Published: Oct 9, 2008
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My name is Kate, at the time this started I was thirty eight. I was married to Frank who is fifteen years older than me. I had been married twice before and my second husband turned out to be a wife beater.

My name is Kate, at the time this started I was thirty eight. I was married to Frank who is fifteen years older than me. I had been married twice before and my second husband turned out to be a wife beater. Frank and I had lived in the same village and had known each other slightly, he left the village when his first wife died. Then, quite by chance, several months later I met him in a shop, he asked me if I would go out with him one evening and I agreed. We met several times and I think both realised that we had feelings for each other. Then the next time we met I had a black eye and bruised face, Frank was horrified, he took me to a cafe and bought me a coffee. He asked me what had happened, by that time I was in quite a state and not having told anyone about my situation I simply broke down and told him everything. Frank took charge, I hadn't any idea how to get out of my situation but he told me what to do. I was to go to a photographer, take the photos to a solicitor and sue my husband for divorce, then go to the police and make a complaint about the constant beatings.

In the meantime he said, to avoid trouble I was to do a flit while my husband was at work and move in to his place. It all actually worked like a charm. Once living with Frank we found that we really did love each other and we got married after about a year. We had five children between us, I had two boys and Frank two boys and a girl, they were teenagers all around the same ages. After four years of being together the kids had all left home for one reason or another, so we were on our own. Frank was a Sales Rep while I ran a coffee shop. The town we lived in was only small and I soon got to know a lot of people.

I should say at this point that I had always enjoyed a great variety of sexual partners. I first had sex at the age of twelve with a man on three consecutive days, the man then disappeared and in the local paper a week or so later there was an item about him being arrested for having sex with a thirteen year old in the next village! That taught me a lesson and I didn't have sex again until I was fifteen. After that sex was a pretty regular thing for me. Now there was a man who came into my coffee shop three times a day who I was attracted to, we became quite friendly. Then one evening Frank said to me, 'What's with this man, Paul, you keep talking about Fancy him do you Got the hots for him maybe' Well, I never could lie to Frank, I loved him too much and he had rescued me and given me a wonderful life. So I said, 'You know me too well, darling, yes, I do fancy him and I do have the hots for him, as you put it, I'm sorry.'

'No need to be sorry, you forget that I know your history, I know that you have always enjoyed variety in your love-life. I'll tell you that, at first, I was in two minds about getting involved with you, but then I realised that I loved you too much to lose you. I decided that, if I got thee years of you to myself, I wouldn't stand in your way if you fancied another lover. I'm a lot older than you sweetheart, I realise that sex isn't everything, I've been happier with you than I have ever been so what I suggest is this. First I vet this bloke, if I think he's okay you can go ahead and date him, with two conditions. One is that you never meet him in town, you go fifteen or twenty miles away to meet him and other is that you're back by half twelve. Oh, and by the way, when you come back I shall want chapter and verse of what you got up to!'

To be honest I was flabbergasted, in truth I had strong sexual feelings for Paul despite having a great sex-life with Frank. It was something I couldn't help. I heard myself agreeing, except for one thing, 'Just one thing, darling, half twelve is rather early isn't it Can't we make it half one' Frank thought for a moment then agreed. Well, obviously I made a date with Paul at the earliest opportunity.

That Friday I rushed home, had a shower and dressed in as little as possible. It was in fact late summer and very warm so I was able to get away with a button-through summer dress with just knickers and bra underneath. You have probably guessed that I had done this sort of thing before. Frank had stayed in the bedroom watching me with an amused smile on his face, 'I hope it turns out to be everything you want,' he said. Off I went, I had a little Mini and the place we had arranged was a country pub well away from where I hoped no-one from the town was likely to see me.

I sat in the pub car park for a few minutes then, to my relief, Paul arrived. We went in and over a couple of drinks got to know each other. I won't bore you with that. After the drinks we asked the landlord if I could leave my Mini in the car park for a while, he certainly guessed what we were up to and agreed with a smile. Paul drove us to somewhere very quiet, he had obviously been there before. He was kissing me almost as soon as we stopped, I felt really excited and more so when he said, 'Let's get in the back.'

