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Seven Sapphire Stories

Author: Monica Marshal
Publish Date : Sep 23, 2008
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In a moment or two Alice turned her eyes. She watched in awe as a skinny short-haired girl knelt between the fat thighs of a pretty voluptuous blonde and started to lick her slit. The huge sagging tits of that blonde were being sucked by two other slim dark-haired women. Alice moved her hand between her thighs in reflex as the sight roused her in an instant.

* * * * * * *

Please Come back to me, Gongyla, here tonight, You, my rose, with your Lydian lyre. There hovers forever around you delight: A beauty desired. Even your garment plunders my eyes. I am enchanted: I who once Complained to the Cyprus-born goddess, Whom I now beseech Never to let this lose me grace But rather bring you back to me: Amongst all mortal women the one I most wish to see.  -  Sappho

Sapphire One

Alice's Marriage in Wonderland


Sex: Female

Age: 21 years

Figure: Flawless, soft-contoured, voluptuous, hourglass type and perfectly feminine

Complexion: White

Voice: Musical

Face: Very pretty and innocent in looks

Eyes: Heavy-lidded, large and blue

Hair: Silken, soft, ample, blonde and waves down to ass

Bust: 40DD, round and firm

Nipples: Pink and puffy

Waist: 31

Hips: 40, wide-curved

Ass: Soft and massive

Thighs: Creamy-soft and fat

Queen Sapporo:

Sex: Female

Age: 39 years

Figure: Skinny, mannish, muscular, poorly curved and mostly flat

Complexion: White

Voice: A little deep pitched

Face: Somewhat attractive and clever in looks

Eyes: Slightly slanted, small and greenish

Hair: Short, boy-cut, straight and red

Bust: 32A, almost flat

Waist: 22

Hips: 31, narrow

Ass: Almost flat

Thighs: Straight and long

Orientation: A hungry lesbian

Alice, clad in a pink bra and matching pink panties, sat on the lawn interweaving her silken combed locks into a thick long plait. No sooner had she finished braiding her hair, then a high-pitched voice from nearby started her.

"Drat! Damn! Fuck a duck! She'll kill me if I'm late!!" the voice was saying in a very excited tone.

Alice jumped up and looked over the hedge to see the speaker. To her astonishment, it belonged to a rather large, white rabbit. Not an ordinary rabbit by any means. This rabbit was wearing a black leather jacket, Alice could see matching gloves sticking out of a side pocket, and the rabbit was looking at a pocket watch as he hurried along. She watched as he jumped, feet first, into a large hole by the root of a willow.

"Oh my, he dropped something" Alice cried as she ran to see what it was.

It was one of his gloves she picked up. Without thinking first, the nymph jumped into the hole, intent on returning the glove to its owner.

She fell down but it seemed a shallow landing and without feeling hurt she braced herself to a sitting position.

"Oh fuck! I'm in a world of shit!" the rabbit was saying at a distance behind her.

Alice got up and whirled around just in time to see the rabbit vanish behind a hill. She ran after him, hoping to catch him on the other side.

Movement up ahead on the path Alice kept her eyes on the rabbit running before her. She called out: "Hello! Mr. Rabbit! Mr. Rabbit!"

But it was no good because the rabbit was already hurrying on his way and didn't seem to hear her calling him.

The glove was still tucked into her tight bra and she wanted to give it to its owner as fast as she could reach him... but no matter how fast she ran, he still stayed the same distance from her.

Out of breath and her huge chest heaving, Alice finally had to stop to rest for a moment. She watched the rabbit vanish over the top of the hill they were on. As soon as she had caught her breath, Alice ran the rest of the way up the hill and stopped at the top, amazed at what she saw.

Naked women dotted the countryside on the other side of the hill. They appeared to be having sex with each other in various positions from what she could see. A deep female voice could be heard as it screamed out, "You skinny brat... suck the tits of your woman!" then "All bonies eat your volupties!"

That voice belonged to a slim mannish woman who wore a crown on her head and was the only one clad in male outfits there. She seemed to be the queen of all those naked women, who were engaged in lesbian sex under her orders. Alice wondered what that place was and she was answered by a sign board behind the queen that pointed at a luxurious tent. "Queen Sapporo: Castle Sapho Islands, Wonderland" were the words carved on it.

In a moment or two Alice turned her eyes. She watched in awe as a skinny short-haired girl knelt between the fat thighs of a pretty voluptuous blonde and started to lick her slit. The huge sagging tits of that blonde were being sucked by two other slim dark-haired women. Alice moved her hand between her thighs in reflex as the sight roused her in an instant.

Queen Sapporo's heart throbbed as she noticed this half-naked, extremely pretty and curvaceous nymph standing on the hill, who was stroking herself between her thighs. For some moments she gazed in stupor at the centre of her attention... and instantly fell in love with her.

Alice too noticed the queen's meaningful stare at her and blushingly averted her eyes.

Queen Sapporo smiled at the blushing Alice as her heart beat faster. She walked to the girl, staring fixedly at her. Alice couldn't meet Queen's gaze, who had approached her. She raised her hand and stroked Alice's cheek lovingly.

"Such loveliness, such sweetness must be loved, worshipped, licked and tasted. I'll show you what I feel for you, what I want with you." said Sapporo staring at Alice with an amorous glint in her eyes.

Alice felt the thin arms encircling her round the waist and hands stroking the naked flesh of her back. Sapporo moved her face nearer to Alice's. Her lips met in a soft demanding kiss with those of the girl.

Surprised at first but then savoring the sucking and pressing lips of Sapporo on her full mouth, Alice immediately responded by kissing the Queen on mouth and hugging the slim woman around her neck.

They sucked each other's mouths in a passionate lip-locking for sometime. Then Sapporo said softly, "I love you darling. I love you more than anything in this Wonderland. But let me give you a good show. Get naked my sweet!"

Alice couldn't resist herself to do as the Queen had bid her. She unhooked her bra and panties. Dispensing herself of all the undergarments, she stood in a stark naked splendor. At that moment she saw the white rabbit standing next to the mannish queen. She could tell, he was enjoying at what he was seeing.

Alice wanted to tell the rabbit about his glove but there was no need for reminding him as he stooped down swiftly and took the glove scattered on ground with her stripped undergarments.

In an instant Sapporo hugged Alice and they kissed again for a while.

"Come my sweet!" said the Queen taking Alice with her. "Let's make love into my tent" She said pointing at the very luxurious tent Alice had noticed a while ago.

They walked a few steps and entered into the tent.

Queen Sapporo zipped the tent to induce privacy. While undressing herself she didn't seem to notice Alice, who was staring at the 10" long rubber dildo tied around the narrow hips.

Sapporo smiled mischievously at Alice and said. "Darling, lets start now, shouldn't we"

Without waiting for an approval from Alice, Sapporo knelt before her and put her hand between her legs, where her fingers touched the ripe petals.

"Hummm... Such a pretty twitching pussy!" Sapporo said, feeling glad to see that Alice was getting wet. She stroked the girl's thighs and roamed her hands round the wide hips to stroke the huge ass cheeks. She moved her head nearer till a pungent waft of girlish scent hit her nostrils. She opened her mouth and her long pink tongue lashed out. Its tip licked up the pink labia and Alice shuddered as the wave generated from her loins. With another upward lick by Sapporo's tongue, Alice reflexively closed her eyes and hissed.

"It's really a tasty tart my sweet! I'll surely enjoy your meat and you'd better make sure I do!" She told Alice, still holding the curvaceous hips.

Alice had never been with a woman before and wasn't sure what was expected of her. She didn't have to wonder long.

Sapporo got up. She pushed Alice back on the pillowed bed and roughly squeezed her tits. She began to kiss both the huge tits and started to suck left nipple. With one hand she was kneading the right tit while the other hand roamed down Alice's voluptuous body until it reached her tender pussy. In a moment it started to stroke the pink petals. Long, slender fingers opened girl's vaginal orifice and pushed into the moistness there. Alice gasped as the Queen increased the tempo of finger-fucking; her mouth now sucking the right nipple. The girl decided to lie relaxed under the slim Queen and let the woman enjoy unto her curvaceous body.

Alice moaned when Sapporo sucked hard on her swollen nipples, releasing each teat in a pop and licked down her soft belly. But she moaned louder when the Queen reached her tender pussy and started to lick it. Alice arched her back and her hips lifted higher. Sapporo's loving mouth licked and sucked both of the girl's tender labia with vigor.

Alice felt her legs pushed more apart as the Queen buried her face deeper between her thighs. She ate Alice, lapping her delicious pussy and knew well to suck the voluptuous girl. Her long tongue probed deep into Alice's wet, soft labia. Then her lips located Alice's sensitive clit and slurp-sucked the erectile morsel. She sucked Alice without a pause, the mixed sounds of hungry slurps and melodious moans filled the tent.

Alice put her soft hands on the Queen's short-haired head and pushed it deeper into her womanhood. She began to push-up her wide hips into the lesbian mouth, hungry for her pussy and then received a full-of-passion kissing, lapping and continued sucking. It was a moment's matter when her vaginal canal flooded with honey as the heat rose to peak and she came with a flow of girl-cum.

Alice sighed and closed her eyes when Sapporo licked her pussy clean of the girl-cum. She started to move up the perfectly feminine body, kissing the soft creamy belly, taking right nipple into her mouth to suck it hard, releasing the nipple in a pop, sucking left nipple with slurping sound, releasing it in a smack, licking the neck and finally pressed her mouth unto girl's. Alice opened her eyes as Sapporo began to suck her lower lip. Instinctively, the girl responded in sucking her lover's mouth. They sucked and kissed each other's lips, mouths pressed harder under the passionate lesbian love.

Sapporo sucked and licked Alice's huge tits alternatively. Lying atop the girl, she pushed the soft thighs apart. In a short while, Alice felt something hard pressing against her wet opening and her eyes flew open as it penetrated. She opened her mouth to say that it was a cock but didn't have the chance when her mouth was covered in a passionate kiss by Queen's.

The Queen licked on Alice's lips, kissed the full mouth and sucked girl's tongue into her own. Her hands explored Alice, demanding as they stroked and squeezed the soft curvaceous parts of body. The strap-on pushed deeper into her sweetheart's love tunnel. Sapporo began to move her hips up and down, plunging the rubber dildo, fucking Alice with swift and sure strokes.

She moved her mouth next to Alice's ear and whispered hoarsely, "Does that feel good my darling Do you like my cock"

"Ooooooh yes!" Alice cried in pleasure.

Sapporo's slim hips pulled up and plunged down, thrusting her dildo hard again and again into Alice. She fucked Alice with all the potential she had, enjoying it as much as the girl.

Suddenly the Queen stopped, kissed Alice unto mouth and pulled out of her. "Turn over my darling" she said lovingly to the girl.

Alice shifted her position and was pushed onto stomach by Sapporo. Before she could make out what her lover was up to, her huge ass cheeks were pushed apart by slim hands and the rubber cock plunged through her anus into the rectum. Alice cried in pleasure as her lover buggared her with all the might she could muster. The Queen moved her hips up and down; pushing the dildo harder into the girl's tight backdoor.

Waves of pure pleasure rolled over Alice as the Queen buggared her and went over the edge when the Queen inserted one and then two fingers in her pussy. Alice screamed out as the orgasm shook her entire body. It felt like it might go on forever and Alice loved it!

The Queen kept the rubber cock buried deep in the tight asshole and waited until Alice had relaxed. Then she pulled out and flipped Alice over again.

Sapporo kissed Alice from head to toe and then from toe to head, paying more attention to suck her tits and lick her cunt. When the pleasure-heat rose into moaning Alice, the Queen quickly pushed her dildo into her dripping pussy. She pinched and sucked the puffy nipples that stood out on girl's massive, firm tits. She was now getting close to have her own orgasm and kept fucking Alice steadily, who cried out "Oh yesssssss... yesssssss... fuck me hard! Ummmmmmm... I'm cummmmmming!!"

And shortly after this intense fucking, the Queen and Alice reached their peak. They exploded into bursting cum simultaneously.

To relax for some time they lay on the pillowed bed into each other's arms, their bodies glistening with sweat. Then it started all over again. Alice was smacked on lips, kissed on tits, sucked on nipples, licked on cunt and bitten on ass by Queen Sapporo. The slim queen entered the dildo into cunt and ass of her voluptuous nymph. She fucked Alice with the deepest passion of lesbian love. As the girl-cum oozed out of Alice's love tunnel, it was wiped away when Sapporo licked her cunt clean.

The Queen was quite happy with her to-be wife and Alice felt the same way for her to-be husband... While kissing each other after fucking for twice more, they had agreed to live with each other for ever as a married lesbian couple.

And they were married two hours later that evening. But Alice still wanted to know one thing which was still unanswered.

"Are you a friend to the White Rabbit" Alice asked her husband Sapporo as they lay together recovering from third bout of lovemaking at night.

"What" the Queen asked, staring at her wife.

"The White Rabbit, do you know him" Alice asked again and waited.

"He works for me." answered the slim husband smilingly as she sat up and mounted atop her voluptuous wife. She kissed Alice on mouth and slid down to suck on the puffy nipples one after the other.

"Well," Alice continued as she moved her hand to stroke her life partner's head "I actually came here looking for him. I wanted to return a glove he dropped in my garden but now he has taken it."

"Ood fo im" Sapporo said incoherently while smacking on a nipple.

"Excuse me" said Alice; she wasn't sure what Sapporo had said just now.

The Queen looked up at her and repeated "Good for him," and added smilingly, "but best for us for now we are married."

And of course Alice agreed, especially when the Queen slid further down. She pushed her wife's creamy thighs apart and started to eat her between them again.

Sapporo's luxurious tent refilled with the mixed sounds of slurp-sucking and moans of pleasure...

Sapphire TWO


Maurine Wells:

Sex: Female

Age: 22 years

Figure: Flawless, soft-contoured, voluptuous, hourglass type and perfectly feminine

Complexion: White

Voice: Musical

Face: Rounding, very pretty and innocent in looks

Eyes: Heavy-lidded, large and green

Hair: Silken, soft, ample, fiery-red and waves down to ass

Bust: 40DD, round and firm

Nipples: Pink and puffy

Waist: 29

Hips: 41, wide-curved

Ass: Soft and massive

Thighs: Creamy-soft and fat

Linda Perkins:

Sex: Female

Age: 43 years

Figure: Skinny, mannish, muscular and poorly curved

Complexion: White

Voice: A little deep pitched

Face: Somewhat attractive and clever in looks

Eyes: Slightly slanted, small and dark brown

Hair: Short, boy-cut, dark with grey streaks and straight

Bust: 31A, almost flat

Waist: 22

Hips: 30, narrow

Ass: Almost flat

Thighs: Straight and long

Orientation: A passionate lesbian

Maurine Wells was pushed backwards by her companion on the king-size bed. That companion was a skinny, mature woman who was leaning unto her at the same time. The face of the woman couldn't be seen well in the dim light of that bedroom but it had a sharper and philosophical profile. Maurine felt it really odd for not being able to recognize the slim lesbian who had leaned above her; nevertheless she knew the mature woman was very intimate to her. The familiar fragrant wafts hit her nose as the lesbian pressed her mouth on her full lips. The girl stared in vain to make out her lover's face but couldn't do so and she began to savor the forceful smack on her lips.

The lesbian sucked on Maurine's lips and continued to kiss her passionately as she pushed the soft-contoured arms up round the red haired head. It seemed to the voluptuous girl that she already knew her lesbian lover who was still clothed in male-fashioned T-shirt and Levi's. Anticipating what may come next, she decided to let the woman enjoy unto her curvaceous, stark naked body.

Maurine sighed as the woman stroked playfully on her huge mammas and pinched the sensitive, large nipples. In an instant her lover turned her head to take one puffy teat between her lips. She pulled more of the nipple into her mouth and sucked the coarse textured pink areola. The woman sucked harder on the nipple which slipped slowly through her lips in a smack. She licked the saliva-coated nipple and kissed the huge melon. Then she turned her head to other bubby and licked the creamy, firm globe. She kissed the puffy teat and opened her mouth to brush her lips unto its rough, sensitive texture. Sucking it hard, she pulled more of the nipple, which slid slowly out of her mouth in a smack.

The lesbian continued to suck redhead's huge tits. Maurine moaned and bit her lip as the pleasure waves rose into her loins due to that ardent tit-sucking. The woman began to stroke her voluptuous form tenderly. Awhile later she realized that her fat thighs were splayed apart by her lesbian lover's knees.

Maurine's lover sucked and smacked on her puffy, pink nipples. Then, she slid quickly down the voluptuous body. Maurine felt the hands roaming softly on her fat thighs, which were pushed more apart after a while. The redhead cried in reflex as she felt a soft, wet thing touched and slipped slowly up her pink cunt-lips. She knew in an instant that it was her lover's tongue and moaned audibly as the lesbian lapped her twitching petals in upward and downward strokes.

The woman knew how to eat her girl's snatch. She opened her mouth and pressed it on the pungent slit in an attempt to suck it. She licked the ultra sensitive cunt and pressed her sucking mouth unto it, harder than before. Maurine moaned louder, grabbing the pink bed sheet; her body twisting in waves and shudders of intense pleasure. She raised her voluptuous torso as the woman forced her labia wide to locate the throbbing clit.

The lesbian licked redhead's pink slit in an upward stroke and her tongue located the engorging clit. She pursed her lips on Maurine's throbbing love-morsel and began to suck it.

Maurine moaned aloud as the intense pleasure waves rose from her cunt and she shuddered as its ripples coursed through her spine. The lesbian was eating her snatch in quick strokes, mostly sucking and licking the delicious clit.

Maurine bit her lip and cried out the pleasure that filled into her love-tunnel. The quick-stroked lick on her clit raised the darling girl more and more to heights of intense lust. Within moments the orgasm rippled through her vaginal walls and she came into her lover's mouth. At that very instant the dimly lit bedroom brightened unexpectedly and the lesbian's face jumped up to loom over Maurine's. The redhead stared in awe at the face which was stained in her girl-cum; the honeyed custard was dribbling down the thin-lipped, smiling mouth. She opened her mouth to say, "Linda"...

And then Maurine woke in a start. She felt she hadn't said Linda's name just in the dream, but heard herself calling the mature woman for real. The beautiful redhead lay alone in her bedroom, where there had neither been that strange illumination nor was the looming face of Linda soaked with girl-cum.

She blinked for some time into the semi darkness, thinking about her erotic dream and felt something soft pressed between her thighs. She splayed her legs, switched on the bedside lamp and braced herself in the sitting position. The thing pressed between her soft thighs was the pillow, which was soaked in girl-cum.

Maurine took the pillow and raised it to her nose. She sniffed at her own cum and the pungent wafts made her to reflect on something delicious and unforgettable. It happened when she was called at Safemme Studios for her audition two days back. The Studios were owned by the mannish financier Linda Perkins, who was a famous producer of adult videos based on very erotic lesbian themes.

Maurine believed inwardly that the slim producer was an absolute lesbian and her deduction about Linda was confirmed during the test scene involving her with Linda. The producer stripped the girl naked and began to slobber down her voluptuous body. The redhead enjoyed the sensational bout of lesbian love and came for twice as Linda smacked on her full lips, sucked on her large pink nipples and ate her juicy cunt.

After the audition, Linda acquired Maurine for her address and telephone number. She knew Maurine was a natural and had the faculty to be a star. She told the girl before dismissing her that she would call her back in a day or two.

Of course Linda had other things in mind and therefore she dialed Maurine's number just thirty hours after the audition.

Maurine's musical voice answered, "Hello."

"Miss Wells" Linda asked, her heart beating faster.

"Yes" Maurine inquired into the phone.

"I'm Linda, Linda Perkins." Linda introduced herself.

"Ahh yes... Miss Perkins. I remember you." Maurine's face was flushed and she felt her excitement growing as she listened to the voice in her ear.

"I feel very glad to tell you the good news Miss Wells. You have passed the audition."

"Wow! Thank you Miss Perkins. I... I don't believe I did it!" Maurine felt so excited to hear this and say thankful words that Linda could hear a faint laugh of happiness.

