My Daughter Melissa

Author: StoneyPoint
Published: Oct 13, 2010
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Before I knew it, my pants were unbuckled and undone and she was playing with me, but only a little bit.

She was sleeping, soundly, so I slid quietly out of her bed. As I walked in to my room I saw that the clock said almost 5:45. Obviously early, I told myself to lie down, but I didn't. Instead, I went in to the bathroom and turned on the light. I looked at myself. I turned in the mirror. I looked at my body. I looked at my face. I looked at my body again. She, she had sex with this, I asked myself. I smiled as I pulled in the tiny paunch of my belly. It really wasn't that bad. I guess I'm not that bad and smiled again.

I turned on the shower and went back out closing the bedroom door. Back in the bathroom, I stepped in to the shower. Mmmmmm, the warmth and vitality of the spray made me feel good; not like Melissa did and boy did she love what we did Yes, I'd say she did. I thought about when we did it. I looked out into nowhere, looking at the shower walls, and smiled as I pictured holding and doing what we did and how it felt doing it. I closed my eyes as the water sprayed all over my chest and head.

"God, what a body" I told myself aloud. I had said it quietly and for some reason I began rubbing my chest and then my stomach. I rubbed my limp penis. "No, save that for her."

It was probably six in the morning. She awoke and I wasn't next to her. For whatever reason she walked down the hall and I was still in the shower, my back was turned to her. "Good morning, handsome" I heard her say. I flipped around. Surprised she was up I said hello to her. "Umm may I" she asked.

Looking at her what was I going to say Even though her hair was messed up, even though she looked like she just got of bed, and even though we just had sex not too many hours ago what was I going to tell her No...was that what I was going to say No. I opened the shower's door. I smiled a hearty smile. I looked at her eyes. I looked at her body. I gazed upon her breasts. I stared at her figure. And I stretched out my hand letting her take it to step inside.

I hugged her and said good morning. "Mmmmmm, now feel good" I told her.

"You do too" she said as we hugged under the nice warm spray.

We stood there, holding each other, not moving a muscle, and I know I was thinking why am I so lucky. I pulled away a little bit. I smiled at her. Her eyes crinkled and she smiled back. She pulled me back against her.

"I like sex" she said. "I gotta tell you...I like it a lot."

Me too and doing it with you...well... "Me too especially with you" I said.

" do" she said.

I pulled away from her but held her lightly. I told her yes, smiled. I looked into her eyes, lovingly. "I love your body, immensely." She smiled a big smile. I kissed her forehead. I kissed her lips. I pulled her close.

I pulled her to me by way of her ass cheeks. They felt grand in between the palms of my hands. Yielding and allowing pleasure which coursed through me, I felt my dick gaining delight from it all beyond belief. But that's all I did. She watched me. Smiled, her hands pushing lovingly against my chest, I pulled her closer and tighter and more affectionately.

"Are you happy" I asked.

Looking into my eyes she didn't say a word. She only nodded and then reached up, on her toes, to kiss me. I pulled her more tightly against me. I kissed her more romantically or so I thought. Her body, her breasts, and me in the shower and I was making love to this beautiful young woman.

My cock was harder, more erect then earlier and now it was pressing directly into her belly. She breathed in. "Ohhh...Chuck..." and her eyes closed as she pushed herself against it "that feels so good to me." Before I knew it her hand had slipped down over it. Melissa grabbed hold of my cock and she twined her fingers adorably around it, stroking it as we held one another's body. "Does that feel good to you I like how it feels in my hand" she said. She smiled and squeezed it. She stroked it with her closed palm.

I looked her square in the eyes and smiled. My eyes closed. My expression changed. I felt too aroused for words. I was breaking down. I was succumbing to her actions. I wanted her, again. I wanted her badly. I said something. I told her I wanted to have sex again.

"Really, again" she said.

My eyes opened. I was looking at her after saying that. She was smiling as if anxiously awaiting my cock inside her like earlier. But before I knew it, before I realized it she did something I never expected her to do. Melissa dropped to her knees. The spray splashed against the back of her head and upper shoulders. I watched her closely. She looked up at me. She then took my erection in the palms of her hands, slowly. Her tongue appeared. She held my cock. Her tongue touched my cock. Her tongue touched it again. Did she like that, I wondered

Her eyes closed but she did not wince. I saw a smile. Did that mean she liked doing that "How's that feel, Melissa" Nothing. She didn't respond. She slurped at the tip of my cock some more, feeling its contours or whatever. "Ever consider uhhh putting it in your mouth...almost all the way" I asked. Should I have said that, I asked myself

"No, I'm fine" she said. Then she kissed the tip of my cock. She looked up and smiled. "Like having your dick kissed like that, huh"

She kissed it again. And again, but it was sexually charging to me. Before I knew it my hips and midsection were swiveling all around the place. My hands were on her head but not forcing anything. I didn't want a blowjob. I always thought those I didn't want to tell her that though. I loved being with her.

