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Teachers Pets Part I


Author: stoneypoint
Published: 03-Jan-09 Revised/Updated 26-Jul-17

This story is written in different parts. This is part one. Wife of banker discovers husband cheating on her big time. He's fucking half the females at the bank. One girl isn't into sharing time fucking him. She exposes him, but recalls her affairs with her previous teacher from her high school days...

* * * * * * *

She corrected her daughter's language. But her daughter, like anyone might expect was livid. "Fuck the bastard" she said again. She pounded the table. "If that's how its going to be then two can play that game. Fuck him all to hell."

Her mom, not understanding her daughter's language corrected her again.

"Sorry mom, I'm... I'm just upset about all this." Her face was redder then red. The tips of her ears were too. Her mom sat trying to hold her daughters hands while shaking her head. Her mom understood. She understood too well.

Her own husband, Elaine's father, cheated on her, only not as bad as what Elaine's husband had done to Elaine. And Elaine never knew about any of them. Her mom sat patiently, understanding Elaine's situation. Like Elaine she was big woman. She was a plus size woman equally as beautiful as Elaine too. Elaine's beauty and size didn't fall far from the tree.

In high school Elaine had it going on. During her high school years and college too she had the looks, the body. She had it all. She had the physical attributes every beauty queen had and Elaine had all the right friends too. Along with rich, thick, shapely, and beautiful full legs she had her gorgeous well-rounded ass including the nice set of youthful but expanding hips. Then there was her upper body. Guys could only dream of that. Getting their hands on her chest, her stimulating but mature looking boobs. She was every young man's dream. She was more then that. She easily was every man's dream, young or old. They said to one another how they'd die to get a piece of that while snickering under their breath. They would've died to get be alone with her, hands holding on to her body, holding those boobs of hers. They were large at that age. Back then Elaine might have been considered full figured, but seeing as she was only 18 and even at 21 she didn't look it. No she was too young to be considered a full figured or large young lady at that point. She was at that time in her life one gorgeous, wholesome, and curvaceous young woman.

But all her tangible assets, in time, would translate into a woman of size. Eventually she was transformed into a different person, a different woman. She became a woman of size and beauty. Because of hereditary it was inevitable. Genetics played into that so she grew and she grew until she was a plus size woman. A large and fuller figured woman until she was nothing but a woman of sizeable beauty. She was a woman of ample loveliness. Some even thought she easily could have been a model.

But she wasn't interested in that, she never wanted that at all. She wanted to be Mrs. Elaine Cullen wife of Mr. Robert Cullen a local banker. A banker rising up the corporate ladder. Gradually he assumed more and more responsibilities. Soon he garnered the benefits any up and coming banker would enjoy. And to his good fortune came something he never expected and no one else did either.

They liked him. They began to adore him. And he began to see it too. He liked the additional attention he was beginning to see. He felt great about the adoration he was starting to see here and there. Young women all around him were practically "throwing" themselves at him, at his disposal. Assistants, clerical personnel were all virtually flirting with their boss he thought. They found him enchanting. And he was a charming guy. He was graceful and he had manners too. That alone made him alluring as he offered each one his enchanting smile all day long.

That smile of his was a "deadly" smile. That smile of his was an amazing smile. They found themselves desiring him all the time... everywhere they were they wanted to be with him. It was incredible how much they wished they were with him. During work, after work, or whenever they fantasized about him and they barely even knew him.

Many of them were similar to Elaine, but younger. They admired his style. They desired his alluring charm. His position with the bank grew and with it so did his ego. With that so did something else as well. A "harem" began to develop, a following of young women.

After a while he realized he had an extensive group of young women willing to do anything, anywhere, and at any time if he so chose. But he hadn't, not yet he hadn't. They followed him like he was the pied piper. None of his girls cared that the others felt the same way. It was share his time or don't share him at all. The only thing they cared about was the attention Robert could afford them. And he made a point of affording them lots of attention when it was feasible.

The guy had it all it seemed. He was extremely good looking. He was as charming and mannerly as any. He had all the refinement and etiquette they could dream about. That's why they desired him. That's why they loved the guy. In the back of his mind he loved knowing all of them felt that way. That's how it appeared to him. But in time, in due time all these traits of his and all his tangible assets which they all adored would break him.

