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Teachers Pets Part IV

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Author: Stoneypoint
Published: 23-Feb-09 Revised/Updated 02-Oct-16
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After hearing and knowing of his infidelity and indiscretions, Elaine plans to get a taste of what he's into. First off does him, in a matter of speaking, but then gets some other needs taken care of too...

* * * * * * *

He felt a hand, but didn't. He saw a hand, but not really. Whose hand was it He smiled. Its soooo soft he told the girl whose face wasn't visible for some reason. He was sleeping but dreaming and it was Elaine who was behind him. She was the one filling his head with visions. She was the one initiated the hazy images he had as Elaine was busy gently tugging at his limp dick. He felt something. It was good. He felt a girls hand on it. Yes, it was very good. Slowly, gently the girl was stroking his cock. She was smiling at him. He smiled at her too. And whoever the girl was, she adored how hard her boss' cock had become. It was soooo good...soooo, soooo good. Mmmmm it sure felt good heard the girl say to him in the dream. And he saw her smiling, enjoying the task too.

Slowly Elaine turned her hand around it. Ooooohh that's it, that's it he said to the girl in his dream. She didn't hear that. It was spoken in his dream; not out loud. The girl in his dream said to him he was so manly and she smiled as she said it. Again, she admired his handsome masculine appearance as he noticed the young lady looking at his naked frame.

Elaine and her luscious full figured body was pressed against him, tightly as she handled his cock tenderly, deftly. She wasn't sure he was dreaming or not. She was focused, focused on getting her sleeping husband an erection...a special erection. But she felt it and it began to stiffen. She liked it too. She thought, as she was working it, hmmm I still got it. I still can work his dick, especially when he's asleep.

He uttered something, again, and when he did she was sure. She heard it. He was dreaming, but Elaine smiled regardless. She was impressed. Impressed by the magic she could create on his cock while he slept. Again he muttered something and she felt it growing. His cock was becoming so hard and she didn't want to let go of it now. She had to hold on. She had to work it. She cupped it inside the palm of her hand and eased up and down it, slowly...slowly as she pleasured him one last time.

"Ooooohh yeah, yeah" he said aloud. He was talking to her, one of his assistants by way of his dream. He said something else out loud. "Harder...come on now harder baby" and then his voice died down. He was talking to one of them in his sleep telling her "I'm almost there... I'm almost there." Gently, gradually Elaine worked it and he grunted, quietly. All of a sudden she felt him twitch. His breathing changed. He was breathing heavily. He was murmuring too as Elaine stroked it more. She could tell. She knew now he had to be dreaming. Murmuring, he was saying something about someone she figured. He kept saying "yeah baby yeah" or "faster baby faster." And he twitched again. He didn't say any specific girl's name, but seeing as he was talking incoherently what did it matter Elaine was getting in her last shot at him.

"Wait...yes... yes" she heard him utter. She heard someone's name, some girl's name. What was it he said Elaine wondered What was the girl's name she heard What did he call her He was still dreaming and someone was in the room with him in that dream. She was getting undressed for him. "Ohhh god" he called. She wondered what ohhh god meant and exactly who was in it that he was saying it to She kept stroking it.

She heard more. "Mmmmm, wow...what a body" and clearly audible he also said "Those...your tits...ohhh wow, wow. Ohhh god...and your hips, I love your hips. I love them to pieces." But Elaine was now a tad upset. How could she go on stroking him How could she at this point knowing what she had heard Here he was, dreaming about some girl, and Elaine was nestled against his trimmer frame jacking him off in his sleep. He moaned loudly calling out one the girl's names. Fuck...what an asshole!

Julie or Judy, but Elaine wasn't sure. He said something about wanting to cum all over her body too. Elaine was livid. Why was she still jacking the asshole off She was more furious then ever, but continued doing it anyways. She had her reasons. She second guessed herself. She wondered why she was doing what she was doing. In the long run and deep down, it was still a turn on to her. She did enjoy it- stroking a guy's cock, his cock especially like she was. But stroking almost any guys cock is fun.

"Does this turn you on as much as it does me" she heard him say clearly. There was more. "Good...good" and then his words were muddled. Then she heard "Mmmmmm yeah... ohhh yeah baby yeah!"