"It's nothing to your talent Miss Wells. You indeed were a natural," said Linda. "Before our first rehearsal I need to have few words with you in person. If you don't mind to come at my place, say er... for lunch tomorrow. Actually, I have a business proposition for you to discuss on."

"Of course, I'd be delighted to have lunch with you" Maurine answered quickly, feeling more excited to agree with Linda; she too had wished to meet Linda in person, inwardly longing for the "repetition" of their lesbian "test scene".

"Great!" Linda said, smiling at Maurine's approval.

They spoke a bit longer. Finally the producer told Maurine her address and then hung up. Linda had tasted Maurine and sighed in hope to re-taste the red-haired nymph.

At night, the beautiful Maurine had that erotic dream as she had thought about the mature producer who had pleasured her orally during the audition.

The next day wasn't much busy for Linda. Most of the time she thought of Maurine and didn't want to scare the girl off; so she would go slowly in explaining the details of their first rehearsal for "Tasty Melons, Tasty Tarts". She had dressed herself in a white T-shirt and a pair of Levi's to look very casual. Linda felt very excited to see her guest at noon and she had ordered the old cook to bake the fruit cake for this special meeting.

At half past one, the doorbell rang and Linda rushed to answer it. Standing in the doorway, Maurine flashed a very pretty smile at her mannish host.

Linda stared approvingly at the perfectly feminine redhead. Maurine was indeed a nymph. She wore a sleeveless, low-neck, silk blouse and a short skirt made of denim material. The tight outfits had accentuated the taking curves of her voluptuous body. The light illuminated her hair from the back like a blaze of fire burning around her very pretty face. It fell gracefully in curls to her protruding ass.

Linda was stupefied by Maurine's celestial beauty. The desire of making love to this nymph swelled up from the depths of her heart. She wanted her so bad. A strange thought occurred to her. It was, to say Maurine never to leave her.

"Hi. Can I come in" Maurine asked Linda, breaking the ice of her stupor.

"Ahh! I... I'm sorry. Please get in, get in." said Linda quickly, forcing a smile. She stood aside and closed the door as Maurine had stepped inside the house.

The redhead looked around the decorated interior and said admiringly, "You have a nice taste, isn't it"

"Thank you dear" said Linda flashing a grin. She pointed at a sofa and said in a hearty mood, "Get comfortable please. The lunch is ready and soon we'll be filling our stomachs."

The lunch was served on the dining table within five minutes. Linda had dismissed the old cook, saying to her that she would have to return for baking supper at 7.0 pm that evening. Hence there wasn't any third person to accompany them for some hours.

Both women talked different things over lunch, especially about the delicious fruit cake eaten by them. Their talk continued in friendly mood and they exchanged jokes until Linda asked her, "Would you care to swim The water is nice, not too cold!" She looked directly into Maurine's eyes as she spoke.

Maurine answered in her low, sexy whisper, "You know, that sounds wonderful but I didn't bring a suit."

Linda smiled, "I have one that would fit you, or if you like, we can go without the suits. It's very private here." She said, winking at the redhead.

"Erm, ok. I'm not shy, you know" Maurine said and they stood up. She started to unbutton her blouse and skirt. In a fluid motion she took off her undergarments and stood before Linda showing her taking nakedness. Linda smiled and started to take off her male apparel, savoring the glorious sight of Maurine's voluptuous curves.

They walked naked, crossing the ante-chamber hand in hand and entered the south wing of house where they found the swimming pool. Linda reached the pool and dove off its side. Maurine followed Linda's example.

Linda was quicker in swimming than Maurine; perhaps because the redhead was bigger than her. On the other hand Maurine was enjoying more of the producer's company as the water ripples felt delightful to her naked body.

The short-haired producer swam round the corner, crossed the pool and turned to reach Maurine. Her stare was fixed at the redhead, who looked back at her. Maurine felt a strange hint of hypnotizing glint into Linda's eyes.

Linda swam nearer to Maurine and let herself drift close enough to touch the girl. "You are very pretty, Maurine. I've never seen a girl as pretty and taking as you," she said softly.

She moved her hand and stroked on Maurine's cheek. The girl closed her eyes as Linda touched her full lips and moved the fingers down her neck. "Very lovely, very innocent. You are like a fragrant flower to me, darling. Let me kiss you. Would you mind, wont you"

Maurine heard Linda's softer tone. She opened her heavy-lidded eyes. Her heart was beating faster and she felt Linda's hand stroking her softly, down to one boob. Maurine closed her eyes again and sighed. Linda moved even closer, her lips brushed across Maurine's throat while her hand cupped the huge tit and squeezed it gently. Her eyes still closed, Maurine turned her face to Linda's, who kissed her mouth. Their wet bodies pressed together. Linda worked her tongue into Maurine's mouth and kissed her deeply.

It wasn't their first kiss and Maurine kissed Linda back, equally enjoying the lip-to-lip suck. They sucked each other's mouths as Linda ran her hands over Maurine's wet, curvaceous body. Their kiss broke when Linda offered Maurine to make love in her bedroom. Maurine nodded and was kissed on mouth by the short-haired woman.

They climbed out of the pool and hugged each other to avoid shivering as a current of wind struck them. Linda took two towels from a basket and handed one to Maurine. They wiped their own bodies quickly.

Back through the ante-chamber, they climbed one storey up the stairs and stopped at a polished oak door. Linda turned the knob, opened it and switched on the lights. The bedroom was decorated in a luxurious way. The drapery matched well to the wall paper, table spreads and bed sheet. The bed was indeed largest of all the things furnished in bedroom. Linda signaled Maurine to lie on it. The redhead complied as she laid herself on back and was immediately followed by the mature producer.

Maurine's heart began to beat faster as Linda leaned above her. She pushed the soft-contoured arms up round the red-haired head and then pinched playfully on the pink, puffy nipples. The girl closed her eyes, savoring the soft playful roaming of Linda's hands over her heavy chest. There was a touch of surety in that manual manipulation of her huge tits.

Maurine moaned as she felt Linda's hot mouth brushing on her left nipple to kiss it. Linda's tongue darted out and its tip streaked unto the rough textured areola. She pursed her lips and pulled the nipple into her mouth.

Linda's lips pulled the nipple and her tongue licked the areola in circular strokes. The redhead reached out and put her right hand on the back of Linda's head to finger through the short hair.

After a minute or two, Linda switched her lips on the right tit to kiss it as she pushed Maurine's right arm up again. She closed her lips around the sensitive nipple and pulled it into her hot mouth. The redhead lay close-eyed under her and continued to moan at the oral pull of her sensitive nipple. Her pink teat began to harden as Linda's tongue twirled around it, coating areola with the saliva.

Linda smacked on each nipple, pulling it into her sucking mouth alternatively. Her right hand roamed on Maurine's soft-contoured body down to the fat thighs and slid between them so she could touch her pussy. In reflex Maurine moved her own thighs apart and let Linda's fingers play with her cunt in soft strokes. She shuddered and sighed as Linda's fingers invaded her snatch and touched her clit. She bit her lip and wrenched on the pillow case as the woman pleasured her manually.

The short-haired producer slid down Maurine's voluptuous form and stroked lovingly on girl's thighs. She began to lick those soft thighs and groin, worked her way towards the shaven pussy and pushed its soft cunt-lips apart.

"Mmmm... Ohhhh yessss..." Maurine moaned when she felt Linda's tongue touch her sensitive clit. Linda licked the pink cunt and then pushed her tongue on it. Still keeping the pussy stretch-open under the force of her fingers, she inserted her tongue-tip into Maurine's vaginal orifice.

Maurine cried and raised her voluptuous torso as the pleasure wave generated at her loins. The walls of her love tunnel pulsated as Linda's tongue twirled around her orifice and clit in quick strokes.

Linda worked the index finger into Maurine's vaginal orifice while she licked her throbbing clit. She pushed the finger deeper into redhead's tunnel like a thin pointed cock and took it out. Maurine's body twisted in rising heat of lust and she moaned as Linda continued to finger-fuck her, increasing the tempo push after push.

"Yesss... yesss... Ohhh yesssss..." Maurine moaned when Linda inserted two fingers into her cunt and fucked her in quick strokes, licking her clit alongside. Then she held redhead's thighs more apart to press her mouth on the twitching cunt in a deep kiss.

After lapping Maurine's cunt, Linda got up and reached into a drawer of the nightstand next to the bed. She fished out a 10" strap-on and tied it to her narrow hips. Before fucking Maurine with rubber cock, she leaned between her splayed thighs and licked her pussy again.

Linda knew she was bringing Maurine close to the orgasm, so she decided to really fuck the lovely redhead. She got up on her knees and flipped Maurine onto her stomach. Maurine raised her bottom high upon Linda's ministration and moaned in pleasure as Linda kissed her globular, soft ass.

Linda moved between redhead's legs. Maurine sighed when Linda stroked her perineum. As soon as she had stretched open the girl's cunt, Linda touched the tip of her rubber cock against the pulsating labia and inserted it into the vaginal orifice. With an easy thrust of her hips, Linda impaled the cock into Maurine's cunt who cried out, enjoying the fucking sensation. The darling girl braced herself on the elbows to open her legs wider and let Linda fuck her deeper.

Linda was on her knees behind Maurine, admiring her huge ass as she pushed and re-pushed the strap-on into the depths of her cunt. Maurine's love tunnel was lubricated in the secretion of honeyed juice, which made it all the easier for Linda to penetrate her.

"Mmmmm... Oh yeah... yeah... yesss... yesss..." Maurine moaned aloud as her lesbian lover picked up the pace. Linda was entering Maurine from behind, forcing the rubber cock harder and quicker into her wet cunt as if she was a wild stallion who was fucking a mare. She fucked Maurine harder and harder in each thrust, reaching around to stroke and pinch on redhead's puffy nipples.

The strap-on was designed to rub the wearer's clit, and it was doing a good job on Linda as she continued to fuck Maurine. Both the lovers were getting wetter and the lust wave rose from their loins as the erotic heat, which made Linda to raise her fucking tempo into Maurine. The redhead cried aloud as she reached her orgasm. The girl-cum released through Maurine's twitching cunt, lubricating Linda's cock. Linda reached her own orgasm few seconds after Maurine. The redhead screamed as Linda pushed the cock very hard into her.

Both women collapsed on the bed, heaving. Maurine's heart was pounding and it took a few minutes to regain her normal breathing.

"Wow, that was brilliant. You know, I never had been with a woman before that audition." the redhead said.

Linda smiled and said, "As long as you stay with me darling, you will enjoy the depths of our love. I know very well how to please a woman." She leaned over and kissed Maurine on the lips.

"Am I correct in saying that you like women" asked Maurine, directly looking into Linda's eyes.

"More than a hundred percent." said Linda as she slid down to suck Maurine's tits. Maurine moaned as her nipples were pulled into Linda's mouth. After some time she cried out her orgasm when Linda ate her cunt and licked her clit.

Two months later Safemme Studios released "Tasty Melons, Tasty Tarts" which was a hit in the box office. The viewers jacked off more than once, especially when they watched a flick involving the voluptuous red-haired heroine being pleasured orally and fucked passionately by slim dark-haired Linda... the producer of the movie.

Sapphire THREE


Vanessa Sabrok:

Sex: Female

Age: 38 years

Figure: Smooth-skinned, soft-contoured, voluptuous, very desirable and perfectly feminine

Complexion: White

Voice: High-pitched and pleasant in tone

Face: Rounding and nymphish

Eyes: Heavy-lidded, large, almond-shaped and blue-green

Hair: Silken, soft, ample, platinum-blonde and curls down to ass

Bust: 42DD, firm, somewhat sagging and massive

Nipples: Brown and puffy

Areolae: Brown and large

Waist: 29

Hips: 42, wide-curved

Ass: Soft and massive

Thighs: Creamy-soft and fat

Relation with Olivia: Mother

Olivia Sabrok:

Sex: Female

Age: 20 years

Figure: Smooth-skinned, soft-contoured and skinny

Complexion: White

Voice: High-pitched and less expressed in musical tone

Face: Rounding and pretty

Eyes: Large, almond-shaped and blue-green

Hair: Silken, platinum-blonde and curls down to shoulders

Bust: 32A, poorly developed

Waist: 22

Hips: 31, narrow

Ass: Almost flat

Thighs: Straight and long

Relation with Vanessa: Daughter

Note: This erotic narrative is recounted in the words of Olivia Sabrok. While reading it, a reader may feel the ecstatic element of lesbian love that beats into Olivia's heart for her extremely beautiful mother, Vanessa.

I love her and I can't say how much I love my darling mother, Vanessa. Everything about her is so appealing, so taking to me; the lustrous curls spilling around her nymphish face, the dimple appearing in her cheeks when she smiles, the cuteness in her soft toned laugh, the stupefying rise and fall of her huge chest when she breathes and the swaying of her wide hips while she walks. (sigh...) One may say I am the girl who is obsessed with her perfectly feminine, nymph of a mother and no doubt, it is one hundred percent true. I think about her all the time when I go to my workplace and she stays at home. I take her with me at every picnic and every party; just to be with her and keep her with me. It makes sense to people that she's the woman who gave birth to me during her late teens. It makes sense to me that she is not only a mother to me but also a "wife" and a submissive sex mate.

After my father's death in a car crash, we've been living together just as married couples do. In those days of the tragedy, I wiped her tears and kissed her eyes to show how concerned I was about her. Then I slept with her like my late father did when he was alive. Before his death she used to kiss me on the cheeks and smile at my progress shown in the school reports. After his death I began to kiss her on mouth and she accepted it as the kiss of a lover; because I had changed my role of a daughter to the role as her "husband" on that passionate Saturday night. For an aggrieved woman like her, it was a blessing to be loved so deep, so vivaciously, so passionately. It was so natural being loved by someone who had been living with her for years.

That night, mom lay asleep in her stark naked splendor under a sheet on the double-bed and I had approached her with the silent, lustful determination. She seemed to me the prettiest woman in the world when I fingered some stray curls off her beautiful face. I stooped down and showered her face with demanding kisses. That woke her up. She showed reluctation when I pressed my lips upon her full mouth. But then she lay unresisting and closed her eyes in submission as I sucked her full mouth into mine. I wasn't hesitant to remove the sheet and reveal her golden body to my hungry eyes. I had been dreaming to make love to my beautiful mother since long. It came true when I took her sensitive nipples, one after the other, into my mouth. Feeling about my lips pulling on her large nipples, Mom moaned in pleasure and I was encouraged to suck her tits more; but she cried in extreme lust and shudders as I had stretched her delicious cunt to lick it, just as a hungry cat licks the milk. I ate her snatch and probed my tongue into the very canal through which I was propelled to be born in this world, twenty years ago. Mom released her honey into my already open, licking mouth and I felt great pleasure to lap on her cum-coated cunt. Then we slept together, hugging each other in warm embrace. She was content for what I had done to her and I was happy for founding the most beautiful relation between us.

After that our life changed to a new dimension. Beforehand we had been living together as siblings, but then we became lovers. From those moments till today I have been making love to my sweetheart as her "man" every night. We have accepted each other as "life partners" and since then none of us has ever dated a man; of course we don't have to. (wink...)

For my own pleasure, I'll narrate here a hot carnal scene in a generalized description. I think that's a best way to literalize an account of my attempts for taking my lovely mother to the heights of lust and pleasure.

We walk hand in hand into our bedroom. Mom looks gorgeous in a see-through Georgette frock and she wears no undies. I am clothed in a half-sleeve shirt and sort of tight slacks. Instantly we hug each other as I take her waist. Our lips meet in a deliberate, slow kiss and mom moans into my mouth as I roam my hands down to her big ass. We suck each other's lips and our tongues collide together, searching for more areas to explore. My hands squeeze on her big cheeks and she holds the back of my head in response. It seems to be a forceful push that squashes our mouths together in a lip-locking fashion. I am kissing mom's lips as if I am hungry for them, but then pull away to shower more kisses on her neck. She closes her eyes to savor the moment as I continue to lick and kiss her throat.

I love everything about my beautiful mother and never hesitate to remove her apparel before love-making; it's variable whether I remain clothed or get naked with her. So I stop kissing her neck and reach up to pull the straps of frock over her shoulders. Mom doesn't stand as a dummy and flexes each of her arms up in the maneuver to help me unstrap the frock. My deft hands pull all of the material down her body without any difficulty.

My pussy twitches at the marvelous sight of her nudity. I stare at her beautiful melons rising and falling in breathing. With lusting stare and deliberate move of my hands unto her tits, I approach my mom. She sighs and takes me into her arms but I don't look at her. My gaze is fixed on her mammoth bubbies. I cup them into my hands and feel their delicious firmness, which brings me into the trance. I pinch on her brown nipples and the roughness of their large areolae intoxicates me to stoop before them. I open my mouth unto one of her nipples and begin to suck it. Mom sighs again as I pull her teat into my mouth. Releasing it in that pull, I suck it again and then lick the areola in upward strokes. Mom brushes her fingers into my hair as I take the other nipple into mouth and suck it hard. The nipple is released through my pulling mouth but I suck and lick it with passion again.

I continue to nurse on her marvelous tits. My hands roam down her voluptuous body, around the wide hips and then squeeze the big cheeks softly. She kisses the crown of my head and let me suck her nipples until I raise my head to look into her nymphish face. Our lips meet in a deep, sucking kiss and she moans into my mouth, savoring the intimate sensation.

I lead mom to our pillowed double bed. We sit on it together and then I push her to lie there on back. She moans as I stroke her thighs. My hands roam over their resilient flesh and gently splay them apart. I settle myself between them and lie face down, atop her. Mom strokes my cheek softly as I stoop to re-suck her nipples. My oral manipulation has hardened them deliciously. This hardness is perceivable, especially when I pull each teat into my mouth. She raises her arms up around her own head while I am sucking and stroking on her huge tits.

"Mmmm... Mmmm... yeahh... Oohhh... " Mom moans in pleasure as I continue to suck her nipples, occasionally rolling my tongue over each areola. She screams in agony as I bite on her hardened nipple; but to relieve her of this pain in a jiffy, I pull the nipple into my mouth again. I can hear her sighs and soft moans, which intoxicate and stupefy me in growing lust to suck and kiss her beauteous tits.

I release her nipples after pulling them into my mouth and then slide down to lick her belly in slow strokes. My tongue laps on her belly button and I kiss it, pressing my mouth into the soft flesh. Then I kiss further down to her mons and sideways on wide hips. I open my mouth to lick her groins, deliberately ignoring her fragrant flower (sigh...) and continue to kiss the softer insides of each thigh, one after the other. I lick the resilient flesh of her legs in longer strokes down to knees and up to the vertex in reverse until I stop to look at the centre of her passion.

"Mmmmm..." Mom moans and moves her voluptuous body as I stroke up the insides of her splayed thighs and put my hands on her shaven cunt. I press my thumbs on the outer labia and pull to stretch them. Pungent smell wafts out of her pussy and it intoxicates me to a lusting stupor. Staring hungrily at her pink cunt I inhale that smell and close my eyes. I can hear her moaning as my breath falls upon the delicious entrance. Keeping her labia stretched apart I open my mouth to slip out the tongue and lick the pink flower in an upward stroke.

"AAAHH... MMMM... MMMMM... YEAHH... OH YEAHH... MMMM..." my mother moans aloud as I continue to lap on her dripping cunt. I lick her outer labia and make an upward stroke as my tongue-tip locates the engorged clit. Moving a little, I press my mouth and smack on it.

"OHH FUCKKK... AAAHHH" mom screams as I suck her delicious clit. Darting my tongue out, I start to lick the tiny morsel with its tip in quick twirls.

"MMMM... OH YEAHHH... YEAHHH... FUCKK... YESSS... MMMM..." She screams continuously as I stop licking her clit and push my tongue so that its tip may make contact to her entrance.

I move my tongue into and out of her cunt; its lubricated opening allows an easy entry. Tasting its sweetness, I lick the entrance and without any warning insert two fingers (index and middle of course) into her love canal. I withdraw and insert them in repetition; first slowly then rapidly. I bite on my lip as I am completely engrossed to finger-fuck her without any stop.