He would eventually fall. He would soon succumb to his ego. He'd finally succumb to their adoring attention, their need to have him, be with him, and... and ultimately break him down so that he would have sex with him. Somehow and at sometime, maybe and hopefully he'd break down and give in once to one of them. Ohhh yes, just once, then maybe a second time with another one of them. Who knew for sure They dreamt of him acknowledging how much he appreciated their willingness, their overall beauty. And all they wanted was one thing, one thing only. Have sex with me...please let's go to bed together. Please let's have sex... please Robert Dreams can come true and they did.

Yes, he succumbed to all their desires. He broke down. He succumbed to the young ladies desires and willingness to be with him sexually, fucking him with great ferocity, and he broke down due to their wondrous desire to have him flesh on flesh and fucking wildly. His will power, it was fragile. He had to succumb to it all. It was inevitable. The beauty surrounding him, the never ending adoration, and all their flirtatious mannerisms was unending. All that desire surrounding him was too much... just too much to ignore.

They all clamored for his attention. All of them clamored to be one of his number one assistants. Each one practically bellowed to go to lunch with him leaving him crippled with perplexing thoughts and ideas about each of them.

What to do and which one to do it with first Was he crazy he thought Should he even be thinking about it in the first place He knew the answer to that question. But reality superseded logic. His thought process was skewed now. It lie in a different place. He had readjusted any realistic focus. He began reconsidering the options. He began thinking about it all out of some other place. And once that started working that way he knew his life as he knew it at one time was about to change.

It would change forever, yes it would. There would be no turning back. But he did not want to turn back, for it was going to be good, really good he told himself. It would be good to be with each one and he knew once he started it all there was no turning back whatsoever. It was definitely going to be the best experience in his entire life.

His "harem" of girls thought so too. They loved the possibilities. They loved the idea about being with him hopefully. For him was it right or proper to refer to them as his "harem" He didn't know, but it was his own term and nobody else's. How many he had no one really knew, but there were of opportunities, all kinds of opportunities, and all kinds of ways to be with each of them. At lunchtime there was a chance and doing another at dinner time too... oh yeah that was a chance as well. Forget eating. That wasn't important. The only eating necessary was a juicy hot filet between their thighs. Ready and waiting and willing... that was all either one desired.

All either wanted was sex and all either wanted was one another. That's all.

And it was good sex to him. It was really good sex to them too. And it was nonstop sex. All the time, never-ending sex, and each time it occurred it was incredibly fulfilling sex. They were always at his disposal, each and every one of them was. It was all they could wish for. It was all he wished for too and there was all kinds of it as well. Unadulterated, wild, and unbelievable sex came and went like it was running water. The sex was conditional and each of them understood it. There were no guarantees and they all understood that as well. But each time it was incredibly gratifying sex. Soon enough it all turned into voracious, euphoric, and untamed sex too. He couldn't believe it. They couldn't either. He couldn't believe it was all happening so freely like it had. But neither could they and seeing as most were 18, 19, 20, or some 21 they wanted more and more and more. It was so, so good. And he was so, so good too. He felt the exact same way.

The sex they shared was always exhausting sex, but it was the most fun any of those girls would ever experience in their lives. None ever denied that. He never did either. Afterward those girls, during work hours, shared their stories with one another. They'd share with one another what they did the day before with him and they'd giggle and laugh and the desire built up within each one of them again. They were happy for each other and they'd say to one another how they'd do it in a heartbeat if he asked them on the spot.

He was the best lover any of them had ever had.

Except one girl. She knew all about affairs. Affairs of the heart, affairs that were affairs, and she knew all about the sex part. Yeah she knew all about that great sex she was once again experiencing. She loved the sex part just like her coworkers loved it. She couldn't get away from it all. Like all the others, once again she fell for the guy. Hook, line, and sinker she fell for him. The girl, once a former teacher's pet, knew of all the trappings. The rest wouldn't see them.

For whatever reason the bright young lady never went to college. She was unable to fulfill her dreams of going on to college. A well educated young lady, something happened just after graduating high school and it changed her life forever. So she was experienced, very experienced in these affairs. She was more experienced in affairs of the heart and soul. Once she had an ongoing affair with one of her former teachers. She knew the problems that existed. In situations like hers, like theirs she knew it could backfire. She knew it all too well, but she succumbed to it. She succumbed to the same desires. It was too much and like all the others she fell hard and fast for him.