Still she kept stroking it in the way she planned and knew how he'd react to it- tenderly, easily, and talking her time. That's how it always used to work on him. Seeing as he was naked and now horny as hell and she lay beside him while he became harder and harder and moaned, Elaine stopped smiling. She had enough, almost. She was waiting for it to happen, waiting for him to cum, and she waited and waited for Robert to cum all over the front of his own body. He moaned, again. She eased her hand over it not stopping once as her moist tender hand stroked the cock in a flawless effort. She was getting him to produce yet another one of her infamous and fabulous erections she was so well gifted at giving him in the past. And as she did, while he slept, he dreamt it as if one of his darling young girls were jacking him off and preparing him to cum all over her...not Elaine.

She had to put up with the dreaming, the talking in his sleep. She had to deal with some girl doing his cock and knowing none of it was real. There she lay pressed against him firmly while he slept and she knew he was about to have some wet dream. Because of her, not the girl he had in his dream, he was about to cum joyously and not even know it at all. As soon as she felt him cum she'd pull off letting him do it all on his own.

Finally, suddenly it happened! Robert blew his load. It oozed and oozed down his side and she heard him moan endlessly. She remembered from days gone by...It always created a nice...wet...puddle of cum for him to wake up in, and it was always cold. She got off on that. He would be perplexed at how it happened when he awoke that morning.

Yeah you asshole that's it... cum...come on, keep cumming thought. That's it you idiot she mused, think that its one of your girlfriends that got you to cum. Yep, that's it you bastard...just like when we did it all those times years ago. She cursed as she watched it flow from him cum uncontrollably. She turned over, smiled, and fell fast asleep, finally.

Early that morning, Elaine got out of bed smiling. He woke up later on. Strange...why is it...why is the bed wet and cold too He felt it a little more, touched it. He wondered about it. How the hell did this happen He was worried now while thinking how it could've happened.

Then it came to him. "Oh shit! I had one of them...ohhh crap" he said under his breath "I had another...one of those wet...ohhh shit." He remembered it now. He recalled it well. He saw the girls face too. He momentarily smiled, but grimaced. Yes ohhh yes...she did look good in the dream, but he wiped away the smile immediately. Elaine might see it and he didn't want that. No, his dream was too erotic for her to know of. Then he wondered and worried about it more. Oh ohhh, did I say anything out loud If I did...did she hear me Ohhh shit. Then he thought about who it was in his dream. The girl was sexier then he could imagine, again. He pictured her. He thought about the dream. He saw her again. At first he was embarrassed, he was tentatively ashamed too. If Elaine knew what he did Did I do this...in front of her No, that wouldn't be cool. Fuck, cumming in the middle of the night while I was sleeping and did I saw anything "Nooooo that wouldn't be cool at all."

That morning, he said nothing to her, but she still brought him his coffee and she still said good morning to him and she still kissed his cheek as if the two just had great sex that evening. He was curious. What the hell is up with her Why is she acting that way with me What's going on he wondered She was all smiles. She was chirpy, too damn loving.

He left to go to the office. She had taken the longest most "inspiring" bath she had taken in years. She lay in the tub, in the bubbles, playing the most relished rhythm and blues music she had as her mind wandered and soul wandered off. He was gone, everyone was gone, and Elaine was left to cherish herself, her figure...her wonderfully shapely figure and all to her very own self. Mmmmm the early morning time alone had been awesome. Ohhh that first orgasm was nice, pleasurable. But the second one and the third one boy oh boy...ooooohh yeah, she wished it was someone else in with her controlling it so she could lie back and take it all in. That was for sure. She'd love that. A man in the tub with her, holding it, and maneuvering it all over the place making sure she was getting what she wanted, what she needed.

Sure, his cock felt nice last night in her hand, but heck a woman along with her intimate friend can be so special. Sometimes, often even there isn't one man on earth who can do what a woman's "intimate" friend can do. With the right toy and atmosphere and along with the proper imagination, miracles can sometimes come true. Hers did that morning.

Finally after almost an hour and a half alone in her bubble bath with her toys and after three orgasms, Elaine was empty, spent. So she got out and cleaned herself up while singing along to her special collection of rhythm and blues music. It was almost, yes almost like having two maybe three men attending to her most private secretive needs. And in time, over the course of the hour and a half bubble bath session, Elaine cleaned up those most cherished needs.

Yes she did. And after she stepped out and dried off, she looked at her shapely full sized figure and said "Honey...now we start a new life. Now its time to lose that weight" and she proceeded to point out some of the areas... "Here and here and here" she added finally turning around and pointing at her large pear shaped ass too. Putting on a smile and maintaining a positive outlook she exclaimed "Let's do it baby!"