"YEAHHH... OH YEAHHH... FUCK... YEAHHH... YEAHHH..." I hear my mother scream in pleasure. So I lick her clit and add up the tempo of finger-fucking. I don't stop and she doesn't want me to stop. Her orgasm builds up to peak at the double assault of my fingers. I lick her clit again and suck on it in lust. She raises her hips up and arches her back as I keep on fucking her. Her twitching pussy contracts and sucks on my invading fingers. I know she is about to release her juice and decide to stop the double penetration. Holding her thighs apart, I press my open mouth into her steaming cunt to lap on it feverishly and suck the clit fervently. It works and she shakes as the orgasm hit her hard. She screams and raises her hips into my hungry mouth which is ready to receive her abundant, creamy juice. I suck her twitching inner labia to drink the honeyed juice and then lick her petals clean as some of the cum is shed on them.

For some time after her release, mom lies lax. Her legs are still splayed as I lick on her cunt and stroke her soft thighs along. She hisses as I press my mouth upon her cunt-petals and inhale the fresh smell of orgasm.

After lapping on her pussy, I slide up to kiss her belly and lick both of her bubbies. Pulling each nipple into my mouth for once, I slide up further until my face levels with mom's. I stare into her heavy-lidded eyes and kiss them. We are in rapture as my lips press on her full mouth. While we suck each other's lips, I decide to get naked and fuck her with my strap-on.

I say my mother to turn on her belly. She complies as I take off my clothes and settles her hips on the pillow to keep her bottom raised. I fish out an 11" rubber cock from the night-stand and strap it on quickly at my narrow hips. I turn my eyes to look at mom's fleshy bottom. Lust twitches through my pussy as I stare at her big cheeks and reach out to stroke them. I hear Vanessa's soft moans of pleasure, which heightens in pitch as I stoop down to press my face into her ass crack. Those moans and sighs are audible enough to stimulate me and I open my mouth to lick her ass cheeks in slow strokes.

I push her huge buttocks apart to get a look at the puckered anus. The pungent hole is brownish and smaller than her pussy. I push my tongue there to taste its sourness. The tip probes into her tight opening and then licks it in swift strokes. My mother moans aloud as I lick her anus and coat it with saliva.

To lubricate mom's rectum, I spit the saliva continuously into her anus and then get up slapping on her big bottom. My cock stands erect and ready to pass an entry. So I insert it through mom's anus and push it into her lubricated rectum. After withdrawing it, I push it again into her.

"Aaahh... Mmmm... Mmmm... " my mother moans, raising her head up and enjoying the assault at her rear. I slap on her buttocks as I continue to fuck her from behind, pushing the cock deeper into her intestine. I bite on my lip as I thrust into her again and again.

"OOHHH... MMMM... FUCKKK... YEAHH... OHHH... " She cries out her pleasure, for I have increased my momentum. Her voice quivers as I make forceful, savage thrusts into her. I hold her wide hips tight and slap her buttocks to keep on my pace. She screams as I add up to the harshness of my thrusts.

I feel a ripple inside my loins. It gives me a shudder and I stop fucking my mother in rear. Acting quick on my decision of switching the entries, I withdraw my cock and tell mom to lie on her back. She is a best sub and complies to me without a moment's delay.

I hold her legs wide apart and push them up. My tip touches with her inviting cunt and she hisses as the strap-on slides easily through it. Here I restart the thrusts in slow pace and add up to their momentum, push by push. I move my hips faster than before and her beautiful face contorts in lust as I go deeper into her.

"AAAHH... AAAHH... FUCKK... OH YEAHH... FUCKK... MMMM... " Mom cries aloud. Her voice cuts into quivers as I make a hard push into her. I raise my tempo to fuck her, deeper each time. My eyes are shut tight and I bite my lip. The pleasure ripples through my canal and I add up to my speed. Mom hugs me tight as I push the strap-on into her very depths with all the might I can muster. She scratches on my naked back due to the pleasure wave, which courses through her spine. I feel the same way myself; the lust pulsates to its peak into my love canal.

"FUCK I'M CUMMMMMMING... OHH FUCK... HARDER... YES... YESSSSS... " Mom screams out as she reaches her orgasm. With one mightiest push, I cry aloud and explode out my release in an instant. Mom shuts her eyes tight and shudders as the honey oozes out of her quivering pussy. I can't feel the twitching of her cunt around my lifeless hardness but I can tell it is squeezing on the cock; because she is heaving and exhaling forcefully into my face, passing under the shakes of intense release.

Much of our vitality is lost after that bout of passionate fucking. I slide down to lie beside my mother. For many silent minutes we lie together, doing nothing else. Then we shift on the bed to face and smile at each other in a warm embrace. Before going into another fuck, I kiss mom on lips and she kisses me back. Then I mount atop her voluptuous body to lick and slobber on her front all over. I pull her nipples into my mouth to lubricate her love canal and push her thighs wide apart to lick her sensitive perineum. Pushing my open mouth into her labia, I lap on their pink insides and lick on the ultra sensitive clit. She moans and screams out her lust which is released from her cunt into my open mouth. I love to drink her sweet juice and lap on her cum-soaked labia. Then I position myself between her thighs and push the 11" rubber cock into her cunt, which slides easily through the lubricated walls. The fuck continues in rapturous thrusts...

Whatever I have recorded here can't have an ending. I fuck my mother daily. I lick and suck her daily. We are content to have each other. We can't live without each other. We will make love to each other all our life and there is no stop to that.

Ah well! It's too late to say anything more. And speaking of fucking my mom, I've to join her in bed now (wink...) Good night friends!

Sapphire FOUR


Cynthia Saint:

Sex: Female

Age: 31 years

Figure: Smooth-toned, soft-contoured, voluptuous, hourglass type and perfectly feminine

Complexion: White

Voice: Musical

Face: Nymphish and innocent in looks

Eyes: Heavy-lidded, large, slightly slanted and deep blue

Hair: Silken, soft, ample, honey-blonde and waves down to hips

Bust: 39DD, pendulous and firm

Nipples: Pink and protrudent

Areolae: Pink and large

Waist: 27

Hips: 40, wide-curved

Ass: Soft and massive

Thighs: Soft-toned and rounding in contours

Denise Moore:

Sex: Female

Age: 30 years

Figure: Skinny and poorly curved

Complexion: White

Voice: High-pitched

Face: Pretty and calculative in expression

Eyes: Slightly slanted, small and dark brown

Hair: Short, boy-cut, straight and dark

Bust: 32C and round

Waist: 23

Hips: 31, narrow

Ass: Almost flat

Thighs: Straight and smooth-toned

Cynthia Saint woke up for the third time that night. She blinked blankly at the dimly lit ceiling of her air conditioned bedroom and shifted herself to a sitting position as soon as she had gained up her senses. The blonde fingered the untidy curls off her beautiful face and reflected on what she had just dreamed.

Never in her life had she dreamed any thing bizarre like this for five consecutive nights and it was indeed an odd truth. Cynthia was a realist. "Dreams are just dreams" was the only comment she made whenever her best friend Denise Moore tried to discuss about her own dreams. Unlike Cynthia, she believed that dream interpretations were not unreal and they can sometimes be premonitory. Cynthia always laughed unceremoniously at Denise's idea but that dream was an exception; a very rare exception. Whether it was just a dream or a strange premonition, she couldn't deduce in confusion.

In that dream Cynthia found herself standing naked in a cubicle. The interior of that cubicle was quite spacious and resembled to that of a room furnished well with drapery. She was inspecting all the contents of cubicle and felt as if she was waiting for someone to come.

All of a sudden the door of cubicle opened and a tabby cat entered. Cynthia smiled as she looked at the cat. The cat moved towards her and the door shut down automatically. Following the cat she turned and saw a double bed covered in violet plush sheet. The cat turned to face her when they reached at bedside and rose on hind legs. It seemed to Cynthia that the cat was growing in height. The feline front paws rested unto her arms.

Cynthia was pushed backwards on the bed and instantly she saw the smiling face of a short-haired woman which loomed upon her. That woman was neither unfamiliar nor unfriendly. She raised one of her hand to stroke Cynthia's cheek lovingly and said about acting something out in a cold purring whisper. Cynthia wasn't amazed to see that the woman's hands were furry; as if she already knew the cat had actually been that woman. She found herself nodding to the woman above her, who smiled broadly.

Cynthia could feel the woman's hot breath upon her face whose mouth met her full pouting lips in a soft, deliberate kiss. The woman sucked Cynthia's lower lip and then kissed her hard. Cynthia heard herself moaning into her mannish lover's sucking mouth. The woman sucked her lips and then slid down slowly. Cynthia felt something soft and wet on her sensitive nipples in upward, quick strokes and looked down. The tabby cat was licking on each of her huge tits in hunger. The animal just rolled her eyes up to stare back at Cynthia but continued to lick her boobs. Cynthia sighed as the tickle of whiskers felt good on the naked skin of her bubbies. She closed her eyes, enjoying the licking strokes unto her protruding nipples.

The blonde opened her eyes and looked down again as she heard a "Miaow" after a while. She wasn't amazed a bit to see the cat's disappearing hologram upon her huge chest and its simultaneous reappearance between her legs. The cat stared at her for a while and looked down. Cynthia felt two hands unto the soft flesh of her thighs. The hands weren't visible; it was just a feeling. The only thing visible before her was the tabby cat which was staring down between her thighs.

Cynthia lay silent as her thighs were splayed wide apart in apparent automaticity. The cat moved her whiskered face down between the blonde's thighs. The animal extended her front legs which were transfigured into two white, human arms. The arms hugged around Cynthia's thighs and hands began to stroke on their resilient flesh. Cynthia hissed as the cat darted its tongue to lick on her ultra sensitive cunt-lips.

The nymph sighed and bit her lip as the cat made deliberate, quick lapping strokes upon her cunt. She closed her eyes and then arched her back up. The waves of rising lust generated at her perineum due to feline oral stimulation.

Cynthia began to moan when someone's lips pressed hard unto her slit. She opened her eyes reflexively to see the short-haired head of the lesbian between her thighs. It was sure the cat was completely transfigured into that slim woman, who was now eating her cunt. The woman had pressed her mouth hard into the twitching womanhood of Cynthia, who cried in pleasure as she felt the suction on her clit. The blonde nymph gritted her teeth, shut her eyes tight and strained her voluptuous torso up in extreme pleasure. The vibrating walls of her love canal filled with lust up to the brim as she screamed aloud her orgasm in entire blackness...

While reflecting on that dream Cynthia hissed as she had been stroking herself between thighs and her fingers had pinched on the throbbing clit. The blonde sighed and moved her hand up before her eyes. She stared at the cum-soaked fingers for a while and sucked them to taste herself. The taste felt really good on her tongue. She swallowed her salted cream in an instant. Before dreaming about cat/woman, oral sex was one of the most disgusting, very dirty things for Cynthia, but now it felt desirable to her. She couldn't deny that it was so good, so intriguing, and so full of pleasure.

Cynthia switched on the bedside lamp and looked around for wall clock. It was half past five and everything about the bedroom was still quiet. She turned to right and reached for her cell phone on the nightstand. She wanted to tell Denise about her dream and knew inwardly that her friend would be very excited to hear it. Being an amateur student of Psychology Denise seemed best at calculating the visions and perceptions.

Cynthia opened the "Contacts" folder and scrolled down to locate "Denise". But she changed her mind to call her friend as the number appeared on screen. It looked too absurd to call Denise at late night just for telling a dream.

She smiled to herself and put the cell phone back on nightstand. After lying on bed she covered her naked, voluptuous body under the sheet and thought to call Denise some hours after then. It would be a stimulus for Denise to think on something new and interesting.

Cynthia called Denise at around 8.0 am and expected the question as she told her about dreaming the same scene for five consecutive nights.

"What! A dream Last night"

"For last five nights, if I can correct you."

"Yeah ok... for five nights. Are you sure it was the same dream"

"Of course I'm pretty sure. The same dream for five nights."

"Wow, interesting!" said Denise, feeling the excitement growing inside her. "And what did you dream about"

Cynthia told her all the juicy, yet bizarre details of her dream. Denise heard her friend intently and bit her lip but Cynthia could hear an occasional sigh which had escaped from Denise's mouth. A strange idea struck her and she frowned. Was Denise feeling the same way about her dream as she had last night

For some moments none of them spoke until Denise broke the ice. "Have you been watching lesbian porno lately" she asked.

"What! Oh my, do you know me a pervert" said Cynthia, smiling at Denise's question, who knew well that Cynthia was neither a lesbian nor interested to watch lesbian flicks.

"Ummm... no. That's not what I mean," said Denise. "And... have you read any comic or fantasy novel, say for a change"

For an answer Denise heard Cynthia's tinkling laughter.

"Why should I have to find a change in cartoons or novels I never expected you to ask me this. You know, fantasies turn me off." said Cynthia.

That was true. Cynthia always loved to go for long drive, window shopping and cafes if she really got sick of overtime and needed to refresh her mind.

"I asked this to get something about your dream and if I were you, I would've inquired into its depths." said Denise, with special emphasis on her last phrase.

"Inquired into its depths!" Cynthia repeated Denise's words, "But what's so special to inquire about Are you talking about... about my consecutive dreaming"

"So do I." answered Denise in a definite tone.

"Oh, still sticking to that interpretation stuff on dreams, aren't you" Cynthia said with a wry smile.

"Well, I guess you saw something worth of interest in your dream. You are the one who told me about it."

"If I tell you a dream, should it mean I'm truly interested to let you know what was in it" Cynthia commented in her "dreams are just dreams" tone.

"You never discussed any of your dreams with me before now, did you" said Denise.

"Yes I never did but..."

"But you dreamed something very strange which was never watched, read or liked by you. Nevertheless you dreamed it for five nights without any break or change. If dreams are unreal, can you explain why this happened to you And can you tell me why it's so special to discuss this when you don't believe on things like dreams"

Cynthia, for the first time, couldn't shed off Denise's question regarding dream, who was asking it based on her confirmations. She considered at her friend's words for a while and said, "That's what I've been asking myself since last night."

Denise said, smiling in triumph, "It's just because you are confused about the dream, my friend. Mark my words. If any thing like this confuses you, just try to act it out."

"What" Cynthia spat out questioningly.

"I said try to act out your dream." Denise repeated her words in a firmer tone.

Cynthia laughed. "Very funny! And how come I can act out my dream" she asked unceremoniously.

"I'll tell you when we meet in person and that's for sure you'll feel the difference." said Denise; her tone was still firm.

"Feel the difference for what" asked Cynthia.

"That if you act it out, you won't be dreaming this again."

Cynthia fell silent for some moments considering on what her friend had just hinted. Denise's hint was as queer as that dream. But what idea laid behind acting out the dream. Should she be involved in a lesbian or bestial act Evidently, Denise's suggestion was helping her stop that dream for good, but how would it work out if she met her in person.

Cynthia couldn't deduce for any confirmed answer to the questions rising in her mind and therefore she had no choice but to comply with her friend. "Ok. If you say so, I'll do it."

Denise smiled to hear her friend's approval and said, "Very good and very right thing to decide. Can you come to White Pearl Hotel tonight Just tell me and I'll go there right now to get a booking."

"What time it would be" asked Cynthia.

Denise licked her lips and said, "Say at 7.0 pm. I'll meet you positive. If you don't find me there, just send a message. Or... or maybe you won't need to text me. I'll try to be there as quick as my bunny."

Cynthia laughed at this. They said "bye bye" to each other and hang down the receiver.

Denise turned to her bedroom, smiling to herself. She looked at her reflection in the mirror of dressing stand and puffed the compact powder on her face. No sooner was her face made up, then she smiled at her reflection. Winking at it, she said in a deliberate, low voice, "Miracles do happen Cindy darling. Tonight you'll believe on them."

Unlike Denise, Cynthia's day wasn't much busy and therefore she returned home earlier than usual. She received a call from Denise at about 4.30 pm, who told her that she had to ask for Room 19 at the reception counter when she would reach the hotel. Cynthia wanted to ask Denise about her idea to act out the dream but said instead, "Ok I get it". It was an exciting yet crazy thing for a realist like Cynthia to meet a friend out of home for stopping nothing but a repetitive dream. Inwardly she felt herself to agree with Denise. If everything was solved out with a friendly help, she could have a sound, dreamless sleep.

At around 7.10 pm that night, Cynthia entered the luxurious White Pearl Hotel. Men and women turned their heads to look at the extremely beautiful blonde, who looked gorgeous in her white satin blouse and tight hugging Denim skirt. Cynthia seemed oblivious about that and walked straight to the reception desk. The receptionist was a cheeky, young redhead who flashed a smile at the blonde and spoke in her childish voice, "How can I help you Ma'am"

"Room 19." Cynthia replied in a casual tone.

"Excuse me Ma'am." the receptionist said and turned. She typed something and tabulated figures appeared on the computer screen. She looked back at Cynthia and said, "I'm sorry Ma'am. The room's already booked to Miss Denise..."

"I'm her friend. Name's Cynthia Saint." She interrupted her in mid-sentence.

The smile flashed again on cheeky girl's lips. "Surely Ma'am." She said and moved her hand below desk to fish out the key. The smile resumed on her lips as she spoke again. "Our porter will accompany you in no time."

She rang the bell and a slim clean shaven man rushed to the reception desk. The receptionist instructed on guiding Cynthia up to Room 19, as she handed him the key.

Denise was no where at the hotel. Cynthia followed the porter silently to enter Room 19 and tipped him as he bowed before her to leave. She looked around the well decorated room and in an instant everything about it seemed familiar to her. It was evident she had never been to that hotel before, yet Cynthia felt that she had already been in Room 19.

She turned around and looked at the double bed covered by a violet plush sheet. The bed also looked familiar and so did the sheet. She frowned and walked slowly to it. Sitting on the soft luxurious mattress she roamed her hand on the plush, thinking intently. And suddenly it struck into her mind. She had seen the very interior of room in her dream.

Dumbfounded, she looked around the room again. The drapery hanging over the opposite walls looked refreshing but for Cynthia it was amazing to see it as familiar as the bed or its sheet. She turned her head to look at the closed door, but shook her head the next instant. It was impossible, absolutely non existent for an ordinary tabby cat to enter her luxurious room and exhibit fantastic feasts of transfiguration. What a ridiculous thing it was to believe that there was a cat anywhere in the world which could transfigure itself into a short-haired, slim woman... and thinking of the short-haired woman, she was struck again by another idea.

Denise's profile had reflected in her mind. She was also a short-haired woman who had an almost flat figure, like that of a man's. On the contrary Cynthia had a figure blessed with perfect voluptuousness. She was prettier and more of a woman than Denise. Was Denise suggesting her something unusual Had her friend hinted her of acting out the dream with her involving the lavishness of lesbian love Couldn't Denise be fitted as the short-haired woman in her dream who lay atop her before kissing her lips as a feline woman, licking her huge tits as the cat and eating her snatch in her real self She was the one who had suggested acting out the dream just as the feline woman had purred to her to act out something in that dream.

Yet some sharp questions raised in her mind the next instant. Had Denise called her deliberately and knew well what she really wanted with her Was her best friend a pervert, who always preferred women as bed mates Did she choose Room 19 just to press her idea on Cynthia that dreams do turn out a reality Could it be possible that she found an alibi for calling Cynthia at hotel and sleep with her just to fulfill her lesbian lust

Those antagonistic thoughts battled into Cynthia's mind. She sat silent on bed in mingled feeling of appreciation and fear for her friend. But after a while she got up deciding finally. For the first time in her life she felt determined to get through the lesbian sex. It wasn't wrong; never would it be a wrong thing for Denise making love to her passionately. If Denise was playing on something fishy, she had made a very poor excuse for calling her at the hotel after hearing nothing but a dream. It inspired Cynthia greatly that Denise had really held out a helping hand to her. She was a friend indeed.

There was a click at the door and it opened slowly. Cynthia turned around in start to look at it. She stared in awe as the door was pushed slowly into the room. It would be a moment's matter. Then the tabby cat would be lurking into the room...

And the short-haired head of her friend peered into Room 19. Cynthia stared at her entering friend in frozen amazement and sighed in relief as Denise smiled at her.

"You all right The chick told me you've been here a short while. Just stuck up in the evening traffic. It's a nuisance you know." Denise said as she closed the door and locked it. To Cynthia, she looked formally dressed in blue top and black pants.

