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Teachers Pets Part II

Author: stoneypoint
Publish Date : Jan 18, 2009
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In this part, former student sees teacher and goes wild upon seeing them. End up at his place, have sex, and she recalls first getting it on with him... almost...

* * * * * * *

They lay side by side breathing faster and heavier then either could ever recall. He could barely move. She was too exhausted to move. Her lungs, her breasts swelled each time she breathed in. Her chest rose. Fast and rapidly it expanded. His eyes turned. Not his head, not his body, but only his eyes. They watched, simply watched as her tits rose and swelled up gracefully, beautifully after a glorious, fitful, but incredibly amazing round of emotional sex.

Sweat poured off both. Muscles began contracting. Breathing continued while each proceeded to bring oxygen back into their blood stream. It needed that. They each needed lots of things. God did they, but each knew what just happened was mightier then the sword.

No words were really spoken, nothing of any consequence. When she saw him she knew what she wanted. He was, after all, her former teacher. She was, after all, the teachers pet. And as it was, when the time came, when the time was right he finally accepted it. He finally allowed himself what he always wanted deep down inside. He wanted her. He let himself have her too. God she was good. Oh god was it good too... it was really good.

Teaching her the true art of it all, the true art of sex was... was rewarding as hell. To teach her, an eighteen year old who was his current student and his favorite student how to really make love came easily. She knew the basics. There was already a mutual desire for the other so when it first happened, really happened, it was explosive. Emotionally, physically things exploded. She was all over him. He may have taught her, but she was everywhere. She was on him. She was clawing, pulling, and kissing his body and his lips with a great ferocity filled with equal parts love and lust.

Oh god did she drive him. Her passion, the intensity she showed, drove him to yearn for her twice over. She was willing, she had always been willing, and when it happened for the very first time, he had taught her and then he had drilled her... he drilled her heartily.

So following him home to his new place spiked her fever. Her fever was nothing more then the desire which built up inside her. Her first and only true love stood across the way waving and smiling as it set her off and set her on fire. She yearned feverishly for him. She zealously craved it again. And she excitedly wanted to let him see her naked and let him know just how good a lover she turned out to be.

And she had. She showed him. He marveled at how wonderful, how amazing, and how much passionate she still was. The arduous journey she made to teach him what she had learned over the course of two years blew him away. He laid on his back exhausted, breathing rapidly and heavily wondering if what just happened was real. Wow... was she that good Ohhhhhh god wow... whew yes she was that good and that amazing too.

She didn't even wait. As soon as he was inside she slammed the door before he had the chance. She even had his jacket off too. But was unreal was how she took off his shirt. That was surreal. She ripped it off him. She tore it off, breaking the buttons off it, and she threw it to the ground as if she was angry. She was far from it. She was hornier then a devil and it showed. Her nipples raged on. Her body coursed with a feverish pitch so fantastic he couldn't keep up with her.

She was on him. Pawing and kissing his lips, his body like it was her last day to do it. Her lust filled passion was over the top. There weren't enough parts to grab hold of. His hair, his head, his chest, his hands... oh there was more then enough, but what do you do to properly display the heated passion subconsciously guiding your deep seated desires

She drove him. She directed him. She pushed him. She pushed him to the edge. As horny and as driven as she was for sex with her former teacher as she was, it made all the sense in the world. Deep down she wanted to wait for him. Deep down she hoped he'd come back. Deep down she knew it wasn't supposed to happen. But deep down inside she knew there was a chance, a long-shot chance of the two of them coming together at least once more.

So as it was when they saw one another, they talked, and seeing as it wasn't hot or cold, he offered her to sit inside his truck so they could catch up. But being so close to her, lit him up. She was already excited. She was very, very excited and he noticed too. She held a giddy smile, a strange exuberant smile on her face, but she was still as pretty and sexy as she was as a senior and he'd do anything to see that body without those clothes on.

