A class act

Author: Mountebank
Published: Feb 3, 2006
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"Don't be embarrassed girls," Miss James said, her hand still moving up and down John's bone-hard erection . "Masturbating your boyfriend is a natural, normal thing to do. It's part of growing up. What was his sperm like, Victoria" she asked one of the girls who had owned up to serving her boyfriend in this way.

A lesson in the art of sexual intercourse for a class of young girls at an exclusive finishing school.

"Girls, at this point in the curriculum we usually show a video which explains a lot more clearly than I can what actually happens during sexual intercourse." Miss James looked round her class as she spoke and adjusted the horn-rimmed glasses on the end of her nose. She brushed away a stray lock of hair which had escaped from the chignon at the back of her head.

"You will recall that we looked together yesterday at the photographs and cut-away diagrams in the text book but you can obviously learn a lot more by seeing real people making love, even if it's only on film. But today we're going to do something special. John, here, has kindly agreed to take a break from his sports coaching duties to demonstrate the sex act with me so that you can see it at first hand."

Miss James's eyes roved round the classroom, evaluating the response of her twelve pupils to the news that they would soon be watching their teacher and the tennis coach "doing it", as she knew her young charges called the act of sexual congress. Two or three were blushing furiously but most, she could see, were intrigued by the idea.

John, wearing tennis shorts and a tight, white T-shirt, sat on an upright chair, looking at the class with an enigmatic smile on his face. Already he could feel his penis swelling and stiffening inside his shorts and he looked forward to the moment when he could release it from the tight constriction of his underpants.

"Our lesson will be in three main parts," announced Miss James to the classroom. She could see from the eager expressions on the girls' faces that there would be no problem holding their attention today. "First, we'll look at the male sexual organ and learn how to stimulate it both manually and orally ( that means with our hands and with our mouth, girls, in case you were wondering. Then, John and I will demonstrate the sex act itself. And, finally, we'll watch John while he ejaculates so that you can all see what happens when a man reaches a climax.

"Any questions No All right then, would you mind undressing for us now John, please" Miss James smiled across at the young man and tucked the loose strand of hair behind her ear. "And, Rebecca, please adjust the Venetian blinds. We don't want any juniors peeping in through the window."

John rose to his feet and slowly removed his T-shirt. A year ago he would have felt embarrassed at the idea of standing naked in front of a roomful of schoolgirls but now, at nineteen, he positively relished the prospect of exposing himself to them. The bulge at the front of his shorts was very prominent and he could see several of the girls looking at it and giggling behind their hands.

"Louise, Sarah, Lucy, will you please behave!" Miss James hissed severely. "This is a serious sex education class and if you can't behave sensibly you'll have to leave the room." Her admonition was sufficient to restore order to the classroom and the twelve teenagers sat demurely at their desks, waiting and watching.

John slowly slid the zipper of his shorts down, noting how the room's acoustics seemed to magnify the sound. Next he unbuttoned the waistband and let the shorts drop to the floor, leaving himself naked except for a pair of white underpants whose front protruded alarmingly, the fabric stretched tight by the outward pressure of the penis within.

Miss James beckoned the young man forward and he moved closer to her, realizing that she wanted to have the privilege of removing the last, flimsy garment. The teacher's hands moved to the elastic waistband and began pulling it downwards, lifting the front free as she did so in order to release the distended penis trapped inside.

John heard a collective intake of breath as the schoolgirls got their first sight of his manhood jutting out proudly from the base of his belly. The organ in question responded to their attention by swelling even more fiercely.

"Now, girls, you remember I showed you those pictures yesterday and told you how a man's organ expands and goes all stiff when he is aroused" Miss James asked. "Well, John is sexually excited and that's precisely what's happened to his penis. Now, who can tell me why a man's penis needs to be stiff"

"So that he can put it inside the woman's body easily, Miss James," chirped a voice from the back of the class.

