Long Lost Love Part One

Author: Anon
Published: Aug 21, 2009
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Story of a couple who found each other again. "Her legs parted for him, exposing her sweet pussy, but he avoided it, going instead to her lovely thighs, licking them and stroking them as she arched her back, trying to push her pussy closer to him. He gently blew on her hardening clit, which sent her crazy, she loved that. "I can smell your wonderfully sweet pussy" he said, as he hovered just above her"...

And there she was, looking just as beautiful as he'd remembered her in his dreams. Her eye's so warm and soft and kind; welcoming, gazing into them once more was like ... like coming home. She smiled at him, her face lit up and at that very moment he melted, right there and then on the spot her smile melted his heart; and the world stopped spinning, the people around them stopped moving, paused in whatever activity they were engrossed in, not that he'd actually noticed them.

An ice age later, things started moving again, she was still walking towards him, arms open for a hug. He snapped out of his trance without interrupting the lock he had on her gaze and returned the smile. They hugged, as long absent friends hug. On the surface it was a very polite, very safe, very friendly hug, but there was something more, underneath, just a spark; a tiny trace of something that said they had once shared something, something that set them both apart from the rest of the world. Neither said a word, but it was clear that they had both felt it.

The party was later that evening, so they had planned to catch up on their long years apart over something to eat and a drink before they continued on to the party later.

The Italian restaurant was the best he knew, but then hey, this was special. They eat and chatted, caught up the stories of what had happened over the years. There it was again; he thought he'd imagined it the first time, but this time he was sure, just for a moment there was something in her eyes. Something in that gaze that was more, so much more than just two old friends catching up. It was so brief that he almost hadn't noticed, but now he had his eye in, he was seeing it more often. He doubted she was even aware she was doing it, but it was there alright, something special, a sign that she still felt something for him. His heart was thumping so hard in his chest he was sure that the other people around would hear it. He wanted to tell her, he wanted to shout out that he had never forgotten her, to scream that there was still a place for her in his heart ...she'd felt it too.

The rest of the meal carried on as expected, small talk, pictures of children, work history, but there was something in the air now, a mutual yet unspoken understanding. Smiles took on a life of their own, gazes were held a little longer than was necessary, stolen glances were becoming more common and they were both doing it, open and deliberately!

In the bar it had been more of the same, the wine had been flowing, and although still very much two friends out for the evening there was more contact now, hands reached out to touch, to help put the emphasis on a point of some story which didn't need illustrating, but neither of them cared about that. When she touched him his heart skipped a beat, and he felt something, right in the pit of his stomach. As the song said, she did something to him, something deep inside, and he was sure feeling it.

All these years she'd been thinking of him too, she'd buried it deep down, but he'd never quite left her thoughts, and she had to admit it now, it was obvious he felt the same. She may not have wanted to believe it, but she knew then, they both knew ...they wanted each other.

They arrived at the party arm in arm, they entered, made small talk with the other guests, mingled, both representing their respective companies as they were supposed to be doing. Work however, was the last thing on their minds; It may have provided them with this chance opportunity to meet up again after all this time, but that was the only courtesy work would be paid tonight. All the time though they would find themselves looking across the crowded room at each other. The party had separated them, not that one couldn't simply stroll over to the other, no, this was a symbolic separation, and what's more it was driving them both crazy.

The opportunity was not contrived, looking back on it later they would chalk it up to fate. Out in the garden somebody had tripped, just a simple error, but in the process they had knocked her over. Oh she wasn't hurt at all, but he had been at her side in a flash helping her up. As he he lifter he to her feet, their faces inches apart, they had turned, paused, gazed deeply into each other's eyes ...and then they were kissing. A long, deep, slow kiss. The years apart instantly vanished. Out in the garden, in the darkened summer evening nobody was paying any attention; it was a party, people kissed. Not everyone knew them either, which meant they were not given a second glance. But for them, the kiss was whole conversations, shared understandings, acknowledgement, fireworks ...love!

No words were spoken, none were needed, the eyes said all that needed to be said. They got in the taxi, hand in hand, scared to let go in case if they did, the other might somehow disappear again for another couple of decades.

The hotel lobby was quiet, most of the guest were already in their rooms, or in the hotel bar. They collected their keys and went up to his room. In the lift there was silence, they still held hands, but looking straight ahead thoughts were racing through both their heads, were they about to do this But no amount of rationalisation was going to stop it. They may not have realised it, but the heart had already made the subconscious decision long ago, much earlier in the evening, or maybe even years ago before this night had even existed. Once the heart makes up its mind, that's it!

Cupid had unpacked his largest arrow and impaled both their hearts upon it. Not that the love had ever really left them. "I've missed you so much, I've never stopped thinking about you". "Me neither" she replied. "I'll be the first to say it" he said "I love you", " Oh God, I love you to" came the reply as she kissed him.

As the door closed behind them, they fell into each other's arms, he pushed her up against the wall pull her hair to tilt her head back and kissed her ...hard! As they kissed, their tongues entwined, They undressed each other desperately without breaking their kiss. For the first time in years, they felt naked skin against naked skin. She glanced down "Oh, and I've missed you too" taking hold of his thick cock and giving it a gentle stroke "...my, haven't you grown". She slowly kissed her way down his body, sinking to her knees until she was level with his cock, looking up at him, she gently took the cock in her mouth and started to suck. A gasp escaped his lips as she did so, followed by a long low groan, and her tongue explored the head of his throbbing cock. He looked down to find she was still staring into his eyes, she winked at him as she worked on his juicy big cock.

