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The Cottage - Year 1 Event 5

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Author: Nancy
Published: 11-Mar-13 Revised/Updated 12-Mar-13
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By that point I needed something, and strode across the kitchen to get it. It was Jack's cock, and it was inside his boxer shorts...

* * * * * * *



The weather was really rotten and everyone was disappointed. Jack and Bob had wanted to get the boat into the water and Judy and I had wanted to get their boats into our waters, so to speak. It was storming so bad we almost called the trip off. Judy and Bob stayed overnight with us, but as the group rules only allow group nudity at the cottage we played cards, drank beer, and moped about like the weather. Late Saturday afternoon it started to clear enough to drive the long trip, and we set out picking up some supper on the way. It was almost midnight when we arrived, and so we unpacked and went straight to bed. This was starting out pretty dull.


The morning was warm and sunny, and determined to make something out of the weekend Judy and I met in the bathroom where she carefully shaved my twat, then I lathered and stroked her clean before we got into the shower for a complete soaping and vigorous rubbing with wash clothes. Naturally, we did some tit kissing and cunt caressing, but time was too short for any serious enjoyment of each others bodies. For breakfast, we donned sheer body wraps that zipped up the back. Mine was a gold material with gold braiding around the top where it sat on the upper edge of my tits which pushed the thin fabric outward. From there the fabric fell to the hem line -- hem being a spot where it brushed against my crack as I walked. I finished the outfit off with my gold high heeled sandals.

Judy's wrap was very similar, but in black with shiny black beads at the top and hem. I lacquered her nipples and aureole a glossy black like she requested, and while the lacquer dried she went to the closet and brought back new shoes to show me.

Stunning is the only way to describe them. They were full of rounded curves in black patent. The toes were boldly rounded giving the shoe a very short appearance at the front, which in turn made the four inch heel look even higher. The vamp was scooped low revealing a bit of sensuous cleavage, and the thicker than normal were very straight. They were perhaps an inch across the base and rose straight up to the heel cups. Her lacquered nipples were almost dry when she pulled up sheer black thigh highs with seams up the back, rolling them down to just over her knees and slipped her feet into these exciting new shoes -- a blend of one of the better shoe designs of a bygone day and the newest of today's patent leathers and plastics. Geez, those black bull's eyes thrusting against the front of the sheer material and the "twenties" style stockings and shoes were making me horny, so I patted her butt as we tapped our way down the hall which got me a firm squeeze on the cunt just before we rounded the corner to the eating area.

By that point I needed something, and strode across the kitchen to get it. It was Jack's cock, and it was inside his boxer shorts. Actually, it came out to meet me and I shoved the skin back, grabbing his bare knob and led him back down the hall as he said "Holy shit, babe, what a great outfit.", and I heard dishes rattle. I think Jude was getting it on top of the kitchen table.

I didn't even bother to take my wrap off. The gold material caressed my jugs, sliding between Jack's hands and my tingling skin. It was only a moment until I was fully ready and he plunged into me. As he stroked in and out with beautiful rhythm I thought of Judy's rounded toed shoes and of how we could still make something of the weekend. I looked up at Jack's handsome face, staring straight into his eyes, and we both exploded together.

Judy and I quickly cleaned up the breakfast things, and she whispered to me "Have you ever had Strawberry Jam spread over your twat and licked off" I just shook my head, wondering if it could be arranged.

We spent "girl time" just lounging around in the bedroom as it was still cold and wet outside. We experimented with makeup colors and painting our nipples, sometimes totally nude except for Judy in her round toed shoes, and I in my old white pumps, or sometimes we slipped on peignoir gowns. It was an afternoon of sensuous caressing and girlish experimentation.

At one point I was holding Judy's jugs in my hands inspecting the application of white pearl polish I had applied to the dark areas of her breasts (it just wasn't right for her) and was deciding to clean it off when I felt a finger enter my crack. "Fuck me Nancy, now, she whispered urgently in my ear. I brought our dildo and the guys are into watching another game on TV. Please, please, Nancy, fuck me now!."

