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Polaroid Pictures - By Grey Wolf

Very early in our relationship, my wife and I took up taking photos of each other in the nude. This was long before the days of digital photography, so we had to be careful about how sexual our poses were because the only way we could get the film developed was at the local "PHOTO HUT" where you drop the film off and in a few days pick up your photos. We figured out where they drew the line on what they would... or could print by looking at the negatives. Sometimes we must have stepped over the line, because there were developed negatives but no prints.

We got into a fun habit of taking "Dressed / Undressed" photos whenever we went on vacations and wanted more sexually explicit photos. We thought about buying the equipment and having our own darkroom, but didn't have the space, time or money to do it.

Finally, for my wife's 22nd Birthday in 1978, I bought her a Polaroid camera. She loved it! We took all kinds of photos of each other in various sexual poses such as masturbation, exhibitionism, and others but the main thing we wanted was still missing. We wanted photos of us "in the act"

This is where the two stories over lap. It seemed we had three choices.

#1 Buy the dark room equipment.

#2 Make the Polaroid work, or

#3 Ask someone to take photos of us with the Polaroid.

We had already nixed #1. She nixed #3 right away, so we were stuck with #2.

Sex in front of the Polaroid Camera
We set the Polaroid up on a small footstool.

She lay on her back and spread her legs. Then she put her hands behind her knees and pulled them back opening her pussy wide open for me to stick my cock in.

I got it in all the way, then reached over and pushed the shutter on the camera. What you see here is the result of our first fuck in front of a camera.

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