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Jake and the Whore with No Name


Author: Mac016
Published: 10-Aug-17

He was walking towards the restaurant when he met a woman that could have caught his attention in other circumstances; she was wearing a tight top with such a cleavage that it looked like it was designed to tell the world that she had tits; but to the contrary, these looked rather compressed to appear big, pushed upwards and together by the kind of bra that leaves nothing to hang down for a nice chesty roundness. She had nice legs, though, but that was about it for Jake...

* * * * * * *

Her fake blonde hair, her big sun glasses that covered most of her face and her tits that tried to look big gave him more to despise than to like. So, as they were almost to pass each other on the sidewalk, he took his cell phone and pretended to do something with it. When they just about were side by side, he kept looking at his phone and said: "fail" and kept walking towards the restaurant.

There were two reasons that made him so little impressed with this woman that other men might have whistled to: the first one is that he had just seen the "biggest tits on earth" as he liked to think of them, and also just emptied his balls and prostate in the mouth above them; secondly, the effort she was making to get noticed by her ever-so-average-size breasts shoved every interest they may have triggered in he background. So he forgot about her as soon as they passed by each other. But it wouldn't be the case for the whore who just sucked him and her huge tits, that she never could have hidden, even if she had tried to.

Earlyier that afternoon, Jake, trucker by trade, made a delivery in Chicoutimi, Quebec and had now time on his hands; he thought he might drive around, exploring the region a bit since he had never been there before. It was sunny and very hot and he gradually developped a thurst. So when he saw a shabby looking bar ahead he decided to drive in and have a cold one.

To his surprise, the bar was rather full for a middle of the week afternoon: several women and twice as many men were hanging around, playing pool, etc... He didn't speak french but he could tell that they swore continuously, almost as if they were paid to do it; men and women. It fitted the type of place. He sat at the bar and ordered a beer.

At first he watched the tv screen, trying to make sense of what the news said, sipping his beer and enjoying it, but when a chubby looking woman with huge tits came to sit near him, his curiosity about the french language quickly faded away. He only saw her from the corner of his eye but he could tell that her breasts were humonguous! Distracted by her presence, he no longer paid that much attention to what he was looking at on the screen, and he was ready to turn her way, make eye contact and smile when another man approached the woman, spoke briefly in her ear and off they went through the side door.

He felt a bit of disappointment but took the occasion to get a better look at this woman as she walked away: brunette of an acceptable age, shoulder long hair and hugely breasted indeed, she looked like she was trying to be slim but without too much success. "Nonetheless interesting" he thought, regretting still to have missed the opportunity to better satisfy his eyes.

After sipping his beer and staring back at the screen for a few minutes, he saw the woman come back in through the same door, but alone. She went straight for the washrooms, and a moment later, she had the same type of brief exchange with another guy, went out with him, came back, etc... It happened again, and again, and again...

"So... a prostitute" he said to himself, half smiling at the idea that she opted to cash in on the size of breasts that nature randomly granted her. Waiting for the appropriate occasion, he approached her and simply asked: "How much?" Without blinking an eye, she replied "I only do blowjobs, titjobs or handjobs". All he really wanted was to see her tits, not fuck a hooker. So she gave him her price for tits voyeurism and a blowjob and through the side door they went.

She was obviously skilled at this and certainly seemed at ease to show her tits to perfect strangers; she was giving him the kind of teasing looks that only whores know how to give... "She has as much experience as her boobs are big" he thought.

Unknown hooker with big tits
Unknown hooker with big tits
He marvelled for an instant at the size of tits that she was exhibiting; being a big nipples fan, he was on cloud nine, as hers seemed to be the size of her hands! He went to reach for them but before he could she said: "Nooooo! That's another $20!" so he backed off. "Next time I'll bring more cash" he thought.

Feeling that it was the most natural thing to do, he unzipped his pants, took his dick out and pointed it towards her face. Without the slightest hesitation, tits out and hanging low, she went down on her knees, opened her mouth and proceeded to suck it. He knew better than to try to fondle her again while she blew him, so he simply focused on the sight of her head going back and forth on his increasingly long sex. Jake was not getting his best ever blowjob but, at least, he was enjoying getting one from a woman who had the biggest tits he ever saw (in person). She wasn't very good at the oral stuff, actually, but he didn't mind. As a matter of fact, he got turned on so much and so fast anyway that before he knew it he was splashing the back of her throat with loads after loads of his manly cream, not caring at all about her difficulty to swallow and to fight the urge of puking everything out at once. The real pro that she was, she managed to keep it all in and swallowed every drop, right down to a smiley finish.

He stood there, still enjoying the intensity of his orgasm, plain and simple, but when his dick finally got shorter and softer, he pulled it out of her mouth, put it back in his pants and while still slowly "coming down to earth", just walked away from the whore without saying anything; she went back in the bar, likely to check her looks in the washrooms and to tout another john. "A whore with no name but huge tits" thought Jake; not that he wanted to know her name; it was perfectly logical to him to ignore the name of whores who go back home with money in their purses and their stomachs full of sperm. He just felt good, happy, satisfied. That's all that mattered to him.

No longer thursty, now relieved and relaxed but hungry, he decided to go and eat before heading back home. The restaurant nearby was just a short walk away, so he went... And this is when he saw the woman with more cleavage than tits.

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