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Teachers Pets Part III

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Author: stoneypoint
Published: 24-Jan-09 Revised/Updated 05-Jul-17
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Girl that wrote letter entices her former teacher for sex again and besieged Elaine plans her revenge on hubby...

* * * * * * *

She was beautiful. The seemingly flawless undulations rose and moved slowly while she breathed peacefully now. He smiled as he watched at her. She had made him happy, happier then he could imagine. He was fulfilled as once was before with her. She was utterly amazing, undeniably incredible, and as a former teacher of hers she was more then he could have asked for that morning. She was everything he hoped to her to be.

Watching her as she breathed, her flesh moved like tall grass on a breezy, sunny day out in the country. With every breath she purred like a lioness. Up and down her chest moved and with it so did her rolling, sumptuous breasts. He couldn't get enough of them. He could watch for days he thought. Up and down, up and down they rumbled, quietly as she breathed life back into herself. God, she was extraordinary.

He let her rest and shuffled out of the bed. Aching all over he eased his weary body down the hallway. Slowly he moved his naked frame and slumbering limp dick out to the main room. He was proud, proud of what happened. He was worn out but after sitting down he recalled everything. He recalled the maniacal way in which they fucked. It was over the top, she was over the top... she was out of her mind. And he sat naked in a chair thinking of her and how she was full of sexual rage as she took it out on him. She was... she was... she was the best he'd ever had and he smiled.

An hour later and finally she came out. Dragging her exhausted body as she pulled her hair back behind her head, she wore one of his t-shirts. It was long on her, but it looked nice on her too. It hugged her. It complimented her figure well. It was taut around her frame. She looked shapelier in it then without it on. He thought she looked sexy, adorable in it. He smiled as she walked his way, around to the front of him, and she smiled back.

She bent over and kissed his lips, her boobs crawling down closely to his chest. For a moment he wished they could have been larger. Maybe in a different position they might smack him in his face. No he thought, they are perfect the way they are. She looked immaculate in it. It embraced her nicely. It hugged her thighs. It hugged her ass. It took hold of her hips and tits reflecting a sumptuous curvy outline. Her body whispered wondrous sexuality in his eyes, his mind.

She saw it in him. She saw it in his eyes. She saw he was hungry. She knew he could go at it again. But she didn't say a word. She simply watched him, watched him as he looked over her body. She felt good about herself. She felt good about them and she looked happy. She was fulfilled and she was happy due to him and she wanted it, again.

He didn't know it, but she was already feeling it. She already was yearning for him again. She was aching for him again. Yes, she wanted it, she wanted him. She wanted his body against hers, making love, and kissing her, kissing it too. She wanted him doing all those pleasurable things a loving and crazed man does to a woman.

She was ready. She wanted his cock, again. She wanted it inside her, resting or pumping her. It wouldn't matter, she just wanted him. She wanted him to fill up her hole. She wanted it blessing her with its presence, fulfilling her again, and coursing through her with his love. That's what she yearned for, but he didn't see it yet.

He was staring at her loveliness. He was staring at a naked body existing under a plain white shirt of his and he took delight in it, in her appearance. She was compelling, sexually persuasive. Everything about her spoke of desire. Her smooth thighs, those blossoming hips brushing along side of the interior of the taut top, and those mature budding breasts tightly outlined against that top invited him. It invited his libido. It heightened and aroused him more then expected.

She noticed, he felt it, and she wanted him more. She was willing, she was more then willing. She stood in front of him and crossed her arms and she took hold of her top, slowly lifting it... lifting it upwards. Slowly and gradually unveiling those smooth curvy lines of hers. First, her thighs, her healthy hearty thighs, glistening and inviting him inside them. Then her pussy, her smooth shaved cunt and its slit... ohhh that slit... waiting anxiously for him. Next her tummy, her hips...her expanding hips... subtle, sweet, and arousing and he adored them so much. They were magnificent.

And her body curved and turned and she invited his desires as she lifted that top over her wholesome round breasts, removing it completely off her body. Ohhh god she was utterly incredible. Her body, a total vision of desire and loveliness stood motionless while allowing him to take it all in, seeing her undressed for him to have when he was ready.

He stared at her and she smiled. She liked him gazing upon her body and her nipples began to grow harder, harder and fatter. She wanted him. She wanted him to say he wanted her. She wanted to be held. She was willing to hold him, hold his limpness, and simply put it in her mouth, and hold it inside it. That's all, nothing else she thought. He pulled her towards him and she came willingly as she lifted one leg, then another over his lap. She sat on him and put her arms around him. She smiled, he smiled, and he looked down over her beautiful figure. His cock tingled. It began hardening. She grabbed it and moved it so it stood up between them. She smiled as she played with it a little while.

"I don't think I want sex" he said. She knew better. "I only want to hold you and feel you. I only want to touch your body all over... for now" he told her.

She smiled and said "I'm ready when you are. " They stood and disappeared back to his bedroom.

