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Teachers Pets - Part VII

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Author: stoneypoint
Published: 31-May-09 Revised/Updated 14-Aug-14
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Elaine hold first seminar at ex-husband's bank. Behaves herself until final day. Ends up having sex with an employee who ends up spending the whole night with her.

* * * * * * *

She refused the assignment. It was her first, but she told them she could not do this one. He looked at her. Wanting to know why, she didn't initially explain. I could tell him the truth, she thought, but he'd throw some excuse to look passed it and just do my job she thought. He asked her why, again.

"Because Jeff, my ex-husband works there; probably won't be there, but there are complications...lot's of them too" she told him. He asked for an explanation. She looked at him, looked around the whole office trying to figure out how to tell him. "Here's the deal" she said. "The guy...he and I were in love. We were in love for years and years and well you get the drift, but suddenly things" and she used her fingers for quotation marks "changed. And that was the end of the story except to say he's fucking or was having sex with his whole staff. Then I get this letter from a jealous employee...she explained it all to me in the letter. I suspected something, but not to the capacity this girl explained it."

He looked at her. He was in awe. Like many others, he loved his wife, but easily could propose to her they bed down, have endless unadulterated sex. He understood Robert's passion or overindulgence. Some see it that way while others don't. She wondered if he felt the same way.

She felt great that morning. She knew she looked great in the new blue pleated blouse which went great with its grey matching skirt and blazer. She never felt prettier, more attractive then that first day she put it on for some reason. But she always felt great. She felt it every morning after a vigorous workout and morning energy drink. She was alive and full of more spirit then the whole company put together. Many wondered, how

And knowing this was the first off site seminar she was throwing for the company along with her zest for making sure anyone she taught the Principles of Communication and Dedication to, Elaine was psyched. She worked school systems when she was younger, fatter, and not as lively, but now with a slimmer and shapely figure and a new self-esteem in tact, she was all go. Her boss had told her this crowd wouldn't know what hit them regardless of her past, regardless of her "relationship" with her ex-husband's employees. He assured her Robert wouldn't be there, he wouldn't want the confrontation. She knew it. She told herself that all the way there. She set up all her materials. They all filed in.

They were all stunned when they discovered it was her doing the presentation. She smiled at each one, winked at several of them. She told the bosses they could leave. She continued to smile at her subjects. The presentation began.

"Good morning...everyone" she said. She took off her blazer.

Wow, she looks great one of them thought.

"Good morning" they mumbled.

"Life is fantastic isn't it" Elaine said.

They all mumbled. Yes, yeah, it's okay and responses similar to it. She smiled, spoke cheerfully, and addressed the crowd as if nothing was wrong. She put it in the back of her mind. Looking at each one as she spoke she had each of them doing little exercises related to communication techniques. She engaged the crowd of which 95 percent were in Robert's "harem" fuck-buddies. Day one was done. Day two went by, being let out an hour early, and all left. Day three came and went like day two. They all liked Elaine as they came to know her or understand her a little better. Their defenses were down. Elaine knew it too.

It was time. By the last day, Friday, she was ready. She was ready to pounce on them, but had to do so subtly. Was she going to She didn't know, but she did walk in that morning, bright as ever, brilliant looking as ever and sexier then any of them wanted to admit. She had the guy's attention, for sure. But it wasn't the point, however one guy was willing to ask her out and bed her down, he told one of Robert's fuck buddies.

Very short pumps highlighted her calves making them sharper, sleeker, and so well defined as her legs rose and rose while being coveted by a fine pair of everyday nylons. And as one pair's eyes followed, the unusually high-seamed and extremely short skirt she had decided to put on. She did not look slutty at all in it. She looked chic, fashionable as they came because she didn't let the short skirt ride too far up on her lusciously thick set of thighs. She knew better. She had taste and knew what looked right, what didn't. And as for her blouse, a peach preserve if you will, it brought out the beauty her ex-husband went skillfully talking her into so she'd break down and have willfully youthful hungering sex with him way back as a young couple.

