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Sexy Erotic Poetry and Romance Poems

Vague face illustrationPoems of a more erotic nature including poetry involving intimate encounters and sexy relationships. This area of SexTails.com lists sexually explicit, sensual and erotic poems for adult readership. Erotic poetry can include aspects of erotica and sexuality including fetish poems. Erotic poetry can also deal with gender issues, infidelity and sexual deviances.

Listed below is a collection of erotic poetry that includes lost loves and sexual intimacy between adults. There are also poems that speak of fantasies of an erotic nature.

List of Poetry Stories
1 - Strawberry Erotica - Strawberry Erotica is an erotic poem, from our poetry section, written and submitted to readers of SexTails.com by author - poet Robin Rare Gem..
2 - Mistretta Erotica - Mistretta Erotica is another erotic poem written and submitted to readers of SexTails.com by author/poet RobinRareGem.
3 - Devour Me Rock - How come I tasted every part of his body the hot intense my lips were burning like an inferno but it felt good.
4 - Center Clit Fold - Center Clit Fold is an erotic poem written and submitted to readers of SexTails.com by Robin Rare Gem.
5 - She Researched His Talent - Erotic poem by Robin Rare Gem titled She Researched His Talent.
6 - Red Panties At a Glance Oh! No? - Baby Hey Baby how many times did Fred give me a double triple climax.
7 - Kinky KiKi Avocado - She walks a fruit line passing all the men she's the connoisseur of sex and has a wicked concert fetish.
8 - Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained - When nothing is ventured, nothing is gained But some things cannot be so easily explained.
9 - I Want U - my grey beard caressing your smooth inner thighs my tongue licking its way to your sweet prize .
10 - Dreams - In my dreams he is there kissing away my pains but in the day he stays away waiting for the time to pass so he can come out and play.
11 - Five Past Hell - Not half an hour passes - two parents stand at a gate..
12 - Lovers Undress - Poem - Lovers undress is an erotic poem by David Russell.
13 - Beach Girl - An Erotic Poem - Erotic poem about a beach girl.
14 - Soldier Tales - Erotic Poem - Short erotic poem about a sailor who washes up on shore and becomes de-frosted from the body heat of two twin sisters..
15 - Monday Flowers - In ecstasy we writhe, rising on tidal waves of lust. As our bodies inner cores, burst showering one another in our pure, silken love.
16 - Anime Eyes - The dream had almost faded When you took me by surprise I knew you when you smiled at me With your beautiful anime eyes.
17 - Between Your Sheets - The well turned neck, and snowy rising breast And all the beauties that supinely rest between your sheets.
18 - Sexual Fantasy - Pretending to be your call-girl one night, I come around looking just right, To your front door in my spike-healed boots, Anxious to see if the outfit suits.

Complete Collection - (19 Stories)

NOTE: We are always looking for more Poetry Stories to publish. If this is the type of erotic literature that you write, or would like to try your hand at writing, see our story submission page for more details.

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Submit a story - Writers of adult fiction who want to share with our readers are welcome to send us their stories.

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