"Yes, well done, Charlotte," the teacher replied. "So that the man can insert it deep into the woman's vagina and squirt his seed onto the neck of her womb. In a little while John and I will be showing you exactly how the man inserts his penis, but first I'm going to ask John to come round to each of your desks so that you all can see his erection close up for yourselves. If you want to touch it I'm sure John won't mind, will you John"

The young man swallowed hard and shook his head. "No, I'd like that," he replied, his voice feeling thick in his throat. He felt highly aroused, and although he hoped very much that the girls would touch his penis, he hoped too that he wouldn't disgrace himself by climaxing too soon. The thought of squirting his seed into the air as he stood there in front of the class both excited him further but hardened his determination not to let it happen until he and Miss James had completed their demonstration.

"Before John shows his penis to you, let me just remind you about some of the things we learnt yesterday," Miss James said, her soft voice distracting the naked youth at least partially from these troubling thoughts. She moved even closer to him and gently took his phallus in her hand.

"The male organ when it's fully erect is normally about six or seven inches long, though John's actually happens to be a little longer than that." She held the throbbing organ tenderly between her forefinger and thumb and pulled it downwards and away from his belly until it was almost horizontal, showing it to the class.

"This rounded knob at the end here is called the glans penis and it's covered by a mantle of loose skin, known as the foreskin." The teacher touched each of the parts lightly with the index finger of her other hand as she spoke. "When the penis is erect, the tip of the glans protrudes from the foreskin, as John's is doing now, and if you pull the foreskin back it sits neatly behind the rim of the glans. See, like this." Miss James's hand matched the deed to the words and exposed the shiny, purple-red head of John's penis to the scrutiny of the schoolgirls.

The young man swallowed hard in an effort to retain his composure but the pleasurable feel of Miss James's cool hand holding his erection and the intense gaze of the pretty, young pupils was having a profound effect. A delicious feeling of heaviness was beginning in his balls, and he parted his legs slightly to ease the pressure that was building there.

"My brother is circumsized," volunteered a dark-haired teenager from the front of the class.

"Yes, thank you for raising that, Rebecca," said Miss James. "Some men have their foreskin surgically removed when they are babies. Sometimes it's a religious thing; in other cases it's just a matter of hygiene because a circumsized penis is easier to keep clean."

"Now, girls, when John comes round to you, I want you to look carefully at this tight little bridge of skin, just beneath the head of his penis." The teacher lifted the heavy organ and pulled the foreskin right back so that the girls could see the part in question. She touched it gently with her fingertip, causing the penis to give an involuntary twitch that made some of the girls giggle.

"It's called the frenum," Miss James explained, "and it's the most sensitive part of a man's sexual organs. If you rub or lick the penis there, it gives the man the most delicious sensation. Isn't that right, John" The teacher closed her hand round the powerful jut of the penis and began moving it very slowly up and down, stroking her finger lightly against the frenum as she did so.

"Yes, Miss James," the youth gasped, finally managing to break his silence. "It feels heavenly when you do that." He looked down and watched intently the steady rhythm of the teacher's hand sliding the skin up and down his shaft, delighting in the silky smooth movement of his foreskin covering and uncovering the head. Then, looking up again, he studied the rapt faces of the spectators as they leant forward to get a better view of what Miss James was doing to him.

"Girls, this is called masturbation," Miss James explained, her hand continuing its easy, rhythmical motion. "It's extremely pleasurable for the man. But masturbating her partner should give the woman pleasure too. To know that you are pleasing your lover, feeling him grow even harder in your hand, seeing this delightful sac here sway in time with your hand's motion and then watching it tighten as his sensation builds - all these things should help to raise your own enjoyment of what you and your lover are sharing.

"You may in fact sometimes want to continue masturbating your lover to the point when he ejaculates. I know I love bringing a man to his climax with my hand. It's nice to watch his sperm shoot out. How many of you have jacked your boyfriend off and seen his sperm"

Three or four of the watching girls nodded their heads shyly, blushing as they admitted that they were not complete sexual novices.

