hair and a full beard. That plus the fact I could still get it up and make the ladies happy made me feel I could again go to a party dressed as Adam and not be too embarassed.

* * * * * * *

It's only been three weeks since Halloween, but this is the first time I've had a minute to collect my thoughts and recall cverything that has gone on in that three weeks. Actually, lt;s been longer than that. It stared almost six weeks ago when I got a phone call from an old friend that I hadn't heard from in almost ten years, about a year after my wife had died. My wife and this woman had grown up together and had been best friends all their lives. When my wife died, she tried to stay in contact with me, but every time we talked she broke out in tears which got me going. She said she was sorry, but she couldn't call me anymore because it just upset her too much. I was sad that she wouldn't be staying in touch with me ,but also relieved that I wouldn't have to go through any more crying sessions with her. It was bad enough remembering my wife on a daily basis. After almost eleven years, I still missed her, but my life was kind of back to normal.

What the phone call was about was her and some of the old crowd had decided to have a retro Halloween party. Most of the "old crowd" were my wife's friends that she had either grown up with or gone to school with. A few of them had disappeared, but most of them still got together on a regular basis. They had decided on a retro party mainly because it seems to be the thing to do today. They had recalled one wild party that they threw in '83 and thought that would be their theme. She asked me if I remembered what costumes we had worn to their party that year. I said, "C'mon, Jody, you must be kidding me! You remember quite well what costumes we wore to that party." She said, "Dan, I was only kidding. Of course I remember. How could I forget? You and Carol were naked the whole night." I said, "We were not naked!" She said, "You might as well have been, I remember watching all night for that leaf to move just a little bit so I could see your cock." I said, "But you didn't get to see it, did you?" She said, "No, I didn't, but the rest of the crowd got to look at Carol's big tits all night even if they couldn't see her pussy." "That was her choice not to cover up. She wanted us to go as Adam and Eve and authentically as possible." Jody said, "Well, you two were certainly the hit of the party. So what I'm getting at is we are trying to recreate that party as closely as possible. Rocky and Steve still have their costumes from that party. Lorrie and Jim are making new ones like the ones they had back then. Are you brave enough to wear the leaf again? I know it's not the same without Carol, but it's been long enough, and I need to get over being so sad every time I think about her." I said, "I can't remember what you and Willy wore that night." There was a long pause and her voice was kind of quavering when she started to talk again. "Willy and I split up about six months ago. He was never home. His business was so busy he was there twelve hours a day, seven days a week. We hardly saw each other, never went anywhere, never had parties anymore.... I tried and tried, but he was so wrapped up at the shop..... finally, he said I was bitching at him too much and he was going to live in the suite above the shop." I said, "That's too bad.....maybe you can still talk some sense into him." She said, "I'm trying, but I think it's going in one ear and out the other. He says he might come to the party. That's enough about my troubles, Dan, How about you? Found yourself a girlfriend? Bring her to the party.......if you're coming." I replied, " No, I don't have a girlfriend, and yes, I will come to your party." Her voice turned rather sexy when she said, "Are you going to wear the leaf?" I replied, "I don't know.....I'm a grey haired old man now.......and, well........" The sexy voice said, "C'mon, Dan, "I dare you!".

"I dare you!" Her last words stuck in my memory for the next few days after the phone call. I ran the possibilities through my head. Was she genuinely interested in having a fun time recreating the wild party we had back in '83? Did she deliberately forget to tell me what costume she was going to wear? Was she trying as hard as she said she was to get Willy back into her life? Where did I fit into all this? Was I invited because I was part of the original "cast of characters"? Or was there a deeper reason I was invited and why did she virtually insist I wear the leaf? I decided I was getting all worked up over nothing. The old crowd wanted to have a Retro Party and they were striving to recreate the original as close as they could. I would wear the leaf. Except I didn't have the leaf anymore. Not a problem. I would take care of it. As I mentioned to Jody on the phone, I was a grey haired old man now. I had gained a few pounds, but at five foot six inches and 230 pounds, I didn't look too bad for a 68 year old with long hair and a full beard. That plus the fact I could still get it up and make the ladies happy made me feel I could again go to a party dressed as Adam and not be too embarassed.