Then he saw them. Whoa did he see them. Right through her slinky bra and satiny blouse he saw them surging. They were easily noticeable. They were thick and juicy and they were tempting as hell. He saw two wholesome, hearty nipples aroused by something, but they were excited and they excited him too.

He felt his cock. It had begun tingling. He was hearing something in his head. Do you want to fuck her Isn't she sexy Look at them. Just look at those things. Ohhh shit aren't they like sexier then... oh god... oh god look at those things he had thought. And they were exactly that. They were fat. They were inviting. They were encased in a very attractive tight satiny blouse and they were bulging and calling him out. They were inviting him to do as he pleased, he thought.

He smiled the smile of a lifetime. His eyes darting back and forth between her face, her nipples had drawn his undivided attention, and he wanted her more and more and more. Forget school, forget it today. He wanted to have sex with her badly. His bulge grew. She was flushed. She was hot, he was feverish too, but she had to be worse then him.

And back at his place, yes back at his house, she was on him. Her deep seated passion, desires sending every signal his way, and her lips and body swallowing him up as if there was not going to be a tomorrow. On him, twisting, bending, and pulling him in ways she never realized she was capable of.

He wanted her. He wanted her body. He wanted to fuck her horribly. He was groaning, crying out for her, and telling her desperately he had to fuck her. She knew it. She wanted his cock. Her pussy ached and swelled and felt the need for it every growing second.

On top, from the side, and good old doggy style was as exhilarating as she always imagined. Feeling his manhood thrust into her receptive engorged hole was so damn rewarding. Feeling his distended hunk of manliness inside her glorious hot abyss was... ohhh it was grandiose. She wanted to perform. She wanted to orgasm. She willed herself to cum and cum and to cum even more so that he was pleased. She wanted nothing else then to please him, make him happy. What good student or former student in her case not want to please her teacher Especially seeing that he was the one who taught her all the fundamentals of good sex, right

"Ohhh god yes, yes" she screamed. "Please ohhh please fuck me harder then... then that" she tried to spit out. She was wailing and fucking him back equally as hard. Her tits were bouncing wildly in every direction. Her tits heaved uncontrollably as they showcased some unknown freestyle dance for him. Oh god was he good. Oh fuck was this good. She wanted to cum more then she already had. "Aren't you... aren't you going... going to... to cum too" she squealed.

He had nodded. She didn't see it. She was working on having another orgasm, her third one, and fuck was it good. It had been extraordinarily good. Her eyes were closed, her body was in spasms, and she was willing and physically forcing it to orgasm again so that he was pleased with her. He couldn't hold out. He was fucking and banging her body wildly and his cock was at the brink of exploding.

"Go on... ohhhhhhh yes, yes please cum inside me" she screamed. "Yes... god damn yes" she pleaded to him. Her cries aroused him. He was already at wit's end. He wasn't able to hold out any longer. And he let loose. It unleashed itself. It broke loose of the main vein and every last ounce of cum inside him gushed uncontrollably down into her hot engorged cunt. "Ohhhhhhh yes" she called out. She felt him, she felt it. It was powerful. It heaved and splashed and his cum blew through her horny distended cunt like wildfire.

"Ohhh yeah" he grunted. "Fuck yeah" He grunted again. "Ohhh... Oh yeah oh yeah" he grunted again as his body wailed down on hers. He watched her. He watched her tits dance freely and he kept saying to himself how he didn't want it to stop, but he hadn't had sex like this in... in ages and he hurt. He hurt like hell. His midsection ached. He ached everywhere, but like her he wished there was more. He wished he had more cum he could blow over her. But he was spent. He was completely utterly spent.

Regardless it was so good, so damn good, and they both collapsed. Lying side by side and breathing as rapidly and as hard as they were neither knew if they were going to survive. There were many, many long deep sighs. But what he noticed, what he enjoyed was when she took in a quick and deep breath of air, her lung filled up and her breasts swelled up. Yes ohhh yes... take a breath of air baby... ohhh yeah... look at them fill up.

