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The Cottage - Year 1 Event 2

Author: Nancy
Publish Date : Mar 6, 2013
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My crack was already widely dilated and ready, but I reached out and gently pulled on his balls until his big purple knob was into my mouth.

* * * * * * *


We opened up the crotch seams on our lounge pants just enough to show a flash of crack as we walked. Mine were a deep pink so I wore the white heels and Judy wore the black heels with her yellow ones. Then we rubbed some light sun oil all over our tits so they glistened.

I was the one feeling a little nervous this morning and as we left to walk to the kitchen I grabbed my jugs in each hand and thrust them up and out like they were on crooked. I mean talk about nervous reaction, how could they be crooked. Our heels clacked boldly on the wooden floor as we marched to the kitchen.

The guys were wearing only boxer shorts as they cooked. I guess they figured everybody had seen everybody, so what the hell, but when we paraded in Bob's pole jerked up and thrust out the front opening. Judy simply ran over, leaped up on him, wrapping her legs around him locking her ankles at the back with the thin high heels extended behind. How she hit a perfect target and got her quim wrapped over his cock in one leap I'll never know, but he was driven back onto the counter and she was already rocking on his body. Jack now had his hand inside my pants and I had mine inside his shorts, so I led him to the bedroom where we made our own personal explosions one more time.

For breakfast, just to keep the tension down a bit (not too far though) I suggested to Judy that we wear blouses, unbuttoned of course. While we did the dishes, Judy said she wanted to go into town to the mall to do some shopping. It was agreed every one would go, so we hastily put a couple of stitches into our pant seams -- enough to hold them together, although I could still feel cool air on my slit as I walked -- kinda nice. I drove, and on the way Jack slipped his finger into my crack, wiggling it a bit from time to time. I looked in the rear view mirror -- great minds think alike. Arriving at the mall Judy and I buttoned our blouses, told the guys to find something to do for an hour and clicked our way to our first stop. It was really quite a delicious feeling walking through the air-conditioned mall feeling the cool air coming through the remaining small openings in my crotch and chilling my crack.

"What are we doing Judy" I asked.

"Buying delicious peignoir sets." she replied. She had in mind a pair of nighties with the loose skirts and tight bodices with lace over the titties, and a sheer peignoir coat. I chose a pure white one, while hers was a pale blue. "Now we need open toed shoes to complete my planned look" she said, so we made the round of shoe stores. I selected a pair of white classic open toed sling backs with the highest heel I could find. Judy bought a beautiful pair of dark blue wide mouthed pumps with thin cross over straps. I didn't know what would happen if the guy who waited on me got a look into my crotch. He might come in his pants. Then again, this guy acted like he was probably gay and wouldn't appreciate a good looking cunt if he did see it, so I just sat back in the chair and relaxed. Judy then led me to one more store for a little surprise. Our shopping done, we found Jack and Bob and headed back for the cottage. They, of course, had to get our blouses unbuttoned before we were out of the parking lot.

Back at the cottage, Judy announced that it was "girl's afternoon" and we would see them at supper. We clattered off to the bedroom with a small pitcher of martinis and two glasses, and when I asked Judy what her plan was and she described a delightful design for our evening apparel. It was a good thing I had an old sewing machine at the cottage because we had a bit of work to do. The first step was to remove the lace from the tight bodices so that our breasts would be exposed. As we tried them on, we each helped the other adjust her knockers delightfully through the openings. That started an afternoon of caressing and body contact.

Then we cut the gowns straight up the front from the hem to the bodice so that our cracks flashed as we moved. Naturally that meant some twat touching between sips of drinks. The next step was to cut the thin peignoir very short, like a little bolero jacket that tied only at the throat and hung to just below the boob bottoms. In and out of the gowns as we worked, we bumped and rubbed our naked body parts quite deliberately. My left nipple into her crack as I pinned the front hem, Judy's tongue flitting across my tits as she fitted my jacket. By four o'clock neither of us needed any excuse to rub or touch -- we were pretty well in a sexual frenzy.

