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The Road to Three Dicks is paved by AMISHIs Hot Hairy Pussy - Part 13


Author: Anon
Published: 09-Nov-09 Revised/Updated 13-Jul-17

AMISHI felt her excitement rising, striving in a primitive world to bring forth their new life into chaos. She was being fucked by Mouth, Pussy and Ass all at the same time. As their long shafts stoked her furnace...

* * * * * * *

AMISHI, KUNTAL, HARSHAL & HAMID entered her bedroom. Amishi couldn't rip her gaze from all men as they stripped their pants off. Harshal and Hamid were shorter than Kuntal by a few inches, but their bodies were packed with muscles. Kuntal was bulkier, his chest lightly sprinkled with hair that went all the way to his cock. She watched as Kuntal tossed Harshal the tube of lube. Kuntal walked over to her and slid the straps of her nightgown down her shoulders.

"You're beautiful." She felt beautiful with him. He pushed the gown off her body and pressed a kiss against the pulse at her neck. "Are you nervous" She was. "I'm just not sure what I'm supposed to be doing right now." "You don't have to do anything. Just allow us to make you feel good."

Harshal moved behind her as she reached up and touched Kuntal's chest, running her hands against his flesh. Both men were the epitome of how a man should look when desire took control of his body. They were naked, their cocks as hard as steel, with Kuntal's being just inches within her reach while Harshal's dick was pressed against her backside. She was tempted to go to her knees and wrap her mouth around Kuntal's shaft. But before she could follow up with the enticement, Kuntal put his arm around her waist and pulled her to him.

Kuntal's tongue slipped between her lips just as Harshal inserted one lubed finger deep into her ass. She gasped, the penetration shocking her. She hadn't expected him to move so quickly. The bite of pain clashing with her desire was heaven. The heat of their bodies enveloped her and made her yearn for more of them. Harshal's other hand gripped her hip and then moved to her front. She was hanging on by a slim thread and was going to be driven insane by these men. Electric pulses whipped through her body, firing her lust higher. She didn't know how long she could withstand the pleasure without coming, and both men seemed to have just begun their torment. She whimpered as Harshal moved from her clit and pushed a finger into her pussy. White-hot bliss ran through her blood as he fucked her with his hands. Kuntal's tongue was voracious, sweeping through the recesses of her mouth and then tangling with her own. There was nothing finer in life than a man who knew how to kiss. And Kuntal sure did, heightening her arousal with his mouth. She arched closer to him, seeking the warmth of his body. Kuntal broke the kiss, and she took a much-needed breath. He bent his head and took her nipple into his mouth, tugging at the tip softly with his teeth. A pulse of heat entered her, melting her insides. Her pussy was wet, swollen, and throbbing in demand. She was shaking between both men, her pleasure stealing every ounce of common sense she had.

Harshal pushed another finger in her ass, stretching her and preparing her as Kuntal whispered to her, "How does it feel, Sexy" She moaned, her nerve endings on fire, burning her body with desire. "Delicious, Kuntal. It feels too good." Oh God. How would she survive having both of their lips on her Still, she'd be willing to die from the pleasure. She was burning up for them both, and never in her wildest dreams did she envision a foursome feeling this good. Her pussy spasmed, her cream flowing, and she needed to feel Kuntal's cock plunging in hard and deep. Harshal removed his hand from her pussy and gave her clit one last rub. She whimpered and almost came on the spot. Her body was one sensitive mass of bliss, waiting to erupt. He pulled his fingers out of her ass, and she moaned at the loss of them. Kuntal placed a soft kiss against her lips before pulling away. "Climb on the bed."

She hurried, her hunger overpowering all her senses. Kuntal moved behind her, while Harshal was now on his knees beside her. Kuntal tossed him a condom, and Amishi watched as Harshal ripped the package open and covered his cock with the latex. She turned her head and watched as Kuntal coated his shaft with a thick layer of lube.

