Laceys Gentlemans Club 1

Author: J. W. Anderson
Published: Jul 2, 2008
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This is the first of several stories about a Gentle Man's club, full of gorgeous women, dangerous men and erotic stories.

BREAKING FREE by J. W. Anderson

Lacey's club was a seedy, back-alley joint that looked as though it was carved into the street. It looked like every other building in the street: the only distinguishing feature was Lacey's name written in green neon, the writing wrapped around the shape of a smiling, blonde woman.

Eric had heard all about this place: it was famous for being the home to every low-life character in the whole city. The beer was cheap; the lap-dancers were beautiful: but best of all, no cop would come near it. The local law enforcers had been thrown out for trying to arrest the owner, Lacey Murphy. They had come back in force, but Lacey had gone around, collecting old contacts and friends. There had been a massive brawl and the cops retreated, never darkening the doors again.

At the entrance, Eric met the bouncer. He was a muscular Latino, with greased black hair and a ponytail. His body was covered in tattoos. He looked at Eric, his eyes analyzing the newcomer.

"You lookin' for someone," he grunted.

"Just browsing." Eric matched the grunt.

The bouncer saw nothing wrong with the client and stepped aside, allowing Eric to enter the club. Eric's first thoughts were that the bar was like something off a sci-fi programme: bigger on the inside. While the outside was dull and ordinary, the inside was massive. It had once been a swimming pool, but Lacey bought it, knocked down the walls belonging to the neighboring buildings and made it into a bar. Naked girls jumped around in the pool, while dancers twirled erotically inside massive domes, suspended above the water. There were several tables, with a lap-dancer on each. Eric noticed two lap-dancers on the same table, kissing each other, to the amusement of the horny men watching. Finally there was the bar and that was where Eric was headed.

"Malibu and lemonade, please," grunted Eric.

The barmaid smiled. "Comin' right up, sugah."

Eric turned around and leaned on the bar, as his eyes took in his surroundings slower. The customers seemed to be mostly bikers and leather jacket-wearers. A few wore hooded tops, but Eric was the only one wearing a crisp, black suit. He noticed that most of the off-duty dancers were eyeing him. Eric picked out a certain, gorgeous blonde and arched his left eyebrow at her, playfully. She smiled back, giggling and speaking excitedly to her dark-haired friend.

"Here you are," said the barmaid, handing him his drink.

Eric threw her a fiver, the price of the drink and her tip. She smiled, greedily and said thanks. She went off, trying to add to her tip collection. Eric took his drink and headed past the pool to the lap-dancing tables. He sat down, overlooking a dark-skinned dancer, wearing nothing, but a slim white thong, with green paper stashed between them. Her breasts were plump and gorgeous. Eric had to sip a large amount of Malibu to wet his dry throat. As she danced, her eyes locked with his, Eric imagined himself, dancing with her, his hands on her waist, slipping his fingers into his pussy, his tongue crawling for the side of her mouth...

"Outta the way, chump!" He was distracted, when a foul-mouthed biker pushed him aside, headed for the table with the kissing girls. He was flanked by two Koreans that looked like they were Yakuza on a day-off. If it wasn't for their icy glares, Eric would have got up and started a fight with the rude biker. Instead he sat back down and looked back at the erotic dancer, his hands sliding to his wallet.

Two drinks later and Eric was distracted by some commotion at the pool. That biker with the Koreans had jumped into the pool and was wading for some red-haired girl. Eric watched them for a second, lost interest and looked away. He found his gaze on the blonde girl he had taken interest in earlier at the bar. She was alone and drinking at the bar. Eric's cock was bulging from the erotic dancer and he decided it was time to get some relief.

He made his way over and sat next to her. She recognized him and smiled, flashing her perfect-white teeth. Now up close, Eric surveyed her more thoroughly. She was wearing a skimping bathing suit and it was very revealing. Eric resisted the urge to crane his head to see if he could spot a pair of nipples to match her round tits. He forced his head to her hazel eyes.

"Want another drink"

"I've only just got this one, but thanks for the offer."

Eric signaled for the barmaid to come over. "My name's Eric."


"That's a beautiful name, Alexia," Eric said, truthfully. "It matches you perfectly."

Alexia giggled. "Thank you, Eric."

Eric accepted his Malibu, this time mixed with coca cola. "Are you on-duty or don't you work here"

"I work here, but I've finished my shift," Alexia explained. "But my flat-mate is dancing and she's the one with the driving license. I am waiting for her."

Eric noticed that she was gesturing for one of the pair of lap-dancers sharing a table. They weren't kissing anymore, but they were shaking their hips together, their pussies just visible, from underneath their panties. Eric turned back to her.

"Mind if I wait with you"

"We could wait somewhere else." Alexia's eyes flashed, excitedly.

Eric held up his glass and drained it. "Lead on, cow-girl."

