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Teachers Pets - Part VI

Woman showing boobs
Author: stoneypoint
Publish Date : May 2, 2009
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Sullen on New Years Eve, Robert goes on a walk feeling sorry for himself, but finds someone else feeling the same way. Desires and the excitinf demonic lust within both lead two entirely different souls to enjoy the pleasures of kissing, intimacy, and horny pulsating flesh.

* * * * * * *

He heard the music fade as he walked away. He was unhappy that night, his life having fallen apart. Why...why had he fallen into this trap he asked himself Alone, pondering all that had happened over the course of the year, he smiled, but then felt sad again. He missed her, kind of, but then he didn't. He turned and looked back into the crowd. They were pretty, all of them were, and he'd had the best time of his life with them all. It was the same for them too. He was a source of admiration, wonderlust too, and they were simply the best bunch of girls he could ever ask for.

But he was outside and felt he felt he was alone that night, having no one to make him feel was a supposed to be a joyous occasion. He was buzzed, not drunk, and reflecting on everything standing out on the huge veranda. As he thought about her, he continued walking out towards the course. For a night like this, a cheerful one, Robert had his pick of the litter. He had left an open invitation at work for his staff, his harem to come but agreed with himself he wouldn't take advantage of them that night. Besides, how could he How could he pick just one without insulting the rest who came He liked them all, he craved them all, and felt as if he loved each one that night. But in all craziness, all the confusion and being a little drunk, Robert drifted away to sulk.

He was nowhere to be found. Out on the course walking the cart paths he stopped and stared out in to the dark abyss. He thought he heard something. Wait, he did, and then he saw something or someone. What...who is it He looked, as his eyes tried to adjust, he stared hard into the darkness. He still heard the music. It was distant, it was nostalgic, and he felt lonelier then ever before. He felt the buzz clinging to him. He liked the feeling. It was his friend. He wobbled and smirked, and tried to straighten up. He sure could use a shoulder to lean on. He sure could use a friend right now. He breathed in the cool air of the night and released it slowly, he breathed in deeply, again. Yeah...fresh cool air...deep, deep down into his lungs, and finally he felt a little less drunk. Robert again looked in the direction of the body he thought he saw.

It was a girl Yes, it was, but she was whimpering. Why was she whimpering tonight He didn't move, didn't say a word. He watched and listened while trying to focus. Who was it The moon was shining against her a little. He stared harder. He tried to study her. Who is she Do I know her No, I don't recognize her from here so who is she He swayed then stumbled a little bit but regained his focus.

"Hello" he called out. She was about to stand up; he startled her. She didn't know anyone was nearby at all and he called out again. "Are you okay" She jerked in sudden movements when she heard his voice and she tensed up, backing away from him. He could see her figure a little more clearly as she stood. The moons rays reflected off her figure. Immediately, his natural impulses kicked in. He began trying to study her body. "Whoa...nice" he said quietly. "Nice... Nice body" he added. She didn't hear him.

She seemed to have a figure he was familiar with somehow. It was curvaceous. It was a wonderful and ripe figure he thought. Yes, her figure was a bit chubbier then the other girls' bodies, but he surmised there wasn't a thing wrong with it. Mmmmm...mmmmm yeah, he thought looking it over thoroughly. He stared at it as best he could.

From his assessment he felt she had the sweetest pair of thirst quenching thighs ever. He looked at her harder. He liked what he saw- one hell of an ass, a great pair of hips, and a waistline...ohhh yeah, a waistline proportionately incredible in comparison to her hips. Yes he sure did. He liked her body. It was smooth and finer then ever. He stumbled.

"Wow...hot damn" he said inaudibly, "what a freaking nice...ohhh yeah...yeah baby yeah" he said faintly.

She looked towards him but due to the darkness couldn't see him at all. Robert along with the moon watched her rocking and swaying. Was she drunk Regardless he already was in awe of her and her short, curvy, and slightly chubby figure. Alone he felt dejected but with her around he started not feeling that way. Was there hope; there always was. He had if he wanted the girls back at the clubhouse, but feeling sorry for himself earlier led him to take a walk. And she was whimpering. He felt he was called to duty. He felt he could help out in some way. Was she feeling bad too He didn't know, but from the sounds of it she was too.

