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Teachers Pets - Part V

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Author: stoneypoint
Published: 07-Mar-09 Revised/Updated 14-Aug-14
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Elaine discovers her attorney represented her sister but had relationship with sister too. Elaine likes the young attorney but initially turns down offer for sex. He strikes up relationship with her sister again offering to do threesome, but doesn't happen. Finally Elaine and him plan to go out or something like that.

* * * * * * *

Affable, intriguing, great eyes and with a smile to die for, she thought, the young attorney seemed to understand her situation right away. He appeared to understand her inside and out. How he could, she didn't know, but there was something about this guy, something she liked about him she couldn't put her finger on. Something deep within her she couldn't figure out about him, yet. She'd think about it, think about what it was that was bothering her, and while considering everything she even thought about how cute and "delicious" he was too. She found herself doing that too often.

Finally they had their own scheduled appointment. His professional approach was appropriate and wide-ranging. He went over everything with her. He asked about her life, her current situation in more detail, and asked questions about Robert talking about him in detail afterward. He got more then just the basics about her case so that the two of them were comfortable with everything and with one another. He'd study her. He'd ask more personal questions then she ever expected making her wonder about some of the personal questions he had asked of her. The questions and subsequent answers were of an intimate nature oddly.

Why does he have to know that she wondered She blushed as she hesitated answering the intimate details of her personal lifestyle. But she did answer his questions and in turn she studied him and his face as she replied. Still, he maintained a professional demeanor as she intimated to him about how she actually "played" with herself during those special moments throughout the week. It did surprise her he never showed any sign of emotion, sense of "intense curiosity" when she openly answered his questions.

In turn she asked some questions of him only because there was something about this guy, this attorney of hers which she felt prompted to ask of him. For some unknown reason, she truly liked him. Still, she could not figure it out. He would give her direct answers upon being asked. He told her he was an open book. Anything she wanted to know, she simply had to ask, and he would answer the question when asked. Some of the questions she asked were personal too. So Chad do you masturbate too" She wanted to ask it, but no she didn't inquire openly. But both knew she was headed in that direction.

At that point it was time to get down to the nitty gritty. He wanted to know every last detail about her, about the "things" women will never tell any man ever. Why was that she wondered Personal and intimate information about me which I've never told Robert and he wants to know it, she asked herself I mean this is information I've kept so close to the chest and no man will ever know in their lives she told herself. But he explained: This is an attorney-client confidentiality he would enforce. He reinforced it with her too.

Still, she thought not even he needed to know that stuff. "Umm why is all that necessary in my divorce" she asked. "I mean my weight and my bra size and my measurements" she exclaimed. "Come on now" she said half seriously. She was humored by the questions. To a degree it was a turn on she felt. "No really" she went on to say "I mean it. What attorney or what man needs to know that except maybe a woman's spouse or better half Robert doesn't even know what my measurements are. I don't think he does."

He nodded as if understanding. He listened as she chirped on. His eyes looked into hers as if seeking whatever there was to seek out in her soul. They were warm, comforting, and she liked how they soothed her, emotionally. She liked many things about him. He had a way about him that spoke volumes and volumes and he barely said much at all, except for what was asked.

"So tell me...why is all that so important" she asked again.

He explained. Wow was the young man good. He explained how it could, yes could, lead into arguments against his case based upon his personal knowledge of his girls he spends his personal or most intimate time with, but he does not know squat about his own wife and her most intimate issues. That was one angle he told her. There were more and he freely explained them too. Elaine was so impressed that she openly divulged every last detail about her. She told him exactly what her weight was as of the day before. She told him her chest measurements, her cup size. She told him her waist and hip measurements adding that it all was going to change in time.

She told him every last possible personal detail she could think of and she stood up. When she stood up she did two things. She was wearing a dress. She smiled. She was even giggly and she told the young attorney to prepare himself. "See these...this is why my husband doesn't make love to me, have sex with me anymore. I desire it, but what's a wife to do And see this" she went on to add as she pulled her dress up even further. She had exposed her large and lacy underwear. She saw it aroused the young man, which she never expected. She could tell he took a long look at her thighs and midsection too, but when she pulled up her dress she also said "And see this" as she held her dress with one hand. She stared pinching the small paunch around her belly and finished by saying "Most of this will disappear. Over time, once I get my weight down, this won't be as...as I don't know...as much as what you see now."