"This way, cow-boy." Alexia grabbed his tie and pulled him away from the bar and past the dancing drunks. They reached a side-room that was reserved for private dances. Alexia locked it and checked to see if one of her work-mates were inside somewhere. Eric looked around. It was a reasonably-sized place that could have been a make-up room for an actor. There was a chair in the centre of the room and more noticeably on the side, there was a shelf that looked as it acted as a table.

Alexia returned and she went straight to Eric. Her tongue slipped into his mouth, as she drew him close. Eric kissed back, closing his eyes, savoring the kiss. Alexia kissed furiously, pushing him towards the shelf. She unbuttoned his shirt and threw it to the floor. Then came the tie. Topless, Eric sat on the table, fumbling with the catch on his belt.

Alexia turned around, her back to Eric. She took off her dress, throwing it over her head. Her breasts wobbled free, shaking violently. Then she knelt down, her fingers creeping into her panties. She slid them down, gently, her ass bobbing directly in his face. When she was completely unclothed, Eric slipped off his trousers and grabbed her waist.

His fingers slipped into her tight pussy and he pulled her to him and his erect cock. He sat her down on his cock and it penetrated her, like a knife plunging into a slice of cheese. She moaned, as Eric pushed her onto his dick, sliding her up and down. She bobbed up and down on him, the speed getting faster and faster. She turned to the air and gasped for breath. She shut her eyes and her hands grabbed the side of the shelf, tightened with pleasure. Eric rammed faster and she was shaking violently now, her breasts bouncing up and down.

"OH, YESSSS!" she gasped out. "COM FOR ME, BABY!"

Eric wasn't finished quite yet. He rammed harder and Alexia's eyes were shut as tight as possible. Her mouth was agape, a slither of drool dangling from the side. Her tongue was hanging out of her mouth and rolling, as she panted for air. Her pants turned to purrs, her purrs turned to groans, her groans turned to moans and her moans turned to screams. The sex was furious and passionate and the thump of Alexia's ass on Eric's hips was getting louder. Finally Eric commed into Alexia's ass and Alexia felt the com explode behind her. She slowed down, still rocking slightly on his cock. Her breath was heavy and her breasts were sweating, clearly.

Eric made the first move, by lifting Alexia off of him. "That was fun."

Alexia panted. "You can say that again."

Alexia noticed his cock, dripping with com and she grabbed it, steering it for her mouth. She enveloped it, her tongue wrapping around it. Then she brought her head up and sucked the com off of the top of his dick. Eric leaned against the wall, as she got to work, cleaning up her work.

When she had finished, Eric went for his clothes. Alexia didn't get dressed straight away; she helped Eric button up his shirt and zip up his trousers, her body as close to his as possible. Reluctant to see her hide her body, Eric felt her breasts one last time. Alexia kissed him and bent down for her clothes. Taking this as a cue to leave, Eric left the room.

The second he exited, a hand grabbed him by the throat. One of the Koreans poked a blade in his throat. The other circled from behind, a second knife twirling in his fingers. All eyes were on the scene. The biker walked up to him, his clothes wet from his fiasco in the pool.

"Did you just take my bitch into there without my permission, smartass" he said, threateningly.

"I had no idea she was your bitch," spluttered Eric, his Adam's apple bobbing against the point of the knife.

The biker laughed and spread his arms, gesturing to the bar. "All of these women are my bitches. I am Rufus and I own these streets."

The biker turned to the door and prepared to open it. He glanced once at Eric to make sure he wouldn't try anything and then he disappeared inside the room. There was a silence. Then the crowds got back to their drinks. Eric turned to the Korean holding the knife to him. He stared back, not flinching or blinking. The second also fixed his eyes on Eric, threateningly.

Muffled voices came from inside the room. Eric strained to hear what they were. Then there was a sickening noise he recognized. Someone getting slapped and falling to the floor. There was the sobbing of a young woman and the cackle of Rufus. Eric went red with anger and helplessness. The Koreans sensed his despair and held on, ready to attack.

Grunts now and Eric imagined Rufus mounting Alexia's fragile body and raping her from behind. He felt sick with disgust. He tensed his muscles and closed his eyes, trying to blot the noises out. One of his hands slid down the wall, unnoticed by the Koreans.

"What the fuck is goin' on here" Lacey had arrived. Lacey was so beautiful, with a curvy body and a sexy face. She was a brunette with long hair. She had rare, green eyes that defined her. She was the power of the club and Eric knew she would not take kindly to Rufus raping one of her employees.

"In there!" spluttered Eric. "Rape!"

The Korean pressed the blade closer and shouted something in Korean. But Lacey had heard enough. She stepped forward, her eyes flashing violently.

"Rape!" she growled. "How dare you storm in here and..."

The Korean moved like a bolt of lightning. He let go of Eric and spun the knife for Lacey. He held it inches from her throat. Eric, now free, used one hand to grab the Korean's free arm and twisted it behind his back. The knife came rushing for Eric, but he used his other arm to wrench it away. He threw it aside and pulled out a gun from his pocket, pushing it to the side of the Korean's head.


