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The Cottage - Year 1 Event 1


Author: Nancy
Published: 05-Mar-13 Revised/Updated 13-Jul-17

As Bob swung the door of the guest room open he saw black heels and bare twat, just like Judy the last time he saw her dressed. He ran across the room and threw himself on me. "Are you ready" he asked...

* * * * * * *

Having written the last part of this journal over five years ago I decided to go through my photo albums and add any pictures I had that might add to the story. Some of them were taken with my oldest digital camera, while others were scanned (one of those from Ruth (you will meet her later) before I learned to properly scan an old photo). I hope these pictures enhance your enjoyment. Now, on to the beginning of my journal. Nancy.

I have shaved my crotch every day since my mother showed me how to do it when I was a young girl. I have never understood why all women don't shave that vital part of their bodies. Anyway, this journal has really turned out to be a story about how cunt shaving made a great difference in my life, and that of my best friend. Because I am always shaved, my husband Jack, and I often buy "shaved" magazines to get fresh ideas on how to make our lovemaking more interesting, and because, frankly, we both enjoy seeing a nice bare cunt. We now have a nice selection of "shaved" magazines both at home and at our cottage, to browse through when the mood hits us. Little did I know how much the Close Shave issue with Alana was going to change things. It started so very simply, but........ Well, this journal tells the story starting from the night after I bought that magazine and discovered Alana's sexy see through tit cover.



I bought a sheer black pullover top much like Alana's along with a black sun hat and a new pair of black four inch patent heels first thing this morning in anticipation of going to the cottage. I guess I was attracted to her because our tits are much alike although my aureole are firmly distended like a little breast on the front of the bigger one. Some of her poses showed that her inner lips protruded. Personally, I think that looks disgusting. I had promised myself several years back that if mine ever started to do that I'd have a surgeon slice them away. However, it was her tits and sheer top that I liked. When not wearing the top in the bedroom, it would be ideal for over my bikini. This black top did look super, showing a hint of my pleasantly soft/firm 34 inch tits and really highlighting my twat because it was the first thing you saw below the black. I put it on as soon as Jack and I arrived at our cottage. We had a wild night, and that's all I need to say.


Saturday morning, I was laying out on the cottage deck (which is very isolated even from the lake) in my black bikini bottom, sheer top, hat and new heels. The sun was so warm that I decided to take off the bottom, spread my legs a bit and let the sun gently warm my crack. I just dozed off, to suddenly be awakened by Jack saying "Bob and Judy are here" as they all stepped out onto the deck. Damn, I had forgotten that Jack had invited his friend Bob, and his wife Judy for the weekend. Bob and Jack were going to watch some game on TV. Then I realized they were all staring at me. My smooth naked twat, warmed by the sun, was glistening with a sheen of sun screen and on show to everyone. Well, they had seen it now, so there was no point in trying to suddenly be modest. Both the guys had bulges in their pants.

"Go on guys, go watch your basketball game, shoo," Judy encouraged.

"Baseball," Jack said feebly.

"Whatever. Bob, push your jaw up 'til your teeth touch, then go watch TV." The men sheepishly went inside. I reached for a towel to cover myself.

"No, no, don't do that," said Judy. "God, you look so beautiful."

With that, Judy stretched out on the lounge next to me and broke the silence with "Sometimes, that man.... Show him a nice pair of heels and he's ready to bust his zipper.

"I thought it was seeing my..," and I moved my hand over my cunt."

"Yeah, well probably that too, and your cute tits behind that neat top would have helped. Nancy, are you naturally bare If not, how do you make your crotch so beautiful"

"Sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you. I was sunning and fell asleep. But the answer is, I've shaved since I was a girl. It's so much cleaner this way, and Jack loves it. I said as I reached for the towel again.

"Oh, please Nancy don't cover it up," Judy said, "it looks soooo gorgeous. Look, since the guys are inside, I'll take my shorts and panties off and lay here with you if you'll feel better." We agreed that would be a good way to handle the situation. "It's just that I've got a real thick beaver," she continued as she pulled her panties down, "and that doesn't let much sun get through."

I had known Judy for a few months, and we visited as couples occasionally, but I had never seen her naked. It was when I saw her heavy bush the idea hit me. "Judy, if you like the look of my crotch, I can help you make yours look just as good. Come on, let's go to the bathroom" and I set off, my heels clicking across the floor. Judy was full of excitement, running along beside me with her garments in her hand.