And once she did, she saw the light. She loved it all, but she saw the light at the end.

It was too easy not to avoid the man. He had all the right qualities a girl looks for in a guy. But she didn't like having to share him. No, she didn't like that at all. Ohhh, she loved the sex part. Which one didn't She loved it just as much as all the others. Which one wouldn't She cherished all those times she was with him, fucking him. Which girl didn't She even thought about threesomes with him, but which girl didn't She just didn't like the idea that he took advantage of it all. Fucking her then fucking another coworker later on and then moving on to another girl. It was an endless rotation. No, she didn't like how all that worked out. He kept going and going and going like he was the energizer battery rabbit. He went and he fucked one of them and he moved on. They didn't mind it. No, not one iota. But the one girl did. How he used each one was pleasurable for all of them. But this one girl saw each come back for more and more. And why wouldn't they It was the most heightening experience of their entire lives. It was nonstop and euphoric to all of them. It was a continual process of sexual gratification. And she even saw it as if it was set up as some kind of porn site membership.

So this one girl didn't like the set up and situation at the bank. She wanted him to herself. She was greedier then the rest. She was jealous and wanted him for her very own. She told him she did and he nodded in agreement. It was cool she thought and she felt assured it was so she assumed he meant what he said to her. When he nodded and smiled she assumed he was committed to her only. Having her as his only mistress she was happy with that, but she assumed wrong. She gave up on it all.

And now she was committed to ratting Robert out. She wasn't getting screwed over twice. She didn't like what was going on. She decided it was the best thing for him, for her, and for everyone. Fuck him and fuck the way he's treating me, us she thought.

Upset at her misfortunes, she headed home, straight home. As soon as she walked in she sat down at her computer. The letter she was typing was going directly to Mrs. Elaine Cullen.

Looking at her monitor she was looking for the right words. She stared and stared, but couldn't come up with the right things to say. The phone rang. The girl was excited, again, and as usual. The friend had to mention Robert's name. She had to tell her all about it too. She just had to mention the affair. And why not, he was good, right He was very, very good. But her phone conversation was inspiring. It had inspired her. She knew. She discovered from her call what exactly to write to Elaine.

After hanging up she started banging away at the keys, telling Elaine her story, and explaining to Elaine why she was writing. This was the best way she thought. It was the only way she told herself. She typed and typed telling her story to Elaine. She explained what was going on and how things unraveled at the bank. She told her many of the details except she left out names. No... no names she thought. She wasn't about to give out any names, except her own. She was proud to do that. She was proud she told her story.

No guts no glory she thought with a smile, but she also thought no gory graphic details. Then she stopped typing. For a few a minutes she stopped. She stopped to think. She stopped to think about him, about herself, and about them together. Yes, she paused for a long time while thinking about all the times they were together. She didn't want Elaine knowing those times they were together and what she had done with Elaine's husband.

No she wasn't going into all that. No one wants to know those things. God no, they don't she thought. No, she wasn't telling her about all the explicit and graphic events they shared in bed or wherever. Nobody wants to know those parts, except guy's maybe. Yeah guy's love that stuff. What she did with him is stuff one only reads online. What her and Robert did was stuff you only see on an erotic porn site. What her and Robert did one only reads at those erotic story sites. Yeah that's what she and Robert did together. Many, many times they did it. That's what her sexual exploits were about with Robert.

She had stopped momentarily, recalling all those good times with him. No, she wasn't letting Elaine in on all that stuff. That was left to memory, her memories only. Knowing and detailing all that was pointless. All the blow jobs, all the cumming on her, and all the times he creamed all over her tits. Oh god now those times were awesome. Yes they were and she smiled too. Maybe she shouldn't have, but she did. Who wouldn't when he creamed her Picturing him whole and hearty while he knelt over her, he started creaming her tits everywhere. And then it was her face. Oh yeah now that was incredible. And as she thought about that she smiled more. Yeah oh y god yeah, how could she forget those times too when he exploded and it splashed and oozed down her throat, easing its way over her tongue and sliding gently over it into her throat to her belly... mmmmm. Now that was as perfect as it got she recalled. Yes it was and she had to smile even more.

