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The Cottage - Year 2 Event 1

Author: Nancy
Publish Date : Mar 15, 2013
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Nipple flicking was just part of the process as we made up each others globes and then Judy gently inserted my nipple rings. A light spritz of perfume and we were ready to dress.

* * * * * * *



I had taken the afternoon off, as had Bob and Jack, to prepare for this "anniversary" weekend at the cottage. Poor Judy was still slaving away at the office (tough boss) when Bob came over to pick us up about four thirty. For the drive I had chosen to wear a form fitting burgundy sweater with a gray flannel wrap around skirt. Black seamed thigh highs and a delightful pair of black patent pumps with high sides that wrap slightly over the instep forming a deep U shaped throat perched on a three and a half inch Louis XIV heel finished off the look.

Arriving a Judy's office building we saw her step out the door wearing one of those dreadful looking black office "suits" -- you know, black skirt, black jacket over a gray pleated blouse -- and carrying an overnight case. She plopped into the back seat beside me greeting the guys and "helloed" me with a hand into my wrap around knowing what she would find, and "Great looking tits Babe." Then she slipped out of her jacket to reveal that the blouse had two panels of very sheer gray on either side of the pleated front. "Wow, she said flexing her boobs, that feels great. I couldn't take this jacket off all day." Kicking off her plain black office shoes and pulling down her skirt, she reached into her case to pull out a black calf length skirt. After wiggling it around her, and doing up just the top button, she slipped into her black patent Baby Dolls.

To which my comment was "Great looking tits and shoes Babe," and I fondled them so the nipples pushed the thin fabric out.

Bob was not driving well trying to get a look by way of the rear view mirror. Here I was, feeling a little selfish, being able to look at Judy's dark nipples and smooth crack, so I unbuttoned my skirt and folded it back against the seat. We nestled together and dozed a bit as we rode on. The sun was almost set as we arrived at the cottage, and needless to say, she and I were pretty horny by that time. The men, too, must have had a strong need to get out of their jeans.

"Bob, stop at the end of the lane, I asked. Drive on in and start the unloading. Judy and I will walk in and enjoy what's left of the sunset." We jumped out, Judy with her skirt now over her arm, and we strolled down the lane with the warm glow of the last light shining across our one bare patch of white skin. I got laid on the hard boards of the front porch, while Judy and Bob had the advantage of a lounge pad out on the deck.

The same outfits served very well for the unpacking, and we all sat around the deck enjoying a couple of burgers, sipping Scotch and reminisced about the past year. About midnight, I stood up and slipped my hand into Bob's and led him to a bedroom. He slipped off my sweater and he ran his hands over every part of my body, while offering his lips to selected spots. After that fine arousal, we fucked gently and caringly, and repeated the event again as dawn broke.


When I awoke again, the sun was fully up, and I found that I had slept with my shoes on. I swung my feet to the floor and carrying my few things I clicked to the shower where I found Jack just stepping in. I joined him and after we dried I put my stockings and shoes back on and we went to bed to thrash and bash our bodies together. It was like we both desperately needed to be deeply part of the other. 'Laying' in lasted until about noon, so a light brunch was in order. The plan for the evening was to drive 40 miles to a neighboring city for supper and to see a musical performance at the theater there. That would mean being out of the cottage by four o'clock, and that meant Judy and I would have a busy afternoon.

We had prepared/purchased/modified special gowns for the theater and I'll describe them shortly. Wanting to be totally fresh and glowingly smooth we started by shaving our legs, cunts, and armpits, and followed that with another shower. Laying on the bed, wearing just our glittery heeled sandals, we anointed each other with soothing body lotion, deeply massaging each and every part of the others body until we were both relaxed and glowing. Applications of nail polish to each other was next. I had bought shade of creamy cafe au lait and after I received my first coat I proceeded to do Judy with a shimmering magenta. Between coats, arms extended and legs spread to dry, I tongued her to orgasm, then she me.

The decision of whether to use a little breast makeup or not was difficult because of the dresses we would wear. We eventually opted for a blush of a warming tan shade to the sides of mine and the slightest pearly glow to the tops of hers. Nipple flicking was just part of the process as we made up each others globes and then Judy gently inserted my nipple rings. A light spritz of perfume and we were ready to dress.

While hunting in our storage room for my white slashed toe style shoes I also found a pair of creamy shoes with a half inch thick five inch high heel and decided to design a dress to wear with them, and for this special occasion. The toes are nicely rounded. You cannot say that they are open toes, yet each has a narrow slit, about a quarter of an inch wide at the center of the round toe and tapers back about an inch to form a peek-a-boo crack. Looking at them now, with a fresh coat of polish, they make me think of little cunts. The sides are fully open, D'Orsay style, and at the heel, two straps wrap up from behind the arch over the back of the heel and are held in place by three narrow horizontal straps to form a heel cup. The main straps then wrap around the ankle and buckle at the side. To set the shoes and dress off perfectly, I pulled on gold sparkled thigh highs then stepped into the shoes, bending away over to buckle them up.

Judy has chosen a pair of black patent shoes that have straps coming back to the heel like slings, but that changed to a black tulle ribbon that wound around the ankle and knotted in a bow at the back. The heels are four inches high with narrow tips. They look so delightful as she slips sheer black stockinged feet into them.

Judy had bought her dress and it was an absolute delight. Made of shimmering purple and green paisley it hangs as though molded to her hips, curving over her slightly rounded belly. The sides are slit up to the top of the thigh requiring her to wear opera stockings. For those not familiar with that name, opera stocking come with a lacy belt that fastens around waist and has a clip on either side. The matching stockings are much higher on the outside than on the inside of the leg, so that they cover right over the hip bone and fasten into the clip. From there, they taper in a firm band down to the inside top which sits in the cleft formed by your leg and curving side of your twat.