Lifting it up over her head, Elaine let it slide down over her refreshed olive toned frame. Mmmmmm she thought as she slipped on the nicest of her casual dresses. A long piece it highlighted her naturally curvaceous swelling figure. She looked awesome in it. The flower print dress highlighted her charming thick curves and hips. And in her opinion, it decorated her robust boobs, but without her appearing slutty at all. She was ready and headed out to do all her errands. First on her list- go and see Robert at his office.

"Mmmmm god" he was telling her "you sure feel and look perfect this morning." She had on a simple, casual blouse. It was untucked but she looked delicious that day along with her Capri pants. The two hugged, kissed, and his hands flowed through her long silky hair. He lowered them to her waist feeling her fine sculptured physique. She had barely anything on, almost, and he made good use of his circumstances while he could. They kissed some more as he caressed her warm flesh beneath the blouse. "Ohhh yeah, Stephanie, yeah" he was saying aloud. "Wow I gotta tell you, I sure love holding you like this. I sure love touching your body too...its so...its so fine" he told her.

She pulled at his body. "Me too...me too Robert" she replied. She loved how it felt to be so close to him that early Friday morning. Outside, it was sunny and there was a refreshing quality to it. "You want to know something" she said to him. She was looking up, her teeth brighter then snow, and obviously smiling. She continued and said "I was in bed last night. Guess what I was imagining us together." She hoped he'd love that news.

His eyes opened, wide and he gave her a smile, but she hadn't seen his face. He felt like telling her even though it really wasn't her in his dream. He said it anyways. "No way, really 'cause I gotta tell you something too! You're never gonna believe this." She asked excitedly what he had to say. "I had...I had my first...I had my first ever wet dream and get this. This is the god's honest truth It was you and me and I mean it. I had a real wet dream. I came all over the place. I mean it was everywhere when I woke up. You, me, and cum everywhere when I got up this morning" he told her excitedly.

And she was excited too. She couldn't believe he had dreamt about her. "Me...really... me You came after dreaming about me. What did I do What happened, Robert" she asked excitedly. He smiled. "Robert, Robert tell me all about it... Please Robert, tell me all about the wet dream" she begged him while he continued rubbing her soft flesh closer to her bra covered breasts. Her eyes looked down towards where his hand would be underneath. She was smiling, feelings his comforting and stimulating caressing.

He held her close describing the wet dream for her. She grew more excited. The more he told her, the hornier she became. The hornier she became, the more he could feel her hand down between his two legs.

He told her he wasn't sure they should do any other then what's been going on already. She said everyone knows what's going on in here anyways, but that wasn't the problem. He told her any one of his managers or someone else could stop in. That unfortunately killed it for her. He said he would do it with her almost any time. She knew it too, but not now, not here. Neither of them could afford to get caught, could they She agreed, pulled her hand off his crotch, and he pulled his hands from underneath her top. He didn't want to and told her too. They both lamented about their predicament, but she was keyed up. He had a wet dream and it was about her and she was in his dream, better yet.

"But don't get me wrong, Stephanie, I would love to go all the way. I would love to fool around right here in the office, if it was remotely possible." She understood as the two of them fixed themselves proper. Before either could leave, Elaine had already entered the floor. On the other side of the office she headed his way. All the assistants began seeing her. One of them, Julia, quickly picked up the phone to ring his office. Robert let it ring and ring. He didn't want to be disturbed with Stephanie there to entertain him for a few minutes. Julia understood, but this was important. She called his office again. Finally he answered. "Say that again She's here, on the floor... How far away" he said. Julia told him. She had to whisper. "Julia I owe you and big time. You know what I mean too right...I owe you...big time." She smiled but said nothing as she hung up, quietly.

"Hi ladies" Elaine said walking amongst the cubicles. "How are all of you this beautiful sunny day" In unison they all looked up to say good morning to her by name too. Elaine walked through the group otherwise known as "Robert's harem." She smiled as she headed towards his office. Julia slipped out in the knick of time and headed in an opposite direction unnoticed. The door being open she calmly said "Hi honey...how's your morning going" They talked, briefly, and she told him how handsome he looked. He gave her a look that said is she crazy Elaine smiled. She told him she was out to run errands, but talked a little longer, and finally said her good byes. He walked her out. The whole staff watched as the two walked by. Stopping in front of the group she kissed his lips solidly for show. "Baby, I love you... You know that, right"

They all witnessed the exhibition not knowing what to make of it. He swallowed hard and told her he loved her too. The staff was wondering if it was true as Elaine walked away saying goodbye to him and his harem. Then they saw Robert once she disappeared. He was shaking his head in disgust. They knew for sure- there was no love between that couple. Gossip erupted and engulfed the staff after he disappeared in his office. Once Robert was back to his office, he put in a call. He knew "something" was up. Julia already was on her way to see him again. She was already for her payback. She was sure he could use some "comforting."