It was a grand smile when she recalled that warm blooded cum of his flowing wildly out of his cock, splashing her lips, and seeing herself begin to swallow almost all of it. Oh yeah it was wild and it was fun she recalled. The two of them laughing as she gulped it all down... Yep it was crazy alright and it was as wild as anything gets.

But no she didn't want Elaine knowing about those things. She knew that for sure. She already experienced it once before. Now that... that was equally as wild, equally erotic. Robert, she knew, was going to be in deep shit once Elaine received her letter. She knew that for sure. Somehow she knew she would be too, but it no longer mattered. She had to do what she had to do. Elaine was not going to know any of those graphic details she had been reliving in her mind.

How she and Robert did it on each and every table and how they fucked her couch or chairs. No, Elaine didn't have to know. Not even any of the times in bed with him. Elaine has a brain so she can figure it all out. She wasn't explaining any of it to Elaine. How they went about fucking rampantly any old place they felt like it. She wasn't going to tell her how they snuggled afterward, holding one another's naked body, and talking about their most secretive fantasies as well. They snuggled and they laughed and they talked about desires each had they never ever told any other soul. No she wasn't writing about those moments either. None of that was included. Her dreams, his dreams too about the desire to have unadulterated sex somewhere on a remote beach in the south Pacific.

None of it had been included, but Robert and her talked about it. Oh yeah they sure did. She probably knew more about Robert then Elaine did in fact. At least about his inner desires she probably knew about. The two laughed about doing it at the office even. She wished it could be all true, but she knew it wasn't going to be. She didn't write in her letter how Robert and her were lying naked and laughing about this and that and suddenly out of no where they started having sex and orgasms all over again.

Oh god she thought... oh god why am I doing this she wondered Yeah it was incredible. All of it was. And she felt like she was getting turned on just thinking about it all of a sudden, but she knew she wasn't going to be his one and only so she had to focus. She had to tell Elaine. She had to stop sexing the guy up like she had. She didn't like knowing she had to share him with all the others. That made her mad, but she was envious of it all. That's when she started to feel bad about what she was doing.

Sitting and remembering it all was satisfying and wonderful. Up to a point it was until she knew it wasn't right. Then he came into her mind. She envisioned him, them, and the relationship she had with him. It came to mind. He was handsome, fresh faced too. At the time she was a budding young lady, and changing and maturing. She was pretty like many others, she was growing out and growing up, and he didn't expect any of it at all.

Young, cute, and each one potentially a gorgeous young woman each at the time was in their mid-teens. Each was practicing to be as beautiful as they could be at that age. It was overwhelming to him and he was engaged too. His fiance, she was gorgeous, but she was more mature then his students. He loved his fiance, but he liked his students more.

In fact he found himself enamored by his student's youthful beauty. He was caught up in it all, but one girl out of all of them stood out. She had long and silky blond hair. She didn't dress like all the others. She didn't like her maturing figure. She didn't like her maturing hips and legs either and she never like her blossoming bosoms for sure. All of her was wholesome, more so then any of her peers and she knew it too. She hid it well and she hid it all.

Oversized clothing helped in disguising her true womanly figure. She was equally as pretty as the rest, but she was well above any academically. An intelligent, insightful young woman, he enjoyed her as a student and as a young woman too.

He saw through her clothing, but never once said a word. He couldn't and no teacher dare say anything of the kind to a student. But he recognized all of her qualities and anytime she was near him he burned with an ardent and passionate fever. It was difficult and hard to deal with, but thankfully she moved on to her junior year. She wasn't his student any longer. She still roamed the halls and he still saw her around and he saw that she had become more comfortable with herself, her body... much more comfortable indeed.

He'd notice she was wearing more stylish and fashionable attire. On her it was too alluring, but thank god she wasn't his student. He wondered how all the other male teachers dealt with her and her good looks. He heard nothing through the grapevine that there were any problems with her.

One day he was behind schedule. He was hurrying to get to an appointment. Rushing down corridors he flew around corners and suddenly as he opened a door to go downstairs, he opened it in her face almost. She pulled away in time, but he still crashed head on against her voluptuous figure.