"I'm ok. You are about in time." Cynthia replied in a soft, relieved tone.

"Thought I was late. Felt myself getting bullshit." The smile had faded from Denise's face as she said in an irritated tone, walking to the bed and flung herself down on the double bed beside her friend.

Cynthia stared at Denise solicitously and asked, "Are you feeling bad Care to order champagne"

Denise turned her head to stare at Cynthia. "Feeling bad! Why would I be Instead I'm as excited as a barking dog."

"Me too." Said Cynthia; her tone was casual. "I was just wondering if you are really tired."

Denise seemed too excited to hear Cynthia. She put down her bag and said, "I thought to get a look at the mall before coming here. It can never be a window shopping once you stand on the escalators and watch people making funny gestures."

"You've been at the mall and didn't care to tell me what you were planning for the eve." said Cynthia to her friend in a frowning complaint.

"I was just... erm, pardon me for not asking you some refreshment. Thought you wouldn't like the idea." Denise said without looking at Cynthia. She had a guilty, yet funny look on her face.

"Why would I not like it" asked Cynthia. She couldn't get to what Denise had just said.

"Let's get it like this." Denise said in a matter-of-factly tone. "We are here to act out your dream but... but I thought you may see it the worst of way."

She fell silent, seeing a questioning look on Cynthia's beautiful face and continued, "Well, you never liked perverts and think lesbians as some psychotic bullies. Dreams have always been the unreal things for you. Some pointless perceptions, so to speak. Instead, you had an erotic dream for five nights. Very odd thing in its sense, it made your sleep less comfy. So I thought to help you the instant you told me all about it. I figured out the best way to stop the dream for good. Acting it out, of course. But I suppose you didn't get me then when you agreed to my suggestion and even now you don't have an idea for this."

Cynthia said nothing in answer for a while and they continued to look at each other before she spoke: "No Deni. I know exactly what the meaning of your hint was."

Denise stared at her friend in disbelief. "You... You know it" She asked in an apprehensive tone.

"Yes. Before your arrival, I realized what you actually said by acting out the dream. If you'd be asking me the meaning of this, I'd simply tell you to look around the room. See what you can make out." Cynthia said in a casual tone.

Frowning at her friend's words, Denise turned her head. She looked at the hangings and paintings which decorated the interior of room in a refined taste.

"Do you get something" Cynthia asked her.

Denise looked at Cynthia in what's-so-special way and shook her head in response.

"Ok. What idea you'd get after looking at the bed sheet" Cynthia asked Denise; she was still casual.

Denise stared down at the violet plush which covered the bed. She looked up at Cynthia with a got-non-at-all-yet expression and saw a satisfied smile on Cynthia's full, pouting lips. It confused her even more.

"You are giving me a jig, aren't you" She said.

"Ask me and I'd say it's so apparent. Acting out my dream means I must be subjected to some lesbian sex. And there isn't any reliable person for this but you. You thought it a best way to help me have the sound sleep at nights without that dream. That seems true you never knew the interior of this room but I had dreamed it for last five nights. This bed and its sheet helped me how I should decide. Your suggestion was purely a helping hand. You've made me realize there is nothing pervert here. And I believe you never lusted after me because you wanted to help."

Denise looked closely at Cynthia and felt the heat of affection rising in the heavy-lidded blue eyes. She began to smile and moved her hand to stroke one soft cheek. Moving closer a bit to her beautiful friend, she asked in a soft tone. "Do you really want me to help, Cindy"

"Yes, I do. Help me Deni. Help me the way you want to." Cynthia replied in whispering warmth. Her eyes searching into Denise's.

Denise moved even closer and her mouth met Cynthia's pouting lips. It was a warm, soft kiss which kept their mouths glued together. Cynthia closed her eyes savoring the care and affection so demanding in passion.

They didn't break the kiss for long and Cynthia felt her lips getting sucked forcefully by Denise's hot mouth. The short-haired woman hugged her friend who was prettier, bigger and sexier than her. Keeping her mouth pressed unto Cynthia's and holding her tight in warm embrace, Denise shifted herself to stoop unto her. Their kiss broke momentarily as Denise got off the bed, pulling Cynthia to her feet alongside.

They stood by the bed, in a warm mutual closeness and their lips met again in a deep sucking kiss. Cynthia hugged Denise around shoulders as she felt her skinny friend's hands roaming down her back and stroking the ample Denim-covered cheeks.

Denise sucked Cynthia's lower lip and instantly kissed her pouting mouth, cheeks, eyes and ears. The blonde closed her heavy-lidded eyes, savoring the closeness as Denise sucked her earlobes and licked the resilience of her throat.

After showering little kisses on blonde nymph's face, Denise moved her hands to unbutton the blouse. Cynthia smiled affectionately at Denise, whose deft hands had taken the material off her taking torso. She raised her arms as Denise reached around her voluptuous form and unhooked the white bra.

The bra lazily slipped off Cynthia's pendulous tits. Denise looked at them in a lusting stare. As if enchanted by massive melons, she began to stroke their firmness and tried to cup them. It seemed to Denise that her hands were too small to enclose those firm jugs. They presented a beautiful sight with white tan lines tracing the shape of bikini bra.

Denise held each of Cynthia's breasts playfully and stooped down. The pink coarseness of her friend's protrudent nipples was inviting and unable to stand more, Denise opened her mouth to take the right teat first. She sucked and pulled at its soft protrusion. After licking it in a long upward stroke Denise turned her head to suck on Cynthia's left nipple. She pulled its ultra desirable texture into her mouth in a smack and licked it in quick twirls.

Cynthia felt the desire well up inside her as Denise continued to smack on her jugs and suck the swelling nipples fervently. She closed her eyes as Denise's tongue licked her huge bubbies, tracing the bikini tan lines. Denise was also enjoying what she was doing to her gorgeous, ample-curved friend. She was feeling the weak sweaty taste on her tongue as she lapped on the huge mammas. Never had she licked the taste so delicious, so intriguing like that before.

Denise pulled hard on Cynthia's nipples, which slid out of her sucking mouth in smack. She held Cynthia at her curved out hips and sank slowly on knees, as she trailed the kisses down on her naked belly. Her hands were trembling as she fumbled with the button and zipper of Cynthia's tight hugging skirt. She pulled quickly at the Denim material which fell on the floor, sliding down the blonde's smooth-toned thighs.

Cynthia thought to step out of her fallen skirt but held herself back as she felt the fingers tugging into the waistband of her white knickers. Denise was quick to strip her naked. It was the part of her friend's person, Cynthia never knew. Denise's mouth felt good at her nipples; her hands were gifted in making swift strokes and quick well-timed stripping. Perhaps Denise wasn't realizing about the perfection of her own ministrations just as Cynthia had judged them. It was elating for the blonde to observe that she was accompanied by a friend, who knew well how to kiss and love a woman.

Denise pulled down Cynthia's white panties and helped her friend to step out of the irregular heap of garments. She stared for a while at the shaven pink slit between the vertices of white thighs and moved closer to blonde nymph's lower body as if she was open-mouthed in trance. Hugging gently around Cynthia's soft-toned thighs, Denise buried her face between them. Mouth still open, she pressed it on the inviting pungent womanhood of her friend.

Cynthia hissed and closed her eyes as she felt a very pleasing sensation. She knew at once what had caused it. Denise's mouth was rubbing unto her ultra sensitive, pink labia. The tip of her tongue licked on Cynthia's slit in upward and downward strokes. The blonde beauty bit her lip. She parted her legs slightly, holding on her short-haired lover's head and shoulders. Denise seemed oblivious of Cynthia's holding hand and continued to rub her mouth on the delicious sweetness of shaven slit; her hands were stroking on Cynthia's huge ass cheeks, occasionally squeezing them.

Denise kept her mouth glued to Cynthia's ultra sensitive pussy. The pungency wafting out of the licked cunt was intoxicating and Denise wanted to eat the honey in perfect savour. To follow her wish for taking Cynthia up the peak of lust, she got on feet. Guiding the voluptuous blonde to lie on bed, Denise pushed her gently backwards on the bed. Without getting naked herself, she lay atop the nude form of Cynthia and pressed her mouth on blonde nymph's full lips to suck them. Cynthia kissed her friend back and opened her mouth to receive the invading tongue. She responded equally to Denise and their tongues danced together searching the corners of two mouths locked together.

Denise rubbed her mouth unto Cynthia's and sucked her lips. Cynthia closed her eyes as Denise kissed her smooth-toned throat and continued to slobber down her huge chest. Her face seemed to sink into the valley between those huge mountains for a while and emerge out over the right boob to lick its massive firmness.

She kissed the breast and lapped on the pink nipple in long upward strokes. Pursing her mouth over the protrudent hardness, Denise took it into her mouth. She sucked the teat in slow deliberation. Cynthia's nipple slipped out of Denise's mouth in forced suction. She licked the coarse textured areola again before turning her head to left jug.

Denise darted her tongue out and ran its tip on the huge melon. She licked the nipple and quickly took it into her mouth to suck harder. It seemed an attempt to pull the entire mass of breast but Cynthia's nipple merely escaped the closing lips of Denise during forceful suction.

Denise licked Cynthia's left nipple before slobbering down her flat tummy. She continued to crawl backwards above her, licking the softness of her thighs and shins in long strokes. Cynthia giggled as Denise licked the soles of her feet but then she felt excited as before while feeling the sucking pull of Denise's mouth on each of her toes.

Slobbering down Cynthia's bigger soft form, Denise had deliberately missed to eat her delicious tart. She looked up hungrily and found the sight absolutely inviting. Cynthia's thighs were splayed apart after Denise had sucked the white-toned soles and the shaven cunt was glistening between them in its pink splendor.

After crawling forwards like an over grown lizard, Denise positioned herself between the splayed thighs. For a moment she looked at her friend. Cynthia was looking back at her. A beauteous smile played on her full lips. Her face looked so nymphish, so pretty in the golden pool of abundant hair. Denise stared fleetingly at the rise and fall of her huge tits in each breathing move of chest. She licked her lips and her eyes rolled down to the inviting pink flower. She said in an undertone "Time to do it, Cindy darling."

Denise put her hands on the inner aspects of Cynthia's thigh and splayed them gently. The view of wrinkled labial folds was mouth-watering. Denise stooped down and darted her tongue. It lapped on Cynthia's cunt in upward and downward strokes. Denise pressed her open mouth on Cynthia's front door to rub her lips over it.

"Aaaah... Aaaah... Ooooh... " Denise heard Cynthia's sighs and low-toned moans. She increased the lingual and oral pressure on blonde's pussy. The salty taste of Cynthia's entrance was intriguing to Denise as she sucked on its light brown folds. They slid out of her mouth as she smacked on her blonde friend's pussy.

Sniffing on the pungent wetness, Denise licked, lapped and sucked the salty yoni. Cynthia shuddered and moaned louder as her friend's sucking mouth glued unto her ultra-sensitive pussy. She grew wetter in no time. The blonde shut her eyes tight. She squeezed her own tits, pinching the hardened nipples. Her love canal seemed to vibrate in lusting heat as thick juices began to ooze out into Denise's sucking mouth. Denise pressed her mouth harder unto Cynthia's pussy as it spat gushes of girl-cum into her oral cavity. Passionate to drink Cynthia's orgasm she licked all the juice off her cunt and sucked the labial folds in smack.

Denise shifted herself to raise Cynthia's thighs above her shoulders and hugged them around. Her hands roamed over their soft flesh as she pressed her mouth unto Cynthia's cunt. She sucked and licked the light brown folds, occasionally kissing them.

Cynthia squeezed her own tits and raised her torso as she felt the intense pleasure filling into her loins again. Denise sucked her pussy hard and licked it where the ultra sensitive clit lay hidden under the folded blanket of skin. For her perfect oral service, Denise was awarded with another drink of Cynthia's salted cream within a few minutes.

Denise didn't stop to eat Cynthia's snatch. She released her friend's thighs and moved her hands to push them more apart. Cynthia hissed as Denise stretched her labia manually. She licked Cynthia's pink entrance and her tongue-tip stroked over the uncovered clit. She pursed and closed her lips on the engorging protuberance.

"AAAHH... UMMM... UMMM... AAAHH... " Cynthia screamed out of intense pleasure as the walls of her cunt shuddered. Denise's hot mouth pressed and sucked on her clit. The blonde nymph pinched her own nipples and bit her lip as the lust rose to the brim of her hood. Denise licked her lubricated entrance before sucking the clit again; harder this time. Cynthia screamed aloud as she reached her third orgasm. Denise drank the honey as she pressed her mouth open unto Cynthia's vaginal entrance.

Denise licked her friend's cunt clean and then moved forwards to suck her nipples. She lay atop the blonde, kissing her pouting mouth. Cynthia sucked Denise's lips to taste her own cream.

"We've made it Cindy. You won't dream it again." Denise whispered to Cynthia, embracing her warmly. "Tonight you'll see it yourself."

"Thanks for the helping hand, Deni. It was really great." Cynthia said in a contented smile.

"You are wrong." said Denise matter-of-factly.

"What But you helped me!" said Cynthia. She couldn't get why Denise had said her wrong.

"You said it was a helping hand. Shouldn't we say it was a helping mouth"

They laughed together and Cynthia said, "Like hand, like mouth."

They kissed each other and Denise made love to Cynthia to please her more.

After leaving the hotel at around 10.30 pm, Denise accompanied her friend on the way back home. Cynthia retired contentedly to her bedroom and fell asleep without taking her clothes off.

The bizarre lesbian dream never disturbed her nights again.

Sapphire FIVE


Sara Evans:

Sex: Female

Age: 37 years

Figure: Soft-contoured, smooth-toned, very desirable and perfectly feminine

Complexion: Heavily tanned

Voice: Musical

Face: Nymphish, flushed, round and smooth in contours

Eyes: Heavy-lidded, long-lashed, large and turquoise

Hair: Silken, soft, abundant, black and curls down to ass

Bust: 41DD, round, lop-sided and firm

Nipples: Light brown and puffy

Waist: 28

Hips: 42, wide-curved

Ass: Soft and massive

Thighs: Smooth-toned and fat

V (Full name unknown):

Sex: Female

Age: 25 years

Figure: Soft-contoured, smooth-toned, voluptuous and desirably feminine

Complexion: Black

Voice: High-pitched

Face: Pretty, oval and full in cheeks

Eyes: Long-lashed, slightly slanted, large and black

Hair: Thin, straight, black and hangs down to waist

Bust: 36DDD, round, slightly pendulous and firm

Nipples: Dark brown and protrudent

Waist: 27

Hips: 39, wide-curved

Ass: Soft and big

Thighs: Soft-contoured and fat

Orientation: Lesbian

Relation with J: Sister

Role as babe-hunter: Accomplice to J

J (Full name unknown):

Sex: Female

Age: 28 years

Figure: Smooth-toned, muscular, slim and slightly curved

Complexion: Black

Voice: High-pitched

Face: Pretty, oval and depressed in cheeks

Eyes: Slightly slanted, large, restless and black

Hair: Short, thin, straight, black and hangs down to nape

Bust: 32C, round and firm

Waist: 25

Hips: 34, slightly curved

Thighs: Soft-toned and mildly round

Orientation: Lesbian

Relation with V: Sister

Role as babe-hunter: Mastermind

Sara Evans opened her eyes and moaned as the pain radiated through her over-stretched pectoral muscles. Her beautiful face contorted in reflex and she blinked into semi-darkness. The smell of damp wood hit her nostrils as she tried to look around. Everything about the place seemed strange and intimidating. Still lying on bed, she made a faint attempt to shift herself and realized instantly that each of her four limbs could not be moved. Something of coarse texture strained into her wrists and ankles as she tried to move them close. Frowning at this she rose a little and looked over to right. For some awful moments she stared at the rope which was wound around the wrist to keep her arm tied to bedpost. She turned her head instantly to left and saw that her other arm was treated in exactly the same way.

It felt ridiculous, yet alarming to see her arms tied to bedposts. She was known to be a sober-minded woman in her neighborhood and none of the person she knew could ever think of making such an absurd joke on her. It was indeed pointless for a mother of three like Sara to be treated like this but most alarming thing was that she had been tied on bed in an unfamiliar room. That pungent smell about the place didn't belong to her home.

She shivered in cold as a current of breeze swooped in the room. It seemed to pierce through her skin and she tried to pull her legs together. The strain of rope at ankles made her to look down. The sight was a good reason to add up to alarm. She stared wide-eyed and open-mouthed. Not only was she tied to bed but someone had stripped her naked.

So that wasn't joke. Someone really meant to abduct and tie her naked on the bed in a strange place. The abductor had been successful in the attempt when Sara came out of the mall and turned round a block. She was caught unawares by the rascal near an alleyway, who had held her around the waist and pressed a hand on her mouth to stifle the cries for help. The rogue seemed to be physically strong and she felt herself unable to tear away the grip that held her tight. She was dragged forcefully in a deserted corner before the abductor had released her mouth. A woman's high pitched voice said coldly behind her, "Come on, Knock her down". Before Sara could turn her head to look at the speaker, something hard was hit on her head. It was the last thing she could remember before finding herself tied in that strange room.

A sudden idea made her shiver inwardly as she recalled reading the details of a newspaper report on the abduction of a pretty, wealthy woman some months ago. The victim was stripped, tortured and raped for consecutive four days by a group of black hooligans. Her hubby had to pay them three million dollars on demand and she was released to home in a very wretched state. After hospitalization, she underwent the treatment for about forty five days. The reporter had stated that the abductors kept her tied up for long hours in an old, weather-beaten shack. They used to force her for having group and lesbian sex after whipping and caning. Like that woman, Sara lay tied and naked on the under stuffed mattress. She felt herself miserably alone and it would be easier for the abductors to satisfy their lust unto her because she was unable to resist at their advances.

The horrible creak of the dry hinges started her. She turned her head to left and stared as the wooden door opened slowly to reveal two young, black women. One of them was short-haired and slim. She was dressed in a buttoned, mauve shirt and white slacks. Her companion was prettier, curvier and completely naked. Sara could see the taking rise and fall of her huge tits at each breath. The graceful swaying of wider hips was apparent as the black beauty walked towards Sara's tied form. The short-haired woman closed the door and locked it before turning back to follow her naked companion's example.

Sara stared at the two black women looming above her. Their faces wore an impassive, yet intimidating look. The short-haired woman seemed more calculative and Sara felt the heat well up inside her. The woman roamed a meaningful gaze all over the voluptuous form of brunette and then licked her thick lips like a hungry black tiger.

The short-haired woman stepped slowly behind the long-haired beauty. Still keeping her gaze fixed on Sara, she hugged her naked companion and roamed her hands up the well-curved torso. Her black hands cupped the jugs and in deliberate, slow manner began to squeeze their delicious firmness. The naked woman closed her eyes as her protrudent nipples were pinched by deft fingers.

The slim woman kissed her voluptuous companion on right cheek and continued to gaze at the tied brunette. After some silent moments, she spoke in her high pitched voice, "Dear V! The supper is served. Light up the lamp for us, will you."

Sara frowned at woman's voice and recognized it instantly. That black woman was the one who had instructed someone to knock her down in the deserted alleyway.

The black beauty opened her eyes and turned to do as she was bid. Her companion did nothing but continued to gaze on the splendid, naked form of brunette. Sara shuddered inwardly as she looked into the coldness of that stare. It was so intimidating, so malicious. Sara felt really exposed and helpless for being unable to cover herself and stop that ruthless scrutiny.

Still staring at Sara, the black woman stepped forwards and reached at her. The brunette tried to keep her face from the black fingers but felt them touch her right cheek in soft strokes. She heard the woman speak in a soothing tone, "Oh sweetum, acting modest is a very good thing to do..." And Sara gasped as the woman suddenly slapped her cheek to turn her face back, completing the sentence loudly: "...BUT NOT BEFORE THE WORTHY J!!!"

Dumbfounded at this unexpected assault, Sara stared at J's hostile face, which looked more intimidating. J looked at the brunette for a while and her thick lips curled into a malicious smile. She grabbed Sara's beautiful, scared face in her hands ignoring the faint sobs of fear and spoke in the same soothing voice, "There, there darling! You don't have to be prude before me. Not for long, if you get me."