We sat on the wide seat and I didn't prevent Paul caressing my breasts as we kissed. My nipples erected and I felt my fanny engorging. It's such a lovely feeling, that knowledge that shortly one is going to be fucked. Paul soon had my dress unbuttoned and was slipping my bra straps down to kiss and caress my breasts. I said, 'We know what's coming Paul, let me get out of this dress.' I quickly unbuttoned and threw off the dress, then took my bra off, I lay back in just my knickers. Frank, amongst others I'd had, I knew liked to see the shape of a woman's pudenda with close fitting cotton knickers and I'd taken the chance to wear a pair of new ones I had. I saw Paul looking, he said, 'I can see the shape of your cunt in those!' I kissed him and replied, 'That's why I wore them.'

As he sucked my nipples, something calculated to arouse me more than anything else, I felt myself becoming wet. He kissed his way down my body, pulling my knickers down as he got there then he kissed the lips of my cunt. I knew that the outer lips were already parting before I felt his tongue between them. I love oral and Paul knew just what he was doing as he tongue-fucked me then licked my clit. I came. I admit that I come very easily and this wasn't the strongest by any means but it did mean that I opened right up. I felt for Paul's cock, I undid his belt and the waistband of his trousers and pulled his trousers and underpants down. His cock sprang out, it was about the same length as Frank's but slightly thicker. I bent and kissed it, then took it in my mouth and sucked, I used my hand to wank him at the same time and straightaway had him gasping, 'No more, you'll make me come!'

I leant back over the seat, one leg up on the back cushion, the other with my foot on the floor. Paul stared between my wide open legs, 'What a beautiful cunt!' he gasped, 'Your husband's a lucky man.' I had told him earlier that Frank and I still had regular sex. After that Paul didn't waste any time, he moved over me and I felt the big head of his cock between my open lips. He grabbed his cock and rubbed it inside, he stroked it against my clit and I felt my juice flow. Then he placed it with his hand and penetrated me, he eased his lovely cock gently right up as far as it would go. I grabbed him, 'Fuck me, fuck me!' I pleaded.

He obliged, but didn't last very long, he apologised as he finished coming, 'Sorry, haven't had sex for ages,' he said nevertheless I loved the feeling. His cock slipped out and he slumped back in the seat. After a few minutes I bent over him and sucked the limp organ into my mouth, I began to suck. I loved the taste of his cum and my juice and cleaned his cock completely. It was only two or three minutes before I felt the first twitch, then I went to work and had him hard in a few moments. 'Come on then,' I said, 'you're bound to last longer this time!' Once again his hard shaft slid up inside my willing fuck-hole, I was streaming and there was still his spunk there. It squirted out as he closed with me, we kissed, 'Come on, you gorgeous fucker, ram it up my cunt!' I murmured in his ear. He complied very enthusiastically and gave me a great fuck that lasted over twenty minutes.

He groaned, 'Oh, I'm coming, I'm coming!', as I felt his cock jerk and pull back, he rammed it back in and, as he withdrew, he spurted deep inside me. I loved it, if he could have fucked me again I would have been over the moon. However, he couldn't, but I did clean him with my mouth, enjoying every bit I swallowed. He then took some tissues out of the glove-box and I wadded them between my legs and pulled my knickers on to keep them in place.

I got home at about one fifteen, Frank was in bed reading, 'Everything go alright' he asked. 'You bet,' I replied as I took my dress, my bra and then my knickers off. 'Wow!' Frank gasped, 'I can see that you've been well fucked!' I slid into bed beside him, he was as hard as a rock, I wanked him very gently as I began to describe what Paul and I had done. After my description of our first fuck Frank, groaned and mounted me. He pushed his cock up me and everything inside squirted out as he began fucking, 'Go on, go on!' he gasped. I described what followed, including my sucking Paul's cock to get him hard.

Frank got very excited, but he was after all a very experienced man and was still fucking after I had finished my narrative. When he came after a very enjoyable half hour it was like a fire-hose going off inside me. Frank always spunked very fiercely but this was exceptional and it gave me the strongest come I'd had all evening. He lay on top of me as we cuddled, 'Did you enjoy that. darling' I asked. 'Did I' he replied, 'I have never experienced such a fuck in all my life. The feeling inside you was incredible, all that spunk and cunt juice and the way your cunt kept gripping me, I haven't got words to describe it!'

Well, as you can probably imagine, after that I went out with Paul and got well fucked every week, then returned home and had an even better fucking there!