Elaine had cried out, she had cursed, and unable to believe what she had read. She received the girl's letter a day earlier then expected. It was a tell-all letter about her husband and his infidelities, including what and when they had been together. She had burst into tears. Her husband had extra-marital affairs No, not her husband... he loves her. He'd never do that to her.

She cried a lot. The girl explained why she did what she did. Still Elaine was upset. "You slut" Elaine cried out. "You fucking bitch, slut. " She crumpled up the letter and threw it across the room cursing Robert. "You fucking asshole... Serves me right! Serves me right thinking you... you still wanted me." She wanted to believe. She wanted to trust that all those times he had "meetings" lasting up until 9 or 10 or even 11 PM were farces when in fact in reality he had been going to some girl's apartment or a hotel room and fucking them. He was sex, wild unadulterated sex with each and every one while she stayed home playing the good wife, the dedicated spouse. Those young "sluts" in Elaine's words were willingly fucking her husband.

He called her like he always had and sweet talked her into believing he had another "managerial meeting." Bullshit Robert she thought. There's no fucking meeting again tonight. The only fucking meeting going on is between you and one of your fucking slutty bitches she told herself.

"Yes honey, sure dear" she said to him over the phone as if she was still naive about it. "Noooo, no problem whatsoever... I guess I will make dinner for myself or invite friends." He apologized and she kept it to herself. She held in her anger although furious. He'd be home sometime and then she'd get her glory. It might be painful because she was willing to give him an unexpected blowjob in the middle of the night. He liked blowjobs. Ohhh she knew he loved them, always had. But this time round she was going to do it differently. She was going to bite down on it for... just for fun. This time she was going to do it with vengeance. Yes she was... she was going to bite down on it...very, very hard. Ouch, ouch, and triple ouch!

It was ten in the evening. Robert still wasn't home. She hated that. She missed him. But she was telling herself she hated him more then ever. He had cheated on her. He had cheated multiple times. He has fucked a hundred girls maybe or fucked a hundred times. No... no way in... no way could he have... it's not possible she wanted to believe, but the letter said so. That's what the letter read and that slutty bitch who wrote it said she and Robert had sex at least thirteen times.

She cursed and shouted and threw things, but eventually pulled it together. In the bathroom she undressed. She was forlorn as she looked herself in the mirror. "I'm not... I'm no longer pretty" she said looking at her reflection. "I'm not attractive to him" she said aloud. She studied her body, her voluptuous curvy rolls. She studied it closely. Elaine began to weep. She knew why. She knew why he didn't find her attractive or sexy any longer. But it wasn't true. She was still pretty and she was still sexy, to certain men.

She always was and would be one....a woman with a matured physique. A physique, which over time, transitioned into a plus sized figure... one in which Robert came to repulse and one she realized he wouldn't take in his arms and make love to standing in front of the mirror.

Even in high school, in college her body was more matured then her friends' bodies. And once she was married, her predicament only worsened. She grew up. She grew up in ways she didn't even realize.

Yes, she blossomed. She blossomed and bloomed all over. From her thighs to her thick curvy pelvis and hips to her upper body with its lumbering rolls, she grew and flowered everywhere. But Elaine had blossomed and flowered too much. Those wholesome and sumptuous features were budding excessively and she was unable to control it. She put on weight, put on flab, and although she was not a super-sized big and beautiful woman she had gone out of control as far as Robert was concerned. Her weight had escalated. She was well in excess of 200, 225 pounds, and it showed. It showed everywhere.

But those girls, they didn't have those problems. They were skinny, sexy, and so soooo willing to make their boss happy. They fell for him. They fell for his personality, his charm, and they fell to a bed mattress with him so they could ferociously fuck his brains out. They had done all sorts of things, short of doing a threesome. It was good. It was always, always pleasurable. He would not stop and Elaine came to understand it, so she set her mind to do something about it all.

She knew she could be sexy again. She knew she'd always be a fuller figured woman, but she knew with diet and exercise she could be a more slender and fit, but curvaceous and voluptuous well-endowed woman. And she'd be happy with that... with or without him. It was more then enough with the right man or men she told herself. So she put it upon herself to start off in the morning and follow up with finding a lawyer. She put it upon herself to get back into shape, look sexy as hell as she once looked, and somehow in some way seek her revenge on him.

She finally was able to smile. She looked at her rolls, she looked at her curves, and she even reflected on her bosoms. She looked at her weighty ass and she gazed upon the ripples lumbering across her thighs. She saw the extra cellulite, but she still saw a sexy woman. She knew she could do it. She knew she could become that sexy looking woman from years past. Now it's my turn... now I'm going to do what I need to do, she thought.

She slipped on her satin pajamas and slid into bed. It was almost eleven. He wasn't home. She lay there with her eyes open and listening, waiting for him. Finally he was home. Asshole, out fucking some slut, dipping your cock in some overused cunt she mused. How many times has he fucked her, she wondered. Stop it Elaine! Be nice... just be cool and play nice. Be a sweetheart now.