The top of the gown is made of two triangular patches, the very top edge of which are trimmed with black velvet and held up with shoestring straps. These triangles do cover her breasts, and yet seem to fit so loosely that you feel that her breasts are banging about inside the cover. There is a flash of flesh to the left or right as the material seems to slide over the rounded fronts, then momentarily is seems to be filled as you see a bump of nipple. The total illusion is of top material so casually placed that it might have been an accident. You are totally aware that the wearer is completely naked under this dress, and yet totally aware that you will never see what is so thinly veiled.

I designed my dress from soft creamy nylon with a tight bodice from the hip bones to just under my tits. From there two bands of softly pleated material taper up over the center of each globe (about four inches wide where they cover my nipple rings) to swing over the shoulders and cross over before rejoining the bodice. The skirt, which drops from the hips to mid calf is split straight up the front to crack line. However, I put a little patch of velcro at mid thigh so I can decide if I want it open all the way or not. My hair is done in a French roll again and with long dangling gold earrings for myself and glittering obsidian drops for Judy, a swipe of purplish red lipstick for her and soft red for me, we are ready to go.

I was certainly concerned with 'rape' as we tapped down the hall, and again as we drove to the restaurant, but although we were delightfully caressed and "Oooohed" they kept their peckers in their tuxes, otherwise we could have had a disastrous delay.

The restaurant was filled with theater go-ers and we saw a wide assortment of other evening gowns, but the four eyes of our men hardly strayed from our bodies. When we were done eating delicious veal scaloppini washed down with a delightful five year old wine, Judy and I floated through the crowd and to the theater.

When the theater darkened for the performance I undid the little velcro fastener and Jack slipped his hand in to fondle my venus. I reached over sliding a hand into the left side slit of Judy's gown to pluck at her lips with my nails. When I got there I found Bob's hand already at work. "Ooops, pardon me sir, I quipped, I didn't know this space was occupied." He winked and fingered my palm, then returned to his first interest. We traded places after intermission and Jack and I caressed Judy's silky thighs while Bob made me wet -- drying me once with his hanky. The theatrical performance was so stunning we often forgot our own performances except for a warm awareness of our partners.

After the last act we decided to drive straight back to the cottage rather than go for a drink, only to have to wait for it wear off before driving. Clicking around the kitchen we made a pitcher of gin slings and turning on the outside speakers went to the deck to dance. Jack designed the deck so that it was covered with battleship linoleum as he knew I liked to wear high heels as much as possible, so the surface was perfect for dancing. As we drank and danced I marveled at the thrusts of Judy's tits under that shimmering material. It was like they had a life of their own with the dress just some shadow that had brushed over her to rest a while. In the middle of a fox-trot I made a quick twirl and my own left tit popped out from under cover. Casually, I just dropped the band over my shoulder and continued to dance with one bare breast, its diamonds sparkling in the light.

Months later I would remember that single breasted dance vividly, but at that moment it was just a pleasing gesture that led to a succulent kiss and a trip the bedroom with Jack.

Often in the next three hours one couple would dance alone, then Judy and I did a graceful waltz shedding our gowns near the end and exited to separate rooms. We were joined very soon by our spouses and blissfully screwed occasionally through the early hours until it was time for some food.


Since most of the day was already gone, we ate lightly of scrambled eggs and white wine, Jude and I just in peignoir gowns and simple heels and planned an afternoon on the beach. Wine in an ice bucket and meat filled rolls with cheese was transported to the beach by the men and Judy and I slipped back into our theater gowns. High heels dangling from our finger tips we tripped along through the sand and lay back at the warm beech to sun. We all talked of the past year for a while, then stripped to swim. Afterward, we ate sitting naked in the sun and conversation drifted to the first evening Judy and I had danced together. We described for the men our pleasures of preparing each others bodies and of dressing for that evening, to discover that our shared pleasure was very erotic to our mates.

Laying back on the warm sand we let them fill our cunts with long and hard cock coming to high satisfaction more than once. I felt Judy's hand grasp mine as she lay moaning, and fingernails digging into each others palms we shuddered and came together. I truly thought I could feel her joy moving from her body to mine and back again.

For the evening Judy and I pulled on jeans and the heels we wore up on Friday. For tops we chose our little boleros and settled in to watch old movies on the VCR, with popcorn and Coca-Cola. It had been an exciting weekend and everyone was both tired and comfortable so we just relaxed on the couch, "petting" like teenagers until around midnight when we turned off the lights and wandered down the hall for quiet sex and sleep.


The last day at the cottage is usually so rushed because of packing up and the long drive back. With holiday weekend traffic ahead there was an urge to get on the road and get ahead of it, but I wanted this anniversary weekend to go out with a 'bang'. I urged Judy, as we showered, to join me in again wearing our sheer zipped wraps, and although I hadn't brought my Baby Dolls with me I would put on my gold thigh highs and cream heels with the toe slits. We announced, as we passed out through the kitchen, that we would enjoy breakfast on the deck and skipped out the door (me floundering through the sand) to the edge of the woods where we each plucked a last wild rose of the season.

With Judy ensconced in one lounge chair I lay the short stem into her crack, being most careful to not prick her with the thorns. Then, I too lay back and nestled a bloom where my 'tattoo' had been. "Ouch! Damn!" I had caught a lip and thought I could feel a trickle forming as Bob and Jack came out the door loaded with trays of food. Crash went bowls of cereal as they looked at the sight that greeted them. Our roses were plucked and if we had had any virginity that too would have been plucked. Jack quickly sucked up the few drops of blood that had oozed from the thorn prick and entered me grinning, the rose between his teeth. Bob and Judy retired to the couch -- perhaps we had been over doing the gang bang approach a bit.

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