"Don't be embarrassed girls," Miss James said, her hand still moving up and down John's bone-hard erection . "Masturbating your boyfriend is a natural, normal thing to do. It's part of growing up. What was his sperm like, Victoria" she asked one of the girls who had owned up to serving her boyfriend in this way.

The girl blushed an even deeper shade of pink, shyly lowering her pretty blue eyes.

"Don't be shy, Victoria," the teacher said with a warm, friendly smile. "This is a sex education class. I want us all to feel that we can talk openly about anything to do with sex. Sex is a beautiful gift, not something any of us need feel ashamed about. So tell us about your boyfriend's sperm."

"Well, miss, it was sort of milky white and slippery," the young girl said haltingly, still too embarrassed to look either at her teacher or at the naked man whose penis looked as if it would very soon fountain its essence in exactly the same way as her boyfriend's had. "And there was so much of it," she went on, recalling her surprise at how the boy had drenched her blouse and skirt with his emission. "It just seemed to go on and on. I thought he'd never stop!", she giggled. "It made me very excited watching him come."

"Yes, that too is quite normal," Miss James said. "Masturbating John like this is making me excited and I'm wet between my legs." With her free hand she lifted her skirt and showed the class a damp spot on her pink cotton panties. John's hand reached down and gently pulled the fabric aside while with the other hand he held the teacher's vulva open to show the class the glistening evidence of her arousal.

"Can you see how my inner lips have started to pout and become slippery" she asked. "And look how the tip of my clitoris is peeking out at the front there. Some of you may be experiencing the same wet sensation as well. Don't be ashamed to touch yourself if you are. The wetness is your body's signal to you. Respond to it. Enjoy it. The purpose of this class is to explore our sexuality and to open ourselves to our full sexual potential.

"Now, John, I think it's time for you to let these young ladies get a closer look at this lovely penis of yours. Please show it to them while I get undressed." Miss James gave the object in question one last affectionate tug and then released it from her grasp. Left to its own devices, the penis reared, huge and red, from the mass of curly hair at the base of the youth's belly. Beneath it, his testicles hung heavily in their wrinkled sac of skin.

The young man moved slowly forward and stood in the central aisle, proudly displaying his erection to the four young girls in the front row, turning first one way then the other so that they could observe it both head-on and in profile. He could feel their eyes fixed on it and this made the organ throb and become even stiffer. Behind him he could hear the rustle of Miss James's clothes as she began to undress and ready herself for their demonstration. He smiled down at a pretty, blonde child in the second row, who he could sense wanted to touch him but was too shy to attempt it.

Moving closer to her so that his penis jutted only inches from her face, John smiled again, took her hand and guided it to his phallus. "There," he said as he placed her cool, slim fingers round the shaft, "doesn't that feel nice"

The girl nodded shyly and began feeling and fondling the organ, exploring its length and running her fingers through the dark mass of curly hairs at its root.

"Yes, that's right, Samantha," Miss James said, naked now except for her black suspender belt and stockings, coming up close behind John and looking over his shoulder, while pressing her heavy breasts tightly against his back. "Masturbate him. Move your hand up and down it, as I was doing before. Yes, like that. Perfect. Can you feel the way the skin slides easily over the hardness inside Watch how the foreskin covers and uncovers the glans as you move your hand. Isn't that clever Now pull the skin downwards and squeeze the head gently with your other hand. Excellent! Look, girls, that opens the little slit at the end so that you can see inside a little way. Move forward a bit, John, so that the others at the back can see."

With the teacher's naked body pressed tightly behind him, the youth edged forward and presented his erection proudly to the girls at the back of the room. He looked at their flushed young faces and saw how their eyes were fixed on the stiff column jutting out towards them. The ache in his testicles was becoming more and more pronounced now, so he cupped his balls to give himself some relief, pressing the tips of his fingers hard into the tense flesh behind them.

"Can you please describe for us what sensations you are feeling right now" Miss James asked the young man. "I'm sure the class would find it very interesting to know what a man feels as he prepares himself for intercourse."