She moved her face closer to Sara's and forced a kiss on brunette's half-open mouth. Sara moaned in reflex as her lips were sucked hard by the black woman. J closed her thick lips to smack on Sara's full mouth. She moved her head up as V had put the well-illuminating gas lamp on a wooden stool near the bed.

"I can see darling. I can see it well. You need to be enlightened for a mild entertainment. We know what the best that suits you is." J said, curling her lips in a smile at Sara's scared look.

She stroked Sara's right cheek and got up to walk towards V. "Get ready for some show sis. The babe really needs to watch a preliminary." She said to V, winking at her.

"Ok." V said, flashing a sparkling smile at her sister.

Still scared, Sara watched in silence as the two black sisters hugged each other. J pressed her lips on V's and began to suck on their softness. V returned the kiss in similar passion and fingered through her sister's short hair.

After breaking that lip to lip suction, J showered little kisses on her sister's pretty face. Casting a fleeting look at the tied brunette, she kissed V's neck and licked on her throat. V closed her eyes in rapture as J kissed on her neck and continued to slobber down her huge chest.

Momentarily, Sara tried to pull at the rope. It was knotted so tight on her wrists that she was left with no choice but to turn her head at the hot incestuous scenario. Biting her lip, she watched J cupping V's massive boobs and open her mouth to take one protrudent nipple.

The tit-sucking act was really hot and intriguing. Sara tried to rub her thighs together feeling a twitching pulse into her entrance, but they were kept apart by the coarse textured rope. She sighed and watched silently as J shifted her sucking mouth on V's splendid tits alternatively, pulling on each nipple in audible smacks. The slim woman licked on each melon in twirling strokes and squeezed them to jut out the teats. She took V's hardened nipples into her mouth to slurp-suck them again and again.

V fingered through J's short hair as her huge tits received the non-stop passionate sucking. J roamed her hands down the curvaceous form of V. Sara sighed and bit her lip again while she stared silently at J kneading on V's massive ass cheeks, without stopping to pull the engorged nipples into her mouth. The only person with whom Sara had ever been involved in sensual bouts of love making was her own hubby; nevertheless watching the black woman sucking on her naked sister's huge bust seemed a very arousing, very delicious sight to the brunette. She never knew that lesbian love could be as taking and passionate as portrayed by the black siblings before her.

J sucked on V's tits and licked them in upward strokes, before sinking down to her knees. The lesbian sisters looked simultaneously at the voluptuous brunette, tied and open before them. Sara was breathing heavily. She could see a calculative look on J's pretty face, which was followed by the smile as malicious as before.

J stroked on the sides of her sister's soft-contoured thighs and buried her face between them. V moaned aloud when her sister's mouth made an intimate contact with her hairy cunt. Sara hissed and tried in vain to pull her thighs for rubbing them together, as she saw J's head bobbing between V's thighs. The sight was an enough stimulation to well up the heat into her loins and lubricate her pussy. She couldn't see how J was making V moan in pleasure, but she could picture a pair of thick lips rubbing on the sisterly cunt-petals and a pink tongue darting out to lick unto them in quick sweeps.

That was indeed a true picture. V closed her eyes and grabbed on J's head to pull at her short hair. The oral rub and lingual lick unto her tight slit was extremely pleasurable. Biting her lip, V tip-toed to move her thighs slightly apart and let J's face bury deeper between them. It made easy for J to rub her mouth hard on V's hot, black snatch.

J kissed hard on V's cunt and turned her head to look at the tied nymph. Stroking and squeezing on V's bigger buttocks, she pressed her left cheek unto the sisterly mons and stared at the heaving form of her quarry. She smiled in triumph. The preliminary incestuous play worked well to heat up the brunette and J was sure that Sara had grown wet.

J got to her feet and led V at Sara's right. She walked around to sit at tied nymph's left. Flashing a grin, J reached at Sara's tits and began to trace her fingers on the coarse textured areolae. Sara sighed and closed her eyes as the light touch of J's finger tips tickled her nipples.

"You like it baby, don't you" Sara heard the black woman asking her in a casual tone. "I bet you're filled up to the brim watching our preliminary. Isn't now the right time to milk you out, sweetie"

Sara said nothing and lay close-eyed, savoring the black woman's light touch on her ultra sensitive nipples.

"Answer me sugar! Should I milk you out" J asked Sara, still tickling on the light brown nipples. Her tone was sweeter.

Sara said nothing yet and the next instant, her eyes flew open as she screamed. J had pinched on her nipples and the pulling twist of black hands felt very painful. V laughed, watching brunette's face contorted in agony.

"I told you not to be prude before me, didn't I Answer me, or I'll... PULL YOU MORE!" J's tone grew louder as she spoke.

"Ye... Yesss... Yesss... " Sara said in a faint defeated tone, sobbing at the harsh manipulation on her nipples.

"Very good. That's more I like it." J said in a jovial tone releasing the nipples and smiling maliciously at the tied nymph. She turned to address her naked sister. "You know V, what's the next thing to do, isn't it"

"Certainly." V said, flashing the smile, which seemed to Sara a jeering expression.

The black sisters shifted themselves to kneel along the bed, one at each side. They stroked on Sara's huge tits and stooped together to take the puffy nipples into their mouths.

Sara, tied and spread-eagled before her black captors, forgot the pain inflicted a while ago. She sighed and closed her eyes as the lesbian sisters pulled on her engorged nipples into their mouths. They sucked and licked their coarse texture, occasionally squeezing on the firmness of brunette's jugs. Never in her life had Sara felt so impulsive and wet at the oral service on her beautiful tits; not even with the dear hubby sucking on them every night. It was because two mouths were there for the first time to suck on her jutting melons simultaneously, letting Sara wallow under the ripples of pleasure that rose shortly from the depths of her cunt.

J moved her left hand over to stroke on Sara's heated snatch. The brunette hissed and bit her lip as two mouths continued to suck her tits and deft fingers rubbed on the wrinkled labial folds open for the service. V was sucking harder on Sara's right nipple, paying full attention at what she was doing. Her sister, on the other hand, seemed to know more at the manual techniques. One of her fingers had treacherously sneaked into brunette nymph's lubricated entrance.

"Aaahh... Aaahh... Ummm... Ummm... Ummm... " Sara began to moan. The lesbian sisters kept their sucking mouths glued to her nipples. V twirled her tongue on the light brown areola, sucking along the entire nipple. J kissed and licked more on Sara's left boob, as she was rubbing fingers on her wet cunt-petals.

Sara cried and her eyes brimmed with tears as J hit thrice on her twitching pussy. She resumed the rubbing act on brunette's hood to make her moan in pleasure. The lesbian couple continued to suck Sara's big nipples for seemingly uncountable moments.

Releasing the nipple from her mouth in a pull, J moved up to kiss Sara full on mouth. The nymph felt her lips sucked into black lesbian's hot mouth and then, she kissed her captor back. Momentarily, it felt surprising to Sara for how she was responding to J's kiss. It was evident that the fear was replaced by pleasure. Nothing felt intimidating to Sara any more and she was getting truly involved in the intriguing lesbian sex.

V sucked on Sara's right tit, who was responding positive to J's lip-locking kiss. The black beauty had to release the engorged nipple in a pull as J signaled her for shifting the positions and untie Sara's limbs.

"Let the sugar get mixed with your melons till I get my strap-on in place." J said impassively to V, as they had finished unknotting Sara's arms.

Sara frowned questioningly at J who got off the bed to walk up to a corner, and then turned her head to look at V. The black beauty was smiling, holding the pair of jugs as a rewarding presentation before the brunette.

"Come on dearie! Suck my tits. Don't let them wait for long." V said sweetly to Sara as if she was a child; yet her tone was inviting.

Encouraged by the curvaceous lesbian, Sara shifted herself to a sitting position and instantly took the left nipple into her mouth. V sighed as Sara began to suck her teat. She hugged the brunette and fingered through the abundant hair, savoring the pull of hot lips on her sensitive nipple.

V's nipple slid out of Sara's pulling mouth, who turned her head to resume the hot suction on the right nipple. V kissed on the crown of dark-haired head and continued to finger through the silken hair as Sara lapped on her tit and pulled the nipple into her passionate mouth.

Sara sucked on V's tits alternatively, whose hug seemed maternal to her. For seemingly longer moments, she kept on pulling the resilient-textured nipples into her ardent mouth. Sara never knew that sucking another woman's nipples could be so delicious, intriguing and utterly desirable. She was engrossed well on sucking the black tits to forget that her ankles were still tied. Nothing could have stopped her to suck V's huge tits except for a sharp-toned commanding voice: "That's enough babe! I see you can serve well. Now, get ready for some real action!"

Sara turned her head to look at the source of that voice and stared at the naked, slightly curved form of J. The thing which amazed her was not the nakedness of her captor but it was an 11" rubber strap-on that was tied tight around the slim hips.

"You like the shaft sugar, don't you" J asked Sara, smiling sweetly. Her fingers were stroking on the lifeless crooked hardness. There was a look of amusement on her face.

"Wha... What's that" Sara spoke; her voice trembling in awe.

"Aaaaa... my cute little baby asks for the toy. Just look at her V! She looks sooo... interested." J said in a jeering tone and then walked towards the bed.

The nymph stared wide-eyed at the dildo, which looked like a huge cock. Her hubby was a 7" and she always enjoyed his penetration. Sara wasn't a na�ve woman and could easily make out J's motive for tying the rubber cock. If J was going to fuck her with that thing, could she be accommodative for such a length and hardness

J sat down besides Sara and stooped to kiss her on lips. She stroked on Sara's left cheek lovingly and asked in a soft tone, "Are you panicked at my toy, sugar"

Sara could see the impassive, yet intimidating look on J's face. The black woman had asked her not to be "prude" a while ago and could go harsh if her question was not answered. Therefore "No" was the only word which had escaped her mouth.

"Now now! You've learned well how to answer the worthy J. But you've dried a bit and we can fill you up again." J said, smiling maliciously and then nodded at her sister.

V put her hands on Sara's shoulders and pushed her saying soothingly, "Lie back baby."

Sara obeyed V in silently while J untied her ankles one after the other.

V turned around and spread her thighs to squat above Sara's face. The brunette could see black lesbian's hairy cunt, gaping at her. She could smell the pungent wafts oozing out of the over-heated feminine sex.

"Lick her pussy sugar and make it sweeter for treats to come. Don't stop to please my sister with your mouth until I've drunk your honey." Sara heard J's distant voice. At that very instant she felt her own thighs being pushed apart and raised up. J had stooped down as she held and stroked on the inner tones of brunette's splayed, fat thighs.

Sara had never eaten a woman before but the pungency of the cunt above her face was enchanting. She raised her arms to hug V around the soft-toned thighs and pulled her down. Feeling J's mouth pressing unto her own cunt, she moaned. The sensation was extremely pleasurable; nevertheless it wasn't new to Sara. Her hubby was an expert cunt-eater. She used to shower his face with the girl-cum shortly after he began to suck her clit.

J opened her mouth to rub it over Sara's cunt-petals. Sara sighed and inhaled on the pungent smell of V's ripe pussy. Her first idea was to lick that delicious tart. Hence she darted her tongue out, which lapped softly upon the sensitive folds of labial skin in a deliberate stroke and then, she continued to lick on V's hairy pussy. V hissed and closed her eyes, savoring on Sara's lingual strokes unto her twitching petals.

J reached at Sara's pussy and pinched on her hood. Reflexively Sara strained her torso up in rising lust, pushing her mouth harder into V's cunt. J pressed her fingers on Sara's petals to stretch her open. She slid her index and middle fingers through the lubricated cunt with utmost ease.

Sara was stimulated to lick and suck V's gaping pussy as she was getting fucked by J's gliding in-gliding out fingers. Then the warm tongue of black lesbian danced and lapped over her exposed clit, sending Sara over to edge of lust.

Sara opened her mouth and moaned into V's pussy, when J sucked on each of her pink labial folds. The black lesbian continued to finger-fuck Sara, pursing her lips along on the ultra sensitive clit.

"Aaahh... Aaahh... Ummm... Ummm... Oohhh... " Sara moaned aloud and raised her voluptuous torso again in pleasure. The moans stifled as soon as her mouth met with V's open cunt and rubbed hard on the wet entrance.

"Ummm... Oh yeah... yeah... Aaahh... " V moaned her pleasure aloud when Sara's lips glued on her wet opening in an attempt to suck the cunt-petals. She stooped forwards to brace herself on the pillowed bed. Sara had grabbed her bigger cheeks tight in response to J's oral service unto her own twitching pussy.

J continued to fuck and suck Sara, who rubbed her lips hard on V's sex slit. Soon Sara could taste V's salted cum pouring into her mouth. J was still sucking on her clit and her pussy shuddered violently, nearing the orgasm. V moaned aloud in extreme pleasure as she pressed her pulsating cunt on Sara's sucking lips. Sara raised her face into the over-heated black pussy filled with the salted cream as she showered the gushes of hot cum into J's mouth, pressing on her cunt.

Sara kissed hard on V's cum-coated cunt as her own spent pussy was lapped hungrily by J. After licking Sara dry of the cream she got up and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

"We aren't through yet girls." J said aloud to her bed mates as if she was lecturing them in a classroom and they looked attentively at her, like obedient students.

J pursed her thick lips for a while and addressed to Sara, "Now sugar, get your slutty ass raised for me! I wanna fuck your cunt right away."

V rose a bit to get her fleshy bottom off Sara's face and make room for the brunette to sit up. But before she could get off the bed, J ordered her as well.

"Sis! I wanna see this chick coat your pussy. Lie on your ass and let her eat you. I'm gonna watch this while I fuck her with my toy." she said, slapping on Sara's huge ass.

V nodded and stretched on back, splaying her legs wide open. Her hairy pussy, still licked improperly, was wet and glistening.

Sara knelt between V's splayed thighs and stooped down. Her hot breath fell on the sensitive cunt as she inhaled the black girl's stale hollow. The smell of recently oozed cum felt intoxicating to the brunette and she darted her tongue out in impulse, lapping up the cum coated on V's labial folds.

Excited to see the hot scene, J bit her lip. She touched the brunette's raised bottom to stroke on it and stretch open the big cheeks. Roaming her hand down the glistening slit, she located Sara's twitching front door and wasted no time to slide the 11" rubber cock into the steaming, shaven cunt. She began to plunge the lifeless hardness into Sara and slapped on her big ass as the brunette gave a howl of pleasure. This stimulated J to push harder into brunette's pussy. "Yes sugar, do it! Scream for me. Scream for the worthy J!" she chanted, pushing in and pulling out of Sara's pussy.

Sara jerked forwards into V's open cunt under J's forceful, repetitive thrusts and her teeth nibbled on black beauty's clit. Her mouth pressed unto the salted cuntal folds and an occasional lick sent sparks of lust through black girl's spine.

V closed her eyes and arched her back in extreme pleasure. She bucked her wider hips up to shove the dripping pussy unto Sara's mouth. Reaching down, she grabbed the brunette's hair and pulled at it to keep the sucking mouth glued into her twitching cunt.

"Oh fuck, eat her honey! Just eat that sloppy cunt!" J groaned, pounding into Sara's pussy, almost ripping her open.

As if intrigued by J's words, Sara kept on jerking her face into V's over heated pussy, licking on the loose folds of cuntal skin and nibbling on the well-engorged clit along. V's eyes rolled in utmost lust and she screamed out, "EAT ME, BABY!! EAT ME!! YEEEAAAHHH!!! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!"

Hot gushes of salted cum oozed out of V's love canal and coated Sara's face, who couldn't brace herself to wipe it clean. V gritted her teeth and arched up her voluptuous torso as her pussy vibrated under the waves of lust.

J had increased her tempo and jerked the cock violently through Sara's over-stretched opening. The brunette howled and screamed between V's splayed thighs, as the tension rose into her perineum, higher with each quick paced penetration. She pressed her face harder into V's twitching cunt as her own pussy began to contract over the 11" hardness. Grabbing the bedsheet into fists, Sara shut her eyes tight and screamed aloud, "YEAHHH!!! OOHHH!!! YEAHHH!!! YEAHHH!!! UMMM!!!"

J pushed and repushed into Sara, who banged her forehead on V's sensitive cunt as the lust waves coursed through her body, shaking her all over. V screamed at the hit and felt that Sara's face was pressed harder into her pussy.

Sara was breathing heavily and her screams grew louder. J frowned as she made quick and violent thrusts into Sara whose body rocked violently in the extreme pleasure. The black lesbian panted and groaned hoarsely. She was approaching the orgasm herself as the strap-on pressed unto her own clit. The lusting effect pleasured her enough to fuck Sara with all the might she could muster. Sara felt herself filling to the brim and screamed as she reached her peak:


Hot cum exploded out of Sara's pussy and J also cried out a shaking orgasm above the heaving form of brunette. Sara collapsed as her pussy pulsated into the vibrating lust. Her open mouth pressed harder into V's cunt, shuddering the black girl into a quick, rippling orgasm. Evidently, Sara's face was coated with V's cunt again.

Thinking and acting fast, J pulled out of Sara and rolled off to lie besides the couple of volupties. Following her example, Sara shifted too and laid herself between the black sisters.

The trio spent rest of the night sleeping on that bed in a warm mutual embrace. They started their delicious lesbian games over again as soon as they woke, totally recharged in the morning. The incestuous couple subjected Sara to more pleasures, getting intimate and passionate with her under the bondage of lesbian sex. Evidently, there lay no more intimidation or fear between them. Love had expressed itself simultaneously in three hearts, disguised at first before Sara as the pleasure under knots. It had changed her preferences to a newer angle for the rest of life.

On the third night, the black sisters dropped Sara secretly at her home and departed without getting traced themselves. The family rejoiced greatly at her return. What happened next and how Sara shed off the questions put to her by home mates or police regarding her disappearance is another story.

Sapphire SIX


Abbey Brooks:

Sex: Female

Age: 23 years

Figure: Soft-contoured, smooth-toned, voluptuous, hourglass type and perfectly feminine

Complexion: White

Voice: Musical

Face: Nymphish, rounding in contours and innocent in looks

Eyes: Heavy-lidded, long-lashed, large and deep blue

Hair: Silken, soft, abundant, honey-blonde and curls down to waist

Bust: 38DD, round, lop-sided and firm

Nipples: Pink and puffy

Areolae: Pink and large

Waist: 26

Hips: 39, wide-curved

Ass: Soft and massive

Thighs: Creamy-soft and rounding in contours

Joseph(ine) Presley:

Sex: Female

Age: 31 years

Figure: Skinny, mannish, poor in curves and mostly flat

Complexion: White

Voice: Deep-pitched

Face: Philosophically profiled

Eyes: Slightly slanted, small and dark brown

Hair: Short, close cropped, straight and black

Bust: 31A, almost flat

Waist: 22

Hips: 30, narrow

Ass: Almost flat

Thighs: Straight and long

Orientation: A lesbian drag king

Joseph Presley was staring through the open window of her bedroom at the orange-red hue of sky. The fragrant evening breeze felt intoxicating to her as she inhaled deep into it and then closed her eyes. She smiled to herself memorizing her passionate way of making love to a busty and curvaceous brunette in the very bedroom two nights back. Surely, Joseph got totally involved in the steaming hot sex with the divorced mother of two; because Sharon Williams was so sexy and erotically a hot babe. It seemed apparently normal for the two to be introduced and get friendly with each other at a mutually shared table in Jack Steel's local bar. Joseph seemed frank to make Sharon a generous offer for the drink and the lovely brunette showed no reluctance to accept it. She sipped on the red liquor and smiled gracefully at Joseph in their hearty chat without realizing that she was being drugged by her companion. To Joseph's joy, Sharon was intoxicated and steamed up shortly. Whether it was due to the powerful dose of the drug or the effect of an aggrieving past on her, Joseph couldn't deduce. By all means it was going well in her favor, because she could take the brunette babe to her home with ease.