"I know I'm pushing the limits on this" she said, "but I want all of your opinions." They had no idea. "There's this guy. And I like him, like him a lot. He's come on to me, kind of in the past." She shrugged. "I want him to like me for me...not for my body." She looked down at herself. "I know this" and she spread her hands out "looks a little on the gamey side...you know, slutty" No one said a word. "But in all honesty, I need all of your opinions. I need you all to tell me what you think. When I approach him, do I go looking like this"

She smiled as they gazed upon her. She knew they were thinking, all of them too. A guy in the group raised his hand. She smiled and called on him. "Ms. Cullen, can I be frank" She said yes. "You are freaking hot. You're freaking sexy." Elaine was stunned at his candor, but the guy was right and all the girls felt that way. They had to. If they looked as good as she did at her age, they'd be half the woman she is. All of them were relatively skinny bitches anyway. "I mean, mam...uhh miss...if ever there was an opportunity to uhh you know ask a woman out uhh like you...hell, I'd do it" he told her.

The room erupted in laughter but only because he was right, not to disgrace him. But he won points. He won big time. She looked at her watch. "Maybe I'll think about that. How old are you" she asked boldly. He told her, smiled, but blushed. "No I mean it. Maybe I'll ask you out for a drink. You never know do you We'll catch up" she said in front of the others. They were surprised, but she was playing the rest of them for fools.

Yeah, she might ask the guy out who was 7 years younger at 28. And why wouldn't she She was single. She was sexy. And she hoped he thought she was sensuous enough to pursue her. That was her tentative thought, brushing it aside seconds later and smiling inside.

She could be, under the right circumstance, everything a guy could ask for. That's what he said to himself after walking out. She'd have to think about it later, once I stopped by her house, he thought. I wonder if she's got herself a boyfriend. Hope not because tonight sometime, I'm going to walk into her house. I'm going to surprise her. "Damn, I hope this works out the way I'm planning it" he murmured.

"Ladies, one last thing" she said addressing the remainder who were there. Most had begun standing up and packing there stuff. "Can you all sit for a second" They sat as asked. Elaine paused. Elaine was smiling delightfully. She had two questions. One was leading into the other. "First, do you think Rick would be interested in an old bag like me" They curiously looked at her like what the heck is she asking us for "I mean he is cute, he did say in so many words, I am too" and they all giggled agreeing he had, "so why can't I pursue someone as young as him Do you know if he's attached anyone" They said no, he isn't. "Good, good and now that leads me to my next question."

Still retaining the smile she looked at all of them. She scanned the room maintaining the same peculiar smile. Upbeat and in the same positive frame of mind, she asked "So how many of you here, and I know the answer, have fucked my ex-husband, Robert, more then once Go on, raise your hands. Tell me the truth...and do not be shy about it."

Heads fell, eyes would not look at her any longer, and Elaine beamed. "Was his cock that good Did you all give good head too" And still she smiled. "What else did you all do with the man while he was married to me Did you all let him...did you allow him to cum all over you, on your faces, and in that pretty hairdo of yours. Mmmmm, I remember those days when we were young. Ohhhhhh, mmmmm god it was blissful. He and I, we fucked and we fucked and we fucked." She went silent. "I mean god we practically dropped mattresses on the floor he and I fucked so hard" she said. It was the truth. They had. "He got hornier and hornier as he and I made love because he loved watching these" and she cupped her abundant tits as she told her end of the story. "He loves that. He can't get enough of your tits dancing and bouncing and watching your nipples go hard while you all fuck him. And does he love you, buy you all stuff No, no he doesn't. He uses you and you think you are using him. Well you aren't. I am so glad I've had this chance to be your seminar teacher. I am so glad each of you ruined my marriage and do you know why" she said.

"Because now you can go out and fuck guys like Rick when you want" someone in the back said. She had nailed it. She was right.

Elaine didn't care that they knew. She was going to be the junkyard queen. She was going to go home, find the guys name, and Elaine was going to invite him over for drinks, dinner, and sex. Then more sex. And then more sex after that.

And when they finished round two, she was going to go to round three until the sun started coming up in the morning. And once it had, she was going to start it all over again. She liked her little Ricky. She liked him more then she figured.

He had become her first Teacher's Pet.