It had been a long ... long time since he'd been sucked, and he wanted it to go on for ever, but no he didn't want to cum there and then, which was the way things were going, she was fantastic! He bent down and slowly lifted her back to her feet and kissed her again, this time he could taste his cock on her lips. They stood there, kissing each other passionately for an age before he took her hand and led her to the bed.

He gently laid down his lover on the bed, and told her to close her eyes. He lowered his head to her ear I'd forgotten how nice you smell" as he breathed in her scent. "I'm going to take you to heaven..." He kissed her forehead and her eye lids, working his way down her face and neck, onto her chest to her large, and perfectly formed breasts. He loved those breast, he wasn't necessarily a breast man, but these were something special. Her nipples were already hard when he slowly took the first into his mouth "Oh yesssssss". He played with the nipple with his tongue clamping his mouth over it. While he was licking the first nipple, he was caressing he other with his fingers, gently squeezing it, and rolling it in his fingers. "Suck them!" she moaned to him, enjoying every second - he wasn't about to disobey a direct order like that! He gave them no mercy, swapping from one to the other sucking, biting, licking as she writhed underneath him, moaning and groaning as she started to feel the first orgasm build within her.

He left her nipples, his tongue making it's way down her fantastic body. Thankfully she was no stick insect, she was a real woman, with fantastic curves in all the right places. He loved her body; he had no time for these so called super models, who all looked exactly the same - boring and uninteresting. She on the other hand drove him wild, in the years they'd been apart, he had fantasised about that body many times, and now he had her in his arms, he had that body where he could play with it, explore it, taste it. Right then, he wouldn't of swapped places with anyone on the planet.

On is way down, he paused to lick her belly button, causing her to giggle.

Her legs parted for him, exposing her sweet pussy, but he avoided it, going instead to her lovely thighs, licking them and stroking them as she arched her back, trying to push her pussy closer to him. He gently blew on her hardening clit, which sent her crazy, she loved that. "I can smell your wonderfully sweet pussy" he said, as he hovered just above her. "Just wait until you taste" she replied; so he did! He very slowly touched her clit with the very tip of his tongue. That was enough to make her scream. He gently sucked it into his eager mouth as it got harder.He licked down the folds of her moistened lips, sucking them into his mouth in turn. Then, the main event, her held her lips apart, and for a moment just looked at the pussy he had wanted for so long, it looked beautiful, in fact it was good enough to eat! He slid his tongue into her as far as it would go and she loved it, she was moaning and screaming, her hands were on the back of his head, pulling his face deeper into her. Her thighs were now clamped around his head, preventing him from going anywhere ...that suited him just fine. He had wanked over thoughts of licking her out many times and now he was doing it and she tasted fantastic - he swallowed down every drop of her juices that he could, his face now covered. "Lick me", "Lick me deeper", "Oh God hmmmmmmmm"

He kept taking her to the point of cumming, but not quite letting her cum, keeping her just on the brink each time "Make me cum Master please" she said but he had plans for her first orgasm. "Stand up" he said. She looked disappointed as his mouth moved up from her pussy, She grabbed him and kissed his mouth "Ohh I taste good" she said as she licked her juices from her mouth. "You taste like heaven" he replied, kissing her hard to get some of her juices back for himself.

He lay down, his hard, and now glistening cock pointing at the ceiling. She wanted to ride him, but he had other ideas. "Who do you belong to" he asked "You" she replied. "Who owns you", "Oh you do master, I'm yours take me", "Sit on my face my lovely bitch" She stood with a foot either side of his head, and held onto the headboard for support. As she looked straight into his eyes, she very slowly started to lower herself onto his impatient mouth. "Like this Master", "Oh God yes, sit on my face, I want to taste your cum, I want you to cum in my mouth and all over my face!" He lay there mouth open and tongue stretching to try and reach her, but she teased him a little longer, slowly lowering her smouldering pussy onto his eager mouth.

As he licked feverishly, she started to grind her pussy onto his face, she was going to cum this time, she could feel it building up again. He was going to swallow every last drop he could. Slowly her grinding got faster and faster, as he licked all the way from her clit to her tight little arsehole. She loved being in control, pinning him down and he loved it too, swapping roles suit the mood. She was getting faster now, this was a train that wasn't going to stop. The faster he licked and sucked at her pussy the faster she got, holding his head in place and she ordered him to go "Deeper!", "Yesssssss, lick me"The pleas got more urgent as she came closer and closer to her explosion. He loved it, she was going to cum all over his face and her couldn't wait. He slid a well oiled finger into her tight little arsehole, that was it, she couldn't take any more, she tensed suddenly and then exploded into one huge orgasm screaming at the top of her voice as she came. Her cum was drowning him, he couldn't swallow it fast enough, as it not only went in his mouth, but covered his face as well. He orgasm lasted for ages, until it eventually subsided and she slid down off his face to lay on top of him.

They smiled at each other and she very gently kissed "That was magical" she whispered "Thank you" and very slowly she licked her come form his face, and kissing him so that he didn't miss a drop. "Right, she said, now it's your turn", "I'm going to suck your cock into orbit!" she said with a cheeky little grin and started kissing her way down his body to his cock.

To Be Continued...

About: The author of "Long Lost Love Part One" is Anon. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Sex Story Series section.

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