In the bedroom, Joseph stripped Sharon naked before pushing her gently on bed. Without taking off her own shirt and pants, she mounted atop the voluptuous beauty and pressed her mouth unto the woman's full lips. The brunette was heated up more and hugged Joseph around the shoulders to finger through her close cropped hair. They continued to suck each other's mouths in a lip-locking kiss, until Joseph slid over Sharon's hot body to stroke playfully on her 34DD tits. The busty woman moaned as Joseph pinched on her engorged nipples before taking them into her mouth one after the other. While licking and sucking hard on Sharon's one nipple, she pinched lovingly on the other teat causing the lovely brunette to melt and shudder in rising lust. Joseph held Sharon's huge tits to press them together and licked on the deep cleavage before pulling the nipples alternatively into her hungry mouth.

After sucking on Sharon's massive tits, Joseph showered a trail of hot kisses on her soft-toned belly and continued to lick her way on the inner tones of fat thighs in longer strokes. The musky smell of the ripe pussy proved to be an appetizer. Hence, her mouth pressed hard on Sharon's gaping cunt and she rubbed her lips over the wet petals in an attempt to pull on them. Sharon moaned aloud and shuddered in extreme pleasure as Joseph was sucking hard on her engorged clit. The brunette came under convulsive waves of pleasure, rewarding her lover with a treasure of rich salted cum for an untiring oral service.

It seemed to be a straight, yet passionately hot sex. Nothing went unusual about it until Joseph decided to get up and fish out a 10" rubber phallus from the night stand. Sharon stared at Joseph in pure amazement, who was strapping that crooked thing around the slim hips after unzipping and taking off her pants. The thing which amazed Sharon was the shaven pussy instead of a cock between Joseph's thighs; because she had mistaken her companion in the bar for being a man. She said nothing of utter disbelief for the figure that was leaning above her. It was a figure which being feminine in real used to dress, speak and behave like a man.

Yes, Joseph was a drag king. A woman whose orientation to present herself as a man, made her an unusual being. The bemused brunette stared at the lesbian crossdresser, who was positioning the lifeless cock at her vaginal entrance. Joseph smiled at the funny look on Sharon's face, as she touched the bulbous tip unto her ready cunt. It seemed to the short-haired lesbian that this lovely mother of two had never been with a woman; especially with a woman as queer as her.

Sharon hissed when Joseph slid the phallus into her juicy cunt. The drag king began to push and re-push that rubber thing into her lubricated love canal and continued to increase the tempo with each fucking thrust she made. The brunette moaned out of lust and hugged Joseph around shoulders, who was pounding into her cunt forcefully. The hot fucking episode continued for some minutes and ultimately culminated with the two screaming out their profuse release. Sharon left Joseph's home an hour later, who surely knew that the curvaceous beauty was pleasured well up to the peak after another session of oral service and steaming hot fuck.

Joseph liked to do surprises but more than doing any surprise, she liked women; who might preferably have pretty faces, huge tits and ample bottoms. Satisfying her lesbian tendencies in a queer way was really a fascinating idea. The easiest thing she did in that regard was to drop "i-n-e" in the actual spelling of her name. Attiring herself into male outfits wasn't a big deal either. The real challenge that lay for Joseph was to mask certain feminine features about her such as the swell of bust. But thanks to the sports bra, loose hair, liquid latex and mascara, the problem was overcome shortly.

She opened her eyes as that delicious reverie faded away into her mind by an impeding idea. Therefore, Joseph turned around and stared into the life-size mirror of her dressing stand to check if she was made up finally. In pure satisfaction she smiled at her reflection, which smiled back at her as a slim man with sideburnt handsome face. There was no chance for anyone to recognize the real of this figure covered under the grey silk shirt and navy blue pants. So Joseph and the man in mirror winked at each other simultaneously.

After enjoying a thirty minutes long drive to Jack Steel's bar, she managed to park her ford by the big trash can. Joseph got off the car and walked straight to enter the big hall. She looked around casually and observed that most of the tables there, were occupied by two or more chatter boxes. It wasn't for Joseph just to stand like a statue and watch that riff-raff of people making funny gestures at one another. But failing to find a lonely chick like Sharon Williams at any table, she resumed to walk more into the hall. Without any difficulty she located the pot-bellied, balding bartender who was busy dealing with a couple of customers.

"Hiya Jackie!" Joseph called the bartender aloud.

Started at first, Jack wheeled around and blinked at her as if he was trying to look into suddenly illuminated light, piercing through his pouchy eyes. A moment later, he showed a welcoming toothy grin.

"Hey dude!" croaked Jack, "Still lookin' fer a fresh meat"

"Nay, I'd prefer to kill a bird than filling up my mouth here." Joseph said, frowning at the bartender.

"Hark! What got ye say like that, buddy" said Jack, croaking louder than before.

"Plain enough. You come here. Find nothing special at this hour. Then go on asking a bully like you for a sizzling drink." Joseph spoke crisply.

She heard Jack making a wheezing laughter and smiled back at him.

"That's the way ye make yerself here shark!" Jack spat out jovially. "Night's always fer me guests. What would be fer ye to spue on"

"Huh! I know you are best at soda in the neighborhood." replied Joseph.

"Naught soda! Suit yerself, Martini's the best." Jack gestured her to a table and turned swiftly to go round his long reception desk for getting the drink.

Laughingly, Joseph accepted Jack's offer and walked over to sit at the table pointed by him. For some minutes she sat silently, looking around the hall and listening to a funny argument going on between a couple. She stifled an urge to laugh, when the old lady jumped suddenly spilling red liquor down the table, for her hubby's hiccough had started her.

While the crossdresser was sipping on her drink, an alluringly beautiful blonde entered the big hall. Joseph's eyes stopped their casual roaming to stare attentively at the new comer. Putting her glass on the table, she continued to look at the centre of her attention. The blonde, who was dressed in a green party dress, had stood at the entrance for a while to look around the hall before making her steps towards the reception desk. Joseph's gaze followed her and she calculated instantly that the chick was in her twenties.

The blonde walked over to the reception desk swaying her wide hips. Joseph gazed at the lovely girl, whose ample curves were accentuated by the tight hugging apparel. That dress was as silky as her honey-blonde curls, and therefore it seemed to be an elegant choice. The girl said something to Jack, who nodded to her showing his toothy grin. She turned around to walk towards a vacant table and behind her, Jack winked at Joseph. "The bastard knows what I'm thinking about the chick..." thought Joseph, smiling at the bartender.

For a fleeting moment she felt that the blonde was looking directly into her eyes. Stupefied by the stunning beauty of the girl, Joseph watched her making a few steps to occupy an empty seat at a table nearby. Either it was for the current fashion or the blonde liked to show much of her assets; that green dress seemed too short to hide the huge swell of bust, bigger mounds of bottom and smooth contours of rounding limbs. The v-neck was cut low to reveal the cleavage deeper than the one Joseph had licked a couple of nights ago, and the hem seemed to slide up the chick's thighs when she walked.

Joseph's heart was beating faster and her hands trembled as she took the drink. Wondering at her own anxiety, she emptied the glass in a draught. The warming effect of martini was a great help to recover the smartness and agility in a few minutes, which happened to be her real talent. Making up her mind finally, Joseph turned her head to look at Jack Steel. She had a hunch that the bartender was no problem when it came to the reception of mind-to-mind signals. At his nod, she got up and took a few steps to the table where the blonde was seated.

"Hi." Joseph said to the girl, showing her a wide grin.

The blonde turned her head to look at the slim man, who was dressed in a simple-fashioned style. With the elegance of shining black hair, his sideburnt face looked handsome. She replied him a "Hi" with a look of curiosity on her beautiful face.

"It may look odd for me to disturb you ma'am," said Joseph carefully choosing her words, "but if I'm not wrong, you don't have any friend here like me. One may feel bored for drinking alone in a place like this. Would you mind if I share this table with you for some chat till we're here But I do believe it's a lady's privilege to turn down such a request, if she's expecting some friend to come."

The blonde thought for some moments, then smiled at Joseph, saying, "I was wondering that too when I saw you there. There won't be any friend to follow me here. Ummm... I think we can have a good chat for the moment."

"That's really nice of you ma'am." said Joseph, taking a chair facing the girl. "I'm Joseph Presely."

"I'm Abbey Brooks."

"Your name's as beautiful as your face." Joseph said, with a faint smile on her lips.

"Thank you." Abbey flashed her a beauteous smile.

"Welcome. You're new to this city, I presume"

"No. I've been here some months ago. For three days now, I came at my big sister's to celebrate her wedding anniversary."

"Great! That looks like a refreshing reunion. You came here to enjoy the eve, then"

"Yes. It's fine today. Thought to get some drink after doing shopping for a couple of hours."

"Nice to hear that. One mustn't miss a chance to double the joyous moments for sure." Joseph said jovially. Abbey merely smiled at her.

"I always miss such things." Joseph resumed. "Bet for one who lives miles away from his home, may do crazy things here like hitch-hiking. But I'm not that crazy to kill time except for going on long drive along coastals. You seem to like long drive, don't you"

"Yes I do. At school, me and my friends went to watch movies and had parties to enjoy our weekends."

"Interesting! I too believe one mustn't feel this life a drag. It ought to have the colour. And speaking of the colour, what's your choice I guess rose suits your charm or what!"

Abbey laughed at this. Joseph felt herself be intrigued by the tinkling melody she just heard. "So innocent! So lovely!" She thought, gazing at Abbey's flushed nymphish face.

"It may be my favourite, but I like green most." The blonde said with a hearty smile on her face.

"Wow! That has to be the colour of your dress, then."

Abbey said an "ummm", giving Joseph a nod.

"Lovely thing. You've green for favorite. As for me, I feel I'm now liking the honey-blonde." Joseph said leaning slightly forwards. At that instant a waitor, who had come to their table, served two glasses of sherry.

"You feel, you like what" said Abbey looking at Joseph questioningly.

Joseph took her glass as the waitor strolled away. "Honey-blonde. It's the colour I like now."

"What do you mean" Abbey pressed on, reaching at her glass to take it.

"Oh, I feel stupid to get things mixed up some times. That's the colour of your hair." Joseph said sipping at her drink.

Abbey laughed at this. "You are an interesting man, Mr. Presley." she said, smiling on Joseph's comment.

"Let me say this ma'am, you look lovely in those curls. So I had an impression, honey-blonde must be my favourite when I saw you."

"Thank you again. It isn't the compliment for my hair then."

"Bet it's the compliment for a pretty girl now I'm chatting with." Joseph said, smiling at Abbey.

"Do you always say such things to pretty girls you meet" Abbey asked, taking a sip of her drink.

"Oh, I did that so often until some one stopped me." Joseph said, with a casual look on her face. When Abbey looked at her questioningly, she resumed, "My girl friend."

The two laughed together at this. Joseph continued to spice up their chat by telling Abbey some interesting stories about her girl friend and then switching it to hilarious jokes. Inwardly she felt content to see that her plan to keep the lovely blonde seated with her had not been unsuccessful. It was important that Abbey should drink four glasses at least; otherwise the dose won't be that effective to heat her up. No doubt, Joseph was a best actress and she knew well how to hook the delicious pussies.

After about forty five minutes, Joseph fell silent when she realized that Abbey's face had flushed well under the effect of drugged wine and therefore, she reached under the table. Putting one hand on Abbey's right knee, Joseph began to feel up the smoothness of her thigh. The crossdresser stared intently at the lovely blonde as she stroked her leg further into the dress.

Joseph felt relieved to observe that Abbey offered no resistance. Instead, the darling girl was breathing heavy. A soft moan escaped from her full mouth as Joseph's hand had managed to reach at the vertex of her thighs. Hooking a couple of fingers into the elastic panties, Joseph pulled at them and continued to stroke on the steamed centre of Abbey's passion.

Abbey was indeed a sensitive babe. She sighed as Joseph continued to touch and stroke on her pussy. The crossdresser resolved assuredly that it won't be long for her to taste Abbey's cunt. The blonde was indeed one of those chicks who grew wet in no time, once they were felt between their thighs.

Joseph looked around for Jack and located him at the reception. For an answer to the questioning look on bartender's face, she gave him a nod. Showing her a toothy grin, he turned round the desk and walked towards Abbey's table.

Joseph slid her hand out of Abbey's dress. She raised it before her eyes and smelt a waft of feminine pungency about it. Satisfied to see that her fingers were coated by a thin film of girlie wetness, Joseph opened her mouth and sucked it off them.

"Enjoing her pudding ye devil! Seems delishus aye!" Jack croaked at Joseph.

"Positive." Joseph said, as she got off her chair and stuffed some bills into his fleshy hand.

Jack grinned at Joseph in his toothy way and instantly reverted to his desk.

Joseph turned to Abbey. Taking the girl by arm she said, "Let's go, honey."

Abbey said nothing. She merely turned her head to look at the man standing by her right.

Joseph pulled Abbey on feet. She knew that the lovely blonde would no longer object to her ministrations.

Together, they walked out of Jack Steel's bar to the trash can, where Joseph's ford was parked. The drag king fished the remote from her pocket and pressed a button to unlock the car. She helped the drugged girl to get in before taking the pilot seat herself.

It took about fifteen minutes for Joseph to reach her home through a short-cut. Being an agile person as ever, she took Abbey out of the vehicle and walked her into the bedroom.

Joseph gazed at the dreamy looking blonde as they stood close to each other. She reached up and stroked some golden curls off Abbey's face. The girl looked back at her with a faint smile on her full lips.

"You look so innocent, darling." Joseph whispered her endearing words to Abbey. "Your exotic beauty made me fall for you. I'd like to love you forever. Yes, forever..."

"Ummm..." Abbey moaned as Joseph's mouth pressed unto her lips. Hugging the blonde nymph in a tight embrace, she kissed on them and opened her mouth to suck their sweet softness with intimate passion. Abbey responded to Joseph's lip-locking kiss by hugging her around the shoulders. The girl could feel a pair of hands roaming down her back to stroke and cup the bigger cheeks with affectionate regard.

Joseph didn't intend to linger her hands on Abbey's huge butts. While kissing the nymph, she stroked up her back to reach the straps at top. Before pulling them off Abbey's shoulders, Joseph kept on sucking and licking her lips. Their kiss was a perfect presentation of passionate love, which seemed to lock the two mouths together for ages.

The drag king kissed on Abbey's cheeks and hooked her fingers into straps to pull the dress off her ample chest. Joseph's deft hands undid the pink bra and Abbey raised her arms again, letting her lover to take the silk material and throw it away.

Staring at the pair of naked melons in lusting stupor, Joseph licked her lips and reached at the mouth-watering jugs to stroke on their lop-sided roundness. They presented a beautiful sight with white tan lines in the shade of bikini bra. Joseph couldn't hold back the urge to pinch on Abbey's puffy nipples, which were set gracefully into large areolae.

The blonde nymph bit her lip. Her breathing grew heavier with each pinch. For a moment she found herself looking directly into the eyes of man and smile with him, who was touching her tits lovingly.

Joseph was so close to Abbey that she could see her pupils get dilated in the deep blue eyes with rising heat. The firm flesh of huge tits felt intriguing on her palms. So she moved her head closer and took Abbey's right nipple into her mouth.

Abbey closed her heavy-lidded eyes. The man seemed to know how to steam up a woman. Reaching into the close cropped hair of her lover, she began to brush it with her fingers. The blonde bit her lip again feeling a twitch of pleasure between her thighs as the guy sucked on one nipple and pinched on the other with great fervor.

Joseph licked and sucked on Abbey's right nipple; then turned her head to pull the left teat into her mouth. The nipple slid out in a pulling smack, but Joseph pursed her lips over it again. She reached at Abbey's free tit and began to pinch on it. Hugging the heated blonde at waist, she darted her tongue to lick on the pink areola. At that time, Joseph observed the girl closely. She looked so takingly vulnerable with her half-open mouth and closed eyes.

Joseph sucked on Abbey's puffy nipple before kissing her on mouth. The blonde nymph responded to Joseph's kiss by sucking and licking on her hot lips. They could have continued to smack each other for long, if it wasn't for the drag king to break their oral contact. Of course she had more ideas to follow.

After sucking on Abbey's tits again, Joseph took her to the cushioned bed. She helped the lovely blonde to lie there on back and then, knelt herself on floor pushing those creamy thighs apart at the edge of mattress. The hem of Abbey's dress slid up to her hips and Joseph savored upon a good show of pink panties, which seemed skimpy to cover the treasures underneath. The mannish lesbian stroked on Abbey's thighs along their inner tones, until she reached the silk material between them. It required a little effort on Joseph's part to pull the panties down her sweetheart's thighs.

Joseph pushed Abbey's thighs more to raise them up and licked her lips in lust as she gazed hungrily on the shaven pink pussy between them. It wasn't for a voracious lesbian like her to remain calm, if she was served a fresh tasty cunt. Feeling unable to hold herself back, Joseph leaned forwards and pressed her mouth unto Abbey's snatch.

The blonde nymph hissed as she felt a warm, wet tongue licking on her womanhood. She closed her eyes in the pleasing sensation that rose into her loins due to the lingual massage of her ultra sensitive cunt.

"Aahhh... Aahhh... Ummm... Aaaaahhhh...." Abbey moaned in pleasure as Joseph continued to lap on her twitching petals in upward and downward strokes. The mannish crossdresser opened her mouth and pressed it hard to suck on Abbey's pungent slit. Darting her tongue out, she licked the delicious cunt and then resumed on sucking its sensitive folds.

"AAAHHHH... AAAHHHH... OH YEAAAHHHH... UMMMM..." the blonde nymph moaned louder, squeezing and pinching her own tits. She shuddered under the waves of rising lust while Joseph continued to pull on her cuntal folds.

Joseph kissed, licked and sucked on Abbey's cunt before stretching it open. She darted her tongue to locate the engorging clit in an upward lick. Probing the tongue-tip into the pink entrance, Joseph pursed her lips on Abbey's throbbing love-morsel and began to suck it.

"AAAHHHH... AAAAAHHHH... AAAAAAHHHHH... OH YEAAAHHHH... YEAAHHHHHH... FUUUUCKKK... YEAAAAHHHHHHH..." Abbey screamed as the heat of intense pleasure rose from her cunt. Joseph was eating her snatch in passionate hunger, mostly sucking and licking the delicious clit. The darling girl writhed and twisted her voluptuous body as she was hit into convulsions of heightened lust. The forceful suction and quick-stroked lick on her clit brought Abbey more and more at edge. Soon, the orgasm rippled through her vaginal walls and she came into Joseph's mouth, showering her sucking mouth with profusely oozing girlcum.

The drag king wiped her face with the back of her hand before eating the spent girl again. Abbey lay close-eyed, savoring the sensation of Joseph's oral service on her cuntal folds and erectile morsel. The mannish crossdresser licked into Abbey's labia and sucked on her clit to clean the remaining cum traces for a couple of minutes.

After cleaning Abbey of the honey, Joseph stood up and pulled her to get on feet. She stripped the voluptuous beauty naked and pushed her backwards on bed in gentle deliberation. The lesbian drag didn't get nude herself. She had a surprise in store for the darling Abbey and it had to come later.

Joseph lay atop the nude nymph and began to suck her full lips. Abbey kissed her lover back and opened her mouth to receive the lingual invasion. Their tongues danced together, salivating the two mouths locked in a deep kiss.

The mannish lesbian rubbed her mouth on Abbey's lips to suck them and then kissed on her smooth-toned throat. The blonde doll lay close-eyed under Joseph, who continued to slobber down her marvelous chest. Pressing Abbey's boobs together, she licked on her cleavage in longer strokes.

Joseph kissed Abbey's tits before licking her left nipple in upward strokes. She pursed her mouth over the pink teat but it slipped out of the sucking lips in a forced pull. The blonde nymph sighed as her sensitive bud was lapped by the mannish lesbian in longer strokes.

Turning to Abbey's right jug, Joseph darted her tongue to lick the sensitive nipple and quickly took it in her mouth. Just as before, Abbey's nipple merely escaped the closing lesbian lips in deep suction.

Joseph lapped and sucked on Abbey's mouth watering melons before kissing down her soft toned stomach. After licking her belly button in twirling strokes, Joseph continued to lap on Abbey's fleshy legs alternatively.

The drag king put her hands on Abbey's thighs to splay them and gazed at her juicy cunt in lusting hunger. The pungent smell wafting from those labial folds intoxicated Joseph to stoop down and dart her tongue out. She licked on Abbey's cunt in upward and downward strokes. Joseph pressed her open mouth on blonde girl's snatch to press her lips unto it.

