Amy, the redheaded sixth former from heaven

Author: Amy Worshiper
Published: Jun 21, 2009
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"Then I'll spank you in your wet panties until you beg me to peel them down and stick my hard cock into your glistening cunt. When I'm about to come I'm going to yank you round roughly by your pretty hair and, as you kneel before me, we're going to let the camera capture your delicate upturned face as it's covered in my come." Amy moaned. "I want you to own me. Own my fucking wet pussy. My tits, my twat and yeees please....come on my face. Desecrate me you randy bastard." she pleaded.

Her name is Amy. Even her name brings a thrill to my mind.

Amy is 18, and is just beginning to realise how much of a goddess she is. Her beautiful red hair, ginger as a child and now a rich auburn, frames pretty, delicate features. Her body is.... though I made a conscious effort to avoid looking when she was younger, spectacular. Tall at 5' 9" she is slender while being becomingly curvaceous. Pert, nicely sized tits (a good handful and more, I'm no bra size geek) curve down to a slender waist, belly button pierced, and her hips flare out to produce a gorgeous tight heart shaped ass. Her legs are long and slender, without being stick thin.

All in all I'm quite sure she could model should she choose, but with a sharp mind and a wicked sense of humour she'd have little time for the vapid fashion crowd.

I've know Amy since she was 16, and no, I didn't sense then, though she was a cute kid, how much of a bomb-shell she would turn into. So much so that these days I find it difficult not to think of her should I touch myself. Remembering our secrets. Remembering our time lost in each other.

We'd always gotten on, she was a sharp A grade kid and respected the various degrees and such that I've picked up over my fairly eventful life. I'm now 30, a fact I reminded myself of when I first saw her as the women she'd become rather than the kid I'd known dressed up for a night out.

I can still remember what she was wearing when my lust for her struck like a lightning bolt to the chest. She'd asked for a lift to a party, as a neighbour I help out now and again. Happy to help I'd said yes, though I thought I'd made a mistake when I saw her dressed up when she arrived for her lift. I was almost stuttering as I led her to my car. She was going to a fancy dress party with some older student friends and had decided to take the mickey out of herself, still a sixth former, by going as a raunchy school girl. I'd always had a thing for daft uniforms, a previous Japanese girlfriend had enjoyed getting me hot by wearing her old uniform and pigtails, before talking filthy and, well you can guess the rest.

She had the outfit down to a T. Short plaid skirt, white blouse, red hair tied in pigtails and white socks with pumps. Her hips swayed as she walked in front of me to the car and I guiltily watched her rear aspect before realising that she'd clocked me in the reflection of the car window. Always bossy and confident she'd playfully spanked herself on the ass and turned, laughing, at my expression.

We climbed into the car and it being a sunny evening I put down the hood smiling widely.

"Why the grin " Amy smiled at me.

"Beautiful day, top down, beautiful women in the passenger seat. What's not to smile at." I winked back, regaining some composure.

I stuck on some tunes and we went on our merry way, chatting as normal. When we arrived we said our goodbyes and I told her "not to do anything I would" with another wink. She mmmm'd and stuck her tongue out at me before disappearing into the party.

That was pretty much that I thought, and went home. I think I got through the door and lasted about 5 minutes before closing my eyes and feverishly wanking at the site of her spanking her own ass. Oh to bend her over my knee and give her a good spanking before making her scream my name as she came. But never in a million years, I laughed at myself post-wank.


*ring ring*

It's 2am, I'm asleep. Or I was at any rate. I pick up and ask who it is in an annoyed tone.

"Heya, it's Amy....erm....shorry to ring so late *giggle*". Amy's drunk it seems, but why ring me

"Heya Amy, how can I help the girl next door" I replied, still sleep dazed.

"Did you like my uniform this evening " She asks. And I wake up fast. Is that russelling I can hear in the background.

Caused by...nah...just my pervy mind....surely.

"Did you like the way it showed off my arse and tits *giggles*".

Holy shit. She was. This was a bonafide filthy phone call from the hottest young women I'd ever seen.

"I liked your pigtails. Something to grab, hehe." I replied.

"Mmmmm, mmmmm, MMMMM *sharp intake of breath*....*click*. She'd hungup. After what sounded like her coming.


I think it took me another 2 hours to get to sleep after that.

This time it was the doorbell that woke me. I shuffled downstairs dimly recalling that something weird but exciting had happened the night before.

And there she was, on the door step. Dressed to kill in short denim skirt and figure hugging, and pleasantly low cut, top. Though still sporting the pigtails, I noticed. I opened the door and bade her in.

She wandered into the hallway and then spun and in a rush told me that she was very sorry and that she was out of order etc. etc.

I couldn't help but laugh, "you are kidding aren't you best phone call I've ever had".

And there it was.

We stood in the hallway, looking at each other. Was it my imagination or was she breathing as heavily as I was. We smiled and closed distance. We gently took hold of each other and began to kiss softly, becoming heavier, deeper, more passionate.

Then something inside me broke and I slammed her against the wall, her legs came up to embrace my waist as I kissed and bit at her neck. Control. Must get control. I eased off and took a step back smiling at her. Amy looked momentarily confused until I steered her upstairs towards my bedroom, watching the skirted ass all the way up the stairs.

I stood behind her and made her face the full length mirror on the wall of the room. "Now my little princess, I'm going to undress you and fuck you until your legs shake. Take off that top and your bra - let me see those perky teen tits of yours."

"Mhmmm" she moaned, meeting my eyes in the mirror and biting her lower lip.

She did as she was told as brushed my fingers on her tight clad thighs, along the hemline of her short skirt.