"And why not" he asked. He was mesmerized by her plus sized beauty.

He appeared to appreciate it, admire it all, and she saw something very weird and wild in his eyes. Was this younger man turned on by her large thighs, slightly bulging tuft around her tummy, and the faint fluff on the undersides of her arms She wasn't sure, but it damn well looked it. But she was beginning to figure this guy out. He was different, much different then any other "kid" his age. Okay, he isn't a kid any longer. He's as mature, almost, as her other friends. Some of his reasoning to know everything might not be for the expressed purpose he said it was for. Maybe it was for his own purposes. Maybe it was to collect intimate information on a client he found sexy. Was that it She sure wondered later on if it was.

He was cute and he seemed more attractive once his eyes locked in on her physical attributes once she showed them to him. "Collection of knowledge" is important she recalled him saying. "Collection of every lasts minute and intimate detail about someone is imperative to have when handling a case" she remembered him also telling her.

So her question to him is- is he collecting this information she provided him for his own pleasure, for the case directly, or possibly for both reasons Once the case is over is he going to be interested in seeing me possibly She didn't know, but she sure wanted to know.

Then the young attorney finally said something which shocked the hell out of Elaine and he explained himself to her. She had thought of the comments he made and why he made them. She was shocked at his remarks. He really didn't need all her intimate and personal information he asked about earlier. You mean to tell me, she wondered, you've never needed any of it None of it at all she asked herself Ohhh shit, ohhh my god she thought, I just showed you...I just showed him my flab, my thighs, and my belly too. Good thing I didn't remove my...my dress and model for the poor soul. God knows what would happen then. But she wasn't openly upset or even embarrassed about what occurred. In fact, she loved it that he was more then just impressed by the showing. He was aroused to a degree by her body... her bursting, sumptuous, and flesh filled body.

"Why did I do that" she asked Amanda. She had called told Amanda, but not Terry and talked to her about her meeting with her attorney, Chad Reiter. "I can't believe what I did in his office" she exclaimed. Elaine was astounded by her behavior as much as Amanda, but both laughed heartily towards the end of her meeting; before discussing other stuff. "I won't ever do that again" she said emphatically as the two laughed and laughed.

Afterward, while in the privacy of her home she thought about the meeting some more. Robert wasn't home. She wondered what Chad Reiter was doing. The young man, she secretly hoped, might go home and might fantasize about her...yes that's right, about Elaine. That was her hope. Someone fantasizes about me. Now that would make me happy as a lark she thought. Maybe I should...no I won't have time. He'll be home soon enough, damn it all referring to Robert. It would be nice to know the young guy was doing what she wished she could do- lie down on her bed, insert vibrator and her fingers, and have some quick fun with visions of him dancing all over he fluffy sumptuous body.

Chad had hinted at the idea that if Robert knew any of what she did, intimately, it could come back against her somehow. She didn't understand it, but the attorney did. She thought about him. She thought about his smile. She thought about his gentle voice. She thought about his eyes and how they soothed her. She thought about what she said before hand and what he said afterward. He told her the truth about why he asked what he did and his honesty spoke said more then enough to stir up deeply hidden emotions within her. What he told her, how he asked her, and in the manner he did was outrageous. Yes it was, but overall, he comprehended all her needs. Overall, he liked this woman and that was why he was honest with her. And overall it was a great strategic move too. Both of them came to appreciate what he told and suggested to her: that he liked her personally as well as his client.

"Elaine" he started to say in their next session.

She was only thinking about the other night with him. No, the two weren't together, but they were...in her fantasy they were. He paused as he recalled an affair he had earlier in the year. He smiled as he looked around his office remembering it fondly. He liked that woman. A bit closer in age to him she couldn't be much younger then Elaine in fact and that woman looked a little like Elaine too. He began to fall for that woman. He had realized he started falling in love with her. The woman he was seeing was eerily similar to Elaine too. Physically and personally she reminded Chad so much of Elaine.