John gulped. Although his role was that of tutor to these young ladies, he found it difficult to put into words the sexual hunger he now felt. "Well, I've got a lovely, tight feeling in my balls, and my cock feels as if it's going to explode," he said haltingly. "It's hard to explain. I just feel I want to put it in something tight and wet, something that will suck it and rub it."

"Thank you, John," Miss James replied. "Samantha, would you like to comfort John by letting him put it in your mouth"

The pretty teenager on the second row blushed charmingly and nodded her blonde head, conscious that her eleven classmates were consumed with envy that she had been selected to receive the man in her mouth.

John moved to stand in front of her, while the teacher reached round and held his penis near its base so that it was presented invitingly to Samantha's waiting mouth. Moistening her lips, the beautiful child moved her face close to the trembling organ and opened her mouth expectantly. Her eyes searched his, her whole body anxious to please him but uncertain what she should do next. In answer to her unspoken question, John moved his hips forward and inserted the first few inches of his shaft into the wetness of her mouth, sighing with pleasure when he felt her lips close around it.

"Well done, Samantha," said Miss James, looking over John's shoulder and watching her young pupil as she warmed to the task of sucking the young man's penis. "Yes, take him deeply inside your mouth. Now slide your tongue against the frenum - that's the sensitive area underneath that I showed you a moment ago." Another moan of pleasure from the youth told the class that Samantha's slippery tongue had found its target.

The other teenagers had now clustered round so that they could watch their friend. One or two of the bolder girls smiled encouragingly at John as he began a slow, relaxed backwards and forwards motion with his hips. He smiled back at them, looking each one in the eye, confident that his muscular, naked body - not to mention his penis in Samantha's mouth - presented an appealing picture to them.

With each thrust he pushed himself deeper and deeper into the young girl, luxuriating in the delicious sensation of her tongue sliding wetly against the organ's underside. He could feel, too, the smooth nakedness of Miss James standing behind him with the soft mounds of her breasts pressed against his back and the silky patch of hair at the base of her belly tickling his buttocks. Her hands were holding his hips, guiding their motion, directing his rhythm as he rocked to and fro in Samantha's mouth..

"Yes, slide it in and out, darling," the teacher whispered in his ear, coaxing him quietly in a voice so low that he was sure the girls couldn't hear what she was saying. "Doesn't that feel nice, having Samantha suck your cock Look how wet she's making it. Give the girls a nice show, John. Let them watch it go in and out." The explicit commentary continued softly in his ear, adding an extra layer of sexual tension to the delicious physical sensation the girl's mouth was bestowing on his penis.

Miss James felt herself becoming more and more excited by the imminent prospect of having this powerful young man put his penis inside her. She found his body intensely beautiful ( muscular without being muscle-bound, and deeply tanned and lithe. She kissed his shoulder tenderly, breathing in the musky, masculine scent his body gave off. Her chin rested on John's shoulder and she looked down the front of his body to watch Samantha on her knees, sucking him hungrily. The backwards and forwards motion of his tightly clenched buttocks against her belly was highly pleasurable and she thrust herself against him in a fierce contrapuntal rhythm.

It was not long before the young man's movements became even more pronounced and determined. He had grasped the pretty teenager's hair with both hands and was sliding himself in and out of her lips with an intensity that suggested he might soon fill her mouth with his seed. His breathing, too, had become ragged, confirming his mounting desire for a climax.

"John, I think we should stop there and have a short rest," the teacher said softly in John's ear, her breath warm on his neck. "We don't want you to squirt in Samantha's mouth, do we"

To John that seemed an eminently desirable outcome but the teacher was not to be gainsaid. She pulled gently on the young man's hips so that his penis reluctantly disengaged itself from the girl's mouth and slapped wetly against his belly. "Let's go up to my desk and continue the lesson there," she whispered.