I loved that she and I were together like we were. Naked and in a that's perfect I thought. I took her hand. I reached for the other. She looked up I took hold of her beautiful figure I pressed hold of it against mine. The water sprayed down over it. I took my liquid soap and began rubbing it over her back. Down, down, down I went. Over her ass, then in between her cheeks...ohhh god, yes...soaping up her ass cheeks. How erotic, I told myself. My cock was creating havoc like never before. I soaped her upper thighs, lathering them sudsy.

Soaping her breasts was a thrill. Slowly, over and under each one Melissa stood as I did it to her, feeling my actions all the way. She said nothing as my hands, and my pleasure, rummaged over her frame...her gorgeous curvy frame. Leisurely I went over her body. She stood not moving. I did it all again. Then I shampooed her hair.

"Thank you" she said. "That was...ohhhhhhh... Wow, I am horny."

The water was off and we toweled off. We were in my bed and she lay down on her back. I looked down. Her breasts seemed happy. Her nipples were hard already. She pulled me on top of her and kissed me and my cock pressed against her body. She held me close. She held me firmly. I really wanted to tell her I wanted to suck on her tits. I didn't. She felt good. She felt great. Our bodies tempted one another each second we were together.

"Me too" I said in response.

"Then do everything you did last night" she said.

A smile blossomed on her lips. Her eyes were full. Her body was emblazoned with desire it seemed. A leg came up and around my back. Then the other as she pulled at me from her position on the bed. Power surged from within. I wanted to fuck her wildly. I wanted to cum all over her. I didn't kiss her. My cock rubbed along her pussy. Up, down, and down and up, repeatedly she and made love to one another. Breathing increased. Holding one another had become intense. I had to have this woman. I did have her. I held her firmly. I held and pulled and fiercely showed her what magnificent sex could be like.

Melissa screamed out. She screamed out powerfully. Holding me or stretching out her arms and holding the sheets of my bed, she cried out as her body wreaked havoc on itself. My cock was inside her now. I was pumping her full of sexual energy. She never knew it but she was fucking me hard too. Her hips thrust hard into my body. Her ass came off the bed. Harder, more, and fiercely Melissa fucked like she had never fucked in her life. This was only her second time but it had been the most fantastic time of her life.

Having fucked her and sucked her body and even sucked her breasts and hardened nipples too, Melissa smiled and breathed hard as she looked into my eyes. "God Chuck, I think I could do this again and again...and again...whewww."

"That good was it" I said smiling. "You are really good too."

We didn't get out of bed the rest of the day but I never forgot that day. She's married now. She's been married for three years. She met a guy she says is exactly like I am. Now really, is he I wonder She came to me the other day and pulled at me. He's sweet, really sweet. He's good looking like you too, she said. I guess so I thought. "We'll have lunch some day" she said. "I'll more or less give you details" she told me. "And maybe... Just maybe...if you're a good boy...there might be something in it for youuuuu."

I felt a hand, her hand, and it patted my crotch. "I miss this" she said and turned and walked away.

It was a few weeks later. Bill and I decided, seeing as we were both single due to our wives passing away, we would do something different. Life was good. I had the house all to myself. With nothing to do that weekend, he suggested we go out and have a beer. I asked where. He didn't know. I didn't either, of course. I wasn't much into the social scene nor was he so we drove around and decided on an old bar he and I used to visit when we were younger.

"Lot of cars there isn't there Bill" I said.

"Looks really busy, doesn't it Chuck" he replied.

"Yeah, I suppose" I told him.

"Come on...let's go in...see if the same guy owns it" Bill said to me.

We parked and went to the door. We went inside. The place was packed but we still knew one or two guys quite well. The remainder seemed to be much younger, a lot younger in fact. But the same guy's son ran the place. That was good enough to us. There were so many people in there we didn't even begin to look at them after a few minutes. The four of us hung out, drinking beers. Then another guy walked in. And another after that; so now there were six of us banging down beers, slowly and before we knew it we'd been in there just over an hour.

