Just a Pampering Treat - Part 3

Published: Aug 6, 2008
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This was what i meant to complete in pampering treat 2, but got interrupted by my wife when she saw me relating the story and a georgeous fuck followed. Well here goes,read this and enjoy...........also true.

whilst making love to my sexy wife,she recalled her treat and how much she had enjoyed it and then told me about a recurring dream she was having and longed to make it turn into reality as it turned her on.

My wife who is very sexy and horny,with big tits and a tight puss, always wanted more after i fucked her and wanted to know what i thought of her dream.She also said it involved someone else and she would suck his cock in a public place and then come home and let his cock penetrate her whilst i pretended to be too drunk and asleep.

I was turned on right away and suggested we start making plans.We decided for safety that it would be someone she knew and fancied and we would try and convince him to stay over for the night.Well the night arrived finally and we had decided to go to a nightclub with good music and good atmosphere to help the mood.It was perfect,low lighting,loud music and a table in a dark corner.The guy we had invited was more of an aquaintance whom we had befriended and my horny wife quite fancied his muscular figure and thought making love with him would be a horny experience.Not to mention i couldnt wait for the action to start,so we joined in the dancing and as the night wore on and the drinks flowed,my wife started flirting with our friend.He nervously flirted back but was soon relaxed and returned her passes.I pretended ignorance as we went back to our table,and promptly excused myself off to the bar.I returned shortly and enquired casually if my wife had gone off to the ladies room when i did not see her,to which he just nodded.my cock immediately started to harden as i imagined what she was up to and enjoying it.

It was about ten minutes before i excused myself again,hoping my wife had enjoyed sucking his cock and him thinking i didnt know.i gave her just enough time to collect herself and reapply her lipstick,thinking i would go back to our table and she would be ready to go home and enjoy making love with his cock and me pretending sleep.As i made my way back to the table,i stopped dead in my tracks,peering through the hazy darkness,i was shocked to see that my horny wife who obviously couldnt wait had straddled her new conquest and i didnt doubt that his cock had penetrated her.She was wearing a short skirt that i liked on her and nothing underneath and therefore must have found sitting on his cock so easy.She then acted alarmed and quickly got off him as i approached the table and he must have been grateful for the dark corner as he seemed to fiddle under the table.I suggested we leave then and head home as i felt quite drunk and sleepy.As we walked back to the car my wife nuzzled up to me and whispered about how big and good his cock felt and she couldnt wait for him to penetrate her puss.She also told me how after sucking on his cock,it felt so hard and strong that she had to feel it up her.We were so turned on by the time we arrived home and just couldnt wait to get indoors.We had just got out of the car and just then couldnt believe what we saw.At our door there stood another friend of ours who had gotten quite drunk that night and wanted to spend the night to recover.I just couldnt hide my dissapointment and irratatedly told my wife to forget our plans and we should just go to bed and plan for another day.I told my drunk friend to take a shower and i headed for bed.

I must have fallen asleep for some time when i awoke and looked for my wife whom i thought would also be in bed.I just about turned and went back to sleep when her moaning jolted me up.I knew straight away that she had decided not to be let down and was getting her puss penetrated by his big cock.I got out of bed and followed the sounds and peeked through a bedroom door to find her,legs spread wide,splayed across the bed,her tits bouncing as he on top of her bangged away at her tight cunt,juice being forced out with every thrust,his cock head just about popping out of her puss and driving back in again,all this time she holding on to his muscled behind pulling each thrust into her.He slowed his thrusting and lifted her legs over his shoulders and resumed his penetrating stroking of her puss.Just then my wife reached up as our other friend appeared from the other side of the room.

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