"Hi honey" he said "sorry I'm late." He took off his shirt and pants and climbed in bed, but not next to her. "Boy what a shitty meeting... assholes..." he said aloud. She scooted over, spooned with him, and rubbed his back. He tensed up. What is she doing She murmured something. "You don't have to do that" he told her. He acted like he was really tired. She knew better and rubbed his neck, his back some more. He tensed up again.

She said she liked spooning, rubbing him. She said she missed the intimacy they used to share, the fun, and those spontaneous moments from earlier in their marriage. She pressed closer against his body. He cringed, subtly. He did not want that. He didn't want to have to perform at all. She told him in a loving tone it felt nice being so close to him. She missed it so much. She wrapped her arms, hands around him. He cringed and tensed up again. But he felt her, felt her hips, and he felt her worldly breasts gracing his back... He kind of liked how they felt.

"Do you remember when I used to give you... hand jobs... and those blowjobs" He was silent, but nodded after a moment then he said he remembered. But Robert cringed again. "Mmmmm me too, me too" she added. "Mmmmm I wish we did that more often, don't you" He cringed even more. She felt his body tensing up.

He had to nod. What the hell else was he going to do There was a problem. It was a big problem too. He had cleaned up afterward, after having sex with the girl. He washed up everywhere, almost but he still stunk. He didn't clean off his cock. It still tasted of orgasm. She'd taste it. She'd taste that slits pussy juice. He didn't wash off his cock. Why should he have to They weren't having sex any more so there wasn't any reason for it.

"Please sweetheart" she said. "I really, really... really want to do this for you. Ohhhhhh baby I'm... I am soooo horny right now" she said. She was putting on a really good act. "I mean we don't have to... we don't have to have sex, but maybe you could at least let me do that, huh sweetheart" He cringed even more. "Just let me make youuuuu... you know... happy... That's all I want honey... to make you happy."

She reached down, put her gentle hand against his crotch and rubbed it. She rubbed it firmly making sure he felt her hand against it. "Mmmmm this is nice isn't it Ooooohh maybe we'll enjoy this" she said. She didn't want to get emotionally involved, she wanted to lead him on was all. No, no Elaine just stay on task she thought. Stay on task she told herself.

She remained cuddled against him, rubbing his chest, caressing his crotch. He cringed more. He did not want her, but her caressing him put him into a deep sleep. It did feel soothing, relaxing. He did like how she caressed his body, his limb. After caressing him for a while, she heard his breathing. It was heavily and he had fallen asleep. He was breathing deeply and falling into a profound sleep. Soon she'd turn him carefully on his back and soon enough she'd strike. She'd reach in, slip it out, and she'd slip her mouth over it.

On his back, she scooted down, and she slowly and carefully mounted him. There it was, limber and limp and all hers. She took hold of it and smiled. She bent over to place it at the tip of her tongue and her lips. Then she swallowed. Took it all the way inside... Mmmmmm this is nice she thought. It's been too long since I did this for him. But something was weird. She developed a strange look on her face.

Eck, ewwww what... what is... what is that Ohhh my... ewwww she thought. It tasted like... it tasted like, like cum, like pussy. It was the result of him and a girl after having... having sex! Ewwww, ohhh god she told herself and she pulled off his limp spent cock.

She wanted no part of that. She wanted to start spitting whatever girl's juices out, but couldn't. She'd wake him and she didn't want that. Come on Elaine, stay on task... stay on task.

He mumbled, murmured, and he moved. "Huh, what the... what's going on" he said.

She had placed her mouth back on it. He had looked down and there she was sucking away at it. He pulled away, her mouth pulling off it. He was quick to react. Before she had a chance to do anything he sat up, looking at her. He didn't want any of it. He didn't want her doing that on him! He could care less, but she felt she had to. She had to fake like she wanted him. She wanted to fake like she desired it, desired him, and yearned for his cock. Why, she wasn't sure, but she got caught almost biting down on it even though she tasted some other girl's cum on it. She hated that, couldn't stand it, but she persisted. She knew she had to make like she was his loving wife. She felt strongly about that. She knew she wanted revenge, but not that night...no, not that night.

Instead, she stood up and put on her robe. Asshole doesn't want a blowjob Fuck him. I should know better. Now what Now what should I do She walked out. She went downstairs. He came down and asked for an explanation. Why out of nowhere was she trying so hard to please him She said she thought they still loved each other. She smiled and said she thought they could still do some of those kinky fun things they used to do when first married. She lied putting on one of her false smiles. She started to say "We could do it again, but I can do it differently, if you want."

He said no and turned to go upstairs. She lay down to go to sleep on the couch. No! No, I am going up there and I am going to cuddle next to him... even if I hate his guts and I am going to try and... and... pleasure him... one... last... time, she said to herself.

She walked upstairs, removed her robe, and saw him lying on his side. He always liked lying that way. He was already half asleep. She climbed in bed, climbed in behind him, and Elaine eased her way up against his back careful not to disturb him. She heard his breathing. He was falling fast asleep. Now was her chance. She knew how to please him. He always loved how she did it. Yes, he always had loved how she touched it, stroked it, and got him to cum unexpectedly.

It would be over before he realized it she told herself.

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