A shower calmed us down a bit but brought renewed horniness with the soaping and drying. Then for the special extra. I drank a whole martini in about a minute to ready myself. I was so thrilled by the idea that as I lay back naked across the bed, my thighs spread wide and my breasts bobbing gently with each excited breath, my nipples became so very excited and hard they felt like they might burst. Judy rubbed my pudenda with a wet wash cloth and then applied a small rose "tattoo" with the stem just disappearing into my crack. When I looked at the result in the mirror I felt weak at my knees. Now it was Judy's turn. I lay her down on the bed, her cunt just at the edge and tickled her clit with my tongue till she gasped. With no intention of using a wash cloth I simply licked her pud until it was all moist and put a small monarch butterfly at the apex of her slot. We lay on the bed, side by side, while our "tattoos" dried, and fondled each other with anticipation. Lastly our finger and toe nails: Judy did hers in silver, and I in a blushing pink.

Now it was time to dress. I slipped on my virginal (and snickered at the thought) white gown, and Judy fitted it carefully around my thrusting tits, then covered them with the bolero see through jacket. I slipped on my sling backs and appraised my self in the mirror. Truly fantastic, a great body enhanced by the outfit and the real prize, my bare cunt set off by a tiny little rose. Still, something was missing. As I dressed Judy, tweaking her nipples under the pale blue bolero and saw her dark blue pumps I realized what it was. The pale blue was playing down the curve and tilt of her breasts, while the white was making mine look pale. I took pink rouge and brushing the bolero aside, rubbed the underside of her breasts with it until they had a fine glow and a tapered coloring that emphasized the curve. Then I used dark blue eye shadow and rubbed it around and around her aureole and over her nipples, layer upon layer, until they looked like dark blue bull's eyes through the jacket. The effect was stunning and when she looked in the mirror I saw her slit start to spread open. Quickly I dried it with a tissue and poured her another drink to take her mind off her body so she wouldn't be all dribbley for our grand entrance.

Judy went to work on my jugs with the blush, giving them too, a thrusting curve and my distended aureole and nipples a beautiful rosy glow. We talked for a little about some details to our plan and then it was 'show time.' My new heels clicked gently in time with Judy's as we walked arm in arm down the hall and through the kitchen into the TV area. I knew my rose was flashing at every step.

"Look guys!, Judy cried, we got tattoos while we were shopping." Again, the chins dropped and their eyes actually bugged out. Bulges instantly formed in their shorts. This was becoming a habit.

"Do you like" I asked, and heard their stammered Yes'es. Then Jack said "B..but y..you let some g..guy handle your s..sn..snatch to do that"

"No, dear, I replied, it was a women who put the rose there." He seemed relieved and I said it was time for them to get the Bar-b-que going, before they decided to peel these clothes off of us.

Judy and I chose the hard wooden chairs again and placed our twats firmly on the hard edge, tight little lips pushing against the wood, each skirt falling back over our hips making a frame of our legs, our divine shoes, and bringing the focus of the eye right onto shaved cunt cracks adorned by cute little tattoos at the top. There was no nervousness or any sense of coyness tonight. We both knew we had good bodies and had made them look even better with lovely clothes and makeup. When you think about it, a woman really has nothing between her legs that shows except a little crack (I mean when there is no ugly hair there) so why should she be concerned about covering up nothing. Yeah, we know it's a very special crack, but if you can keep your clit from showing and it doesn't dribble, what is there that you shouldn't show!

I really enjoy good looking high heels. At the right height they make you thrust your pelvis out as you move, and the tight bend at the arch while maintaining your balance on a thin heel brings its own sexual tautness, and so I picked up my drink and walked back and forth across the deck with the cool evening air blowing over my crack, making my nipples harder and jutting, and knowing full well that with each step the gown was flashing open to show the full glory of my cunt to both men and to Judy. I really wanted to get fucked right then and there, but Judy and I had agreed we would again make them wait. I looked at Judy and saw that she was thoroughly enjoying her exposure for she had thrown her legs over onto the side of a lounge chair and was studying her gorgeous blue pumps and silver toe nails while running one silver finger nail around and around her butterfly, the other hand brushing the side of one breast through the bolero opening. Those darkened blue titlets were so entrancing as they tried to escape their flimsy covering. Damn, she was making me so horny just watching her, while the men must have been bursting.

