Confessions of a Slut Chapter Two

Author: RebeccaR
Published: Jun 10, 2008
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It was the first time in my nearly 33 years that a man's mouth had explored my pussy. We hadn't even kissed yet; he hadn't explored my ears or my neck or touched my breasts -- and, yet, here he was with his tongue licking my clitoris.

Chapter Two

This is a story I've never had the courage to tell.

Sue, her husband Jim, and I returned to Bangkok the day after my tryst with the horny husband. Both of them were rather quiet. It was obvious to them that I had fucked John while they were sleeping. I don't think they had expected such scandalous behavior from this goody-goody, all-too-serious college friend. I didn't expect it myself. I noticed that Jim was eyeing me with what might have been a spark of interest.

That night Jim and Sue made love in their room next to mine and I lay awake listening to the sounds of their sex while massaging my clitoris to a climax. The next morning Sue had an errand to run and Jim and I ate breakfast together before he went off to work.

I liked Jim. He was tall and good-looking, unpretentious, and wryly funny. He and Sue were warm and affectionate with each other and had, to all appearances, a happy marriage. Their sex life, as I had heard through the thin walls of their bedroom, was active -- to say the least. Thus, I was surprised when Jim took a key out of his pocket and handed it to me.

"Sue's got a garden club meeting this afternoon, so you're on your own. The key is to the Ploenchit Apartments, room 511. I'll be there at 2:00 if you'd like to join me." With that he kissed me on the cheek, smiled, and waved as he went out the door to go to work.

I was flabbergasted. Jim was so, so much cooler than me -- a dreamboat of a man I could only dream of. He wanted to have sex with me Rebecca the wall-flower

I pretended to debate whether I should meet him in the apartment or not -- but my mind was made up the instant he asked me. I would meet him. Travel, I had discovered, causes many a woman to broaden her mind and her thighs. Little Miss Priss in her home town was the Woman in Red in Bangkok. Yes, I thought, I would meet Jim -- and I would fuck him. And I would enjoy it. Immensely.

I did. We met in a luxurious apartment that looked out over the exuberant tropical foliage and bustling life of a Bangkok street and Jim skillfully brought me to three explosive climaxes.

Jim was at the apartment when I got there and after a quick embrace and a few words of greeting, he showed to the bedroom, slowly and sensually took off my clothes, and laid me down on my back on the bed. Then, he undressed while I watched and, to my shock and surprise, he began kissing my feet and worked his way up my legs to between my thighs.

It was the first time in my nearly 33 years that a man's mouth had explored my pussy. We hadn't even kissed yet; he hadn't explored my ears or my neck or touched my breasts -- and, yet, here he was with his tongue licking my clitoris. I didn't know what the proper response was to a man whose head is between your legs. He trust his tongue deep within me and I simply laid there and enjoyed it, hunching gently and working my way toward a climax that was so intense that I had to pull his head away from my vagina and lie twitching on the bed, unable to control the compulsive movements of my legs and arms. When I could stop twitching I broke out into tears. It felt so good.

Jim allowed me a few minutes to recover, whispering endearments and caressing me and then he fucked me long and slow, bringing me to climax two more times, cumming in a mad rush with me the second time.

Sue was one lucky woman -- and I now knew why she was so noisy in bed. Jim was a great lover; he made me feel glamorous, desirable, wanton -- and satisfied. Jim makes my all-time top ten lover's list. (Sue, if by chance, you are reading this, please forgive me. And don't get mad at Jim; you'll never find a better husband and lover. I know. Believe me.)


Bangkok taught me that enjoyable and casual sex is possible for even Ms. Plain Jane. I didn't act on that knowledge for a while -- but it was in my mind as I slowly, slowly overcame my prudishness and advanced toward sluthood. Unfortunately, I was a slow learner as my next experience sadly demonstrates.

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