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The Cottage - Year 1 Event 3


Author: Nancy
Published: 07-Mar-13 Revised/Updated 08-Mar-13

Standing back to admire my work, I realized that Judy was breathing rapidly and excitedly so I slipped my finger into her cunt to help her come.

* * * * * * *



Judy and I secretly made plans for New Year's Eve at the cottage, and spent many private hours making special clothes. One November afternoon Judy called me at the office, announcing that we should have our nipples pierced. Jack had mentioned it a couple of times but I had never given it any serious thought. Judy encouraged me on. "I found a professional place with a great selection of rings. It will take about three days for the holes to heal and as both guys are out of town on business for the week, our tits will look normal when they get back. We'll have a real New Year's surprise for them. Come on Nance, it'll be exciting having it done together, and I'll come and stay over with you." That did it, I was game.

At five o'clock we met at my office and walked to a very exclusive jewelry shop, Madison Jewelers. We must have looked pretty prim in our business suits and medium heels, but the lady behind the counter was most helpful. Judy selected a pair of multi-faceted stainless steel rings, while I chose a simple gold ring that went around the nipple, with a diamond on either side of the ring. There was a little pin that pushed through your nipple and locked the ring in place. The lady led us to what was almost like a doctors office with a tilt back chair, and asked who was to be first. We had flipped a coin earlier and Judy had "won". She stripped to the waist and put her bra into her purse, then settled back into the chair. I watched, both with trepidation and excitement as the lady, wearing rubber gloves, rubbed Judy's mounds with alcohol, then the nipples and aureole with a local anesthetic. I winced, and Judy's eyes went very wide, as she clamped each of Jude's nipples with the jaws of a hemostat to flatten them, but Judy felt nothing. We both stared fascinated as the lady pushed a large sterilized needle through each nipple, from one side to the other. As she did, we heard a brief sort of squeaky-crunchy sound, but obviously Jude did not feel any pain due to this semi-disgusting yet erotically tantalizing sound that caused deep throated moans of satisfaction from us both. Insertion of the rings followed, and the job was done.

I had arrived not wearing a bra, so I settled back in the chair, unbuttoned my blouse and pushed it open. "My those are extremely gorgeous aureole, if you don't mind my saying so" the lady said. I assured her I was complimented, and lay back with my eyes closed. I could feel the cooling alcohol and how it made my nipples jut, then the even colder anesthetic. Only just barely could I feel her apply the clamps to flatten and pull each nipple out even farther. I opened my eyes when I heard the first needle go through my squished titlet. My quim gave a spastic jerk when I saw the needle appear through the far side, then another spasm with the second needle. The lady removed the clamps then and placed the rings around my nipples, gently pulling each nipple through each ring , showing me how to slide the pin through my new holes and lock it in place.

Standing side by side, Jude and I, in front of the mirror, I was rubbery kneed at the magic transformation of our breasts, and squeezed Judy's hand. These were something very special for very special times. It was also a special bond for Judy and I, having shared the experience together. We dressed (no bras) and hurried to my place. Inside the door, we both stripped to the waist and fondled and touched and stared and giggled and fondled some more. Judy said the anesthetic was coming out and she was a little sore, but she swiveled her loops up and down and thrilled at the sensation of feeling them move inside each nipple. I sucked her tits, and she mine, restoring roundness back to the still somewhat flat nipples. They were starting to swell, so I mixed some drinks and heated a quick supper. Then Judy and I went to the bedroom (totally naked except for some nice heels) for a second drink and to place ice packs over our now very large and purple nipples.

With Jude moaning slightly, I asked her if she now thought our nipple rings were a mistake. "Oh God no, she said, this is so sexciting. I almost came when that needle poked through my titlet, and now, even with the pain, my cunt is throbbing with ecstasy. What about you"

"I'm overjoyed and it was a truly wonderful idea Judy. With each little pulse of pain my clit throbs with a matching pleasure." With that I rolled on top of her and ground my twat into hers and felt the responding suction -- it was like a kiss. I leaned over and kissed her mouth longingly for the very first time and soon we were thrashing about forgetting our sore boobs, trying harder and harder to get into each other.

