Interesting Times- A Collection of Stories

Author: Ilona S.
Published: Aug 28, 2008
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Interesting Times- A collection of stories is about a girls adventures in the big wide world. She gets up to a lot.

Jenny ran home, her top askew and a dark wet patch starting to appear on the crotch of her jeans. If she was late home again she new she would be grounded for months. Her mother was serving dinner just as she was getting into the kitchen. She breathed a sigh of relief she wasn't going to get punished, not this time anyway.

"Hello dear" Her mother cried from behind the fog of steam that was currently surrounding her.

"Hey mum!" She called back as she ran upstairs. As soon as she got into her bedroom she started stripping off her clothes, her little white panties were soaked in cum and they stuck slightly to her clit as she peeled them off. She smiled as she thought of Tom pushing his gorgeous cock into her virgin pussy. She had cried out in pain when it pushed through her maiden head but Tom had done it before and although she had struggled, afraid of more pain and no longer thinking that it was such a good idea, he had held her down pushing deeper and deeper into her, pulling out and then pushing in again, gradually the pain had faded and, with the fear gone, she had stopped struggling and started to enjoy it. Tom was two years above her in the last year of six form and she was only in year 11. Her friends would be so jealous when they new that she was going out with the dazzling 18 year old. Still smiling she pulled on fresh panties and jeans and wandered downstairs for dinner.

The next day she wore a skirt, as Tom had said it was so much easier, and a cotton blouse. She did not bother with a bra or panties which meant that her hard nipples showed through the soft cotton blouse. When she arrived at her form room she was given the message to go and see the headmaster immediately.

When she reached his office she was told to go on through. Mr. Turner was not there when she went in but she new she would not have to wait long. She quite liked Mr. Turner who was very young ,only 29, and had jet black hair and a very casual way to teaching. When he stepped through the door she looked up and smiled but only received a frown back.

"Jenny we need to talk" He said needlessly. Jenny nodded dumbly already knowing what was going to come next.

"You need to be careful Jenny" He said. She had not been expecting that, this wasn't the usual grades talk.

"I saw you the other day" Jenny froze. Her mind was racing. He saw her! Saw her doing what! Was it littering or cheating on the exam or , her heart stopped beating, he had seen her with Tom!

"You went to the sex ed classes didn't you Jenny So you should know that fucking Thomas Delis is a bad idea!"

"Yes Mr. Turner" she said, she was going to get the sex talk she just new it, she had to stop him if he went on she would miss her meeting with Tom. She saw him glance at her and saw that just for a second his glance slid down her body and to her dark round nipples that were peeking through the fabric. She slid her hand up to her thought and tugged the collar away from her neck and undid a button. Mr. Turner could not stop staring but he still went on talking, pretending that nothing was going on. Jenny opened her legs a little, giving her head teacher a glimpse at her soft, freshly shaved pussy. He walked round from behind his desk and sat an the front of it pretending to be concerned but actually moving to get a better look. As he continued talking Jenny let her legs slide open now showing Mr. Turner as much of her pussy as possible whilst sitting down.

Mr. Turner could see a glistering drop of pussy juice form on the lips and he could see her clit just sticking out between them. He could feel his cock growing harder and felt exposed on the desk so pulled a chair round to face her so he could get the best view whilst still being able to cover his growing cock. Jenny smiled and said

"Mr. Turner have got a rolled up magazine in your pocket"

"Erm...Erm why uh yes I have Jenny" He stuttered back. Jenny smiled and said

"Owh lets have a look!" Before he could protest she was standing up and coming over to him. She sat on his knee and pushed down and started grinding with her hips as she unbuttoned his trousers. She pulled him up out of the chair leaving a wet sticky stain on his trousers. Not knowing why but obeying he stood up and she tugged the trousers down. His cock sprang out of his trousers and Jenny gasped

" Wow Mr. Turner that's quite something, may I touch it" She exclaimed and he nodded dumbly, not believing what was happening.

She took into her hands and began stroking it up and down feeling it get harder in her hands and seeing it grow. She went onto her knees and licked the end making Mr. Turner gasp. Then she wrapped her mouth round it letting her tongue explore it and doing everything else that made the boys say she gave the best blow jobs. Mr. Turner was breathing heavily now showing her that he was about to cum but before she could stop him he had pulled his cock out of her mouth and was backing off.

"No, n-n-no, this isn't right you shouldn't...I'm your head master" He cried, trying and failing to persuade himself and her that they should not. Jenny let her legs slide open revealing her pink, tight, pussy and his cock which had been going soft shot up again harder than before. Fuck it he thought and through caution to the wind, grabbed Jenny and flung he into a chair, straddling her he pushed his cock into her tight little hole. He pushed it in slowly hearing Jenny gasp in delight he pushed harder as far as it would go. Pushing Jenny more into the chair he was able to push in further. He pulled out again and then plunged back in going harder and faster the chair rocking and squeaking. It was not going to take long for him to cum and he could already feel his climax coming to its peek. Jenny gasped all so knowing that he would cum soon. Mr. Turner let his pelvis rock backwards and forwards and felt his balls tighten. So did Jenny and cried out

"Don't cum in me Mr. Turner! You'll get me pregnant! Don't!" But he rode on his balls got as tight as they could and he thrust keeping his cock firmly between her legs he orgasmed cum pushing into Jenny making her cry out

"No Mr. Turner!" which made him push deeper. His cum still gushing out. Against her wish Jenny reached her climax and orgasmed to. Gasping Mr. Turner sat up a bit. Jenny looked up at him and he pushed in harder making sure no cum came out. Jenny whimpered. His hand slid down between her leg and pulled at he clit.

"Awh don't worry baby girl" he said digging his softening cock deeper into her "You don't have to worry about getting pregnant now. No one will know because no one will ever see you again"

"What!" she squealed and sat up a bit making him slid off her

"That's right" he said pushing his cock back in "Your guna be my sex slave" Jenny sat aghast "We'll go out the back way and if you do anything, make a single word you will regret it. Okay" Jenny nodded. Mr. Turner pulled his soft cock from her and warm cum started to dribble between her legs. He picked her up off the chair and went to the fire exit in his office. Just outside was his van. He sat he in the back and climbed in the front and started driving.

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