"Hey...are you okay" She spun around again looking his way, but still could not see him. She called out. It was obvious she was frightened and sounded defensive. She asked who he was. "I'm Robert...Robert Cullen" he replied. His speech seemed slurred he thought. "Are you okay"

But, finally he saw them. He noticed her boobs. "Hot damn...whoa" he said aloud, but not loud enough that she'd hear him. From what he was able to see, she had a set of awesome tits. The outfit she had on made her look spectacular he told himself. He could see her more clearly and asked himself if it mattered at all either way.

"Who...what are...what do you want" she shouted back.

He told her he didn't want anything. He said he was taking a walk and saw her and noticed she was crying. She said she wasn't. He didn't beg to differ. He clammed up. She remained there, facing him, not really looking at him, and he did the same except he was sizing her figure up with the help of the moon's light as a backdrop.

"I'm Kristen" she finally said.

Her voice was adorable just as her figure is he thought. He wished he could get closer, see her better, but she'd probably run. He couldn't see her very well. He thought he also needed someone to talk with that night. He wished he had a "friend" to get his problems off his chest. She's a girl, she'd understand, wouldn't she He wasn't thinking about the girls back at the clubhouse any longer.

"My...my date ditched me" she said.

He wasn't expecting that. Why would she go ahead and tell me that, he wondered "I'm sorry" he came back. She asked if he had a date. "Well..." and he thought about it. "No actually I don't. I really don't to be honest" he responded. He stepped closer but she backed away. He stopped. He put up his hands. He told her he meant no harm. He was trying to let her see him more clearly. "Is that alright" he asked.

She hesitated but said okay. She lost her footing and stumbled. She held her ground and finally the two walked to within three feet of each other. She wobbled again. He did too. They both realized they had their fair share of alcohol that night.

It was then she noticed his handsome looks. She wondered why he was so depressed. For some reason he suddenly missed his former life, his ex-wife, and New Years Eve parties with her. She looked and studied him like he had with her. She looked at his attractive features. He smiled right at her. His eyes appeared to light up. She smiled back.

"Happy New Year" she said, giggling.

Right away she felt warm and fuzzy all over. She knew what she wanted. She wanted a big hug and an even bigger New Years Eve kiss from someone, anyone. It was the New Year. It was a tradition. And what better way to ring it in then to get a good kiss from a good looking guy Plus she didn't even know the guy at all and she still wanted one.

He saw it in her eyes. He could tell. He could go for it. That would be fun. That would be cool. It wouldn't matter to him. Man, lips are lips he always believed. And hers were sumptuous and pretty. And in imagining it all he saw his lips against hers; that could lead to a perfect ending to an otherwise failed evening, he thought. Plus add to that a warm body against his on a night such as this would be even better.

"And Happy New Year to you too...Kristen" he told her.

He looked her over. He could see her much more clearly at that point. Robert loved what he saw for sure. He didn't just like her figure he was quickly coming to adore it. It was a cherubic and curvy and bubbly physique and it had so many positive features to it. But oddly she wasn't like his harem back at the clubhouse. Still he was becoming highly fond of her as they faced one another. He wanted to tell her how "fond" of her body he was too.

"And may I add that you look...well you look hot, hot in that outfit you have on too Kristen." Yep that's what he would like to have told her, but refrained. You do, he thought as his eyes roamed up and down her body. God she looked scrumptious the more he stared at her figure. He wished he could tell her. But he felt he couldn't. He didn't know her from Adam. He looked great in the tweed jacket with the button down oxford shirt he had on. He looked dashing he told himself, laughing earlier while double checking himself in a mirror. He was too good-looking for his own good.

What was running through her mind was that he looked a lot better and a lot more mature then her asshole and scruffy and immature boyfriend who ran out on her earlier. But the possibility with being with Robert could be a lot better then her jerk of a boyfriend she told herself.

"So you're like me, dateless too" he asked. She frowned, nodded. "I'm sorry" he added, lying. He wasn't. He didn't feel bad at all. He felt fortunate and he smiled.

Neither spoke for a while as they either stared in the direction of the music or at the moon. Then his head reeled toward her body. Something clicked inside him. The more he looked at her, the more he liked being next to her. With the moon's rays shining down on her as brightly as it was he could see her boobs more clearly then before. It was as if he had x-ray vision. He could see them as if she wasn't wearing a blouse at all. Her tits were bigger and they were rounder then he ever expected. He was on fire suddenly. His body was heating up. They had absorbed the light of the moon's rays and aroused him. He wanted to make believe she was modeling them as if they were on a runway for him.