We were back to back and shoulder to shoulder. Young women were all over the place. It was like two to one, I thought. God, they were all good looking too. Was this like the hottest and most popular place around, I thought. Before I knew it I was ignoring it all. People were not banging or pushing into me but it was like a continuous shuffling along your body. I didn't think twice about it. And people were definitely drunk too.

Or so I thought.

I felt it, again. A hand. It crept along the backside of my body and more like it crept along my ass cheek too. I liked it as I hoped it was a girl doing that to me. I smiled as we talked amongst us...Bill and the others that is.

"Hi handsome" I heard. "Come here often" her voice said.

I barely could turn around. But when I did, it slid across me and pressed against it when I faced her. She smiled. I smiled. "Hiiiiiiii" I said. "Wow, I didn't know you were here." Wow, she looked fabulous in what she wore. A lightweight spaghetti strapped top and jeans. She looked like she'd just come from Beverly Hills. My eyes quickly floated over them. Then they floated down over her figure. Her hips were an enriching quality to the remainder of her figure, I thought. "Wow, damn about wanting to make an impression on someone and making and impression. Jesus, I mean..." and I blinked my eyes and made some kind of reaction that made her smile.

"Want to get out of here" she asked.

"Huh and go where" I said. Oh uh I drove and I have a passenger I gotta take home."

"So" she said. "Give him the keys to your car. "You'll get it back. I'm sure of it" she told me. But I argued, lightly, about her being married. "Oh, the marriage is great but see" and she looked at me with Tinkerbell eyes "right now...I miss you. Plus, I'm as horny as ever and he's not."

She rubbed my crotch, again, and she did it in the gentlest manner. Not a soul saw her do it. God, it felt nice. I smiled. She did it again, harder. I closed my eyes as her hand rubbed against it again.

"Ready" she said.

Within five minutes I said "Here, take my car home... I'll get it from you later." He was befuddled. He didn't understand. I smiled and waved and I walked out of the bar, quickly.

She stood right outside of it. Waiting for me, she grabbed me, and pulled me into her body. Without warning, I felt her lips on mine. She kissed me triumphantly while holding my body firmly. I kissed her back just as much. She felt good. No, she felt incredible as she and I kissed and burrowed, out in the open where almost anyone could see us, into the other's body.

She and her kissing as well as how firmly she held on to me made me almost instantly horny. I heard her make noises as we kissed. Her hands were all over me while kissing too. Her tongue felt wild inside my mouth. I didn't know where her car was but I inched us towards some. Further and further away from the bar I moved us before she stopped kissing me.

"Over here" she said as she finally took hold of my hand. "Here...this one" she told me. I looked up. She was driving a nice, big, and new truck. "Like it" she asked. "It's roomy too but I haven't used that aspect. Let's go" she went on to say.

I drove it. Her hand needled my leg, my inner thigh, and soon enough my belt and pants. Before I knew it, my pants were unbuckled and undone and she was playing with me, but only a little bit. "Now this...this is what I miss a lot." I had to smile. As I drove I thought how great it was and I closed my eyes to experience the feeling. Her warm and soft hand felt great on it. I was still wearing underwear but her fingers had found there way inside them. "I still love this. I miss it a lot, but I bet you never knew that either, did you"

I hesitated but had said no, I didn't know. "Can I ask you something" She said yes. "Like aren't you like happily married" She asked if that mattered. "Umm kind of" I said.

" isn't the best" she began. "I expected we'd have sex almost every night. I expected he'd want me all the time. I assumed a lot, Chuck. I did but it never came to be. I mean he's fun. He's funny too. He's loveable as ever but..." and she stopped talking and stared out the front window. Her hand rested on my leg. "I want to have fun, Chuck. I want to do it all the time. I want to give all this love I hold in my heart. But he's never there to receive it."

"But there's more then just love in there... You have desire and lust and you-" and while we sat at a red light, she shut me up. She lunged across the seat and plunged herself into me. Her hands were all over me. Her lips were on mine and from what I could tell...she seemed hornier then I ever remember her being. Finally she stopped and sat up. "See" I said, breathing hard, "you're always horny... But I love it too."

She smiled.

Looking me in the eyes, she finally spoke. "Don't you like it when we kiss" I said yes. I love feeling her when she's kissing me. She lunged back towards me, but this time I stopped her. She didn't understand. "Let's let me get back to the house" I told her. She sat up again and said okay. Another few miles and we'd be there but by the time we arrived, she was out. She was completely passed out. I laid her down on the couch and provided her a pillow and blanket and I went back to my room for the night.