She had many of the same qualities Elaine has. Elaine was oblivious to what was on his mind and why would she know How could she begin to know "Elaine... I had this, this affair." Again, he paused. "It was at the beginning of the year. Like you she was a client, but once her divorce was final we enjoyed many times together." Elaine began to think. My sister was recently divorced too. He went on. "I loved being this woman's attorney however there were problems. There were several of them" he told Elaine. She thought about it some more as he went on and told her "But Elaine this woman, well she reminds me so much of you, and a lot too. I mean there are many things about her I see in you."

Elaine was very, very curious now and asked him about the woman, what those qualities were; what the woman's features were. To Elaine it was entertaining. It was interesting.

Chad looked at her. God she was pretty, he thought. God Elaine had one hell of a body, he told himself. She caught him. She caught Chad Staring at her figure, but just as she did, he regained his focus, his composure. Chad had kept his professionalism intact just after thinking god she has all the same voluptuous and endearing features. If only... if only I could... if only I could hold her against me he thought before maintaining that professional status she expected from him. If only I was able to take her and hold her naked body against mine! Oh god, oh wow she's so, so... get a grip Chad he told himself.

"What do you want to tell me" she said. She saw a look in his eyes she liked.

He felt he had to come clean. He put on a straight face and looked directly at her. "First off let me be honest with you." She said that was a must with her and felt she had to trust what the man had to say. "Elaine, I find you to be a very attractive woman, a very good looking woman, and the way you have behaved around me in this situation...well how you act is...well it's different. For some reason...you seem strangely similar to the other woman, my former client. She was beautiful, beautiful like you. She and I were deeply involved. We were... we were too involved and I came to, to like her, adore her, and I sometimes wonder if I loved her too."

Elaine listened to his words. She was recalling something from past conversations, conversations she'd have with her sister. Her younger sister who went through a divorce recently had told her the same things about her attorney. It couldn't be true could it, she thought. She went through a divorce over the last year and was he her attorney Oh my god! Oh...my...god, she thought. That has to be it. It has to be. The guy was, was young she had told me. She told me he was really, really cute too, but the guy was very young for an attorney, Elaine recalled. It can't be, can't be. Ohhh wow is he the same one

"Elaine" he said "Elaine... Elaine" he called out.

Elaine was recalling those conversations with her sister. She was out there, thinking back to the coffee's she had with her younger sister. She said she had an affair, but it wasn't an affair. After the papers were finalized, after everything was said and done, he asked her out. He invited her to dinner. It was innocent. At first it was, but by the nights end she didn't know what happened.

She accepted the invitation to spend a night of splendor with him. Neither planned it. It just happened. He was quite the lover per what Elaine recalled being told by her sister. Chad was romantic, suave, and he treated Elaine's younger sister with dignity and class.

Oh crap Elaine thought, he's falling for me too. And what's worse yet... I'm falling for him. I am...falling...for him she told herself. Shit Elaine, don't, don't do it she thought. Finally focused, she remembered something, something good about him. The guy loves sex. He loved sexing up her sister and he was good too. She remembered the two had many, many great times together. She told Elaine sometimes he fucked like a madman. But she recalled her sister saying those times were soooo damn fun. Maybe just maybe she started to think...ohhh no Elaine. Elaine no, no don't, she thought.

"Elaine, I'm not finished with my story yet."

"Her name's Ellen Cullen isn't it" Elaine said interrupting him.

"Huh, what" he replied. He hadn't put two and two together, yet. He looked at her, she at him. But how could she know his client's- it was impossible. "She's...she's...is she related to you She's your sister" he asked. Definitely astounded, he didn't know what to feel. He wasn't sure what or how to think. But Elaine eased all that for him. She liked the "predicament" she might be in. Elaine smiled and nodded once he put it all together.