Mmmmm, he thought. He felt them, twinges of excitement, erotica flashing through his body. He felt energy pulsating all over. He felt a heat infusing him and hopefully from her. He immediately sensed a compatibility with this young lady. He asked himself if there was a connection between them. He wasn't sure. She was pretty young, maybe even little younger then the others, but she appeared older too. It did not matter.

Robert's veins were coursing with desire. He felt his cock tingling. He knew what he wanted. He'd love to have Kristen. He'd love to have her now.

He looked at her figure. He was burning up. God, it was s a fine, fine body. He felt the cold air. He'd sure love a warm body, her body against his. And her attractive qualities all over had his mind in the gutter. He stared at her thighs again. Those loveable thighs along with her scrumptious flamboyant hips too, his eyes moved upwards as he caught wind of the slimming waistline. Shit, he wanted her so badly. And as his eyes met up with the effervescence of her bubbly robust tits again, he suddenly felt it.

He was rock hard. Coiled, alive, and throbbing, his cock was scratching to get out of his pants. He wished she wanted it. He wanted her to hold it and do as she pleased.

It came out of nowhere. He reeked of lust all over. "May I say something" She turned and looked up at him, half a smile on her face. "You really look attractive tonight." Her half smile disappeared. It was replaced by an exhaustive grateful grin and Kristen loved him for his compliment.

Bingo! Ding...Ding...Ding! His remark hit the nail on the head and her boyfriend no longer existed in her mind. There was a new sheriff in town. Her boyfriend was being replaced, replaced by a guy...a man named Robert. Her boyfriend never dressed like Robert was. He was smooth and kind and handsome as hell.

Add to that she was all dolled up and as sexy as any of the others that evening. Her boyfriend didn't like her outfit. He thought she'd attract too many eyes, which she had, and upon seeing Robert take stock in it, the boyfriend was right. Robert had taken notice of her delicious physique. It was worthy of it too.

He began hungering for it- her sexy and curvaceous but also slightly chubby frame. Ooooohh yeah Kristin...you have nooooo idea! Come on let me have you, hold you he thought. Let me take you in my arms and hold that body against mine. Will you, can we do that he desperately wanted to say. He looked at her, at it and seriously felt all the urges. Ohhhhhhh... you have no idea, honey... Let's hug and...and let's have a New Years Eve kiss. Okay alright He was ready to beg her too.

She was smiling from ear to ear after hearing his compliment. She stood up straight more then happy to take in those words of his. Hearing someone say she looked pretty in her outfit regardless if she had just turned 18 days ago and he was 36. She didn't know it but he thought she was older then she was. To him, she looked a lot older then her age, and he never knew how old she was in the first place... So why not kiss her

"Thank you" she replied with a beaming smile. "Uhh my...my boyfriend hates me in it" she told him as she looked down at her outfit, her body. "He thought...well he thought I" and she paused looking down at herself again, "I looked too fancy...even too slutty."

Robert said in a profound reply she did not. He told her she actually looks hot. She blushed, merrily replying "Thank you...thank you very much Robert" and looked down at herself again. He saw her staring down through her cleavage, at her boobs, and he saw her eyes again careen across the rest of her figure. She looked up, with a smile, and she caught him doing the same as her- looking at all her wondrous features liked so much.

Robert with his charismatic appeal worked his magic on her. Little did he know the young lady had turned 18 a few days ago, but his gift had worked wonders once again. Oh yeah, oh god yeah, he thought. He burned. It was raging madly within him. I wanna kiss you Kristen. I wanna kiss you so much. His loins raged. Coiling, hardening, his cock showed the affects of him being hornier then ever. He was crazed.

You have no idea how much I want you, thought Robert. Will you let me kiss your...your but didn't let himself speak it. He wished he could ask her. He wanted to tell her. He felt the urge so strongly he could have walked to her and taken her in her arms, but he wouldn't do it without her permission. He could've kissed her lips...kissed her...kissed her luscious round jewels, and kissed her all over her body if she allowed herself to be fair game. He was fixated on the possibilities and he couldn't get over being so horny.