The cooking was done, so I said "All right, turn off the bar-b-que so you don't burn yourselves." and marched over to Jack, yanked down his zipper and pulled his throbbing cock out into the air, nodding to Judy to do the same for her man. Jack wanted to thrust his dong into me right away, but I shook my head and said we'd eat before anything else. Even with beautiful titties starring at them across the table, I think guys have a hard time keeping a hard on when there is something else to do -- like eating food, but it took only a the gentlest of touches from Judy and I after supper to bring things back to a glorious uprising. Then, to prolong their agony (and if the truth was known, ours too) Judy and I made a real show of doing the dishes with as much movement around the sink area as possible, our heels clicking, our twats flashing, and our tits bouncing under the ever so thin fabric.

As the last dish went into the cupboard, I walked up to Judy, and at an angle out of site to the men, pressed my thinly covered nipples onto hers, and hooked one long pink nail gently into her crack and plucked at it tenderly. "Are you really enjoying this" I asked.

"Oh yes, she whispered, this is almost as much fun as the screwing."

"Would you like to be screwing with a man, or with me" I breathed into her ear, not believing what I was asking.

"Do you really mean that" she responded, sliding her own silver nail into my trembling slit, and I knew I had an answer. "Right now, I'd like to have a fuck with everybody here, particularly you Nancy. But neither of us has the equipment, if you get my meaning, to do it right."

"I know, I sighed, but you've taught me a lot about loving a woman in the last two days, maybe we can at least get a little finger fucking in before the weekend is out," and she snuggled her crotch against my thigh.

"Why so quiet in there" Bob called out.

"Just about done." I answered and sighed softly, then clattered out to the TV area with Judy strutting behind me -- a new found joy in each of our hearts.

The men had inconveniently tucked their pricks back into their shorts, so we gently pried them out, and stroked them back into a fitting state. Jack took me by the hand and led me to our bedroom, where he removed my jacket completely baring my tits, and we spent a glorious half hour of leisurely yet intense lovemaking. I assumed Bob was doing the same with Judy on the long couch, hoping that her cute little quim was getting the satisfaction it deserved. Jack said he adored my little tattoo and when I told him it would wash off he seemed disappointed, but then I pointed out we wouldn't want anything to permanently spoil the look of a perfectly shaved and bare twat he agreed and re-entered me with a new vigor. "But, do put one there again, he said, it really is attractive."

Wearing my bolero again, and returning to the TV area, I noticed that Judy's beautiful dark blue bull's eyes were smudged. Fingering my own freshly rosed aureoles and glancing at her, she realized her loss and left for her room. She returned a few minutes later with them silvered like her nails. It gave a luscious new appearance to her mounds in the dim evening light. Bob looked adoringly at them as did I. We put on some old movies as it was too cold for a swim and simply sat on the couch caressing each other as the need arose. With one hand around Jack's cock, I would reach over and brush Judy's crotch delicately with my fingers or just run a hand down the swell of a booby. She, while tickling Bob's purple head would trace the outline of my slit. Then Bob would lead her down the hall, her heels clicking cheerfully away. A little later Jack and I disappeared for a while.

My tits ended up being smeared again, and I took a tip from Judy, using my pink nail polish this time. It felt kind of tingly going on and made my nipples really poke out, and my pouty aureoles seemed to swell more prominently. They actually pushed out the sheer jacket like little pyramids on top of a rounded hill. I was truly proud of them and sashayed my way back for more movie and more moves. Everyone was feeling really comfortable with everyone else, and a couple of more drinks didn't hurt the general feeling of conviviality. We sometimes changed places on the couch and at one point I put my hand over Judy's hand which was over Bob's cock and said "Bob, Judy, may I" He nodded and she slid her hand out from under mine, only to reach out in the other direction looking Jack questioningly in the eye. He placed her hand around his semi-stiff joint and then put his hand on her twat and they snuggled together. Bob took his cue, and placed an arm around my shoulder, sliding his hand under my white bolero and onto my breast. Together we squeezed and kneaded each other into a new state of arousal, while I think Judy had urged an extra three quarters of an inch into the length of Jack's prick. I should have been jealous, but I think new experiences make us all a bit better and I was secretly proud of her for doing it.