Harshal pressed his lips against hers in a soft kiss before maneuvering his body to the center of the bed, lying flat and spreading his legs wide apart. His cock was just as long as Kuntal's but thinner. The head was a dark shade of red, and his dick pointed toward his abdomen. She straddled Harshal and wrapped her hand around his shaft. His cock throbbed as she stroked it. Harshal groaned, and her pussy spasmed as he moved his hips. She aligned his dick to her pussy, taking a few seconds to rub the tip against her clit before sinking down, almost coming when the fire in the pit of her stomach began to race to her pussy. But she held back. She didn't want to come until they were both inside of her. Harshal lifted his hands to her waist, holding her as she continued to descend.

"Damn, Kuntal, she's fucking tight and so hot. She'll burn me up. You're one lucky bastard." "Yes I am," Kuntal replied from behind her. With his hand at her back, he pushed her forward slightly. Harshal tugged at her nipples before capturing one between his lips, sucking the tip hard. She fought to remain still, her body one big jumbled mass of nerves. Kuntal pushed the broad head of his cock into her ass, and it stretched her to the point of a slight pain, but then pleasure overtook her, pushing her closer to the edge. She whimpered and gasped, the burning bliss almost becoming too much. She struggled to take Kuntal's length and width. He paused, giving her a few seconds to become accustomed to him. "Take a deep breath," Kuntal said. And just as she inhaled, he dug his fingers into her hips and held her as he thrust his cock. It seemed to last forever, but finally Kuntal's shaft was entirely in her. "Move, Harshal. Now!" Kuntal ordered.

She shouted Kuntal's name as fire streaked from her womb to her pussy. Her clit throbbed as she spilled more of her juices, coating their cocks. They both thrust in and out, moving in unison, pushing her body closer and closer to the edge. She moved her hips, seeking deeper strokes from them both. They caught on quickly, plunging their cocks as deep as they could go. She tightened on their shafts as fire reached through her. She lost the ability to speak and could only close her eyes and give herself to the sensations they caused.

The dual penetration felt glorious, and it was better than anything she could have imagined. Their flesh was slick with sweat, and the scent of sex was heavy in the air. Four hands stroked her, and they took turns caressing her breasts, pinching her nipples.

"I'm not going to last long, Kuntal," Harshal said. She had to agree she also wasn't going to last much longer. Her fingers dug into Harshal's chest as she yelled out. She was gloriously sandwiched between two hard bodies and stretched to her limits. Kuntal's teeth scraped her neck, and she moaned as Harshal's fingers found her clit. He stroked her softly, while Kuntal groaned into her ear. She forced her eyes to stay open as the pleasure swept through her body. Both men held her, and she jerked in their grips as they thrust inside, harder and faster. The warmth in her body spread, forcing her pussy to spasm. She could feel every ripple of their dicks and every throbbing pulse they made. She arched as Kuntal slid his cock in furious strokes. Her heart raced, her blood boiled hot as he embedded himself to the hilt and held himself there for a second before he started moving again. Harshal followed the same pattern, shoving his cock into her pussy, holding himself within her for a few seconds, before withdrawing and repeating his actions. She lost herself in both of them and in the ecstasy that swept through her body. Never before had she felt this cherished, this loved, by anyone. Kuntal filled her, marked her, and claimed her with every thrust, every whispered word of endearment that came from his lips. The heat within her body was intense, and it seemed to ball up in her womb. She gasped, her nails scraping Harshal's chest, flexing her ass and pussy tightly, caressing the cocks inside of her. "Kuntal." She couldn't breathe, couldn't hold on to reality. She was lost in a world where only pleasure mattered.

"Shit!" Harshal growled before he gave one more thrust, shoving his cock into her heated flesh before coming hard. "Come now, Amishi," Kuntal roared. Every nerve in her body was sensitized, every body part she possessed heightened in arousal for him. In that instant, he'd become the center of her universe, the ultimate reason for her gratification. The fire in the pit of her stomach raced through her like electricity before blowing up, stealing her breath, sending her into an atmosphere filled with bliss. She was floating on clouds of ecstasy, and in the back of her mind she became aware of Kuntal shouting her name. His cock, deeply embedded in her ass, gave two harsh jerks, then streams of hot cum poured into her, as if he were branding her for eternity. Minutes later, they both pulled out of her, and she sank to the mattress, her body fully sated. Kuntal moved to the bathroom and returned with a washcloth. Harshal rose from the bed, tossed the condom in the trash, collected his clothes, and headed to the bathroom.