He didn't stop it. He didn't want to. It felt awesome. She did too. Smiling, Kristen stepped towards him, and she reached inside his jacket and put her arms around him. She thanked him quietly as she held him close to her. He felt good against her alcohol tempted physique. Mmmmm, she thought, he soooo nice. He stood still, his cock tingling hard, and he wished she was the wiser. He wished she knew to lay a hand against it.

"Robert" she asked as she hugged him tenderly. He felt it, felt that something. Robert felt the powerful urge inside her about to abandon all caution. It was about to happen and he was sure of it. "Would you mind...would you mind taking me on a walk"

Hell yeah, no I mean yes he was ready to say. Then he spoke up. "Are you sure you want to" He wanted her more then ever. He wasn't thinking with any clarity. He wanted to keep holding her close. He wanted to keep pressing her body against his. He wanted to press it so firmly against him that she'd feel his smoldering ember beneath his zipper. Fuck yes, ohhhhhhh yeah he thought. Let her feel this energy inside me. Damn girl do you have any idea what's going on

She nodded once he asked if she was sure of it. Anxiously with another one of her impressive smiles plastered on her face they began walking down the cart path along the course. Talking, he mostly listened to her, and as he did he burned with that feverish pitch ready to rip through his clothing to grab at hers! All he wanted was to drop to the ground and hold her soft bubbly frame in his arms and start making out.

There was something about this one, Kristen, which set him ablaze with an ardent desire and lust. She filled his pores with erotic ideas. Her presence flushed through his veins. He was hornier then ever for her and simply kissing her lips would be a great experience. He had to get hold of her hand first. He had to take hold of it, carefully and gently. He had to persuade her emotions and he knew it would set her off, make her feel on fire. He knew he had to make her want him as much as he wanted her. He felt the heat howling and growing and burning with hope she wanted him.

What the hell did she mean by that She had said "I wish he was here." That wasn't good. But she didn't sound honest about it either he thought. He asked why and stopped. Looking at her, she said to him "Well you know...because I...I didn't..." She looked down at the ground, his shoes. She looked up, but passed his face and continued. "I didn't get my New Years Eve kiss this year. That's why." Tears filled her eyes and she looked to the ground adding quietly "what about you" Kristen looked at him, hoping. He had been looking at her face, hair, and of course her short curvy figure when she asked "Doesn't everyone need one"

He smiled and she looked at the ground again. Slowly her eyes ascended looking at his hands, his chest, and finally his face and eyes. She instantly fell in love with his smile. But almost everyone does.

Now! Now's the time, he thought. Go on... take her! Go one, take her and kiss her! Pull her against you and...and firmly! Hold her tightly, kiss her forever, and let her slowly take the lead on my lips! He knew it too. He knew she'd kiss him. He knew they'd walk a little while more and he'd take her in his arms and start kissing, almost feverishly. It was only a matter of moments. He was about to do it when he felt something.

He looked down. Her warm soft hand had brushed his hand. Oh, yeah, go on baby...go on...take it! Take it in yours, Kristen, but she let go of it. No...no go on he wished he would say and he was ready to. She could have. She could have held it. He would let her. He would have let her do anything she desired. Finally, he broke the deadened silence. He went for it. Out in the middle of the golf course, out near the rough of one of the holes, they were walking along, he said it. He told her what she was wishing she'd hear.

"Kristen, I'll give you your New Year's Eve kiss. That is if you want me to... I mean if that's what you... want and truly desire."

It was the perfect choice of words- desire. Yes it was. She had that desire burning in her heart, her soul, and she wanted a kiss but more then that too. She wanted a kiss, horribly. She stopped but hadn't looked him in the eye and looked a little nervous, a bit excited as well. While standing in front of him, she looked towards the dark abyss of the course as both heard the music in the distance. There was a romantic and exciting ambiance to the night with so much potential for something crazy to erupt as whatever it was swirled around them. He wondered. Does she like to "do it" with her boyfriend, but put the image out of his mind. She's yours Robert...all yours.

He played her, played the cute beauty's weaknesses possibly. "This is the deal Kristen. I or we give one another our New Years Eve kisses, but we have to and I mean have to leave it at that. Is it a deal I mean...I guess I can be good, if you are" he added but with his trademark mischievous smirk.