When he realized it was her his body ran hot... hotter then ever. He Apologized a million times over. He started fumbling his words as he avoided looking at her body. But her bosoms had smashed against his body already. He instantly recalled how it felt as they crashed against each other. He wouldn't openly admit it, but he treasured it greatly. He wouldn't forget that day ever, but neither did she. He was her favorite teacher. She never told him until later on, but she thought of him, thought about being with him, and a lot.

Often he'd recall that incident and the year came and went. She was a senior and taking a class where he was her teacher. Two months after school started, she would turn 18. She definitely looked like she was a woman of 20, easily. He found out it was her birthday and he secretly sent her a birthday card. Inappropriate for a teacher to do so, she loved it and she knew it came from him.

The following day she did something she would never regret. Staying after class, they were going over a paper she was working on for college purposes. She was asking question after question and he answered as best as he could. At the very end she walked up to his desk and walked around it. She leaned over and thanked him. She thanked him for the card too and to his surprise she kissed his cheek, long and hard.

Her kiss aroused him. It turned him on and he was hot with fever all over. He wanted her. He wondered if she wanted him back. He turned his head to tell her she shouldn't do those things. It was just something he felt was a friendly gesture. She kissed his cheek again and then rubbed his arm. He was more feverish, more desirous of her. He had to have this young lady.

Again she thanked him as she turned and began to walk out. He watched her. He watched shapely maturing ass as it walked away from him. He watched her figure along with her sexy shapely thighs too as they walked towards the door. He finally called out to her. He sounded almost desperate. She turned. There was a look of surprise, a look of feverish desire in her eyes. Her heart had begun to flood with desire after hearing what he said.

"Have sex with" he told her. "This afternoon... please let's have sex" he said.

She thought his voice was alluring as hell. "Oh god, god yes" she replied turning around abruptly. "Yes... how, where, and when" she said desperately. He told her how, he told her when, and he told her where. "Oh my god" she said. She sounded exasperated. She couldn't believe it was coming true, finally. Finally the chance she's always wanted. Finally she was going to have sex with the one teacher she admired and desired and didn't want to live without. "Ohhh yes, yes" she said as she unraveled emotionally.

And he felt exactly the same way. It was too good to be true. But the sex was very good. Yes it was. They had incredibly awesome sex. And they had more sex after that. And they had more and more sex that night and it was wild, unadulterated sex later on at another time on a later date. Their relationship went on and on and on. No one ever knew anything. Nobody, not a soul ever knew about their secretive affair.

But she fucked him hard and he fucked her hard back. And he creamed her all over and she loved his cum. And he loved it that she loved his cum too. Life was great, school was awesome, and the sex part with her teacher was better then anything anyone could ever imagine in their lives. But he broke up with his fiance knowing it couldn't last between them seeing as he was having this wonderful relationship with his student.

She felt guilty. She felt awful that having sex with her teacher led to him breaking it off. Her grades slipped. They started to suck even though she continued sucking her teachers cock. No, that didn't stop. He was disappointed her grades were getting worse. So he broke it was time, time to break it off with her. Before she knew it she wasn't getting any academic scholarships from anywhere. It was over with. No more sex with her teacher. Bad grades and no where to turn but some two bit shitty job at some bank and that was that, until Robert came along. Then she was happy again. For a while she was.

So sitting and reminiscing in front of her monitor she thought about him, her teacher, and all the good times she had with both of them. She thought about all the wild and erotic moment. Just like her teacher and her, somehow in some unexpected way which neither were able to figure out, she would impulsively start fucking again. It was always nonstop on each occasion and they were always incredibly awesome too.

Each time the sex was irresistibly incredible. Not just with Robert, but with him too. Like with Robert it was always heart pounding, breathtaking, and exhausting and it was overpowering. And she always, always went back for more just as she had with Robert. It was more then anything she ever could have experienced with her teacher or Robert. It drained her. It drained him too.

Each time was always worthwhile for both when they surfaced at the end. They wore smiles neither could put words to. She didn't want to admit it to herself, but as was with her teacher, it was always worthwhile with Robert too. Her young and horny and naked body fixated on their amazing naked frames had come together and with one or the others horny flesh on hers, the two of them just couldn't help themselves. No they couldn't. She loved her teacher, still does, and as she sat thinking she said she easily be with him again.