How can you turn down that kind of a plea She got our two pronged fornication toy out of her travel case and I asked if we could trade shoes. While I strapped on the big dick, standing firmly in those bold heeled shoes, Judy was waiting on the bed, gown wide open and legs fully splayed, her vagina already fully dilated with a stiff clit poking out. I pressed the prong into her and she quickly swallowed it up inside . How could she take that big tool so quickly Soon she was thrashing up against me, pelvis banging against mine, then fell back onto the bed, spent.

"Now it's my turn," she whispered, and we exchanged roles. I was certainly horny, but needed slow and short insertions of that dong to get the full thing in. I enjoyed the way it pressed on my inner body parts and once again imagined what it was passing and pushing by. When it was fully in, I wrapped my legs around Judy's back and stared at those beautiful black round toed shoes, just holding the moment in time and memory, then I opened my legs again and held her tits while she brought me to climax. We just slumped exhausted on the bed and napped, joined at the cunts.

When we woke, we showered and I cleaned the white coating of off her tits. With no plan for the evening, we decided on some old style maillot swim suits I had in a drawer. A little scissors work removed the inner side of each breast cup and we stitched the cut edge back so that just over half of each tit was revealed, while the rest of the cup pushed our titties toward the center where they now touched. At the crotch, we cut away much of the material leaving only a narrow strip which we tied, at the front and high up the back, with ribbon. The effect of this was to make a narrow strip that fit into our slits, pressing the lips out and then they closed puffily up over it. From there the band went up the crack of our asses. No guy was going to get his dick into our slits though without these suits coming off, but the pressure of the elastic cloth inside my slit and on my clit was firm and constant, bringing me back to a state of hornyness. These weren't terribly exotic outfits, but considering the time we had and how they looked with high heels, pretty good. I had chosen an old yellow suit because of my gold sandals, and Judy wore the black suit, as I had returned her new patent pumps.

Strutting out to the deck, ribbons fluttering, we found hamburgers ready and followed them with ice cream sundaes. As the sun set the guys suggested a swim. I knew the water would be cold, but Judy and I agreed and kicking off our shoes ran down the sand in into the water. I missed the feeling of water running over my clitty, but the cold sure made my nipples jut. We all splashed vigorously and had some pretty quick fondling, then we tore back to the cottage where we bundled up in warm terry robes and Jack built a big fire while Bob poured brandies. I clattered down the hall to find two big quilts and returned to spread them out in front of the fire place.

Sipping the brandy while laying there in front of the fire soon had everyone warm and we rolled on our backs, one by one, folding the robes back. The firelight flickered over a row of boobs and cocks and cracks until we were soon enjoying shared fondling and caressing. Judy's mounds were always a delight and I was so pleased when Bob sucked on one, Jack on the other to bring the nipples to full erection. Then, they moved to do the same for me. Together they invited us to the bedrooms -- me to Judy's room and she to mine. We went happily down the hall, parting at the doorways and fucked leisurely 'till about 2 AM, providing Bob and myself with four good orgasms, and providing myself with more research on the cut/un-cut phenomena.

Around two fifteen I heard noises from the kitchen and got up to find the others pouring out some Champaign. I had searched through Judy's closet and had come up with her light blue bolero and grabbed her silver shoes which she had left behind at New Year's. I found her wearing my old white pumps, a sash wrapped around her waist, knotted at the front, the ends falling between her legs. Between us we didn't have the making of one full outfit for most women. After enjoying the bubbly we returned to our own rooms with our own men and made joyous feelings one more time. Un-cut is better!


Sadly, we all decided in the morning that the weather was closing in again, and that we would leave immediately, having breakfast on the way. Conversation on the route was of how a bad start brought a fine evening making the trip worthwhile. Plans, too, were made for the July weekend to get the best use of what we all hoped would be better weather.

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