"Aaaah... Aaaah... Ooooh... Ummm... Ummm... " Joseph heard Abbey's sighs and low-toned moans. She increased the lingual speed and oral pressure over her twitching cunt. The salty taste of that yoni felt so delicious to Joseph that she rubbed her mouth over its pink folds. She pulled hard on them and in an instant they slid out through her sucking lips.

Abbey shuddered and moaned aloud as Joseph's mouth glued voraciously unto her ultra-sensitive pussy. She grew wetter in a matter of minutes. The darling girl shut her eyes tight. She squeezed her own tits, pinching on the puffy nipples when her love canal vibrated at edge. Joseph pressed her mouth harder unto Abbey's twitching pussy as it spat gushes of salted cream into her face. Passionate to drink Abbey's cum, she licked all the juice off her cunt and sucked the labial folds in smack.

Even after licking it clean, Joseph continued to eat Abbey's tasty cunt. The blonde hissed as Joseph stretched her labia manually. She licked on Abbey's pink entrance and her tongue-tip stroked over the uncovered clit. She pursed and closed her lips on the erectile morsel.

"OOHHH... UMMM... AAAHH... UMMM... UMMM... AAAHH... YEAAHHH... YEAAHHH..." Abbey screamed out of extreme pleasure which rippled through the walls of her twitching cunt. Joseph's hungry mouth rubbed, pursed and sucked on her clit. Abbey pinched her own nipples as her canal was filled with lust up to the brim. Joseph licked her lubricated entrance before sucking the clit again; harder this time. Abbey screamed aloud, hit by violent orgasm for the third time. Joseph sucked the salted juice, pressing her mouth on Abbey's spent pussy to pull at it.

After licking the blonde clean, Joseph crawled over her golden body. She pressed her mouth unto Abbey's lips and let the girl suck her own taste as they kissed passionately. Lying in intimate embrace, they sucked and licked each other's lips.

Joseph moved her hand to explore into Abbey's curves. She squeezed one of the mammas and reached further down to touch the sleek cunt eaten by her a while back. Her fingers pushed through the labial folds to locate the ultra sensitive clit before pinching at it. Abbey made an impulsive attempt to raise herself under pleasing tweak but her response was subdued by Joseph, who was kissing her in deep passion.

"Do you like what I did darling Will you let me show some more" Joseph whispered to Abbey, looking at her in erotic stupor.

"Ummm... Yesss... Yesss... show me... Ummm... " the dreamy blonde heaved her reply while she was pleasured manually by her lover.

Joseph got on her knees and told the darling girl to turn over. While Abbey complied with her, the crossdresser flung at the nightstand to fish out her 10" toy. Before strapping it on her slim hips, she stroked and squeezed the splendid ass cheeks presented before her. Abbey smiled savoring upon Joseph's touch on her fleshy bottom. She hissed when her butts received a sharp slap. "Raise your bubbles, sweetheart. I can't wait for long." Joseph spoke at her back.

As Abbey was raising her bottom, Joseph began to take off her pants and underwear. After strapping the rubber cock on, she resumed to stroke the twin globes and stooped down to press her face into pillowy ass. Intrigued by Abbey's moans and sighs, the lesbian drag began to lick her along the deep ass crack.

Joseph pushed Abbey's huge cheeks apart to get a clear view of the puckered anus and darted her tongue out for licking its sourness in swift strokes. To lubricate Abbey's rectum, Joseph spat at it and pushed her index finger through the tight hole. Satisfied with the progress, she slapped on the big bottom and slid her hands around its mass to hold the girl at hips. Joseph's rubber cock stood ready as ever to pass an entry and therefore, she rammed it into Abbey's ass hole following an instant resolution.

"Aaahh... Ummm... Ummm... Ummm..." Abbey moaned, enjoying the assault at her rear. Joseph bit her lip and slapped on Abbey's huge cheeks, continuing to impale the length into her slippery rectum.

"OOHHH... UMMM... FUCCKKK... YEAAHHH... OHHH..." The blonde nymph cried in rising lust. Her moans quivered as Joseph made savage thrusts into her. She held Abbey's wide hips tight and slapped her firm butts to keep on the fucking pace.

Abbey screamed and her tits squashed over the mattress when she was pushed forwards by the hardest of Joseph's thrusts. At the very moment, the mannish lesbian shuddered inwardly. It wasn't the aftereffect of Abbey's screams, but the strap on had pressed unto her own pussy when she pushed hard into the girl.

Abbey stopped crying when that hard shaft slid out of her rectum. She felt a cold hand pulling at her left arm. Instantly, the darling girl was flipped on her back and she found herself staring at Joseph's smiling, handsome face.

"I'm about to come darling. It'd be better if I fuck your pussy. Just see how my member longs for this." Joseph said softly, without taking her eyes off the voluptuous loveliness.

Abbey's eyes fell down. She stared in amazement at the length which was being stroked by Joseph in a deliberate way. That thing was as crooked as a real cock. Abbey looked incredulously at the rosy-white phallus which was strapped on Joseph's hips and in an aweful moment, she realized who was kneeling before her.

"You... You aren't a MAN!!!" Abbey spoke, wide-eyed.

Joseph laughed. "Yes. I'm more than a man." she spoke, enjoying the amazed look on Abbey's pretty face.

"Why didn't you tell me" Inquired Abbey, making an attempt to rise on her elbows.

"Because I was afraid you'd reject me." Joseph said moving closer to the blonde.

"Reject you! What do you mean" Abbey pressed on her question.

"I fell in love the moment I met you in that bar. Wanting to show my love and dressed like man, I took you here." Joseph answered, keeping her voice soft as before.

"But you are a fake. Can't believe I'd been with a..."

"...crossdresser." said Joseph, interrupting Abbey into her sentence. "So I was right. You are one of those heteros who frown at lesbians."

"NO!!! THAT'S NOT TRUE." The awed girl retorted.

A smile curved into Joseph's lips. "Bet that's a good thing to hear, darling."

"Why are you calling me darling" the blonde inquired; her tone firm under the hint of anger.

"Because I love you." Joseph said, putting her hands on Abbey's shoulders.

"Get your hands OFF ME!!!" Abbey writhed in disgust.

"Oooo!!! Wanna be difficult, ain't you" Joseph spoke coldly as she frowned at Abbey with a menacing look about her.

The intimidating expression on Joseph's face had an effect on Abbey. The girl just opened her mouth but could say nothing. For some tense moments, they stared at each other in silence until Joseph made an unexpecting move. Abbey sobbed as she was hit to fall on her back. A clever person like Joseph could easily deduce that she had done a right thing to keep the situation in her favor.

"Wh...What do you want" Abbey asked the fake man; her voice hinting fear.

"Just checkin' how difficult you can be." Joseph said, flinging herself at the blonde.

"I HATE... UMMM... UMMM... ummm... ummmm... " cried Abbey trying to push off the mannish lesbian, but Joseph succeeded in silencing her with a lip-sucking kiss. First, the girl twisted her body feebly; then she had to give up because the fake man had held her wrists in a tight grip.

Abbey's reluctance was replaced by acceptance to Joseph's embrace, who had moved a hand down to stroke her thighs and pinch on the steamy cunt between them. The crossdresser had realized Abbey's softened response in a jiff. So she broke their kiss and slid down to pull the puffy nipples into her mouth.

Abbey closed her eyes as she sighed in the pleasure of that tit-suction. Joseph licked the pink areolae in quick twirls before shifting on her knees to push Abbey's thighs apart. The lesbian drag had to stop the oral service on Abbey's tits before directing the 10" shaft to her entrance. The blonde nymph hissed as the bulbous tip touched her pulsating labia. With a gentle push, Joseph impaled the rubber cock into Abbey's cunt, who moaned at the sliding sensation between her splayed thighs.

With a slowed pace, Joseph began to push her cock into Abbey's juicy cunt but in a few minutes, she increased her momentum with each fucking thrust. Abbey's beautiful face contorted in lust as Joseph's impaling hardness searched into her depths.

"Ummm... Oh yeaahhh... yeaahhh... Ohhh..." Abbey moaned when Joseph picked up her pushing pace. The strap on was rubbing into crossdresser's pussy as she moved her hips. Biting her lip, she sped up the tempo to fuck Abbey hard with each thrust.

"AAAHH... AAAHH... FUCCKKK... OH FUCCKKK... FUCCKKK... YEESSS... " Abbey cried aloud. Her voice cut into quivers as Joseph pushed hard into her. Raising her tempo to fuck the voluptuous beauty, Joseph shut her eyes and bit her lips under stress. The pleasure vibrated through her own canal as she increased more of the fucking speed.

Abbey hugged Joseph tight and grabbed on her shirt under the pleasing stupor. Soon, her cunt got filled with the lusting heat that radiated to her tits. The pleasure pulsated as a strong wave that rose to its peak through her honeyed passage.

"FUUCCKKK... FUUCCKKK... YEAAHHH... FUUCCKKK... I'M... AAHHH... I'M... I... AAHHH... CUMMMMMMING... AAAAHHHHH... " Abbey screamed as she reached her edge. Joseph was on verge too. With one mightiest push, she cried aloud and her release oozed under the lifeless cock in an instant. Abbey raised her voluptuous torso and shut her eyes tight, as she shuddered into violent explosion. Her quivering pussy spat out thick gushes of cream.

Much of their vitality was lost. Spent at the same time, the couple collapsed into each other. Joseph slid off Abbey's laxed form to lie with her in a warm snuggling hug.

They lay together in the close embrace, searching into each other's eyes. Silence prevailed over them for seemingly longer moments, till Joseph said Abbey's name.

"Yes." Abbey answered. Her voice gave a hint of affection and regard.

"Do you still disgust at what we've done tonight"

"Disgust for being with you..." Abbey said, rolling her eyes thoughtfully before she resumed with a smile. "No."

Joseph smiled back at her. "You sure"

"Yes I am." said Abbey.

"Bet I'm a fake buddy. You know that."

"Fake, but an excellent lover." Abbey said, flashing Joseph a beauteous grin.

The mannish woman laughed. "If you say so, I'm obliged. One thing remains to worry me most." she said.

"And what's that" asked Abbey. Her tone as soft as before.

"I think we can't make it again. You'll be moving to your place shortly."

"Ummm... how about tomorrow night" suggested Abbey.

"Tomorrow will be ok. It'd be for a couple of hours, then."

"No! It'll be overnight." Abbey's melodious voice echoed decisively.

"What!" spat Joseph. An incredulous look stole over her sideburnt face.

"You heard me. It'll be for overnight." The blonde nymph repeated her words with an air of assurance.

"Let's wish it may go forever then." whispered Joseph as she leaned over Abbey.

The couple smiled at each other before their mouths locked into a lip-sucking kiss.

Sapphire SEVEN


Selena Marie Jameson:

Sex: Female

Age: 27 years

Figure: Flawless, soft-contoured, voluptuous, hourglass type and alluringly feminine

Complexion: White

Voice: Sweet

Face: Nymphish, flushed, oval and full in cheeks

Eyes: Heavy-lidded, long-lashed, large, extended and deep brown

Hair: Silky, soft, abundant, red and waves down to hips

Bust: 36DDD, round, slightly pendulous and firm

Nipples: Pink and protrudent

Areolae: Pink and large

Waist: 28

Hips: 40, wide-curved

Ass: Soft and massive

Thighs: Creamy-soft, round and fat

Chief Dagmar:

Sex: Female

Age: 39 years

Figure: Soft-contoured, skinny and mostly flat

Complexion: Sallow

Voice: High-pitched

Face: Somewhat attractive and calculative in looks

Eyes: Slightly slanted, small and dark brown

Hair: Soft, black and waves down to shoulders

Bust: 32A, almost flat

Waist: 22

Hips: 31, narrow

Ass: Almost flat

Thighs: Straight and long

Orientation: A passionate lesbian

The wind howled shrill sounds in the darkness of night. The sea raged as mountainous waves that broke into the listing bows of Czarina Catherine. They swallowed the ship and spat her out; her structure deformed more than before, under the hits of marine splashes. She carried no sail now and was swept forth at the mercy of turbulent sea. Her captain, sodden and chilled beneath his oilskins, lashed to the wheel. His barked orders to the skeleton crew on duty could scarcely be heard above the ferocious workings of storm...

Just three hours before that horrible breakout, the scene in passenger cabin number four was intimately warm. Selena sighed and shuddered as Christopher Hugh Jameson unbuttoned the red linen evening dress to expose and kiss her nape. Married few weeks ago, they were one of those graceful couples who had boarded the ship on an errand to England. It felt so good to the gorgeous redhead when Christopher embraced her. She loved him for his various specialties. Firstly, he was handsome. His looks were sharp and refined with dark tanned face. Secondly, he was social and likeable. It was that graceful smile which brightened up his features when he spoke with her. Thirdly, being a wealthy man he always dressed in an elegant way. Therefore it wasn't questionable if women turned their heads to look at him, longing for his company.

Nevertheless, his good looks weren't much in comparison to Selena's nymphish attributes. Everything about her was extremely alluring. The lustrous flaming curls spilling around her nymphish face, the dimple appearing in her cheeks when she smiled, the cuteness in her soft toned laugh, the rise and fall of her huge bust when she breathed, the swaying of her wide hips when she walked; by all means she was an eye-popping beauty. So he fell in love with her the moment they met for the first time at a friend's get together. Shortly, they went on with good terms and it didn't take much longer for Christopher to propose Selena, who accepted him blushingly.

"God! you look so lovely my darling, you're so gorgeous..." Christopher whispered looking at his pretty wife, who had closed her eyes in a stupefied expression. Feeling unable to keep himself, he took Selena in a warm embrace and began to kiss her on mouth. She responded to him quickly. Her mouth locked with his in a hot kiss. He ran a hand up her back and tried to unknot the laces of pink satin corsets; but the bone paneled garment was fiendishly difficult for him to undo. Instantly, Selena realized that too. So she broke the kiss and raised her arms for getting to the grips. Christopher looked appreciatively as his wife eased them open and dispensed with the tight hugging garment in a jiff. Underneath, she wore a fine lawn camisole that went to a deep "V" between her ample tits.

She kicked off her evening shoes, rolled off her silk stockings and threw her garments into a far corner. Then she dropped down the petticoats, pulled the camisole over her head in a fluid motion and stood stark naked before her excited hubby.

"Wow!" exclaimed Christopher with a wry smile; his cock grew rigid at the sight of her mouth-watering nudity. He surveyed her naked flesh with lusting stare as she pulled out the pins at her hair, letting them fall like a burnished veil down to her hips.

Selena walked over to bed and threw back the covers before laying herself down. Curling her sexy legs and reclining seductively on an elbow, she suggested with a naughty smile, "Maybe we could snuggle up and keep each other inflamed for the night."

Almost automatically, Christopher was undressing himself. An occasional sway of the ship made him do a forced jig as he tried to strip down his pants. "It would make me unworthy for not offering comfort to the sexiest woman of world who lies here now." he said laughingly, almost ripping off his shirt in plain eagerness to join Selena abed.

The oil lamp burnt low, illuminating the intimate scene in the mixed hues of ochre and amber.

"Let's not put off this flickering flick, baby. I can't make a tour without light here." said Christopher, making some funny gesture as he flung himself atop his voluptuous wife.

"You scoundrel!" Selena said with a hearty laugh as she punched Christopher on chest before welcoming him in a close embrace.

A moment later, they were kissing each other in a lip-locking passion. Christopher sucked Selena's lower lip and rubbed his mouth over hers to force it open. She let his tongue invade her oral cavity, savoring upon its twirling strokes.

Christopher licked on Selena's neck and kissed down her soft flesh till he took her left nipple into his ardent mouth, sucking it under a forced pull. Selena sighed contentedly and fingered through his hair as he licked on her ultra sensitive teat. He Lapped and sucked on the pink areola before moving his mouth unto her right nipple. Christopher made lingual twirls on his wife's pink bud, sending sparks of lust through her spine. He pressed his mouth over her nipple and took the entire areola in a pulling smack.

After licking and sucking on Selena's huge tits for longer moments, Christopher continued to kiss her further down. He could hear her soft moans as his hand stroked lightly between her soft thighs, making an attempt to splay them.

She shifted on the bed as her legs fell open under his manual push. With left hand, he parted her tender petals and licked his lips expectedly. Her twat was wet, ripe and odorous; the pink clit lay swollen in anticipation under her folded hood. His cock hardened and reared, as a pearl of cum oozed through its bulbous tip.

"Ummm... Ohhh..." Selena moaned as Christopher dived his face into her salty, cuntal folds. She shuddered in rising lust, feeling his nose rubbing into her heated snatch. He darted his tongue to flick over her extremely sensitive clit and sucked on that tasty morsel. Her moans grew louder which intrigued him even more to eat her delicious pussy with greedy fervor.

Selena's eyes rolled as she neared her edge. Her cunt twitched around his tongue and she cried his name under the lusting stupor. Then he realized her urgent desire in no time.

Almost immediately he rose above Selena, pulling her legs over his shoulders. She hissed as his tip touched on her sensitive petals, followed by the sliding entry of his throbbing cock through them.

Christopher plunged his weapon into her sheath, taking on the harder fucking pace. His cock battered at her womb; she was stabbed, thrust and filled by him up to the hilt. He was too much, almost killing her. The pain shot through her loins, only to be followed by the vibrating pleasure in a jiff. She clawed at him, scratching his naked back under absolute pleasure.

She arched against her hubby, spurring him on to raise his fucking tempo. He caught her at the hips, continuing to pound into her slippery cunt. Selena's head banged on the wooden paneling of their bed; a look of intense lust stole over her nymphish face. She screamed and hugged him tight as the spasms of pleasure hit her into a melting orgasm. Instantly, he plunged into her with the mightiest fucking push. Gushes of load oozed from his canon into Selena's welcoming canal. His flanks quivered as he collapsed atop her, spent of the cum till its last drop.

She murmured to him in a dreamy tone, "That was marvelous, Chris."

Christopher laughed and kissed the inner softness of her thighs before lowering her legs and laying himself beside her. "It's just the start, my love. There's still more to come. I hope you won't deny this, do you." said he, flinging his arm protectively around her.

"Yes, I won't." whispered Selena as she hugged him back.

They fell asleep in that warm snuggling embrace. Both were happy and content for what they'd given each other, sharing the sweetness of intimacy and the passion of conjugal love.

But none of the two and other couples knew what fate had in store for them. That horrid mishap ensued in a few hours, shaking all those to hell who were aboard the wretched Czarina Catherine...

Christopher felt wet. It wasn't the pleasant, sticky wetness of that love making. This was the chill of death. He was woken up by the chaotic shrieks of other passengers, under violent lurching lists of the ship. Shaking Selena awake in a start, he thrust the scraps of garment at her. "Quick! Get into these and follow me." he barked before jumping out of the bed and landing into two feet of murky water.

As she got into petticoats and camisole, the water lapped about her legs. This terrified her to scream and rouse in utmost need to leap off the sodden bed.

They hurried out in the companionway. Water rushed down the stairs towards them, knocking the pair into a swinging door of an empty cabin. It came to them that they had slept sated by lovemaking, oblivious to any warning knock at their door or directive to abandon ship.

Some two hundred yards from the ship, an emergency boat was tossed and overturned by a huge foaming tide. The panic-stricken shrieks of its crew subsided due to the merciless howl of angry winds, as they got drowned under the turbulent marine surface.

A bucket came flying from some part of the sinking ship and hit Selena on her bare feet. She yelped and hopped as Christopher dragged her on.

They ran round a creaking mast and lost their balance as Czarina Catherine was going nose down. The lightening struck on and caught the foremast alight; its furled sail dropped like a flaming scrap of canvas about them. A gigantic wave hit on the lurching deck of ship, sweeping the struggling people off to deep.

"SELENAAA!!!" She heard Christopher cry her name as they were carried away into the angry ocean. That was the last word he could say to her. Getting clouted on head by an impeding rail, he went down the deep like a little twisted mass into the heavy fall.

