Lacys Wild Weekend

Author: Boobie Juice
Published: Jul 23, 2008
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Lacy's husband and kids go out of town for the weekend, and she gets some much needed action!

Lacy was feeling slightly anxious as she dropped her husband and kids at the airport. Her husband Dan and the girls were flying to Denver for the weekend to spend time with his sister and nieces. Lacy had planned to go but at last minute got a call from some friends who would be in town sightseeing and needed a place to stay. So, Lacy and Dan decided that it would be best for Lacy to stay and spend time with her friends and get some much needed R&R from the kids.

Lacy would have to turn around and come back to the airport in a few hours to pick up her friends, so she decided to just stay in the area and hang out at Harry's Tap Room near the airport. It was a Friday afternoon and the bar was surprisingly active, filled with both travelers and locals.

Lacy always drew a crowd at bars. Lacy was 5'6", 36-26-34 and in good shape. Her short, platinum blonde spikey hair was sexy and powerful, and couple that with her recent boob job and well-placed tattoos and she looked like a porn star. She had been working out for a solid year and was tone and tanned, and now had the confidence to flaunt it. She wasn't always that way, though, and stuck to the conservative soccer mom look, wearing polos and capris. Today she was wearing her favorite skimpy black dress and VS red thong. The dress barely contained her perfect breast, and showed of her gorgeous back and favorite Celtic tattoos. She decided to dress up for her husband...actually it wasn't just for him, but her friends as well.

Dan definitely enjoyed the dress though, and Lacy's cunt was still wet with cum from their pre-departure activities. Earlier that afternoon, her thong and dress wasn't on for more than 10 seconds before Dan couldn't take it any longer and stripped her naked again. With the baby napping and the 5-year old watching TV downstairs, Lacy had to muffle her moans a bit as Dan threw her on the bed and expertly licked her clit and pussy. It had been a busy week and in no time Lacy was cumming on Dan's face. Her cum was thick and sweet, and Dan lapped it up eagerly. Still shuddering from her orgasm, Dan grabbed her hair and forced his erect 8" cock all the way down her throat, holding her head there for what seemed like forever. When she came up for air she was grinning, yearning for more abuse. "Suck it Bitch!" he said. He fucked her mouth again and again, gorging her throat as saliva dripped our of her mouth. Lacy was a pro at giving blowjobs, occasionally they would video tape it and post it on the web anonymously. One video of her deepthroating Dan's cock and a dildo had over 100,000 views.

Lacy's wet pussy was aching for a deep dicking doggy style. Dan's cock felt so good as it pushed past her opening and lodged deep inside her, holding there for a moment, hot and throbbing. Then, he starting pounding her, fucking her like a little rag doll, digging his nails in ass and spanking her harder and harder. His thick, long cock glistened with her juices and pumped her over and over. The bed banged against the wall, and Lacy had to bite on a belt to stifle her moans. Dan slid a think, long, wet finger into her ass, which put her over the edge. Her vagina contracted in a massive orgasm, lathering cum all over Dan's dick. He pulled his wet cock out of her dripping snatch and forced it down her throat. Lacy licked it clean, begging for more, stroking his rod and sucking his balls, looking up at him with her beautiful blue eyes and mischievous smile. Soon he was cumming on her chest, groaning load after load, both of them collasping on the bed. Both took turns cleaning and licking the cum off her breast and nipples....she certainly couldn't go to the airport like that!

Lacy smiled to herself about her fuck session earlier, but still seemed slightly anxious and unsatisfied. She wasn't sure why though. As she sat down at the bar she ordered a Vodka Tonic..."put it on my tab" said somone next to her. She looked over and was pleasantly surprised to see a very attractive Delta pilot who had just gotten off from work. He was 6'2", 30-35 years old, blue eyes, in great shape, and very stern looking. He also had a huge bulge and was obviously aroused by Lacy's entrance, although who wouldn't be. Lacy's heart skipped a beat and her cum soaked pussy seemed even wetter than before. She unconciously started reached down to touch her clit but had to remind herself that she was in public. She wanted so bad to finger herself, regardless of who was watching.

"Hi, my name is John!". Well helllooo John, let's fuck!, Lacy though to herself...

To Be Continued...

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