All went well for several months, then I returned home one evening from work to find Frank in a terrible mood. 'What did I tell you' he raged,' only two conditions and you couldn't even keep those!' 'What-ever's the matter', I asked, I had never seen Frank in such a state. 'You may well ask,' he said, 'last week you were seen in another car by Tom.' Tom was a friend of ours who was a local policeman, my heart sank. Frank went on, 'I managed to convince him, I think, that he was mistaken. But whatever possessed you to be picked up in town'

I apologised abjectly. 'It was Paul, he only had a short time, I didn't meet him till half past nine and we went straight up the bridle path and had it there, you'll remember I was home early that night.' 'Well, that was a damned stupid thing to do and directly against what we agreed. Of course you know what this means You have to give this Paul the elbow.' I started crying. 'It's no good crying, that's your punishment, just be grateful that Tom didn't see you going up the bridle-path.'

That was when I found out that Frank was a man of his word, unhappy though it made me at the time, I saw that he was perfectly right doing what he did. However, as it turned out, I wasn't without a lover for long. One day we received a letter from the bank, there was a new manager and he wanted us to attend for a personal interview. Our hearts sank, we had taken out a loan some years before and a summons like that usually only meant one thing, the bank wanted the loan paid off. Well, we were right, we attended as requested and met the new manager. It was plain to see that he was immediately taken with me, I'm blonde and, at the time, had a good figure and I had the sort of personality that seemed to attract men.

To cut a long story short, although the bank was trying to cut down on the loans outstanding the manager, Gary was his name, asked for further meetings. Frank of course was experienced and an old fox, he said, 'Next time, you go on your own, I bet he makes a pass at you!' He did and we had several more meetings, each time Gary got more and more intimate. Frank and I talked about it, 'Do you find him attractive' he asked. 'Well, sort of, I wouldn't kick him out of bed,' I replied. 'Okay then, he obviously wants to fuck you, just don't give in too easily, it'll be to our benefit.'

Gary had already kissed me one afternoon, I had protested but yielded in the end. The next time I let him kiss me and then caress my breasts through my clothes, I said, 'You're making me feel very naughty, Gary,' 'Good!' he said, 'You're so sexy Kate, I want you!' 'I know that, you naughty boy, I could feel how excited you are just now!' 'I hope you're excited too!' Well, I was getting wet. I let him unbutton my blouse and caress my bare breasts, feeling his cock hard against my belly. On the next visit he picked up his internal phone and said, 'Miss Jenkins I am only to be disturbed if Head Office ring,' he then locked the door.

The next moment he was kissing me passionately, he unbuttoned my blouse roughly and pulling my bra straps down over my shoulders kissed my breasts and sucked my nipples. Aroused I felt for his cock. He took it as the signal to go further, he put his hands up under my skirt and pulled my knickers down. 'Oh, you are making me feel so naughty, Gary, I'm all wet!' As he was feeling my cunt at the time he already knew that! I soon had his trousers and underpants down and his cock bared. It was a disappointment I had to admit, it was less than five inches long, nevertheless he soon had me bent over his desk and pushing it into me. I let him fuck me, even kissed him while he was doing it and I quite enjoyed myself for I love fucking, but it was still a disappointment for, when he came, it was just a dribble of spunk oozing into me.

We cleaned ourselves up with me telling him what a naughty boy he was, 'You didn't seem to mind,' he said. Well, I didn't, but not for the reasons he thought! Then he said, 'You will appreciate that doing this in the bank is a dangerous thing to do, anything could happen. As it happens I keep a flat in town here, perhaps you could visit me there' I first asked him where it was then agreed. After that every Thursday evening was Gary's time to fuck me in his flat. Once we'd had it there a few times I tried sucking his cock after we'd fucked, hoping that I'd get something better out of him. It didn't work, I couldn't even get him hard, in the end I gave up. Gary though liked sex talk and I gave him story after story of my sexual adventures which I think he greatly enjoyed although having difficulty believing that it was all true, although I assured him that it was. Of course we never had any trouble with our loan and eventually paid it off whereupon he was able to point out to his superiors that his judgement had been sound!

Of course having a new lover meant that our incredible sexual bouts afterwards gave Frank and I great enjoyment. Frank was a far seeing man and my sex-life outside marriage did not end there, but that perhaps is a tale for another time.

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