As a daily shaver, I had no clippers at the cottage, but some little sewing scissors worked just fine to snip all her crotch hair down short, then Judy lathered up with good hot frothy soapsuds, and together, using a fresh razor, stroke after delicate stroke, we cleaned off every hair. "Holy Jeez," Judy exclaimed when she looked in the mirror, "it's... it's beautiful. It's absolutely beautiful! I'm so horny," she said as she ran her fingers over the silky smoothness of her newly exposed slit, "I can hardly keep my hands off of it. Here, feel it." I obliged and she caressed mine. "OK, I said, I really like the feel of it, but I'm not really into girl/girl stuff, a little caressing maybe. What I really like when I'm horny is a big thick cock sliding into my hole.."

I was amazed at how alike our cunts were, considering the many sizes and shapes I had seen in Close Shave.

Judy agreed, but was still rubbing herself when she said, "Nance, do you have some bigger scissors. I've got a sheer red nighty in my suitcase and I want to cut it down like your black top." We found the scissors, cut the top off just where the top of a bikini bottom would come and put a quick hem on so it wouldn't fray.

Thinking her outfit would look so much better with heels than her flat brown sandals I said, "What's your shoe size, and can you handle 4" heels"

"Sure, that's about my limit and I'm a 7 1/2."

"OK, just my size."

So I lent her my old white sun hat and a pair of white heels. By the time we were done, we were both so excited we were actually pressing our little bare cunts together, then we turned and paraded, hats, heels, and tits covered only by sheer tops, out to the kitchen and made a pitcher of Margaritas. We just didn't care if anybody looked, or not. We both knew we looked great and a beautiful bare cunt really was something worth showing off.

We lay back on the lounge chairs and let the afternoon sun shine between our legs. Just to keep the excitement high I reached over with slightly trembling fingers, for this was my first true experience of sharing sexuality with another woman, and spread Judy's crack with two fingers, gently rubbed her clit, then withdrew. A few moments later a tentative finger traced its way into my slit and probed my already stiff clit. We just lay back, sipped Margaritas, and occasionally caressed each other for the whole time of the baseball game. I complimented her on the nice shape of her boobies, not too pointed, but nicely firm with strong dark nipples and just enough softness to spread naturally and ever so slightly onto her chest rather than jutting out like they were surgically enhanced. The sheer red material cast a warm light onto them and gave a beautiful glow to the aureole. She thanked me and then came over and kissed my nipples through the black nylon. "I thought they needed just a bit of perking up," she said. "I'll keep yours perky if you'll do mine." By the end of the game we were both feeling pretty excited and extremely sexed, both taking turns drying our cracks.

"What are we going to do when the guys come out here, I said."

"Fuck 'em, she replied then giggled. No I mean let 'em look. We both look sooo good this way and Bob has already seen you. I don't care if Jack sees me if you don't, in fact my cunt looks so great I'd like to show the whole world today. So they have big uncomfortable bulges while they Bar-b-que. It serves them right for ignoring us for that silly game. After they've cooked supper, we'll fuck them." OK, I agreed and we lay back.

For the second time that day, there were dropped chins, open mouths and just plain hungry stares as Jack and Bob walked onto the deck. Bob couldn't believe what he was seeing at the top of Judy's legs, and of course all the focus was on that smooth pudenda and crack because her boobs and upper body were just softly visible through the sheer red material, as were my curves with their two hard bumps through the black. I thought of Alana with her cunt pressing firmly against the rock and swung my legs over the corner of the lounge. God the metal was hot on my lips for a moment, and my clitty got really hard and pushed out of my slit slightly. "Time to make another pitcher of Margaritas," I said, "while you guys cook," and we both paraded our twitching cracks right past them.

"Come on, I said, let's take a quick shower, then back into these super outfits and back to the deck to eat." We lathered each other, caressed each other's boobs, washed and pressed our twats together and about doubled our horniness. Our entrance caused more stunned looks, and double takes. We ignored them, as they had us for hours, and sat down on two hard wooden chairs, our twats balanced on the straight edges, clearly inviting, and said "OK let's eat." These guys were staring, speechless, and fumbling with their steaks as we teased them for an hour and kept our own horny level high. They, of course, couldn't keep their eyes off of our cunts, and I was pleased to see that Jack was having as much enjoyment from watching Judy's delightfully bare slit as he was from mine.

When we finished eating, and as per plan, Judy said, "OK guys, off with the shorts. If we can show it all, then so can you. Eagerly they stripped, expecting a joint bang right then. Not as per plan, Judy, while looking at Jack said "Oh Jack, your not cut. I've never had an uncut cock," but I think he was too busy staring at my red/white line to hear her comment. I noticed that Bob must have had at least eight inches sticking straight out, and wondered what that would feel like up in my cunt.