Being a bit precautious, she stood and said "Chad maybe this isn't a good idea. Here you are as my attorney but you were also my sister's too, and so what am I supposed to think What am I supposed to do Chad" she asked hoping he'd give her the answer she was looking for. "Can we keep this a professional relationship and never once think about any possibility...any chance of you wanting...to...have...sex...with me...ever" she told Chad. "No, I'm not sure we can avoid it... I'd have to...sleep on it all, okay Chad"

He understood and she left his office. She spent the day thinking about it, about him, and about his interesting relationship with her sister Ellen. Yes it had been an interesting relationship with her sister. It was a crazy, fun, and intriguing possibility to her. That evening after thinking about the chance to have Chad as her lawyer, she picked up the phone. She pushed her speed dial, and Ellen answered. Elaine talked with Ellen to get Ellen's opinion. She told Ellen exactly what had happened.

"He is a sweetheart and he is good at two things" she told Elaine. "He's really, really good at them too. And Elaine...that is all I am going to tell you" Ellen added teasing her sister as she laughed over the phone. But Ellen did add "I loved the time we spent together." The two laughed and laughed understanding what Ellen was intimating. Elaine knew what to do at that point. After hanging up and knowing Robert was out for god knew how long, she went to the bedroom to relax. She'd make the call in the morning, but for now she was planning on enjoying the remainder of her evening alone.

He told her it was a deal. He agreed and understood. If all worked out okay and both were still interested, she'd accept an invitation to whatever and see how it all worked out. She wanted more then that. She wanted to know how a 25 year old prodigy of a lawyer could handle a 35 year old married or formerly married woman, a full figured shapely and well endowed woman. He'd done it before. Ellen was about the same build. Ellen had similar looks as Elaine had. And the two knew one other thing. Both Ellen and Elaine had all the sexual drive a young precocious and gifted attorney could handle. He'd loved the sex and relationship with Ellen so what would prevent him from feeling that way with Elaine Plus, she was more then willing to test and try it all out with Chad too.

They agreed to all the formalities, put private detectives on Robert, and built the case. Once in court, they presented her case to the judge awarding her enough to sustain a new life, a potentially new career, and moving on with her life. Meanwhile, Robert's lifestyle pretty much stalled, but not forever. They still adored him, he still loved his collection of girls, and in the long run everyone would come out happy...including Elaine.

But life didn't go into neutral for Elaine. In the back of her mind, in her thoughts, she was still owed that dinner. She was still promised that date or dates. And she intended to see how gifted, how gallant her attorney was. Single and free and craving it as the single mature woman she was, she put in a call and left a message on his voice mail.

"Hi it's Elaine, just wondering where my follow-up call is. Don't forget, we had a date scheduled once all the paperwork was finalized and it is finalized...isn't it" she said telling him to call her, but soon.

Throughout the divorce she had lost already 15 pounds. She had another 50 to lose to no longer carry the perception she was the Rubenesque beauty she once was. She didn't mind the look, the size she was, but she did not like that many men including her ex-husband no longer found her figure adorable and sexy. She began to realize she wasn't the enticing woman men adored, except a select few such as Chad. So Elaine changed her lifestyle, her diet, and she worked out. She sweats all the time exercising, but it was good. She'd picture him when she sweat and she'd picture her and Chad as she sweat too...fucking and making passionate love even though they hadn't met up yet.

Where he was she didn't know, but she knew she was going to get down to a weight that expressed her feelings, showed off her worthy curvaceous figure, and Elaine was bent on getting that new college degree as well. But where was Chad in all of this

Still he had not returned her call. Still he hadn't given her the time of day she expected. What a shit. What was he doing I thought... I figured we'd be together after all this she thought, but she thought wrong. No big deal, not a total waste of time she found out. There was love in the air she discovered, but that love in the air was between him and her sister, Ellen. The two had hooked back up. He finally called her. He finally told the truth. He did offer some consolation. What was the consolation

"A threesome" she said balking. "Are you crazy Chad Are you out of your mind"

He laughed and apologized saying it wasn't his idea. Honestly it was her sisters. She didn't want to be cruel. She didn't feel right about what happened, but she knew she and Elaine used to joke about stuff like that too so one night after getting drunk with Chad, Ellen had suggested it to him. No, no way...she wouldn't go for that he came back. Sure she would. I know my sister pretty well. She'd do it if it was all in fun she told him, but Ellen was wrong. Elaine, at that point, was not interested in any kinky date like that, but maybe down the road it could be a possibility.