She stared at his ceiling. Completely quiet, not looking anywhere, she simply gazed upon it. What was she doing Was she counting the swirls How could she His mind couldn't fathom having that concentration level. No, uh uhh he couldn't even down to start concentrating like that, but she was a different story. She wasn't counting circles.

She was recalling it all, thinking back through the years, all the way back to high school. It was an unexpected turn of events, an exciting series of moments, and it should be considered astonishing because this young lady was noticed early on by her teacher.

She was a teachers pet. She was a very, very smart girl. She had a hunger for knowledge. But she had one trait most others did not have at her age. At 15, she was academically advanced. She was ahead of her time. She was highly inquisitive and very involved. She was willing and wanted to do projects and papers that could get her into taking advanced classes. He was a natural choice. He was a natural. He was engaging. And his smile opened up that door to her and others assisting them on projects.

But she was different. She was young but she was mature for her age. She was mature in more ways then one. Besides her personality, besides her aptitude, and besides her character overall she was physically mature. She was very physically mature compared to her peers. She knew it. She never flaunted it. She was na�ve, young, and adjusting to life as a young lady in her second year of high school. But he was so nice. He was such a great teacher too. And he always smiled, he always asked if there was anything else he could do for her... plus he was handsome and he always smelled terrific.

Fantasies began, young ladies fantasies. Many of them had them, many enjoyed working with him, and he enjoyed working with the young students too especially the young pretty girls. They were budding and blossoming all over. They were beginning to express their womanhood. Each made a point to let him know they were women now even though he knew they hadn't quite reached that level. He knew they had a long way to go.

She wanted him. She imagined them going on dates, going to movies, and maybe even kissing and holding hands. It was typical, typical of all young ladies in high school. There were only a few of them, but those teachers like him knew well enough to leave it alone. And he did. He kept his distance. As difficult as it could be, he kept his distance. She was beautiful for her age and he was a grown adult at 24. He knew she was blossoming all over. He saw all the signs. He saw her growing intelligence. He noticed her mental capacity was advanced over the others.

But she had eyes for him. That was for sure. He saw how she ogled him early on. He saw how they dressed. He saw how they showed off themselves to him. They dressed differently for him. They dressed up so they seemed sophisticated. But he knew they were too young.

The year passed. And two years later he was her teacher again. She grew excited. He liked that she was his student again. He liked that he could work with her again. He hoped she had that same passion for projects and papers that would help her.

And they did work together again. And he found out she was turning 18 soon too. So she was older then he realized. But the warmth and attraction he had for her changed too. God she had matured. She was more level headed in some ways then he expected, but she was more impassioned then he realized. She loved doing projects even more. She loved spending more time at school then ever. And she had all sorts of questions for her favorite teacher then she ever had.

And she dressed fantastically. She wore outfits that complimented a budding, blossoming figure that were sending him over the edge. Control yourself he'd tell himself. She's your student. No you can't do these things. It would be wrong and immoral and it would be unethical, but she didn't make it easy on him. She flirted and it was easy to see. She flirted with him and she was sexy and alluring and she was persistent about it too. God she smelled great. Wow she had nice hair. Wow her eyes were brilliant. Ohhh how do I do this he'd ask himself. He knew it was wrong, but she was pushing herself on him. He could see the signs. He could see she wanted to be with him, but he couldn't allow it to happen.

Then her eighteenth birthday came. He was at the store. He passed by the cards and unexpectedly made a right turn. He picked out a cute one. He picked out one that said from a special friend, but it also congratulated her on turning 18 too. He took it home. He sat for a while thinking about her. He sat a while picturing the young pretty student with him, talking to him, and asking himself if he tried would she actually kiss his lips He did it. He put it in the mail. No return address, no signature on the card, but she knew. She knew exactly who it was from and that sparked their desire suddenly.

