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The Cottage - Year 1 Event 4

Author: Nancy
Publish Date : Mar 8, 2013
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I could find nothing shorter than a 10" dildoe at the one sex shop I stopped at, and I hoped Judy could handle it.

* * * * * * *


One evening in the middle of February I got a phone call from Judy. "Nancy, she whimpered in my ear, my cunt is so painful. It feels like a tight knot that is all balled up in the middle, and my clit has been extended and throbbing all day. My stomach aches and I'm feeling so dreadful. Bob has been away on business for two weeks and he called this morning to say the deal is fouled up and he may be another week." The answer was obvious: she was suffering from that old military disease, Lakanookie.

"Hang, on sweetie, I replied, I'm on the way. Take a hot bath and make Margaritas while I drive over." I packed everything I thought I would need and told Jack I was on a mission of mercy for a lonely Judy. I could have sent Jack to solve her problem, but I thought it might take a little more than his staying power. On the way over I made one very important stop and one very important purchase.

When I arrived she slid the door off of the chain and stood behind it while I stepped in. Wearing only her patent heels, she was toweling down from her bath. I hugged her and gave her tits a gentle squeeze, then checked her clit. Yep, it was poking out of her crack looking red and sore. I'm sure she had been fingering it a lot, or trying too hard to get satisfaction from her vibrator. I gave it a little kiss, and she whimpered again. "OK, I ordered her, go get that short red top on so your boobs don't get cold, and give me fifteen minutes in the bathroom alone while you finish your drink".

In the bathroom, I shucked my own clothes, quickly showered and had a fresh shave. I put a little perfume on the bottom of my tits and on my pud, then stepped into some red patent heels I had bought with the new hour glass heels and pulled my black sheer top over my head and boobs. Stepping into her living room I found her curled up into a little ball on the couch, the heels of her black shoes pressed back against her ass while her boobs were nearly into her stomach. Massaging her shoulders deeply she loosened a bit and I lay her back on the couch and started to caress her breasts through the sheer red material -- bringing back memories of the day I had helped her make that top, the day I taught her to shave.

As I kneaded my fingers into her firm mammarial glands she reached up and grabbed mine, which were hanging over her as I worked. She pulled me down and pushed the black nylon up over them and started sucking. God this girl was in bad shape. "OK, baby, OK baby", I soothed, as I kept working on her magnificent chest. At last she came up for air: "Oh that feels so good," she sighed.

"The sucking or the squeezing," I asked.

"Both, but particularly the squeezing," she replied.

"Well, it's going to get better, I told her, because I'm going to switch to that knotted little cunt next." A few minutes later I did just that, and actually made it get juicy. She had been so short of sex for so long, that although her clit was hard and had been for hours she couldn't lubricate. We had another drink together and I knew she was admiring my shadowy tits, perhaps wanting to attack them again with her lips. I wouldn't have minded that at all, but it would slow down solving her problem. When my drink was gone I started again kneading her cunt, and occasionally giving her clit a gentle little kiss. At last she gave a little shudder and started to ooze juices heavily. "I like your new red heels," she smiled. I knew the worst was now over. The rest would be creating a cure that would last 'til Bob got back.

I poured more drinks and put the TV on. We took turns laying ass to cunt having our boobies caressed while we watched Barbara Broadcast, an XXX rated show on the adult movie channel. Actually, it seemed fairly mild in most places from what we were used to, but it eased Judy's tension while keeping her mildly horny (which was a necessary part of my plan). Sitting up, having our fourth Margarita of the night and fondling each other's twats, we started complimenting each other about our breasts, their shape and feel, how the semi-transparent material cast alluring light and shadows onto our contours and how those shadows made our globes attractively mysterious yet caused the major attention to be on the cunt centered below them.

We went on talking about the first day we had worn these tops and Judy dropped to her knees and started to eat me out. I leaned away over her, my shrouded tits brushing her back, her dark hair spreading over my thighs and grabbed the spikes of her shoes which were bent up over her bare ass. Holding her tightly in place that way, I just let it happen. My own pleasure burst like a dam, for all my attention had been on her problem. "Wow, she screamed when she finished, that was wonderful. You taste so sweet, yet musky! I've tasted you before but this was some special kind of treat."