As helpless as her hubby, Selena hit the marine surface, head first. Her breathing was held on reflex before she could emerge on the surface. An onrushing current swept her struggling form, almost throwing her unto a large floating log. There, her head got blown on the wood and she went limp like some sleeping mermaid. Everything around her became black, blacker and still...

The fainted redhead remained oblivious of the drag net that had caught her after some hours. Four hefty fisherwomen, skimpily dressed as per femelandian fashion, pulled her aboard their boat. They wondered at the weight of the thing which required much force to pull on. Their brown faces peered hard at her in the dim light of dawn, which felt a lot calmer unlike last night. A hand lifted the stray curls off Selena's face. Other hands turned her curvaceous form over, which was almost nude under the torn shreds of camisole.

One fisherwoman held the wrist of unconscious redhead and declared, "She's alive."

"We're in luck Moreen." said the heftiest of four as she took liberty to touch and squeeze on Selena's right tit. "The chief will be happy to see her."

And she was quite correct...

Chief Dagmar of Totabu tribe was reported of this unexpected arrival, when she was eating Sarli between her thighs. The personal maid was in her late-forties and wasn't much beautiful. Nevertheless the lesbian chief liked her; because she always preferred huge-titted and big-bottomed women. Lying spreadeagled on bed, Sarli had her eyes closed. She pinched her own nipples, savoring upon Dagmar's manual and oral invasion of her creamy pussy.

Clad in tweed bra and skirts, a young maid pushed open the door of Dagmar's stone-walled hut. The chief had to take her mouth from Sarli's slippery cunt and turned her head to look at the unwelcoming intrusion. But noticing a look of excitement about that maid, Dagmar had to hold back the urge to shoo her out.

"What's so special Phyllis" asked Dagmar, with a stern look on her face.

"I'm sorry to disturb you, Chief. But there's a news, I thought would interest you."

"Hummm... proceed!" Dagmar said, frowning at Phyllis.

"Just a while ago, Pomona and her comrades caught a woman at the Eastern Coast. She was out cold, floating in the waves. They are waiting for your orders to make the next move." Phyllis explained.

"A woman!" said Dagmar raising an eyebrow. "Tell them to take her in the Chamber of Vanity. I'll meet you there in no time."

Phyllis bowed and departed before Dagmar could resume in doing cunnilingus on her personal maid.

Following Dagmar's orders, Phyllis supervised the fisherwomen for carrying Selena to the chamber. Like a cavelet, it stood as the magnificent hall not farther from the Eastern Coast. Inside, it was well illuminated by six torches hoisted in the niches of its rough stone walls. Masses of hay-cushions were spread out as bedding where they laid Selena on her back.

Accompanied by Sarli, Dagmar entered the Chamber of Vanity after some minutes. The chief, unlike her folks, was clad in a long black cloak and a black feather cap.

All the women stood around the supine hottie, staring at her in silence.

The femelandian tribe of Totabu was led by lesbians for centuries, who maintained its women-only population on a small piece of land. Their forty-seventh chief carried on ogling at the unconscious beauty. She felt a crazy pounding of heart into her breast. Though Sarli was always there to make most of her nights steamed up; but never in her life, had Dagmar wanted a woman that bad. Inspite of herself, she was smitten in love. The Cupid's arrow had hit hard at its target.

A faint smile appeared on Dagmar's lips as she nodded to Phyllis.

The maid turned and went to a carved cabinet at the opposite corner. She took a vial full of some pink substance and walked back to kneel besides the supine redhead. She uncorked the vial and forced Selena's mouth open to put a drop on her tongue.

It worked instantly. The redhead coughed as she came to her senses. She flipped open her eyes and heaved, blinking at the semi-dark stony ceiling. Selena groaned as the soaring ache pulsated in her temple. Above her, a light-tanned face was peering with a grin. Her eyes brimmed with tears as she concentrated to get an idea who that woman was.

"You all right, dear" A high pitched voice echoed nearby. It wasn't spoken by the woman peering at her. Reflexively she roamed her eyes and located the speaker who said. "The cold won't affect you here."

Like the light-tanned woman, the speaker was unfamiliar to her. Most of her sallow face was shadowed in the amber light. Its sharp features seemed odd with that feather cap. Selena looked further down and saw the woman's cloaked figure stepping in her direction.

"Where... where am I And... who are you" Selena felt the questions slip out of her mouth and saw a graceful smile on capped woman's lips.

"I'm Dagmar, the brave chief of Totabu Tribe who has maintained the community of absolute lesbians at the historical Femelandia Islands."

"Femelandia... lesbians" Selena repeated the words which confused her.

"Yes." replied Dagmar. "We have our own rules and life. It's a woman's privilege to live here with another woman, whom she loves."

Selena blinked at Dagmar and said nothing. She was getting depressed due to the headache. So Dagmar knelt at her left and reached to feel her forehead.

"Hummm... you're hot as a blazing flame and..." a mischievous smile crept over her mouth as she said, "...sure you look hot as hell. But I know we mustn't name you a hot woman. We have our names here. Like yours. Let's know how we should call you."

The look of depression on Selena's face was hued with confusion. 'My name... my name... what's my name... who am I' she reflected, feeling helpless to remember her true identity.

The shrewd chief noticed that too. She looked at the redhead with frowning scrutiny. "Well" said she questioningly.

"I... I don't know." Selena managed to say.

"What! You don't know your name" Dagmar pressed on, unbelievingly.

"No." Selena replied aloud. "I don't remember anything." A hurtful expression stole over her face.

Dagmar pursed her lips. Her sharp mind resolved for some moments before she decided to speak with a smile. "Don't worry my darling." said she. "I'll help you revive your memory. Thanks to the Great One for letting you come to me. We'll celebrate our wedding as soon as you get well."

"Wedding! With you" said Selena in a weak tone.

"Yes my love," said Dagmar with an assured smile before she leaned above Selena and kissed her on lips. Selena closed her eyes as she felt the warmth and intimacy of another woman's kiss. It filled her with its soothing comfort that subdued the cumbersome headache.

"Everything will be all right after we get married on the full moon due in a week." declared Dagmar as she moved her head up. "Sarli and Phyllis will take care of you. I'll send two more maids for their assistance."

Selena said nothing. She merely blinked at the rising chief of Totabu Tribe, who was smiling at her affectionately.

Dagmar turned to face Sarli. The personal maid stood before her with an impassive look. "You heard me Sarli. Make her ready for the wedding." the lesbian chief addressed her.

Sarli bowed before Dagmar, who strolled out of the chamber followed by the four fisherwomen.

The idea of marrying with the woman-chief felt astounding to Selena. The half-naked maids, who attended her, looked queer as they spoke with each other in the totabuese language. Only Dagmar, Sarli and Phyllis seemed to know and speak English. Mia and Nuna chatted too little to each other, especially when they were around Selena. None of those tribeswomen were intimidating or rough with her. Of course they were following Dagmar's orders.

Right from the first day, Selena couldn't feel disgusted in the company of those maids as their lingering touch and intimate courtesy heated her up. All the four half-naked women gathered about her at night. Sarli and Phyllis took some accessories such as a tub of warm water, a sponge, some pieces of flax and two vials. Mia and Nuna had pushed a cage-like, life-size assembly of orange poles to the mid of chamber. It was designed with hay pads, metal rings, chains and iron cuffs at different angles.

"What's that" asked Selena, amazed at the queer structure.

"That's for your service m'lady." answered Phyllis as she and Sarli began to undress her.

The two maids were expert masseuses. Their hands felt good to Selena and sent soothing warmth in her muscles as the perfumed oil was rubbed by them over her soft-contoured nudity; especially when they lingered upon her fleshy bottom and huge mammas. The maids knew how to let her forget the confusion of lost memory. Selena lay close eyed, wallowing under the rubbing touch of four hands over her smooth belly and creamy-soft legs.

"You're very beautiful m'lady." said Phyllis as she reached to rub oil between Selena's thighs. The redhead sobbed at that light touch on her sensitive petals.

"Oh I should say, m'lady won't object if Nuna and Mia join us with her." Sarli chanted in.

"Ummm..." Selena moaned dreamily, savoring upon the pleasurable sensation generated into her loins, when Phyllis probed a finger at her entrance.

As if waiting for Sarli's instructions in totabuese, the maids came nearer to the supine redhead. Kneeling on either side of Selena, the girls leant over her. They pushed her arms up, clasped their mouths over her protrudent nipples and teased those pink buds to harden more under their lingual flicks.

"Aaahhhh... Aaahhhh... Ummmmm..." Selena moaned and sighed as she savored upon a couple of mouths pulling on her nipples, and fingers stretching her cunt to steam it under lust. The redhead squirmed under their intimate maneuvers, especially when the masseuses pinched and patted on her quivering pussy.

"It seems m'lady needs some more attention." Selena heard Sarli's words; her eyes closed in building heat.

"Look, how wet she's now." Phyllis added, licking her own lips.

They continued to suck and stroke Selena for a while until Sarli said something in totabuese.

Reluctant to be hauled on her feet by Nuna and Mia, the redhead was led to the queer assembly which felt quite roomy as she stepped into it. The maids guided Selena to hold a couple of high-hung metal rings while she stood on hay-pads. They cuffed her thighs well apart, chaining them to two poles on each side.

Selena stared at the maids, who were grinning back at her. Before she could ask them for making her stand in chains, Sarli spoke with a mischievous glint in her eyes: "Let's not keep m'lady waiting longer for us, Phyllis."

"Of course, she needs to be ready for the Great Chief till the full moon." Phyllis agreed with her mate before saying something aloud in totabuese to Nuna and Mia.

Selena wondered what those maids had in store for her, as they stepped into the assembly around her. Except for Mia, the three women approached her on front. Selena hissed as Nuna knelt down between her splayed thighs and began to finger her sensitive pussy. The redhead felt a pair of hands squeezing and slapping on her big butts. Instantly she knew it was Mia, who had followed Nuna's example to kneel at her rear.

Phyllis and Sarli weren't standing idle before the chained nymph. Squeezing and kneading on Selena's huge tits, each woman proceeded to pull an engorged nipple into her sucking mouth.

Mia licked on Selena's deep ass crack in longer trails before pushing her butts apart. Nuna continued to kiss the redhead on her creamy thighs until she was nuzzling into their odorous vertex. Selena bit her lip and sighed under an extremely pleasurable sensation, as a pair of tongues began to lick her anus and pussy.

It was like a very hot, erotic dream. Four mouths were clamped on her nipples, cunt and ass hole; they were sucking, licking and kissing on the most sensitive zones of her golden body. Standing so open before them, Selena shuddered under the rapidly building pleasure in response to their oral service. She closed her eyes in rapturous submission and made a feeble attempt to arch her torso. This caused her tits to be pressed more into the open, sucking mouths of Phyllis and Sarli. Mia carried on poking her tongue into Selena's anus and Nuna's tongue flicked on her throbbing clit. Together the two maids buried their faces between Selena's thighs and butts, bringing her at the edge. The redhead screamed as the violent orgasm shook her all over and she spent her profuse release into Nuna's hungry mouth.

The maids took Selena to lie on the hay-cushions and started to sponge her body in warm water. The redhead hissed when Phyllis wiped her cunt clean. At this, the women giggled and Sarli spoke aloud in totabuese. Selena took it as a word for Phyllis to produce the flax bra and skirts because she was dressed into them shortly. All the maids except Phyllis left the chamber, who stayed with Selena until she slept contentedly.

Selena began to believe inwardly that she belonged to Totabu tribe and had been a lesbian naturally. Neither she nor any totabuese woman had the slightest idea of her true identity. Dagmar had specially directed Sarli and her mates to let Selena's memory be clouded for good. That could be done with effect if she was subjected daily into the steamy lesbian orgy. It was Sarli's duty to report her chief for the happenings of every night and she always received a mind-blowing fuck as a reward to her services. Surely, Dagmar's orders for the maids to attend and steam up the redhead meant only thing: The lesbian chief couldn't stand a chance to loose Selena, if her memory was revived.

On the night of full moon, Sarli and her mates sponged the redhead in a warm bubble bath. They took handfuls of perfumed oil to massage on Selena's curvaceous body before dressing her into a white linen cloak and placing a feathered white cap on her head.

When Selena was made up for wedding, Phyllis and Sarli walked her out of the chamber. In a couple of minutes they joined all the other tribeswomen who chatted with each other, sitting around a large blazing fire. Selena could guess she looked celestially gorgeous in her bridal dress; the rapturously amazed expression on totabuese faces told her so.

Cloaked and capped in black, Dagmar got up as Selena was led by maids towards her. The rest of the tribe followed their chief's example. Dagmar extended her hand, which was taken by Selena as they smiled at each other.

Dagmar gestured at her left and an elderly woman came humming towards the couple. She was skimpily covered in her dirty tweed cloak, holding a staff which was carved like a large veined cock. Selena had been told by Phyllis that a special priestess recited some incantation before the fire, when a totabuese couple was to be married on the full moon.

Sarli took a bowl of some shimmering substance and carried it towards the humming priestess, for she could dip the tip of her staff into its silver. Then the priestess raised her arms and stared at the full moon, carrying on with the recitation. Selena wondered at the woman, who hadn't blinked for once.

It took a while for the priestess to close her eyes and lower her arms. Keeping her head up, she started to walk around the blazing fire in an anticlockwise fashion. The woman looked extremely strange for walking smoothly around the flames in one circle and reciting the incantation along.

The priestess stopped her recitation, as she completed her round and waved the staff for throwing it before the couple. The crooked thing landed some distance from Selena and Dagmar.

The groom started to walk with her bride towards the fallen staff. Selena wasn't confused a bit for those queer proceedings. Thanks to Phyllis, who had confided to her every bit about the totabuese wedding customs. Dagmar was taking quick steps and a faint smile had curved her thin lips. It seemed to Selena that the chief was very excited for her wedding.

They walked on and jumped over the cock-like staff. The crowd broke out in a roar of confused shouts. As excited as her groom, Selena noticed the old priestess stooping to retrieve the shaft in her hands. Before turning back to her shack, she showed the newly wed couple a toothy grin.

Selena and Dagmar had to stand hand-in-hand at the stone-walled hut. Most of the tribe seemed hearty for the marital proceedings; nevertheless they had to bow before their chief and her bride one-by-one in sober demeanor.

Left alone after sometime, Dagmar took her bride into the hut and closed its door. Fascinated by its contents, Selena looked around. There were coarse woven mats on the grass covered floor. Spears and knives were hung on the opposite walls. The vast bed was softened with fresh moss and ferns; an indigo dyed sheet of linen-like material was draped over it. Two halved coconut shells were placed on timber stools. Wicks were fixed into them, which burnt into the sea of perfumed oil. They cast a pale scanty light, illuminating the interior of hut in a softening hue.

Dagmar's deliberately made cough roused Selena from her dreamy contemplation of the interior designs. She looked at her groom. They smiled at each other before the chief spoke: "You seem to like our wedding arrangements, darling."

"Oh, it's so beautiful in here." Selena said cheerfully.

"But not as beautiful as you, my love." Dagmar said.

Selena was pulled by Dagmar into a tight hug, when she found herself looking into the ogling eyes of her groom. Their lips met in a warm lingering kiss; the two mouths were locked under the mutual pressure of passion. She closed her eyes. Dagmar's lips felt so soft against her own; unlike something hard which tried to poke her between thighs.

The redhead moved her head, breaking their kiss. "You're hurting me, you know." she said, pouting her lips in a mock frowning expression.

Dagmar laughed. "No worries honey! It won't last long." said she.

"What do you mean" Selena pressed on questioningly.

"If my wife wants an answer, why are we waiting to see each other in glory like dummy idols." said Dagmar, reaching to untie the cords of Selena's collar.

"As my husband wishes." said Selena with a serene smile.

A soft yet hearty laugh was exchanged when they stripped each other. Caps and cloaks were thrown away by them into a far corner. Selena gazed down the slim body of her groom. A light pink strap-on was dangling between Dagmar's thighs, impressing upon her like a real cock. Almost impulsively, she reached to stroke along its crooked length.

"You like it babe, don't you" said Dagmar grinning.

Selena looked up and saw a naughty glint into her husband's eyes. "It's... it's so smooth." she managed to say.

"Yes, and a lot naughtier when it meets a perfect sheath." added Dagmar as she reached between Selena's thighs to pat her there.

"Oooo!!!" the redhead yelped. "What was that for" said she, holding an urge to laugh.

"Just checking how you'd like to get it there." said Dagmar, jerking her head to indicate at the bed.

They smiled at each other, before their mouths were glued together into a lip-locking kiss.

Dagmar led Selena to bed and pushed her to lie there on back. Leaning atop the sexy redhead, she took her mammoth bubbies to squeeze on. Instantly, the totabuese chief started to kiss and lick on her bride's teats. While kneading and stroking the firm mass of one boob, she kept on sucking the other in a hungry oral pull. 'She loves my tits. Oh how she's sucking them.' reflected Selena, closing her heavy-lidded eyes.

The redhead sighed as Dagmar sucked hard on her protrudent nipples, releasing each teat in a smack and then proceeded to kiss down her soft belly. But a moan escaped from Selena's mouth, when the chief had slid down to splay her thighs apart and started to lick her pink cunt. The bride arched her back and made an attempt to lift her hips higher. Dagmar's mouth felt hot over her pussy. Selena bit her lips. Her groom was lapping at her snatch with a heated vigor.

Selena felt her legs pushed more apart as Dagmar had buried her face deeper between them. She ate her wife, sucking on her salty labia and raising her lingual pressure between them. Her long tongue probed deep into Selena's wet, slippery cunt. Then her lips located Selena's sensitive clit and she pursed them over its erectile knob.

Dagmar flicked her tongue on Selena's clit without a pause. The redhead hissed as she felt Dagmar's hands stroking on her cunt and coating it with her own oozed wetness.

Selena put her soft hands on Dagmar's head, urging it deeper into her cunt. Grunting in pleasure, she began to push-up her wide hips into the lesbian mouth. Dagmar saw it as an encouragement and she carried on eating her wife's pussy.

"Ummm... ummm... ummm... eat... eat me... eat me... oohhh... " Intense lust stole over Selena's face as she heaved those words. The lesbian chief then realized that her wife was going to cum.

With an instant move, Dagmar rose. She slid atop the voluptuous redhead and held her thighs to keep them splayed as before. Shifting herself in position between them, the chief managed to touch her rubber tip unto Selena's twitching cunt.

"AAAAHHHHH!!!!" Selena cried, raising her torso as Dagmar's cock slid slowly into her lubricated entrance. The redhead opened her mouth to moan for the next push but she couldn't do it, because her mouth was covered in a passionate kiss by Dagmar's.

Supporting herself on elbows, Dagmar continued to pound her bride's inflamed pussy with sure and swift moves. Her slim hips pulled up and plunged down, thrusting the strap-on hard and harder into Selena. She fucked the gorgeous redhead with all the potential she had, enjoying it as much as her darling wife.

Waves of pure pleasure rolled over Selena as Dagmar pushed and repushed the lifeless cock into her dripping cunt. Pinching and sucking on Selena's nipples, the lesbian hubby went on with her speed and tempo. The fucking fever rose to peak between them. Their canals began to brim up with the hot cum under building lust. Dagmar's strap-on was pressed hard into her own pussy as she groaned, making the mightiest fucking push.

Screaming in unison, the couple came almost simultaneously. Dagmar's cock was coated all over into Selena's cream, as it spilled out on the bed sheet like an erupted lava. The chief bore deep down the hilt of her wife, when her own cum oozed out under the strap-on.

To revive their lost vitality, they lay on their bed into each other's arms for some time. Then, Dagmar kissed and licked her wife's voluptuous body from head to toe. She heated up Selena by licking her deep ass crack, sucking her sensitive nipples and eating her twitching pussy. After going through the steaming hot fuck for twice more, they fell asleep spent and terribly tired.

Night passed silently over the Islands. At sunrise, the totabuese women rose from their slumber and went on with their routine.

Selena lived with them in Femelandia as the most contented woman, who remained oblivious of the loss she once had. Being the wife of their chief, she was greatly honoured by them.

But the thing which mattered most to Selena, was Dagmar's sincere regard and infatuation for her. She cared for her too. Because she knew love begets love.

And so they lived a happy married life, proving that together...

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