"Let me work on my sister, Chad. I have a way with words. I can work on her, okay"

Chad smiled as they sat up in bed together. One by one Ellen's buttons came undone. He loved doing that. Exposing the mountainous brassier, her cleavage filled his vantage point. Mounds of flesh arose off her body, filling his libido with desire and lust. Another evening of pleasure was about to commence between them. Chad reached in from behind.

At the base of her back he felt the smooth heaping pile of her puffy flesh. His hand skated slowly upwards and found the crossing strap which would unhook it. His fingers trailed across the hooked strap line. Mmmmm, tempting as usual he thought. His fingers, hand found their way around to one side. Mmmmm, ohhh more and more flesh he thought. Then to the other side where more abundant mounds surrounded her tits...ohhh god she's so damn sexy he told himself. He told her too. She smiled and told him it was a turn on what he was doing to her. He hoped it would be. He spread apart her blouse and the warm swells of her tummy felt smooth beneath the flat of his hand. Chad took his time. Chad took his time inaugurating making love to the younger sister. It was worth every moment.

Feeling her warm loveable belly was enjoyable to the younger man. But when he drifted upwards he went on to feel and grasp one then the other of her cups on her bra. He held them. He held the lacey white emblazoned bits in fascinating admiration. In holding one, then the other, his manhood swelled. She was amazing. The sensation it produced was incredible. He liked the pinging he felt down below. He loved that tingling expressing itself between his thighs. He enjoyed how it felt as his cock swelled when he felt the cups of her bra.

Massive, cute, and lacey she aroused him to the max. Chad wanted so much from his encounters with her. Chad wanted to kiss her tits on every position possible. All he wanted to do again was tell her she was the sexiest woman he knew. He liked and adored her and hoped she'd believe it because he meant every word of what he would say.

He never knew truly understood it all and analyzed it all too, but he never figured out why he felt so attracted to her and Elaine too. Seeing as both were older and fuller figured, but attractive woman didn't make sense. But in the overall scheme of things, all Chad wanted and this was most important to him, was making her achieve it. Achieve that orgasmic pinnacle, the climatic momentum. He wanted her to feel loved in the end and in the end Chad was able to do both. She reached that climatic pinnacle. She felt the love in the process too. And afterward, holding the hot blooded creature only stirred him up more. Oh yes, the desire, the longing, and the yearning to be with her time and again for Ellen was one fun and wonderful woman to make love to.

"God Ellen, having sex, making love with you...with your delicious figure gets me so horny and so fixated on you...I just want to do this again and again with you. God, I love seeing you orgasm and scream and rise off the bed as we make love the way we do."

The following day he called her back. He went through the formalities: apologizing, making up a few lies, which she knew better, and telling her he wanted to meet over lunch. She turned him down, nicely. He begged. She laughed and accepted. They met. She inquired how his "love life" was and laughed. He understood she didn't want to know but told her it was fine. She pressed on as if she had a right to know. He said he didn't kiss and tell. She said she was not kissing so he had to tell. They laughed. Finally she said she wanted a piece of the pie. He didn't understand.

"Come to my house tonight, tomorrow, or the night after and you'll see" he said.

Chad contemplated. How would Ellen feel She suspected that might come up.

"Ellen won't care She wants you to share Chad. So what night do you want to stop by"

Of course he was intrigued. He's Chad and Chad likes the sex, the affection, and the intimacy with many fuller figured, attractive woman like Elaine and Ellen too. He knew the answer. She knew his answer.

"Tonight is okay" he asked.

She nodded willingly, excitedly in her heart, and hungrily in her loins.

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