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The Cottage - Year 1 Event 7b

Author: Nancy
Publish Date : Mar 14, 2013
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Judy's first job was to get all the sand out of her ass crack. I helped her with that job in the shower and worked at a few other places just in case some sand had crept in.

* * * * * * *



Needless to say, everyone was very exhausted both physically and emotionally. I didn't know that men could come as many times as we had made them come yesterday. I was still thinking about the strawberry jam, so I borrowed Jude's "twenties" outfit (trading her my bronze wrap) and she lacquered my nipples and the surrounding rings black. The trick was going to be getting the idea into Jack's head. Over breakfast I kept dropping things and bending over to pick them up or wipe splatters off the table, and when we were done eating Judy led Bob down to the beach for a swim. She walked through the sand quite well with the thicker heels of my bronze Baby Dolls, and I knew I would have to try doing that myself. Then, when Jack's back was turned I pulled up the black beading and stuck a blob of red gooey jam on my twat and hiked my butt up on the table. "Oh damn, I'm really fumbly this morning -- Jack, come and clean me off." He was immediately on his knees to lick me clean. "No, no, wait! This feels kinda nice. Spread some more around with that table knife," as I stretched fully out on the table and lay back inertly. He knew right away he had been set up and got into the act.

"Would Madam like butter on that muffin first" he asked. I nodded vigorously. With the greatest of care he spread a thin coating of butter all over my cunt, using the knife very deftly as he worked a little into the crack. "Strawberry, or marmalade Madam"

"Strawberry -- red to compliment my black gown and nipples, please" I responded

"Very good Madam." and he proceeded to spread more gobs of the red confection on my twat, placing one firm strawberry right into the top my crack.

"Permission to eat Madam's muffin" he requested and "Permission granted." I replied. With that he nibbled, and licked and chewed every inch of my twat until it was almost squeaky clean, then sucked the strawberry out. "Permission to fuck Madam on the kitchen table" he grinned.

"Oh yes, and very quickly too please Jack."

He climbed up and mounted me. Together we made the cutlery clatter and rapidly reached climax. He did the dishes while I restored Judy's gorgeous patent pumps to their lustrous black shine -- spilled jam is a hard thing to get off.

This was the last opportunity for fishing from the cottage for this season, so the guys were to spend the day doing that. Judy and I would prepare a late supper and have the afternoon to ourselves, however Judy's first job was to get all the sand out of her ass crack. I helped her with that job in the shower and worked at a few other places just in case some sand had crept in.

We then slipped on the nightgowns from the previous evening. That is, Judy tried on my russet gown and I wore the royal blue peignoir she had worn. I borrowed her silver sandals with the solid metal heel. Wow, that very narrow heel bottom was so heavenly to balance on. Judy was anxious to walk in my two inch burgundy platforms with the six and a half inch heels, and swirled (or tried to swirl) in front of the mirror admiring them. She told me how really excited she was getting with her arches firmly bent and calf muscles pulled tightly, venus thrust outward by the very high heel, but when she went to walk, she just couldn't get the feel of setting the platforms down squarely with the heels just raised above the floor, then dabbing the heel down to hold her balance, so she clumped about awkwardly. "For now, wear my bronze Baby Dolls, and then in the kitchen where you only have to "step" around the counter, not stride ahead, slip the platforms back on. I'll have you moving smoothly in them before the evening," I assured her.

We tidied up the whole cottage, while enjoying the swish and swirl of the gowns, the bareness of our cunts, then moved to the kitchen to prepare supper. Judy was walking a little steadier, but was still far from graceful. When the meal was ready for the oven I put slow dance music on the CD player.

I explained to Judy that platform shoes were for standing straight, like a taut pillar and how you could not rock from side to side but rather needed to swing one foot in front of the other. I made her get the feel of pressing forward with her toes until the heels just lifted from the floor and then sliding the foot forward. Women, I told her, are used to pushing away with the ball of each foot and with each step, bending the knee to flick the heel out behind. Platforms were to give the illusion of floating forward with the heel staying straight up and down.

Then, I held her firmly around the waist, my pelvis pressed into hers, our tits interlocking. "Now, this way, you won't fall off of those soles," as I kissed her ear and began to waltz with her. Slowly, dance after dance, she improved, and at last I let her glide in circles on her own. Her beautiful body inside the gown had gotten me pretty worked up and I sat back to watch her rhythmic movements. Again, I joined her and we danced more freely. Her bare pudenda continued to bump against mine as her body became caught up in the tight style of dancing, I grasped her to me and she shuddered and came. I led her to the bedroom.

"I'm ready for a screw Jude, but today I want it a little different," I said as I knelt on the bed.

"You want it up the ass" she questioned me with startled eyes.

"Oh God no, I responded, I'm certainly not into that. No, I want it in the cunt but from the rear if you will do it that way," and pulled the sheer blue material up over my butt. As she strapped our dildo on I put my face down into the pillows and braced my hands against the head of the bed. With the thin silver heels sticking out behind and my breasts rubbing the bedspread through the thin nylon I felt the hard head of the long prong probe into my wet slit. Holding my hips, Judy started into slow thrusts timed to the music still playing down the hall. Farther and farther in it went, its mass spreading me wider and wider until I felt her pudenda tight against my ass. She slid her hands forward, while still fully buried in my body, and grasped each tit, massaging firmly with her fingers. I started to thrust my butt backwards and forwards with each squeeze of her hands. Then, abandoning my jugs to their own free weight, she grabbed my hips again and began matching thrusts with her pelvis. I heard her moan, and I screamed as I tightened my twat around the rod. Seconds later she too screamed and slumped down, breasts against my back, dildo still inserted and we sobbed as the excitement drained away.