AMISHI's tongue flicked over the smooth knob of Hamid's cock and without hesitation, she leaned forward and engulfed it in one gulp in her mouth with her tongue licking the head of the shaft. Amishi's continuous swallowing motion drew HAMID to full erection in a near instant It wasn't long before he grabbed the back of her head and exploded deep down her throat. Amishi didn't miss a beat, and it ended all too soon. Hamid's cock was still moist with her saliva as she now swallowed it, again, to his short hairs. Hamid pulled her hair and Amishi put his cock back into her mouth, but only the head up to the glands. Amishi slowly sucked and drew his orgasm out into her mouth.

Hamid began licking AMISHI's WET, HOT HAIRY PUSSY. She was Moaning with JOY. He shoved his face in and found her clit with his tongue. He sucked the little nub into his mouth with his breath, and sucked on it like he was giving a blowjob to a tiny pecker. AMISHI exploded almost immediately, grabbing his head and pulled it even tighter to her muff while squeezing his head between her thighs pushing his face into her crotch with all the might she had. Hamid continued sucking, swallowing nearly a mouthful of pussy juice before he was done. Amishi's body rocked with every suck of her hairy tightened fatigued pussy.

"Spread your legs," Kuntal said.

She did, and a heated blush crept to her face as he cleaned her. Kuntal threw the cloth on the floor and slipped back into bed. Harshal slipped out of the bathroom and walked over to her. He reached for her hand and kissed it. "It's been a pleasure." She smiled. "Same here."

He turned to Kuntal and Hamid. "Lets Show her How a Woman gets AIR TIGHT".

Kuntal, without hesitation, drove the full length of his dark shaft down between her silky thighs. Amishi wrapped her arms and legs around her New Young Lover, savoring the feeling of his strong, young manhood within her. Kuntal lowered himself to his elbows and pressed his firm chest against Her sensitive nipples. They kissed hungrily, while Amishi's tight, slippery channel gripped Kuntal's long cock as it moved in and out.

At the same time, Harshal's firm hands massaged Amishi's breasts, as he pumped the length of his shaft in and out her Asshole. Amishi felt the primitive strength of her New lover, His cock drove deep inside my, then pulled back and plunged again. He grasped her shoulders, and quickened the pace of his strokes.

Hamid's head still shielded Amishi's face; They could see each others eyes, he could read the wild urgency to conquer all the elements. Hamid's thrusts into Her mouth were long and deep and nearly reached her throat.; Amishi felt her excitement rising, striving in a primitive world to bring forth their new life into chaos. She was being fucked by Mouth, Pussy and Ass all at the same time. As their long shafts stoked her furnace. Amishi gave hersel to the strength of her THREE YOUNG MASTERS.

Amishi responded when all three Kuntal, Harshal & Hamid stirred their hard shafts within her at the same time with the same speed; that made her moan with bliss. With their stronger, faster thrusts, AMISHI cried aloud when ecstasy overcame her and Amishi felt the organs throbs with each pulse of their seeds gushing deep inside her Pussy, Throat and Asshole. Hearing Amishi Shout in ecstacy and pleasure, her THREE MASTERS, Kuntal, Harshal & Hamid, began to move faster and faster; She moaned and once again cried in ecstacy, and gripped Kuntal tightly. Overcome with pleasure, all three started throbbing their Highly Powered Hose Pumps within AMISHI just like a Marathoner approaching the finish Line.

Amishi lay breathless.She had indeed become AIR TIGHT. The song ended, a bit too early. She pressed her lips against Kuntals's and slipped her tongue into his mouth. Kissing him always left her breathless and aroused. She pushed her breasts against his chest, and she wanted nothing more than to rub her body against his. She broke the kiss. "I love you." He pulled her closer to him, and she immediately felt his arousal. "Same here, gorgeous."

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