She wasn't sure if he meant it. She liked that naughty smile. It could mean trouble, but fun trouble for her. What could be worse then a nice romantic kiss She could get herself one hell of a good kiss from him...or more maybe She kept seeing that mischievous looking smile of his, but loved it more and more.

"Okay ummm but only a little one I guess" she said at last.

Her heart beat quickly, quicker then she ever expected, and she felt her blood boiling wildly. She quaked, quivered, and even felt her hands tingling. She wanted more then a simple kiss on her lips. Oh yeah, she sure did. She'd get it too because what she didn't know was he was as excited, as aroused as she was. He needed to kiss her badly; as badly as she needed to kiss him. She wanted so much. He wanted more. He wanted her, her body, and the lustful desire which accompanied all of it. And seeing as he was exciting and sexy and there for her he seemed to turn her on too.

Their hearts beat faster and faster. And their loins raged on, selling excitedly every second. The moment was about to have its day. Kissing him, some older guy for her was as thrilling as it could get. She knew nothing about him. But he was sweet. He was charming. He even cared about her too. Plus the man was too sexy to be true she wanted to believe. She was about to have her own bragging rights. A guy on a lonely night came into her life giving her the sexiest, most wonderful kiss of her entire life. This was to thrilling and too unbelievable for words.

And for him, kissing the exciting and sexy young lady had all the possibilities the others offered him. She had all the positive aspects he could hope for. What seemed to be a hopeless night was turning into a great evening for him. Holding her soft, curvy and slightly chubby figure had him feeling so damn horny he sensed it started feeling like they were two coyotes during mating season.

Finally, he took her. He reached across and took her against him. He pulled her loveable form against his tall sturdy frame. And out of nowhere it hit them. Like a flash of fireworks exploding in the sky, it felt like that throughout them too.

They couldn't let go, neither wanted to either, and their lips wouldn't and couldn't seem to separate. Kristen knew it from the start. She wanted more...and more...and more of Robert. Their lips attacked the others. She was swallowing his with ferocious like desire in her soul. And as she kissed him so fervently, as she kissed him so passionately he felt as if he had to corral her frame firmly around his.

It raged, raged on harder and harder. He wanted to jerk it forward, slamming his crotch against her body, but hadn't. Not yet he hadn't. He wanted her to know what it felt like or did she already know those feelings

Ohhhhhh shit, shit yes he thought. Yes, yes he was telling himself. She's doing it. She's kissing as crazily as I expected and soon...soon she'll make the moves on me without second guessing...ohhh wow, he thought. Just as I thought she would.

Take me...drop me to the ground girl so we can roll across the grass. Let's kiss and hug and roll around and around. Ohhh god, ohhh god yes I want you. I want you badly.

As soon as her body fell against his, she seemed to be maneuvering about him crazily. Her lips, his too were crisscrossing against each other. Back and forth their lips swam as they pulled and dragged one another's body closer and closer and tighter into one another. He could feel his hardened sheathed cock about to rub on her lower body. If unleashed she'd surely feel its horny rage.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Kristen thrust her tongue deep inside his mouth.

Ohhhhhh wow....shit he thought.

Yes ohhh yes she said to herself. He took it. He let me put it inside him. Ohhh Robert, Robert, thought Kristen excitedly. She moved it and pushed it around his mouth. More...more...more she was screaming to herself.

She loved what was going on- raucously, feverishly kissing him the way he let her. He was soooo excellent but she knew she was too. On the ground and on top of him she was going at his mouth in the grass like to wild dogs fuck. Let him...let him have me she thought. Let him take me she wished. Ohhh yeah, yeah I want him to have me.

They were heaving, she was murmuring as the two kissed zealously. Most of it from her, he was an equal participant with other sounds of pleasure. Her body pressed against his more firmly as her legs moved frantically to surround his. She was rupturing with lust in her soul as she spread across his manly frame. She loved doing this. She loved being with him as she kissed this experienced mature man.

His hands swallowed her up and she felt like giving all of herself to him. She was thinking it, saying to herself let him have me. Tell him he can have me, now. Ohhh yes, yes Kristen yes! This is it. This is so much better then a New Years Eve kiss. It's...I feel like...ohhhhhhh I'm exploding all over. I can't hold it in. I... I want him. I need it now. I want it...want him to want me too. Should I tell him

She was mumbling and her hands were grabbing and pulling at his coat, his hair, and his body recklessly. She had to take advantage of this why she had the chance. Loneliness had filled their hearts earlier but now it had vanished. She pulled at him, using her soft cuddly body, and she huddled against his saying to him...