Lying on my bed, I stared at the ceiling. I slowly drifted off as I began thinking about that first day I saw her through the crack of the door. I smiled. I remembered how she looked in that piece she was modeling for herself.

"God, you looked great in that" I said quietly.

I lay, unable to sleep, staring at the ceiling. I got lost in thought. Deep memories filled my thoughts as I recalled all those times she and I had sex together. She was all over me. Her body and her movements were those of a woman who knew exactly what she wanted and she knew how to do as well.

How she traversed me, how she coaxed me, and how she went after all of me were the most exciting times I can remember. Even in thought, I wanted her. Even in passing memory, I wished she was here, in bed, with me, doing what she does so well.

I laid my hand on my crotch. Letting it rest there, I found myself needling it as if she was the one quietly laying next to me and planning on playing with it to get me hard, and horny. Ohhhhhhh god, I thought, wake up Melissa...wake up and come in here. She did not. Finally after about 30 minutes, I turned sideways, and tried forcing myself to fall asleep. I drifted, a little. I drifted some more. I think, maybe and finally, I was about to fall asleep. A good hour had passed, at least.

I was in an out. It was weird, really weird. I'm sure I moved a little here and there but I felt something beside me. Then it "hit" me. "Hi" she said. "Miss me" I heard her whisper ever so quietly. "I sure missed you."

Then out of no where "it" began.

She put her hand on my hip. I smiled but she didn't see me smile. She leaned in and kissed the back of my neck. She kissed it again. It felt nice. I let her do it all. Her hand reached up and rubbed my arm and then down my side. I smiled again. I did not move. She inched her way against me. Was she dressed Yes, she was, except for her shoes. I'd taken them off earlier. She kissed the back of my neck, again.

More...more...more, I was telling myself. God, she is good at this I thought. Reach around, reach over and grab me...feel...take hold of my cock. Make me hard. Suck on my cock, Melissa.

She rubbed my hip for a longer period of time and then she rubbed down across the side of my leg. Her hand rode back up and reached around the front of me and she rubbed my stomach and then over my arm to rub my chest.

I felt her needling my nipple. Oh god did that feel great. "Ohhhhhhh" I finally uttered. "Mmmmmm, you do that so nicely" I finally said.

"Really, you like how I do that to your nipple"

"Yes" I said.

"Don't move then... Just let me do stuff for you tonight."

I said okay, to myself, and let her do it all. She didn't pinch my nipple but somehow she knew exactly how to caress it in between her nimble fingers and she made it become hard and harder then they'd ever been. I fell back and looked into her eyes.

She looked "possessed" but in a kinky sort of way. She looked as though it was her calling to have sex with me and only me. Was I kidding myself I don't know but she kissed me on the lips as her fingers, those nimble fingers, ran upwards, then downwards over my tiny hardened nipples. She made them tingle getting me excited as ever. Melissa, kissed my chin but quickly kissed her way down my upper chest to both my nipples.

She wet them with her tongue, swirling her tongue round and round over them letting me know she had me. I wanted her badly. She tightened down on me as she pulled at my body using her legs and arms and hands. God, she felt great. I moaned, not like a girl or woman, but like a man favoring the sexual advances a woman gives a man. Her fingertips drew down over my sides and then back up my stomach as she moved about my body.

I wanted her more but forced myself to allow her her own pleasures that night. By now, my cock was erect and stimulated to no end. But she hadn't and wasn't touching it. She knew what she wanted and she knew what she enjoyed. I did too. Her boobs dangled over me. I wanted badly to touch them all night long. I simply held her when the time called for it.

"Ohhh god, Melissa...god...geez...ohhhhhhh" I exclaimed.

She didn't say a word. She did her own thing. I loved it. I loved feeling her thick and shapely curves swirling all over my body. She was like a snake moving slowly. She was like a woman who'd done this many, many times before. It was like she knew exactly what she wanted. And that was what she did. Her hands pawed me from top to bottom while I was kissed, passionately and lovingly, and then it finally happened.

"OHHHHHHHHH GOD" I cried out loudly. Yes, oh fuck yes... Touch it.

Her hand devotedly wrapped itself around the thick of my cock. Her fingers held it, forever. She looked at me, smiling, but I'd begin to feel her fingers touching and dancing and shifting themselves on it. I cried out again but this time not as loud. She smiled then winked as her hand slid up and then down my cock repeatedly but slowly.