Miss James turned and, taking John's penis in her hand, she led the way to the large desk which was situated on a raised dais at the front of the classroom. John walked behind her, admiring the way the firm white globes of her buttocks swayed as she walked, and enchanted by the lacy suspender belt which decorated her waist. When she reached the desk she released his penis and turned and placed her pert bottom on the desk's edge, opening her legs slightly. Her hands were placed on the desk's flat surface, supporting her weight as she leaned back and smiled invitingly at him.

To the young man she looked incredibly beautiful. The shiny dark hair, gathered into a chignon at the nape of her neck, and the spectacles she still wore, gave her a look of elegance and poise, and this was accentuated by the rope of pearls at her throat and the high-heeled shoes which graced her small feet. He was delighted to see how large her breasts were, now they were exposed. Covered by her blouse, they had seemed modestly sized, small even; but naked they were ripe and full. The nipples protruded stiffly, providing a visible clue, if any were needed, to her high state of arousal. Across the rounded curve of her stomach, the black lace of her suspender belt was stretched tight, providing a frilly garnishing for the female secrets which her wanton, legs-apart position now revealed to him. The glossy curls at the base of her belly had been trimmed into a neat, narrow triangle which served to direct the eye downwards to the feminine folds between her thighs.

Miss James wriggled her bottom on the edge of the desk to make herself more comfortable and then opened her legs still wider. The polished wooden surface felt deliciously cool against her flesh. The girls, who had now moved to stand in a tight circle around the lovers, could see that her inner sex lips were engorged and had become even more moist. The hair which adorned her pubic mound caught the light from the bulb which hung over the desk, imparting a glossy sheen to her triangle.

"Girls, look how my vagina has wet itself," Miss James said, sitting forward for a moment and slipping a finger between the lips. "As I told you earlier, that's the way a woman's body prepares itself for the man's entry. Because the entrance is slippery, the penis can slide inside easily and comfortably. And girls, don't ever feel embarrassed about the wetness. Men love to see it, don't they, John"

The youth had moved to stand between the teacher's widespread thighs and looked down at the glistening pleasure playground which was opened to him. He nodded thoughtfully. "Yes, we love to see it, Miss James" he repeated, stroking the smooth inside of his partner's thigh, just where her stocking-top ended. The back of his hand brushed lightly against the curly hairs between her legs, a sensation which set Miss James's nerve ends tingling.

While he continued to stroke and explore the sensitive area between her legs, John took his penis in his other hand and pleasured it gently for a few moments, savouring the erotic charge which masturbating in front of a roomful of girls gave him. He ached to insert himself into the feminine beauty that was being offered to him but sensed that his partner wanted to delay for an instant. Miss James leant back on her elbows again and smiled up at him gratefully.

She had always loved this moment, the delicious feeling of anticipation as the man and the woman readied themselves for the ultimate act of penetration. Too often, she reflected, lovers allowed their desire for each other to rush them into conjoining their sexual parts.

"Girls, never let your man be in too much of a hurry to put his penis into you," she advised her young charges. "Enjoy looking at him and let him enjoy looking at you. Never rush it. Tantalise one another; you'll enjoy the physical contact much more if you wait. Study your lover's penis. Imagine how it's going to feel as it slides in, opening you up, stretching you, filling you. See it shake and quiver with desire. Hold yourself open for him, like this, and let him to see your wetness. Show him your clitoris. Then, when you're both ready, but only then, allow him to touch you gently with the tip of his penis." She nodded to the waiting youth. "John, show them what I mean, please."

The young man inched forward to do her bidding. The teacher parted the pouting outer lips of her womanhood for him while he took his shaft in his hand and manoeuvred the massive organ so that its tip nuzzled against the clitoris that protruded like a hard little acorn from its sheath of flesh. A hiss of breath from between Miss James's teeth told the watching girls that the pleasure nerves concentrated in that sweet little organ were responding with delight at the man's touch.

John stroked the head of his penis up and down between the swollen pink lips, coating it with the honeyed wetness that was seeping from Miss James's opening.