"Would you guys mind putting everything back in the kitchen," I cooed. "I need to talk to Judy for a minute or two." They tucked their cocks back into their shorts and went to work.

I was feeling kind of giddy and asked Judy "Would you really like to have an uncut cock"

"Uh, well yes, I guess... Yes! Yes, why not Bob is pretty liberal. But how"

Without a lot of thought I quickly suggested a little plan, to which we both eagerly agreed. To start the plan we switched outfits. God, Judy looked so good with her beautiful tits pressed against the sheer black and I felt fantastic with my quim just showing below the red. As we marched out to the kitchen there was a tremendous urge to pull down their zippers and drag their cocks out into the light -- but we held off. Before they could touch us, we shucked our heels and ran down the sand and into the lake, dropping our hats and tops at the shore. As we ran into the water, Judy shrieked, "Oooooooh my God, I can feel the water running over my clitoris, I've never felt that before, I think I'm going to come." She shuddered once, then splashed on.

We kept dodging the guys and swam and splashed about for an hour, grabbing and quickly fondling whoever's crotch was near, then off again until it was quite dark, our breasts shimmering in the low moonlight when we bobbed them over the surface of the water. Then Judy and I dashed up the beach each grabbing our original outfit and original shoes from the deck as we ran. I called over my shoulder "Last one to get it in cooks and cleans in the morning!" We ran on to the bedrooms where we had removed the light bulbs. We in fact had swapped bedrooms, and with only our tops on, shoes sitting beside the bed as planned, our bodies stretched out, we each pointed our fully exposed cunts towards our respective door.

As Bob swung the door of the guest room open he saw black heels and bare twat, just like Judy the last time he saw her dressed. He ran across the room and threw himself on me. "Are you ready" he asked.

"MMhm" I replied, and he thrust those beautiful bare eight inches away up into me. I came immediately, but continued to fuck fast and hard as I heard Judy, next door, moan ecstatically. Bob came too, but I wanted this to last longer and tightened all my twat muscles, pulsing and squeezing so that he stayed hard. Then in a flicker of light he saw my face. "Oh God, he said, Nancy, I'm sorry I thought you were Judy."

"It's OK, I assured him, keep screwing, Judy and I planned this together. Now, squeeze my tits, eat me out, and screw me again." I nibbled on his bare knob for a while too, thinking it was not as good as Jack's after I had pushed the skin back. Still it was longer. We fucked twice more and I'm sure Jack and Judy heard me moaning and thrashing because I could hear them make the bed next door rattle again.

About 2 AM we all got up and looked at each other a little sheepishly. Judy told us she had assured Jack it was planned and OK with me, to which he replied. "Alright then, everybody down for a swim again, then you girls put on the right outfits, with those high heels, we'll have drinks and then back to bed."

We did just that, and Jack gently caressed my boobs under the thin fabric bringing the nipples out again. He ran his tongue down from those stiff nipples over the plentiful curve and along their underside in the delicate line where they join my chest, traced his way down past my navel and probed my crack. His cock was so hard and looked even longer than usual as I jerked the skin back to expose the throbbing purple head. We fucked twice more that night.

In the morning I met Judy at the shower. "Together", I asked, and she nodded, so again we soaped, fondled, played pushy titty and pressy twatty, and as we stepped out I said "Today you shave yourself for the first time." As she did, she told me about her round with Jack. How wonderful he had been rubbing her tits, pushing the sheer red up to expose the nipples and sucking them hard. How she had rubbed and rubbed the skin over his head until much of the head was pushing out, and then taking him in her mouth to finish the exposure. Oddly, I was getting horny hearing about my husband screwing my girlfriend. She then described finally pulling the foreskin back over the glans before he slid it in. It was then that Jack realized he was with the wrong woman for I never re-cover his prick. Judy had told him I approved, that I had wanted him to show her the proper treatment for a bare cunt novice. He appropriately did that, and had thoroughly eaten her until she had come. Then he had fucked her, coming quickly himself. With some tender care, they too, had done it twice more.

"Nancy, I thank you so much for giving me my bare cunt, I will shave every day now, and for giving me my first uncut cock, but is everything still alright with you" "Yes, I assured her, we're all like family now, and as long as we keep it in the family everything is OK by me. Now, I said as I wiped the leftover lather off of my cunt, what are we going to wear today to get them going again How about just heels and lounge pants with the crotch cut open".

"Where are the scissors" she asked...

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