"May I come in, sir" she said.

He looked up, saw the soothing smile, but was still upset. She came nearer and nearer and rounded his desk. He didn't stop her. Julia placed her hands on his shoulders and began to rub them.

She rubbed them slowly...back and forth...back and forth, rubbing them to ease the tension which had built up. Julia leaned over. Unexpectedly he received a kiss from her on his neck. He looked up realizing how nice her lips felt against his neck. Finally he smiled and thinking she should do that some more. He let her continue to rub. Rubbing, relaxing, and again kissing his neck. "Mmmmm that is nice" finally saying it aloud. "Mmmmm you know how to...make...a man...feel... good, Julia." She said she hoped so and kissed his neck one more time. "Do you want to hear something uhh silly" he said. She asked what. "It's uhh something uhh a little perverted." She was curious now and her face lit up. He turned to see if she was interested in hearing it. Yes, she was. It was written all over her. She said yes. "Well, I had a dream last night. And it was about you. It was about you and me. You will like this too."

"Yeah, really" she replied. Wow was she ecstatic Her eyes, her face were alive.

"Uh huh" he added "and you aren't going to believe this either. It's the absolute truth." He started in as he explained his dream from the night before...and intimate detail.

Listening to his words, the tone of his voice, and the details of his wet dream didn't excite Julia...it awakened her. It brought a series of rapid palpitations throughout her whole body. At first she felt as if she could barely breath, but in the process of him telling his dream in detail, she eased her mind and body into it. He heard her breathing. He heard the awkward breaths and felt them on his neck too. All of a sudden he wondered. Did he create a monster Is Julia...aroused by what I've said Oh shit...oh wow...this is too cool. She wanted to leave. She wanted to find a bathroom. She didn't care which one. Anyone would do. She had it with her. She always had it with her and could go in one, take off her pants, and she could place it inside her...to complete the task necessary.

But she erupted in emotional agony saying "Robert, Robert... stop...stop it please!" He looked up and before he could stand she added "you're going to...you're going to get me to...to want to orgasm and...and right here!"

He smiled playfully, mischievously wondering really May I watch May I...may I He felt like asking as he stared into her wanton eyes. Shit, she really was freaking horny. She was a lot hornier then he expected her to become. This was cool...way, way cool. That's gotta be incredible to watch he wanted to say to her.

He slowly stood up and she backed away not understanding what he wanted or what he was about to do. The door already closed, he sat her down in a slow methodical manner. She followed his lead not understanding, yet. He told her finally he'd love to see her do it- do herself with one of those things. He smiled, bent down and looked at her from the side seeing that she wore a grin on her face too. Cool she'd like that he thought. Robert calmly placed his hands on her shoulders like she had with him. He heard her murmur. It was a calming sound, a reassuring one as if she knew she would enjoy it. And she would he hoped. He began to rub them just as she had rubbed his. Soothingly, slowly he eased his hands and fingers across her soft tender shoulders. Julia loved it, murmuring more and more. Ohhh that felt soooo good he heard her say...soooo, soooo good.

He felt like rubbing more then her shoulders. Further down the front, closer to her majestic bosoms massaging as close to them as humanly possible, but without touching them at this time. Not letting his fingers feel any of the soft warm tundra which Julia was endowed with. He felt it. He wanted it so badly. But not here, not at work... Yes, it was tempting... It was really tempting as hell. He looked down. Ohhh look at them. Protruding out for the picking...so incredible, so bouncy, and so juicy. He wanted it more then he imagined. Leaned against her as he massaged her he felt the call of duty. Robert smiled. He felt the mounting yearnings. He sensed and absorbed her unprincipled emotions. He sensed her more then expected. He found himself one with her, almost as he became one with her physiological state. He wanted it. He was ready. He sensed she was too. Rubbing, feeling her soft tender shoulders...ohhh yeah....ohhh yeah he thought. He wanted it. He wanted it now...now! He wished he could. He wished he could have her now. He felt she wanted him. He sensed she would too.