One night it had been raining. The two having not said anything about the card he sent or anything else were working closely on another project. Just the two of them, nobody else around, and that burning desire was building up. It was fiery as hell inside her. She easily could have stopped everything she was doing, broke down, and she could have easily confessed to him all her thoughts and desires and what she wanted and needed.

She wasn't thinking straight, but he wasn't either. God, he wanted to rub against her. God she wanted him to feel her, somehow, but neither got the chance. They quit and headed for home. She headed for her car, he went to his, but she couldn't get hers started. She was frustrated and got out. She started crying and kicked its side. He heard the crying and looked her way and he finally walked over.

She was back inside. She didn't know what to do. He looked down at her. God was she pretty. God I wish I could sit by her. God I wish I could sit next to her and... and I wish... I wish she'd... she'd let me kiss her. Oh god... no don't let me do that he thought.

She stared up at him. Tears in her eyes, he smiled, and so she smiled back. She asked him if he could help her. He asked if she had her phone with her. She said it was dead. He nodded, understood, and so he got under the hood and looked. It was dark, kind of romantic other then the drizzle. But she slid over, he got behind her wheel, and somehow he started it up. How he did it neither knew, but he did and she was forever grateful.

She said she owed him, owed him big time. He said to himself yes you do, but thought a simple passionate kiss would do. Yep kiss me, passionately, and you'll curb almost all my desires. He shook his head and smiled as if to say no that's not necessary. But inside he fed off of the same type internal desires she was feeding off.

God, let me kiss you. Please ohhh please let me kiss you she was thinking. Her body was lit up with passion. She had to have him. It was a must. She was beginning to feel things she never felt before. It was raging inside, raging so mightily she couldn't control herself. He sat next to her, facing her too, and he saw the strange looks on her face. He wondered if she was alright, but he didn't know any better.

She said something. It was a stuttered remark. Oh god, oh yeah I want him, but he was thinking the same things about her. 24 and her teacher and she being 18 was wrong, wrong, and wrong again and he knew it.

She launched across the seat, lunging against him at what seemed like top speed, and her body hit his as her lips touched down hastily sucking his inside her mouth and twisting tongue forcefully. Her hands wrapped around him, pulling him against her, and pulling firmly at his body.

Oh my god... ohhh my god... what... what's going... oh god yes he thought. Wow... let her... don't stop... oh wow ohhh wow he had thought again. He was completely on fire. She had to be too. She was the one who lunged towards him. She was the one whose lips were feverishly attacking his and sensuously kissing him and he wasn't stopping it. No he hadn't stopped it when she knew he should have.

She was so grown up, so physically mature, and so damn sexy in ways he shouldn't even be thinking about but at the moment while kissing her back while in her car, he didn't care. He was getting what he had dreamed of and she was getting what she had dreamt about too and it was really, really good. This girl, his student, his favorite student of all time was one hell of a kisser. And they kept on kissing too. His hands had come around her body and she felt good inside his grip.

The more they kissed, the more aroused he became, and he wanted to tell her. He wanted to tell her he was horny. He wanted to tell her he was hornier then ever, but wondered if that might be the wrong thing to do.

She had said it, first. "I love you." But did she Did she really love him Or was that a matter of puppy love or was it a matter of primal lust filling up her arousal cavities within her Oh god he knew it was for him

He wasn't in love, yet, but he knew he was horny. He knew he was filled lust, lust for her, and for her body and her presence. He knew he wanted her beside him, naked, and he knew he desired her sexually. He knew he wanted things not intended for students. He knew he desired things not intended for girls who were 18, but she did. He wasn't her student. He was her teacher and it was okay for a student to wish those things about a teacher. That's what handsome and charming teachers were there for weren't they

God yes... fuck me she wanted to say. Take me and fuck me and... and... ohhh god, teach me how to have sex, how to make love... please, please teach me these things she thought.

She lay breathing heavily recalling those days. Neither had spoken afterward. Both were too out of breath. He watched her tits rise and swell. She lay recounting the moments up to the day they actually had engaging desirable sex together.

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