Lacey looked dumbstruck. She didn't know what was worse to have in her club: rapists or cops. The second Korean froze, unsure if he should try his luck.

"What the fuck is a pig doing in my club!" demanded Lacey.

"I have been tracking Rufus down, ma'am," Eric explained. "My name is Detective Eric Reynolds and right now, I have to save Alexia from that rapist. Whatever feud that is going between you and the police can be put aside for one moment."

Lacey hesitated. "Do your thing and clear off."

Eric slammed the Korean against the wall and cuffed him. The second one threw his weapon to the ground and let Eric cuff him too. Now for the ringleader. Eric turned to the door, his gun gripped in his sweaty hands. He kicked open the door and pointed the gun at the occupants.

Inside, Alexia was on the floor, sobbing, as Rufus rammed his cock down her ass. He stopped and looked at Eric. He quickly withdrew and went for his clothes. Eric fired and he leapt back. Alexia got up and ran to Erik, her eyes wet with tears. Her mascara was smudged, giving her the effect of a panda. Lacey entered the room; eager to see the events unfold.

"GET ON THE GROUND!" he roared.

"A cop!" Rufus was confused. "I thought there weren't any cops around this place."

"Hard luck, dickwad!" Eric snarled. "Now, get on the motherfuckin' ground with your hands where I can see them..."

Rufus' hand went back and he pulled a penknife he had stashed up his ass. He threw it and it hit Eric's arm. He gasped out, falling back. One last chance. He raised his gun and fired three times. Two of the bullets found their mark and Rufus fell to the floor, blood spraying across the room.

"SHIT!" Lacey cried.

Alexia dropped to her knees and cradled Eric. Eric looked up at her, with a faint smile. He clutched the wound, putting pressure on it and stopping the bleeding at the same time. He slipped off his waistcoat and used it as a bandage. Alexia helped him up.

"Now get out of here," said Lacey.

"Not even a thank you." Eric couldn't resist a sly remark.

"Thank you," Lacey sighed. "Now get out of here."

Eric smiled and nodded at Alexia. He moved past Lacey and headed for the exit. All eyes were on him. He threw a final tip to the barmaid and put his hand on the door handle.

"ALEXIA!" cried Lacey.

Alexia was running towards Eric. She had thrown her clothes on hastily and was hurtling for him. Eric turned, amazed and grabbed her, as she crashed into him, hugging his chest. She plunged her head onto his shoulder and closed her eyes.

"Take me with you," she whispered. "Take me away from here."

"You won't like me, kid," Eric said. "My life is too dangerous."

"Don't go all Hollywood on me." Alexia looked into his eyes. "You know that I am coming with you no matter what you say."

"Alexia!" Lacey was storming across the room. "Get your ass back here!"

"I'm going with Officer Reynolds," Alexia announced.

"Like fuck you are," Lacey snarled.

"Please," pleaded Alexia. "I don't want to be a whore all my life, Lacey. I want a man: a solid figure I can depend upon. It's alright for you: you have a big business, whereas I am just the dirt on the side of the wall. I've had enough of this life and I want to leave it behind."

Lacey sighed. "Fine."

"Can I" Alexia spun around, remembering she didn't even have permission yet.

Eric sighed. The speech had won him over. "Get your things."

"We can stop by my flat," Alexia said. "I'll show you the way."

And with that they closed the door, leaving Lacey's club behind. Alexia led Eric back to her flat and she collected her small array of items. Eric followed her inside, so she could apply some better first aid to his wound.

"Here we go," she whispered, concentrating.

As she worked on his arm, Eric noticed how close she was. Her breasts were touching his arm and rubbing softly against them. Her hip was resting on his knee and her lips were moving slightly, as she worked. When she finished, she looked up and saw Eric's eyes and the passion in them.

She kissed him, pushing him back. Eric went for her dress, sliding it off for the second time of the evening. Her breasts were as round as ever and this time around she wasn't wearing any underwear. Her pussy was superb and Eric found his fingers heading in that general direction on their own accord. He pulled her on top of him and she managed to slip off his pants, as she fell onto him.

She positioned herself, so she slid onto his cock and Eric's hands grabbed both of her ass-cheeks, as he began ramming down on her. She broke away from his lips and pulled herself upwards, so she was sitting down on his cock, bouncing up and down. This time, Eric could see how much her breasts shook, as he unleashed wild, passionate sex upon her.

Alexia opened her mouth and let out a low moan. She began drooling again, her eyes shut tight. Her fingers traced his chest, as his hands found a more comfortable place, on either side of her hips. He began smashing harder; Alexia's eyes were open now and she was moaning loudly. They kept their eyes locked for the rest of the sex. Eventually Eric commed into Alexia's pussy and she fell flat on his chest, breathing heavily. Eric laid there, caressing her hair. How in the world had he gotten so lucky

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