He rubbed in a gradual manner, down her back over her shoulder blades, and even they felt nice. They felt nice to the touch. Yes, yes they did. She smiled, but he didn't see it. He heard her murmur again...and again. She told him she could do this all night long. He said he could do. She asked "Then can we" He didn't respond, but he rubbed her shoulders, rubbed her back, and he heard her murmur again asking "Can we Robert"

He said maybe, but instead of his gentle hands rubbing her back they went forward, downward, and closer to those wonderful protruding soft cushion-like masses. Mmmmm I want them he thought. Oh god I could do this now he said to himself. Closer, closer his fingers tumbled over her soft knit sweater, but they stopped. He didn't, wouldn't give her that pleasure. Not at the moment he wouldn't. He wanted to, but he knew he couldn't yet. Regardless, Julia loved the tease. Julia felt it in her soul. She was ready and quietly said so. He knew it. He was too and he said "I want this too, babe, but we can't...not here we can't. You know that right I am...I am so sorry."

She knew and pressed her hands against his as they lay flat against her chest, right above her tits. Not touching them, she held them firmly as she wished and hoped they were against her breasts and stimulating her the way both wished they could be stimulated.

Suddenly both heard a knock at his door and both quickly collected themselves, Julia slipping around to the front of his desk and sitting down as if they were in discussion about something. It was one of his bosses. The boss came in telling him they needed to meet stuff. Julia interrupted asking if there was anything she could do to help. The boss blew her off saying it wasn't necessary. She disappeared out the door and his eyes followed her momentarily. "Listen Robert" he began to say. "You gotta cut that crap out. The rumors are beginning to spread. That isn't good for anyone. You know how it goes so cut it out. Do the shit on your own time...not here" he told Robert abruptly and left.

"Hi Elaine" she heard from behind "out shopping too, I see" said a friend when he saw her down the isle. She turned knowing the voice and they smiled to one another. The two of them long time friends walked towards each other and hugged, talking openly.

Terry and his wife Amanda had taken Friday off to spend it with one another. Like Robert and Elaine, they didn't have children either. Usually the relationship between Elaine and Terry could easily turn into a playful but innocent flirtatious bond. Amanda knew better that there wasn't anything but friendship behind it; nothing else. "Amanda's on the other side" he said jokingly "wanna kiss and you know" but Terry didn't need to say anything else. Plus he knew Elaine was having marital issues.

Knowing it was the case, Terry steered clear of any further flirtatious advances, for the time being, except to tell her she still looked "fine as wine." Smiling, she thanked him and told him on a serious note she wanted to call him at his office "about a personal matter." He knew the reason why and suggested she council someone else he knew better equipped for the task. Then Amanda turned up the isle and saw them talking. Cutting in, she playfully chided Terry about hitting on other women, again, at another grocery store. They all laughed, but Amanda had forgotten about Elaine's situation with Robert. Quickly back peddling, she apologized to Elaine and Elaine told them she was seeking a divorce. They talked briefly but Elaine said she had to get going. She had a busy schedule one of the tasks at hand was to go about buying the groceries so she could start her diet.

It was two weeks later and Elaine met with Terry and the man much younger then them who might represent her in her divorce. Thinking while talking it all over she told herself this guy is cute. He's too damn cute if you ask me and said so to Terry after their meeting was adjourned. "How old is the 'boy'" she asked. She had to tease Terry about the kid as her attorney, but he assured her the guy was well qualified to represent her. He'd do things for her she would never believe. Elaine's thought on that, seeing as the young lawyer was so damn cute was what kind of things can he do for me, to me She laughed to herself, but was serious and trusted her old friend Terry. "How old is he" she said. Terry told her. "Twenty-five... Twenty-five" she exclaimed. "Well hell, Terry...he looks young enough to be in...in high school still." And Terry laughed. Many agreed with her, but he told her the young man was good. He was very, very good. That had Elaine thinking again- how good is he Again, she laughed inside. "I like him already" she added. "Ooooohh yes Terry, I do."

Terry reminded her that it's why she was divorcing Robert. He could read the look in her eyes. He could see she felt attracted to the younger man. He playfully warned her about something like that. She said she knew and understood. But seeing as what Robert did to her, she could care less she said but knew that was a dumb thing to say. It didn't bother her down deep. She liked the young man's style. She liked several things from the initial meeting about him already. And she didn't even know him yet. Ten years younger then her suddenly didn't bother her a bit. He was well known in his field and well liked by his peers too. And without hesitation, he took on Elaine's case. This young attorney was more mature it appeared and she liked him. She liked his style, his appearance, and...and she wondered just "how good" he was too.

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