4:30 and she walked into the house. It was warm that day so she left the door open. She unbuttoned her blouse and let the southwest winds blow in. She kicked off her shoes. She ran her hands, fingers through her hair three times. She sat down on the couch, eventually stretching out after pouring herself a glass of wine. She unplugged the phone. She put her cell to vibrate. She looked up Rick's name. Nothing... He wasn't listed. Probably used his cell as his home phone, like most do nowadays so she stretched out on the couch as he feet wrapped around one another and her toes played with one another.

She was a vision of seductiveness, a wonderful reminder to right person that lust and adoration of a beautiful woman such as her could easily fall in line. He stood outside watching through the window as he admired how beautiful she is. He liked her too. His initial plan, he knew, was demented. Just knock, he told himself. She'll get up. She'll have to button up. She won't let you see them exposed like that. Damn, I wish she would, but she won't.

He went back to the car. He got the sign. He hung it around her neck. She'll laugh. She'll think it's funny. I'm sure of it. He walked up. He could see her from the front door, but couldn't see if she was unbuttoned or not. He rang the bell. He looked nice. Button down oxford and jeans, he looked handsome as well as preppy as well as the next. He hoped this was going to go well. He held flowers and a bottle of wine too, but down low so she wouldn't see until she stood up...after she buttoned up.

She easily could be doing a thousand other things such as bathing, gardening or getting ready to go out with friends, but she wasn't. She was lying there, thinking, and he didn't know what she was thinking about. He didn't even see the tears in her eyes, yet. He'd notice once she came to the door. She shouldn't have brought it up, but she did. She should have left it alone, but she knew what he'd been doing with the sluts. She knew how Robert was fucking them and that he loved cumming on them too. She knew he loved watching girls tits dance as their nipples hardened. It was too erotic not to. And all the girls were slender and attractive and young and of course horny for free cock and they got the free cock almost anytime they really needed it. But it made her sad she couldn't produce herself, hence the tears, but now she had a caller and this called was a guy she liked and she was going to let him have his way with her, hopefully.

"Ri-Rick...hiiiii how are you" she said half excitedly.

Then she read it. She laughed and laughed. Teacher's Pet it read. Her smile grew. She wanted to hold him. She wanted to hug her former student long and hard and lovingly. She only wished she knew him better, knew more about him. She wished a lot of things that moment she welcomed him into her home. She had to invite him in. Who wouldn't with an opening like that- Teacher's Pet

"Listen" he said. As he paused to get the words together, they weren't sure what to talk about so said point blank, but nicely as he could "you have to know I am here for one thing right"

She nodded. A slight smile lay on the edge of her mouth. She knew. She thanked god he was. Otherwise it would be her and her long thick friend in the bedroom, again, and she did not dare do that. She wanted interaction, strong social, intrapersonal interaction, and Rick was exactly the intrapersonal interaction she was calling out for.

"I know" she replied saying nothing else.

"I like you" he said.

"I know" she came back. She said nothing else; only looked into his eyes.

"I mean a lot" he told her.

"I know" she told him.

"Do you...like me" he asked.

"Yes" she said. She held the same curled smile at the edge of her mouth.

"That's cool" he told her.

"It is...cool" she said.

She thought it was more then cool. Right at that moment she wished one thing and only one thing. She wished her blouse was unbuttoned. She wished she'd left it that way knowing it was him who rang the doorbell. She felt warm all over. She felt flushed everywhere. She felt slightly tingly too. Now that was a good sign. That was the start of a long and loving night with him. She thought and felt at the same time many, many things.

God, I want this guy...and I want it now she told herself.

"Thank you" she said.

"For what" he asked.

"For coming by, for coming over and making this day all the more worthwhile" she said.

"Your welcome" he answered.

"Do you have plans tonight...later on I mean" she asked.

"No, not at all...I guess I am here, now, with you. Those are and were my plans."

"Good plans I'd say" she said. "And tomorrow, tomorrow in general" she added.

"Uhhhh none right now...I mean none I couldn't cancel if I had to" he came back.