"Oh, John, that's heavenly," she sighed, a happy smile lighting up her face. "Girls, this is the most beautiful sensation you can possibly imagine. The whole area between my legs feels deliciously heavy and there's a lovely ache in my vagina. And my breasts are aching, too, but in a nice way. Suck them, please, John," she commanded.

Glad to comply, the youth bent forward and gathered the two warm melons in his hands, fondling them and then sucking each nipple in turn deep into his mouth. When he released them, slick and gleaming with his saliva, they stood engorged and proud, pointing boldly up at him. He took them between his fingers, pulling on them softly and turning them gently from side to side. Another low moan of pleasure escaped the woman's lips and her eyes closed as she gave herself over to the sensations that flooded through her breasts and mingled with the incredible tension that had been created by the insistent rubbing of the youth's penis against her clitoris.

The watching pupils could see that their teacher, whose calm and reserved manner was something of a legend in the school, was now in the grip of powerful emotions that had taken control of her body and made her a slave to the fierce sensation between her legs.

"Put it in me now," she begged the youth. "I can't wait any longer. Fill me up with your beautiful cock."

"With pleasure," John replied dutifully, a sly smile hovering on his lips as he revelled in the power he now had over this prim and proper schoolteacher, who in the past had tended to treat him with a superior disdain. Now she was his to use in any way he wanted. Her nude body lay exposed and open, inviting him to take his pleasure on it and in it.

The girls crowded round, anxious not to miss the sight of the man's penis entering their teacher. While she lay back on the surface of the desk, her eyes fixed on the handsome face of her lover, John pushed forward almost imperceptibly, savouring the sensation of warmth and wetness as the first inch was gradually received by the waiting vagina. His eyes, too, feasted on the beautiful, lightly tanned body that lay beneath him. How wonderful it would be just to let go now and squirt his seed all over the silky skin of her breasts and belly, he thought. What a charming contrast the white droplets of his sperm would make against the black satin of the suspender belt stretched tightly across her slim belly.

But no, all that was for later. The task in hand was to show these young girls the act of penetration. And he was determined to give them a show they would remember for the rest of their lives..

"Come closer, girls," he murmured, his voice thick in his throat. "Watch me fuck her." The girls obediently pressed around the couple, three of them kneeling down so that they could get an even better view of their teacher's open thighs and the stiff male organ that was standing between them.

When he was satisfied that his pupils all had a clear view, John carefully eased the next three or four inches of his penis into the woman. He then began a very slow backwards and forwards motion, drawing the organ in and out of her wet channel. The taut muscles of his buttocks clenched and relaxed with every thrust. One of the young onlookers was so overcome with their beauty that she could not stop herself from stroking the taut cheeks. The soft young hands caressing his bottom felt very good, and John looked over his shoulder and gave a smile of encouragement to the teenager, letting her know that she should continue. Emboldened, her hand slipped between his legs and cradled the hairy sac which hung there.

John now withdrew his penis and showed it proudly to the class, turning first to the left and then to the right so that all twelve pupils had a view of it. "See how wet she's made it ," he said. "It slides in so smoothly when it's as wet as this." And to prove the point, he positioned the bulbous tip at the lady's waiting entrance and inserted himself rapidly and deeply inside her. The woman moaned in pleasure and gratitude as he did so. He filled her so completely, so perfectly, that she couldn't imagine how any sensation could possibly be as delicious as the one she now felt.

The youth withdrew his penis once more, enjoying the feel of the cool air on its length but enjoying still more the admiring stares it drew from the watching girls. Slipping his hand round its girth, he masturbated himself for a few short moments, then reinserted the swollen stem deep into Miss James's beautiful body.

The teacher raised herself from the desk on bent elbows and looked up at the youth as he busied himself at his work, a look of profound concentration on his face. His hands came up and grasped the smooth skin of her hips, holding them and adjusting the angle of her lower body so that his penis rubbed against her hard little nodule with every inward thrust. The pleasure the woman felt in her vulva was intensified by the thought that her pupils were watching and that very soon they would see her reach her climax.