She began finishing her letter. She felt she had to tell the truth. She knew that for sure. Still, she started to think about all the times they were together. That's when she said it had to stop, stop for good. She stopped long enough to recall all of it one more time. They were all good times. They were definitely gratifying. She knew what gratification was from all her experience with her former teacher. They were the best of times.

But it was time. The letter was done. She wasn't going do wrong by his wife and continue doing what she was doing. She knew Robert wasn't going to stop so she felt she had to expose him to his wife, Elaine. Robert lied and she hated being lied to regardless of who it is. She reread her letter before printing it. In her mind she did right by not telling Elaine any of the details. How it felt to have Robert's warm hard cock inside her cunt or in her mouth. No, she didn't do that. She didn't put in how it felt to have it sliding between her tits either. She wasn't telling her about any of those things. She didn't tell her about the handcuffs. It wasn't necessary. They both took pleasure in all sorts of things while fucking and she knew he did.

She was on a mission. The letter was mailed the following morning as she headed for work and Elaine would get it in a couple days. She pulled in to the strip mall on her way in and got out putting it in the mailbox. Looking around after dropping it inside she saw him.

He was standing there, watching her, and she froze. She froze as she stared at him. Neither moved, neither could move. He wanted to, but did she want him to He wanted to raise his hand up and make a gesture saying hi. He wanted to smile, but his face stayed blank. She stood in the same place gazing at him, her heart beating faster then usual. It was beating unusually fast as she recalled her thoughts form the night before. Visions of him and her flowing wildly through her mind. Flashes, excited flashes riveting her everywhere. She could not move. She wanted to, but she couldn't. She wanted to run to him, run into his arms, grab hold of him, and hold his body tightly against hers.

She wanted to hold him tight and close and tell him everything she had desired. She wanted to tell him she was sorry about school. She suddenly felt warm all over. She was flustered and excited as hell, but she was unable to walk towards him. He stood in the same spot looking at her, wondering. His face still blank, he wasn't sure what to do. He started feeling all those old feelings. She aroused him. His dick tingled, his body exploded with undeniable emotions. She did things to him he couldn't control. He somehow forced a timid meekly smile. And it was a good smile, a worthwhile smile because she moved away from where she stood and she took a step around the mailbox. She headed in his direction. He wanted her even more then before. He saw her walk closer and he smiled more brilliantly then earlier and she smiled finally too.

Her heart beat madly. His heart was beating rampantly and wildly and she knew what she wanted... she knew she wanted this man, her former teacher, and she knew exactly what she was going to do with him. She knew where she wanted to be. She wanted to be in his arms, talking to him, and undressing him as they talked. She wanted to let him see her naked, let him fuck her wildly, and she wanted him until he was fully unclothed too. She knew these things without question.

Then she wanted to talk afterward as she kissed his body, after he creamed her chest, after he creamed her tits, and after both were completely and utterly spent she wanted his love and his sex for as long as she, they were willing to give it to one another. That's what she wanted.

She wanted to tell him about all her dreams and hopes. She wanted to hear from him how he felt, what he missed, and that he wanted to make love to her again and again. She wanted to know that he wanted to fuck all over, anywhere it was possible. She wanted him to fuck her passionately, lovingly too. That's what she wanted. That was what she was about to find out.

That day her letter got picked up. That day her letter was going to be processed and two days later Elaine was to receive her letter. Two days later the girl who sent it was going to be lying in some bed some where with her former teacher exhausted, breathing hard, and detailing her deep seated fantasies with the man she truly desired. That's what she hoped for. Finally, inside his car, they talked, and the air conditioning was blowing harder then expected. And she sat facing him, turned sideways, and as they caught up he watched them grown and expand. And it was pleasurable. She was beautiful. And her hardening nipples showing right through he silky see through blouse was quickly and easily turning her former teacher on.

In the end, at the end of that day both agreed it was one hell of a good. It was all incredibly good both agreed as each released rapid short breaths and trying hard to figure out how they were going to get to round two. But they were smiling and they were laughing and both were telling each other about dark and deep fantasies they'd love having with one another.

Before either knew it, ninety minutes had passed and she and her former teacher were at each other again, fucking madly and furiously, and elated they were having sex with the other once again.

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