"Thanks Jude, but you know, it's probably only because you needed this so much."

"Aren't you going to eat me now Aren't we going to trade places"

"Not just now Jude. Go up to the bedroom and put on your blue peignoir coat with some matching heels and just lay back on the sheets while I wash up in the bathroom and I'll be right up. Then we'll take care of that little matter," I grinned.

I went to the bathroom, where I had left my overnight bag, and pulled out a white peignoir coat and white heels, and quickly showered again. Then from the same bag I took out my surprise and strapped it to my crotch, slipping the inner penis gently up into myself first. I felt somewhat foolish about having a prick between my legs, but as I stood in my heels, with my peignoir falling open around it and looked in the full length mirror I was amazed at this 10" monster jutting away from my body. Oh, it would never replace having a beautiful bare cunt, but it did bring a sense of power, even majesty as I pivoted on my delicate heels looking at it from all angles. Taking it in my hand I slowly began to masturbate as I imagined a man would, and while I knew it was not the same, I could feel the short inner penis moving inside me and the thought gave me a thrill.

I could find nothing shorter than a 10" dildoe at the one sex shop I stopped at, and I hoped Judy could handle it. Taking a little body oil I gently lubricated this long tool that sprouted from between my legs where there had only been "important nothing" before. Holding a towel in front of me I tip toed up to the bedroom to find Judy exquisitely presented on the bed, her delicately lit hills were puddling so very slightly onto her gently rising and falling chest -- steep curving rises starting with the creases and swelling towards their prominent peaks, then like a ski slope towards her throat. My quim clamped down on my end of what would soon sexually join us and I knew something of what a male erection must feel like when it starts.

Judy glanced in my direction and I dropped the towel. "Oh wow Nance, you've grown a cock and what a cock it is. Is it just for me My my, how will I ever repay you'

"I'll think of something," I replied, sounding like an old movie.

Obviously this was something completely new for me, but I found her hole and slowly inched this new cock of mine into her. As I felt pressure back where I thought my ovaries were, I eased and withdrew a little, then pressed forward again until I had gained a couple of more inches. Rocking my pelvis forward and back now, I was truly fucking her. She came to orgasm before I had put the full length in, so I kept working at giving it all to her. "Nance, Nance, Oh God, I think I'll bust. You gotta be somewhere up around my navel," and with that she lunged her whole pelvis right up to my balls. She screamed and writhed with joy, then collapsed back onto the bed.

I felt that I might be able to bring myself off with this thing as well, and continued screwing her slowly and gently while letting my vagina tighten and relax on the inner shaft. I watched her nipples rise again on top of those lovely hills and watched those hills shift on her chest as I thrust. There it was, that moment of great tension before the release. I came, and Judy's twat convulsed too -- we had had a dual orgasm.

Now, with my tits toward the ceiling, my legs widely spread, vaginal dilation at a maximum, and I hoped forming a beautiful scene with my peignoir as a background, Judy strapped on the dildo and prepared to enter me. This strange man/woman with the beautiful tits was going to put her "manhood" into my smooth naked womanhood. I helped her guide it into place and savored each moment as it inched deeper and deeper into my already lubricated body. I felt it's hard head bump against the hole in my pelvis bone, I felt it push past where I thought my tied tubes were, I felt it rubbing back and forth against all manner of parts I could only imagine, and most importantly I felt my clit swell and swell and swell until I saw Judy's eyes glaze as she rocked back and forth and we both exploded again.

We fell exhaustedly asleep with our heels still on, my back to her front, the dildoe coming out between my legs, where I found myself holding its head when I awoke about seven thirty in the morning. Judy was her normal self again -- she had simply needed deep sex therapy.

We talked excitedly in the bathroom and over breakfast of how we had actually and fervently made love to each other, and of the whole joyful experience. We both stated firmly though, and with no offense to the other, that sex with a man was the best of all experiences -- the dildo would be put away until some other special need arose.

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