Just a Pampering Treat - Part 2

Published: Aug 4, 2008
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She arched her back to meet each thrusting stroke as his cock penetrated her wet tight pussy, long hard and just the way she liked her clit slammed.

If you have read "just a pampering treat" under the sex stories series, then by now you will have guessed how much you will be turned on by another true story.

Well just to put you in the picture,after wanking myself silly over my wife enjoying her treat,i succumbed and fell asllep.I awoke sometime later that night and thought my wife would be asleep by now after her earlier treat and the lovemaking she enjoyed,but i was wrong.I could hear her moans coming from our bedroom and felt my cock become hard thinking about what she was up to again.i got there just in time to hear her loud moan and watch through the doorway as she tensed,her legs draped over his shoulders.his cock deep inside her,her fingernails dug into his back as she seemed to pull him deeper with her legs.I could see the rosy pink of her tight vagina around his cock,cum seeping out as she squeezed him tighter,it bwas obviuos them were both coming in a love soaked orgasm and there lips were locked as if to keep all the juices in,and then they began to relax.A few moments later,i watched him roll off her,his cock slithering out of her dark pink hole and glistening with a cocktail of cum.

I stood there thinking about making love to her in a few moments assuming her young stud will leave soon,but again i had to wait.It wasnt ten minutes before i saw them stir again,slowly kissing and nibbling and slowly she started sliding down his side,biting and kissing,and eventually i saw she had made her way to his now limp cock.With an upward glance at her stud,she managed to take all of him into her mouth,and even though he was still soft,his cock looked quite big.She started to suck and lick on his cock,licking up the cocktail of come and also moaned as his soft cock responded to her attention slowly coming to life in her mouth and hardening to her delight judging from her contented look.iI then recalled how she related to me how one of her workmates had srewed her thrice in an hour.She slowly made her way up his muscled body and he took her into his arms wildly and turned until she lay under him again.They kissed and slowly his hard cock penetrated her wet,waiting pussy and she pulled her mouth away from his and gasped has his cock filled and slid into her,grinding her clit,and it seemed touching every sensitive nerve inside her pussy.He started a rythm,stroking in and out of her,drawing his cock out slowly,the head of his big cock just stretching her entrance and then banging hard into her,the full length grinding into her,she arching her back to meet his thrust and grinding her clit into him.All this time,i had a gorgeous view of her cunt stretched tight around his throbbing cock,her big tits getting sucked,and juices glistening as they flowed down the crack of her ass.

Just then she seemed to say something that i didnt catch,but they suddenly slowed and stopped altogether as he slid his erect cock out of her,and at once i knew what she wanted.He entered her from behind,his cock penetrating her tight puss and then had to keep a hard,fast,grinding fuck going as she demanded for him to bang it harder and eventually they both came again in a heap,him holding onto her tits from behind,she forcing her cunt hard against him,until they finally separated,finally spent it seemed from what was a most cock hard experience for me and im sure ten times more for my sexy wife and her masseuse.

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