She put down her wine. The corner smile on her mouth matured some. She stepped closer and her eyes left his eyes, lowering themselves to his chest as her hands rose and her fingers attached themselves to the buttons on his oxford shirt. He watched. He saw her undo the buttons of his shirt. He liked. He became tingly. He felt flushed. He wanted to take hold of her now, bring her into him, and he wanted to wrap himself around her. He wanted his lips to infinitely covet her lips all night long. One by one they came undone. She watched his mature chest come alive. She watched it emerge more and more. He watched her watch his chest. Her eyes were focused. They were locked on to the hair, the defined pectorals, and as she came to the bottom of his shirt, she untucked it. She pulled it out of his pants. He tingled and she thought she saw his body tremble. She undid the last button. She looked at his strong upper body. Then her eyes closed.

"Mmmmmm" she said. Her warm manicured fingers and hands streamed long his stomach. Up they went. Up across his pectorals they flowed. He did tremble. He was turned on. But she was too. God her fingers felt great across his hardened flesh. "Mmmmm ooooohh...ahhhhhhhhhh" she said softly. She kept letting her hands and fingers stream along his chest. Inside, outside, up, and across he felt her fingers tantalizing him as much as it tantalized her. "Ohhhhhh god...Rick...Rick uhh ooooohh... You have...you have no idea how this makes-"

"I do I think" he said cutting her off. "I do...I really...ohhhhhhh I really think I do."

He wanted them. He wanted her. He wanted her naked. He wanted to be naked. He wanted more then either of them could give to the other in the period they stood introducing their bodies to one another.

"Then let's do this" she suggested. "I want you. You want me. I'm deeply attracted to you. You're attracted to me...that's obvious and-" and he leaned in and kissed her.

He shut her up. He took hold of her, in mid-sentence, and began kissing her madly. Holding her close, their bodies were snug against each other as he held the thick and curvaceous maturing frame against his horny endowment. She felt wild inside his arms and she kissed equally as passionate as he was.

She was practically demanding more from him and as their lips moved wildly, her hands rose to his head. They ran fiercely through his wavy head of hair pushing and pulling and thrashing wanting more and more and more of him. She felt her pelvic region pushing firmly against his lower body. She knew what it was she longed for and he knew it too. He pushed back. He hurt. She ached. They moaned as their lips could no longer deal with their current situation.

As he felt it pushing against him feverishly, he felt as though his cock was going to burst through his jeans and break the threads of her skirt. God, he was horny, but hell she was too and as their kissing continued slowly and clumsily after closing the front door with her foot, the two stumbled around furniture and corners and through entryways as they made their way through doorways to her bedroom.

Before he knew it she was flat on her back and he was on top of her. And they were still kissing madly. Breathing and saliva slipped out from within neither caring one bit as steam built itself up between their legs. The fiery passion which had long existed within her finally showed up in this carnal ride. No longer was Elaine the lonely woman who was resigned to a partnership with her loveable vibrating toys.

And the kissing continued. And it continued, on and on, and on. His shirt was off at some point and somehow hers never came unbuttoned. But it was off. And her bra covered bosoms were pressed hard against his bare bodied chest. But the two were exhausted already and hadn't even made love yet. They fell to their sides and turned towards each other. Smiles gathered on their faces. She was elated. He was ever the horny younger man. Her tits, her exotic lace bra, and their bodies longed for each other.

His eyes gathered, slowly, along her sumptuous mountainous range telling her he wanted to kiss them all night long, if she'd let them. "Well then do it... What's been holding you back" she asked. Her voice sounded desperate but her eyes said otherwise.

He got on his legs and knees. She turned on her back, slowly, and she watched his approach. He was gallant. He was smooth. He did not lack confidence. He eased over her body as she watched him kiss up her belly, around her bra, inside her cleavage, and subsequently she eased the straps off her shoulders pulling down the piece de la resistance.

They were huge!

Not massive and grotesquely too, too big, but they were huge. And her nipples stood out like two outrageous flagpoles in a suburban home. Not long, but in no way short they were fat and almost an inch thick in length he surmised.

He went at them, passionately. Her eyes closed. The powerful sucking, the long deep swallows felt good as she lay feeling his mouth and lips tender an opening offer to do that up and down her body.