"Nance, Jude cried out, my vibrator in my over night bag!" We scrambled in our heels to be the first to find it. I had a head start and with my fingers on it I hit the switch. Judy leaped back onto the bed and I pushed it up inside of her, then clamped it in place with my cunt until she came. I rolled over then and she did me. We agreed it was probably as close to real sex as we would ever share between us, and rolled into each others arms to sleep fitfully until dawn.

By morning most of the swelling was gone. We shaved each other and dressed with no bras and very soft silk blouses. The traditional office suit jacket pressed too heavily so I choose a light weight cream linen jacket, while Judy borrowed a green silk one. With matching heels from my selection, these blouses looked fine with the basic black office skirt. We drove to our work places gently holding hands and sharing two new secrets. As predicted, we were healed in three days, and on the fifth could remove our new jewelry and put it away for New Year's -- and before Bob and Jack got back from their trips.


We all drove out to the cottage late Friday night in our four wheel drive wagon because of the heavy snows. The cottage was frosty on the inside and Judy and I huddled stark naked (except for sort of breaking in our new shoes) under a quilt in the bedroom while Jack and Bob got the fire roaring and the water running. Pressed tit to tit and twat to twat we whispered our final plans to make this a stunning weekend. It was late into the night when the cottage was ready and Judy scampered off to join Bob in their room. Jack crawled in with me and warmed my body both outside and in.


After a lazy 'lay' in I met Judy for our now traditional shared shower, then we dressed each other in our newly modified lounge pants. We had cut large openings in the crotch area and trimmed the cut outs with matching lace -- mine an inverted pyramid with purple lace on the deep pink pants, hers a heart with bronze lace. She polished my nipples and the surrounding dark mound a fiery red/orange with matching nails, and I decorated hers with a deep bronze. We had made matching see through shirts in orange and bronze to add that hint of mystery to our breasts. As I watched her slip her feet into her new bronze 4" heeled sandals I marveled again at her beauty. I should have known she felt the same, for as I donned my pink open toed slings she slipped her hand into my crotch saying "Nancy, you're too gorgeous for Jack alone."

Perhaps I should describe a bit of the layout of the cottage. The two bedrooms are on the same side of the hall with a bathroom and a large walk-in closet between them. The bathroom and closet are both accessible from either room. The sound proofing effect is quite good, unless, of course, a set of doors is left ajar.

This time there was no nervousness as we strode confidently in our exotic shoes and outfits to the kitchen. The appreciation there was wonderful -- we were met with a standing ovation. We sat back on the couch, legs slightly splayed while they appreciated us from across the coffee table as we had breakfast. Perhaps it is just me, but while I really adore my tight little twat I have a fascination for how the weight of my breasts pulls them down just ever so slightly, rounding them out at the bottoms, pulling the top skin tightly which in turn makes the nipples (with their own little thrones) upturn just a tiny bit. Watching the firm curving undersides shift gently with each breath, I spent a few simple moments enjoying my own body and thinking how good it looked for the others in that room. Little did the men know what awaited them that evening. There was time for a quickie before heading out to cross country ski.

Our route took us across several open fields and around the base of a hill to the south side. Then we climbed up the sunny side to a flat sheltered spot near the top. We were exhausted from the climb and all collapsed into the now melting snow. I had climbed into my ski suit naked and was surprised to find Judy had done so as well when she unzipped to sun her top. I yanked off my pants and let the warm sun beat down on my venus while unzipping the top to expose my fiery orange nipples. Next off came Judy's pants and we were both sitting bare assed, bare twatted in the snow. The next thing I knew she was heaping cold cold snow into our crotches, yelling "Guys, lunch time. Come and eat your way in!" Tongues feverishly working, they licked their way through and warmed us up. What a treat! But before I could say thanks, Jack was inside me while nibbling a fiery tit. He actually chewed some of the varnish off. We found we had a pleasant little gang bang going on in the snow.