"That feels good doesn't it" she said. My eyes closed and I nodded my head. I kept my eyes closed. "How's this" she asked but before I could answer she licked the very tip of it with her tongue. My body tightened up. "Oh wow I love how that feels" she told me. She did the tip of her tongue, again, over the slit of my cock. Man, how I love that I thought as I pushed my body upwards into her mouth. She didn't take it into her mouth.

She held it, delicately, and waltzed my cock in and around her tongue and lips. I "convulsed" up and down while it was happening. With my eyes still closed I felt her moving up and down and inside and under it. Oh, she was good. Man, she was great. Wow, I thought as my body jerked and found myself craning my neck for more.

"OHHHH DAMN MELISSA" I screamed more then I expected, "SWALLOW ME... MAKE ME CUM...MAKE ME CUM."

I finally looked down. As she was doing it all I noticed how she was looking up at me and she was smiling. She was an artist of sorts. It was as if she'd been doing this forever and a day. It was as if she knew exactly how to do it and never in a million years hadn't known how to give a blow job.

She "hopped" on top of me and smiled. "Like that did you" she asked. I nodded and said yes. Her lips and her tongue had me in one fell swoop. I was under her control. I'd never been with anyone...anyone...before who did what she was doing. She did it all so well. Melissa was incredible as she licked and sucked my cock. She handled me with vitality and deftness. As she played at my cock, her hands rubbed along the lines of my chest. Her fingers played at my nipples and pectorals.

But then she stopped hungrily doing what she was doing to me.

She climbed up and settled in on my stomach, her legs bent beneath her, and she pushed back her hair away from her face. "Wow" she began to say "I love your cock. I love how it feels against my tongue more then anything too." She had such a great smile. I gazed into her eyes. I glanced at her tits and then her stomach. Then I looked at her face. "You like my body, right" I smiled and nodded. "It's all yours...if you want it."

I did. I'd have sex with her all the time, I thought. But...but there was a problem... She's married, I told myself. The small frown on my face must have said, and meant, something. She asked me what the problem was. I told her.

"Oh, I'll just ask him for a divorce. Then you and I can do this all the time...right"

Her arm and hand went behind her. I felt her hand touch my cock. She rose up. I felt her insides. "Ohhhhhhh" I uttered. "Ohhh yeah" said again.

She smiled and asked if it felt good, which she knew it did. She said it felt great inside her too. I had to smile. What good looking woman's cunt didn't feel great I mean hers was sweet and tight and opulent and her hair quietly tumbled down over her the back of her shoulders. I gazed into her eyes as I thought about what she said about getting a divorce. She wasn't even 30 yet. I was over 50. What the heck

"Yours is so thick but I only compare you you know who" she told me.

She smiled. I smiled. I'm thick, I thought. Cool. Works for me, I told myself. I mean, here I am, over 50, and she likes doing it with me. "If...if you like me so much" I began while I laid up inside her pussy and remained stretched out on my back, her sitting on top of me, "then why haven't you called me in the last several months" I told her.

" don't know" she began. "But don't I feel good" she stated. She smiled and looked into my eyes. As she did she swiveled herself on my shaft. Her tits did the same thing. Damn, they were awesome looking. And yes, she did feel great inside. "I mean, you feel good."

She closed her eyes and felt the presence of my cock inside her pussy. Her hips shifted back and forth. I raised my arms and took her nicely rounded tits in my hands as she kept shifting on my aroused cock. She pinched it with her pussy.

She lifted herself and then dropped down on it. Melissa did it again. She did it again and again and again, and she smiled each time it happened. Oh...oh...ohhh, I thought. My eyes closed. I felt her magnificence. I literally felt her tits too. My eyes closed as I fucked her once again.

Slow...easy...we pushed into one another's body. The heightening awakening of all my dreams had me and made me and finally forced me to realize I'd wanted this woman more then anything else in life. Of course what I hadn't realized hadn't dawned on me at all, yet. I love you Melissa I kept telling myself as we fucked.

Melissa was moaning. She moaned more and more and more. I groaned here and there but each one as we fucked was an earnest groan. I can't say and don't know about hers. But by looking at her they were all intense and truthful moans. I saw how she grabbed hold of me. I saw how she was pulling the bedsheets and covers out of the bed. Man, she loved to fuck. Her tits swayed over me while we fucked and every so often I tried getting hold of them to kiss and suck them too. But I couldn't.

It didn't matter. She orgasmed and she loved that most of all. She fell. Her tits settled between us. I held her on top of me. She and I breathed hard. Panting as we did, she whispered something I wasn't sure I clearly understood.

"Let me move back in" I thought I heard her say.

Then we laid down and fell asleep.

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