We slept for a while on our backs, she with the dildo standing erotically upwards. We woke to strip, shower and shave each other and redressed in the same outfits, but this time with nipple rings. I wore her crosses under the dark blue and she put in simple gold rings onto which I threaded a length of gold chain to dip slightly on its path from peak to peak, the ends of the chain dangling about three inches down from each tit.

Supper was served by candle light again, but it was Judy who kept getting up to fetch more food and coffee. I think she was playing showoff about how she could now move around on such very high heels, or perhaps to show her bareness. In any case, I enjoyed watching the sway of chain between those bobbing globes as she moved between counter and table, the heels barely raising as she seemed to glide beneath the russet shadow. It gave me some idea of how I must have looked the night before.

It was decided that because it was a very warm evening that we would have a last swim of the season, so while the guys did the dishes we changed to Baby Doll shoes for the walk to the beach. The thicker heels did provide some stability through the sand and we strolled along the beach in the moonlight, and back again to watch the neat rounded toe prints wash away as the water lapped the sand. Judy and I kicked off our shoes then and waded into the water, letting the gowns billow up around our bodies and float out onto the water and we splashed water onto our boobs so that the flimsy fabric would cling to them. Our rings and her chain sparkled in the moonlight and we all swam in lazy circles caressing each other as we floated by.

Bob had brought a pitcher of warming Rob Roys to the beach with four glasses and so we lay on the sand, the men naked, and Judy and I with wet gowns clinging over our twinkling breasts and splayed over our hips showing delightful firm slits. At last, Judy rolled over on her belly and presented a bare raised butt to Bob, who quickly got the idea and "rose" to meet the occasion. Jack and I strolled down the beach until we found a shadowy area and I stripped my gown and stretched out on the warm sand for him to take me fully naked.

When we came back Judy and Bob were on their way to the cottage. Judy was carrying two pair of shoes, thank God, because they were too special to leave on the beach overnight. At the cottage Judy slipped my burgundy platforms on again and I the silver sandals. We moved around naked except for our breast adornments as we finished the cocktails and then led our men away for sex and sleep.


When I heard Jack and Bob each finish showering in the morning, I slipped next door and into bed with Judy for some pillow talk. I asked about her feelings at the beach and she told me about how, while she was screwing me in the afternoon, she had realized she had no idea of what we were sharing from my perspective, of how she had craved to experience the feel of an "upside down" fuck, and of how there in the moonlight she had melted to the situation and her desire.

I told her that it had been my first time that way too, and was hoping to give either Jack or Bob the experience if they wanted it, while I would like to try her the same way on another occasion. She slipped warm fingers around my twat and rubbed tenderly as we traded our emotional and physical feelings from the experience.

I had promised, once, to tell her about my thoughts when she had given me my bronze Baby Dolls, and of some of the other shoes my mother and I had bought when I was sixteen:

I was particularly fond of a pair of party shoes we had bought on that birthday. They were white with yellow, blue and pink flowers embroidered down theout side and over the vamp. The toes were slashed open diagonally, exposing almost the full length of four toes on each foot. The inside of each pump was cut away from just behind the ball of the foot back to the heel cup, and the heels were fully five inches high and pencil thin. I had asked my mother how I was ever going to wear such high heels, and she replied "Like everything else, Nancy, practice. You will want to wear such heels to a dance some night with a special young man. If you want to dance gracefully with him, your body pressed to his, and have him think you are the most stunning girl on the floor then you will want the highest heels and must have confidence in your dancing. That confidence comes from learning how to walk and dance in such shoes now, not a few days before the dance."

I told Judy that sounded pretty domineering, but I practiced a lot and the prophecy held true, and I had been wearing just those shoes, the first night I knew Jack wanted me. "Where are they now Nancy," she asked, as I tugged gently on her chain.

"I'm not sure, somewhere in the storage room I think, why"

"You must search for them. For one thing, I'd love to see such a gorgeous style, and even try them on if you'd let me wear such sentimental treasures, and for another, you should wear them again sometime for Jack," Judy commented as she rose to the call from the kitchen, of "Breakfast's ready!"

We quickly threw on sheer gowns (after removing our nipple ornaments) and some heels and went to eat. Showering together quickly while the dishes were being done, then pitching in to help pack the car in our sheer blue tops and jeans, but having thrown out the "skimmer" flats for the greater pleasure of our high Baby Dolls, we prepared for the long drive home.

After Jack and I got back to the house, I went searching in the storage room and did find my white shoes, and tucked in beside them was a pair in an almost identical style - except they were black with a little red tulip design that flared up the instep with another up the back. The soles were cut squarer across the toe than I had remembered, but in fact I thought that made them look even better. They had been designed by Gino Paoli and were imported from South Africa. I slipped the white ones on for a few moments to again enjoy their feel. With new heel taps they would still look great -- perhaps I'd plan a Spring outfit just to go with them. I decided to give Judy the black ones. I realized too, that I must make another russet gown (with no cut away front) as I felt somehow there would be another time I might have to make a group speech.

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