We continued to sun in the midst of winter, while lunching on white wine and sandwiches, but it soon started to chill, so with our ski suits back on we slowly skied down the other side of the hill. I had managed to get about a quarter mile ahead and as I neared the cottage I shucked my skis and yanked my pants back off, re-fastened the skis, turned towards the others, jacket unzipped and shouted "Last one in bed does the dishes!". Swiftly turning I skied, the cold wind whistling over my clit, back to the cottage. Inside I finished stripping and pulled on my pink slings and ran for the bedroom collapsing on the quilt. Needless to say, there was another round of fucking in both rooms before the start of "girl time".

Three o'clock was now the recognized Saturday afternoon time for us to prepare for the evening. It was the men's job have supper ready. Judy and I started with a warming shower and scrubbed off the last of the orange and bronze. We both felt a fresh shave was in order too. We came out of the bathroom positively glowing from the hot water and our mutual massaging, and lay on the quilt as we continued to fondle and caress until we were dry enough to apply makeup. I started on her body first, using silver eye shadow, rubbing it into her tits until they were shimmering orbs and then worked a dark blue into each underside starting at the crease and shading upward to give them curvature. Her dark nipples I toned down into a warm pink to enhance her new set of rings. Then it was time to work on that come hither pudenda. Again I massaged in silver eye shadow until it was a softly glowing mound. This did make her crack look rather tiny, so I traced the inner edge of the labia with a thin pencil line of purple and blended it in with my finger, and then extended the actual slit line upward about three quarters of an inch with bold deep purple strokes.

Standing back to admire my work, I realized that Judy was breathing rapidly and excitedly so I slipped my finger into her cunt to help her come. It was sudden and thorough with small convulsions. When her breathing returned to normal she rose to look at herself in the mirror and that caused her juices to flow again. I had to do a little repair work on her slit, then it was my turn. My breasts were given similar treatment but in a shimmering rosy shade, full curves and out thrusts enhanced. My cunt was done in the same frosty rose, but Judy gave it special treatment. She took each of the lips in her fingers and kneaded them vigorously with both thumb and finger and, at times, with her knuckles until they were just slightly puffy and very pouty, then, after she brought me to orgasm with her tongue she applied the coloring with deep massaging strokes. She added a contouring shade to enhance the pouty look. I inspected myself in the mirror and marveled at how the pouty lip effect focused your attention from the overall rosy mound right onto that all important slit, so I asked her to also make my crack look longer. This was done with a tapering line of rosy purple. It looked like she had increased the apparent length by an inch.

Now we slipped out of our morning pumps to do our nails; dark blue for Judy and rosy pink for me. While they dried we had time for some tit touching as we took turns putting long sparkling earrings on each other and then slid into our evening shoes. Mine were a clear vinyl open toed sling back with a puff of white fur on the vamp and crystal clear 4" heels, while hers were strappy silver sandals with long tapering metallic heels no bigger than an eighth of an inch at the base. When we admired each other again we had more twat dribbles and more make up repairs. Now it was time for nipple rings. Judy took mine out of their jewel box and reached for my left titlet. Gently placing the ring over it and plucking the nipple through the ring with two blue fingernails she pushed the pin through the little hole. I watched as it came through and locked into place, and from her eyes I could tell we had both just re-experienced the same quim contraction that came when the holes were made. Together, we also enjoyed adorning my left orb.

Judy had bought a new set of rings. These were surround rings like mine but shaped like small Maltese crosses that bent back slightly almost covering her aureole, the warm pink formed a background that set them off beautifully. My fingers trembled as my pink nails tugged on her pink nipples and pushed the little pins clean through. By now our twat makeup had set and only a drying wipe was need to restore appearances -- but God were we super horny. One last touch -- now that my nipples were ensconced in their rings Judy made them a deep purple, the way they looked that first night after they were pierced (but now not as swollen).

At last we could put on our dresses. With Jude on her knees I slipped her dress over her head, an armless creation in soft and very flowing clear plastic trimmed around the neck and shoulders as well as around the hem with thin strips of shiny silver vinyl. From hem to bodice a wide silver trimmed V allowed her to offer the silver mound of her venus with it's purpled crack. She probably wasn't even going to get to sit down to supper.