"Ohhhhhh Robert... Robert... Robert... Ohhh I want...ohhh I want you to...to make..."

He knew. Lust rushed his heart and soul. He was so damn crazy, so damn horny it was incredible. She didn't know yet. She didn't know he had an erection. He wished...he wanted her to know he did have one. Yes he did. Touch it, feel it Kristen, and tell me what you think.

He felt her a little. He felt her tummy but by way of her blouse. His hands careened across her slightly supple tummy as they veered towards her boobs. Her back arched. Good, sweet...good, good, good he thought. No, this is too great. Yes, oh fuck yes.

Ohhh touch them...touch them Robert she was thinking as her back arched. Her chest rising off the ground surging forward as if to tell him to feel them, she was trying to assist him in his venture. She wanted it. She wanted to feel the pleasure too. She wanted to feel his hands against her bosoms regardless if her top was still on.

Her chest ruptured with desire as she rose up in his direction. Pushing and urging him to feel them, energy passed from her to him. Take me...have my body, Robert. I want you to she kept thinking. Her eyes closed and she called out his name. With a look of urgency in her face, she couldn't wait to feel his hands on her tits. Go on, press hard Robert. Squeeze them as hard as you want. Hold them and do anything you want. Even take off...she started to tell herself. She wanted to tell him lots of things.

He knew. He knew exactly what she wanted. One hand near her tits, his other started climbing, feeling a thigh. "Ohhh...ohhh Robert" she squealed. She wasn't sure about that. No she was not. But she wouldn't pull away. She tensed up and even spread them apart some. She loved it, wanted him to caress her thighs. She did not want him to stop.

Caressing them, he shoved her skirt up further and further until it found its way to her hips, her waistline. She didn't stop him. He hadn't done anything to make her become too worried and was she going to stop him anyway Nothing but flesh and flowery panties surrounded his hands. Oh shit, yeah girl, he thought. He loved those thighs of hers- sexy and juicy and tender as ever.

"Mmmmm, yes...let me...let me...Ohhh Kristen they are beautiful, sexy." He heart swelled. She felt her emotions were out of control. Was she going to do this She'd never forget it ever. She was smiling. They were kissing off and on. "Please let me kiss your thighs. I...I adore them. They are soooo sexy." He couldn't believe it. He looked at her. She had the grandest smile on her lips as he stroked them pleasurably. They were all his.

Her mid-section, her hips rose towards the black sky. Coursing upwards, her hips pressed against his hand and she looked at him joyously. He was looking at her, smiling. All she wanted was to feel loved, treasured, and he was doing that and more for her.

"Ohhhhhhh Robert...Robert, will you...will you make..."

"Yes I will" he came back before she could fire off her question. He already knew what she was going to ask and he was all ready to fulfill her.

"Robert....Robert" both of them heard. It was some of his harem. They came looking for him. Kristen's skirt was shoved all the way up to her hips and he wanted to stroke her crotch endlessly and more. He wanted her pussy regardless if she still had on those adorable flowery panties.

"Fuck...who is that" he asked. He looked up, looked around listening. He knew who it was. Not ever knowing she had turned 18 days ago due to she never told him, he said to her "I want to have sex with you and very soon. His eyes pierced hers and he added "and I mean very, very soon. Would you...would you make love with me again" She nodded excitedly pulling down her skirt and kissing him zealously one more time. Then she hugged him warmly and lovingly and they stood up

She whispered. "Thank you for making me happier then any girl tonight. Thank you for making me feel really, really pretty too and for telling me I'm sexy Robert. I love you for that" and then she walked off, never giving him any contact information. "Ohhh I'll call you very soon, okay" she added walking away.

It was way cool with him. They cleaned up as he watched her walk away. Whoa, she was one hell of a kisser, he thought, and headed towards the others. They had continued to call out his name. He walked towards the sound of their voices. They asked what he was doing all alone. He couldn't tell them other then doing some thinking. Just a girl, he thought as he smiled. He put his arms around them and kissed each on their lips. Seeing them smile made him happy too. He told them all he loved them saying he is the luckiest man on the face of the earth.

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