The day of the party, I was getting ready. (Yeah, like that was going to take a long time!) I showered after I gave myself a fresh shave down below then put on some clothes. (It was still not dinner time yet) and went out into the back yard and looked around to see what kind of leaves had fallen off the trees onto my lawn. I found a good looking one that would suit my purpose. I went to the tree it fell off and picked a fresh one just to make sure it wouldn't crumble as the night went by. I ate dinner then prepared my costume. I got some really thin string I found in my wife's old sewing basket. It might even have been some of the string used on the original costumes. I glued it to the back of the leaf with some super glue. These days they have some great glues guaranteed to "Stick like shit to a wool blanket" so I had no worries about it coming off. As I was adjusting the three strings to fit, two around my waist and one under my balls and up the crack of my ass, Jody's voice kept saying, "I remember watching all night for that leaf to move just a little bit so I could see your cock." I said to myself, " Jody, if you want to see my cock, then tonight you will see it." I adjusted the strings so that the least movement I made, the leaf would move a bit leaving my cock partially exposed. Just as we had done so may years ago, I put on my long overcoat, got in my car and headed for Jody's place.

I arrived early. There were only two cars in the driveway. I had to assume one was Jody's. The other I had no idea who owned it as I hadn't seen most of the people who would be here in quite a while. I rang the door bell and Jody answered it. She was wearing a tshirt and jeans. She looked at me and said, " I hope you're wearing the leaf under that coat!" I said, "No, I came as flasher ....but I'm not flashing anybody until the party gets going." She looked very disappointed and said, "I was looking forward to the leaf." I said, "Is THAT your costume?" She said, "No, I am still getting stuff ready. I'll change into my costume in a minute,but I don't know if I want to now." I asker her why and she said, "Because you're not wearing the leaf." I didn't want to upset her any more than she already was so I gave her a quick flash. Her eyes lit up and she gave a little squeal, "oooooh! you're wearing it!" Just then more cars started pulling in the driveway. She said, I'm going to put my l....er costume on. You put your coat in the closet. Rocky and Steve are finishing in the kitchen. I'll be back in one minute!" She tore off to the bedroom and shut the door. I ditched my coat just as Rocky and Steve came from the kitchen. We exchanged pleasantries as a crowd of people came through the door. We were all laughing and pointing at each other and reminiscing about the old days when Jody made her appearance.