I raised my arms high, my rosy adorned boobs shifting upwards, purple nipples sticking out, as Judy balanced on a chair (her delicious cunt right at tongue level) to gently drop my super sheer pink gown over my head. It was totally sheer pink everywhere, but trimmed in white fur around the cuffs, the hem, around the neck and down into my cleavage ending just above my cunt which was also fully exposed by a missing inverted V at the front. After applying scarlet lipstick, we checked for dribbles, then swung the door open and delicately clicked our way down the hall in trembling anticipation of what we might experience tonight.

We should have known. Dropped jaws, pant bulges, and startled "OOOH's". Jack rushed over to inspect my diamond nipple rings, exclaiming that they were absolutely beautiful and that I should have done it long ago, while Bob was awed with Judy's adornments and worried that it had hurt her to have it done. They "Aawwed" over our glowing mounds (all three each). Judy spread the front of my dress with a pair of dark blue nails to let the candle light flicker across my pink glow and purple crack and then with a caress to my pudenda she traced her own extended slot with those same blue nails. "Now guys, she said, no touchy no matter how desperate you are until the dishes are done. This took a lot of work and I don't want it messed up just yet." On that note, the men nicely decked out in tuxedos, poured the wine and we sat down for supper.

Cleaning up the dishes gave Judy and I the few private minutes we had come to enjoy as we worked side by side in the kitchen. They provided opportunities to brush tits, "accidentally" bump a twat with a hip -- the sort of thing that we both had learned to enjoy and which gave us a heightened sense of our sexuality after a full meal.

The evening was wonderful as we awaited the moment of New Year's. We drank wine, got the men's pants off, and danced with their cocks between our legs -- trading partners with the changes in music. We traded partners too for "petting" on the couch, but we had all agreed that on New Year's Eve we would fuck only with our spouses. Bob did give me a good crack licking at one point though and Judy exposed Jack's knob for some nibbling. Between foreplay and dancing we both made a couple of trips to the bedrooms with our mates.

At Midnight Jack broke open the champagne and we all hugged, kissed (the women were kissed on both sets of lips by the three others), and danced some more. Judy then stretched out on the couch and parting her dress widely poured some Champaign into her navel and said "Bob, come and have a drink". He licked out her navel and then from his own glass trickled a path down her gently curving tummy and into her slit, following its path with his tongue. I looked at Jack and smiled as I stretched out on the floor, hiking my dress up a bit to open a path to my navel. My crystal heels sparkled in the light from the fireplace as did my diamond nipple rings, while the flames made my rosy knockers shimmer tantalizingly through my pink see through top. I watched, fascinated with the shimmering glow of my rosed cunt, as Jack dribbled Champaign into it. "Well, there goes the make up job," I thought, but it was worth it as I had never been eaten out so thoroughly before.

This exquisite treatment was followed by a fantastic fuck in our room. Jack thrust his engorged knob into my hole, pulling, pushing, twisting, completely filling that aching crevasse, then withdrawing to leave it feeling vacant, then again plunging with strong vigor. I came, and came, and came again, losing count of the number of throbbing, muscle wrenching spasms I experienced -- aware only of my whimpering, panting, and sometime screams. I know, once, I came just because I had heard another outburst of joy from Judy in the next room. Exhausted, Jack and I fell asleep.


I awoke late in the morning feeling my breasts being fondled. Instinctively I pushed my butt back for the feel of a hot cock. Nothing! Then two prickly tits squeezed into my back -- Judy's tit rings! Oooooh, joy! She had crawled in when the guys got up, so we lay back and caressed and shared stories of our late night experiences.

She told me of how her pierced titties stayed harder longer and of how Bob's tongue made them swell 'til they blossomed over the surrounding rings. Of how he just kneaded her boobs until she came at the thought of his adoration of them and his appreciation for their piercing. As she told me about his steely length coursing through her hole it aroused my own desires to experience again his magnificent tool. At last we got up and I removed her crosses, then we scrubbed the last of the make up off in the shower to start a new day.

Simple white peignoir coats over our breasts, warmed with rosy make up, and our heels from the evening before, served as cover while we had lunch of caviar and Champaign. We had to pack and return to the city. The chatter in the wagon on the way back was of what a memorable and rewarding New Year's it had been.

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