The hard, muscular body of the man standing between her legs continued to thrust powerfully into her, each movement stimulating her wet girl-flesh almost beyond endurance. Soon she could bear the pleasure no longer and allowed her crisis to overtake her, feeling a delicious sensation centre itself on her swollen genitals but then flood through her entire body.

Her young audience was taken aback by the loud moans which came from Miss James's lips as the fierce orgasm ravaged her body. Was this how it was to be fucked by a man, they asked themselves. Could the pleasure of having a penis in your vagina really be so intense The flushed face and glazed eyes of their teacher, and the tiny droplets of perspiration on her upper lip and brow, suggested that it was.

Nor was the young man between her legs unaffected by the ferocity of Miss James's climax. Her vagina had instigated a series of convulsive contractions which massaged his organ as if trying to suck his seed from him. The ache in his testicles had now become almost unbearable and he knew that it would not be long before the dam burst.

"I'm nearly ready to come," John announced, his voice sounding surprisingly controlled despite the pressure that was building up inside him. "Do you want me to come outside you" he asked as his hips continued to pump powerfully backwards and forwards.

"Yes, darling," replied the teacher, whose composure had slowly begun to return after the ecstasy which had engulfed her only a few moments earlier. "I want the girls to see you do it. Pull it out when you are ready and then hold it as still as you can while you are spurting. I want them to be able to see everything as clearly as possible. Can you manage that"

"I'll try," the youth nodded, his jaw set in grim determination. He wanted to give the girls a good show but he knew that once his climax started he would have precious little control over either his penis or his hand.

A few more thrusts in the woman's wetness were all that were needed to bring him to the point of no return. He quickly withdrew the aching phallus from Miss James's vagina and stood holding it, waiting for his climax to begin.

"Watch him girls," the teacher instructed, raising herself on her elbows so that she too could enjoy the coming spectacle. "Keep your eyes on that little eye at the end of his penis. When he comes, you'll see that the sperm shoots out in regular pulses, not in a steady stream. Each pulses coincides with one of his orgasmic surges. Let's see how far you can squirt it, John. Are you ready to do it for us now"

"Yessssss!" groaned the youth, his eyes moving imploringly round the circle of girls which surrounded him, as if to beg their forgiveness for the pride he would take in his ejaculatory display. "I'm coming now, girls. Look!"

With that, a massive contraction behind his balls impelled the first surge of liquid up the length of his shaft and out of the slit at its tip. Milky white, it squirted high in the air, describing a perfect parabola before splashing wetly onto the teacher's breasts. The second jet, which was even more powerful than the first, landed on Miss James's expectant face, decorating the lenses of her spectacles. The schoolgirls gasped when they saw her open her mouth and expertly catch the next two equally powerful jets on her tongue and lips.

"A man's love liquid tastes wonderful," she said, swallowing greedily.s "Warm and wheaty. Quickly, Charlotte, would you like to try it"

The young girl, who had positioned herself nearer to the spurting organ than any of her classmates, leant forward and allowed John to direct his ejaculation so that she too received several jets in her open mouth. The youth looked down tenderly at her, smiling as the white fluid pulsed onto her tongue.

"Swallow it, Charlotte," he breathed, working his hand up and down his shaft in order to expel still more love liquid for her to drink.

The teenager's eyes met John's and returned his gaze adoringly. She swallowed the warm, salty fluid gratefully and then closed her mouth round the end of his erection, sucking it hard to drain it of the last remaining drops of its precious white cargo. Then, lifting her head from the still rigid phallus, she looked up and smiled sweetly at the man who had delivered his delicious essence into her mouth and then at the teacher who had unselfishly given her this privilege.

"Well, girls, I hope this morning's lesson has been instructive for you," Miss James said, addressing the class with a knowing smile on her face. "Now, who's got a tissue to clean my glasses with" she enquired with a chuckle.

*************************************************************************** ****

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