"Ohhhhhh that's...soooo good...Rick. That is soooo, soooo nice...mmmmm" she told him in a quiet voice. His lips continued pursuing them. "Ohhh god" she murmured. His cock tingled feverishly, but he didn't let up on her swelling breasts. "Mmmmm, ooooohh yeahhh" she told him. "Ahhh, now that's a gift" she uttered. "That is a gift" she said again.

Elaine worked at two things as he sucked and sucked and kissed her well-rounded tits. She somehow accomplished pushing off her skirt. Left only was her matching underwear. Figuring out how to get his jeans off was another battle, but as he persisted, he showed her his multi talented gifts. They came off. The battle of the bulge was reigning in his favor. His tingling, wailing erection was going to win the fight.

She screamed. "Fuck my tits...no, fuck me...no, my tits baby. Ohhh god, I don't care. I don't... Yes I do...I want you. I want it. I want you inside me...please oh please Rick" she cried out.

"'bout time girl...'bout time" he told her. He smiled and winked. She smiled too.

He took her underwear off, his too, and Rick went down on her. Elaine, wetter then wet, didn't want him too. Hornier then ever all she wanted was his cock and not his mouth. Granted, any other day...maybe later in the evening, say nine or ten, she'd love it, but at that moment all she cared for was cock...his cock and his thrusts and his body pelting her body and her boudoir for as long as he could sustain it.

She was ready. There was no question about her willingness. She told him, shouted it out to him she wanted him to fuck her, and her voice said it in an impassioned manner.

Still how it felt to have another person such as him and his lips and tongue and fingers plucking and prodding inside and around her swollen hot cunt had Elaine squealing and buckling for him.

How it felt to have someone doing her other then her own fingers and friends, the vibrators underneath her bed, felt wild and unnerving. But she loved every second from the outset.

"Oh uh ohhh uhh yeah...ohhh ahhh ooooohh yeahhh...oh god, ohhh yeah, yeah Rick" she clamored breathlessly. Her ass, her body rose and fell as she breathed and murmured for more and more and more of his tongue and fingers. "God yes...no...I mean yes, yes oh uh oh uhh ohhh uh ohhhhhhh yes" she howl continually.

"Ready are we" he said.

"Ohhh uh ohhh uh...yes...ohhh yes, yes" she came back, still enjoying his short lived foreplay.

He came up. Her eyes had fallen into the back of her head. Her boobs, lay attentively as had her body and both took hold of his massiveness as they directed it into the deep bulges of her horny cunt.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh" she yelled.

It felt great.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh Rick...thank you....thank you....ohhhhhhh yes, yes ohhh yes...my god yes" she screamed as her body arose from the depths of her bed and pushed upwards so his long engorged erection found the seemingly bottomless pit. "God, that is soooo good. It's...it is soooo ohhh yes, yes...that's so...oh yes...oh yes...oh god fuck me...harder oh harder...more" she demanded.

He couldn't fuck her any harder then he had. He wasn't able to do it any better then any other soul. He was fantastic. He was her sexual savior. He was the salvation she unconsciously sought after finally coming to terms with Robert's infidelity.

Before long, she was atop his body, on top of his bone, and was pouncing and dancing as his cock slipped in and out of her horniness. Her tits pranced and went on display and set him up with the most pleasing afterthoughts.

She came. And she came some more. She cried out. And she cried out in exaltation. And she cried out with everlasting joy which filled her house and reverberated through the attics and more. And her tits still danced merrily as his came inside her. Feeling him fill her with his virgin like cum forever made her feel as though she was all woman and as though she was whole again.

She dropped. She fell on him. She was out of breath. She was exhausted. But Elaine's lips kissed his lips. Her fingers touched them too. But her body lay motionless against him as the two shared gazes. They exchanged hard breathing. She spoke up

"You weren't leaving me tonight You are staying with me all night, right I mean...I...uhh, ooooohh...we...you...I...god Rick...I need you. I...I have to have this all night. Will you-" she wanted to ask

"Hell yes! After what I just experienced with you...why would I ever leave...Why" he came back.

And within 30 minutes of having great orgasmic sex, they were plodding another course for great sexual gratification, again.

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