I was looking right at the bedroom door when it opened. I had wondered wher she had got to because she had been in there longer than the one minute she had said she would be. When Jody stepped through the doorway, she was naked! On second glance she was not naked. She was wearing a leaf much the same as mine! I thought, "What the fuck?", then it hit me... she had planned this. She was after my cock and wasn't going to be stopped. She was blatantly dressed the same as me indicating that she was going to spend the night with me. The other guests were whistling and cheering just as they had 33 years ago when my wife and I had walked into the party dressed as Adam and Eve. I walked over to her. She was shaking like a leaf. I asked her what was going on. She said she was sorry if I was pissed off, but she said that there was something that had been bothering her for a long time and she didn't know how to deal with it.. I said that it sounded serious and we should talk elsewhere. We went to her bedroom and closed the door. I sat down beside her on the bed and said, "OK start talking." Right away she started crying and said that ever since that party so many years ago, she has wanted to have sex with me. I remembered she had almost seduced me in the tavern one night many years ago. She told me she had told my wife about it and not to worry because she realized I couldn't be seduced by her or any other woman. She continued, explaning that when my wife was dying, she gave Jody permission to go after me when she was gone, but Jody couldn't do it. That's why she started crying every time we began talking. Then she said she had made up her mind that even if she had to be naked in front of all her friends , she was going to go through with her plan tonight. She said it took a lot of courage to open that door and go out naked in front of all her friends. I told her she had hurt me and my wife's memory and I was more than a bit pissed off that she would use me like that. She started crying again and asked if there was anything she could do to make me feel any better and she said she wouldn't blame me if I left the party. I told her I wasn't leaving the party and we were going to spend the night having fun as if there was nothing wrong, but as punishment for being so mean to me, she had a choice. ONE.....we take off the leafs and stay truly naked for the whole night or TWO........we fuck right here and now and get it over with. Her eyes lit up and she grinned at me and said,"Let's get fuckin' buddy!" She lay on her back and I was just getting to work when a voice outside the door said, "What's goin' on in there? Are you two fuckin?" Jody yelled "FUCK OFF!" The next thing I know, the door gets thrown open and a flash goes off and a bunch of people are straining to watch us. Jody again yelled, "Fuck off!" and somebody shut the door. We pounded away at each other like there was no tomorrow. Soon we both got our rocks off and lay there panting like a couple of dogs. But that's what it had been....pure animal lust. She was the first one to speak. She looked at me and said, "Feel better now?" I said, "A little, but I think you got away cheap on that one. You enjoyed it too much. I think I'm going to make you spend the rest of the party as Eve. Put the leaf back on and let's go party." She looked at me in horror. "You aren't going to make me do that are you?" I said, "You were going to do it anyway, so let's go!" She said, "I didn't realise my plan was stupid until I walked out with nothing but the leaf on. I didn't know what I was going to do but I guess I could say you came to my rescue. Now you're going to make me go through with my original plan and spend the night naked in front of all our friends. I guess I deserve to be embarassed ....so let's do it. She stood up and put her leaf on and said, "Let's go party." I told her she didn't have to, but she said, "Now I'm going to do it to prove to you how sorry I am for hurting you. We joined the rest of her guests and had a good time. I kept an eye on Jody and she drank an awful lot of rum and coke until she was good and drunk. In fact most of the people there were either stoned or drunk. Jody was babbling away with a friend when I caught uo with her to say I was going home. She lisped her words, "Awww, don go, I havta gibya sumptin furse" I asked what she was going to give me. She grinned at me, then got on her knees, pulled the leaf off and proeeded to give me a blow job in front of those guests that hadn't left yet.

The next afternoon, I got a phone call from Jody. She was hung over and sid that Rocky had just told her that she had given me a BJ in front of everybody last night. She wanted to know if it was true. She said she was so drunk she couldn't remember. I told her it was true. She started sobbing, "Oh, my God!, Oh, my God! " I told her to calm down. She said, "How am I ever going to face my friends again?" I said, "In a few weeks they will forget about it and that will be it." She said, "Do you think so?" I said," I'll bet most of them secretly wish they were brave enough to let their sex phantasies come true. You told me last night you wanted to have sex with me for a long time and last night your phantasy came true." She said, "Yeah, but in public?" I said, "I bet that you had an underlying dream or phantasy about public sex." Jody giggled and said, " You know, when Carol and I were young, we used to tease each other about watching each other having sex when we finally got boyfriends. I always said I wanted to let other people see me fucking guys. Of course it never happened until last night." I said, " So now you've realized all your phantsies." There was another giggle on the phone. She then said, "There's one more thing I've always wanted to do." "Wha's that?", I asked. She said, "I shouldn't tell you this, but I've always wanted to be gang banged." I said, "Really?........ now there's something I can help you wih. On Thanksgiving coming up I'm going to a lifestyle party for seniors and it's a free for all sex party meaning anything goes and a gangbang can be organized. It can be in a private room or in full view of everyone there." There was dead silence for about ten seconds, then she said, "How many people will be there?" I said, "At least a hundred." Another round of silence, then, "I'M IN! Will you take me? I want you to fuck me first, then have my gangbang, then keep fucking until I've fucked as many guys as I can an I want you to keep count." I asked if she was sure she wanted to do this and she said, "100 %"

This is going to be a fun Thanksgiving!

I just got a copy of one of the pix taken at the Halloween party. So here I am as Adam back in '83 and as Adam in '16. Then the pic of Jody and me in her bedroom.

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