When I could barely stop from trembling, Bob looked over at Jack and said "May I take Nancy to the guest room"

"If Nance wants to Bob, and I hope you'll let Judy and I finish playing together." I smiled encouragement at Jack and Judy as Bob led me down the hall and I walked on tip toe so as not to disturb them. Bob eased me onto the bed, undoing my little top. Then he licked my pinked nipples until they were very hard again and spread my gown away back onto the bed easing my legs wide apart. My crack was already widely dilated and ready, but I reached out and gently pulled on his balls until his big purple knob was into my mouth. I kissed and sucked on it until I could feel his balls begin to quiver and then quickly lay back on the bed. His thrust drove me backwards onto the bed and with each push my tits would rock back and forth, the upper skin tightening with his back stroke as their weight dropped forward. This made the nipples pull up quickly and jut out ever further. My own thrusts were no less than his and his long rod pushed up into places I had never felt before. I screamed as I came and felt him squirt into me at the same time. Another long cry from out front told me Judy had had a satisfying experience too. My best girlfriend was really something special.

We returned to the couch, and I had left my jacket off. The guys were temporarily worn out, so I took Judy's top off too and she and I snuggled, boobs bare in the flickering light from the TV. We now had an old horror movie on and at one scary point I saw her tits tighten and break out in goose bumps. Quickly I fondled them, bringing warmth back into each and making the nipples push out again. Then she relaxed into my arms and slipped a finger into my cunt. I glanced at Jack and Bob who were casually watching us. They both smiled assurance and so I put my hand on hers, pushing the finger in further, then with my arm across hers, my hand over her cunt, slipped my middle finger right up into her warm twat. Moving it around firmly and gently she began to moan softly and reciprocate. Her long finger was nothing like a swollen cock but was pleasantly satisfying. Then I remembered my comment while we were doing dishes -- the one about finger fucking, so I began to steadily slide my finger in and out, then putting two fingers in to give her a little more substance. I stopped briefly and she did the same for me making me writhe in ecstasy. Ignoring the two men, I leaned over and sucked on an exposed silver nipple.

I think we both almost came, but then I felt a hand on my shoulder. Jack was standing there, in full arousal from watching us. I glanced at Bob's crotch to find he was in the same state. Judy and I rose, taking each man by the hand, happy to lead our husbands down the hall, heels clicking merrily again towards our own beds. Jack and I saw the dawn, its pinkish light rising through our window after several snoozes interspersed with pleasant languid screwing. He commented on how beautiful the dawn light made my tits look, still with their glossy pink aureoles and nipples. That caused me to roll on top of him and get one more arousal.


This was pack up and go home day and everyone was pretty tired, so after another shared shower, washing off the remains of the tattoos, Judy and I wrapped swatches of the cut off bottoms of the peignoirs over our tits and wrapped more for bikini bottoms. She in the white this time with the white pumps and I in the blue with her fancy blue heels. Judy told me she was really reluctant to cover her newly bare cunt and had been laying in bed dreaming about wearing a skirt and no panties to the office tomorrow. I understood her desire, having wanted to walk down our dimly lit street with Jack, late at night, wearing nothing between my blouse and heels. I had even suggested it to him once, but he was afraid some night owl neighbor might see us. Perhaps I would suggest it again. My quim gave a little quiver.

As we entered the kitchen Jack commented that it was a shame to cover a cute quim at this late date, and Bob reached over to remove Judy's white sash. Jack, too, un-knoted my little wrap and they escorted us out to scrambled eggs, which were on a very low table, beside the two hard wooden chairs. We got their message, and Judy winked at me as I sat down, the chair corner between my legs.

The rules were obviously set. Whenever there was a weekend at the cottage for the four of us it would be with no bottom cover. Now the problem was to dream up new and attractive ways to dress interestingly. Somehow, I figured Judy and I could work that out.

On the drive home I brought up the subject of a cool late night stroll. This time Jack said 'maybe' if I wore my very sheer black nighty with a dark office jacket over my shoulders. Progress is progress, and near the end of the month we did just that -- followed by very good sex back at the house!

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