I took a moment to absorb the site of Amy's tight teen body, tits rising and falling as she breathed heavily. Her red headed pigtails flowing down her back almost to the short skirt and what lay beneath.

But I was going to take my time and enjoy this. A game maybe. Little would I know it'd be the first of many.

"Do you want me to tell you the filthy fantasies I came up with while I was wanking last night after your dirty little phone call " I asked.

"Hell yes," Amy breathed, "make it dirty, make ME dirty".

Amy leaned forwards to the mirror placing her palms on it's surface and gently arched her back thrusting her perfect arse out towards me. I could just see the outline of her playful bright pink knickers. Cute.

I was brushing my fingers at the hem of her skirt slowly lifting it up. Holy shit. Black suspenders with her black stockings. Well she had the perfect body for them.

I started my story.

"After I bend you over and fuck the living daylights out of you, you're going to get your school uniform and come back here. The real one, mind. I'm going to strip you naked in front of the mirror and caress you as you get dressed as you would for school.

Then we're going to wait... Until you need to pee" Intake of breath as I finally got the skirt up over her ass, hot pink knickers and stocking and suspenders. I undid the suspenders. "Then I'm going to take you by the hand and stand you in the bath where you will lift up your school skirt and slowly wet yourself, while I watch and mmmm yes, film you" I paused to look her in the eyes as I slooowly lowered those knickers before greedily devouring the site of her tight arse, then her delicate little arsehole, then....yes!...Amy's wonderful shaven pussy. Wow she looked fuck able bent over like this.

Where was I...ah yes.

"Then I'll spank you in your wet panties until you beg me to peel them down and stick my hard cock into your glistening cunt. When I'm about to come I'm going to yank you round roughly by your pretty hair and, as you kneel before me, we're going to let the camera capture your delicate upturned face as it's covered in my come."

Amy moaned. "I want you to own me. Own my fucking wet pussy. My tits, my twat and yeees please....come on my face. Desecrate me you randy bastard." she pleaded.

"Very well, you horny little bitch, tell me a fantasy of your own while I make you come with my tongue".

I knelt behind her, drinking in her musky scent before touching her inner thighs with my tongue, slowly teasing her damp knickers clad sex with light touches of my tongue.

"I want you to take me into some quiet woods, I'll tie you up and tease you with icecubes and hot coffee from a flask. Then when you can barely take it any longer I'll let you go..." I brushed my tongue along her pussy lips and she pushed herself onto my face, but I backed off, I knew another way to get her soaking. I grabbed that ass with my hands and with a final tongue tickle of her clit I plunged my tongue deep into her anus. She shuddered and gasped.

"Oh you filthy bastard, I always wondered mhmmmm, what that mhmmmmmmm..." and then just her gasping as I probed her beautiful arsehole with my tongue. I withdrew and let her catch her breath "you were saying..." I said locking eyes with this redheaded vixen in the mirror.

"I'll let you go and then you can put me on all fours, pushing my nakedness into the rough ground, the twigs, the leaves and pump away hard until you unload your frustration into my twat"

Wow, this girl new how to talk dirty.

I stood up behind Amy again, and while kissing her neck said "Your sexy little snatch is quite creamy now. I think you should taste it."

She smiled a dirty grin and took her right hand and with a small gasp started to frig her pussy, then - her eyes still locked to mine she took her fingers and sucked on them, her eyes smouldering as she tasted her own wetness.

"My turn you dirty minx." I needed to feel her touching my cock.

I unzipped and she turned fumbling at my belt in her haste. Finally I felt her hands wrap around my shaft as I let my jeans drop to the floor. "Squat with me" she said, a gleam in her eye. We faced each other, her back and my hands braced against the mirror as we crouched near each other - I had started to grope her tits when I got a surprise of my own.

While stroking my shaft with her right hand she locked eyes and sucked and salivated on her left index finger - sexy enough in it's own right until she swiftly inserted it up into my arsehole and began to finger fuck my bum while jerking me off. A delicious sensation. I wet my own index finger in her mouth and then fingered first her pussy and then her tight little arse. We giggled and gasped as we wriggled our fingers in each others bums. But I was getting close and asked Amy to stop while I took a few deep breaths.

"Time to fuck your tight pussy" I crossed my legs and let her sit in my lap, we kissed and groped each other a little while longer before I took her face in my hands and drew it millimeters away from my own. "Sit on my cock you sexy little fiend" I smiled. She positioned herself above me, we we're both breathing heavily in anticipation and then....

I don't think I can get across the pleasure, the lust, the satisfaction of feeling this amazing young teen-aged women impale herself on me. She started slow, but quickly began to speed up. After the mind blowing foreplay I knew I wasn't going to last long. I took control from her - unfolding my legs and pushing forward into the missionary for what could have been 5 or 30 minutes - it was difficult to tell. We we're whispering obscenities at each other as we fucked.

We needed a strong finish though, this girl deserved it. I withdrew and told her to get on all fours facing the mirror.

"I'm going to fuck those pigtails out of your hair" I growled, Amy moaned and thrust her ass at me, her legs splayed.

I began building up a strong rhythm, thrusting all the way in and out of her, now drenched, pussy. I was slapping her arse, calling her names - she couldn't get enough and sure enough we were both building towards orgasm.

She was shaking her head violently with the sensation her pigtails whipping around as she began a low scream.

*slap, slap, slap* Went my balls against her clit.

"fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck" she was whispering.

Here it came.... building in my balls...*SLAP SLAP SLAP* "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK" we screamed in unison, both twitching as we came with a vengeance, my balls clenching as I unloaded my self into this sweet, hot and filthy goddess.

We gasped for a few seconds and then began laughing and holding each other.

It was then I knew this was just the start.....(end of pt. 1)

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